NFL Weekend Wrap, Ty Lue Fired, 50 Cent vs Ja Rule and More


And now Jalen and Jacoby on ESPN. Yup. Stupid. Jailing? Fanie row. What updo? The cool. Check gin sin stage on the Mike putting it on wax. It's the new. Jalen and Jacoby. What do we do? We get people. So much on the show today. A full Sunday of NFL great night game. Great afternoon game between the Packers. And the Rams a lot of MBA topics. Tie Luga fired. He's not hired you ever think about when you're out of here. That's just me. In the background. You can hear the sounds. Furred? I was in the garden last night. No Friday night to watch the warriors beat the Knicks closer game that looked like though to the four it was closed until the fourth quarters. It was a good experience being they're giving the home crowd summit here about representing are fine program. Thank you sides. Besides Kevin Durant. I wanted to ovation but he got introduced to be bigger. So then after the game, they're happy. They're win in the business locker room getting ice. And they played this song turned up little bit ridge. The remix of jobs and south to sway the remix guy who created this. Yes. And this is in response to Josh Mel saying that it was a little rude of Draymond to make that face the root of him to make that face. When he was singing the national anthem. That's her better half. I think they're broke up. I don't I don't stay up with with all of the broker think. They're divorced him for riding for his ex no doubt that every does that. So you can be mean if you're funny where do you find this? Post game. They were getting ice on her knees. They were decompressing after a long night. No harm. No foul. Those hilarious. Yeah. No. I thought it was hilarious. And the best part is Josh Imelda's took the l you know, what? I mean, he went on Twitter up don't mess with the champs. He he said something like that. You're to go down there. Just let them cook. Oh, so good. This song might chart. It really might just got a black piece out. Now. This is good for Furby. What did you feel about her in dish in of the national anthem? When you first heard it. It was excellent. You know what I mean? I was I was appreciate people taking approaches. Innovative. Reggie loved it. Ready? Still plays in everywhere. That was big on Friday night being in the guard. I really expected more. Kevin Durant stuff going on. You know what I mean? Besides him taken over in the fourth quarter. I thought there'd be more signs and more energy and more. Let's get K D the guard the Lakers Dwight Howard. Didn't work out billboards and sideshows I think New York has one of the most sophisticated fan basis in sports, and I understand when the Brian came knows you times there was the propensity to him. I think they learned from that. And so you allow the process to play itself out at handy yourself with some steam and yourself with some class actually root for your team because the players do pay for and it was a good game through through three quarters. I will problems. Don't love the sweet experience at a friend who works for a law firm Kosta, the sweet it was just like, you know, I like to be most people like to be in the crowd. You know, seeing the chance and being in the in the crowd. I like both when I thought nice now here, here's the difference. Here. Here's your famous though, you're gigantic famous person. Here's the clear distinction. It depends on how many people. If you're with one or two people, then obviously you can be in the seat try to get your best seat do like that. But if you were like five or six people is best to be in a suite. You can enjoy one. It's nice to mingle. Yeah. Mingling opportunity. They also give you bottles of liquor, and you can pour your own drinks. That's I can't be trusted that congressman love that love trust with that kind of response that I really can't. I really can't fourth quarter. I don't remember every detail. But do remember Kevin Durant for sure he wouldn't all he wears shot up Nerlens Noel, I tried to tell you deeper in the box score. I just give Michelle you guys. I start twenty points nine fourteen fifteen rebounds, four steals a block. Let me go back to something. I said on this fine program set it on get up to okay. He's going to be a productive player for them. The mass try to give him a seventy million dollar contract. He didn't sign the contract. So they basically benched him buried them. That's what happened, of course. And so now he's landed in. Okay. See where upfront they have all of these long angular players like. Yeah. Exactly. And so now he's going to be able to catch lobs. He's going to be a finisher around hoop? He's a lefty he's gonna block shots. He's going to get steals. Like his game. He's going to be really good for them. Give you. I can't believe it. That Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. Hello until we get there. Get there. I'll get there. Now. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with Geico. What's this button? Do what's this button? Do button. This. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Jalen rose, the most hyped weakened of NFL Sunday lived up to it. I was kicking kids out of the bedroom. All afternoon keeping an eye on this game. It was fun. It was back and forth. Girly on the backfield scoring a touchdown. If felt like the Packers were always catching up eventually did catch up and take the lead on this past from Rodgers. They have a one point lead. The Rams comedown kick this field goal. The Rams have to look at the clock. Two minutes and five seconds on the clock time takes the ball. He made he made three mistakes on this play. I taking the ball in the end zone in the first place. Just ridiculous. Second fumbling the ball and third robbing the world of an Aaron Rodgers two minute drill. Trying to get a field goal. I wanted that to happen so bad every single person watching that game was so excited for Aaron Rodgers to have the opportunity one time out the two minute warning. To get not even that far down the field. Just to give Crosby a chance to kick a field goal. We was disappointed as I was with time coming to absolutely. And that's the theater that we were looking for with the with these two teams being matched up. The Rams clearly are undefeated. I think them in the saints have distinguished themselves. The best teams in the NFC when you have Aaron Rodgers you say, maybe they have punchers chance. Oh, yeah. A lot of times. I think as fans we underestimate the talent that's on Green Bay's roster. So many times we say Aaron Rodgers doesn't have hill. Jones is a good young. Yes. He is this feature. That's all seventeen people carry the ball for them yesterday that that's all they have to do Adams is a really good player. Ob is getting older. He still could play Montgomery. Even though we fumbled. Is a terrific player. So ha ha Clinton Dix has been one of the best safeties in the entire league. So far this year. So I was looking forward to seeing if Aaron Rodgers could lead his team. On a game winning drive type of thing. But that's why they're three phases to the game. And the Rams did trust. There's because how many people were watching the game watching the clock watching a game in watching the clock. They get the ball back to air Rajaa. I know with two minutes five seconds of Arctic at one time out. All they have those five seconds. That's basically another time out. He can throw to the middle of the field twice. It was just so disappointing that he did. But also here, here's what makes the blunder even worse. First and foremost caught it in his own tool. Five you take a knee? I know y'all can run a play. And then one time throw to the middle of the field or whatever costs, you know, time. That's number one number two running it out. He didn't get as far as he would have gotten had. He taken a neat. Yes. You're going to run it out. How about you took the ball close of your body? And lastly, you know, the coast told him not to run it. Yes. When you do because they happens as a player coach Ron drop a play. You may not run it to the tea, but you got to execute. And you gotta finish. Khaindrava football. You know, what the coach might not have told them for companies one. It's McCarthy too. Because it's such a veteran player. It's like, obviously like, obviously, a rookie making a dollar our state. Oh, no, no, no, no Newnan in the new. I guarantee you somebody in that organization when they get back to practice on Tuesday is going to sit at a podium and distinctly let the world know that we told him to keep it in the end zone. And he's going to have to explain why he took who saw avenue. Explain why you could ask me the question about I'm not giving you can news. I'm giving it to you right now. Well, you mentioned the saints being the second best team in the NFC. They certainly looked the class of the NFC as they played the Vikings. It wasn't as close as the final score would indicate went back and forth. You had cousins in feeling feeling. Fumbled the ball early to give the saints the ball. There's a couple of big turnovers from the saints on this one. Specially we had the pick six when they're trying to come back Kamar jumping over the pie. How to put that in Kamara? Look so good yesterday. Jalen, and then there's this cousins trying to make something happen down by one score in the third corps. Put himself down by fourteen. Now, here's my question for you. You mentioned the Rams and the saints being the best teams in the NFC. Well, guess who plays each other next week the Rams and the saints that is going to be a game in New Orleans. I'm gonna say now saints win the game. Then expect this question I roller with the saints at home. I think so too because you playing in that dome. It's going to be a track meet literally. But hey, Aaron Donald is. So very good. Yeah. It was great to see Dhamma Kosugi productive. And so like those are the teams but for the Vikings. I gotta make sure I stress Kirk cousins is their problem. No. Because the last time I checked, you know, who the best wide receiver dual in the league is the linen did. And I know a lot of people gonna be like let me scrambling right now, you can try to receiver that each, but you cannot find a better fit. Yeah. Hock is doesn't have the person next to him Julio. Maybe some new maybe really, you know, Dale doesn't have the person next to him. So that's legitimate on the offense. I think down the cook is going to help a lot, but they fix your defense. They got Griffin back with the captain at our defense was that was a personal issues. But that side of the football has to step up a Minnesota. If they're going to win the division, which I think they still will question Jalen where oh me. Here's what's happening. Patrick mo. He makes just incredible performances over three hundred yards four touchdowns their pedestrian. Now. We almost expect him and this is against the Broncos who don't have the defense they used to have. But they have had to look it up. Did some research that the eleventh best defense against the past Jalen, and he's has just look what he does like he's just doing this over and over and over. He is now in some rare air when it comes to stats he's like through the first eight games. No one has performed as he has not just like, oh someone in their first second season, starting whatever. It's only players like breeze and manning and Brady Manning's done twice. Brady's done. At once that put these numbers he's putting himself in the same. Classes hall of famers, and this is not the three game sample size. This is a half of a season. Now when I talk about the cheese. I gotta make sure I'll start with the evil genius respectfully Andy Reid because talking about a guy is plant chess when everybody else plant checkers look at the offense. Of weapons that they have. Okay, Kareem hunt. You just saw leap over a guy score. Touchdown. He jumped over the league in rushing last year. They signed Sammy Watkins and soil. Sammy Watkins got us deal. Everybody was old Chapelle Dale Monday gay Sammy Watkins. Yeah. Two touchdowns yesterday. Kelsey still the best hide in football. Tyreek hill still explosive as they get in the game. So for him to be able to amass this level of talent all at once peak prime years is truly impressive or defense is going to continue to get better. It's it's fascinating to watch Mahomes mature as a run threat option. Also, somebody has a pig arm. That can make all of the throws. Like there must see TV. It's crazy. He can just put up over three hundred yards and four touchdowns and us not talk about it until we're like twenty five minutes into the show that big a deal anymore, and he's basically a rookie like he played. We started one game last year the list of people that have had the number of touchdowns that he's has at this point of the season paint. Manny Tom Brady because guess what they went onto when MVP pal. Patrick Holmes is Myers right here. Starting Andy reselected a guy that is likely on pace to win MVP his first season under center, and that's letting Alex Smith goal. I know a quality starting bad last year. They didn't need to make changes. This is this is such an amazing season for the chiefs. It's going to be very interesting to see them play the patriots in the AFC championship game. I cannot wait. The Bengals beating the buccaneers. But let's be honest. This game is not about the Bengals. No this game is about Ryan fits magic. James Wissant throws four interceptions. It's magical game that look Mike Evans wide open. Then the Bengals have this fits magic is trying to blow the field goal. That's he's trying to everything they Bengals end up winning the game thirty seven to thirty four Jalen rose. What do you think about the quarterback can traverse city in south Florida? This is a perfect example of why you don't want the coach to be the general manager, which does not take place in this case, here's why because they have two different interests the interests of the general managers going to be the look for the long term viability of the team, which means if we took James Winston number one overall we want to have them up there. But to coach trying to win today you call one guy by government. You caught another guy by nickname fits match to that. They should know who should who's been playing better who should be out there. This is going to be a mess going forward. I'll shine Jackson gets traded to Houston. Do you? Remember when we said that we watch every game on Sunday. I'm not watching this too early in the morning in London. We had the eagles beating the Jaguars when you take away from this one. I was watching his game really early in the thing. I took away from it is Linda for net is sorely missed eighteen yards rushing for the Jaguars. Okay. And how you gonna have four players. Issue over the Bill priding yell the club paying the Bill in London with these. I wanna hear the explanation for this one. I'm here this around forty five thousand American bucks. Shipping campaigning gone wrong. There was definitely some ladies ordering stuff at their table. There's definitely some lady. It's definitely some lady stuff. You will be Seattle disciplined to talk about that for ten minutes. We gotta move on this happy. Jalen ramsey. Gotta NSF. Happy jails that trouble getting trouble. The Panthers beat up on the ravens and impressive Cam performance. Biggest takeaway from this is the ravens were on a historical pace as it related to second other teams quarterbacks. Cam Newton didn't get sacked at all just think about that. For a second. He plays in the pocket runs Alonso. Campbell's allow that says extends plays put himself in a position to get his shots north Turner whose helps camps decision making and his accuracy dumping it down McCaffrey plan. Go football. Next. The Steelers beat up on the Browns, Jalen rose. What do you think? Takeaway from this. Besides the fact and Tony Brown had two touchdowns is that the clock is ticking for Hugh in Cleveland, but I'm not sure if they're willing to pay a a head coach that's always some people say change the coast change because change codes are they willing to invest in. Sure, that's one number two. While of course, you welcome lady. I'm Bill to come back about James, Connor. This is his job James CONNER looks good. And so the thing is, you know, he's gonna be there next year so levian in. If he does retire, you're not going to give him one hundred percent of Carey's, even when he does return. This was not gonna make you. If you had a sound the represents how the lines played against the Seahawks. But would that sound? What would it be? This play God Dixon. They've tried to run out of the end zone and take the safety. Jalen, they weren't even trying to gain yards. These do it. I guess I'll just run the ball. Why not? And he got the first down is that is just Representative of the lines performance on this day. Say. Blinds. Don't look that. Good. Jalen, Russell Wilson. Did it was all it was all good as a couple of weeks ago when they beat the patriots, but not anymore. No seahawks. Have a running game. Non Carson moving on in a battle of the week. And if see east the Redskins the class of the division beat up on the giants, which think about the Redskins they legitimate. I need is. I hope I'm pronouncing his name right going to give him props yet, two and a half sex. He's playing really well not mad at debt shots. Alex. Smith who continues out fine ways to win. They'd you. Made you. Peterson on it. Forty nine yards out running people swear injure had two picks up and shall to all day. Like, you just said at this point of his career. None of us can say that we felt like he had is much left as he does. Jay grooten did a really good job of not only using him as a runner, but as a receiver he only caught a six count on touchdown pass of his career. How about that forgot his going to the hall of fame in a game that didn't pay much tension to colts beat the raiders, you know, what stood out to be in this game with colts like the Seahawks. Have a franchise quarterback at a search for running. A they had one yesterday motor backs best friend. Yup. Fantasy owners max performance. And also they did a good job of solidifying their office of lying to protect Andrew luck at three touchdown passes. Which southern the Cavaliers should be doing. Moving on the bears beat up on the jets. But all that matters is this. Mitchell Trubisky showed up at the game dressed as Mike. Dick jets. When I saw that. I would just go home. He got the sweater vest and the sunglasses. Oh, we're going home. We're just not the plane. We're going home. There's no way we're gonna win Mitra Bisky dressed up as Mike Ditka. It was a fun. Look they were playing without Khalil Mack. It just shows. How far the jets need to grow as a football team. Yes. They found a quarterback in Dalton. But a lot of their darnold. I'm sorry. But a lot of weaknesses were exposed and continue to be weak out the week by that football team. And finally the cardinals played the forty Niners in a very sad game featured some great plays by Larry FitzGerald. Yes. And you know around going with this because I talked about both of these guys. I was watching the game when I was like feel bad for fits. I do to not feel bad for Sherm. Those two guys I was happy to see fits over one hundred catcher TD over defenders to Sherman not only has seven tackles. But he had a sack too. I wasn't mad at that. At all FitzGerald is. He's just so good. I wanted to play next year. I wanna play forever. Those guys are on contending teams. I don't see it happening. Upstart has revolutionized how we borrow money by going beyond the traditional FICO score to offer personal loans taking account factors like job, experience and education. We determine your interest rate. Here's what it is. It's quick and easy checking your upstart rate is free. It has no effect on your credit score. Again, no effect on your credit score. You check your upstart rate and just two minutes and find out if you're approved. Here's the thing. 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But there's something happening with the words this season that we must discuss, and it is the absolute dominance of Steph curry in K D what they are doing is just unfathomable on Friday night. It was Kevin Durant. Taking over against the Knicks. And then on Sunday there was this just Durant and Steph scoring and scoring and scoring step is Hadley five threes and four hundred straight games. It's just incredible. What they are doing together. Steph curry is averaging thirty three point nine points a game. Kevin Durant is averaging thirty point three points a game. Is this going to continue with these two? I think it's going to continue pretty much. I talked about the fact that Steph was going to league on notice this year third year plan with K D they want a couple of. Ships. He's dealt with injuries a couple of times in the past. And he remembers the year that he was unanimous MVP, and he understands that in order for them to not only continue to reach their goals, but for him to continue to have a level of excellence in the game is he wants to get back to plan at that level while katie's on rust, not this was a unique marriage because it was the first time to MVP's row in the same team at the same time and they both under third. So it took a little time to figure out and you try to defer make them feel comfortable things like that. But as they continue to add to the star lineup deteriorated the bench. So they're going to need at productivity Klay still shop is still shooting and playing well also plays clay's not shooting that well right now from three, but but here, but here's the thing. I wanna make sure I stress what makes this work is both of these guys usually your best player needs to ball. They don't need the ball. Let me repeat that. They don't need the ball. They both come off screens. They both get initiate often. They start on the strong side they can start or no weeks. I started to top the Florida star on the side of the floor. And so now it just unlocks their entire game. But to officiant guys there's going to flirt with the more important step fifty from the floor forty from three ninety from the line is due to snipe and one thing about this duo, which is different like, Chris, Paul and heart. And there's only one basketball twain, LeBron only when basketball how are they going to make this work. It's gonna be hard to make this work. We're gonna take turns one time this year night. Then it's our night. It's not like that with this to like the way that the warriors played the fact that you made a great point that they don't need the ball the way that this team shares the ball and Steve Kerr's, the maestro at all. Like you. Do not hear about any of this. Oh, there's only one ball tonight tonight. It's going to be closed steps ninety miles gonna be katie's night. Like, they have a harmonious thing that's going on. They seem to just like make each other play better. The more one of plays better. What an engine? To that has to get knowledge. His Draymond green. If you notice a lot of shots that take place in particular when Steph relocate so they may throw it the Draymond. He maybe get get often. Rebound may do a dribble. Handoff action. The defense clearly hasn't figured out that he's not gonna shoot the ball, especially if you had the chance to give it to Steph theft. Just relocates kicks it to him in the corner. Bouma knocks it down so him being a Swiss army knife Klay still locking down on defense allows everybody still fall into their roles and function. Optimal precision worse. Steve Kerr, a great job managing their minutes, and sort of keeping one of them on the floor. And then doing all that it's doing a great job on the other side of that the Washington Wizards are quietly imploded like usually this happens liquor in the season or in the playoffs. But it is bad right now if the wizards they are one in five and last night against the clippers it was late at night, if you're on the east coast they lost but twenty eight points to the clippers and it did not look good at all for the wizards. Jalen, rose, what is happening to the wizards. Let me just say some real quick about the clippers. They're better than people think they got a lot of season vest is going to show up play har-. Lou will Tobias Harris Herrell they got Beverly like a bunch of Grizzle vets gallon Nari, and they have a great coach. So I'm not really surprised that they actually beat the wizards on their home floor in LA on the west coast trip. You know, a lifestyle things comes with that as well. But for the wizards there may off season acquisition to white Howard is in plan, but they're not Dwight Howard away from being a team. They are. No, they're not tweet. How is that gonna come in? And save this basketball. I didn't say he would save them. What I'm saying is he helped solidify their lineup for me one of the glaring things. You have to point out is and you can't judge players nowadays based on their salary, but in salary cap sports, like the NBA NFL when you dedicate resources to one player that means you're taking them away from another asset you provide. And they gave out a Puerto be contract. Yes. And so they need him to play it in all star level, and that's not half. What happened with Otto porter is their coach Brooks is literally using his name saying auto needs to play better. And you don't see that a lot in the NBA. What does that say to you that the coaches calling him out on it is true? And it goes back to what I just said we have an all-star level back. Court who has to play better. Let me say that about voltage those guys show Golden State and Steph curry shooting them down to and so I if foremost leadership and the best players have to show up in John wall and Bradley Beal next you look down Russell. I okay. Who can we rely on Uber as going to play heart? But he hasn't got the big deal auto porter somebody investing, and so when you pay him in today's game, you need him to go up against Kawai. Katie LeBron who that you're getting what that level of contra got one hundred million dollars. I believe you had six points in last night's game. I don't have the stats in front of me. So solidifying the lineup would have been to have the white Howard as the center because now just like this Minnesota Mahim e it just sends you a lot of different spots, and one of the things I wanna make sure I point out. Both of these teams. Look a lot different when the Morris twins play. Well, okay, that's Boston and Washington. Okay. Distinctly different when both of those guys because they gonna give you toughness and shot making when they're going and defense, but when they are playing, well, the Celtics and the wizards seem to be operating the best. I love the Morris twins shout out. The people of New England got what they wanted. The Boston Red Sox are World Series champions since we lasted this show that eighteen in game they had come back game. And then yesterday it was this Dame got to her Shah early in the first, and then they got to again got all. And then the best pitcher in the game. They got to him again. JD martinez. The third homerun off occur Shah. And then here's added another later in the game. Jalen rose. Yes. Indeed. This was a dominant World Series performance from the Red Sox the best team in baseball. They just performed Well Chris sale their starter finish the game. Usually I like I like the the pitcher to jump in the catcher's arms. It's using the other way around the celebrate into the night. The people of Boston are probably still celebrating at this moment. They just everything works. Well, the manager made the right decisions pitching the relievers. The bullpen the hitters everything worked well for the Red Sox and I loved die easy Red Sox fan. But you want to ask you about the other dugout you've been to the finals and lost. The dodgers have now been the World Series two years in a row and lost. Is it gonna take some time? And then they consider this success. Or is it going twice in role in losing like almost worse than going once? You know, how to gate success off a realistic expectation and for the dodgers they continue to go all in for a team. That's not only trying to make it to the World Series. But to actually capture and based on their goals, they came up short. So in theory. This would not be considered a success for what they hope to get accomplished. Now. Of course, it definitely means something to make it to the World Series. And you brought up my playing background as an example when we went as freshmen to the national championship that was considered a success course, nobody saw comment. We were six e we started five freshman. Everything was new when we come back sophomores, and we ranked in the top five, and then we get to the championship in lose. That's a failure and base. It also who you lose to a freshman year. We lost the one in a greatest teams of all time. Yup. Just beaten. Vegas some guys idolize year before Carolina we had just beat them during Christmas. We have find a way to get it done. So for the dodgers they're going to now. Go back to the drawing board with two major decisions one. Do you bring back the manager? Who's got a lot of criticism and or two they gotta wait and see what's going to happen with Kerr show. Believe already supported Roberts already feel like we're good and Kershaw can opt out in the next three days. So it's kind of on him tells me that he will often and one of the things about this. That was so nice. It's like you like you mentioned the Red Sox had the best record in the major leagues. So it's not surprised they won the World Series. Even though it doesn't always work out that way, but there's a sense of relief. And no one was more relieved than Red Sox starter David price who was so publicly. Oh intent the media just kept telling the number ten the postseason tennis last posted. He didn't have postseason sex success lately when he had early in his career and the relief in the sound of this man's voice. I love this sound, right. Here. That's David price after the game hold all the cards now that feel so good. So. I feel so good. I can't I can't tell you how good a feel to. To hold that Trump card, and you guys have had it for a long time. You've played that card. Extremely well. But you don't have it anymore. You do that feels really good. This is a game. We get to play. It's a it's a relationship that you make you know while you do this while you play this game. As what makes his game special two things, you know, Madonna fan. I'm also a cry easy, man. So I'll see tears I love to see Megan emotional. But what does he I hold all the cards? Now, I hold all the cars. He's talking to the media about the media like dig us behind the curtain on what he's thinking. I like that you alluded to and you say postseason success accidentally said not having post-season six which may happen. Will happen. I appreciate him articulating that point because so many athletes act like they ignore the noise. That's false. Okay. You understand what's being said around you because you're living at twenty four seven three sixty five whether it's all social media, whether it's television outlet, whether it's true, and or whether it's fossil and it burns when it's true Ken lot Owen. Tin the numbers of for it self. Now, here's what I want people to understand. This is what separates those to actually get a chance to play in the big leagues. Get a chance to play an NFL get a chance to play an NBA is that other than your talent hard work. And you you ability is your opportunity to persevere what's her bullets have so many times individuals crumble, he didn't at the biggest moment. Now, you have to believe in yourself had to have a team believe in you. And then you have to get to the point where you can. Actually persevere and he did it a couple of games throughout this run. After him to be that guy that was out there on the mound during a time where they were going to be able to close out the World Series had to be ultimately gratified. Peers got the P I would have definitely given it to David price. But that's because you know, I'm a motion, you know. But that's just me moving on some great news Red Sox fans some bad news for Tyler over the weekend. Tyler was relieved of his duties as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, they went to the finals. How many years in a row four three? I wanna say four but three with Todd Lou and tie. Loose started. Owen six not a great start to the season for the Cavs. But expectations were pretty low considering they lost the best player in the game. Jalen rose, you think it was smart for them to relieve Tyler of his head coach. I'm just happy got his brand already. And the reason why made that distinction is there were periods throughout his coaching tenure. When you're not only leading team, but it has the best player in the game on LeBron James and icon figure people always going to undermine your role when your team wins. They're going to give the credit to the best player. And when your team struggles ain't gonna put the blame on you. That was always a push pull that he was going to have to deal with so with LeBron gone. The biggest thing that people unto estimate about him leaving they got nothing in return. Yeah. The everybody keep forgetting the fact that you now lose the Brian Jays. And they got zero compensation in return. So you give Kevin love max deal. But you still stuck with a lot of contracts. Jared Smith comes to mind, Tristan Thompson comes to mind, and you now need those guys to be NBA. Veterans contributors, not just necessarily ov- layers and win that does not happen. Somebody has to be a fall guy for team Owen six in theory. And I don't speak for Tyler who I think he did a really good job with that team. Yeah. I think he deserves it deserves another opportunity. So from that sense. I actually feel like they did him a favor because now he has time to reassess the league actually put himself in position to get another gig that I think he's gonna deserve into a really good job is because if they weren't if they're not gonna keep it, right? If they're going to say oh Tyler this season. And then we're gonna get rid of him. Get some. In the offseason. They actually did kind of do a favorite because he's getting his money. So he gets paid. He doesn't have to sort of like slog through this whole regular season of underperforming. Cavaliers kinda fly all over the place and work this this job that feels like a dead end job. And Dan Gilbert shown, he got money to burn coaches because Mike Brown's probably still getting paid fire David Blatt after they made it to the finals as you Mitch and now t Lewis, well, so it's going to be interesting to see what direction they go in moving for if Larry drew doesn't keep the job fulltime. Larry, wait. You want me to where we got negotiates? He's been announced. But he hasn't put like he has fully fully announced in vet share with us. Alary no extension. Nothing. That's great for me opportunity thinking so much. But I don't know if that's great. But this is a perfect place for me to say say, I always as a player have to put some responsibility on the people that op there wearing shorts and Jim shoes that are competing. It is so easy for fans and media, you see it what the dodgers and their critics going to point to the managerial decisions same here would loop. But at some point when you look at the dodgers roster to meeting loss to a better team. But also you want to got to perform unique Clayton Kershaw you start. Yup. In the postseason you need. Kevin love to be all-star. You need him to go to a number one option. So the numbers that you're seeing from the best players in the east. That's what he's supposed to be giving them. And what he's not doing it startled six. Of course. Well, there was some reaction from some Kerr. Current and former Cleveland Cavaliers on social we start as everything does with LeBron James to the memories and more importantly, our partnership bringing a championship to Cleveland and JR Smith. Thanks him as well with the old palm on the face emoji. How do you think it feels if you're Kevin love Jerry Smith Tristan Thompson to have gone from locker room? Well, it's two way to look at it. Because a couple of the guys that you just said are actually still playing. So if y'all wanna to keep his job ball, don't I g me don't sweet to score for me. Yeah. That that's how you can show me love. Well, Kevin love sidelined for month. We just found out with an injury moving on to news. The matt. Jalen rose. This is very important. And this goes back over a decade. Fifty cent job rule always going back and forth been going back and forth. Thrift fifty cent reacting to some news that JAL recently had to cancel a concert in Syracuse fifty cents said he bought two hundred quote front row tickets to a concert in Arlington, Texas. So he could leave them empty and then posted vis on social media just him. I'm self in the front row of a concert, supposedly fifty cent. That's photo shopped. But here's the thing. Jalen rose. We'd lost Jalen and Jacoby investigation. He says he bought the monk groupon. You can only buy two tickets at a time on groupon. He said he brought front row tickets. It's a standing room only event. Do you think he bought a hundred pairs of tickets in the front row to a standing room only event or he's trolling? I think. This beef because this this qualifies that has gone on as you mentioned for over a decade is so far so personal that I wouldn't be surprised if he did a little bit of both if he could do something to sabotage gyro and the other way around they both have been doing it. Consistently says a funny one I wouldn't put it past fifty cent to just get some of the details wrong or maybe exaggerate a little bit. But I really do think that he gave his credit card information to somebody not himself. It's by up a bunch of these tickets, no doubt. And that's one of the things that like if you're going to know j- artist is have them standing on a stage and looking into a crowd of empty seats. We've all been to those shows we've all seen those shows really can't be fun. Like, we all magin the sold out arenas. But you know, those shows where like actually waiting for the headliner you're there, and the crowd's not really, they're the shuffling. They don't know your songs, they're not paying attention. They're on their phones. That was my tire stand up career moving. A gentleman was on his way to a football game celebrating the Carolina Panthers. And this is what he decided to bring in a backpack. He's got about seven pieces of fried chicken in a back pack. Jalen rose saw over boss move, B Y O C this. There's question false move. I mean, I've a lot of questions like how many have you seen me transport chicken? I see you are you are known for chicken transport, chicken, even across transported chicken. We have to be perfect. I believe in his own chicken. Like, he must really be really be like only, my chicken is the only acceptable ticket. Not only that but your auction is something over price, and you don't even hop though. But here's the the soft move some hot sauce in that bag all move see-through backpack. We'll just wants to get in. I don't know. What that is. He if I can. I wanna see some hot sauce something that you coming for longtime has finally happened. Huge. Accent is no longer the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. What does that tell you about referred to this earlier? It's going to be interesting to see if they are going to dedicate the necessary resources that actually takes to get a quality coach one of the things that I think it's under estimated about their situation is not only have they been a bad football team based on a product you seen on the field. I don't know that they're necessarily willing to invest in a head coach to turn the situation around. Well, we'll find out soon. Head coach definitely still has their job Oklahoma state university. Coach Mike Gundy, his provided us with some legendary south from the polio. And the sound he made on the podium. A- may already is even better when he was asked about social criticism where from where. From where? Twitter radio. Sass about Twitter. Platform for people that are sitting home trawling, John employment. Check sent in front of a keyboard. Couple things he didn't just go. He went back to the twice which I love by points out. Jalen rose. Why people with unemployment checks? You know what I mean? It's like it. Looks people need employment checks to get by in between jobs or whatever come on my gun to go after the Twitter people, but he'll go after the unemployed people. Absolutely also like none of us are immune to criticism. It just comes with the territory and just because you as a head coach are removed, and you're going to dismiss an ignore that it happens you shouldn't because your players are in the age where it's really prevalent. So I would think the goal should be to actually educate them on how to use it and how to block it out. And you know, what you're onto something you at the right way to educate them when you see someone criticizing Twitter, you should consider it wait appropriately taken into account. But you're. Attitude. You probably be. That's really what it should be. I was listening to him talk. I'm showing my age. He's he could be the he sing the theme song of the dukes of hazzard yet. The good old boy, he's he's got a little twin. I would play from my Cundy. I love it. I love it. He rides for his guys. I'm a man, I'm forty. Where's chris? He kind of got the reporter to like, you know, Twitter. Right. But then the reporter guy what he wanted a great, son. He was going back and forth with what what the coach Russell Westbrook is known for wearing outfits and fashion forward, and sort of being an innovator in influence in the fashion world, so he did this fashion shoot with German magazine that he didn't think would see us over here in America. But the backgrounds the clothes that Elvis kissing somebody on a shirt, that's kind of a fleece not mad at that one. But the rogue at the basketball world that look at the socks and no shoes. What what what is happening here or things for worse was that he giving them checks. Russell you're gonna wear. These socks are gonna match this shirt underneath a sweater vest is like all right, whatever like some clothing sponsor has some relationship with the magazine look at the they're gonna get Russ to take the pitchers for archiving in promotion. Keep getting them checks. Do you have any of these glamour shot backgrounds in your past? Draft day. Jaylen up some bad news, not bad, meaning bad, meaning good meeting. We got Ambos wit. We did random up. We did that astray. We did. They told you bring you to America. And you didn't realize what was going to have you do guy here. No. That's not. They pulled us. They got us. And I got an you know, what I just wanna celebrate the people that got us. That wasn't Justin Bieber. That was a team of people concocting a scheme. To make it look they flew in a Justin Bieber look alike to LA. But here's what I want to say about this. It was a really smart ploy because they didn't say like, oh, we're gonna have this Justin Bieber lookalike run naked down the street or have him assault. Somebody. You're set something to have him set off a fake explosion somewhere. Like, they didn't go big with it. They had it. I saw video and they had the the brainstorming session. Someone's like what if we had eat a burrito. Like this like it was a corner of the cop. And everyone's like that work. So they dressed up put a wig on them. They took a picture of him eating a burrito. And then there it is us talking about it on the show me eating a cold. Breakfast burrito on national television being bamboozle. They got good say, you you saw the picture you thought it was just in. Well. I didn't eat a burrito. No, okay. So you took time energy from your day to send Texas emails to get a burrito. Yeah. Meet harlot talked about a lot right? Put it in. Rhonda video overeats guy had to cry on a bicycle. Okay. You spent a lot. Rideau and bringing in was a team effort. I all if you haven't been paying attention to our program. I don't know what's wrong with you. It's looking a lot better. And I gotta give jaycee John Curtis. A big shot off. Oh, here's a mazy the pitchers. A plus. We got you. Care about this in Los Angeles. We got we got four five six people working on his great. You know, how important I gotta step up. Our performance precious on smoking involve got the Tilton hours. Nice. Lease you're doing all this research last night. Yes. I got online cliffs Kayla. Johnson. We got. Let's make a promise to be better. More pressure on us to work harder. If we work hard, it will be better naturally, not necessarily. Okay. Maybe we shouldn't work harder. Maybe we should we should go. The other way round. The monster jam. That ain't the right voice cut tell you about Maud search jam. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Well, we haven't get a voicemail about it. Listen to that. California. Yeah. How staff? Haji koby. Due at the monster truck show. It's a copy fair-haired. Look the monster truck driving, look like. I was wondering is a cultural or reasonable. Could be a monster truck driver. 'cause I never thought of the driver. I watch just started truck out of character. So. Yeah. Cultural or know. Say they won't. I'm five thousand five thousand ole Twitter handle you handle you don't hit me back in five minutes. I'm out. Thousand of d. Islip, Long Island stand up Eric parish DJ, scratches family, red men DASA. Thanks. They shot to be from Berkeley. Couple of things. I can my out. The crowd to determine whether or not attending monster jam was cultural regional. Universal. I was impressed. And I was happy to see. It was a very diverse group of people watching those Mazda trucks. Reg there? I was there. I was there. Reggie. Oh, okay. Revenge taking my ear Alex talking too much in my ear. Okay. It was a diverse group of people attending Mazda champ, not only that. Tell but the question is a good one is the monster truck drivers they're trying to sell the drivers. Now, not just the trucks. You know, they do interviews with them and stuff, and they put their names up that put him on the Jumbotron now there are not yet. The most diverse group of people out there in the world, but they're making strides their making strides, and I would say the one of the most oppressive performances was from El Toro loco driven by a young woman by name Caleb blood. Quincy was into dyed her hair purple. The monster jam experience was great. It was loud. It was you need ear protection. It was going moss jam, but put your plugs on put headphones, top, your ear plugs. You're a great debt. I'm glad you guys got a chance to go and enjoy it. He got sick though. He went to hard definitely cultural. I don't care what that crowd. Look like. Okay. First foremost second, the reason why no is soon as this topic came up. Two people who happened to look like me as a relates to their race Reggie Kayla. Immediately jumped into the microphone was ready to give it to you. But it's almost like the word of mouth. They're not believe your trusted by the mount family here. Jalen and Jacoby, Reggie said, no pictures, no interviews duck. Take on my phone goal to a black person Muslim say, sir. Black person monster jam because my friends that are also black won't believe a black person here. Mafia do that? We'll hold on to that. How would say what your about your about to say, Jan go ahead? I'm on Instagram. Now, I follow you, you Instagram the entire thing. You hit the brakes. Rich hit the brakes Rijn. So now you want me to put strangers I don't know on Instagram. That's what you want me to do. Mr. I'm not a zoo animal. Jacoby you pushed strangers on your all at the time. Number one, number two. Number two. This is really important. You didn't have to search for black people to be there. If it was a lot of them there. What I was there. You weren't there. I'm joy. Trunk taking staff when I scan the crowd. I was pleasantly surprised by the crew around me. Let me tell you. That's what I'm saying. Hey, you believe that. Then he allowed to say, I was pleasantly surprised. That's the statement about my own feeling. That is a fact this voice, right? Here is cultural monster jam. Okay. Tom periods Caucasian. That's a media term overall. Lot of people that drink, bud. Light Coors, light and Budweiser. Okay. Well, universal by the way. Also, it's the same people that drive race cars. Really fast beats a lot left turns very different skills to same people. That are Chaki jockeys differ. He's got tiny. Okay. Let alone Tino. Okay. But my point still stands you GD tyre thing. I looked at it. And I can't I didn't see any people. Call. I didn't I g the crowd because you're out you monster. Jalen tailing? You want me to just specifically doing of some nice black family, just enjoying Mazda jam? Okay. I'm I'm off this conversation. I'm off his conversation in my immediate. To see a black family of four there. Are you serious? Yeah. You know what you're wrong. I saw black family of five saw back to sublet maybe three saw back before. Joe Joe, Joe Johns. You've never been Bridgeport. Then I have been a bridge in Bridgeport. I remember just so, you know, thirteen and under right now, we came to Connecticut a team from Detroit. I'll never forget this. And we felt like we was some city kids, and we was going talk that talk and walk that walk. We ran up on the wrong people in Bridgeport. And before you know, it it was fifty them chasing us out of the ball. I'm telling you. Okay. So I have a lot of respects. So you're talking bowls hometown. So you don't think that there was a black family? At mossy Jim Bridgeport because you're south city right now saying knowing that is you don't believe me speaking to lie on it. You know, what I guarantee you? It was not a black family afford there. Not a black family of four lot data. There are a lot of people listening. I took an elevator with the black fame before knowing that too. I'm not lying on the line. I kept an eye out for this. This. There was a black mom got her hair done, four master master. You know, what upsets me it's up sets me only one there. Have. No, you'll y'all just going off of some of what you think what the reputation is. And I've coming onto this microphone. I know this distributed to hundreds of thousands of people, and I'm saying I was pleasantly surprised it was actually more diverse event than expected. And you know, what you're taking a conversation. This tapping twenty six. Away from what was important the performance of Toro loco the performance of the great grave digger team in making it about race sticker. Sports. Jalen, sticky sports. Great sports, like monster, jam politicizing everything this was tearing our country apart. Jalen rose this. I guarantee you gratin with the monster jam growing up. Crock probably pick up a monster truck and eat it for breakfast. I learned a lot about monster trucks. We bought the magazine. All the monster truck details because Quincy learn things I know about all the different tricks that they do there's there's some press performance of stone crusher flipped over. And then they bring out this this big like escalator thing with an arm that flips the truck back over again. It was exciting thing. I did expect ATV's they sell you on the monster that give you the going around and circles. All right. I'm here for monster trucks dog gotta say, he ain't saying right? Where did you go again monster? Cultural bigshots, Mazda, definitely cultural. I'm not saying it was fifty fifty. I'm not saying it was reflective across section of our American society. I'm just saying pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the crowd. You surprise ten percent. Got it. Okay. Now, you want me to put a number on it. 'cause you don't live my life. Percentage of this room is a minority. I don't live like that. I see souls this human beings. No ninety percent human beings, just human east human dating twenty stirred twenty eighteen and was a family of four please prove me wrong as someone will lease someone will. I saw some people that recognize me say anything people people have color. They probably listen to this show. How many people gave you debt? About our show one, dude. See that lets you know, it wasn't no diversity that reflect our show that will reflect the people that were on the show. Let me tell you diverse. I'm telling you, I'm telling you right now. And you're not listening. All these people around me, always people my ear, all our producers. No one believes me. Now. I'm like, I'm like, you know, what the people that are closest to you. That's what it is the people closest to you other ones the snake, you that's what it is. I'm telling you drink right now, you have thought I was just going to save one simple sentence because must James not about race and politics much appreciating the performance of the athletes is about tricks. You know, what the trucks tie? Say one simple Senate his move on. And talk about the great performances that happened that even between these athletes and their their machine partners. But no addict Tacoma athletes. Oh. Here's another thing that makes it more cultural what kind of terrain. Driving trucks dirt. It's on are. We ain't getting dirty. There. There's there's there's about a handout me to go. Minutes. Hugh, and there's also a nice mix of female drivers as well. To the monster champ's circuit. The most important thing the Q headed amazing. That's all you little tired. A man I went to the step up on it. I didn't know there's a one o'clock take this long train ride, and he loves the train. But after an hour the next stop. Our kids are we there yet? We're not there yet. You a great dad. That's the most important thing as well. Seventy guys. You don't trust me? You politicize everything you know, what? I mean, this is this is not the right way to look things. You guys are the problem. You guys are the problem now read just right everybody is the problem with this. You know, what I was there in Noah, believe me? You don't believe the words come out of my mouth, the why do you continue to produce this program? Why did you be a co host with me? If you think I'm just gonna go on Lyle time. I'm honest. There's a lot of people they're working. Okay. I just said this. I was pleasantly surprised people at work or let me speak, Stephen Egger. Let me speak. I was pleasantly surprised with the diversity in the crowd. I didn't say it was fifty fifty. I didn't say it was represented a cross section of our great society. I just said I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity in the crowd. I got yelled at for five minutes. But the people that are closest to me. That's what happened. Okay. That's what happened to me. I'm done with this show knocking. I'm not quitting forever. But I'm quitting for the next twenty three hours. Okay. That's fair. So I'm not answering all tax. Emails fair for the next twenty three hours, and I'll be back tomorrow. Walk harris. Don't you dare? Guys. I love speaking of hobbies. Let's talk about LeBron James. Yeah.

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