Footprint in the Dust


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You get ten percent off your first month by going to better help. Dot Com Slash de L. NBC. I think that's the hardest Damai Life. I've had a lot of hard days, but that was the hardest. Losing her. But still could sup- US. To have her get out of a car and then never make it to the front door twenty steps and we can't explain what happened in those twenty steps. It just didn't make sense to me. I wondered about everybody. Everybody was a suspect. You know you're a person of interest. We still love each other very much. Somebody new that we've seen each other didn't like it. There's somebody out there some jealousy. Probably my stomach was in my throat. All of us rule take back. This can't be happening. What was really hard for my brain to wrap around that? It was early morning still dark. The Spring Air was a cold blanket around the pickup, parked and running near the main street, a little Glen Dive Montana. At Five twenty a m, the passenger side door opened the woman, stepped out and hurried across the empty street toward the entrance to downtown apartment. Her coat disheveled. Her Bra slung over one. The man's eyes followed her through the Dr. Drawn as other men's eyes were like moss to aflame to her. To the woman now crossing the sidewalk door doorway. Suzy. Lightning in the bottom. They were all there. There at Suzy's, front door. Each one of them was part of that crime scene. been how many at WHO. Who on the is in the dark that started that awful cascade of offense of terrible things I just dropped the phone and cried and cried and cried. I just couldn't believe that could happen three times in one family. Sunlight in the bad lands of eastern Montana he's like nothing else that why blue arch unsullied sky the vast rolling old, but unpeopled prairie dotted sparsely with tiny old hamlets, in which businesses personal and we're friends and families have worked the same sun-baked Gumbo for generations places like circle population six hundred. Suzy's home town. She live in things up a lot. This is Suzy's elder sister Carlee. It was kind of Nice to that little breath of fresh air in the family, because the surface were a little more quiet, you know. Suzy was the fifth of six kids born to Marlene, listened and her husband Jack then the county undersheriff. She loved them horses and she loved to go riding. Burn I'd. Go ride and quite a bit. Suzy's love affair with horses grew as she did and shaped your work ethic. Her sister-in-law now. She was a very hard worker. Know everybody thinks the Montana and the cow girls and the cowboys. She was one of those hard workers. She was not afraid to be out there, shoveling manure or Fixed fans or Charge you that kind of stuff. Yeah, yeah, she's tough. Does a feisty thing. But if there was one word most used to describe suzy. It wasn't so much feisty as Capital F.. She was very impulsive, so she didn't think. A lot ahead. She just Kinda went with the moment, and so when Susie went off to a technical school three hours away in billings and got herself a boyfriend. Perhaps. What happened next shouldn't have come as a very big surprise. It was up. She's pregnant and well. You know it's you get married. That's just what you do. And so she did. They made a big happy thing of it. The whole family gathered circle for a real. Country Church wedding. Suzy introduced her parents and siblings to her new husband. Get named Marty. That like for you to. Finding out that she was pregnant and. Things we're going to be a little bit different than you thought you know. The whole family accepted in because resurgence chart. Four long suzy gave birth to a little girl named Mariah. His son Shea. But again no real surprise, the marriage didn't last. She really loved her kids. They were really a big part of her life, and then when her and Marty Split, they were really everything in her life. So late nineties now suzy was working as a medical transcriptionist in a town less than an hour from circle place go Glenn Dive. That's where she met Ted Casey. He was the real deal a grownup this time, a rancher fourteen years older than suzy. He had horses boy that was just right for her. Wedding number two, this one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, the Kids Sheahan Mariah Call Ted Dad. And then there were two more kids. Girls Kiana Charlie. And for almost a decade, the marriage seemed to be just fine. But by then Susie was sharing secrets with vow about Ted. You wanted to tame her. I think. I guess I kind of joke around and say that he wanted her to be home in time for the ten. o'clock news didn't want her to. Stay out and have fun. Fun was just beginning. Ten o'clock. Takeshi ranch love starting to feel like one more chore be put off. Till tomorrow. I think the grill part. They just really both changed. Then one liquid evening added bar. Things went seriously. Sideways Ted got mad dumped. A beer on Suzy's head slapped her spent the night in jail. Not long after Ted pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault. Suzy was gone from the ranch. She wasn't very happy with Ted, and she was starting to make some good decisions to. To find some happiness again. And so by the spring of two thousand, eight Susie and the kids were living at the Ponderosa apartments here in downtown, Glenn Dive and Little Town like this. People noticed what Susie was up to. Liked, her said family acquaintance Olivia Rieger. But noticed people thought of Susie as someone that was going through a time kind of so and some wild oats. She liked to have fun. And she was having a lot of fun. To that Friday evening in April when she came in to see me, she was. Really happy and she had makeup on which wasn't really suzy thing and that was great so I knew something was the. watched. The SUZIE founded out the door to take your youngest kids to test for the night well, the two teenagers fended for themselves. And Susan. At on the time. That this girl's gotTa have a date tonight. The very next morning. Up. When Suzy's worry, children and increasingly frantic family called to check on her. Suzy who always kept her phone within reach? Did Not Answer. I thought this is silly. She went somewhere. The kids forgot, and it's all going to be you know a funny. I thought that maybe she had just fainted somewhere or. Had A heart attack or An accident or anything susie Casey sudden disappearance. Can The people she loves? Help solve it I mean. What do you find somebody? Active, it's going to backtrack Oliver Steps, you tell the house was dark and it was kind of. was like an eerie feeling. The morning sun on what another glorious Spring Day Glenn Dive Montana. But in the Ponderosa apartments, it was anxiety that infected the air as fourteen year old. Mariah tried again and again and again to reach your mother Susie. Riot knew very well that her mother enjoyed evenings out and trusted her. Two older children still got themselves in the apartment. But she'd never once failed to come home. MARIAH's next call was to her grandparents. She told Grandma law made. Around. And so Mariah's anxiety, infected, Jack and Marlene to she left. It can't a lot. In her Mariah were really really close their towers sometimes Yom. Mariah whereas the mom and the kid because. Pretty growed up and smarts for she was. The somewhat more level headed one right. She she wasn't a dare Taylor mother her her opinion. Soon phones were ringing all over susie sister Carleen. Oh, this is silly. She went somewhere. The kids forgot, and it's all going to be a funny Ha-ha, we kids were sufficiently independent. Up and leave for their respective activities, but From Suzy. Not a word. Across town, sister-in-law val hadn't heard yet. The susie failed to come home. They had like a craft show in town and I. I thought that maybe she would want to come with me. Down Franklin, just wondering if you're coming down. then. She didn't respond that morning and I thought that was kind of odd and when I was. At the actual craft shows when I got the call from rusty. Rusty lemelson vows husband Suzy's little brother. Rusty say he told me that the kids couldn't find suzy when they woke up and that the everybody was just really worried, because just wasn't Susie, she would never just not tell her children or be there for them. And, she wasn't there. Makes it tough to reach? Susie wasn't quite so calm. Car Back. Your bad freaking out because nobody could find you. I mean. What do you do you find somebody I was detective. was like. It's going to backtrack Oliver steps, and so that's exactly what I did. Made some call. Suzy had been drinking with friends the night before till about eleven pm. When she left for what was apparently had dates with a new boyfriend someone susie had just started seeing after her separation from her husband Ted. A mind is racing. I also thought that maybe she had just fainted somewhere or. Had, a heart, attack or an accident or anything? Still won her mind settled her first move. was I just figured that? I had to go to Ted's. because. Maybe she was at Ted's, and they were having argument and to finance her phone. Something happened over there. Maybe something happened exactly. Remember Ted Casey had pleaded guilty to assaulting suzie six months before. That's why she moved off the ranch the apartment. When Thou arrived at Ted splits he could tell. The house was dark, and there were no cars there and it was kind of. It was like an eerie feeling. I just felt like I couldn't get out of the car. That myself, so she decided to leave and picked up her husband Rusty The two of them got a key, too suzy's apartment. They opened the door. And here's what they found was a videotape. The police made later. I was just kind of thinking that. Maybe the kids just didn't see her that she was asleep under the blankets or something. You know you just kind of like you're. You don't want to go there. Your body doesn't let you. Mind doesn't let you go there. As we kind walked through the apartment and really realize that she wasn't there again. That adrenaline burst of that. Something isn't right. Something isn't right empty. She's. She's called. She's not here. So found decided to go find that new boyfriend. Susie had a date with the last person to be seen with her. His name with Brad. Holzer, he would know where she was. Brad lived with his soon to be ex wife less than five minutes from Susan's apartment. Thou drove over. Knocked on the door I said so she's not home. We can't find her. She's answering calls and we're all really worried and then I. Remember exactly what he said to me. What do you mean she isn't home? I dropped her off at five am. That's when it hit that. We're going to the police. Something's not right. It certainly wasn't. A man whose marriage was breaking up the last man to be didn't know thing. Really, Well We. Suzy's boyfriend fields a few questions down at the station. Did you ever wonder about Brad whether he was capable of any bad thing when she went missing I wondered about everybody. Everybody was a suspect. Your mind is continues to play and play. Play different scenarios of what what could have happened where she is. People disappear all the time. America many of them. Turn up again. And maybe in some big city somewhere. Suzy's absence wouldn't have raised the alarm quite fast but here. Livia Rieger was young lawyer. Kidding this is Glenda right. She's gotTa to be around somewhere. Godwin Suzy's brother and sister-in-law roared around town looking. It only made them more upset. I have a younger sister and. Older brother and younger brothers but I just? You know as a kid when you're younger. You always wish you had things you did avid. I just always start at a big sister. When I met Susan Lucci was. She was my big. Sister. I didn't have that I wished for when I was a kid. I just I guess never like. She wouldn't be my wife. Mid afternoon, Val and her husband. Rusty drove over to the Glendale Police Department. They sat down with then captain later chief tie Orrick. Said Susie always answers her phone always. And I went to my office twice and tried to call. In to voicemail in town, the size of Glen Dive, the police were keenly aware of Suzy's history. The abuse six months prior at the hands of soon to be ex husband. Ted a a little insight in kind of new dynamics, then bell told the chief Suzy's life had just become even more complicated the night before she disappeared, said vow. Suzy was with another man guy named Brad who she said she was crazy about. And who had been the last person to see her before she vanished? Did you ever wonder about Brad? And whether he was capable of any bad thing when she went missing I wondered about everybody. Everybody was a suspect everybody was. Your mind continues to play and play in play different scenarios of what what could have happened where she is. Well. That question remained unanswered. Rad holder came in for an interview. Hershey she. Brad told the police that he and suzy actually had quite a long history along. Well. Okay, she was sixteen hundred nineteen. Down? They lost touch for nearly two decades at Brad until Saint. Patrick's Day two thousand eight just three weeks before she disappeared. When there is met to the far downtown. was. recognized. And in the weeks since. Brad said he and suzy spent every possible moment together, though given her kids and their respective tangled marital issues, it was complicated. The night before she disappeared, said Brian Susie had been drinking with a couple of girlfriends before he picked her up and they drove out of town to sit by the Yellowstone River. were. Eleven till five am. Grow older ORT. Same thing. It was just about five in the morning Brad. When he drove back to town and parked across the street from Susan's apartment. Did. You guys make out or anything before. Before she. Got, Back across the street. Lights. At least half strongly. So choose goals getting into the. Brad swore he drove straight home and went to bed, and then Brad cast suspicion. Elsewhere. Sources. Where do you think she's field against? I guess Ted Kennedy. Here. There was one more thing said Brad. Somebody sent him a weird email. The morning before his last date was susie. Maybe Ted was behind it somehow. Here it is it reads. Couch your girlfriend out. Does your wife feel about it? The sender a Denise Johnson. The only ancient. That made the cops ears perk up a missing woman, a mysterious email, one guy pointing ward another. There's somebody out there some jealousy. Probably I needed to find out who sent those emails. So they told Brad don't leave town. And they set out to talk to Suzie soon to be ex. Ted, Casey. Would you think. Well. I wasn't very happy. Know we're not living. The scorned. In, the interrogation room and details of a confrontation with suzy. Don't J. Connor head. But you're welcome. To this house? But. Now. I, suppose to such A. So much pressure and after a while. Explore thoughts about Ted. We're not very friendly at that point. by The Sunday that anxious weekend in April two, thousand eight, the whereabouts of susie Casey was a local preoccupation. Glenn Dive Montana. What did hurt disappearance. Do the people around town people were? Interested. I really interested I think. Few Years Prior probably back when I was in college and Glenda, have we had a homicide and It was a drug related homicide, but this was different. This was a mom who. Worked at the hospital that interacted with people generally and here she is, she's gone. There was a lot of talk about who man. We saw her walking down the street sometime. Maybe someone picked her up. The young attorney and Family Acquaintance Olivia Rieger couldn't help but hear what people were saying that she go home with someone. Did you off somewhere? Suzy's mother was afraid something awful. It happened, and for the second time she called Sister Carleen two hours away in north. Dakota, and that's when I knew something was really wrong, and so we packed up to cases and headed to Glenn. Dive to see what we can do to help finder, but where could they look? Glenn dive is the biggest town in a sparsely populated county, the size of Delaware. pharmore hiding places in there are people. We had a few things off a cell phone towers, so we kind of thought we have maybe an idea off a phone where it would have been last, we had horseback. We had four wheelers. Airplanes helicopters people on foot. And nothin'. Meanwhile process suzy's Chevy Trailblazer for any sort of evidence. Same in her apartment. And found. Nothing of being a particular importance anyway. Then, they had to look around outside Suzy's apartment building. And found something. At curious. Curious things actually. Thing one was a shoeprint in the alcove of the building next door, susie. and to over in the alley, maybe forty or fifty feet away looked like something had been dragged something heavy along the ground near the dumpster. Did. Either of those things have anything to do with Suzy's disappearance. Maybe the rejected husband could tell them Ted Casey. The morning susie vanished. He went to work out his brother with the project and Romeo. So by the next day, police were very eager to talk to Ted thoughts about Ted. We're not very friendly at that point. Had reasons to be upset with the woman who was leaving, you was angry humiliated. A costly divorce was looming child support to pay. I. They asked head about that incident in the bar the night they arrested him and put them in jail. Don't cake connor head. Fairly slapped her because she's yourself on ground and drinking. All. But I suppose to. So much pressure after awhile you know, expose explodes. Was a curious thing to say. Ted insisted he last seen suzy about seven o'clock the evening before she disappeared when she dropped off the two little girls, Kiana and Charlie at his house for the night. But Did admit that he confronted suzy on the phone. A couple of hours later after receiving a strange phone call himself around nine PM. Bradfo, or whatever or however you say things. Away, quick. Bread holder Suzy's boyfriend three weeks. Think both as breath. Well I wasn't very happy. I mean I called her up. and Said Hey. WHO. Grabbed hold for. Got GotTA. Call that you've been doing. All. No I never do that. I. Can you know we are still very? Even though we're not living. and. I. Bohm, you know what you call him right back. And then she admitted that she knew the guy. She. was about compensation. Was He upset. Yes of course. He said he was. And yet Ted told his interrogator he fell asleep right away, then got up around. Five am to do chores, Andropov girls with a babysitter and meet a CO worker at City Hall by six. By six o'clock. At the very latest, but. I was thinking of handling. Fix or something like that when I got there, but here's the thing. Ted Drove right past suzy's apartment. He admitted as much on his way to that meeting the City Hall. And, his own time line put him right there around her front door within minutes of when she walked across the street, all disheveled after making out all night with Brad Holzer. The very time. susie vanished from the face of the earth. As the Glendale Police Department checked out the story Ted went home to look after the two youngest girls who are now living with them full-time well. Suzy's two older kids Mariah and Shea went to live with vowel. Her husband Mariah was just tormented. She just didn't know what to do with herself she. was so close to her mom. It was just really really hard for her. And I just can't imagine kids that age trying to wrap their brains are, and we couldn't wrap our brains around it. So how can a kid of that age wrap their head around? What's happening around them? Harder and harder for everyone. As Day after day, the search for Susie produced nothing as time went on. It was clear that she wasn't around anywhere, so it was really scary time. What were those days like? They were Peter how! In wait, wait V phone. And then nearly a month after Suzy's disappearance. Did. You think that's the hardest. Damn my life. And I've had a lot of hard days, but that was the hardest a horrifying discovery by the river. And another discovery at the station. came. He said. Tell me start messing around with very. Brad Holzer why. What was she doing? Nearly a month after susie Casey vanished on an early spring morning in Glen Dive Montana. It was the Yellowstone River that finally gave her back. Actually sitting on my desk and the sheriff at the time, October and said there's a body floating in Fallon. Fallon is a small town twenty eight miles upstream from Glenn, die. and. We jumped in the vehicle and by Tommy got there. It was onshore. took a look I knew what she was aware from description, and just the features I now at that point that's were changing from missing persons to homicide. After we had the positive identification. I had to go tell the family. and was probably one of the hardest times I had to do that. There's just got so close to them over over the weeks. In on what they're going through and especially those kids that was tough. Suzy's family gathered at val and Rusty's house. Couldn't have been any yellow. By, they didn't go there all the way. Up, to do. At. My job was to keep this family together. Thank together through this. Authorities authorities came. told, US adults. It. What's her body? I didn't let my emotions just run with it. Because they knew we had those children downstairs. The older to Mariah Fourteen Shea twelve. Carleen is the one who told them. I think that's the hardest day of my life. And I've had a lot of hard days, but that was the hardest I think. Words spread that suzy had finally been found. The town of Glen I've both mourned and. Relax to some degree. I think it was almost like a sense of relief like how we found. We found her. We can move forward and see what happens, but this time agents from Montana's department criminal investigation had been called in to help the local police. Agent Lee Johnson. We determined from the autopsy that she was not breathing when she went into the water, so not drowning are so she was killed i. that's correct and the autopsy revealed that her highlight bone was broken, which is consistent with manual strangulation? Strangle the when. By whom? This time Brad. The last person known to have seen suzy alive. had been interviewed time again she left. She was wearing my white sweatshirt. And they talked repeatedly the Brad's wife. Though she and her husband maintain. They had no motive to kill Suzy. They were headed for divorce. Berkeley! But how did she feel really after all they were still living together. Did Brad's wife who might be considered? The odd woman out in a love triangle have a reason to get rid of Susan. Variety. Brad. But Brad story didn't change. He and Susie were out all night. He dropped her at her apartment around five am then drove a few blocks home and went right to sleep. And his wife insisted that was true. Came home from date of her own at six am and found who already asleep. Again But Brad's wife added to the mystery as well because it turned out sheet to claim, she got a strange phone call that the week. Susie, Back. Okay. Start Messing around with Mary. Was a female. Woman. This was getting stranger by the minute. Dad Remember claimed it was a male who called him to rat on Susie Brad said a female name. Denise Johnson sent him an email asking how his wife felt about his girlfriend? Police really needed something concrete something physical proof of Brad's whereabouts to back up his story and clear his name, and it was just just by fluke that we decided to check the bank for the footage and sure enough there it is. The bank. A US bank branch just a couple of doors down from Suzy's apartment. Of course it had a camera on its ATM. So they asked to see the video. At what do you know though ferry grainy and extremely hard to see clearly? It appeared to back up. Everything Brad said. Early in the morning. Just before five am four fifty two to be exact, you can see a pickup up across the street from the Ponderosa apartments. We see brad holes or pull up in his vehicle on the security cameras and Susan Casey is with him in vehicle for a period of time or twenty minutes. The Don light comes on. We believe that's when susie exits the. The vehicle and this was about five thousand nine hundred am then breads. Pickup pulled away out of frame. So then when Brad, Holzer's wife interviewed, she had been out all night. She comes home and said when she got home at six am. That Brad was in bed sleeping. We have a timeframe from five am to six am. Where Brad Holes or house to commit this homicide. And he asked to dispose of the body, or he has to hide the body somewhere and dispose of the later, and we just didn't feel that. Mr Holes or had strong opportunity in that time period, and certainly didn't have much of a motive to murder Susan Casey to hear. That was quite a relief as you might imagine for Brad, who has replayed the seen countless time saying good night to and pulling away before she got inside the apartment door. Hindsight it bothers me that I didn't wait and watch, but there there is no reason that anybody should be there. It's five in the morning. The whole town was dead ride. Just remember. Needing to get home wanting to get home as soon as possible, didn't cross my mind for a second, that anything had happened or that anyone was there. The gallant gesture he didn't make. Brad holes as all kinds of time to think about that. Sometimes I think about. I. Wonder What we'd be doing right now. There could have been a future there. Suzy was laid to rest on a sunny day in May, two, thousand, eight in the little cemetery outside her hometown. No one the slightest aware. Of, how much more but still the calm? You didn't make it home last night. An angry message from Suzy's husband, Ted. And a closer look at his story. You know you were a person of interest. Yes, and you can expect that sure, but how was it? To be treated that way, it doesn't feel good. You know every place. Go everything you do people watching talking. Point exactly! What did he do the morning of the murder? Love and money make the world go round of course. Though here as anywhere, they also happen to be. Leading motives from murder husband scorned convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault on the Hook for alimony and child support. And a life insurance beneficiary. So. Of course, the COPS had reason to suspect Ted. You're not. Got To admit that he drove right. Pass Uzis apartment very near the time. She disappeared that he was angry. Tried to reach on the phone. Actually I called. I Left City Hall. and. Yes, indeed here is the angry voicemail at left. Well. I just called Mariah and seems like you didn't make it home last night so Maybe what somebody called me and said. Maybe it's true. You're doing somebody else. So once again. It seemed those age. Old Motives pointed at the husband ninety percent of time you would be right, but was it possible. Ted could be the exception that proves the rule. A little checking revealed at Ted, was in fact at work that morning, as seen by a coworker, exactly when he said he was if he did commit a homicide. While you have time to dispose of a body, remember they found Susie and the Yellowstone River Twenty eight miles upstream from Glenn die so. Once again they pulled out that ATM video from the US Bank, the one beside Sushi's apartment building. Ted said he dropped his girls off at his brother's House that morning about five forty five am then drove to city hall to work. It's a small town and City Hall is just blocks from Suzy's plays. Ted Teddy drove right pastor apartment. And sure enough. We can see vehicle joined by the proximate time that Ted said. He drove by the Ponderosa apartments on the video at. The time. Five fifty two way. Just by Ted told the police. So he's basically got a fifteen minute window in their where he's dropping, his kids often accounted for, and then he drives a c Hall and works there for a period of time. Given how close together was. When of taken much time to kill Suzy, hide body. And retrieve later for disposal. Possible. Quite dot release. My phone records seemed to back up what Ted said about calling Susie the night she went missing that angry message. He left on her voicemail. Times proved. It was hours after she vanished meaning that either Ted was trying to fool the police with voicemail and his public movements that morning. or He didn't have any idea what happened to Susie. And therefore this time. The husband didn't do it if he was telling the truth that is. You know you were a person of interest. Yeah and you can expect that sure, but how was it? To be treated that way. It doesn't feel good. You know every place he'd go everything you do. You got people watching talking. Point and was behind your back, yeah! What's that like? Walk around sort of feeling a little niche in your back or something? Will you. Don't realize you're on edge all the time. It's hard to relax. You don't realize it until you go through it that. You can't relax you do, but you don't like. It's not normal, you know. Yeah. How does that affect your health? For. All of those. You know it probably Agencia. I guess you get used to you really don't. Notice it quite as much until you get pressure off you. You know like ten thousand pounds of weight off your shoulders. You know, but I did nothing wrong and. I had nothing to hide from so. Did? The police believe that. You'd think if they did believe him. They make some sort of announcement that Ted was in the clear. But they did not. And so it was awkward. Especially when they were looking for susy. Did you take part in the search idea. What was that like? It's kind of a tough situation you know. What happens if you find if you're by yourself and you find her, you know. What would that look like? And I never did get up. Give up hope that she was alive. You know I was hoping. Praying that she was still alive. You know even though she was missing that she would show up. You know reality you know. It's probably not going to happen, but. You know I never give up hope but at the same time if you found her. That would suggest you knew where she was in the first place because you put it there. The Kid, so ted was still a target, the investigation and also quite suddenly a single parent of two little girls Cayenne, and Charlie age six eight six days seemed like six months. You know I mean. You weren't sleeping much I had headaches every day for over a month. All Day Long. So how do you tell a little girl? Mother's never coming home that she said. I guess they just told them how they take it. Daybreak down. You know they didn't let me out of their sight for quite a few days. I, can imagine. And especially, when came nighttime offer? They were glued to you. There was remember an insurance policy and suzy's life. Ted was the beneficiary. Wasn't a lot. But they cut the check. And Ted Casey cashed it. What you do with. Paid her funeral expenses in i. what was left I split four ways between the four kids. Could've kept it. Could of, but that's not the right thing to do wasn't enough to be very much help to the kids. Not much. You know there was probably maybe. Three four thousand dollars left. After funeral expenses. But. It helped shape Mariah to so. So does Ted sound like a guilty man. But if it wasn't him and it wasn't the boyfriend Brad. Then who killed Suzie? Specific? And why? A mystery caller. Please call me I'm worried. Someone was desperate to reach suzy over and over again. It was the same voice. Let me, know that you're okay. Everybody is very worried about you. A stop to this guy is strange. Call that many times really kind of obsessive. We're all worried costs. Yeah, who is he talking about? Yeah. Boy this is something we need to look at here. Hey Guys Willie geist here this week on the Sunday. Sit Down podcast I get together with actor. Chris Evans to talk about his new series, defending Jacob and his step off the screen into public policy. Get our conversation now for free wherever you download your podcasts. There was something in the air that night. No doubt about it. Not, every deadly sin, but certainly several swirling city block in Little Glen Dive Montana. Something that put at least two men Ted Casey and Brad Holzer. On the same street within minutes of one another. Who own those is in the dark that watch Susan Casey in the moments before she disappeared. Gone. From the first moments don on the kids, parents and Siblings Susan Casey hadn't come home. Everybody's looking for you. Give me a call. That all of them give me a call. Tried calling the woman who never went anywhere without her phone. Hello! That phone was her lifeline as Susan's brother, Rusty and sister-in-law vows said during their interviews with investigative. On. Among whom was then captain tie already south up. Let's see which phone calls she had. that. Is What a very strange story began to emerge. And that's where we're seeing. All these phone calls from a number that we didn't know who belong to a number. Nobody recognized calling susie again and again all night long. But did that mystery caller leave a message? Either Valor Rusty knew how to access suzy voicemail. But. They didn't know who just might we know when I called? Nor I and I asked her. If she knew her mother's password to get into a voicemail, she knew instantly. Tie was sitting across the table from us, and the messages started to play. You. Don't call me back to one o'clock over and over again. It was the same voice I would love to hear from you and make sure everything's okay. And then starting you get like more desperate in needy. Don't know what to do. You won't answer me like really reminded me of. When you're a teenager and you have your first crush and the guy or the girl goes to call them the next day, and they don't answer. Usually most of us would stop. Please let me know that you're okay, but as a teenager, sometimes, their emotions aren't really under control, and they'll continue to call call call high school need to hear you played. It was like that, but the messages continued to get closer together, just more desperate. Please let me know that you're okay. please. Everybody is very worried about you. I just thought this guy is strange to call that many times is really kind of obsessive. We're all worried. Call us. Yeah, who was he talking about? The point, who was this guy who was he to Susie? And why less than four hours did he leave, not one or two or four or six? But twenty two voicemail messages for Susie. Please call me I'm worried. Their. Vows suddenly do. SUSIE had only hit it out. But there was another man in her life someone from her past with whom she'd reconnected as her marriage to Ted fell apart. This man. Her long ago I husband the father of her two older children. Marty Larson. Did. She talk about him at all. I knew that she had a previous marriage and camera, but I didn't know anything really more beyond that Marty, out of Suzy's life for nearly a decade. No contact, no child support nothing. But then in two thousand seven, Mariah curious about her biological father, found him on the Internet and reached out. Marty. Came to visit a timer to. At least once, Susie took the kids to see him three hours across the prairie in billings Montana. Parents were among the very few people who knew. They were not happy. We got into an argument and Nice said, Susan. You don't WanNa do this and dead. You know the family isn't gonNA, really go for this and she's dead. You mean everybody's GonNa. Disown me, and so I just ducked off, and I told him I said. I'm not gonNA live my daughter over him. At the end of it. Serious it got nobody knew really. Maybe they were just friendly. Maybe it was more than that. Now investigator Rick Type Marty Larsen in the database Anna popped up. and. I seen criminal trespass remember Suzy, married Ted Pretty quickly after she left Marty back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety eight, but that wasn't the end of it no long after the wedding, apparently in a fit of Pique. Mardi drove three hours on the highway from billings to Glenn Dive and turned up. The newlyweds house. For the shotgun. And he admitted. That! Susini, kids who are probably safe, but Ted probably wasn't so. That's pretty much saying that he'd blow you away. You know a twelve gauge shotgun. WOUND YEAH! But that would be for you not for her. What he intended to do with a shotgun was never made clear, but he was convicted of criminal trespass, and was slapped with a lifetime restraining order no contact with suzy or Ted. Ever at that point I had a little red flag up. And said boy. This is something we need neither look at here. To Judge Him is twenty two phone messages Mardi. And by the way he's given first name was Walter was very worried about Susie. Desperate even as those nighttime hours went by without a word from her. But MARDI still lived three hours away in billings, so is that where he was calling from? One sure fire way to find out. Check the Cell Towers. We looked at Mari Cell, phone and we actually started seeing him pain from billings all the way to Glenda. Can I. ASK YOU ONE QUESTION I. AM I. Under arrest or something now being charged with no Marty as a revelation for police, we still love each other very much. For you, Kinda thank you to get back together. that. was. A. It's a long lonely road under the Montana mood. And even at the elevated speech allowed on I ninety four. It's a good three hours east northeast across the rolling prairie. From billings to the Ponderosa apartment building in downtown Glenn Dive. Ping, Ping Ping. Fast, the ever listening Cell Towers. And suddenly the COP at some homework to do. I didn't know who Marty was had no idea, but he knew from the towers that Marty Larsen was the third man to put himself near Susie Casey the night. She vanished, which is why he called the State Department of Criminal Investigation and soon after Mardi returned from Glenn Dive Agent, Lee? Johnson found himself standing outside Marty's apartment, staring at this freshly washed minivan. Video again, courtesy of the police! It was obviously very clean on the exterior, because invent through an automatic car wash. The interior vehicle had heavy condensation on the windshield redefined inside the vehicle been shampooed. The carpets had been cleaned. When you get into the cargo area, the back of the van had been vigorously cleaned out with some type of solution water, maybe cleaning solution. And in Martin Department, There's an empty bottle of toilet bowl cleaner in the kitchen. Garbage detectives looked at the toilets and the residence. They didn't look like they'd been recently cleaned, but yet we had an empty container of Lysol bathroom cleaner. That wasn't all they've found in the garbage. There was this. It appeared to be a list of expenses as if someone was planning quite seriously for Las Vegas wedding basically breakdown of the trip for lodging. Paying for a, minister. To marry them and the return trip home. Then when investigators asked Marty to take off his shirt, they saw scratches on his back now. How in Heaven's name with have gotten those some sort of struggle perhaps? So while the search for suzy was still going on. The agents suggested they all sit down for a little QNA. Party said sure but. Ask You one question for sure. AM I. Under arrest or something being charged with. Marty said he and Susie had reconnected the year before mostly for the children. But right away, said Marty. They fell for each other all over again like true soulmate. That time ten years prior when he had taken a shotgun to Ted and Suzy's house, all forgiven, he was a different man. The ten years we were part. I spent thinking. She hated me. She thought I hated her. In fact we still love each other very much for you kind of. Thing that you to get back together. That! was. So said Marty just before. Susie went out the night. She vanished. He talked to her on the phone and I told her before she wanted us to make sure you eat. She drink too much. Don't. You don't need to get it to you I. Get in trouble like that and she promised to call him back later. Overabundance, okay. After all thought Mardi they were a couple again. It was his business to worry about her and she didn't call. Color, twelve, thirty, six I hadn't heard from her. You make sure everything's okay. If you don't call me back to one o'clock I whether. She gotten arrested or what was going on. And then I thought. There see if. She's okay. Make sure she got home. Make sure everything's okay. What time did you leave? BILLINGS report? One thirty ISH and sure enough. When police pulled video at the blue basket were Mardi said he gassed up. TIMESTAMPS said one thousand nine am. And so he drove, he said, calling and leaving voice messages for Susie during the entire, two hundred and twenty miles dream I just need to hear it. Please please call me. I'm worried by expecting to hear back from saying. I'm fine. Don't come. But Suzy's called never came. Glenda then. Four thirty five again the truth. Mardi, cell phone pinged on a tower and the Glenn Dive area just before four thirty a m. you said he parked around, the corner walked to her apartment. Her car was parked outside as if she was home. Knocked on the door. Softly because they're detriments near the door. Hoping quaker. Kids. and. Open y'all she'd come and tell me she be okay. And there's no answer so I went out and. Call text a few. You type in a wake up. So did you ever encounter says? I wish I would have seen her. He swore he didn't see Susie arrived just before. Five am with Brad didn't see what they were doing in. The truck didn't see her cross the street to her door at five nineteen. But he did leave down. He said and video from another nearby bank seem to back him up. At five forty five am leaving one last frantic voicemail. You're okay. Police of course are paid to be skeptical. There's no doubt in my mind. You saw her this morning. But Marty stuck to his story, and when detectives asked him why his minivan was so freshly washed away after. One major thing. During the road hitting, there's budget. The bottom of. The bugs off of and open. On. Washing spray the deer often over John. Deere. Really. But Did you check into whether or not he actually did hit a deer, did we did? We checked with the highway patrol? They said there was consistent with a deer. It was not alive dear that he hit running. It was actually laying in the interstate, and when they tested the tissue on the van. Sure enough it was not human, could was animal tissue, but then when police asked if there was any way they'd find suzy's DNA in on or even under the van. Pretty sure that was party set something as he often did that made police one. Well I. Guess what I'm saying is. Always thought! Is that was? I guess I. Don't know for certain. That couldn't have been her what. was He tried to tell police? He ran suzy down. You. Know. I haven't done anything. You can. You can scribble everything under these events. Van Dear. And if that wasn't weird enough. Has the detectives left the room? Where are you? Those kids! Each, Of Us. We she knew where you were. Need, hardly say it. Marty was now the prime suspect the man in the crosshairs. Suspicion is so easy. The real question was did he probably do? What cop or prosecutor would wanna stay his or her career? On a wild bet like that. Suzy's. Consumed. Wouldn't sleep much at night. He told me one night. He just wanted. To Stop Feeling. I think it just haunted him. He was going to get justice for our family even if he had to do it himself. A whole new tragedy is about to hit suzy's family. Get phone call in the middle of the night. It was really impossible to believe that. We've already lost susie. This can't be happening to. Once Suzy's family found out that her ex husband Marty Larsen Glenn dive. The night she disappeared reaction was quick into the point if I knew all this. Ten years earlier at a talking for Ryan. Well meaning. You know. Here's what most thought pretty well right away. Just an add up that it was Brad. An APP that it was ted. But Marty perhaps. There were signs like those obsessive voicemails. Call me. And the bank video. He's own admission that he hoped to reunite with suzy. The probability he saw, Suzie, can noodling with Brad. The mini van washed to fairly will on his return home. At yet. Marty Larsen was not arrested. I think that frustration was really really hard for the family. What was your expectation that they would look at this material that they had and then just going arrest Marty? You. Know when you watch. Shows like this things move. They Progress I guess I just anticipated that these things would move forward. And who was responsible would be held accountable. And time just kept on going. Thing is at that point Suzy's sister-in-law. Vow and her husband Rusty. We're still hearing that Marty and Ted were both aspect. The time, Suzy's two youngest kids were with Ted. The older touche in Mariah were living with val and rusty. was extremely difficult for Shea. N. Mariah both I remember. We were so excited for him to have as own room his own space, but at night he couldn't. He couldn't sleep in his room. Had to sleep with Mariah. Scared Mari was to. Zone father. I don't think he ever really called him. Father Guinea of related. I think that he was afraid of Mardi. Bell had a newborn of her own to go along with those extra responsibilities. And an overwhelming sadness that sneaked into her bed, her kitchen for life, an unwelcome house guest that simply refused to leave. My son was four months old with. Suzy was taken from us. I don't remember. I don't remember walking out. Remember those moments I should remember has a mother. Meanwhile the investigation was stuck in the wheat. I was thinking couple months and we're. We're going to have an arrest. And we just didn't have the pieces at that time that we needed. Two Thousand Eight, the way of all years Ted kept to himself, Mardi moved left. billings went to Phoenix got a job. And at home and Glen, dive suzy's brother vows husband rusty. was having trouble with the rage. Suzy's. Consumed him. Wouldn't sleep much at night. And he told me one night. They just wanted. To Stop Feeling. I think just haunted him that he. Felt. Like. He could have done something. By the time, a representative of Montana's Attorney General's office met with the family. Many felt they were teetering on the edge of sanity. Still Wondering Mardi. Retired. What were the holder? That day I asked if she could tell us. As a family, the Ted was no longer suspect. and. She asked me why asking the question. I and I told her because I've. The two little girls were living with Ted at the time Man Ryan. Share living with me and I just felt like I was. The only person trying to salvage the relationship with the little girls in their siblings, and I just really wanted her to kind of crash that wall down and say that he wasn't a suspect in than her response to me was. That the case is still moving forward and he's still suspect. Closing to here, yeah, I mean I. Just I just really felt like I needed to hear that at that time and I didn't get to hear that and that it was still. Possibly could have had involvement. Ted. Still lived under a cloud of suspicion, believe that Marty Killed Suzie. There was a lot of nightside in sleep. Real good wondering if somebody is going to show up in the middle of the night. With a gun. But it was rusty during his many sleepless nights. Who devised a plan to do? What police and prosecutors seem unable or unwilling to do? He was going to get justice for our family. Even if he had to himself. Would you mean by a hat? He had made several plans. About how it was going to. Kill Marty. Take Marty's life just like already took suzy's. Would you say to him when he said things like that. That the case was moving forward in a that wasn't something he needed to do. We have the sun and our son needed him and me. Couldn't leave us. Eventually! It all came to that anyway. First. Ballon rusty divorced. And then in November two thousand eleven three and a half years after the night. Suzy was murdered. Phone call in the middle of the night. It was really impossible to believe that rusty her brother thirty two years old. Committed suicide. We've already lost susie this. This can't be happening to you know, and so it was really hard for my brain to wrap around that. And so Jack and Marlene went to the little cemetery in circle. Delay another other child to rest. It crushed them and then to lose their two youngest. It just seems like they aged fifteen years. Do you think rusty would be around today if they had moved quicker on that case. I try not to go there. I mean. There's all these tips, whatevs. But then wasn't long after her rusty was put in the ground. A new county attorney was elected in Glen Diet. You ve already met her Olivia Rieger I. Really felt like we had a duty to give some sort of explanation to Jack and Marlene and their family as to what was going on. If the case was going to go somewhere or if it wasn't, they needed to know, they couldn't be sure. Left, dangling out there certainly were dangling absolutely, and if that were all the hope for an answer and justice might have simply ended there. One morning as Livia was settling into her new office, there was a knock at the door. A man had come to call. And he smiled and say hi. Brown, light, and we're GONNA. Try a homicide. Think my stomach was in my throat, because especially when he said we're going to try homicide and I thought are. Are you kidding me? At last. and New anguish at no one in the family saw coming the hate you pretty hard. I just dropped the phone and. Just cried. Cried and cried and cried. I just I couldn't believe that that could happen three times. One family. Live Reeker could scarcely believe her is the man at the door. The man who clearly intended to enlist her in some sort of cause was one of the best known prosecutors all of Montana so when you saw him at the door that day. What happened? Do I think. My stomach was in my throat, because especially when he said we're going to try homicide and I thought are. Are you kidding me because I am new here, you know. He brought boxes of files and he said I'm going to be back in six weeks and I want you to get on this and read all this stuff and we're going to talk about how we're going to do this. This is Brad. Blight, who, before he showed up at Livia, door was appointed. The State Attorney. General's chief prosecutor. The often helped. Small jurisdictions handled big cases. How'd you get involved in this particular case? Well I come to the Attorney General's office. There was another chance secure at that time? Simply didn't think there was enough evidence. I then took her position and I told my team. Let's look really hard at this and. Months later after very hard look. I thought it was a great case. I thought circumstantially it was overwhelming. Then Brent, light met with Suzy's family, asked for their patients and promised he would issue an arrest warrant for the man he was now convinced was the killer. Larson I just I saw my family and their family, a good strong family, and to have this death. Occur to have her. Get out of car and then never make it to the front door. Twenty steps and we can explain to them. What happened in those twenty steps I thought they deserved to find out in February. Two thousand twelve almost four years after suzy's murder of Phoenix, SWAT team descended on Marty Larsen, as he walked out of his apartment on his way to work. Back in. A certain ex- suspect finally relax when you knew he was under arrest in and in jail. How does it Change Your Life? You know it took a lot of stress off me. Glendale Police Department how you doing and the man who took Suzy's original persons report sat down to interview. Marty just arrested guy for homicide when I walk in I'm expecting some say you're crazy. I didn't do this. I don't WanNa talk to you at all. I find a guy. Sitting interpreters lays crossing arms. Crossed the side? The only thing I have to say is I have no idea what happened to her. I don't know how. She passed away. That's it. I pretty much knew when I was. Targeted years ago. Something like this could happen at any time. This Day could come so. What does that say? That said to me, always been thinking in the back of his head that he would be arrested for this crime. They took Mardi back to Montana stuck in the county jail to await his murder trial. And as the spring of two thousand, twelve arrived, it seemed that things were finally looking up for Suzy's family. Relief especially, mom and Dad I think really felt like susie would finally get some. Get some justice. And there was another reason finally for the family to celebrate Suzy's eldest child Mariah was graduating from circle high school. Senior photos retaken announcements were printed up and sent out. A party was planned in circle. Then the day before the ceremony. She had said you know. Going to be my graduation and my mom is not here to sing. And I know, but I said GW. And she cried. Mariah and Marlene dried their tears. And the young girl bounded out of the House and drove away. What happened anyway folks. Well, they that cheap travel extreme. When throw Renault, skid. March or nothing tell she hit the ditch and it rolled. That kid would never leave without her seatbelt on. Not Nights. She didn't have it on and throw it out. Mariah, Larson? Just eighteen years old. I'll remember is answering the phone. My mom telling me and that's all I remember. I just dropped the phone and. Just cried. Cried and cried and cried. I just couldn't believe the duck had happen three times. In one family. I never really grieved first susie. Just like I never really grieved for rusty. Until Mariah's accident. That was the day agree for three of I can't imagine that scope of loss. How you managed! either. That hit you pretty hard, but. When she was killed. Is that the appoint? That gets you every time. Mariah was laid to rest in that little cemetery outside circle next to her uncle, rusty and her mom, susie. Had A hard time living without a mom. And I guess advice. Cheap finally went to be there. Taft. Didn't make two one. Three trillion. And right along with the family that day was the new prosecutor on the case it showed. Me A lot about Brownlee. Because he traveled from Helena after only meeting that young girl one time, he came from elementary funeral. and. He had a message for the family. And from Marty Larson, it was very clear in this case from both sides. There was not any any negotiations. We never talk negotiations. We simply talked about trial. Let's go to trial. Bravado Circumstantial cases especially like this one can be tricky things. That shoeprint those drag marks and that surveillance video from the bank. Would any of it point to Marty? Looked like a different person my was he tried to change his look, so he would not look like the person who is on the bank ATM There's a big Husky guy. Maybe two hundred ten pound man, and here's a person who might now be one hundred and fifty pounds, hundred and sixty pounds. All of us were a little taken back. Dive as we have, said not a very big place. The walk from Susan's apartment door to the Dawson county courthouse would take. Less than a minute. Five years from crime to trial five years. One City Block. Where in April, two thousand Thirteen Marty Larsen finally faced a jury. Clearly to me. He was the person that committed the crime. Now. My Chore Was Guam. Prove it. When, Marty Walk in Portland Gasp. Sure didn't look like the picture, but I was shown of him he'd lost like seventy seven pounds or something like that, so he looked like a different person altogether, so I think it was a little shock and everyone's mind. All of us were a little taken back. Wait. Was it intentional? More on that in a minute. First. Prosecutor light listed what he said were motives for Mardi Kill Souci. Motives as old as time jealousy pride. Rage. I think Marty was absolutely convinced that he and Susan. We're going to get back together that his family was going to be reunited that they were GonNa move out of state away from her family and that they were going. Have this this close knit relationship? He was prepared to marry her. He was making financial plans to marry her and I. Really think he thought that was going to happen I. Don't think Susan Debit. He certainly thought that, and all of a sudden here comes Brad. Here comes somebody telling him that she's seen this other guy. That's why the prosecutor and phone record back it up. Marty made those phone calls Brad to strained wife and a Ted Casey shortly before the murder. Alerting he's estranged, but still married people that something untoward was going on. I think at that point. He thought well. Let me just break this up. His efforts were all just about breaking them up. And that effort. Included emails. The MARDI denied it. Did you send emails? On. Search of Marty's computer revealed he had created that email account under the name, Denise Johnson, and sent those emails to Brad asking how his wife felt about his girlfriend. And when police showed up at Marty's door the very first time you know, he's racing things on his computer and de fragmenting the hard drive appeared to be getting rid of something something. On the night Susan disappeared phone records revealed that she and Marty last spoke at nine fifty one PM. Then Susie was aware that Marty of trying to sabotage their relationship Brad. After the phone call Suzy Kolber daughter Araya. Question She wanted to know each. K.. In. Answer why she? Was Calling, On? The phone record showed suzy stopped. Returning Martin called. That's why at one, thirty nine am Mardi was caught on that gas station surveillance camera, leaving billings to head toward Glen Dive. I think when he left. Billions never intend to kill her I think he gives us intent to confront her. To find her and confront her about what's going on. The jury heard that Mardi left twenty two voicemails as he drove over the next three hours is cell phone. Ping and Glenn Dive just before four thirty a M. Then by his own admission, Mardi Park, right around the corner from Susan's apartment building next to the bank. That's when the banks ATM started. Telling a story like nothing else could for twenty seven am. Prosecutors argued this figure. Right here is Mardi walking towards Suzy's department. Our theory was he got to -partment on rag before she returned, and there's a little concave little store front. And we believe that's where he was standing. That's at the prosecutor is when he left that footprint found in the dust in the alcove of the building next to Suzy's. Send! The tape showed at four fifty. Two Am Brad and Suzie pulled up in Brad's truck. Five nineteen a M. The Dome like game on Susie opened. The door got out just steps from her apartment. When she stepped out of Brad's car after he had stood in that concave for fifteen to twenty minutes as they are in the car, doing whatever they were doing, I think he he gave his extremely angry, and when he saw her, I think he confirmed her I think she confronted him right back? I think when she told him that she was going to. Continue a relationship with Brad on that Mardian her were done. I think he was a no one's going to have susie SORTA. It came to a head in that little little allie there. And I think that's when he strangled. Strangled, her prosecutors argue. But not before Susie left those telltale scratch marks found on Mardi back. The state's theory. That Marty dragged her body across the alley, leaving those drag marks near the dumpster. Then a five thirty eight am figure walked back toward Marty's minivan. After he walks back the next thing you see, is that silver? Van Pulled back in front of Susan's. There's about a five minute wait. I believe he's. He's putting the body into the back of that van. And then you see the van pull aside. That prosecutors when Marty started driving back to billings. You have a body and your van I think the river was the fastest and easiest way for him to end to buy him some time. Prosecutors produced this video, showing Mardi at eight fifteen am seventy eight miles down the road, stopping for gas, wearing a white t shirt black shoes that were never found. Did he throw them away when he dumped her body? Attend Twenty nine am Marty was back in billings leaving his first voicemail almost five hours. This one with a decidedly different tone. Good Morning Sweetie I was just hoping that you would. Talk Me, I have my own charging right now. Give me a columnist one. Thank you totally different tenor when he still hadn't talked to her, I would have thought that you would have been even more angry as time went by that. He still hasn't return your calls he they still don't know where you are. Now he's he's gone into alibi mode and the final piece of the puzzle prosecutors. Remember how Mardi vigorously cleaned his minivan inside and out. Not Quite enough. One hair was found. It was in the back of the van. Where you'd put a body, and of course we did. The might have conjugal DNA and it was. Hers was in the back where we believe he later. So. A strong circumstantial case. except. The Marty who showed up in court? Did Not look. Like demanding video, my belief was he tried to change his look, so he would not look like the person who was on the bank ATM. There's a big Husky Guy Maybe two hundred and ten pound man, and here's a person who might now be one hundred and fifty pounds, hundred and sixty pounds. Back at work. With question after all the state's case was entirely circumstantial. There were no eyewitnesses. The bank video was so bad. Even the judge wondered at times what he was looking at. And they never found shoes to max the footprints in the alcove. O'Brien fight had taken a chance all right on a difficult case. That, the defense was yet to come. I don't think anyone knows how this crime happened. There was not enough evidence to bring this case. Ted. Casey I believe it was the only one who had a real motive. A shot from the defense was the wrong man on trial I couldn't have done. Listen you put yourself there. That's the point you've put yourself at the Christ and I put myself in a position for them to talk me right. You had the opportunity you had the motive Marty Larsen speaks. Can you see her looks? And so does the jury. Mardi Larssen's defense attorney had one big headline for the jury. I don't think anyone knows how this crime happened. Rodney Hood is a seasoned and respected Montana defense attorney, and her review of the prosecution was harsh, sheer speculation. She said for a good story, but offered very little in the way of actual proof that Marty Killed Suzie. I believe there was not enough evidence to. Bring this case, and that's one of the reasons why it wasn't filed for. All those years. Because other prosecutors determined, there wasn't sufficient evidence. Much more evidence against Ted Casey. She said Ted Casey I. Believed was the only one who had a real motive. They were fighting about the children. The monetary aspects of their marriage and she had indicated Tamari on several occasions that she was fearful of Ted and I believed that his recounting of what he did that morning headed been properly investigated would've found to have been less than perfect alibi. Prosecutors of Gore's argued that there was no evidence that Ted or for that matter Brad or his then wife or anyone, but Marty Larsen Killed Susie. The defendant himself testified at the trial. And agreed to sit down with us, too. So what do you want people to know about you? I guess the main thing is just. I had nothing to do with killing suzie. I would never have done anything. To her. Or take her away from. My kids or Her two little girls, I couldn't have done that. It's. It's hard to imagine. Being. In a frame of mind where a person could do that. It is hard imagine. Brady Bunny. Yeah, it's mean never times where I wasn't happy with her, but I've never done anything. To physically hurt her. I. It. Just wasn't anything I Just I I could never get that angry. I guess. Usually, I was angered if. Even, now and angry it's. More verbal. I tend to say things I shouldn't say. Hurt that way I guess. Martin it system that his very last contact. Suzy was that phone call nine fifty one PM eight hours before she disappeared. What happened that conversation? Why did she not WanNa? Talk to you at all afterwards and block your number in the roster during that call she called to. Ask Me. I don't remember if you asked me or she accused me of calling Ted. I did. that. She was mad about that. Yes. By toltar- didn't do it and it wasn't me. Why why would you do their a about it? The lying about it was because I. I knew I had done something stupid night. Don't guilty about it. The why I did it. A lot of it was because of being hurt. Because what she had been telling me. was. That Whatever she had. As far as a relationship with Brad. She'd been telling me for a week to ten days or so. That was over. Apparently wasn't. And I guess I'm wearing my head I suspected that and that's why. I sent the emails. There was a lot of. Confusion. Confusion or something else that made him decide to drive three hours, too. Suzy's place in the middle of the night. That's a bad decision. Right? You see that now. Oh, yeah, the whole time I was driving. I was hoping that she would respond and say I'm fine, so I can turn around and go home. That was that was all I wanted to snow? She was okay. And Still Marty insisted that when he got to her apartment, he just didn't see susie right across the street with that. Guy Brad. No, he claimed he waited for her in a spot where he couldn't have seen her walking to the door. That's the part I stick with me. I'm thanking. Here's a guy who cares deeply about this woman and what cheese up to. And he sits where he can't see the interest to her apartment building. Don't give me that that's crazy. I can't make people believe. BELIEVE ANYTHING I know what I did. I know where I was listening. You put yourself there. That's the point you put yourself in the. Put myself in a position for them to look at me and right, you had the opportunity you had the motive. If just being. In the vicinity. You could have enough with within that timeframe, yes. Looks? I can. I can. There are a lot of things I don't understand myself. Why do I don't understand why. Especially now. Why couldn't have just stayed home and tried to contact her a few times and I guess in my head I had some sort of thought that I could do something to help if she needed help. Sometimes with a girl like Susie the thing you can do to help is to walk away. Yeah probably. Probably would have been messed. At least for me. Marty Larson's jury without for about as long as it took Mardi drive from billings to Glenn Diet the night. Poor suzy leftist life three hours. The verdict. Guilty, what was it like to hear that guilty for out doors? Everybody who and Haller and Just like a big weight just. Lifted off you. There's something hugely important about justice couldn't bring her back course, but did the verdict matter. Oh. Yes, it did really set my mind at ease. It really did help us to move on every time. We get a guilty verdict. The first thing I do is turn to the turn the family I love for that two or three minutes to look in their eyes, and then to see the smile on their faces, and to see them the joy that they have for me. That's what it's all about never ever. In my probably whole career have a time that I loved being prosecutor like I did right then. This is where Marty Larson lives now. Crossroads correctional in Shelby Montana of near the Canadian border. What did they sound two hundred ten years? What does it do to you? What does it do to your soul? It's hard for me to put it into words, but when you wake up in the morning. I look around a lot and just. Have trouble. Believing that. It's real. That I'm here your first? Parole possibility is what we way thousand forty. Wait. But of course, it's far more than just a long wait for Susie, Rusty Mariah. Cascade of grief begun that night, deep and long. Just can't understand how. The guilt. And the emotions aren't just consuming him. Because losing her. It's still consuming us. He took her life and. Part of our heart. That, he'll never rape this family up. And he had. No he hasn't. Shea just twelve when his mom was murdered graduated from High School in two thousand thirteen. Ted and Suzy's daughters Diana and Charlie junior bridesmaids, aunt vow remarried. But there are too many from this family in the Circle Village Cemetery. Something a family gets used to. They just learned to work around it. They go on. We're not victims. Were survivors and survivors keep on living life? and. We're survivors. ooh! The meet the press. Chuck Todd Cast. It's an insider's take on politics, twenty twenty election and more candid conversations with some of my favorite. About things we usually discuss off camera. Listen for free wherever you get your podcast.

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