Episode 226 | Your 2019 Comic Book Holiday Shopping Guide


this is the comics. PODCAST I'm your host for this week's episode Paul. JC filling in for the immortal. Mike rapin but I'm not alone. Of course I'm joined joined by two wonderful people to talk with Caitlin fear and care shambaugh risky. It's good to have you both here. We are very quickly Almost too quickly to believe heading for the holiday season so we have a great episode about that today but before we get to the main topic I want to ask the questions. I am legally early obligated as host to ask for every episode. How you been? How calm expend? Let's start with you Keira I have a slight cold. Which is the tragic to me because I have made it so far into the school year without getting anything from any of the tiny children so too oppressive so so to be so close to Christmas break? And to. Now have the sniffles. I'm like Now out of your system care you don't have to live like this in terms of how have comic spin Obviously super excited that Brian I fire continuing with our Irish star. Wars comic books special our weekly gift to our fellow starwars slash comic nerds at the center of that Ven Diagram Diagram. You will find US getting way too excited about star worse in yet another medium so oh This week I read a comic. That was on has been on my list for like think two years now. Two years ago it came out where I kept being like. I'm obviously going to like this. I know I'm going to read this eventually and I just never did. The luckily motor crush is on HOOPLA. So the man that did finally happen rose like I don't have I haven't used any of my December polls yet. Let's finally dig into motor crush so I read the first issue and This is a series that is done by the creative team. That did that backroll reboot a few years ago. Where where she got her like yellow doc martens than is in the Gotham equivalent of guests Bushwick in New York It's Brendan Fletcher. babs Tar and Cameron Stewart and. This book is definitely designed to play to babs tars aesthetic strengths. Like she's very the Almost kind of like a modern pinup situation in how she draws women and I think dudes are kind of her afterthought where she's like I can draw them but I'm really here to like show you some Lipson hips so which is great. But it's definitely. I was definitely reading this vogue and I was like And not even like not even that. I'm saying that the women are over. sexualize it's just. She definitely takes the time to give them essential edge. Even if they're like Hossan biker gang so motor crush the first issue kind of introduces you to this world where it's is like slight alternate reality near future situation where you're like okay. A lot of things seem familiar. But this feels like maybe twenty twenty to forty years in the future from where we are now so they're action is centered around these like motor bike races is is racing circuit and our heroine of the first issue. We see her racing on this circuit. We kind of like meet her dad who is a former racer. Yes sir get like a sense of her situation as a character than we like the second half of the issue has like tonal shift where you see like Oh actually her she's an upcoming racer in the legit circuit but she is caressing it on the illicit circuit where you raise for drugs which are called something like crusher crusher hence my terrible pun right there but so she races to get these drugs and these drugs make you go faster her. But obviously there's like you you get addicted to them and we actually see someone getting like. I'M GONNA go with murdered by this drug lake. Take like What would you call like a like a warning kill like an exhibition? Kill where you kill someone in front of a crowd of people to be like this might happen to you to. It's kind of like execution style. Yeah Yeah Yeah so the so. The person like running this shady race like says why caught this guy like stealing our or stash. Let's give it to them. And they pour a whole thing of this one drug down his mouth and he just straight up explodes like his body is just a pile of goop on the ground. And I was like what do to this book. I thought it would be reading like everything is really Lake Fuchsia and neon and like shiny screens and everything. But it was pretty dark underbelly guys and the last issue the first issue ends on such a bleak. Note that I'm Kinda like do I want to continue like get kind of want to continue like aesthetically. I do like this creative team but this is way darker than I thought. I thought this was going to be like fun. Motorcycle girl. Gang Situation Nation like Betty and Veronica vixen over at Archie or The work that I think almost exact creative team or like like no no Do you remember the Black Canary book from a few years ago. That kind of looks like this but I think is some Veronica fish doing the art. Yeah so like that kind of aesthetic aesthetic where she was also sort of in a biker. Gang like there's like a certain subset of Lake Lady creators in comics who all of a sudden like a couple years ago. Were like everything. Everything is a shiny sexy girl gang. And I'm like Kay but can you all not do the same thing at the same time. Everything is sexy motorcycle motorcycle girl gang. I you know I I will say I am a noted fan of drug gang comics And I did pick this issue up. I remember reading this first issue and I think I had a similar reaction where I didn't go back for issue too because tonal shift at the end. But I be curious now. That's free on Hoopla to go back and revisit it I might like it more but yeah what stands out to me is our work. The color is fantastic. I love that like Bright Fuchsia that they use for the book. So yes yes we revisit this one. It looks fantastic. They've got great roadbuilding. Think tar does better action sequences in this than she was doing in bad girl which makes sense because this was. I think the host bat girl so she'd had some practice but Overall I was kind of like this dark. I don't know if I wanted dark necessarily the -sarily I want that like a west side story girl gang not necessarily the dark scary girl gang right. Yeah like like len more pink ladies than like curious Atta Girl Gang you know. I'm sure there's analogy somewhere. But what was the girl gang. From the Warriors Guy Blinking. Now's a listener will remember and legislate on twitter. Please what was the name of the girl gang in the warriors. Thanks uh-huh Kate. What did you read this week? I read the I am a hero omnibus which kept remembering as I am hero. Like I thought the guy's has aim was gonna be hero but anyway This is by Kengo. Hana Zaghawa and it was James's pick for the two thousand nineteen good reads reading challenge. I'm super for behind on this reading challenge. I don't think I'm going to be able to read like the ten books that I have left between now and the New Year but I'm trying really hard. Anyway this was a very you long Manga. It's definitely omnibus deserves. That name But it was also a it ended up being Zombie Story and the combination of these two things at being very long and also about zombies. Meant that it was engaging but also that I was reading until like two or three o'clock in the morning which is is peak creepy time and the are with. The zombies is creepy enough. That it's like it's a little bit like the ring like it's it's extra scary because of the visuals. So Dart was good just not for three but ah along with being as Ambi- story this was also kind of I felt like it was a medium for the Creator to kind of talk about his philosophies about Manga. Because that's a lot of what the first part of the story was about was just this. The protagonist is among a creator. And he's talking was co workers and his girlfriend about what Manga is to their culture and what makes a Manga Gray and it was really interesting but at times. A Guy. A little bit preachy. I felt like and then suddenly there is Arby's so it was. It was kind of a cool combination but also so It it felt a little direction. List's up until it turned into a Zombie book so I am interested in continuing like I want to know what happens next because ends on a cliffhanger but it is just like it's a little bit unusual. It's an unusual combination of things. Sounds interesting I I like the idea of using zombies as a sort of Meta textual device knows is really about. ZOMBIES are about larger issue. I think so. It's interesting all this this week. Did you also read a book with an unexpected and abrupt mood shift. I did I did actually yes. I really did not plan this friends. Yeah that's very funny. I read the hard tomorrow which was an og n by eleanor nor Davis. It was published by joining quarterly last month. So just recently came out and it got a lot of advance buzz. I remember hearing about it from a couple of different sources so I picked it up up at the shop kind of on a whim and it's a stunning book. It might be the best comic I've read this year. I know there's a that thing of reading the most recent thing you read you love the most but really it's a fantastic book And it's basically set in a near future or you know world very similar to ours. It's about a woman named Hannah. Who is part of an anti violence activist group sort of like an anti for sort of Our ANTIFA pronounce it collective Fighting against or protesting against these chemical weapons at the same time. She's trying to build a house off the grid with her her husband. They're trying to have a family have a child. And it's a basically a meditation on the balance between the seeming pessimism and futility of that activism awesome and the optimism that drives it. You know the hope for a better world versus the terribleness of the role that you actually live in. And it's really a balance between those two it. It does have a very shocking ending a moment toward the end involving her husband. I don't WanNa give anything away. But really the star of the book for me. Is the way Davis illustrates illustrates at her line. Work is very fluid. It's it's sensuous has a maybe a nod kind of patient but it does have a fluidity to it that's very evocative love. It's all black and white. She doesn't amazing narrative work in this some panels that had to stop reading just absorb it all. It is a truly stunning book. And I don't I don't want to give too much away but If you WanNa read something that's unique and different and feels like an important statement. This is the book for you. I highly highly recommend it would. Would you say that this is a book for someone who is already familiar with the comic medium or would you feel comfortable giving this someone who normally reads pros. I would say you kind kind of have to maybe be are already comic fan. This might be a hard sell just because her artwork does look simplistic at first I think having appreciation Russian or background in the nuances of cartooning would definitely help that makes sense because I mean it. It is very beautiful book but I think the the ill looks simple at first but once you kind of are familiar with the story telling techniques maybe if someone again reads like understanding comics and then comes to this they'd be able to see like one of the amazing behind the scene stuff. That Davis is doing artistically. That make sense. I ask because I still have no idea what to get my brother for Christmas. So I'm fishing. Okay well I I would say maybe give it a flip through maybe just judge you know their tastes in their self though like artistically. That might be a good book. I think it's a serious book. I would buy it for yourself because I loved it so much but yes. I also read a Batman Comic. I can't leave without talking about Batman since I'm the host. I read Batman Creature of the night number four. I want to mention this book. Because this is a fantastic miniseries the series the first issue came out way back in November of two thousand seventeen. So it's a two year long. Wait for the story to end. And it's been worth every minute. This is Kirk writing art by John. Paul Leon I don't want to speculate too much by believe Leeann head some serious health issues which has caused the delay way. But I'm very glad that they let him finish the book because it's all about his artwork. It's such a beautiful looking book. And if you don't remember I think I talked about the first issue two years ago on the show but The Gimmick here is that it's a basically a semi sequel to the book that Buzek did with stood imminent called Superman secret identity. Where it's a superman story set in our world? Where Superman is only exists? A fictional character. This is a similar story involving Batman follows. A young boy named Bruce Wainright who lives in Boston. He loves Batman He loves Adam West. TV show. He collects comics is obsessed with Batman the fictional character and then after his parents are killed by a mugger He begins hallucinating. This dark creature of the night that is taken revenge on people that have wronged him so the book is basically like a real world example of like what would how would operate in the real world and by this issue of Bruce Wayne White as an adult. He's the head of the company that he inherited from his parents It's the same stories Bruce Wayne but this time it appears that the demonic bat like creature that's venting for him might be a figment of his imagination or something that has possessed his personality. And he's trying to make sense of all this. It's a meditation on how we process grief. It's an expiration of how we make sense of violence. It's all the stuff you want from a Batman story story but it's really rooted in a sort of real appreciation for what the character means As a fictional character bright so and as I mentioned Leones our work is beautiful. Beautiful such a good looking book Do favorite whenever the collection comes out. I'm she'll be out soon. Flip through it. It's a fantastic Batman. COMIC WANNA stand on bandmate comic. This might be a book. I'd recommend commended. Someone who likes you never read never read comics but is interested in Batman. This is the book for you so it's all about thanks. I'm trying all right. So that's what we read this week. Of course there's more comic books coming out this week on December eleventh already. Kate what what are you excited to read this week. I'm excited to read firefly unification war volume two. I've been talking about firefly a lot lately on the show. I'm so glad that boom picked it up. This is by Greg Pak Dan mcdaid and Lee Garnett and that there are a lot of things that I want for our planet but for what I want for versus just more firefly. I covers some of the backstory. That's mentioned on the original TV show So fact focuses just on Mallon Zoe and and volume one is already out and also they've released the sting which focuses just on all the ladies that we on the show and I'm so excited to read that one I picked it up and I haven't read it yet but maybe maybe next weekend I'll just sit down and read all of the new firefly so kate. Would you recommend this book to someone who's maybe never seen the show or didn't like the show. I'm asking for a friend. That's a really good question I actually I'm wondering if the sting might be a better place to start with because it seems like it's going to be a one off story. Okay I see but let me read it and get back to you about that. I appreciate that 'cause I this is an amazing creative team and I'm really interested in reading it because of that but I I tried to show and it just wasn't for me but I can't be Dan mcdaid on Art Greg Pak writing. That's that sounds great so yeah I'll probably read all of it. wants volume. It comes out at least all of the boom stuff so I can be thinking about that while I'm reading it back to you. Excellent thank you. Thank you Karen. How about you? What are you excited for? Okay so As I mentioned earlier. I'm really hyped about this. I read Star Wars Comic Book. Special that we're doing and Next tweak actually the show is going to be a spotlight on Dr Afrah who is a star. Wars comics native character actor that was introduced in the Darth vader series and was so popular that she got her own series. That is now on. Its sixth trade coming out like it's been going for a while and so Bryan and I. We're talking about volumes one through five for the episode that we recorded and I got to the end and I started like talking on the show to Brian. About how like and I can't and like this is a great place for it to end. And and he was like what are you talking about. It's still ongoing and I was like. Oh that seems like a basic piece of knowledge I should have had right so My comic pick for the week of December eleventh is Star Wars Dr Effort Number Forty I have been going through the the trades on this but now I'm wondering if that's a mistake because the solicit for this one says that DARTH VADER is catching up to Dr Afra and I just just need her to be okay. Because she's a terrible person who brings me joy and I just live lead everything to be fine for and like you. You know how I feel. How about Darth vader? I'm such trash. When it comes to antagonize hate San Skywalker but like I really need to not get his way in this percent unlike? I have like anxiety about this fictional character. Even though I'm like easily six to eight issues behind on what she's actually up to but she survived this far. She could still do it. But you know the the the the title for this story. Line that number forties in the middle or end of is a rogue's end like don't do that. Don't do that that so I'm emotionally invested. I have to get on this I I I'm bad. Star Wars Fan of narrowed any of this recent marvel sour stuff but this sounds like the most appealing serious might be the one after jump on checkout. I'll say you should listen to our star wars special either read along with fit or just be like you know what screw it. I'm going to get full spoilers and then I'm going to decide what I'm going to go back and actually get into. Yeah yeah either way though. Yes I will have to do that. I I'm in full star Wars Geek mode with the new film coming out so I'm in the right mindset to do that so excellent. I'll make it so yeah As for my pick this week I'm going to pick pick for sector number two. This is second issue. A twelve issue limited series that DC is doing camera which imprinted it might be the young animal imprint camera. Br exactly but It's basically Green Lantern Story. It's written by n Que Jemison and with art by Jamal Campbell. It's about a green lantern. Rookie Green Me Lantern Named Sojourner Mullen and she's investigating a murder in a giant megapolis a mega city out somewhere in the distant far sectors of space hence hence the title. It's there's a murder in this city and it turns out it's the first a homicide that's taking place in the city in five hundred years because the different alien alien races that inhabit the city have all somehow like Tampa down their emotions. So there's not really any type of conflict there So this series is picking up a murder mystery where no one knows how to investigate a murder. So it's a green lantern shabby figured out and take charge but she's a rookie still kind of learning the ropes. It's exactly what you want from Green Lantern Story it's part Science Fiction Police Procedural and Hal Jordan's not in it so it's basically perfect green lantern story out in my eyes. I'm just kidding. He's because he's such a cop. I mean it's like okay that was that was not the right thing to say but like I know what you're saying cobb and leg so if you are not and like when I say he's such a cop up I mean like you don't want him at a party with you because he's the guy who's like sir. Are you old enough to be drinking beer. which like is is the job? And that's what you're supposed to be doing. You're supposed to be upholding the law. But like you don't want Hal Jordan at your party unless hosting with Barry Allen because I feel like very can bring bring out that side of our. He's just like okay. Maybe just this once maybe bend the rule. It'll be fine but yeah Colorado Grill intern. Exactly I think being a kid when Carl Reiner I was introduced in the first green lantern I read. I've always kind of a resented HAL Jordan coming back from the dead. It's like man. We had a great religion without. Oh you why do you have to come back so anyway. This is really good series. If you if you like the green lantern mythos but maybe aren't In up up to date with current Green Lantern Story the issue series. This book to check out. The artwork is lovely. It's got a lot of futuristic. Sifi stuff if you're into that stuff so yeah Really interesting series. I'm excited to see where it goes. So with. That said we are going to be taking a quick break here but when we return our theme for this episode episode is our Comic Book Gift Giving Guide. What books do you give to the People on your Christmas shopping list. We'll be back Shirley to discuss that. Well I'm looking at the calendar right now in. Christmas is very quickly approaching. It's a little nerve racking thing about who have to buy gifts for but comics make great gifts and Cara. You have already mentioned. You have a gift giving dilemma. So we figured we'd get together and talk about. How do we give comics? Or what comics we give to the people in our lives. You WanNa maybe start hearing me talk about your Nice gift giving anxiety yes. I struggled locate so my struggle is as I'm sure you and many of our listeners. Identify with this since I love comics. That's my like instinct as a gift is I'm like but I love the thing and therefore might you also love the thing. If I make sure that the comic I choose is within your genre interests for film and Television but like I've I've come to a point where like I do like I've tried to give comics to family members and friends and like sometimes it's successful sometimes times it's not I try so hard with my mom. But she just doesn't have the the the like she's not a person that sits when she does she's like an Obama sleep so it's like so like I have given her some comics over the years to be like mom you have to read this But like actually the one time she did ask if she could read something is when I was showing her The Kevin Keller Trades ahead from Archie Comics. She was like oh I heard about that. Can I read that and it was like sure. But it's been like sitting in her bathroom for about a year now so I don't know if she's actually corrected opener got but So talking about like Oh Paul that book you read. Maybe maybe that's the thing I can get for my brother which I can say because I don't think he listened to the show in on it but but yeah I've given him some comics before and he's given me some some comics before like it's not his go to medium but if there's something where it's like it's in his interest in general will give it a whirl. Well I think the I think that's interesting because you know it might be a little bit self serving in some regards saying cured. I love complex. Therefore I want everyone else love comics. But if someone's not a normal Compaq albuque- reader and you kind of take the time to think here's something that they don't know exist that they might like based on their taste. That shows a little like some nice thinking. It's the you know. The the thought thought that counts as they say so. I I like that idea. Yeah and then My mom texted me the OJ. Because she's getting presents for our younger relatives is that we like maybe only seen a couple of times in their whole lives kind of thing because like you know people live far away in travel. EST travels expensive but so she Texts me just like what Star Wars books do I get for children under the age of ten. I'm like what this actually pretty broad mom like to you have to narrower scope in mind But it just got me thinking how like yeah for for people who are like. Oh God I've got a niece and nephew and got like a second cousin and I should probably bring something. But I don't know what like I. Yeah I do think comics are a great gift because like that's a way to get kids reading like even if they're not strong readers in school. I find like working in a school. I find generally if you had to kit a comic book. They're gonNA devour it because even if they can't get through all the words or syntax they're going to be able to follow along with the pictures exactly and again. It may be self serving but if you get kids addicted to comics that gives us more listeners. In the future makes perfect sense so here but I like that idea I do. I give the idea of giving kids comics so you have a few. We've whole list here stuff different people in your life so you WanNa maybe run through some different age groups so you might recommend. Yeah I was thinking about it and for kids that like the more like elementary school reader level like maybe not necessarily maybe not like third grade and below depend I it depends on their level of reading because like when I was in third grade I was just starting to read chapter books. Some kids don't read those until later. Like I think you should know your audience to that level but Like I see the the kids at the school where I work reading. Raina Telka Myers works Okay yeah like guts. And what's What's other ones And sisters I mean. There's a wildly popular books. I'd be surprised if they don't have not heard of him before we give it to him rate and then it's like okay. Well if if that's not got a good pick or if they've already read them because again popular and there's published by scholastic said they definitely seen them at scholastic book fairs I also like the book amulet what which is kind of like a children going on in adventure? There's like a secret world under the Family House and and they start discovering it. It's like maybe a little more advanced but again like if your kid can handle the brave little toaster. Whatever it is the kids are watching? These days is like adventure stuff like yeah sometimes adventure scary but like you can do it Something that I have at the elementary level but I think actually is more orf I would safely call all ages. Is this series called alley that I am like so obsessed with because it's like it's so oh well done so. There are very few words in this book at all. It's about this adventure the adventures of this little owl who lives in the woods and I get kind of an e or the vibe off of him. 'cause he's like he gets like sad by things like oh no my friend would away. Where is he just like? Just has these huge. Is that all of a sudden. Have like this downcast turn you're just like my baby But like all the dialogue like where there would be dialogue in this book is Like represented in kind of like pictures or exclamations So I really like it Ed. Because it's a way to kind of practice reading comprehension without necessarily knowing what the words are which in some ways is kind of a more advanced skill because instead of relying on words to tell you what's going on you do have to be paying attention to the art and the representations and you know if you've got a kid in your life who who maybe doesn't quite pick up on like all the words or maybe like really Is attracted to animation because the faces are more stylized. So it's easier to read the emotions I would say alleys good pick to kind of practice going wing through a story and following the emotional journey as opposed to just plot. If that makes sense Greg does make sense. Yeah Interesting I. I've seen that that book around. So yeah that does a good pick so I don't Kate. You were excited to see that Pneumonia was on the list for a couple of different age groups. So I'm not food that book. So what's the sell. Their new Mona is kind of this Meta book. That is fantasy based man. It's hard to talk about like it's kind of pneumonia herself as the protagonist and just kind of an anti hero. She she shows up and she was all excited to help out. The bad guy and the bad guys is just in it for attention because he misses the guy who was the the community hero basically so if he does all these bad things to get his friends attention but they're not that bad but no monarch comes along and she's like let's explode the kingdom and so she's a bad guy but you're understand that like these are not things that you're supposed to do in real life so really it's just it's very cute and then it keeps it will occasionally reference something that isn't Like European Fantasy S. C.. which is kind of the suggested setting? So it's this really kind of Quirky yeah it's it's just very quirky. It's very cute and I love it and I am thirty years old but it's definitely at the age range that a definitely a high school there may be even like seventh eighth grade but would understand probably enjoy. Yeah I would say you can read it at the middle school level you would get more of the nuance as a high schooler. Depending on your social emotional development level well I read it in when it came out when I was in my mid to late twenties and I- vastly enjoyed it and was kind of like where the hell was this. One I was was fifteen interesting. There is also an audiobook adaptation to it which is fascinating. Yeah it's very it's very very sound produced so there's a lot of extra little noises to it but if you've got if you're trying to like have a theme to gift for somebody could get them both the audio book and and the graphic affect novel interesting is done by Noelle Stevenson. Who is the creative force behind sheer on the Princess's of power on net flicks and and she also did I think my favorite wonder woman comic of all time which was a one shot in? Oh is it sensation. Asian comics yeah. The digital series are go yes sensation comics Noelle. Stevenson did a wonder woman one shot where wonder woman is. Maybe maybe like middle school age and like shows up at Man's world but like at a carnival boardwalk and you just see her like interacting with kids her own age in terms arms of like. Oh those boys are bullying someone. That's not cool. Let me play video games with these girls. Try Ice Cream and it's just so so wholesome while still capturing like who wonder the woman is at the core of her character So like I only have good things to say about Noel. Stevenson's Work Mona. I think is the book that kind of put her on the map map in terms of like people knowing who she was Nice Nice And then I see on the list here also for high schoolers you might recommend young avengers by the Gillan Mckelvey tag team there. Yeah Yeah this is a book so when I was in high school my jam was Teen Titans and I was reading the Geoff. Johns John's run once. I realized like 'cause watching the TV show. And then I was like looking it up online. I was like what do you mean. This is based off of a comic book. And like what do you mean. They're putting this comic book in the stores. There's still so that's how I found in my comic shop and so I was reading that and being like these guys are teenagers. I'm teenager so that's how that works but I like but Again like in my mid twenties I read the young avengers run. That Gillan and Mckelvey did and I was like Oh this has like nuance that was the other one was reading so I think we want to give a a high school the reader something that might be like feel a little bit more on their level. I would say young avengers then you could be like the cool aunt or uncle uncle who has like I get you. You can talk to me about stuff. It's fine I feel like another one for a high schooler might be runaways. Both the original run and today's run. Oh yeah definitely pick. It's a guy that like. Everybody is in high school as far as I remember except for Little Molly And it's kind of have like you're in high school. You're kind of becoming who you're going to be as an adult you're maybe like not necessarily rebelling but at least questioning everything the thing around you and with runaways. Being the parents are evil. Oh but wait. There was a reasonable along. It's really I feel like it would have really spoken spoken to me high school. Yeah that's good pig and then for if people are in college like all all I can think of is Neil diamond stuff because I feel like when I was in college literally everyone who is like I work in comic shopper. I read comics so it was like what do you mean. You haven't read sands man Dan yet. I still haven't read it so because people were pushing so hard to read salmon famine. You gotta read Sandman. I'm like I hear you but also you're the people who keep telling me that watchmen is the end all be all so I don't know like so so as I was thinking about that and I was remember my college experience. It's kind of when I got back into reading comics like more full-time was when I was in college. And I think it actually was reading Scott Macau's understanding comics which is kind of like a text book. Yeah it's a good book to kind of say like it is a comic but also explains the series kind of gauge on a deeper level. It might rekindle your love for comics like it did for me. That is also add. Recommend something like love and rockets by Hernandez or even so Mike Harvey Pekar Merican Splendor. Stuff if you're a cynical college student that's the stuff to read right there. So it's more along. The lines of some alternative comics makes them more literary whatever that term means style. So if you were to pretentious college kid like I was like go appeal to you. Basically ask yourself. Would this be reviewed in the New Yorker magazine exactly. That was my gym so so yeah I think that's a good look there but obviously see we have younger Relatives what about our older l.. Twitter are are parents that might not read comic. Save ideas what we'd get them and keep in mind that all parents sir different rhetoric you know. Put them all in the same basket so to speak and I really do hate lists like that. It's like gifts for her like man I hate to. I hate to bring it up. But I'm going to bring it up that Peleton ad that everyone's flipping out on like don't write like don't get your lady significant other an exercise machine without knowing that as something that she's actually explicitly asked you for but like so so and they're just like look. This is a gift you could get your lady friend. I'm like Ooh but what if she's like not into that right like think about them as a person but I did want to kind of discuss like if you could make your parents like re re comic or reconsider a comic like what might be see for you. Know the first thing that sprung to mind for me and it's actually a book I've actually already talked about my dad with his Berlin by Jason Lutes. I was recently collected a really nice hardcover. I think last late last year and that is a if your father or someone you know is very into European in history particularly World War Two history. This is a great book because it's all about pre World War Two Berlin sort of the nineteen twenties into the thirties when the the city is a metropolitan seen. There's art jazz. There's a sort of a libertarian. Underground culture with cabaret at the same time Amihai political battles between the Socialists. The Nazis it's based on real real history. It's beautiful stated beautifully. told and it's a really amazing using piece of historical fiction that I think a lot of fathers might be into that stuff. They might appeal to them. Yeah I'm going to piggyback off you there because I also picked a world war related book for uh-huh Reminding Her my dad An actually think I'm cheating a little bit because I don't know if you'd necessarily put this in the comic book category or like the illustrated scroll scroll category. It's called the Great War by Joe Sacco and this book came out a few years ago. I remember seeing it in bookshops and being like that it looks that looks interesting and then not actually getting because I was like my dad won't read it but it's actually this like twenty four foot long pullout but where it's like a continuous illustration about World War One. Okay so it's like if you again if if you're if not necessarily your father but if someone in your life is into like the history of war and you think they might like a different way of of looking at that. Perhaps this pull out visual narrative that is like I again. I didn't get it but I saw like sample pages and the art is Really striking interesting when I think of. What do I get from my dad? I kind of jumped to Westerns or SCI FI and the copperhead would be great for that so if your dad is open to Affection and likes Westerns and Saifi. COPPERHEAD was a great book. I went I went with great. Were for this because I was like look at you. Don't even have to read it. You can just pull out the things and like my dad does read a lot but whenever I try to give him comics he just like Kinda glances that forgets about it but if he actually was going to read it then I would probably get him a stack of the James Bond comics that dynamite has been in putting out because those are actually great. Like I don't know if you guys have been reading those at all but every time I read one I am pleasantly surprised by how good it is interesting. I yeah yeah that's a huge Blank spot my pop. Culture knowledge is James. Bond's that might be a star but I also say like maybe your dad read comics and he was a kid so maybe maybe find out what he read. There's all sorts of trade collections of silver age and Bronze Age comics can get him a few years ago. I did get my dad to collection of Silver Age Justice League comics. And you loved today. 'cause it's a trip down memory lane so that's also good a good thing to think about in that regard. What about our moms moms like comics to fix fix here? I think a lot of MOMS like to like to cook. I don't want to generalize because but that's something I was thinking and all moms moms or exactly I'm saying I cook. I'm not trying to be too specific air but My mom also loves a good recipe and I think the book relish my life in the kitchen By Lucy nicely as a fantastic book. Because it's a cookbook and a comic. It's about her remembering specific. Memories and childhood could events based around the sensation of eating in like how taste and smell can trigger memories and growing up around food and appreciating shitting food. It's also filled with a bunch of recipes that are illustrated they can make so. It's a double function book. It's a memoir and cookbook all in one. So that's a good pick for anyone that likes suspend time in the kitchen. Add that to the list for my brother. Thank you call probably great for my shopping For for my mom my first reaction was actually a comic that I think as of now is still only available in French and I was like damn it. Why does it my mom no French? It's this series called old Mamat and there's like a sort of a prequel series for petite mimets league little momentum so the series memet is about this like adorable old lady just kind of like going about her life being an old French lady and then the series petite memet is like. You're seeing her story from when she was like a child. Living with some more extended family members kind of allude to like other stuff going on in the background of France but like she's safe in the countryside and I like pre electra like pre electricity situation. I think it's like an earlier twentieth century. Like maybe World War One or World War Two situation probably World War Two And it's such a beautiful story like I just. I wish they translate it into English because I remember like reading. The PATINA met series in like crying. Because it's like you're you're following the story of this a little this little girl but you're seeing the things that are going over her head also because you see her like aunt and uncle and like other relatives kind of like talking above her head. She's like going off into the woods. Like well La and but from there like glances or like they'll even devote panels to The adults reacting to what they turn or learned about. And it's like pretty pretty heartbreaking to read but in like a Beautiful Cathartic Way and so it's just like Oh. My mom would love this if only she read French or it was in English. So it's like okay. Okay okay are Carey has gotta pick something in English. So that I thought of the Book Lulu which I read God probably like six years ago at this point It is a hybrid of. It's a French urges for from another European country. Comic translated slated into English about this Middle Aged woman who just like decides to not go home one day and she she ends up lake walking along the beach for like miles and miles and like goes to a different town and talks to strangers and does all these things that have just not been a part of her routine of being wife and mother for the last twenty years of her life. And it's really striking like if you like. I don't know if you'd necessarily give this is to someone who's going through a midlife crisis or if it would help them but like I just felt this release while reading it of like Oh like what what would happen if you just kind of left everything. You knew all your routines. If only for like a day thought about Lou new for like my grandmother also because my grandmother at least is she she still has wanderlust Alexa. Travel and things like that So I felt like Lulu anew would be a really great pick for her and and I could see her sitting sitting down to actually read this. I mean I feel like it's not very wordy but there are Israeli. Good so if you've got somebody if if you're if you're older other female relative has bad eyesight or something like that. This would still be a decent book for them up making note of that. That's a that's a good suggestion. So so there's a few other again. We have a very long list. We're not get all of it but I do want to make special note that we probably have people in our lives that used to read comics and maybe stop. So we have lapsed APPs to DC fans leapt. Mario APPs marvel fans. There's so many great books they might not know about. What would we recommend for elapsed? DC reader that we want to get back in the game so to speak. Speak back in the game as like. I even think I'm a good example of this like you. Love the DC characters but you've kind of fallen Off Reading everything month to month and there have been so many changes to that universe that you're just kinda like Do I still recognize what's happening. Do I need to know continuity and sometimes you just WanNa a story that's like what about the characters that I love. What if I wanna read like story with them that I don't really have to worry about the rest of it and that's where Mister Miracle Comes uh-huh and you listeners to the show you know we've talked about this at length but really really if you have someone in your life who used to re DC and for whatever reason hasn't read Mister Miracle yet the series that was published this this past year you gotta get them the trade? I finally got around to reading it. Do Wii understand it. No is it great. Yes will I re read it. Probably like if you at all like the new gods or or just even mister miracle and big Barda even if you just like big Barda like I was in this for Barda. It's like it's such a healthy representation tation of a married couple like I'm almost stunned that this book came out of a big to company. If I'm being totally honest it's it's a very good book. I ask someone. That's already a huge Jack. Kirby new Gods Fan. I knew it was going to like it but I'm I'm heartened to hear that people. That aren't familiar with the new stuff. We're still able to find something in it at that. spoke to them. So yeah I would recommend that if you have fans that maybe don't know those specific characters and have vowed the game for a while I would say the new frontier by Darwin. Cook is a great book to give someone that the DC fans and maybe hasn't read that so that's the classic characters away they would recognize. It's very celebration of silver age. It's a fantastic book and looks. Amazing does look amazing cod. I love that book so much. It's Yeah I saw it on my shelf and like after we read that I haven't read it in a while so for marvel fans again. I'm not as big of a marvel reader so I may not be the best person to suggest but the book that got me a recent book Guy Me. Reading being marvels of regularly the immortal by doing rin valuing with Of course I'm blinking the artist name and I feel terrible about that Put that's a book it you know you know who it is. That's a book that s someone that likes the hulk in theory but maybe not in practice. I immediately grabbed toward that book and thought it was. It's fantastic so when that is familiar with marvel stuff that'd be me now reading contemporary stuff. That's an easy one to jump onto. I think that just makes me think of Hulk Grey okay like I read. Then I feel like the hulk is kind of like wonder woman. There's no real like this is the series that you must read for. This is character that defines them in the way. That like you know you think okay Batman Dark Knight stuff then like Superman unlike Like death of Superman or things like that. There's more like series that were like I can point to that and be like that big thing that they did right but the hulk and wonder woman I feel like not so much but like their stuff that people say. But what about that one. But what about that one and like this origin story and I feel like for the hulk. Gray was a revisitation of Bruce Banner and the hulks origin story but done by contemporary temporary writers and artists. But still with like a retro vibe. That does kind of remind me of. DC's new frontier like that for me. I was great because I didn't really know. Oh anything about the hulk beyond like Hulk Smash and I was like Oh you sweetie this is like Frankenstein's activated yeah. Yeah and that's that's sir. Geoff Logan Tim Sale. I think right now book. Yeah and the immortal homegoods Joe Bennett. Of course on pencils I remembered So yes check that book out firm for Marvel stuff for me the stuff that I really like. Is there like more recent like bubbly colorful unbeatable squirrel girl roll. Miss Your vols like the stuff like that And then I if for some reason you have someone in your life who who used to read. A lot of marvel and for whatever reason did not read the fraction of Hawkeye. You should probably get the volume one of Hawkeye. That's a good pick to And Yeah I'm sure. There's plenty of lapsed X. Men fans and I think there should be if marvel smart a hawks pox collection out before Christmas is coming up workers basically all of comics twitter's like hawks pox and I'm like what disease that you're all about like what happened. What what new concrete nonsense is this But it is an x men series that everyone is like Holy Shit. This is the best so even though I'm not really devoted ex Fan I am like okay published hawks parks. I will get it from the library. I will read it and then I can be like Holy Shit. You guys were right or like there will be no middle ground. I will say as a very skeptical X. Men fan never been a big X.. Men Fan I bought all of those issues and I actually really loved all album so yeah. Oh lindores hawks as a as a X-men Newbie so to speak so it doesn't sound like we're just talking about this the house of X. Powers of ten. So yeah you can find it at your local comics are but I think the collection should be both those series presented narrative. We are supposed to be read so yeah cool. I'll give that a thumbs up can do you have any. I know you're not a big big to read or do you have any insight here or should we jump to another another another topic. I'm going to double down on the runaways as great also degreasers. Yeah I think I think the trick here is books that aren't leading down with continuity and those who come sometimes to find. I think that might be good. Pick gotten so yes yes I want to very quickly talk about Star Wars. I know you've already mentioned a bunch of Star Wars Books Cara suggestions. I want to say. Maybe there's someone that likes star wars but maybe has already consumed all the extra media only likes the movies I would say maybe give them outer darkness. The image series that John Layman rights with art by Abu Chan. I pick that up on Hoopla on a whim and it's great. It's a sort of that same. Space Western vibe space opera but there is elements of magic involved there's the spaceships that are powered by ancient gods. That are no longer being worshiped. The use their energy of the God to power the ships. It's a weird mix of magic and sci fi than probably appeal to a lot of sours fans in the our work is lovely semi. Be a good alternative turned of gift to the sci-fi Stars Fan in your life does appeal to me thank you. I will add that to my list for myself. This is very self serving episode persona making my life easier in so many ways. Is there any trying to think what else we have here on the list again. We will post's full list of suggestions on the website because there's no waving thrall this time allotted. I wanted to talk about a couple series that like I read once runs along time ago or actually a red press twice. That's not fair They read these books and they just kind of like stick in my mind. Like even. If I'm not the like rise up unbidden bidden because other things remind me of them For your friend who can't turn off C. Span probably the book pres- From DC do somewhere in the twenty fifteen through twenty seventeen time frame. They revisited a series that they had done in the the seventies where the premise is. A teenager is elected president but Okay update that they did in The late twenty tens is superb. It's a short series. It's about this this teenager. Nick nicknamed Corn Dog Girl Goes Viral on social media and then elected president president. And it's very like near future dystopia. Ian Corporations are just like personified logos. who were really controlling the government kind of situation but like everything feels close enough where you're like? Oh Fuck. That's probably what's going to happen like if you like Black Mirror her or okay politics in or like following the political nonsense. That's happening these days you would probably find pres- at least thought op provoking read and then Sort of on a on a on a dovetail to this topic if you think Silicon Valley companies are evil and like the Internet is maybe not like a I mean the Internet is a tool. And it's just what people do it that becomes like good or bad but like God probably like six or seven years ago. Now Boom I think it was did a series called medic me medic and and That book is horrifying then. It's like the premise. Is this like sloth meam goes viral role but is like a mind control device and the end did. I'm not going to spoil the ending but it's way crappier than anything you're thinking of an I almost threw up so I don't always have a physical reaction to comics but like even just thinking about the last few pages of medic just it'd be like all And not even just not even just like from a gross out perspective from a like. Oh we really all think very close mindedly about things Ziva when we don't realize it and it just if you if you want to feel a little uncomfortable about life you should probably leave read or give it to someone who's just like telling you that they're canceling all. There's subscriptions to everything because Google's watching okay so interesting. I cautiously put one on the list. Oh speaking of current events and political stuff I want to quickly recommend rolling blackouts by Sarah. glidden this came out. I think two years ago It's a sort of a memoir nonfiction comic and Sarah Goodin basically doing gay memoir about. You're not a memoir word but sort of a journalistic approach to going to Turkey Syria and Iran and she's with a group of journalists who are covering the refugee crisis. There and the book raises a lot of issues of what's the responsibility of a journalist. Can they tell a story. Objectively is opportunistic to tell a story objectively. Are they being biased. It's a meditation on news coverage in the wake of a a very real sadly humanitarian crisis. That's happening there with refugees. It's a somewhat depressing topic but the way good addresses it I think is really I opening and Someone that might be in tune with that stuff would really appreciate that approach to it so add that to the list and we have done so far armful list will will be in our notes because like Paul said. There's just so much because basically started this episode being like I don't know what do we recommend in our like. What don't we recommend? Let's break down friends. Yeah I think the main give takeaway here is that. There's a comic out there for everyone. That's Kinda Roy. I tell people when they ask me. What comics I like what they should check out say look does go to your local shop? There's going to be something that's going to speak to you either. Artistically or thematically and that's your entry point it's not just superheroes obviously we know that but a lot of people still think that way so being able to find something that you think is going to speak to someone on your list. As I mentioned earlier that is does show some initiative and it is a nice way to introduce them to this wacky world of comics that we love so I feel like we are getting toward the end here. Do we want any last wrap up recommendations before we wrap it up here anything. You're dying trying to recommend that's on the list. Don't forget all of the old newsprint comics. Like Calvin and Hobbes. Yes for somebody who likes the retro stuff or an older relative. Yeah I yeah I would even say Kevin Hobbs for your younger readers. Maybe kids didn't read it when being published. Those books are still great for four kids like I. I remember being so excited every Sunday to the Big Kelvin Hobbes's on the front of the comics page every Sunday. So that's Nice trip down memory lane for people the our age and also for younger readers they would still be I think be into that style. That's a recommendation across the board. They really put Calvin and Hobbes in the same category as the early peanut stuff from. I'm Charles Shulz. 'cause like the early peanut stuff was a strip like about and I guess four children but really speaking to adults also and Scholtz was really really biblical and philosophical in his early work in the fifties and sixties with Charlie Brown and the gang. Just like straight up philosophizing and like Schroder was playing Beethoven. What six year old plays Beethoven? But Right Kelvin. And Hobbs. I kind of put in that tradition. Because Calvin and Hobbes are named after philosophers I and a lot of the the day to day Comic Strips were about some more lake like Childish Fun and Fantasy Worlds in like Calvin Ball but especially in the Sunday strips that you're talking about looking forward to like sometimes sometimes those strips would just be like Calvin and Hobbes riding in a wagon down a hill wall straight up philosophizing to one another. So I totally agree agree with you. That Calvin and Hobbes is like all ages like basic. I guess my shortlist then is like when in doubt give someone Calvin and Hobbes. That's two solid recommendation. I second hand endorse that. So yeah that's great and maybe there's one here I didn't on the list for the person on our list that we wish read comics would be our like our our book to say. Hey I knew I didn't comics. This might be the one that converts you we have some good picks here so I already mentioned runaways. I got somebody put that there. And what else do we have. Yeah yeah runaways. Is The book that got me reading comics but I kill giants as the book that kept the kept me reading comics. 'CAUSE IT meant there was more than just your your team superhero books like a could be Abou- how one girl dealing with her personal demons. I read that book recently for the first time and I did cry. Yup Yeah Yeah. That's that's a really good. I kill giants. I threw paper girls on the list because I think that's a book that has a sort of universal appeal and I think it's a really engaging story that's a book that no one's GonNa just end with the first volume gonNa want the next one so that's good very addictive pick to get someone hooked on buying comics. I think so I agree cool. Well we will post as we said the full list honor on our site here which you can find and and if you have any suggestions that we missed we'd love to hear from you you know where to find us. We are on the Internet. All over twitter Cara is at K S Zam. I get that right yet. Okay Kate at Kate L.. Fear I am at Ohio polly and the show is at ISB podcast hard. Cast we post Comic Book News Art. We like Sassy comments and a whole lot. More show is powered by fans. Like you patriarch. Find our patriotic at patriotair on dot com slash. IRC podcast joins us now for access to exclusive audio articles previews of the IR CB schedule early access to top off of my pile posts and more are good. Reads Group is a lovely community of comic friends and join our yearly reading challenge and comment on our weekly threads. This this week's threat was holiday. Themed comics check it out at IRC podcast dot com slash good reads head over to be PODCAST DOT COM for our pronunciation guide discord server merchandise. And everything else. If you haven't already please rate and review our show five stars and I tunes and Beyond and will read your review on the next episode. Email the show with what you've been reading recipes corrections whatever I should be podcasts. At gmail.com infinity shred are the best band in the world. They also do the music for our show. ZANDER is a wizard. He's behind the curtain like the wizard of Oz. He also edits the show. I want to say thank you kate and Keira for joining me on the episode. I was really really fun topic. Thank you for listening in until next time comics are good and sore you. mm-hmm good work friends. We I think we did a great job. I'm really proud of us. Really excited ended about my comic picks to and then as I was about stopping like let me tell you about the mighty morphin power rangers and teenage mutant Ninja Turtles Number One but it came out last week and I didn't see that until until I was actually on the detail page for the item. No I was very excited to hear you geek out about of Oh. I'm disappointed that I must have. Yeah Okay I'll do it in briefer. You're right now. Basically like what ridiculous names for teams. Obviously I want to read this thing. That probably exceeded your twitter limit just through third the title very curious. Have you watched any of that. The netflix show the the toys that made us. Because there's an episode about both of those at sounds up my alley. I have not seen that yet. It's worth checking it. I haven't watched every episode of just basically watched watched the episodes about toys that I actually had a kid. But what's great is the Ninja Turtles One. The first like ten minutes episode is just Kevin Eastman and whatever whatever layered guys acquitted. Just them geeking about Jack Kirby for like ten minutes and how much I love turbans. How the became friends is that they love Jack? Kirby together I I think it's great so oh that's adorable. Thought about leaving my bed to go do the next phase of laundry and then I thought no. Why would I do that thing? Do your laundry outside. Is that why you need it to be nice Yes like all because I not always like there is a drier but I do have like. Today was the day that I needed to wash jeans. And just like recently read a whole so I got a lot of my nerdiness for my dad but he liked goes through phases where he either really embraces being a nerd or is like no. I'm cool But he like is having nerdy moment about like Japanese salvage denim from Brooks brothers. And he's like is he's he's got like one pair of this really nice denim jeans and he like read up on how to take care of them and he's like carry you cannot put done them in the dryer it ruins the elastic fibers. So now I'm like hang drying my jeans and then I also had to hand wash few sweaters so those Zara hanging and yesterday. It was raining all day but that didn't really matter because I was out of the House the whole time but I was like okay. I really need to do laundry today. And this morning it was like cloudy and rainy but then the sun came out around like noon so I was like laundry time and this is how I knew I was a grown up. That's how I know I'm a Grad of what I'm excited that I'm able to do laundry in the manner to which I'm accustomed stormed if the gas prices are less than four dollars a gallon and like I have a favorite grocery store. It's trader Joe's I get that.

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