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the show is proudly sponsored by try to call dot com the leaders in checklist by trading strategy yes that's exactly how it sounds i'll teach you a literal checklist so you could take off autumn's and beta saucy very quickly get across the tri called dot com where there's a bunch of free content if you have a little bit and of course if you're interested in having may come to your city click and register for the live events coming up and feeling fast have a great day visit credit karma dot com now everybody and welcome welcome to the crypto show hope you're having a fantastic diving weather coming you know the here in sydney gray clouds southeasterly winds and we've gone from a top of about thirty eight degrees on sunday too much more mild twenty four today so i'm wearing jeans what to do with anything nothing at all has affected all the microphone whatever comes out of my mouth you hey look i've got a couple of things i forced out this voice you hear today is the voice all i very very very happy man why is that well is because the markets no it's because of the culmination of events i decided to do to make me happy in one of those events of course i've covered yesterday was taking a break now allston we don't get instant rewards we love instant gratification but it takes a little while yesterday felt a catchy toto's feeling a little bit little bit drawn out a little bit on wealth is getting a call today smashed it out of the pot on feeling about as good as one conceal i'm optimistic i'm happy i'm feeling very balanced and i'll tell you what as far as optimal conditions guy this man you're hearing right now is in optimal conditions for trading and doing what i do absolutely start super pumped account whites to a disabled see what i'm gonna chase it i could tell you what there's not much getting my wife today that's the damn show start what have another not in the markets was good a we saw bitcoin continue to move higher as the day of gains we haven't seen three days of gains since i lost the runway can backup into eleven seven entity absolutely straight with you guys we only saw wants a threat that run that was on the first of march second third and the fourth of march we saw taunted little green one day so we having a three bullish dies and that's assuming they can look in the closed the next two hours and forty five minutes away these were roughly the same as it is it's looking good heading towards nine thousand we had tested nine thousand are blaming are non thousand forty six dollars here my coin by shot and it'll be sooner say fucking hold that level get above nine thousand says i wouldn't be surprised to see i wait because i pulled back on the four high lows and high of hearts we are starting to look a little bit more bullish don't don't get all caught up don't get me wrong it could still kind of absolutely no doubt in my mind that we could see more of a sell off however how about the issues and things starting to come in apply now if i had a child such as the starting to come back around the look a little bit there's a few more chicks off all the bullish side of things it'll say look good to a there's a little bit more optimism matter of china in relation to crypto currency now whether that's fact fiction all unicorns i don't know but it's good were supposed to have three there's a lot of things starting to come back into the spice the good go check good conversation good things happening and other essay say also had some good things to cite a bicycle they were praising crypto currency end block chain technology sickeningly apparently and i say apparently because you know she goes until i've seen the actual 'em set up on not a hundred percent shoulder and finally coin base has partnered with barclay bank at barclays bank the two big base per 'em their big big big bank will be slow you brother and i mean that's a big life of barclays to be promoting him getting involved a whiz coined by studies direct involvement with crypto currency and that is a good thing the banks that look at how they can adapt an adult end become one with this market which is great also also this chats chat chat of a uturn you turn in china the people's bank of china governor called bitcoin inspiring now that's not good language and then nothing is obviously everything could change quickly but we are starting to say that cruise ship but i talk about is no longer in reverse in my view is starting to engage forward we're not moving forward yet we have just changed gays only keeping an eye on that on on the markets the next couple of days and i wanna i wanna cut off post crypto a and bitcoin compensation a news and whatnot is these these the difference between a dream and goal big difference there let me let me just tell you little story about a i read something just recently a member vander holyfield yes you might remember him from such shows as botching off people's is 'em and punching people in the face and being a huge man the three big punch is yes then holyfield the book so i'm talking about well hey when he was a child has said he's not a single mother he said you know you you could be excited type said you could be the next muhammad ali if you want to and he said yes yes i want to i want to i want to that's what a wannabe at one of the next mohammed ali i wanna be the greatest and the follow up question by the coach was how great is that a dream or a goal is that a dream or is that a goal because drained and it looked at the very big distinction between the two and i want to bring this into the conversation session because it made me stop and it made me think about am i dreaming of these goals and i've come to the conclusion yes there are goes there are some dreams at do has a lot more so they are goals they are big big goals 'em now the difference between the two is is it a dream you can't get to run a dream is a it's a fraction of you're imagination statements thick a fragment of your imagination is something that it's almost like you can't get to it it's a drain the the very you know use of the word dream it's like it's in saudi oh hey it's it's not real dream is no real do dreams come true dreams can't control dreams become goal so i want to just get that distinction because the goal weaken plot out with construction weaken delayed he'd been recruited to and outcome weaken plan that outcome out a lot of people do drain however and that's where the chief ego he's such a dream a dream is sometimes don't do they have motivated vetted by the goals a do is that the structure they know what they want and they don't god damn get it a goal convenient shaved dreams of flushing little bubble but you might not have rich so i challenge you to consider this big time today tonight when you get it at a time where there'd be on the train whether it be at home in bed whether it be junior meditation whatever it might be i want you to ask yourself are you thinking about dreams or are you planning about how to achieve your goals 'cause differentiation between the two is striking it is big and it may just change the way you view anything's a dream is oh jeez i love the have the hotter foot yacht but you know i mean at the mind with the job that i've gotten you know here's another excuse and here's another one here's another one of his realistically i probably won't get it so it's a dream maybe if i win loss a that's a dream whereas the other way of looking at it is this i want that hunter foot you're not gonna get it and if you're in the jumping on lock them in the shitty job right now but that's a cat 'cause i'm gonna what my way out of that on a defined something that's gonna work familiar now if that happens to be trading feet while you're in the right place we could help you get there you're gonna take the steps important plan and you know what it's gonna take you thirty years together who cares who cares i mean i know one of the podcasts listen to his firm gary vegas he talks about buying the new york jets he wants to buy the jets he's a mad jets fan now that's a i think they're i think they're basketball team or nfl auden i sorry sorry i don't know that but he wants to buy the jets but the thing is right it's not actually the buying of the just the buying of the jets will probably be a ninety climax for my suggestion is applauding is the planning it's a it's a journey on the white to achieving that goal is successful on the fun part of doing it they end result is not what you're after it's getting to the end result is the satisfaction it's the confidence his ability is the feelings that you get as you take a little you know little things along the way to get that outcome said don't dream starter set your goals and structure and break them down and what we do is trading as well and my practice you'll be introduced to in the coming week sick out chosen my first apprentice my friend is will be well he's he's got access to all my content over met martin sorry mentoring him and pushing him through every single step but i know what types become successful trader now he'll be the first one to get the new fibonacci course it's coming out before aced he'll be the first one to do the video is gonna come out to everybody i am awesome scribe lists like in actually understand what's going on and all interview him on this podcast well and there's going to be the journey of you print a series and the journey of print a series of him rotting at his plans and then os executing together may empowering him with the tools and handing him then executing and what i'm gonna be is not so much waste a crack over the back of him but i'm going to be a support member of his i'm going to be that help him i got him he will be the one who is doing i will be the one who is providing the tools and experiences and lessons along the way it's gonna be a fantastic series and i can't wait to bring series where when his first video at the mind but the very beginning of that comes with gold what does he want and how is he going to go about getting those guys it doesn't make a difference what industry you're in one objectives you've set you'll self if you write your goals down you can then start to learn how to achieve and if you're dreaming cape dreaming but you will be a dream of forever if you're setting goals you'll get there if you plan it properly guys that don't forget that said this is free content and i put every single day on in my office very rarely every single morning pumping this out for for you guys my free listening on the podcast again massive thank you everybody who's there who's been giving me reviews i'm gonna ask you one thing i really mean this remain this if you haven't already given the podcast i review have you written review i the podcast is great because la la la or craig is austin or i don't really lock it or whatever you want if you haven't done it already paid place that you know a punch that hates the constant across socials facebook you know you chew the tapes that on my website tried called dot com there's plenty of phrase the i just keep on committing myself supporting at free content i put more free content every diet under any other form of content all ask all the ask ask of you is please give me a review because it helps the boost the ratings and get it out more listeners i continue to spread this fantastic message so guys please i would love it if you could die now and writer of you on the podcast have a fantastic and generally don't dream stop planning a golf and let's win together boston after the show is proudly sponsored by try to call dot com the leaders in checklist by trading strategy yes that's exactly how it sounds i'll teach you a

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