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The following is a production of the motoracing network. The voice of NASCAR. Pump it up doing rock and roll today without the plug four hundred laps got guys there. I have a great day for night for me have a widower. We gotta do. The motor racing network presents NASCAR law and villain. Leads the pack off third number four, no one ever thought. He would contend for the win. They call about underwent or come out. Joey Lugano in its tenth full time season to the guts REEs is going to wake up. I did it. Fan fan when it comes down to NASCAR live is brought to you by Hercules tires Ryan on our strength from the motor racing network studios. In concord, North Carolina. Here is your host Mike Bagley. Hello, everybody. Welcome to NASCAR live here on the motor racing network. And from all of us here them are N. We hope you're having a great holiday season on this week show. We're gonna listen back at some of the best NASCAR live backtracks from the twenty eighteen monster energy NASCAR Cup series season. And we begin with the running of the Daytona five hundred. So we are getting ready to put him under the green flag. Glad you're with us on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Daytona Beach, Florida the Daytona five hundred. All day for black and white. Good luck. In there, buddy. Rob ratio. Lots going to happen coming to the cream test. So great day today that she loves clear war pace car is off. We've been waiting for the last three months pace cars off road in. The green flag is waiting for the tone of Kenny Hamlin led the first ten laps. But right now he's sitting on pit road Aleksei. He's just refire the engine a one lap penalty for pudding fuel in the car while the nose was over the line that's pitting outside the box one lap penalty. For Hamlin started off air turn. We've heard the penalty. Can we service the car on the Nick, and yes, they're coming? The green. God. That's harsh penalty agreeing straightaway. Kyle Busch flat left rear tyre car. Just about broke loose on it. He'll gather it back up Bush off the pace. Get flipper is down. Don't care the quarterback heart can only. Only let time. Hugh Daytona under the caution flag. Let's go back to left Twenty-eight. Kyle busch. Land left tired came onto pit road that just a moment ago. Laugh, fifty another problem for Kyle over and turned three. Yeah. Look like another issue for Kyle Busch that Eminem Toyota might have been another left rear tyre that car snapped around and turn three or rent. We're ready bumper covers torn off of it making driving taking Bach. They think in. Take it to the Bach is the we. He'll lose technical upper wheel deliver wheels with dot, man. And the Mona. Either going on. We got a Jared. We always run blading Clugston sideways. Don't hang onto the car for one cars Jones's around. So it's warez while you were there. And Eric back down back down back down back down back down. They're going to fly down are going to lie down. Our Jim Rome. Video all his out. Sure. We're going to be on the clock. Do you wanna see? Now, if the tires are up go around if it's hires are a little bit of area and look at the left higher Dari. I mean, little vibration, but not bad. With Elliot to on the top two big push it aside. We're all right. Yeah. We talked about the overheating provinces checked in with Doug gates, the engine builder on that car. The front of the grill got pushed up in that close the opening on it stems was able to command. They were. A little bit about again. The whole thing. But wondering the watering arrestee ball? And that the Benedetto continues to hound that that group of cars the front of the field fund running up there with leaves? Yeah. Filled. The fan of myself felt Kitsap. But least fixed me up my mind. Sorry, pick that up as a whole lot of stuff going to happen. Twenty minutes. Kirk flirt spin Ryan against all piling in now palman is caught up with Kirk. The upside wall per second time guys. Yellow fire underneath the checkup. Turn lab for fire truck here a little fire. Go ahead and check up. Cajal today. And it was I was pasted Sam. Well, it was heartbreak for a number of the underdogs here that we're running. So Well, Matt Benedetto his day is over he was running right there in. I think Kyle called them in the third position. At one point. If you will. Or kill. EV far enough and go up if you go cross the line fired up enroll cross the line do not fit. Well. No. Now, it's done guys. Did an awesome job, buddy? All day is nothing. You could do there. Just the great job. Dylan leads the pack off turn number four. No one ever thought. He would contend from the win funny. He's going to do it. He's gonna win the sixtieth running of the Daytona five hundred alway back the line here. Saito five hundred winner come on. Helmet funny hill job you wanted to use it. Yes. I it is over you want to gradulate awesome. Any all him. Do nothing today. So just a good health from behind that ECR engine from narrow Wallace into forty-three. It's pretty cool to seat at three in the forty three one into tonight. Man. The guys worked so hard on this car and my grandpa didn't want to throw in this cars are back up. I said I just feel comfortable in this car. I can move good with it. And we move through all the wrecks today and ended up coming home. The Daytona five hundred winner we were looking at some pictures from twenty years ago this week in there with you and your brother back here and ride back here. Did you ever imagine twenty years later, you would be Daytona five hundred champion as it started to say in Daytona has a way with just making memories? This place makes memory after memory and their life changing memories. And I was fortunate to be in victory lane twenty years ago. And I'm here again put I'm driving. This is awesome. 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Joe more field works off turned number four coming into the trial will getting ready for the green flag waving get today's auto club four hundred underway. Geico on the flag hand knows if the line nothing below two white ready bready green green flag waves. We're on the way Austin Dillon's and four tires and fuel the biggest complaint for anybody down here. It's your tight so chassis wrenches. Into side of the forest here to make adjustments Foley. Now, here's the thing. I've been data showing a little bit overdriving vote corners on entry. So just weren't going through Ronald down law. Maybe all things. Good for the number eighteen Toyota Camry of pile Bush, Alex, Hayden Val. He's got a little bit of debris covering the right side of the nose of the machine been pretty piece of debris trying to get it off on a lab did before direct of my forty one forty eight or your Coquito. Gator bore the break I mentioned fifteen centimeters separating third and fourth. Kevin Harvick and Kyle Larson. And then they got together working off turn number two. And that run for four in a row for Kevin Harvick. Well may be over. Year off of emigrants out before becoming too. You are poor here. Kevin Harvick had been dueling lap after lap. Temple laugh. They came off turn to Morrison to the inside Harvard to the outside and I saw his right front. Just twitch twitch just a little bit. Could it have been caused by one of the bumps perhaps any ring r are thirty left at three. I didn't do a damn bigger. That'd be mad. But I didn't do anything wrong. Very. So it was him. We let him go when you're on down. Then he wants to run a run our door. All the way around. We told you about Ryan Blaney bumped the wall turn number three. He was on road to buy. I don't have. I got a little in here copy affect twenty one. I've thought. You come on more Intuit's very very little turn one and two Kyle Busch in the second spot is way behind on junior concede. Kyle Busch in second he still experimenting. On a damn it'll have had. But the there. Clean-air big forty fifty four and under pope speedway. Martin through and junior has scored his first stage win of the season. He had a total of nineteen of the twenty seven thirteen season two. Great Donald through our. Oh, no. I want to deal with you over. Number one of the way when you come here. Exactly standing on the wall. It won't be long a trial next. And we talked about that dustup beheld on the roads back. A little bit word. Updated. Away from where need to be. He says I think of pit. If you got a bad. Who des? I looked good. Trevor Bayne got into the outside ball thirty down coming into guys. Was trying to hit the road. Oh that hurts deal bad. I hit about two hundred for more than done. That's hard. I've ever had my life. There's a lot of grip down there that car is sticking and he continues to pull away from Kyle Busch. I don't I don't know what to do with this thing. I can't go up go down. Sixty four and we always get the blame on there. Or do you want to miss five because I've got stuff in here. Very good looking like a moron. Good last win for Martin drugs came at homestead he won the championship on that day. He's back to defendant. That's for sure. Poor final time. And to the checkered flag and Barton to X junior has won the auto club four hundred here. Jordan. Thank you about this. Three. Oh, yeah. That's job all day. We had to go right into you. Here in. It's really proud of my team everybody here. You know? We've we started the seasonal strong. But everybody asking what we were going to win. And we had one of these stages yet. And it's like, don't worry. We're we're gonna we're close for right there. We just need to figure it out a little bit today. Man wanted them hot rod. I mean, this thing's unbelievable. Just thanks all the guys in everybody. Toyota to your de that makes it possible and best pro and five our sponsors auto owners everybody that supports this deal to dream come true in this team's unbelievable after three practice sessions this weekend. Did you have any idea? Your car is going to be this good. I knew we were close yesterday. But we needed to get better to win and coal and jazzy and Pete and all the guys really came up with a game plan last night. We changed a few things and really they just had to hook both corners to get together. We were real loose often off before yesterday in real tight off two, and we just got better off over and better off to and and when you do something big like that man, that's a huge difference. This thing flawless you mentioned just a second ago that everybody's been asking you what are you going to win a race? What are you gonna win? Another state is it nice to be a victim of your own. Success now. As long as we're still winning. I guess it is. You know, it's you just you never know in this sport things change so fast. And you know, you have the off season. You never know if you're gonna lose your Mojo, or or whatever, but you know, for us. I think this group they just they work hard. And we get a lot of support from Toyota and a lot of a great partnership, which agr that certainly makes this possible, and you know, without without all all the people involved. We'll be able to do it it takes so much. So I'm just glad we're able to to come back here. This season started off strong and consistent and put ourselves in the conversation. And and hopefully, we'll be able to take advantage of some more along the way Martin junior ended. Kevin Harvick streak of three wins in a row at the auto club speedway in the auto club. Four hundred coming out. We've got more the best of NASCAR ally backtracks of two thousand eighteen Lauren dot com journal online audio video and digital content. 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It's the best of NASCAR live backtracks in two thousand eighteen this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley. Welcome back to our live this week. We're looking back at the best backtracks of the season. And by the twelfth race of the season. Kevin Harvick had already won four races. He was clearly the favorite entering the KC masterpiece. Four hundred at Kansas speedway fitter. Kevin Harvick what a season. He is had. Hey to man hockey line here replay goes into the air while covering her because going to see the caution flag would see crosses the start finish line. He will do that right now. At my thirty kilos. Hello. Matter by gotta be careful here. Several hope that'll be the day bowling. I feel like the rear my pillow bit better thicker going. We've been talking about how good supports are. Kevin Harvick right now running second. Is there? A problem on board Akbar. Traffic. Now, it would seem to be that Kyle Larson license racecar. At this stage of the race. And a Kansas always. Loose on. Four. This lose the whole morning. Intricate part. How does it help him? Take a layer off the Royal. Every time I get into fly where everybody's running blues the car like. He he's a lap down. He was not hit road. Just a laugh ago getting bad hall. All. Raise you. I got a call right now. If I think what they thought maybe it was a meal. So rather than planned safe rather than sorry? Did come out it. Car. Yellow yellow yellow yellow we're going to have to have how Jack up the right front right side. Cool. I mean. Three lives down rank Larsen now under attack. Ryan Blaney moving down to the inside of maybe contact turnover. One tie. The newest. I don't know if you ready God here back down here cautions. I'll take care of here say on the planet Dan of the one we're gonna have to pit to clear and separate quarter. I mean, you can only wrote me up so high. I got you know, we also talked about a number of drivers that came to pit road. Not everybody did llegado stayed on the track. So did true Eric Jones. Denny hamlin. A long list of drivers stayed on the racetrack. Kevin Harvick back in the eight position of a good about here. And. Fagor bay myself. I'd rather lose going forward than hanging on defense. You know what? I mean. Yeah. Now, we got the right guy going forward to hopefully it worked out Martin tricks junior with the lead Kevin Harvick to car links off the back deck Lynn clear about who wrote. Two more two more you competing show. Download here. Harvard. Because they want away with you come over your house. Clear crew feel to buy one here. Now, I walk down the one car pattern for the lead of the we didn't Kansas true exit the interest of three times, low, slings wise paddock is there. Marvin outside the short outside on the house side on checkered flag in the air and for the fifth time this year. Kevin Harvick wins in the monster. Energy NASCAR Cup series. Oh. Thank everybody on my Bush light board for just hanging in there. The car wasn't exactly how we wanted it to perform tonight, but we just kept fighting and kept digging and we're able to to get some good restarts. Rodney made a good call. I'd rather. I'd rather win going forwards and loose going backward. So I'm always about four tires. So it's fun fundraising and just work out our way describe the last six or eight laps on that car that that race because it looked like you weren't gaining on Martin. And then all of a sudden just describe what was going on. Let's take my car couple apps. Get going after that last restart. It was shattered and tires really bad. And I said, well, I got to do something different. So I just started dive bombing in the corner and just letting the drive straight up the racetrack and a caps deigning speed. So I kept driving it in there. And hey, and he didn't really move up. So it left me Elaine up there, and we're able to drive by five wins. How good is this race spent? Well, I think this weekend shows really how good the race team is everything didn't go exactly smooth. And everybody just kept a good demeanor about. Things and kept calm and kept working through things and same thing this week or or tonight, you know, everybody just kept working through trying to make the car better and we able to wind up in victory lane. So those are the days that you just grind it out with dewlaps to go. Kevin Harvick powering around the outside of Martin chew ex junior for his fifth win of the twenty eighteen season still to come. We'll hear NASCAR live backtracks from Chicago land featuring that exciting finish between Kyle Larson. And Kyle Busch on February seventeenth the stage will be set for racing's greatest day. The Daytona five hundred a day the delivers four wide excitement legendary moments and unforgettable finishing. But they keep you on the edge of your seat and that you'll remember forever. The greatest greats awaits experience the thrill of the Daytona five hundred in-person guarantee your seats before they sell out at Daytona five hundred dot com. Things have been fastened racing. And if you don't know where to look you. Miss it all with legend from racing electron IX, you'll never miss another moment legend gives you live fan vision. Video in car cameras and stats at NASCAR and other premier series events and the next generation race scanner for unfiltered driver and crew audio at any motor sports event nationwide. Nascar fans have never been closer to the action. Welcome to the future of the fan experience. Learn more by visiting racing electron IX dot com. It's the best of NASCAR live backtracks in two thousand eighteen this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of this car. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley. Thanks for spending time with us on this week's NASCAR life. One of the most exciting finishes of the twenty eighteen season happened at Chicagoland speedway in the Overton four hundred. And here's how it sounded. With an ask live backtracks. Drivers start. Drew X is going to start at the tail end of the field in thirty six hundred on on new do any help. The brunt. Good luck guys teddy. Go get him in harming won the first two races here at Chicagoland speedway high. But I they did eighty live happy. I go forty laps. If it goes green purchased thicker tyres are beautiful, but very very warm Sunday afternoon. We're about to get at it and Chicagoland speedway couple of four. Upfront Menard and facing green wave and we are underway in the Overton four hundred twelve about this. Clint voyeur race leader. When he came off the race track was too fast on pit road. He was busted that will be a pass through penalty pressure from behind your pet next time. The BI I out a super fast call as ago off their clear off the slow car down low. He had a pitch. Do not stop. Do not feed or they only have stopping. What you like being bar forty three hundred. Could he get a pit stop guys speeding penalty came down this home on this pudding penalty is a pass through drive through at the prescribed speed. He spent there the next time you stop and go he did not come to a complete stop. So here we is. Now, the just did a stop engulfed. This is the third penalty trip down pit road. Believable. Thanks topic. Oh, the stands topic. Oh, stop and go. All. More. They next time guys a hundred. Going on the electrical back and Kyle Larson. He Scott Pruitt like normally does when he fired the engine the engine shutdown the electrical systems shut up on the race cloud. We had to recycle it around out of the day. The Dako blacker the cartridge adapter a black guy came into the doll kind of like wheel mom, and I lost power. And. Yet this green come back on buckled. Man, we've been talking about Erica Merola has hit pit road. Apparently, the reports were getting a loose wheel. Really bad. The words really bad. Yeah. I got a real bad. Already heard Bush. We'll give it up and fall back position. Number four all of this going on some six currently behind the race leader little. Make things better trader. Yeah. More got me on road radio into said, something doesn't feel right. He tried to sell diagnosis from the car offered abuse against a break. Brought it ending look at it elected to take it back to the project was light torque put the fire under the right front part of the garage. Hit a garage, but back you up back up about body dog. Then you could turn in their right? Pro steal on our when you get there. So just be aware. Fire quicker ready still kit even by signed for the lead and a win. It's kinda land. Kyle Larson gets up one of these. Bad. Data gathered date again get around get around the kid around deep coming decrees way back. For the line gets the line. Put twenty six back to the line. And Kyle Busch will score the win after getting together with Kyle Larson. Not once but twice decker black died out that. Never give up never give up. You did a great job. Lot more hectic than I wanted it to be that's for sure. But those lap bars they just got in our way, look this up it slowed us down so much. We just had had no momentum. And Finally, I got through a couple of them in Larsen. Just threw a dart there. Intern wanted to try to slide job. I don't think he was close nothing. Obviously he didn't. He didn't get enough clear of me in order to slide it and when he got to me though, like when I got alongside of me just Ronald up and drove us in the wall and going out of bacteria. I lost all my momentum. But then all the way going down the backstretch I tried to side rapid as much as I could keep them alongside of me. And then he cleared me. But so I just gave him what he gave me back into three and four, and you know, was able to come back ahead to the chicken flag. I o Bush scored his fifth win of two thousand eighteen that day at Chicago land. What an ending what a finish coming up. We'll take you back today tone for the summer classic and later, we'll hear from some of the best in-car audio from martinsville and ISM raceway now who page from the diary of Flo. Dear diary, I got the. Brush off again. I don't get it. Is there something wrong with the way I wave? Elbow wrist. Elbow wrist. Why won't that little Basset hound acknowledge me? I'm friendly. I give everyone peace of mind when I protect their homes through progressive issue jumping for joy when I walk by seventeen percents on car insurance when you bundle home and auto through progressive. Maybe it's me, no, Tim. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Discounts not available in all states or situations in a sport driven by celebration. We're shifting gears to do more to help. Preserve our environment. Driving the sport towards greater reforestation efforts speeding up recycling programs racing greener with Sonoko green e fifteen cleaner blended bio because if we all shift gears to help the environment we can keep racing for so much longer. To learn more about how NASCAR shifting towards a greener future. Visit NASCAR dot com slash green. Today. It's the best of NASCAR live backtracks in two thousand eighteen this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley. Thanks for hanging. With us this week on NASCAR live the mid point of the season was marked by a visit to the world center of racing at Daytona International Speedway. The race was the coke zero four hundred and the winter wasn't unlikely. One Mormon up over in turn three and four up front row. One. Chase Elliott great Nick cry all night here. We'll work on the new Chevy gun. Go have strong just think done. Think that always tonight solid. He think here they don't to be impact motorsports. Chevy's crop road. Chase Elliott and Alex Bowman they seem to create black. I and they take off. Well. Well, around Benard will spin wildly and careening out of control. Sure he was lined up with you there. Right guys the road. Let front down for a folk Booker down. Let run over knows. I'll forget the hood on it or not give it a shot forty-eight. Yeah. It looks like guy. He did. Now, it's William fire jumping from the bottom to the outside. Now reside in the middle. Now back to the outside of the racetrack. Look out here comes the run. Well, we use the block his nasty in the whoa. Sorry. I got out of the corner. There's contact Kyle Busch and Ricky Stenhouse junior made contact coming referred number four. Copy that man glad you're okay. He's an idiot. Triple turn three. It is Ricky spin how junior and Kyle Larson they go through a spin all the way for hurts. Three and four fudges back down. Just back down. Those your tires beside your tires have a high high higher. Yes. Four. Did. You get a rolling. The fourth par the whole back bumper talked off of it and much damage. I'd say we're all right. Let's cover the breaking story if you will on Jimmy Johnson. He was the race leader. He is not anymore. The black flag is out steep posts. Could explain Jimmy Johnson right now sits in his pit box. Nobody is allowed to do anything. The car just sits alone in the pillbox. The very first been knocked. Here's a story under that temper that green flag pit stop Jimmy Johnson. He had the dose of the car on the white line that penalties pitting outside of the box. Are you gotta look at that angle. That is not correct. Doc, correct. Don't pick your John out of the box of past cars. We're trying to figure out of the box that we were not out of the box doing at work. They're making a new rule on Jimmy. We'll come down. Jimmy Johnson also know down to the inside of the race track. We saw him come by with a lot of smoke coming off the back of that rear tire on his car. Tweet will fire tower. Take it easy Tak without even on the two. The wheel and hired somewhere. Guys. Make sure it doesn't come up here. Hey, the backyard, you gotta right from-from latte. Wheeler on around here. We'll pit. Tires on it crashing through the backlit Boyer in the wall. A number of cars crashing in. I do not see Joe unofficial. I do not see the white flag flying in the start finish line jars we have a hundred yards. All dead or India again here. Here man everywhere. And I still by number. How far director? Brecca punch their off turn number four. Here. They come down to the line. This is going to be a Finnish. We'll be talking about young. Eric Jones out in front of the field across the line. He'll score the win at Daytona, Franken Bregenz wicked back and forth back and forth. Break the break the back and forth baby baby. Eric come on baby. Really good physician there with before the overtime finish getting up to up to second behind Martin. I thought we were gonna have a good shot. Make a move on Martin at the end turn out to be kind of silver lining in that reached art, and we got a really good push from thirty seven. Thank you to Chris Bush for sticking with me, pushing me huge on the ninety five. Once we got out front who's kind of clean sale. Nobody can really seem to get around. And we just defend hold him off. So awesome. Demand over half the field crashed out of the event that evening. But in the end, it was a first time winner taking the checkered flag in Arab Jones coming up. We've got more the best backtracks of the season with martinsville. And later homestead Miami speedway. You're smart got your own trucking business making it happen. 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It's the best of NASCAR live backtracks in two thousand eighteen this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley. We continue on this week's NASCAR live looking back. The best that's backtracks with twenty eighteen season. In late October martinsville speedway hosted the first data five hundred. It would be the first race in the round of eight look for action on this race track. Distract does deliver. What will deliver here? The sap noon. Brought Kyle Busch Clint boy a row to onto Nick time five under latte hundred thirty per I've long. Take care of it has to matter. Ready, ready, go? The green flag goes up at martinsville speedway. We are underway. Not a good start for Clint voyeur. Kyle Busch breaks away and leads to turn cleared any preemies Jimmy Johnson. He's around. Pack laugh when I go back to hear the release. Side-by-side position with our jobs that was contact and around goes the lows for gross Chevrolet. Then Hamlin wins the stage the battle for second. Looks like Joey Lugano by a few inches will there be damaged. Clint voyeurs car right front damage, possibly he hammered William Byron. As he was trying to exit fire was trying to come in turn him around. And certainly a lot of contact was made. His one lane. You did the right thing. He just cut down in front of. I'd only were hurt at all what I can tell. I don't see a whole even caved in a little bit. Round slammed into the side wall. Trump I may of we'll have it on entry while here. Three four low yellow yellow yellow the upside retaining heavy damage on the rear end of liberty university. Chevrolet Kilmer Rolla into the pack. Here comes hamlet trouble on the back away in planes. One of the cars goes up in smoke yellow yellow yellow wreck down the back. It's the Kyle Larson machine. Smoke pouring out of the engine bay fire char fluid. Record the way down the back. Trouble free around goes quick. Boy, Jimmy Johnson. Over yet. There's only six cars last. We'll get the tires on here. Make adjustments Miami on the line is go back to turn one seat belts tied. It's gonna get ugly. Now here they come white flag in the air two out of the again. Oh, look on battle back on the outside side by side wheel the wheel back into turn one. Racetrack trying to get it to. Quarter panel panel panel clear don't listen clear by one. Pre one more. The right track. Look down to the end side. They touch ExCo sidewise. Gets fine here cups. Denny hamlin. He'll get second. But look gun gets the win men that got physical coming off turn number four together through x nearly went sideways. He held them for thirteen as finish. But Joey Logano is definitely gonna play in Miami. Job. Miami. Let's do. Tricks junior is out of the race car. He's got his hands on the hips of his black and red five hour energy fire suit. Well, martin. From your driver's seat. Walk us through the last couple of laps. Just took a cheap shot at the end air being had an awesome race car all day long. And. You know, did get put ourselves in position to win. Our first time you're martinsville or for shirt short-track. And you know, honestly, just proud of my team proud of all our guys in. You know, this is the kind of day we had to come here and have I really wanted to win that race. And I felt like we definitely deserved it. We we raise him all clean. We passed them clean all day long and just out random in long run. And you know, I pretty much had to feeling going into the backstretch that that was going to happen. And just there was nothing. I could do about it. You know, you know, it sucks, but just the way it goes. And I can promise you I will forget what he did showing the Gano. It was an exciting race. It came down to the last couple of laps take us through especially that last lap. Let's start their heart. Great race in NASCAR racing at its finest. It was a lot of vulgar to Megan obviously towards the end and just a hard race. And you know, it's. You know, we didn't wreckage other we bumped into each other a lot, and that's. This fort was built on. I know a lot of there are happy about it. But it's it's reysen. That's what the NASCAR about. What about the soccer racing? And we're just the finally I'm just glad we finally want here. It's been so long and we've been so many chances in it kind of feels like sweet redemption after everything's happened here. So feels great martinsville rarely disappoints and that day slash night. Was no exception. Now two weeks later the series moved to I s m raceway in Phoenix for the canam five hundred. It was the elimination race for the round of eight for drivers like Kurt Busch Clinton Boyer, Eric alma Rolla. Chase Elliott and even Kevin Harvick a good run. And in some cases, a win was needed to survive the round elimination day. It is time to find out right now. What board drivers will move on and race bre championship? Carbon was in a week ago. But now he's out his back is against the wall. Have a good day. Usual, man. Thanks, maybe a part of this. He'll get everything else. Accomplish this. We've got golden win this race. Done for man. Appreciate hell. Green flag is in the air. We are underweight ready ready ready. Green lights up the racetrack goes to the inside his Harpic is what the pace you're gonna wonder. What's wrong with Kevin Harvick tied Dillon? We'll go. By McMurray goes by Kevin Harvick with the problem of an inside. Got it back here. Hold your line here. One your bumper. Here. Would he got a plan? Down down down four three coming inside thing. Clear. It's clear clear down right side. If you just wanna change the right to teach the right? Life-size right side Rama right here at the end of stage number one eight flat tire by the race leader. Kevin Harvick quieted about the be. It's not to be. It's not definitely not to be not relating. I never had any break mater. Yeah. The wheel and all the temperatures were fine. The power failure turned one car hard into the outside wall wanted all by himself is Clinton pointer. Pretty much believe. Would in the world has happened to Kurt Busch. Kill Kurt Busch. Passed the caution tar before coming to pit road. A one lap penalty. Feed. Is it rose feed? I tell you gotta come in to stall, though, work. Come in the box at four corners. Nobody over the wall. Ever seen anything like this in my life? Go bad car. We'll be they call agonizing down there for Kurt Busch has just been released although he's been leaf released one lamp down. I've ever been. Sorry about that. Afterward got a lot of work that in the next hundred sixty we could do it. I can't see pace cars. You can't see could you pass the base car parts? I don't think anywhere. I don't think I needed. I'll still you cannot. I don't even know where to find that right now. But you could not it. There is on the street part of the back straight away before you even get into the curb here. Scott stayed out the wave around eligible, we'll be pitting ear four tires. He'll. Fackler? Did he? We cross the yellow before the page on enter not everybody keeps them cool hand for driver. It's difficult. Sometimes when things are not going. Well, apparently, that's the case with Kurt right now. Not real. At five to read her take the breath. You gotta pass rates car. You got a lot of time to get there. Gotta take depressed. Get your head back at this. Don't worry about that the pit stop right now over with worry about the next hundred fifty five laboratory, but tip more good, buddy. They come off the corner nearly four for the top spot is Kyle Busch in the bottom two Christie. Hi, Kurt Busch terribly. Sorry. Get the job done. Sorry about not going to be the five on one on the year man job with Kyle's gun at made. No coming to the start finish line. He's in a ramping up with a win here in high SM race, wait. He's going Miami. Kyle Busch wins the canam five hundred buddy checkered. Really? Awesome. Creature driver, quite handing everybody take a little bit found his degree day for us. No. You know, I can't say enough about this whole team. Everybody on this Eminem's till iota with it. Didn't awesome job for me. And you know, each and every weekend they do that. And it's awesome to be able to come out here and perform ourselves victory lane to do that one of these fans out here on the west coast left coming out here to Phoenix and love being able to have an opportunity to win years. My second. It's been a long time to burst one here. And it's nice to be back into into Phoenix. The wind was Kyle Busch's eight of two thousand eighteen and his fifty first overall coming up. We'll listen back at the best in car audio from the season. Finale the Ford EKO boost four hundred at homestead Miami speedway. It's a part of the autozone. Commercial free zone. Brought to you by autozone. Your check engine light spinally met its match, autozone. Free fix minder service can help find you a solution. So you can do more get in this own autozone. Victory junction was young race driver. Adam pity's dream. He worked toward building a camper. Children with serious medical condition. To concentrate on and not their own or disease when he died, tragically, his family and friends around NASCAR made sure that dream came true today victory junction is a camp provides fun. Life changing experiences to children dealing with disabilities. All at no cost to the camper. Help us serve more children by visiting victory junction dot org. Race fans. Do you have an old car motorcycle boat or RV just taking up space, but that vehicle to good use by donating it to the NASCAR foundation? Your donated vehicle will help kids and our racing communities. Live happier, healthier lives. Simply call eight four four NASCAR nine and your vehicle will be towed and auction. You get a tax deduction. And the NASCAR foundation gets the proceeds again to donate, please. Call eight four four NASCAR nine. This is NASCAR live now back to Mike badly. Thanks for joining us this week on NASCAR live for the past hour. We've been listening to the best backtrack. So the two thousand eighteen season. And we end this week with the final race of the two thousand eighteen season at homestead Miami speedway. Let's think about the fact of starting this year off back in February and Daytona International Speedway. And all that's taken place throughout this year. All leading up to this very moment here in the final race of the very next time to fifty seven land eighty per se, but. Bill didn't all your rates are raised are paid take care of her stuff and had run with matters at the end half on the green flag goes up on the air. We're underway with the board ego boost four hundred. For the Brad Pitts while shady what indeterminate wants to make the passed down low of Latina pile weatherman. He lost the nose of the race card ripped it up the banking sites. But weatherman machine by just brush him. Look at the right side. You could look at it for pictures. Bottom of the racetrack. In all the way. At the top is Kyle Larson makes charge off turn four at the line. Larson gets by and win stage to. They're trying to like big are the bottom. I felt like I wanted to get a rare shuffled backward by Kevin Harvick is trying to regain the lost ground. And he's got a lot of ground today. What we do. Was there? Have no. Good for Larson money. A couple of off that wall. He's up. He's in the fence. He's got significant damage to the right rear corner of that AC solar team. Two four eight now to look at it downriver down. They're back down back down. Heavy. You don't want the credit your key? The key comes out if you say say your heating, easy cowboy boots. Boost with another disastrous pitstop he's gonna come out at looks like eight after they were slow all the way around fantastic day for all. What? Damn I can't pass the car guys. And I got. All right here with you got seventy lab to go out here. So make it happen. The last time in his team as a group makes a pit stop. And I hope it's for cheap. Lifts I tired going on on the Marchuk senior. Stop San loan of of a hit on the Jack. What happens XL? Yeah. Jack. One lap earlier the not so they're going to raise each other here. Dear tried to keep it out of the wall. He's got Kroll Warren for the tire town on the fan side of the recoil. Couple of cars taken hard to jump in their car shop it in. Have to car tried to shove the? Between thirty gate buddy up the he'll compet to the left career Chevy by choice end the other day. It's the big pre in me will mean the one who's going to win it Joey Logano in his tent full-time season in the Cup series is going to win and Ford EKO boost four hundred and the two thousand eighteen series championships by did it. Fan when it comes to it. Car. Nice job to graduation, surely richer puck. You are the champion. We are joined the Gano emotions are just overflowing. Joey your thoughts you've been working for this year entire life. Now, you're here. How does the reality field better than I thought is amazing? You just new work hard at it. You just me. But this whole team we we don't just commit weekends, which all all year long every day of the week. And magic shows that give a little bit of time to prep where we need to be so me, and what a what a great team what a great race car. I really honestly don't know what to say. It's just an amazing amazing day in the llegado family Penske family and waiting to my wife and graduate Penske somewhere here, and those are some of the best NASCAR live backtrack. So the twenty eighteen season culminating with team Penske's win in the two thousand eighteen months energy NASCAR Cup series championship. The forty co boost four hundred this autozone commercial free zone has been brought to you by autozone. Your check engine light is finally met its match on his own free fixed binder service get help you find a solution. So you can do more get in his own autozone. Janis next week as we look back at some of the best moments of NASCAR live in two thousand eighteen until then for the rest of the Marin crew. I'm Mike Bagley. Thank you so much for spending time with us on today's show and in two thousand eighteen be safe this holiday season. We'll talk next time right here on that's carline so long everyone NASCAR live is. 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