Sam Stone questions Mayor Kate Gallego's latest claims of morgue beds being overfilled to capacity during virus crisis.


As someone who is not a native of the Great State of Arizona I can tell you for years with the perception of the state is. or at least say was. Now that I'm living here. My goodness I absolutely love it, but I can look and I can see that. When a prominent members of this date, prominent citizens say or do controversial things I know all the spin. That's going to be put on this great state. In the center ring of the conservative circus. We have SAM stone. He is a chief of staff for city councilman. Saudi Cecile and Sam a what's going on with Mayor Gago can anyone trust anything? She says anymore. Right now are you kidding me? Heck No. I, she keeps saying things that are just absolutely crazy, and she's been saying. Since the start of this pandemic, she started out back in March or early April talking about seven forty seven worth of people in Phoenix dying every day. And she just keeps going further and further down the Raboteau. What's the motivation? I mean at some one. You would have to think you know okay. You know what this is embarrassing. And telling all these lies. I get caught in these lies, but she'd just continues to lie. Well! James. I can't speak to her personal motivation. I'm this I can only speculate so it being one of two things essentially. I, she's been the biggest alarmist in Phoenix and in Arizona since this started, and so to a certain extent I think her. Political future is tied to the depths of this virus. If it's not that bad, if we come out of this and and things are okay She's made a lot of statements that she's GonNa Answer to. on the other side I think she takes that sort of. south view of I'm going to scare people I'm GonNa tell them things that maybe aren't necessarily true. I'M GONNA. Tell them what I think. They need to hear to get them to do what I think they need to do and to me. That's an incredibly condescending point of view, but it's clearly one that that has certain advocates in the medical community and apparently city hall. Okay, well, the latest lad does. She told she went on television and she talked about how we haven't hospital here. that does not have any more more beds, and so they had to hire a refrigerated truck to come over there, and that certainly is not or or or let me ask you Sam Stone. DO WE HAVE BODIES PILING UP IN PHOENIX? No we don't James. We don't I. Mean Look. You're having fifty some people. Do you know a high of you? When average at fifty some people a day are dying of Kobe and a lot of those people would be dying in this course of time. Anyway when you're talking about people who are in you know long term and long term care facilities that kind of thing they generally tend to live a few months, so a lot of those folks would be dying anyway and thirty to one hundred and fifty people die in Arizona every single day. So we you're telling me. This is overwhelming. It's not every single summer every single summer. A handful of our hospitals and our in our county mortgage have to call out these refrigerator trucks as a backup plan because of all the heat this. Happens every year. In a sense of ring. Circus we have. We have SAM stone. He is the chief of staff. Sowed ASENSIO. I thank you very much for sharing that because this is something that's happening. It's a routine and you have the mayor here trying to use it. and fear porn to scare people. Do you think it ever occurs to the mayor that these scare? Tactics of hers might actually be hurting her city. Be Hurting Phoenix. I think when you're the smartest person in the room. You just have to assume that you're correct. James it works better that way. Yeah I mean I think clearly that the you know that's one of the drivers of this. in a look at the end of the day I think the best thing to do is to give people the real information about what's going on. Let them know what their risks are, and tell them what you know what we recommend. They should do and then leave it up to people to make good decisions for themselves, which I believe that people in Arizona are perfectly capable of, but it's clear that we have some politicians here including our mayor including Hairston cinema who disagree and think they need to be making decisions.

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