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02192020 Trumps CMS plans immediate, drastic Medicaid cuts


I'm actually I guess. The chief law enforcement officer of the country but I've chosen not to be involved in with that. Donald Trump proceeded to pardon eleven white collar criminals. The notable pardon was for excellent OI governor. Rod Blagojevich tried to sell Obama's vacant Senate seat in addition to other crimes including releasing eight million dollars of state funds to children's hospital with the expectation that he was going to get fifty thousand dollars in campaign contributions. Another one of the pardon Switzer pogue. Who pleaded guilty of underpaying his taxes. By one hundred seventy three thousand dollars and received three years probation. According to Federal Election Commission Filings pokes family donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct contributions and in-kind air traveled to the trump victory committee according to the daily Beast Dot com well. Donald Trump is on a four day visit to Western states walking just a few steps behind key. Democratic primaries with planned stops in California Nevada near Zona with another stop playing for South Carolina the day before the Democratic primary there on February twenty knife. Trump's strategy on these stops is to raise campaign cash into attempt to help endangered Republican senators mic Sally of Arizona and Cory Gardner of Colorado. Well there's a new rule that's being proposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. That would allow them to limit the extra payments from states to providers serving high numbers of uninsured patients for Medicaid patients. Which if allowed to pass would result in hospitals deciding not to accept Medicaid patients in mass. The rule was just in a public comment period which ended January thirty first now. The Centers for Medicaid Services needs to review those comments before deciding whether to finalize the rule. The rule is facing outrage. Among Republican Democratic leaders. Senator Mark Warner said that the proposal would dramatically affect Medicaid eligibility and wreak havoc on state budgets. Both red and blue states across the country dozens of states republic comments to the CMS Administrator Seema Verma urging her to withdraw the proposal and that included normally supportive conservative states according to the hill dot com. If the rule is finalized as proposed would immediately disrupt the Medicaid program in Alabama and across the country? Road Stephanie mcgeer. Czar who administers the Alabama Medicaid Agency? She also added that it would have unintended consequences that will affect access to care an Alabama to our most vulnerable populations Florida Governor to Santa's warns that the effect of the proposal would be immediate and crippling Medicaid administrators across another twelve states. Both Democrat and Republican States added collectively that the new plan would force states to cut Medicaid eligibility benefits and or provider payments which would have the effect of decreasing the poor's access to important healthcare services. Even Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas said that the Medicaid Fiscal Accountability role. Which is what they're calling. This is a concern to my governor saying further that the rule as propose could lead to hospital closures problems with access to care in threaten the safety net despite the five partisan outrage here folks sadly the trump administration has not given any signals that it plans to back down on this rule as proposed and unfortunately folks the trump administration claims to be working for the common man over and over again but the reality. The sad reality is that there are tax cuts for the rich in pardons for white collar criminals but when it comes to providing healthcare or even maintaining the level of healthcare many Americans poor Americans used today. Donald trump is not a champion of the middle class in poor Americans. This proposed rule the Medicaid fiscal accountability rule is an example of that in the bipartisan support against implementing. The rule underscores. Just how bad this could be for many poor Americans let your congressman or congresswoman. Know today if you think this rule should not be passed call your congressman or congresswoman at two two two two four. Three one to one today. This flash briefing was brought to you by the rusted culture. Podcast and you can find on. I tuned stitcher tune in spotify in Google. Play or wherever you find your podcast. Thanks for listening.

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