PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES w/ Sean Tracy & Dr. Jeff Silverman


Welcome to the travel portion of bad science. I'm here talking with Eric. Jacquards of Success Express and you just came back from a big tour where you probably took planes trains and automobiles if I did. So what's your favor. Very of those transportation's well. I gotta go train because it's like a Blaine and it's a lot like an automobile but it's right in the middle of a medium kind of guy. I never never thought about that. Do you like the food on the trains now. Does it take longer than a plane. It does take longer than the plane. Do you get sick on. Trains always get really sick on a plane and really really sick sick automobile. Who Cares planes trains and automobiles is all about Thanksgiving thanksgiving? I love Thanksgiving and love. Steve Martin and I also loved John Candy and John Hughes who directed that film. Yes yes you're right about all of that and do you love the Turkey at Thanksgiving gravy and stuffing no. My family didn't do that. We did a live duck we would just chase it chase it around the house and then someone would bludgeon it. The the rolling pin and then whoever caught at aided wow weird family or from. We're from Florida. Oh I hope you have a very good Thanksgiving having happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners. Out there happy Thanksgiving to you eat and you look great. You look really really good thank you. You also look awesome. Well you look cool and I thank you for being being on the program today. Absolutely thank you for having me. Great Happy Thanksgiving to you and I love you catch did get in. Yeah we have to fight fire. Everybody welcome to bed science. I'm even Edinburgh Berg and today we are talking about nineteen eighty seven's planes trains and automobiles. Because it's Thanksgiving everybody's favorite holiday. I don't know if that's true. I'm just assuming that that's true because you get together with to your family. Everybody gives thinks they eat food. Obviously the history of it is not for everyone but let me get to my guests. They're going to help me through this episode. I we have have from San Francisco. I'm down here in southern California but from nor cal. We have the director of the data science and analytics at Samba TV. It's Jeffrey Jeffrey Silverman. Hi Everybody Jeffrey. I should call you doctor Jeffrey. Silverman right I mean you earned that that that is correct Dr Jeff. It sounds pretty fancy. So Yeah Dr Jeff is here with us and can you just tell everybody in case they don't know what is Samba. TV because it sounds very spicy and like there's a lot of dancing involved perhaps You you know. There's definitely dancing involved after hours SAMBA. TV is a TV analytics and technology. Startup here up in San Francisco. So that's where I've been for the past few two years trying to figure out WHO's watching TV commercials work if you WANNA advertise for a new. TV Show where should you put your commercials. How many people watch game of thrones all that kind of stuff? WHOA okay great? Well this is a show in its own right so maybe by the end you can tell me if it's worth doing at all or if anybody cares that would be great now for my other guest as I wanted somebody from my family. It's a Thanksgiving episode. But then I was remembering coups in my family and I was like so I got the closest thing to a family member. It's my bestest friend. Songwriter Guitarist and music. Producer Shiny moves. The goose is loose tracy. How's it going show that I'm doing good how you doing? I'm doing great always when you're around. I'm in the best of moods. I'm all smiles to wow. I'll see you guys next time. It's been an absolute pleasure being here. No no we're back. We're back So Sean your a musician. You've traveled a lot a little bit. You travel a little bit not as much as others to me. You've traveled a lot. I guess maybe by comparison. You've you've flown to around the world to play shows a little bit. There's a little bit. I'm being honest. All right all right. Maybe compared to like huge tour touring musician. Some of our buddies. The it is a little bit right. Yeah and I wanted to bring up because this movie is obviously all about like a disaster of a trip Everything that could possibly go wrong does go wrong for Neil played by Steve Martin but I wanted to quickly go over a few of Shawn's mishaps because I love bringing Sean bring him back to these dark times. So Sean you at one point tried to go play a show in London and then London told you know thanks. Yeah they said go home. Find Your own. Oh my home Almost literally I was riding on the coattails of a trip to play this Gig and I had never been outside the country before those going to be my first time and And we went to music school. Where a lot of the kids there are from other countries and you hear about how when they come here? They're not allowed to play shows without the proper visa Blah and So I should've known I should've had an idea of what would happen. But I wasn't thinking so the they said we're gonNA play the show tonight. Just tell me when W when it is. Tell me me giving my ticket and I'll show up So we get I get on the plane. Fly All the way to London and I get there and I'm dealing with a lot of anxiety the at the time and I can't sleep on planes so I'm on loosely anxious being outside the country by myself for the first time because I feel alone yeah little shiny moose out on his own out in the world and and And this is my first time going through customs so they start asking me questions and they come to the question of Sube who bought your ticket and I'm like I don't know I thaddeus being on the wrong end on right before I left the states the booking agent who I hadn't hadn't talked to relate to me just when we get to customs. Don't tell me there to play. They show I'm like okay. That makes me incredibly uncomfortable soup. I can see why you're anxious but I'll get there. I'll worry about it when I get there. Okay and then They asked me a couple of other questions Russians like I for money I had euros and that was weird weird. Isn't that what they use. I not in England but right right exactly so the British pound. Oh okay so it was like he's like did you bring anything for money. I'm like I have these euro isn't he's like why do you have euros. Yeah and I'm like I don't know why at least you're probably not a spy stopping. God God one way to the airport smart enough not to anyways anyway long story short. This I- This guy was not having any of it so they detained me for ten hours. Ten hours what were you doing. I was laying on a chair. Listening to other people interviewed slash interrogated in the rooms around me and stuff. But do do they tell you. You're being detained or they're like wait here. No they definitely said like you're GONNA be here for a little bit And and then they just locked in a room. WHOA and They came to interview to me and like I was I was I was going to lie until an into my grave like ice. I flew all the way there. I'm just there to play a show. Yeah like so they get me in a road near one rule is is. You can't say that you're there to play. Show right. He told you this is the only thing. You gotTa Know Azure anxious anymore by the time the interview me because I was sitting by myself for hours and hours without a clock. They took all my stuff away so they put me in a room and they're asking me questions. Eventually they asked about the show with so and so at clubs so and so tomorrow night and he literally turns the computer has the Flyer for the show. The exact show that you're about to play and then there was this moment of okay. You got a bit and and I told them everything. And I'm like the booking agent. You just told me to do this and I was like it was too late for me as anything and so okay and he gave me this really sweet document that I still. I haven't framed yet but it just like makes me look like a bad ass like this person came into our country and lied to us and I got a year from the president. They said there were the number of flights back to Boston. which is right? flew out of that night so they flew me to New York and said find your only home. Wow so I got into JFK at like ten at night ten pm and it just so happens that that my little brother who was going to school outside of the city at that point had spring break the next day. Okay so I got myself on a train in March so it was actually really cool that myself when a train out to white plains him and his drunk roommate picking up and it was a wild and I slept in his dorm room for drinking and driving I do. I don't know I mean you said they're driving and you said I mean okay. Something dorm room floor went home. The next day I was home safe. Wow Pretty incredible story store. I was bringing it up in an attempt to embarrass you really but it makes you a bad ass like at school aggressive. Yeah Jeffrey were you ever kicked out of a country or blacklisted. Or something I I was not. I have not been blacklisted. I've not been kicked out of the country Yeah some run INS with local law enforcement a couple of countries but nothing nothing to permanent. I believe what about like just disaster when you're traveling like something that was delayed yet asleep at an airport something like that. Yeah one sticks in my mind it was just such a long day in should have not been in college. You know hanging out late trying to get a flight home just for spring. Break a quiet spring break at home. I thought this'll be simple. I was in Houston at the time I got to the airport late in two thousand and two thousand three so they were still figuring out arbitrary new rules to institute at the airports get they are just as the doors are closing. Can't get on the flight. Okay next flight. You know six hours later get into Denver. I was heading to La Stuck in the Denver airport then then for like ten hours and then eventually get to L. A. and see my folks should have easily been a five hour trip. No problem did take up. Most of you know twenty four hours hours and it was just one stupid mistake that dominated the entire damn thing man. Yeah that sounds miserable. I've had a couple situations similar where I had to sleep in airport or just nap for four or five hours waiting for another flight and getting back to the film it really showcases that like no other. I mean some movies. There's something that that goes wrong. There's a delay but they talk about it on the phone but I feel like this movie. You really felt terrible for Steve Martin and everything that he was going through it was visceral. There were so many it was relentless it was just non stop. This is the most inconvenient unfortunate film of all time really There's underwear in his face and it just seems really really terrible but I wanted to mention a few quick just fun facts. While it was like reading about the movie today that John Hughes wrote the first draft of the screenplay in three days and that his average writing time for his screenplay in those days was about three to five days with like twenty rewrites so the guy is a machine and I just felt like. That's really inspiring for anybody. That's doing anything. You're writing something recording something. If you're an investment banker you can probably do a lot more than you're doing for sharing. Yeah that's an impressive output. Yeah Yeah so piggybacking on that. I just wanted your impression of the film. When did you first see it? Let's go Dr Jeff. I I saw this probably when I was pretty young. I mean when it came amount I was four but I'm sure I saw it in the late eighties early. Nineties have a pretty early memories of of Steve Martin and John Candy Movies. My Dad's a huge each fan. You know definitely had me watch all of those films curse words and all and so I definitely remember. Yeah seeing it as a kid. You know enough to where I was aware of like long car. Ride sucked sucked in the airport. Socks and like I definitely enjoyed it but you know watching it more recently as an adult and having done a lot more travel a various types of travel oh and internationally and nationally and bad weather and all that you definitely appreciate it more and you know. At least. My trip wasn't that bad I think is a good way to think about Oga and Shawnee Johny Moose. I saw last night first time first time. How surprised I hadn't seen it before? I Love Steve Martin. I was younger. I used to watch parenthood on the loop so many favorite movies the only on starting at time and I just I was just the time like I don't know yeah I feel I I feel like this connection to Steve Martin. I've always felt a connection to him. I read his biography a long time ago and Orange Standing reminds me of my dad. I think that might be a part of it. Because he's very warm not in this movie but or at least not till the end Yeah I just I was just ten the whole time I mean for del Griffith was just getting on my booking nerve. Not But then at the end she come around on on Dell I mean I have a problem I have a problem with how they they did the whole thing like five minutes ago. Okay let's talk. Let's get into it. You know what is your problem with Hughes's masterpiece as we go with one hundred one hundred and twenty minutes in hundred twenty five minutes and we got like less than ten minutes on the clock And then all of a sudden it's like Oh yeah my wife's been dead for eight years and You know I got no home. I mean he was busted though. You know that's not the heat that he's a pride. Visa prideful man. It's not trying to tell people about that. And then they feel bad for him. It's weird you can't just go around saying you're homeless. That's tough. He's in a moment of vulnerability salesman. What's he doing with his money? That's true you're right a great salesman. I don't know I mean some people travel. I get that you know. Maybe maybe he just put on the juice you know of being a great salesman because he wanted a friend he wanted Steve Martin to join him as a brother. Yeah well it would sad to me that that would be only incentive to to make the sale. It is sad sad story. I agree yeah. I started crying at the end of the movie. Now now this is not a typical. I mean you know. I cry pretty often when music comes in and especially with this with this guy with Dell I really felt bad and I just felt You know like coming home to see your family. They show shots of Turkey and everybody's so happy to see their dad it It got to me so I have a problem with what you said John. That's okay and we're going to talk about that off Mike. You know what. Let's actually this'll be the second of three that I've I'll teasing out here opportunities to try to embarrass Shaun. The second one is that a passport fell out of your pocket at some point. Yeah I was going from New York to Montreal and I was with the band and we got through the gate and we all kind of standing around and I dropped my passport and I think I remember driving my passport but I do not remember picking it up and that's because they did not figure it out someone else in the band picked it up for you. Remember dropping it I remember I swear. Well my brain's me and it was in your pocket. It was my pocket than if I think it was in my hand and fell out of my hand and then the Bass Bass player picked it up. Okay in his who very cool guy. Cool guy very cool guy I mean plays Bass already cool great bass player but big up your passport right. So he picks up my passport thinking it was who says right and I know all of this like way after the fact because a lot of crap went down right after that so They say they're going to start boarding the plane. Everyone's like Oh make sure you get passports. I can't find mine and we all start panicking because like we're we have a show that night damn so I start looking. Everyone's checking their stuff. Everyone pan themselves down in idiot. I'm like feeling an idiot and like what happened. It just fell into the void. If you play guitar like you drop a guitar pick you never see it again. It was like that but like times a million and so I went back to security. I got like pre check or whatever for some reason I don't know why but so I went to back to pre check in like eventually just had them. I was with them looking at the cameras so we went back to like me going through and I had the password in my hand on camera going through the gate. Whoa so it was clear that I dropped dropped? Something happened crazy whether someone picked it up nefarious Louis and ran with. It didn't didn't know so the ban goes on without me and they're like behind and and there'd be like don't worry about it you know it'll be okay. Just trying get to see like they were pretty much saying like just. Don't worry about tonight. We'll get you to the next show. Yeah and and And then they fly to Montreal. And I'm like still just looking. I like become friends with all the TSA workers and stuff for all the people at the gate. You know. Because I'm like they feel so bad for me and I'm like you're detained in all the all the empathy you know because it feels good and people care about you. Sure so long story short. You're like Dell in this story. I'm just putting that a little bit a little bit. I like to think I'm not too annoying. I mean you were very annoying for the entire band and whoever's managing this tour you've missed your misplace passport passport convenience. Here's what happened so they get to Montreal and I get a call from the manager the to our manager and he says The Bass player has your passport port. And I'm like Oh wow okay. At least we know where it is. Yeah but he can't find his. WHOA so now? It's like he can't get into that country where's his. That's what that's what the reality was for about twenty minutes and they called back and said No. He found his too. So here's tore. Managers flies back online. Did you have yeah dude tour manager flies back to JFK grabs me. Well we grab the next flight to Montreal. I get to the venue with an hour an hour before a set time. Wow Ah play the show and it was a great show and so another attempt failed for me because you made the show and brought down and everybody loved it. Yeah that's not a bitch. Okay I have no of you know this because I know you've gone deep into planes trains and automobiles. But I have how long it would take to get from New York to Chicago by train by bus by car and by plane. You already know this information. I'm curious what number you have. What's here okay? So you do have some I have. I have some numbers. You have some numbers Sean. Definitely not so SEAN IS GONNA guess. Then let's do that okay. So Sean Sean Moose Goose's loose tracy. What is your guests? How long long would it take to get from New York to Chicago by train by train? Yes God you WanNa take another one I. I'll let you say the plane one I okay. I feel most confident about that. Shot Him with accuses. Lewis Tracy. How long do you think it would take to get from New York to Chicago by plane Hour and a half. What are you have Dr Jeff? I think it's a little bit longer than that. He's corrected is two hours. That's the information I have according to the Internet though who knows me crazy pilot to get you there and show any time there's Williams away. There's there's away when you're actually the planes. I read go slower now than they used to. Do you know what I'm talking about Jeff. I don't know about that. I haven't heard that specifically but I wouldn't be surprised. There's a lot of studies that have been done on cars and planes and You know aerodynamics of fuel consumption and efficiency stuff so oh you know messing with the highway speed limits messing with you know how fast planes fly and even the little the winglets the little tips that ends of Wings on planes that point upward upward are all to reduce drag and increase efficiency of. How much fuel is used so even though you know it might take a bit longer? It's probably more fuel efficient. So there's all kinds of optimizations optimizations going on constantly for that kind of stuff crazy okay. Oddly enough also my hamsters name has winglets. That's awesome that's true. What about why car honeymoons that go straight to New York to Chicago? Car York the big apple to the windy city. What are we nine hours? Dr Jeff. It's longer than that as well. You want to buy much twelve hours. It's thirteen hours. All right yeah but again. Maybe not if you're driving if I'm I'm driving now I drive real slow. Okay well it depends on the car. I would drive fast if I had like a car. Trusted on the civic. Let's keep it ended speed limit bus taking a bus. How long is that GonNa take you fifteen hours? That's a good guess Dr. Jeff Yeah I think around there right. It's sixteen and a half okay. You're getting closer as we go confident and get more comfortable pretty good okay. The last one is your dreaded train guests although I know you're a huge fan the band What's your favorite train song? Also let's get that out of the way Would it be meet Virginia Dan in uh-huh the job What the one about the kids? The one about the kids. What is about kids done in oh that one is that train that is trained about kids calling all angels. Yeah fantastic tested. So Sean loves calling all angels. And how long do you think it takes to get New York to Chicago by train. I'm going to say twenty hours worse. Okay I don't know Dr Jeff. That's a good guess. I found multiple routes I. I don't know which but as far as the train I gotta go with drops of Jupiter because ah after physicist by training so yeah and the drugs. Jupiter do get frequently in people's hair. Is that correct right. Problem scientifically accurate. That's great so wait. What's the different routes the twenty two hours? Yeah I found I found routes around. Yeah Twenty Two twenty four hours depending on which stations you want to go to and if you get do you have layovers and things like that but yeah it's it's slow that's for sure and also who should train have a song called New York to Chicago because if you think about it that's funny. I like New York to Chicago by train. Nothing I don't know if I you can't pick up on that one really so if you were in the band train you wouldn't. You wouldn't be tempted by that. It's just it's the fact that it's a reference to planes trains mobiles urged. Just no just because it's the city to one song. Sounds like a sentence that's cool New York to Chicago by train nothing. I'm just trying to think love ones. Well since you haven't I think that means that it's pretty good all right. We're GONNA take a quick break and we'll be right back. The break is over here we go. Let's talk about the third time you embarrassed. You left your laptop underground underground lot. Day is now bad Arianna guerande though. That doesn't really work out. You left Shawn is listen studio your laptop hop on the floor in Hollywood. Is that correct the sidewalk. I was outside okay. I don't know how much better that makes it Yeah you were there you were there. That's right so we were. We were by my car. We're on gower. We're on our mill. Hollywood next to the paramount Astro Burger right next to the Astro Burger. which we were not eating at? We're going somewhere else and you for some reason. Put your laptop up top on the floor and then we left. We were not as very true. Okay so what the hell happened. I don't know man. I just like get too comfortable the stuff down but what happened next. We got to where we were going. You're like I don't have my laptop now. What do we do I just embrace. I just accepted apted. I just accepted it was gone. Had My heart external hard drive in the bag with it. which had all the music I had ever done and had been working on? That was the only copy of it so it was just like clean slate. Your whole thing. I told myself clean slate. It's happened before in college because I lost a guitar. I remember that and as soon as I two weeks later I realized I lost guitar and left it at a Gig and my first thought was. It's gone yeah gone accepted very quickly. I will say that. I don't like that. I was shown on his very good. Good practice Anyway so we're on. I was on a couch wherever we were and I just laid down gone. It's gone and then what I think you kinda like. Let's go check and I was just like someone took that I mean pretty cool of me to find a solution already instead of lay on the couch and I'd say it's gone and we went and there was do we go. I don't remember it either. We went and it was gone or I accept it. It was gone and you didn't and you can take back yourself compliment lament. I absolutely will take it back. All that I remember is that you contacted me shortly afterwards. Saying that it's back right because I was staying right across the street and paramount and Eventually maybe later that day or maybe the next day might even the next week. It was the next day next day I just call him out and just told them because I figured that was the least I can do. Yeah and it was the least and a and I tell them what it looks like and what was it. And they're like yeah. We got it and I was like it was like Christmas. Time's a million. Wow how was the best feeling in the whole world so we drove into paramount and saw Bruce Almighty Wall And it was just a wonderful moment. That is a wonderful treating all my belongings celebration. I want to talk about this this. Houdini line that we spoke about very briefly. Jeff So Dell in the movie gets punched in the stomach By Dean by Neil sorry and he says like watch it because that's how Houdini died and so I wanted to look that up it. It seemed like you looked it up. Also and so I'm GonNa give you what I got because I found it astounding and you tell me if it's in the in the medical field I think they call it cock-up ah Poop you can let me know it is or if it's not so I see on Wikipedia here. It says that it is speculated that his death was caused by McGill University city student. Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead who repeatedly struck him in the abdomen. She asked him if he believed in miracles of the Bible and whether or not it was true that punches in the stomach did not hurt him and then delivered some quote very hammer like blows below the belt. Houdini was at the time reclining on a couch having broken his ankle so while performing several days earlier and then he was unable to sleep. He remained in constant pain for the next two days. He did not seek medical help and by the time he did see a doctor he had had a fever of one hundred and two and acute appendicitis and was advised to immediately have surgery. He ignores the advice he decides to go perform he performs at the Garrick theatre where he passes out because of his fever. I would presume which was now one hundred and four. This was in Detroit in October. Twenty Second Nineteen Twenty six and then they revive him. He finishes the the show but is hospitalized and dies a few days later so parts of that I really believe to be true. Okay parts of it. I don't know the the second half of the story. I think definitely hangs together. The fact that he went in had appendicitis and a fever and ignored doctor's advice and then eventually eventually went in the hospital and died effectively appendicitis which was pretty bad at the time nowadays. You know we can treat that pretty easily. The first half of that story is a lot fuzzier from the stuff that I've read definitely one of Houdini things. was you know. He had for various allusions. He had very strong ABS. You had a strong core four and so one of his you know gig was he could take lots of punches in the stomach And so you know that was the thing he did have to tighten up and prepare. You can just like surprise. Him with it Apparently and so yeah many there's various flavors of the story but yeah something about somebody either. Punching him repeatedly or unexpectedly you know whether it was a rival magician or somebody hired or amateur boxer or who it was. I actually haven't heard the version that involves involves quoting the Bible. That's a new one but who knows and so definitely there's a chance that that was unexpected. He was slightly injured by the interesting medical. Part of this comes in. There's been a lot of studies in the last few decades that actually blunt trauma can't lead to appendicitis or there's no evidence evidence that blunt trauma like a punch will lead to appendicitis and so the fact that there's no sign no obvious. Scientific connection between those two is I think like the part that kills part of this story and so what's interesting though and actually might have led to his death indirectly from the punching. Is You know if he gets punched. He was surprised or it was was a boxer whoever and he's slightly injured. Because you know that seems reasonable enough he had some kind of you know potentially slight injury from the punching. He felt some abdominal pain. And then as the days go on presumably as he has appendicitis growing or developing inside of him that have pain potentially was attributed by Houdini and others to that punch or series of punches so instead of thinking oh I have you know some weird abdominal pain. I should see a doctor or maybe it's is a serious thing. It's probably you know him and his buddies thinking. Yeah I got punched in wasn't prepared. That's kind of annoying. It's sticking around so you know definitely there's some level of you know self delusion of that's where it came from and if you hadn't been surprised punched or something like that you might have gone to a doctor earlier might have heated doctor's advice that you know this is not just. Oh I wasn't. Don't prepare for that punch. This is a serious internal issue. Okay so then. The moral of the story is that if you're reclining on a couch and somebody's talking about punching you a bunch of times times in the lower regions that you should pass. Probably that seems wise Sean. Yeah I don't WanNa do that. I don't WanNa be on either side of that. You don't WanNa Punch somebody somebody in the nuts guilt. What if it's somebody terrible that you hate depends on who okay? So maybe if that happens we will upload the video guys so. Don't worry you won't miss a second of Johnny Mussa's boxing match with somebody's testicles. Now how much of this movie do you think could have been avoided with cell phones the whole movie. That's an interesting one. I mean you know the one of the first issues is. They're trapped in Wichita Kansas. I believe and you know. They can't book a hotel room locally you know. People are waiting in line for the couple of payphones so if everybody had a cellphone everybody had you know hotels dot com or trip advisor. Maybe they could booker room pretty quick so yeah that might have helped. The taxi thing was a whole mess. Oh yeah getting. A car was a whole mess. Yeah the number of steps that they had to you know throw money at random. Random people are calling random favors that you could do on your cell phone. You know anywhere in the country pretty much. That definitely would would speed up some of these issues. I'm guessing so there's probably a lot less S.. People missing out on Thanksgiving nowadays. That's like a nice positive point right share I think the you know the the flip side of that is perhaps social media is leading us to you are more awkward Thanksgiving's than we used to have. Yeah that's true. There's little to talk about that safe anymore. I guess this movie is one of those things although not really safe if to watch with the entire family because of that one scene you mentioned where These saying that the bomb a bunch of times. Yup My favorite scene in the entire movie. That just came out of nowhere. It was. I think St Martin's favorite scene are like one of two that convinced him to do the movie and it really just blindside you the movie is completely like PG maybe maybe pg thirteen but then there's like what it's like thirty times says the F. Word in that same eight eighteen f bombs in one minute a lot of F. bombs in a minute the math on that every three seconds every list too so yeah sounds like that yet. Chaos okay so I also wanted to just name because it's Thanksgiving the smell of Pumpkin and gravy is in the air. What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods Thanksgiving Desserts Algal? I me crazy sweet potato casserole sweet potato casserole colleague marshmallow and stuff and they're kind of like a yams esque situation. Yeah yeah the rams and sweet potatoes are relatively interchangeable or not. I don't know I I feel like yams is sweet potato marshmallow and something else Jeff. You got got the math on that. I don't like sweet potato or Yam so I just scraped the modules off the top when my mom makes it to be honest. Say yet when you don't like something a sort of food you gotTA S. A.. Yet at the end. 'cause you never know I didn't like Broccoli. Spinach now eat that stuff raw. That's not with no just out of the back to great philosophy. I love that. I don't like it yet. That's what I was telling Eric Eric. So what else is in this casserole. Wait remember sweet potato is very. It's like a desert. It tastes like a dessert. Right right like I. I'm really hard to believe that anyone can take a bite of that and be like this is just like a tasty sweet dissolve. I I don't think jeff is going to like it very much. Jeff what what are you into if not yams. I like a good Pumpkin Pie and I make a decent mulled wine. So that's always fun to throw on the stove these. What mulled wine? So you heat up some wine wine and brandy and throw in cinnamon and cloves and oranges and it just warm tasty and gets you tipsy. And it's lovely. WHOA that sounds great? I want that recipe. All right. I'll send it to you no problem okay good. That sounds really nice. Yeah I'M A PI guide to. I Love Pie. I feel like pies. Just better than cake in general universal I'm putting that out there pies better than cakes that are cheesecake. Excuse me cheesecake is better than Pie. So wait a minute for you. It goes cake Pie cheesecake the thought of Yeah cheesecakes definitely at the top. I don't know about pine cake onto that. Okay Dude Los cheesecake by I mean I like chocolate so like a good chocolate cream cream pie. I think he beats a chocolate cake. Getting getting specific to my chocoholics. Yeah I don't know what it is exactly but I'm I'm more of a pie guy. I got to say okay. I think we're we're nearing the end. Here we do a plug section at the end Shiny Moose. Something you want to tell. The people preach to the people Yeah I've been producing editing. This podcast called Success Express Success Express. Tell me about a it's hosted by you. What and our Buddy Eric? But I host this show John. Hey how could I host a different show or you lying. You gotta give yourself some more credit. Yeah you're right now I do host that show with Eric are very good friends that we've known for we're a little bit of a brotherhood. The three of us. Would you say yeah definitely last ten years or so. Yeah and Sean does a great job of producing the show and interacting with us. And it's a silly funny show. Yeah Eh Improv and music and it's a really good time. Yeah well I thank you for doing that. Show with us. Of course it's always a pleasure and thank you for being on this show no problem And thank you for watching that movie that you've never seen before. I hope you loved it and want to thank me for that. Yeah Okay startling new you Dr Jeff. Where can people find yourself? Are you doing any more of the draft house exposes. Yeah about once a month friend and I at the Alamo Draft House theaters in San Francisco. Show a movie and then talk about the science behind it so we did planes trains and automobiles last November a week from tonight. We'll be doing close encounters of the third kind one of my favorite sci fi movies of all time. Yeah and yeah you can. You can follow us. The event is big screen science. You can follow him at the Alamo Draft House website where in their mailing list and you know tickets on sale each month for our shows big screen science. That's right. That is very cool. I and I got a geek out for a second because I just went to the draft house here in La. For the first time I had never been to a draft house before and it was the best after five minutes of being in there. I told my girlfriend. We're not going any other theaters anymore. Other theaters are done that that is a typical reaction. Yeah the Alamo Draft House started in Austin Texas and has spread had a lot of cities in the US and yeah. I'm super excited. We have one in SF. I gotta get down to the one in L. A. at some point but yet that's that's the standard reaction is. There's just no reason. Go to other theaters now. Yeah it's just absolutely the gold standard. They bringing you food and cocktails. It's it's the ultimate experience. So I'm sure that your big-screen extreme signs is a ton of fun so I hope people see it and I hope I get to see it someday soon. Yeah Great Okay thank you sir. Thank you Dr Jeff Thank you Shining Moose and I'll see you guys next time When we do some other Thanksgiving movie close encounters? I guess what other what other Thanksgiving movies are there. Chicken run. Am I just saying that because there's a chicken minute trailer one. What does that mean Grind House? Oh I don't call thanksgiving. Maybe that one. How many Thanksgiving movies are they're feeling we're lacking in that? Not at Greenwich Penny. Yeah not many okay. So then let's start making those because I feel like there's an open market here. Does that make sense. Yeah for all you exacts. Yeah all you exects ex- listening we have tons of by the time you hear this. We have a list of Thanksgiving movie ideas. Blockbuster Ideas Superhero thanksgiving movies. Perfect okay so great so see you guys guys next time and then you guys stay on the line and we'll just we'll just brainstorm Thanksgiving movies for a couple of hours. Just kidding me. It's just GONNA be meted. I hear you all right. Thanks bye everybody. That scientists hosted and produced by Ethan Edinburgh are associate producers. Emily Feld our editor. Is Lucas Bolinger ohlinger. And the executive pecan Pie deserve is Brett. Kushner follows on Instagram at bad science show. That's that's bad science show or feel free to send us an email bad signs at secret dot com. That's bad signs at secret DOT COM. Let us know what you think about the show any movies we should do in the future. I appreciate your emails and of course leave us on. I Tunes Review that let other people hear about the show. Elsie you all next week bye.

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