Michael Strahans show canceled by ABC, Ryan Seacrests ex-girlfriend and Jada Pinkett Smiths cryptic posts, Carrie Bradshaw will love Sarah Jessica Parker new idea


By. Cure. Welcome to the Naughty, but nice show host shooter, and now we've added a Friday show with that friend. Corey Andrew, Corey, you I am here. Hello, hello, hello, hello, my friend! How are you, so? People loved you last week. The response was fantastic. We were just doing full shows a week and you guys. You're so kind to me. You wanted to another show, and so I called Corey immediately, and he said yes, and how did you feel after your first week or it was so fun? Yes, I love the feedback and friends and people who I didn't know where they gave great complements. Isn't that lovely? I've got to know not of our listeners and I love it. We've become like a little a little community here. The Naughty but nice community but he is wild at first meeting new people over the radio a podcast. It's such a thrill. Welcome, welcome welcome to the family. What time is it, Corey? It is t tie so breaking News Michael Strahan Sarah and Kiki show has been canceled by ABC page. Six broke the story just minutes ago. The show has been pulled. What happened is during the pandemic ABC decided to pull Michael Show and replace it with Amy Rohbock. Doing a show each day about the pandemic watch need to never very good idea and the show has taken off amy is. Is Brilliant now. ABC has decided moving forward. They're going to keep this show with amy. Robot, and instead Michael Show I. It has gone through started as a two week experiment. Now it's going to be there full time we should point is ABC has not confirmed this but last night I spoke to a producer who works on the Michael Show, and he confirmed it to me. He said it's gone, so it's been replaced now. What do you think Kelly Ripa thinks about all this. If you don't remember the reason, I'm bringing Kelly Ripa is Michael. Left Kelly show quite quite ugly. It was not a good split. It was not a good break up. He left to go over to GM. And, he's still going to be on the two Abajian a morning show, but he spinoff show these Third Hour with Sarah and Kiki has gone some sure Kelly is pretty thrilled about this. I spoke to tally source this morning. They told me she is aware about it. She's so angry with him still Kelly as not moved on, she's not spoken to him since he quits and so Kelly still obviously has feelings. What do you think about this corey? Kelly needs to kind of move on. Although I probably think she had a Voodoo doll that she was sticking pins. In which is, why does thing fell apart? But I mean you know she's still holding onto that she's successful successful. Let it go Kelly I. DO Agree Patmos commit when somebody betrays me and he really did do this. He didn't tell us he was quitting. So you had all these meetings behind her back with executives at ABC to leave her and go to good. Good Morning America. Kelly sort of like a star over there, not sort of she is. She's a big deal that shame on the network for not telling her. Obviously, we're going back some time now. Yes, you do move on overtime, but let me ask you, Corey, if somebody betrays you and that's what he did. Let's be honest here. If somebody betrays you to. You forgive what you hold. A grudge I have gotten better now in my older age, not holding a grudge, but. You're giving Kelly Ripa this advice. Take your salad girl. You hold a grudge I have been known to hold a grudge. My I've gotten better I've gotten better at. Mason, it's just so interesting celebrities with all their money and fame and good looks and their power. They just like us deep time when somebody upsets them when somebody betrays them, they do hold onto it, which brings to our poll question of the day Michael Strahan Sarah and Kiki show has been cancelled by ABC to you. Think Kelly Ripa got the last laugh. Yes, or no go to our twitter page at Ninety Nice Rob. Rob to though, too. You can leave a comment on our facebook page not does it. We all reading some of the comments back out on the show. I love doing that. Deliver comment and be sure to check back on our next show to hear your results, Corey, what are you working on my goodness well, the Internet is just a blaze right now with Jada Pinkett Smith's cryptic tweet that she sent out which was. Absolutely crazy, so Jada broke her silence following August us in claim that her husband Will Smith gave the singer songwriter his blessing to begin a relationship with Jada. So it's like an open relationship sorta thing and now jaded tweeted that there are some healing that needs to be done so I'm bringing myself to the red table honey, referring to her very popular facebook show. Red Table talk have. You watched that show? Rob Roy have watched it I. Love It, I. Actually did a story a couple of months ago that the networks wanted to. To bring that show to TV. Its success it's a talk show basically, but it's on facebook. They wanted to bring it to TV and Jada said No. She's getting paid four to do this and she's happy doing it on facebook and I think on facebook. She does it whenever she feels like. It's not a regular schedule like an elevator or a today show. That's on every single day. I like it I think it's great so now. This is really smart. This is such a power move instead telling her story to hold her and survivor. Diane swear. She's going to do on our own shot. That is going to be the highest rated facebook. What show of all time? I can't wait to see what she's GonNa say. What do you think she's going to say? Well? I mean she's going to have to address these rumors that she and we'll have all kinds of. Open relationships things, but they have talked about that. They have in the past. Both of them have denied it. They say they have a very unusual relationship. They don't celebrate anniversaries. They don't think themselves necessarily as married. But Moore's life partners, which silence very interesting to me, but they both have said they're not swingers, and they don't have an open relationship, but August seems to be bring in the receipts. What are you know about him? And this was so last August, actually ironically enough. There were rumors that Jada Allison as his last name. romantically linked, and that was circulating for quite a while going around town now he had a song in two thousand nineteen. Call it Nanya and people believe it was about Jada now for those who don't know known your means. None of Your Business OC. Delano was telling me within the black community. This was talked about for ever. We just missed his US full. Wife listen now. Sorry, White folks. What does that mean again so Nanya Meazza Zone? You is like slang for a girl business. Known Jagna? Do you think so. Tell us about what the black communities thinking about all this do they think deep in their hearts? It's just youth awards, so we get sued. You. Do you think that there's something to this I? Do because listen. I'm just going to put it out there. I happen to know from personal alleged alleged years from Avenue careful, but I've heard some things about that relationship for a while and a lot of African American people We know that about their relationship, but we believe we know because we've heard this rumor for a long time, but we love our Jada. We love our will. They're part of our. We all grew up with them, so we hold them in high regard, they're really. Off, if someone does not hurting anybody. It's consensual if she wants to have a little fling and we'll to have a little finger if they will do it together. It's not a my business, although I'm very nosy, but this is so interesting to me I've got a little bit of dish. Will Smith so Daniel. Craig has one more. James Bond movie coming out in the CAN. It's been pushed back because of the virus, but now they're looking for a new James Bond. I'm told by my sources that with everything happening in the world that they really are considering having a black James Bond and will. Smith's name is the name I keep hearing. Saying I know everyone keeps saying Eva Elvis. That's the name. Everyone keeps saying my sources and they're really good. They're very very close to production Tony Will Smith's name is popping up. What are you? Bizarre I had the same reaction. Like what? What do you think less I I? Will I want there to be all different kinds of bonds, but they gotTA be British on, and I don't want to hear a fake accent, don't you? Know fake tally. Nobile. Do not give me the gauge as Ulaby Lover Corey Sarah Jessica Parker yes Miss Carrie. Bradshaw is developing a new TV show. Unfortunately, it's not a rebooted sex in the city. It's actually a dating show, so it's called Swipe swapping. Swipe Swap Sarah's been married for twenty years to Matthew. Broderick's off the dating scene for a long time, but Carrie Bradshaw. She knew a lot about being single. In fact, I think single women and pretty much. Everybody adored her, so they're really going to capitalize on Carrie Bradshaw's success here. It's GonNa. Be On lifetime. Though this is interesting, I thought it would be on Bravo because Sarah. Jessica Parker is very good. Friends with Andy carrying this the. The, Bravo himself now she's getting to on lifetime. And this is the premise to singles going to trade places, so they get changed lawyers. Did you ever see the movie The holiday where they literally two ladies one American one, British or Irish? They switched live so I go and live in your house i. go to your local pub. I. Sort of liked. Change lives time why I think this is so interesting is sometimes getting out of your. Your Comfort Zone and trying something totally new can make you do stuff that you might not do before. So do you think this is a good idea? Do you think you would find love if I picked you up Corey? I know you have a partner for a long time, but if you're a single and I, you into my flat in Edinburgh Scotland head love you. You'd be a fresh face your handsome. You've got that charming snake you. You think this could actually work. What do you think well I think that opposites attract so sure you know you come to a different town. People are attracted to you immediately because you're probably different, so yeah I think it's a good premise, but plus her brand as Carrie Bradshaw so strong like I would actually do it I'd buy anything that she was his shoes. She settled bottles of wine. I met her at a wine party and. Honestly I bought four. But that's. What it tastes like, she's got wiry Bradshaw's. Why should know I bumped into her? On twenty four th street in whole foods, she was in whole. She's very skinny and I looked what she had in a cart. All organic that no pasta's all very organic vegetables healthy. She recognized. Jackie. She looks mentioned of senior on TV you finally. Oh, I've seen you. Know what's happening with Brian Austin Green. What's going on with Gosh? Where he is such a? It's messy, but he's sloppy yet, but that's how he does. He know what he does what he's all about. But Brian. Austin, green and Courtney started. They continue to spend their time together now you know. He broke up with his his woman Megan Fox. Who I think is gorgeous. Team Meghan. Are you team Courtney? Oh Meghan all the way. Mickens, gorgeous cordless a controversial figure. You might not know who she is. She was sort of like a reality star, and then she married a much older guy and they got a lot of press. Because I think she was just legal, she'd just Just turn any. Teen years. Eighteen and then they broke ups and I know her a little bit because her mother was her manager, and they would call the press quite a lot to to get in the pages of magazines or my website gossip so I know that this. This young lady likes attention, and now she seems to have hooked up with Brian sharing sort of sort of intimate pictures. So, okay, so you know, she's twenty five years old. And she and Beverly Hills Nine Oh two one star on Tuesday they were hanging out, and she showed some video or photo of them in a hot tub honey, and she wrote the caption nine oh two one now I know. What does she know? She know full. Ryan. You got. Video together it will be leak very careful. I'm not I'm not accusing her of doing anything bad here. It's her choice and knows who she is. I don't think she tries to hide that she's very I mean yeah. She s publicity She's had a lot of a lot of different encounters with the press. Paparazzi, so maybe Brian likes all the attention to would look you get sloppy. It's not really clear when a video was taken anyway, but people have said they've seen them in a Mexican restaurant and a Gory Hills California, hanging out, and then people have said that although they were hanging out, they really weren't acting like a couple, but it's kind of funny. That Megan was a lot more reserve Meghan was not really out like she wasn't so starved for attention. So I'm not sure how that's you know. Maybe he wants to try something different. Real actress like Courtney's Reality Star. This is sort of what she does. This one's GonNa get wild, talking a little cryptic moments, Ryan seacrest girlfriend Shana. Taylor put up a powerful message, says she break up with Ryan this week. She's twenty eight years old personal chef. They've actually broken up three times. I can't three times. They broken up. She wrote on twitter that you will never need to convince the right person to love you. No matter what you cannot change them. All Fisher didn't mention Ryan I. Know, but it's clear the wiki break up with somebody to post that all know what you're doing interesting. Interesting I. I've been out with Ryan a few times. I've met him several times I. Think you so charming? I know. I know I, know people make fun of him I have a bit of a crush on Ryan. SEACREST is delicious here. What will be interesting is we've never really had a girlfriend and ex of Ryan's. Tell all. Could she be the One? Does he have to be worried? What do you think well you know what if he is really liked his persona projects then he's a nice guy, and things just didn't work out relationships end all the time so hopefully if he's really. The brand that he lives. There's nothing really abandoned. I do think he is. There's no sloppy videos. He's got caught me start. Came in a pair so hopefully, this works also too I think what happened to you as they broke up, and then he went on vacations to vacation to Mexico with his friends while they were at the villa, there was some beautiful girls there, and there's some photographs of Ryan with beautiful girls. He's not dating them. He didn't go to Mexico with a new. New Girlfriend he staying at a private villa, and there's some beautiful girl staying there, too, and they're all in the backyard by the pool and the hot tub and said that's what I think. She's probably reacting to, but honestly he is not dating. His not jumped into another relationship. Hey, we're going to jump into a quick break, but we will be all right. Welcome, back to you the not but nice show. I'm your host rob shooter. Let's get to the polls data very official so yesterday we talked about Blake and Gwen who have plans to have two weddings, not one to weddings. Is it too many? Fifty three percents at one is enough forty seven percents that have as many as you want, Corey. What do you think about these weddings? What are you I think these weddings are becoming like just another reason to get more gifts, so so I'm GonNa, have five weddings, and I'm going to have five toasters and five microwaves. I mean honey. Stop like one wedding. Get Gwen I'd like toast. I was that. It would be like a hot pink toaster though. You'll be alert. Let's have a look at facebook. Comments, Nikki Nikki. We Love You hammock forever, so nicky said she had two weddings. She had a big ceremony on the water. Oh, lovely, a grand ballroom reception, and afterwards the two of them literally wrote off a Jet Skis. That is fantastic with still in her. Second wedding was just six people in our Catholic Church so it could be recognized by the church as well. That sounds beautiful bree. Hello break so I should tell you all Brie and may have been friends for a while. I call break Captain Brea, because she some organized re. Could rule the world captain brea, everybody say, let's captain. A captain responded to Nikki Zion. I didn't think about that. Scenario I guess technically I had to weddings as well good for you. Bray breeze, married to trae his adorable and. Onto say maybe they will be to weddings full. Blake and grant as well Penny Penny Penny had a destination wedding, and then when she got back home shed another ceremony for people that couldn't travel, so maybe having two weddings is not that unusual roller. Hey, don't forget to vote on today's poll. You can go to our twitter page. not N- Is Rob. It's about Kelly Ripa and Michael Stray Hammer. You can also comment on our facebook page, naughty gossip and be sure to check back on our next show with Zahir. Your Results Korea. Let's do a nicest of the day yes, yes? Well I got Kelly Ripa. She's like she's like on our radar today. Isn't she miserable? So Kelly Ripa she proudly posted a photo of her husband mark and swallows in full beast mode, as he was flexing on the said of his kingdom set the show. He's on with Netflix now. It's a show about like MMA fighters Mike Nick Jonas. Is Literally like always just Hadi's and shirt shirtless guys. She made a caption when she made the post, and she wrote the caption that says warning this show is brilliantly written beautifully acted in jam packed with male nudity male nudity. You've been warned, so that's the point. Kelly might be the best publicist for Barak in the whole World Kelly. He's just sold to be on the show where he will be watching and now naughtiest of the day and notice that the day is denise. Denise. Richards is speaking out about her alleged romance affair with Brandi Glanville on the real housewives. Denise has been pretty quiet about it. Until Brandy posted the picture. It's apparently the two of them kissing. It's definitely brand I. think that's the knee so that we don't totally know and Denise said the following I would love for things to play out on television instead of social media. You know for everyone's plug in, TV show. She said also to that for her. It feels like tinder garden and I can't speak for anybody else, so we'll just let it play out on the shop. You know what I think. These two are in cahoots. My sources tell me the two of them are working very hard to make sure this season of real housewives of hills amongst ahead. There's not a lot lot going on. There's not much at all so. So the fact that Denise Brandy has captured our attention with his alleged affair I'm told inside is tell me the end result is very disappointing. You know sometimes when you something or TV show teases it and it never actually Kinda delivers I'm told that that's what happens is your and naughtiest of the day. It's time for a moment of Raba he can. Rob Rob Rob. Corey, what you get, you get rob. The most. Thank you, you sound. Relationship you ever going to have in your entire life is with you're which is why you must cherish shit. That's right. You can have the most important relationship in your whole life with you. Words have great power and will define you. Which is why you've got to be kind to yourself. You've got to be kind to yourself, Corey. When did you figure out that the most important? Important relationship you're ever have with Corey with you. Oh, Gosh I was much later in life I realized that I was the one to make my dreams happen and not rely on anyone else right? Honestly, no one on horses coming to save us, but we can do ourselves. We don't need them. Hey, thank you for listening Corey. We love you. Thank you for joining our little gang. You guys don't forget to subscribe on the iheartradio, APP, apple podcasts, or wherever you listen and leave us a review for you getting some really nice reviews. I love reading knows remember. If you got a minority. You've got to be nice. Nice. Hey Fam-. Jada Pinkett Smith here, bringing your favorite table. Talk episodes to podcast. I WANNA introduce you to two of the most important women in my life, my mom. She's really old school I. Never wanted you to be in that situation like not date will at all and then. I'm going to be like my ancestors interest. Do what I need to do. Listen to the Red Table. Talk podcasts presented by facebook. Watch and Westbrook audio on the iheartradio APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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