Chappaquiddick & Senator Ted Kennedy Pt. 2


Time magazine Love Ted Kennedy in his final years in the mid to late `oughts the weekly Lee magazine published a number of profiles on the long-serving Senator has it began to succumb to health issues seemingly signaling that his time on this earth was coming coming to an end they wrote of his suffering how he had persevered through the tragic assassinations of his brothers John and Robert Kennedy and his own physical trauma from a nineteen sixty four plane crash that left him in chronic pain the articles covered his political legacy naming him as the lion of the Senate crediting him for Supporting Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries and leaving him toward his nomination for president his political record comes up two by two thousand eight Ted Kennedy was the third longest serving senator in the history of the union with eight consecutive terms serving the people of Massachusetts and America at large what the illustrious magazine failed to mention in these series of profiles was the great great black mark of Ted Kennedy's career in July of nineteen sixty nine in the middle of the night. Ted Kennedy drove his car. You're off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts in crashed into a pond. The car quickly sank Kennedy managed to to escape but his passenger twenty eight year old Mary Jo Kopechne he was pinned. She drowned in the dark Ted Kennedy. It did not report the incident for ten hours what happened during that time has led to numerous theories about timelines intentions NHS drunk driving and cover-ups orchestrated by powerful individuals all of its swirls around the question. What really really happened that night? What exactly did Ted Kennedy get away with <music>? Welcome to conspiracy theories apar- cast original every Wednesday we dig into the complicated stories behind the world's as most controversial events and search for the truth. I'm Carter Roy and I'm Ali Brandenburg and neither of us are conspiracy theorists but we are open minded minded skeptical and curious. Don't get US wrong. Sometimes the official version is the truth but sometimes it's not this is our second second and final episode on the Chappaquiddick incident of Nineteen sixty-nine when rising star Senator Ted Kennedy crashed his car into a pond on on Chappaquiddick island the incident resulted in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne any and to this day there are questions regarding how she died why she was in the a car and what led Ted Kennedy to wait ten hours before notifying the authorities that he had left a woman trapped in the submerged vehicle. This episode is as part of our casts summer of sixty nine event till I twenty second through August ninth. All your favorite par- cash shows are teaming up to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of of a landmark summer in American history. The summer of nineteen sixty nine from the Manson murders to the moon landing were tightening deep into the summer America hit a boiling point with twenty three special episodes across sixteen different podcast originals. 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This is our second and final episode on the Chappaquiddick incident of nineteen sixty nine when rising star Senator Senator Ted Kennedy crashed his car into a pond on Chappaquiddick island the incident resulted in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne e and to this day there are questions regarding how she died why she was in the car and what led Ted Kennedy to wait ten hours before notifying lying the authorities that he had left a woman trapped in a submerged vehicle. The chappaquiddick incident is among the most famous political scandals in American history three and is seen as the key reason that Ted Kennedy never had the chance to follow in his brother's footsteps for real shot at a presidential run but the legacy of the entire affair is inherently problematic in no small part because we tend to refer to it as a political scandal and not on a case of manslaughter over the past ten years ever since Ted Kennedy passed away at has come to be accepted that the real story story of Chappaquiddick may never be known after all the two people who were in the car that night are both dead and gone and this episode episode. We're going to examine the unanswered questions that still swirl today over the chappaquiddick incident our first conspiracy theory is the Ted Kennedy's Kennedy's account of when he left the Party and when he crashed is false this is best evidenced by the so called missing our between when and Ted Kennedy left the Party and when he was supposedly spotted by a sheriff's deputy over an hour later our second conspiracy theory is that Ted Kennedy he was intoxicated or otherwise impaired that night and that this was the reason for both the crash and his actions immediately following it finally Ted Kennedy waited ten hours before he reported the crash. It's been suggested though obviously never proven that Mary Jo lived for much longer than initially suspected and that she may have been rescued. If only Ted had gone for help in our last episode we discussed the decades long series of events that ultimately led to Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne e attending that party on Chappaquiddick island on the evening of July Eighteenth nineteen sixty nine ted was the youngest son of Joseph Kennedy Senior. The New England millionaire and Patriarch of of the Kennedy Family Joe Senior groomed his sons to succeed in politics but between nineteen forty four and nineteen sixty eight he he saw his hopes dashed as each of his three eldest sons. I tragically young Joe Kennedy Junior died in nineteen forty four while while on a combat mission in World War Two president John F. Kennedy was assassinated in nineteen sixty three and Robert Bobby Kennedy was gunned down in nineteen eighteen sixty eight all of a sudden there was only Ted Kennedy who had been expelled from Harvard for cheating and had a criminal record for reckless is driving Ted worked to make himself into the kind of man who could truly honor the Kennedy name by nineteen sixty nine it was widely assumed from that he would make his first bid for the presidency against incumbent Richard Nixon in nineteen seventy two but then chappaquiddick happened July Eighteenth nineteen sixty nine was supposed to be a day of Reunion in celebration. Ted organized denies a reunion of the six boiler room girls former staffers of Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign. Mary Jo was among these women. The day I saw the attendees partake in a boat race and a barbecue before retiring to a rented cottage on Chappaquiddick island to continue the party our first conspiracy Chrissy theory concerns a time discrepancy in the official account of what happened on the night of the eighteenth. Could it be possible that there really was a missing kissing our intense account the theory of the missing our comes primarily from Deputy Sheriff Christopher look who was on the roads on Chappaquiddick after midnight on the night of the incident recall according to Ted Kennedy's testimony. He left the party at around eleven fifteen pm. He encountered Mary Joe on his way out. She told him she was not feeling well and asked him to give her a ride back to her hotel. Chappaquiddick is not a large patch of land. It would have been only about two miles from the cottage to the ferry that would have taken Ted's car to the mainland and it was only one mile from the cottage to the bridge where Ted ultimately crashed his car given the Ted believed he was driving at a speed of around twenty miles per hour. It should should've been mere minutes between when he drove off from the Party and when he crashed the deputy sheriff looks account paints a different picture that night look had been working at a dance in the Yacht Club at Martha's vineyard he was there until after midnight and then made his way across the narrow channel to return to his home on Chappaquiddick island according to look he was approaching chappaquiddick roads one main intersection intersection the same intersection where Ted Kennedy would later claim to have made a wrong turn when he spotted a dark four door sedan pulled over at the side side of the road looks headlights made it clear that a man was driving in the woman was sitting in the passenger seat look assuming that the driver and passenger may debut lost got out of his vehicle and approached it but as he got close the car lurched into gear and barreled on down Dyke road toward toward dike bridge this was at twelve forty in the morning nearly an hour and a half after Kennedy had left the Party with Mary. Mary Jo Look didn't commit the cars full license plate to memory but he did remember that it contained in l. and two sevens after the bazaar encounter look continued down Chappaquiddick road and encountered some of the party guests outside the cabin he asked if any of them knew about about a black sedan. None of them could confirm whether it belonged to Kennedy even though most of the people at that party likely knew the Kennedy had arrived in a block four door oldsmobile but there are two facts that connect a car that look had seen with Ted Kennedy's car won won Ted Kennedy's license plate number was L. Seven eight Dash Two oh seven it contained in l. and two sevens just like look described ascribed more damning is the fact that look was one of the first responders on the scene when the car was discovered and pulled from the water on the morning of July nineteenth eighteenth at the scene he noted that he had seen that same car the night before if look really saw Kennedy's car that would mean a full ninety minutes passed between when Kennedy left the Party was Mary Jo and when he crashed his car off dike bridge this naturally leads to the question of what happened during that missing time and why would kennedy lie about it. was there more to the story of what happened that night before with a crash. Could it be possible that Ted's intentions for Mary. Jo were less than honorable or maybe even that she was dead before the car. I sank into the river. It's no worthy that Kennedy claimed to have been back in his hotel by two twenty five in the morning given the distance between the crash site the cottage and Kennedy's own statement about how he recruited Paul Markham in Joe Gorgan to try and Rescue Mary Jo from the car it would have been possible for him to be back in the hotel that time if he crashed the car at eleven fifteen but the time line seems much less likely if he actually crashed the car closer to one in the morning this particular theory deal simply with whether Ted Kennedy crashed when he says he did unfortunately there's not much to go off of besides two conflicting accounts from fifty years ago although don't forget the Ted did speak to the innkeeper at his hotel and that was believed to have happened between two and three in the morning honestly what seems most likely is that both Ted Kennedy and look are telling what they believed to be the truth if look got his time wrong then it's entirely possible that he did see Ted and Mary Jo in the car but <music> at an earlier time than twelve forty A._M.. But this still doesn't account for why Ted didn't mention pulling over on the side of the road I give it a nine out of tin that the official stories timeline is falls at least to some degree what I'm not sure about is whether that's intentional or just a byproduct kicked of Ted failing to recall exact details about a night where he crashed his car nearly drowned and probably when to some degree of shock no regardless regardless of intent looks story does raise some questions why was Kennedy pulled over in the first place and if he was telling the truth. Why did his version version of the story not explain why he was pulled over that night? Could it be that he didn't remember pulling over in the first place or perhaps Ted needed it to withhold the real reason that he was pulled over. Could it be that he realized he needed to sober out next. 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There was plenty of time for Kennedy to craft his story. Our second conspiracy theory is that Ted Kennedy he was either intoxicated or otherwise impaired when he crashed the car even if he wasn't this theory puts forth that something was off with his State of mind that night and whatever it was directly led to the crash and Mary Jo's death when the story of the accident I broke. There were two main in questions that arose. What was Mary Jo Kopechne e doing in Ted Kennedy's car and was Ted Kennedy Drunk Ted Kennedy. He didn't drive at least didn't often drive given his substantial personal fortune and high status as United States. Senator Ted had a chauffeured referred to cover. Most of his transportation needs in fact. Ted's personal chauffeur. John Crimmins was at the cottage party on Chappaquiddick island on the night of the incident. prims was a guest. That's considered to be true but he was also there in some capacity as Ted Kennedy's driver river so when Ted Kennedy prepared to leave. Why didn't crimmins leave with him when asked later? Ted stated that he didn't want to pull crimmins wins away from the party to take him home. CRIMMINS was still enjoying his meal and the company. It's odd the crimmins would be preoccupied with a meal since it was after eleven at night when Kennedy made to leave that maybe that really was the case given the full day of partying and relaxing. There's one thing to note here though we're unsure what to read into it. According to the official account Ted Kennedy retrieved his car keys from crimmins after Mary. Jo asked him for a ride home. This could mean that Ted was planning on having crimmins drive him home until Mary. Jo asked for a ride. If he wasn't planning on driving he might have been drinking. Mary Jo by all accounts was a smart capable woman and it would have been very out of character for her to be drinking drinking heavily at an event like this but she hadn't driven herself to the party and thus wouldn't have needed to worry about keeping an eye on her drinking. There are some uncorroborated reports that she had drunk at least some amount of alcohol at the party. She may not have been impaired but she also may not have noticed if Ted was not in a condition to drive now crimmins was both Kennedy's driver and occasional aid he knew the man well and it's not a stretch to to assume that he would have noticed if Ted was too drunk to drive himself. The fact that he handed over the keys to the car would seem to indicate that as far as the partygoers eighty goers were concerned. Ted was only fine the big discrepancy that may lead one to ask if Ted was drunk or not has to do with the geography a Chappaquiddick island itself. Chappaquidick has one main road one that Ted Mary Jo had both ridden along multiple times throughout that a day Chappaquiddick road tracks along about two miles from the ferry point before making a right turn into the more residential area that turn occurs at the intersection with Dyke road again. This was really the only major road on the island and even at night Kennedy would have known known that to get to the ferry from the cottage he would have had to just follow Chappaquiddick road. Keep left at the fork and then take it all the way to the ferry. So how did he instead manage to turn left on Dyke Road and moreover. Why did he stay on Dyke Road after the turn Dyke road was unpaved and it should have been evident immediately to Ted that he'd made a wrong turn of course if he'd been drunk that might explain how he'd be able to get so turned around but it's also possible that Ted had not done much driving over the island crimmins was with him and it's possible that Ted had been preoccupied with some matter or another as criminals handled the driving and thus ted wasn't as familiar with the roads as he should have been but again if if that was the case why would crimmins let Ted drive on the Unfamiliar Island Roads At night. Ted was asked this very question when he was interrogated gated by police after he confessed fleeing the scene of the accident according to him he'd actually never been on Chappaquiddick island prior to to that day and so he didn't know the roads at all he visited Martha's vineyard plenty of times in his life but never chappaquiddick the question in how Ted Kennedy came to make that wrong turn and why he continued to drive at a speed of twenty miles per hour down an unpaved road becomes more more complicated when you consider the testimony of deputy sheriff look remember look claims that he spotted the black sedan that was likely Kennedy's hold over near the intersection of Chappaquiddick road and Dyke road. He exited his vehicle and approached with the sedan shot away before he could could get a good look at the driver. It's been suggested though obviously not proven the Ted. Kennedy saw look approaching the car either because he knew he was drunk or because he knew the optics of being caught alone in a car with a woman who wasn't his wife would be potentially damaging to his career. Kennedy realized he couldn't let look identify him so he put the car in gear and pulled away not realizing that he had taken a wrong turn down dyke road toward dike bridge was so focused on not being seen that he didn't track how fast he was driving or the directs new is heading until it was too late and he drove off the bridge of course this theory hit something of a snag when we consider what happened after the crash if if Ted Kennedy was so drunk that he managed to crash his car into the pond on earth was cogent enough actually get himself out of the car. Maybe he got lucky. The question of how Ted Kennedy managed to free himself from the submerged vehicle while Mary Jo remains stuck will likely never be he answered additionally. We'll never know the real reason why Kennedy didn't stop at any houses on his track back to the party to get help. The walk from the crash site back to the cottage is roughly one. Mile Ted Kennedy passed at least one house that had its porch light on and he also passed the firehouse house on his way back. It's been stated though not totally confirmed that he passed up to four houses that had their porch lights on during his walk back to the cottage. One of the most damning actions Kennedy took in this story is not running up to any of these homes and asking to use the telephone to call for help. Kennedy would later say he was exhausted and in shock from the near death experience of the crash is mine wasn't in the right place and thus he didn't grasp ask that he should have rushed to the nearest house and immediately sought help but if Kennedy was drunk it would also explain why he didn't talk to anyone on his way back act cottage until he rendezvous with Guardian and Markham Kennedy didn't inform the police of the accident until ten hours after it occurred because of the time lapse there was no way for anyone to administer a sobriety test all they had to go off of was Ted Kennedy's word and so barring a confession from Kennedy admitting that he'd been impaired there was no way nor will there ever be a way to determine if he he was drunk when he got behind the wheel of his oldsmobile in his statement to the public on July twenty fifth nineteen sixty nine. Ted Reemphasized besides that he was not intoxicated. He made sure to note that his doctors had retroactively diagnosed him with a concussion and was shock but he didn't didn't want us these conditions to justify his actions how noble of him and that was it. Ted Kennedy stuck to that official story for the rest in his life and no one who is at the party ever came forward to make an on the record statement that they witness. Ted Drinking that night and so all we can really really do is guest the validity of this theory. I'll give this one six out of ten. It's impossible to prove in. It's completely plausible. The tape Kennedy really was just that unfamiliar with the roads on Chappaquiddick island but consider the numerous events that raise questions. Ted Likely thought he wouldn't have to drive in self that night since his driver was present at the party he was more than likely spotted by Deputy Sheriff Look but drove off before he could be identified identified. You somehow failed to grasp that he was on the wrong road despite the lack of pavement and he wasn't able to stop the car fast enough even after Dike Bridge Ridge became visible in his headlights. He didn't alert anyone that might be able to help rescue Mary. Jo and he only confessed to fleeing the scene. After after it would be impossible to determine his level of sobriety. That's a lot of damning facts all of which can be explained by intoxication. Ted Kennedy claimed he wasn't in his right mind after the crash he may have actually been telling the truth but lied about the reason one more major question about chappaquiddick that really shows the level to which Ted Kennedy's actions were unforgivable at question is how along it Mary Jo Kopechne e live after the crash. We'll discuss that and the likelihood of a cover up after this now the conclusion to the story. We've discussed the inconsistencies in the official account of what happened in the late hours of the evening on Chappaquiddick Island and we've discussed the likelihood that Ted was drinking on the night of the accident however ever all of these unanswered questions still don't address one of the key questions in this incident. How much was Ted Kennedy to blame for what happened so let's take a second and assume that the official story is as Ted told it he got turned around on the road crashed. The car thought he was is doing everything he could save Mary Jo but was so shocked by the crash that he wasn't thinking straight. His inaction almost becomes palatable eligible. If you accept that all these things are true assuming that he was correct in thinking Mary Jo Really did perish just minutes after the car hit the water our last theory examines the actual death of Mary Jo Kopechne -I the confirmed cause of death and the question Stian of how long she may have survived in the car after Ted abandoned her recall. The generally known facts of the crash Ted Kennedy was driving. Mary Joe was in the passenger seat. He was tearing down the unpaved. Unlit Dyke Road at around twenty miles an hour when he spotted the end of the road marked by dike hike bridge in the pond beyond Ted couldn't hit the brakes fast enough and the car crashed over the edge of the drop off and hit the water it turned over whereas it submerged landing on its roof at the foot of the pond ten feet below the surface. Ted was able to get free from the car and swim to the surface he claimed to have swum back down to the car a number of times to try and free Mary Jo but he was disoriented from the shock of the crash and the water was pitch black so he couldn't see her well enough to help by the time. Tan decided to leave the scene in return to the cottage. Several minutes had passed. He assume that too much time had passed since the car sunk below the surface and that there was no way that Mary Jo could still be alive. She must have drowned wound. This conclusion also makes up for part of Ted's justification for not telling more people about the crash until the next morning with the darkness of the night and the cold water he worried that if he started to tell the other party guests it might prompt a wider rescue attempt and even more people could've gotten hurt the claim that he was protecting the other women at the party from sharing Mary. Jo's fate doesn't really hold up at all. It doesn't especially especially given the fact that Ted passed a firehouse on his way back to the cottage and could have roused trained rescue professionals easily but the extent end of Ted's negligence became more complicated after the car with Mary Jo Kopechne as bodies still inside was retrieved the next morning on the morning of July nineteenth while head was mulling over his options at his hotel a fisherman and his son spotted the car on the bottom of the the pond fire and rescue or summoned to examine and recover the car at approximately eight forty five in the morning John Farrar captain. The fire rescue unit arrived with scuba gear. He swam down to the car and found Mary. Jo's body inside. He removed her from the vehicle and carried her back to the shore. The subsequent investigation published the position. Mary Jo's body was in when she was found. Donald Mills tells the medical examiner who performed the autopsy to Claire Drowning as the cause of death. This would be in line with the story that Ted Kennedy told but there were dissenters in John Farrar is account. He describes Mary Jo's body as he found her. She was in the back seat of the car with her hands clenched around the underside of the seats and her head pressed against the back footstool. Her position in the back seat is likely part of the evidence used when proposing the theory that Mary Jo was asleep in the back seat of the car but Farrar offers a different explanation. Ferrara Aurora believed that Mary Jo managed to climb in the back seat of the submerged overturned car. Her head placement indicated that she was positioning earning herself to keep her head in an air bubble within the car with that in mind. It's possible that the cause of death wasn't drowning rather. Mary Jo suffocated as she slowly used up all the oxygen in the car. This also raises the Morbid question of how long Mary Jo was down down there struggling to breathe waiting for help that never came and Ferraris own words. If Ted Kennedy had called for help immediately you could have gotten married joe out of the car within twenty five minutes of the crash. Farrar went so far as to estimate that Mary Jo could have lived for. Up to two hours after the crash and thus could have been saved if only Ted had gone for help given how explosive that information is wonders whether it came up during the subsequent investigation and trial well it did but only in the sense that Farrar was not allowed to testify his opinions about how Mary Jo could have lived for longer for our would stayed in interviews that he wanted to give his statement taint Kennedy's prosecutor but he was never summoned Kennedy justified leaving the scene of the accident by claiming he was tired in shock doc and that enough time had passed that he was sure Mary Jo had drowned. We know this for sure. However Long Mary Jo did manage Wjr to survive down there? She'd been dead for hours when her body was finally recovered then again. Is there a sliding scale of blame dependent on how long long it took Mary Jo Kopechne in to die is Ted Kennedy less culpable for what happened. If Mary Jo was already dead when he fled the scene the numbers not not exact but there have been cases in which a drowned person has been resuscitated up to forty or even fifty minutes after they stopped breathing the the window for recovery can be even longer if hypothermia is in play the water around Chappaquiddick island would have likely been in the low to high sixties on that night though it could have been potentially lower since the son had been set for several hours though it's not freezing temperatures it is possible for hypothermia to set in if a body is submerged in water of that temperature for a prolonged amount of time. All of this is to say that if ted Ted Kennedy had gone immediately for help. It's entirely plausible that Mary Jo could have been rescued from the car. Andrew desiccated was the right medical. Oh care she may have even been able to make a full recovery. We'll never know what was possible because due to Ted Kennedy's inaction. Mary Jo wasn't recovered until ten hours after she went in the water. There is no rating for this one. Whether Mary Jo survived for hours I lasted. Only minutes doesn't really change take Kennedy's actions. Even if Mary Jo died quickly after the crash as Ted suspected he should have done on everything possible to save her he didn't and now we'll never know if Mary Jo could have been rescued. We're going to wrap up by going <music> over some of the smaller alternative theories about what really happened on the night of July eighteenth to start. We're going to examine one theory that further further removed blame from Kennedy on account of the fact that he wasn't even driving the car when it crashed according to this line of thinking king after Kennedy spotted look he pulled over on Dyke Road and not out of the car his plan was to walk back to the cottage inch and get a ride from someone else leaving Mary Jo to drive tents car back to the hotel. Mary Jo was unfamiliar with the Bulky Unwieldy L. D. Oldsmobile like Ted. She didn't even have a sense of where she was on the road until it was too late and she had driven off the bridge and into the Water Ted was still walking back towards the cottage. When the crash happened he rushed to the scene and tried to save Mary Jo but couldn't and the rest of the events generally carried out as the official story says they did this one of course raises the question of why Ted would claim he was driving the car Dr if he really wasn't when the fact that he hadn't even been in the car help absolve him of guilt? The car was still his Ted might have suspected suspected that few people would believe that he would have let Mary Jo drive his car alone claiming to have been driving would have actually raised fewer questions than telling the truth and he hadn't been in the car at all <hes> this one feels a little flimsy what seems more likely as that the more outlandish theories like this one came about as a result of the gap in understanding because we simply don't know every detail of what happened in the minutes leading up to the accident it it is possible to put out a wide range of alternatives series of events this next one however might actually have some way to it. According to one theory Mary Jo Kopechne he actually tried to leave the party much earlier than eleven fifteen she was tired and may have even been suffering from a headache. She knew knew she wasn't in a state to drive and she didn't want to bother any ever fellow guests so she stepped outside the cottage and crawled into the back of Ted's Oldsmobile a bill to take a nap Ted Dro- of made a wrong turn and crashed the car all while being unaware that Mary Jo was asleep in his backseat. Now this may seem to help absolve him further and explain why he waited to report the accident. There would have been much less of a rush to get the police involved if Ted didn't I didn't know there was someone trapped in the car but again we come back to the question of why did Ted Kennedy never clarify that while dish inally both growth garden and Markham said the Ted had told them about Mary Jo on the night of the accident right after it happened all in all we think the theories that modify modify who was driving and what Ted Kennedy New Are Pretty Flimsy. The official story Ted was driving. Mary Jo was in the passenger seat and Ted knew that she was still in the car. When he failed to report? The accident still seems most likely the remaining question though concerns ends one of the most damning mysteries of this entire incident hearing all of this. You have to wonder how on Earth Kennedy Kennedy managed to walk away from this event serve no jail time and continue on to a successful decades long career as a United States senator in interviews conducted in the years after the chappaquiddick incident John Farrar and others indicate that there was some kind of cover up our final final tag conspiracy tackles the question of whether there was a cover up in the chappaquiddick incident. I want to say outright. I don't think there it was at least not in the way that some do on the fact that Ted Kennedy was tried for the crime of leaving the scene of an accident and even sentenced to jail l. time albeit in a suspended sentence kind of removed this event from cover up territory. This feels more like old money New England exerting influence to minimize the damage after all. No one at the party knew that Mary Joe had left in the hours after it happened since she left her. I behind Kennedy's driver John Crimmins was at the party. It was totally possible course of action for Ted to insist that crimmins women's jump in the water and then tell everyone that crimmins was the one driving the car during the crash Kennedy also could've put Markham or garden up up to admitting that they were the ones behind the wheel he allegedly did this but that story comes from disgruntled residents of Martha's Vineyard and unfortunately there's little truth to back it up. We don't think there was a sinister cover up in chappaquiddick because the car was found and linked to Kennedy before he would have been enable to organize one now that isn't to say that he wasn't considering it consider the fact that he made a point to speak with the innkeeper of his hotel at two in in the morning and fresh clothes effectively establishing something like an alibi but then again why go to the police if that was his plan plan even after the car was linked to him Kennedy could have claimed to have not been the driver used the conversation with the innkeeper as his support that he was in his hotel and have one of his men. Take the fall for the accident. Maybe he didn't because he knew through his lawyers has friends his power as a senator and the influence of the Kennedy name he would turn out just fine and he did though the chappaquiddick scandal did prevail prevail over Kennedy's future efforts to run for president and likely is the key reason he never made it to the Oval Office. It's not like Kennedy's life was ruined in the aftermath of the incident. During his televised speech Kennedy called on the people of Massachusetts to help them work through the incident don't they did. I re electing him. Consistently over the next four decades and people today are entitled to representation by men who inspire their utmost competence this reason I would understand full well why some might think it bright for me to resign so I ask you tonight. Igla Massachusetts think this through with me in facing this decision you think your advice making it. I think you're praised the chappaquiddick. Incident is one of the most famous scandals in American can political history. There are few instances in the history of our country were a sitting politician was embroiled in a case of manslaughter and managed manage to save some of his career in the fallout. We'll never know the full true story of what happened on that dark night in July the two people oh who did are dead in their wake. All we can do is wonder overall. There's a clear theory that seems to be the absolute right eight one the missing our does seem to be real. It's more than likely that Ted Kennedy's timeline of events regarding when he left the Party and when he crashed is not accurate and the deputy sheriff look did spot his car pulled over on the side of the road after midnight however we can't steed whether whether this was deliberate deception Kennedy's art or just a false recollection of events if we accept that the missing our is real it also becomes uh-huh easier to accept that Ted was drunk or at least somewhat impaired that night in that it factored into the crash and his actions in the hours following but again it's impossible to save for sure and the case of Chappaquiddick the official story likely isn't the full truth but with fifty fifty years common gone since it happened. It's the only truth we're ever going to get <music>. Thanks again for tuning into our conspiracy theories summer of sixty nine special and if you enjoyed this episode checkout podcast continued retrospective into the summer of sixty nine from July twenty second through August ninth ninth the summer of Sixty Nine will feature twenty three special episodes across sixteen different podcasts covering everything from Vietnam War protests is cheaper Zodiac killer. We'll be back with a new episode of conspiracy theories next week. If you're interested in learning more about the summer of sixty nine be be sure to check out our new podcast presents feed on spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts several of you have asked how to help us. If you enjoy away the show the best way to help still leave a five star review and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at our cast network work until then remember the truth isn't always the best story and the official story isn't always the truth. Conspiracy theories was created by Max Cutler is a production of cutler media and as part of the par cast network it is produced by Maxon Ron Cutler sound sound design by Russell Nash With Production Assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller additional production assistance by Maggie admire and Freddie Beckley this episode Soda Conspiracy Theories was written by calling McLaughlin and Stars Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy and now that this episode is finished. Here's the clip of our first episode of the par cast original con artists. It's about Bernie madoff off a top Wall Street market maker who operated an elaborate Ponzi scheme and con thousands of clients out of almost sixty five billion dollars search for and subscribe to Con Artists On spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts or visit podcast dot com slash con artists to listen now now. It's a rainy morning on Lexington Avenue in New York City. The Sky brightened slightly a special agent ca troby and agent Kong park the car the December sunrise makes little difference to CA- tropy who's been up since four four A._M.. Working this case just off to seven thirty they enter the luxury apartment building situated a myth three blocks from central park among the agents flash their badges at the doorman and take the elevator to the penthouse they here to catch a thief. The two young agents surprised to find the man waiting at the penthouse tool though he wears a pale blue bathrobe. He doesn't look like a man who's been up late partying in fact with his silver hair and wrinkles. He doesn't look like a man who's ever up late partying surprisingly he's smooth and collected and simply not when the officials ask if he knows why they're here he's being betrayed by his own sons. After a short chat agents could Shopian Kong allow the thief to dress he chooses expensive clothing from the penthouse closet and agrees to go into the F._B._i.'s offices for questioning the agent pulls out his handcuffs and tells the man to extend stint his arms as the cold metal manacles click around Bernie madoff wrists sixty four point eight billion in dollars vanish forever much of it will never be returned because most of that money money in retirement accounts charity endowments family fortunes never existed in the first place it was to quote made off just one big lie welcome to con artists apart cost original. I'm Alistair maiden every week we peel back the layers of history's greatest deceptions and tell the stories of the hustlers swindlers and fraudsters that orchestrated castrated them. I'll dive into their psychology breakdown that tricks and explain why anyone might full for a con- connaught says seeks to explore cons this from all angles the perpetrator the victim the world they lived in and the thing that forced them to fool O._B.. Now first episode we'll cover the upbringing and early influences of our fraudster will understand what experiences shaped their mindset and historical context then informed their ability to perpetrate their cons in Partu. We'll watch the wheels come off their scheme. As their victims recognized the lie. We'll detail how our subject was eventually caught the fallout and where they are today today. We're beginning the story of Bernie madoff architect of the world's biggest known Ponzi scheme in part one of our investigation. We'll dive into the life of Bernie madoff and try try to understand why a man already inundated with incredible wealth which assigned to orchestrate history's largest financial scam next week impart to we'll follow the S._e._C.'s near misses in a decade long game of cat and mouse and the catalyst that finally brought made off down from the nineteen eighties through two thousand eight having an investment account with Bernie Ernie made off was either a much sought after privilege and up across status symbol or something you're completely in the dark about but everything about these investments investments everything made of created was a complete lie. His downfall left many trusting clients destitute and the weld completely stunned at the magnitude of his deception he stole from celebrities billionaire investors Holocaust survivors athletes and team owners he stole from individuals and charities retirement funds and nest eggs. He stole from his friends. He stole from his family. The web of deceit was so complex that a significant portion of those affected was shocked to learn that they were defacto clients of of medoff's as many as thirty seven thousand people felt the devastating fallout of made offs demise. It was truly the biggest financial scandal in world history. His modus operandi was a fairly standard Ponzi scheme named for Conman Charles Ponzi. A ponzi scheme is a redistribution of wealth hiding behind a fake investment scheme it takes money from new investors and handed to old ones. I meaning that the only way to pay the old investors is to find more and more people to buy into the fraudulent system without a steady stream of new blood. The entire operation goes up in flames. It is a system always on the verge of disaster and and it is completely illegal but he didn't just use this Ponzi scheme to prey on Americans made off stretched his close to Europe South South America even Africa by two thousand eight made of claimed he had sixty eight point four billion dollars in assets under management don't and yet for decades made off was known as a genius called magnetic and reassuring by those who bragged about ultimate the country clubs and charity guards. They likened him to his personal symbol. The bull as in bull market made off decorated rated his office with Bulls to match this perfectly crafted image is what allowed made off to thrive his trademark charismatic charismatic presence and manufactured mystique shrouded him behind an exalted reputation. He was immensely wealthy. He was of high taste he rarely met with clients but the ones that did meet him assured potential customers that investing with Bernie NATO was the closest thing to assure diabet- Wall Street could offer a con artist operates on what people people believe about them more than anything else and Bernie Madoff was tinkering with his public image as soon as he could do business made off was born April twenty ninth nineteen thirty eight in Queens New York Bernie's father Ralph ran a sporting goods store for most of his childhood good but in the nineteen fifties the store went out of business leaving the family in dire straits this failure burned itself in Bernie's mind and he did not under any circumstance wants to ever fail his family in such a way he would do whatever it took to avoid wait the pangs of unstable economic security and would cultivate a life that made failure impossible it was this obsessive quest quest for stability that instigated his relentless pursuit of wealth but it was also why he fell in love at such a young age at Sixteen Bernie mets thirteen year old ruth alpern. He was a son kissed boy scouts and lifeguard. She be a bubbly low rents goal. They married five years later in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine when he was at Hofstra and she was at Queens College most immediately made of turned his attention toward achieving the type of success that would place him among the American economic elite a few weeks off to the wedding adding while still a college senior. He filed the papers to open Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities Aka B. L. M._I._s. like most twentysomethings not something to start their own business made offer light on friends and family to get off the ground. Luckily for him made offs new father-in-law Saul Alpern had his own an accounting firm and began referring his clients friends and family members to Medoff Alpin even gave made off a desk in his office somewhat that's ironically made of first and most important goal was to gain and build the trust of his clients. It came naturally to him. Even at such a young teenage he was charismatic driven outgoing and dedicated to making everyone around him as rich as possible unfortunately eh it was this very penchant for trust that would ultimately push into betray the tens of thousands of people that relied on him made offset investing with a strategy called riskless arbitrage which involve buying stock at one price while having already locked in a sale the same stock at a higher price he was able to buy and sell the same stock simultaneously thanks to the fact that at the time most host major cities had their own stock market according to financial journalists Diana Henry Kes- it's a rule in investment advising to only recommend suitable investments suitability is determined by investors willingness and ability personal circumstances to to take on a certain level of risk. This rule is legally enforced by government regulatory agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission in the early sixties made off ignored the practice of suitability and put his clients investments into risky speculative new issue stock whether or not they'd be able to handle that amount of risk made of knew this was wrong and knew it was illegal. He did it anyway. His disregard netted made off securities almost thirty thousand dollars in cash by nineteen sixty two after just over two years in business. That's a little over a quarter million dollars today but in May nineteen sixty two the market crashed and just like that almost all of made offs clients suffered serious losses this put bunny at a crossroads that he he would face several times in his life a junction between his pride and the truth but as it did time and again made of ambition and persuasive arrogance knew that if he wanted to reach his goals admitting failure was not an option so he took the cash he had on hand and bought back his clients stocks at the price they invested effectively erasing using the losses because he was trading in the little known little regulated O._T._C. market. None of the clients were any the wiser they I still had their money and kept their investments and good faith in Bernie madoff whether he knew it's not made was laying out the groundwork for what social psychologist Marie Cocco Ver- identifies as the eight steps of the successful con. The first of these steps is finding a victim made of quickly realized that as long as his clients got their money back they weren't liable to ask too many questions the pursuit of money Johny left many to be easily manipulated but this manipulation would have to wait as Bernie's quick fix gave rise to a secondary problem mm-hmm while he had erased his clients losses thereby maintaining their trust he done it at the expense of all his money. There was no no way for him to continue his business and save face except there once Bernie had had married rich and with that came privilege he leveraged his close relationship with his father-in-law Saul Alpern to secure a loan to the tune of thirty thousand thousand dollars according to Medoff alpern loaned him the money and made off repaid him before the end of nineteen sixty four at this point. It seems that it just twenty six years old Bernie madoff had perfected his ability to gain people's trust he'd broken the law deceived his clients taken advantage of a family member and come out all the richer despite escaping this early scare made of still felt as though he had the long road ahead of him because he dealt in smaller markets with smaller clients. The WHO's who of Wall Street still gave him the cold shoulder made of himself admitted to journalists Steve Fishman that this treatment infuriated him as it only seemed to remind him that he was an outcast. Whatever life was like among the bigwigs of Wall Street Bernie wanted it and he would do whatever it took to get there after his father-in-law bail to amounts of a criminal stock trading failure in nineteen sixty two it appears Bernie madoff went legitimate? We say appears because it's unclear exactly when made off Ponzi scheme began both the F._B._i.. And his associate Frank De scally junior believed that the fraud stance it by the late nineteen seventies however no one has definitively proven this accusation so for this time period we have to take the stand in by of innocent until proven guilty but even if he wasn't engaging in crime outright he spent the next decade setting the stage for the greatest assist financial fraud in history through the nineteen sixties and Seventies Bernard L. made off investment securities grew into a robust but still small broker dealer business engaging an actual legitimate market making and proprietary trading each of these was a separate Britt legal arm within the same company B.. L. M._I._S. was soon considered a major market maker in O._T.. Stocks and then on the New York Stock Exchange according to fraud magazine made of S- firm with sometimes responsible for a whopping ten percent of stock volume traded in a single day but it wasn't as if ten percent of investors were working directly with madoff he engaged in payment for order flow this this is a somewhat controversial practice where a small brokerage firm directs their clients orders to a third party to execute the trade often without the client's clients knowledge the third party in this case made off then paid the smaller brokerage firm a fee for directing business to them the the standard fee being a penny per share. This allowed B. L. M. I. S. to execute large orders on the stock market and to quickly expand expand this only accelerated with the arrival of Peter Madoff Bernie's little brother after joining the firm in June one thousand nine hundred sixty nine pizza made off helped create groundbreaking computer trading systems instrumental to the firm success made of securities. I was always at the forefront of technological innovation on Wall Street and that's part of how Bernie's Ponzi scheme was able to thrive according turning to social psychologist Marie Cocco for cons thrive in terms of transition and fast change when new things are happening and the old ways as of looking at the world no longer suffice and in the advent of the computer age the made offs were right in the middle of perhaps the biggest cultural transition the world has ever seen Wall Street's brands new computer systems were right for deceit abuse and misunderstanding thing but at first they actually bolstered the Mehta family's reputation B. L. M._i._S. systems was soon licensed to other market makers and financial financial

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