DYNASTIES 8 - The Regans


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This episode contains depictions and discussions of serious sexual violence so it won't be suitable for all listeners. former Nova Scotia liberal premier. Gerald Regan has died. Regan was born in Windsor and was the premier of the province from nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy eight. He also served served as a member of parliament in the House of Commons Wind. Gerald Regan died last November. The tributes quickly started to pour in flags at province that's how are at half mast as the legislature marks the death of Gerald Regan former premier and federal cabinet minister former prime minister. John Christiane who who served in federal cabinet with Regan fondly remembered his personality and praised his political service. He was you know very competent minister and are very good politician. Great sense of humor and they serve well to people about attacks Alberta Premier near Jason Kenney Green Party leader Elizabeth May and Prime Minister Trudeau all mourned his passing on twitter and Nova Scotia Premier. Stephen McNeil applauded his accomplishments. Bushman while he'd been in office my thoughts are with his family. I know many of them as you know. Mr Regan is his daughter-in-law Jeff I've known for a very long time His government it was one That shared the fiscal responsibility is our government does in terms of delivering balanced budgets. I was actually at home. That day. my name is Maggie Rar and journalist in Halifax Nova Scotia. Maggie rar found out about Regan's death through tweet from premier McNeil. This was was his tweet. Gerald Regan believed in the potential of Nova Scotia with a vision for a future prosperity. He governed with a true sense of liberal values investing in people creating economic development and ensuring fiscal responsibility he was a dedicated public servant to his constituents all Nova Scotia's and and Canadians. I extend my sincerest condolences to his wife. Carol Children Jerry Jeff. Miriam Nancy David Laura and loved ones so so basically when I read that I felt enraged because the harms that Jerry Regan we can committed in his life and at work by abusing his role in the Liberal Party are totally made invisible here and I just this route one word. All when he said he was a dedicated public servant to his constituents comma all Nova Scotia's and Canadians. It's like okay. I guess we're just GonNa completely erase the fact that we know that he sexually violated at least forty women. Gerald Old Regan was a violent sexual Predator for decades. He victimized women in Nova Scotia and beyond most of his victims were young. Some of them were children. Dron Premier Stephen McNeil. That wasn't what was important to note. All Nova Scotia determine how they view Mister Reagan's legacy you see as the premium of this province focused on the job that we shared in common which was Leading a government McNeil is far from the only person to Russia's side Regan's crimes in two thousand sixteen Gerald Regan went to visit the House of Commons his son. Geoff Regan a Longtime Halifax. MP He had been elected speaker of the House a year earlier liberal MP Dominic Leblanc Rose and address. The fact that Gerald Regan was in the gallery but Regan's crimes clearly weren't on his mind instead he just wanted to joke about the new speakers dad showing up to watch his son at work. The speaker yes. I'm perhaps I saw. You could explain to the House the House. What would be the appropriate rules in terms of recognizing people in the gallery? Let's say for example Mr Speaker a former premier of Nova. Let's go show where in the gallery today former premier Joel Regan. Would it be appropriate for the chair to recognize a farmer. Bring here in the gallery sitting next to Leblanc along with Prime Minister Trudeau. Who Bursts out laughing and then the entire House of Commons rises to give Gerald Regan one of the worst sexual predators? Canadian politics has ever seen a standing ovation. The before metoo before Meshi. There was Gerald Regan for half a century he raped raped and assaulted women. Throughout Nova Scotia. The scale and severity of his crimes are stomach-turning and hard to comprehend despite that the Reagan name still means something Nova Scotia even today. The political establishment and much of the media refuses to reckon with Regan's wrongdoing. Think but the truth is that a child rapist held one of the highest office in the land in so many people knew about it and did next to nothing. I'm Marsha man and from Canada land this this is Commons. 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P. and more online in just minutes. There's there's no paperwork or no hold music. Just quick and easy. Investing the R. S. P. Contribution deadline is March second which is pretty much around the corner so get in touch with wealth bar today and make a deposit sign up and minutes at wealthed dot com slash candidate land and get a one hundred dollar fee credit visit wealthed dot com slash candle and for more offer details. Good evening. I'm Steve Murphy. Former Scotia Premier Gerald Regan has been charged with sixteen sex related offenses including Rape Regan. Says he's not guilty. My reaction is one of anger. I am not guilty of these charges and I have no doubt whatsoever but that I would not be facing charges. These ancient allegations if I had not been in public epic light Gerald Regan was charged on March. Fifteenth nineteen ninety-five with seventeen counts of rape attempted rape indecent assault and forcible confinement. The charges were related to thirteen different women. One of them had been underage at the time. The news was shocking. To Nova Scotia's the Regan's were already one of the most well respected political families in the province at the time his daughter. Nancy Regan was an anchor in the same network from the broadcast that you're hearing from. She took the day off work to accompany her father. Gerald Regan arrived at the courthouse this morning accompanied by his wife until his daughters including Nancy. Regan posted ATV's ABC's live at five and his son. Jeff had followed in his father's footsteps elected to parliament just two years earlier. Son Jeff Halifax. MP was was in. Ottawa I have confidence in my father's innocence and we his family love him very much. The Regan's are an established of various tablist political critical family here in Nova Scotia lutely and they have been for decades. The idea that a sort of provincial politician could move on and these sort of heights is still a big deal for notions. I would say that. The view of the Regan's at least in among the older generation is they are a middle of the road political presence that represent both fiscal responsibility as well as the basics of. You know social concerns if you will. Stephen Kimber is a longtime Nova Scotian journalist. Who's written a book con Gerald Regan? And he's had his fair share of run INS with him. He was a tall guy a towered over me and I I think probably a fair number of people. He had a as somebody who has one. I think of as a ski slope knows he was you know he wasn't handsome. He certainly had presence and was forceful to understand the story of the Regan's yet to understand the strange world of Nova Scotia politics. Regan Regan was born into a politically active family in Windsor Nova Scotia in nineteen twenty eight. But then again every family in that part of Nova Scotia at the time was politically active steph rural Nova Scotia. During those days. I was pretty political. It was you were born one or the other which was conservative or liberal. You took it all all very seriously. You hung out at the local newspaper office on election night where they would post the Result says they came in so he was steeped in that kind of political life as he grew up. From an early age Gerald Regan would have witnessed the nitty gritty of the Nova Scotian political machines. The the world in which he came of age politically was one in which votes were by those rural areas for example on polling day the parties. He's had people who wanted around the constituency and they drove people to the polls. Made sure at least as much as you could that they voted the right way and then and went into the trunk of the car and bright out ROM or nylons or whatever it was that was the gift of the day to convince people to to make sure that people voted the the right way and that was standard operating procedure. Gerald's father Walter Regan was a longtime town councillor dettori stalwart. His uncle had been deputy mayor of Halifax and Jerry quickly said his is on politics to buy the eleventh grade. Gerald Regan was Student Council. President the thing that you have to understand about regan was that he was ambitious as as a politician mostly for the sake of being an ambitious politician. He wanted to succeed at politics. He was less somebody who had a great Ideological or philosophical officle interested in politics one day Gerald Regan met Angus MacDonald the longtime liberal premier of Nova Scotia. He even stopped to shake kyung Gerald's hand and from then on Jerry had one goal to climbed the political ladder all the way to the top uh-huh after High School Jerry. Regan went to university. But he'd often skip class to do the play by plays at local hockey games. He made a name for himself as a sports gasp especially when he started bringing over. NHL Teams to play in Nova Scotia. In the off season he went to law. School became a lawyer and gained a reputation fighting fighting for the rights of workers in the nineteen fifties he was one of only three lawyers in Nova Scotia that will represent unions regularly. As a lawyer he was successful. Small town lawyer became very involved in the Liberal Party in Nova Scotia. That was his ticket to success. After that at a young liberal convention he met Carol Harrison. Who'd go onto his wife? Here's Jeff Regan. Talking to CPAC about how his parents met. Both of them happen to the attending a young liberals convention in Nineteen fifty four in Ottawa. She was handing out souvenir bags of Saskatchewan Prairie tweet on the front steps of the Center Block and she had once we young lawyer from Windsor Nova Scotia with my dad. And you know they still have the Bagel. They don't I think dad was Smith and mom reciprocated. Apparently Regan ran for MP under the liberal banner and lost. He tried to get in the next election and lost again by an even bigger margin. He got the nominations he ran. He failed time and time again and then finally. Finally he was elected federally in nineteen sixty three. Gerald Regan was off to Ottawa. But it stay in the nation's capital we cut short by his ambition even though he was viewed as a rising star. Regan was still at Nova Scotian at a time when the Liberal Party was turning towards questions of bilingualism. I'm in national unity. There wasn't much room for Unit lingual maritime to move up so when the opportunity arose Gerald Regan move back to his home province to run for the leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberals five years later after crisscrossing the province in beat up car attending every local constituency meeting. He could wangle an invitation to. He did finally win. And Become Premier in nineteen seventy the conservative government government. Just really tired and I think that probably it's fair to say as happens in many cases Carol Regan's Liberals one not so much because they one but because the conservatives lost here's Regan. After he won I was very pleased with the majority and Halifax Needham. You felt that neither do better than last time. I attempted to work very hard representing the constituency. But I certainly didn't anticipate anticipate such majority. This size during his first mandate Regan made a number progressive moves. He got rid of the poll tax that sent poor four people to jail. He Established Law Reform Commission lowered the voting age and nationalize Nova Scotia Light and power but his government wasn't underpinned by any kind kind of political conviction. He was a guy who liked being called the premier he was known as the premium that was his nickname he was. He's happy enough to take reporters on tours around the halls of the legislature point out. Whose portrait was who on the walls and he knew how long they they had served and how long he would after in order to have become premier longer than they were? Regan also vindictive. Stephen Kimber is pretty ensure that Regan got him fired from his job at the CBC. We decided to do a documentary about the Patriots agenda. Such going back to vote buying and and contract Shuffling lots of evidence to support that when the documentary appeared I was told that Gerald Regan had informed my bosses the big bosses that's the CBC in the region. He would never appear again. As long as I was the host and in short order it was gone. Regan majority government in one thousand nine hundred seventy four but the liberals were already running out of steam as time went on I think as often happens with governments. He became more interested in staying in power than Kim. Any ambitions they were defeated in seventy eight on the back of high. Hi Power prices. But Regan wasn't done yet to nine thousand nine hundred. He ran for the federal liberals one and was made cabinet minister under Pierre Trudeau Regan. Getting lost his seat in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and then settled into a comfortable post political life as an elder statesman. Just a warning. The next section is going include some descriptions descriptions of graphic sexual violence that won't be suitable for everyone from at least the time he was in his twenties. Gerald Regan would prey on young women. He had a car and so he would drive women home for young women from the skating rink and try to molest them in his car and he felt entitled to do that it was clear from what he said to these young women that that this was his right now. We debated amongst ourselves how much which detail we should go into here. We want you to understand the seriousness and the violent nature of what Gerald Regan did. But we didn't want this to slip into the salacious relations or the exploitative so I'm going to tell you about the first person we know that Regan victimized and try to keep the details to what's essential from then on Mary Graham and that's not. Her real name met Gerald Regan in Nineteen fifty three. When she was seventeen he was twenty five? They used to give rides to her and her friends around the neighborhood in a letter to Stephen Kimber. She said Jerry was talkative. Mildly flirtatious and seemed interested in them unquote. He kind of singled me out. I was flattered to have this college educated man shown interest in me a high school girl. I like talking with them the first first time they got physical in any way regan quote lunged at her out of nowhere to kiss her. It was sudden uncomfortable but she was willing to keep seeing in him quote. We would talk a lot neck a little. She said I was able to keep through much protestation pretty well within my personal code of necking only limitations. But on the day of their first real date Gerald escalated he parked his car in a secluded spot and she says that Regan than raped her quote afterward. I was numb terribly ashamed as though somehow even though I protested vigorously and tried to push him away it had all been my fault. Mary started to cry. Regan accused her of lying to him about being a virgin. He warned her not to tell anyone because his legal career could be ruined. If she was quote stupid enough to tell and he promised her that he would never do it again but that was a lie he would rape her many more times. Mary began to hear stories about Regan also attacking some of her friends. When giving them rides she eventually stopped seeing Gerald Regan but his crimes? James Escalated Regan raped a fourteen year old girl whose mother he knew the pattern was similar. A ride in a car a random attack a threat. She was scared and didn't tell anyone until one day. She told a friend what had happened. It turned out regan had tried to rape her to. She was fourteen as well at the time he had just made his first failed. Run for office. And as the years went on he would assault young women and girls again and again and again he would grab a woman out of the blue without any preliminaries. It was not sort of a romance or anything else. It was sort of. Just you know a a quick grab. He dried his tongue down their throat. And then when it was over he would stop and he would continue as Z.. If nothing had happened and he tended to pick on women who were small in stature not very powerful. Didn't have the wherewithal in the sense to challenge him. He made it very clear that they would not be believed and that he had credibility they didn't and then it would be sort of dangerous in a certain sense to challenge him on these things after he started a family with his wife. Regan began to attack his children's babysitters. We know over at least half a dozen babysitters who were his victims. Some he raped some fought him off few told anyone then as it became a lawyer. There's a story of a woman who came to see him who was dealing. I believe with the divorce and he attacked her. He just kept escalating and what he did. In many cases became more serious and he he was less likely to take no for an answer Regan's violence didn't stop at the doors of the legislature in nineteen sixty nine when he was leader of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party. He sexually assaulted and an attempted to rape an eighteen year old clerk. She told her mother and a neighbor. Who is a Halifax police officer? But they decided not to report Regan because of his power and and the next day she was called into the office by the liberal. Party's executive director. And she was fired when he was premier. He attacked numerous young women. Who came in looking for jobs at province house? He attacked women in bars and at Liberal Party events he assaulted two journalists in hotel rooms. Considering the scale Oh and brazenness of his crimes the obvious question to ask is. What did the people around Gerald Regan? No you'd have to be deaf dumb and blind not to you have heard the stories of his borish behavior with women. I think that it's fair to say that most people who were associated with Regan Regan knew he was borish that he was lecherous. You wouldn't want your daughter to be in a room with him alone alone. Sometimes you know that there were people who sort of shepherd at him out of rooms to make sure that things didn't happen. I think at the same time from my knowledge of people who were around Regan at the time is that most of what happened that would have would be categorized. The the sexual assault happened in private so that they didn't necessarily know specifically what he was doing to be fair. They also didn't spend a lot of time trying to figure figure that here's what we do know. At least one senior minister and his cabinet walked in on him attacking one of staffers. He told Regan quote. You keep your fucking fucking hands off. My staff. Regan stopped but he faced no consequences. The Conservative Party of Nova Scotia had a file on Regan sexual assaults. But they did nothing with it. And it's clear that Regan's predation of young girls was in some ways an open secret with people making jokes about it. A Regan aid once yelled across the room room quote. Hey Premier. I saw you with that thirteen year old. But don't worry. She had the body of a nine year old women working in the legislature were regularly literally told not to be in the same room alone with him. There was one incident that would be the spark that eventually led to Regan's crimes becoming public one day in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. An eighteen year old legislative page went to see Gerald Regan in his office. She was looking for his help to apply for a job once they were alone the premier of Nova Scotia attacked her. She ran screaming out of his office into the arms of the legislatures sergeant at arms and this was heard sort of all over the legislature. People knew that that it happened. Journalists soon heard about the assault some tried to report out the story but the legislative page was hesitant to go public but she was convinced by a female reporter to record her recollections of of what had happened and in the reporter gave her the the audiotape and the idea was that if she ever did decide to go public that the reporter would get the tape and be able to use it she took the tape back to her apartment and then something strange happened there. It was a robbery and the only thing that was taken was the audio recording. The tape where she described the premier of Nova Scotia sexually assaulting salting. Her in his office was the only thing that was stolen. She went to the police but they brushed off. Did Nothing. Not many people knew about the recording. But what's become clear years later. was that one person who did was Alan. Stockholm stock was a corrupt union. Official turned developer are and at the time he was trying to get the Nova Scotian Housing Commission to buy a property from the provinces housing commission had said no and so there was a meeting between Regan and Stock All at an airport in Toronto at some point and apparently stock all threatened him obliquely or directly with this tape and making it public and what he wanted was the government to buy his property. They didn't do that but they did. Give him a very sweetheart. Contract for a number of months before Regan was defeated in the next election. Premier Regan was being blackmailed because he sexually assaulted a legislative page and it looks like he capitulated and in all this sordid affair no one appeared. Have to care about the woman who had been assaulted. I think. Probably with the exception of the sergeant at arms who took care of her that night and made sure she got home nobody nobody really did pay much attention to her and her interest in all of this which was also both sort of standard operating procedure in in this case but also not uncommon in terms of the time people you know we're told basically to suck it up. You know this happened. Okay get on with your life. The assault was the first in a series of events that would land Gerald Regan in court. But it would take over a decade gate for the law to finally catch up with him. After Gerald Regan attack the legislative page in his office journalists finally began to move on the rumors that had that surrounded him for years. One of those reporters was Philip Mathias. Who worked for the CBC's Fifth Estate? Philip interviewed a number of young women who had been assaulted altered by the premier and he was shocked to discover that even a CBC colleague had been attacked by Regan in a hotel room and he thought he had the case and the CBC in the end killed his story. And I think that Philip felt that for whatever reasons the CBC had killed the story to avoid problems with the federal government with the Liberals with the ministry on the advice of lawyers other publications had their stories killed two regan was defeated in nineteen. Seventy eight and his government fell but two years later he had been elected to parliament and Pierre Trudeau. Put Him in his cabinet along with other portfolios. Gerald Regan was the minister responsible for the status of women and for Awhile. It seemed like Regan would never be a held accountable for his crimes. Some people did try however as he was running for reelection in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. One man created a pamphlet and took a door to adore in Regan's riding of Nova Scotia Gadfly ICONOCLAST. The Mike Marshall knew about these stories about some of the stories and had done some investigation and put together a pamphlet since nobody was reporting on this. He put together a pamphlet and took it door to door during the election campaign being really calling out written and being very clear on the fact that he had done these things no mainstream media outlet would cover that again because suv their lawyers advice. He didn't win re election but had little to do with the pamphleteering. The liberals were trounced all across the country after he ost regan did what former politicians do. He got a cozy giggle law firm. He served on corporate boards but he didn't stop attacking women in Nineteen Ninety. He sexually assaulted a fellow. Corporate board member and a Calgary Hotel three years later. The police would finally begin to investigate Gerald Regan and the irony is that it wasn't revealed by somebody who was one of his victims but by one of his political enemies. Donald Ripley has had been a former liberal Bagman. Who Helped Regan get elected? But Ripley felt he had been rebuffed by Regan and he lost a lot of money. Would Nova Scotia. Light and tower had been nationalized so he nursed those rudge's for many years. He switched parties. Who became a conservative and then he was a columnist for a local TV rag basically had to listings and a couple of columns? He was one of the columnists and in Nineteen ninety-three. He decided it was this time. The public knew about Regan's crimes and at some point key called Philip Mathias the CBC reporter who had done all the investigation and North gotten his story on air. And said you know basically. I'm going to write about this. And he did. Ripley's call him was a blind indict him about a powerful Nova Scotian. Who had been sexually abusing women for decades but he got almost no response and he then went off to rcmp with what amounted to not very much at all? I mean he didn't have any real evidence. He didn't have any complaints. He knew stuff in a vaguit Naguid happened any sort of directed to Matthias. Who under normal circumstances probably would have brushed them off? He was not somebody who was in the business of helping the police out to investigate things. He realized that this story which was legitimate was never going to be published by the people who who had hired him at the time so he greeted me with the mounties and he gave them chapter and verse of the material that he gathered and I think in his investigation he gathered a dozen women had gotten some of them on video talking about what had happened to them and suddenly the mouth he's had something to go on the RCMP was finally investigating at first. They did it quietly gathering evidence but soon the story leaked out and Gerald Regan he went it on. TV and loudly proclaimed his innocence. That interview was a tipping point. Many women who've been attacked by regan were outraged buys denials so they called the police and so suddenly the mounties were inundated with women telling them these stories. Some of whom were willing to go on the record and Be Witnesses two years after that initial blind item the RCMP charged Gerald Regan with seventeen counts. It's related to thirteen women. Regan Hired Ed Greenspan. The best defense lawyer in the country. Here's Greenspan on the day. Regan was charged. I think this is an entire waste of taxpayers money. I think this entire police investigation which we have heard from people that they've approached was high handed handed An improper is process has not been fair. It has been totally unfair. And it's because of who Mr Regan is now if you're you're familiar at all with how most sexual assault trials of famous people go. You can guess how this went i. The crown began to drop charges and decided to focus on only the most serious charges. Regan's lawyers when a number of important procedural fights in court the crowd attorney leading the prosecution was pulled off. And when Reagan's Higgins victims were brought to the stand Greenspan tried to shred their credibility. I think there's no question that Greenspan has a lawyer was a bully and he was a good from a client's perspective but certainly not. From the point of view of justice. One of Regan's teenage victims had lied on a transcript when she was a child in the nineteen fifties she had moved from one place to another and she wanted to be with kids of her own age so she had sort of minor. Mind your fudging of her transcripts so that she could get into the greed that you wanted to be in with the kids her own age and by my recollection it would have been about about three days of cross examination focused on this one piece of paper and the argument was you would lie about that. He would lie about anything. You're lying about this. Regan's lawyers try to introduce reasonable doubt towards all of the allegations in similar ways. He dug up secrets from in their past like unwanted pregnancies and weaponized them. He cast doubt on tiny details. Eddie Greenspan when he was cross examining one of the women who said she'd been raped in a gravel pit claimed loudly. That couldn't have happened. It didn't happen. There's no gravel pit on the road that you described so nothing nothing nothing happened. You're lying and this came out in the news stories and again were inundated with calls from people who said I know where that gravel pit is on this road at this point and though the charges against Regan were treated by the media's allegations with the lawyer said about the accusers often wasn't here's Maggie. Rohrer again they retargeted viciously in the media. At that time viciously he had a very powerful built in protective system around him. And when these women were being ripped apart in court it was reported on in the media as fact but even as the trial was playing out. Stephen Kimber would hear from new victims. I remember when I was covering the preliminary hearing and I I was teaching at King's at the time and so I had to rush back to a meeting. I was supposed to attend at the university and I made my apologies and I said you know what I was doing. And there were five people in the room and three of the five had had experiences with Gerald Regan. The jury had only been allowed to hear a small small subset of the allegations against Regan but on the day they began to deliberate a publication ban was lifted. And all of that information the media was able to report on dozens of other allegations at the public yet to hear but it wasn't long until the jury returned their verdict not guilty on all charges. Gerald Regan was free to go appeals would follow and legal wrangling continued for a few more years but by two thousand and two who the legal fight was over and Gerald Regan's Rehabilitation had begun in the early days after the verdict verdict. He was shunned by not only sort of ordinary people but also by those people who were his colleagues sometimes sometimes his his peers in politics and business there were receptions he would attend and people would turn their backs on. But that stigma began to fade. He continued to work at a major law firm he served on the boards of companies. He was quoted in the media. His son Jeff's political career continued to rise and when his family background was raised reporters studiously avoided questions about his father's sexual predation. Here's a c-pack interview between Jeff Regan Begin and Katherine Clark. WHO also happens to be former prime? Minister Joe Clark's daughter. Did your mom have any idea what she was getting into when when she married your dad did. She doesn't that there was going to be politics in her life. Not just from her dad. Well clearly and clearly dead was interested in fall two zero convention and it wasn't long before he started running for office and in fact he ran four times unsuccessfully before he was finally elected yes when me to hit in twenty seventeen. Politicians across. Canada started to be outed for their misconduct in the workplace. The same was true. Nova Scotia serious allegations were made against a former. MP and a sitting MLA mega roar wanted to look into how the Nova Scotia Legislature was approaching coaching the issue. I really wanted to understand this moment in time and I wasn't seeing that reporting turn-up anywhere beyond just the basic facts of these cases and so I set up to try to do that and really almost nobody responded to me like I contacted every single. Mla Province province and ironically one of the only people to respond was the minister then minister for the status of Women Kelly. Regan who was actually actually Jerry. Regan's daughter-in-law the few responses she got were generic pablum and no one was willing to grapple with the fact that a premier of Nova Scotia had been allowed to get away with such horrific crimes for so long. You know it's still a really small place down here and there's this kind of like a well. We all know what happened there. We don't talk about it you know. There's a culture of silence whenever Gerald Regan was in the news. Stephen Kimber would get emails phone calls. And after Regan's his death women once again got in touch probably a dozen women he mailed me texted me called me to say what had happened to them and they were. None of these people were involved in any of the trials or any of the criminal allegations Gatien's against rear when Gerald Regan died last November. There is one aspect Maggie. Roar felt was totally missing from the coverage. You know like we're not talking about colleagues. Who are the same age? In some cases they were and no sexual. Violence is excusable but one thing that I find Ashok was omitted from a lot of the coverage surrounding Jerry. Regan's doubt just a few months ago is the fact that to his victims were fourteen eighteen and eighteen years old. I mean literal children. Can you imagine having that amount of power and trying to have sex with children or sexually violating literal children. And then that never being mentioned again. I just find that. So tragic and telling thing and the scale of Regan's crimes are still hard to wrap your head around more than three dozen. Women have publicly accused Gerald Regan of sexual tool assault over a half century. That doesn't include the dozen women who contacted Kimber. After Reagan's death the many allegations that were made By so many women the fact that you could go anywhere Nova Scotia and not running to someone who either had experience themselves or knew somebody who had experiences with Regan. Regan does lend credence to the reality that there were probably hundreds of women who had unhappy encounters with Geraldine career over the years. I remember somebody telling me when I when I was a little girl. I can't remember who was but somebody said for every one letter like handwritten let her if a politician receives one letter. You can assume there are a hundred in terms of public sentiment and that's always really stuck with me especially especially now that I've ended up reporting on a lot of cases involving sexual violence and I mean. Listen when you have forty me known women trump who say they were violated. What more do you need to know that that is only the beginning? I think it's so horrifying that there are people who will still say well. That wasn't improved in court. Or you know they just want their fifteen minutes famous like name of of having your whole life ripped apart and being treated like a liar and having these trolls chase you around until the end of time. It's a nightmare. It's a nightmare. We have forty known than God knows how many victims of Gerald Regan are a living and be dead now That's that's your episode of Commons for the week. This episode relied on reporting done by Stephen Kimber Maggie rar. CBS's V the State See TV news and Global News. If you WANNA learn more tickets. Stephen Kimble's book Aphrodisiac. Sex Politics Power Gerald Regan and Maggie Rogers reporting in the coast. If you want to get in touch with US tweet us at a common pod you can also email me are Shia Kennedy show dot com. This episode was produced by myself Jordan. Cornish are managing editors Kevin John Sexton and our music is by Nathan burly. Few like what we do. Please help us make this show. You can support US and get ad free podcasts by going into patriotic dot com slash Canada

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