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2019 Mini Review Kurt Busch


The final lap with Kerry Murphy. Is We continue our look at the top. Fourteen Nascar Cup series drivers the twenty nine thousand nine racing season and coming in at number thirteen gene. Is Kurt Busch. who racked up six top fives and eighteen top tens along with a big win at Kentucky speedway in July punching his ticket to his seven seven straight playoff appearance for us on the the number one monster Energy Chevy team with way the our season win twenty nineteen? I would say it was a good season. We started off exceeding expectations where our process in the beginning was to build a base up points and so with a third at Atlanta. A top. Five in Vegas and consistent finishes all through the first half I mean we were rolling. We had one yet but our average finish mich- was ten point five. I believe in the first half of the year and we want Kentucky right after a week where we should have one Daytona July lie that was our peak that was our high point and after that it just seemed too much of A sawtooth type of finish in results. We were high one week. We're really low the next let's see here. Kurt had a mediocre season by his standards anyway and looks to build on that in twenty twenty in the number one car for chip Ganassi racing adding. That's our look at the number thirteen driver of the twenty nine thousand nine NASCAR season. Kurt Busch up next is number twelve on the final lap dot com.

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