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<music> welcome to season for episode twelve the first time round kamara was now introduced which would have profoundly influenced the witnesses decision alone with his height and distinctive. We've clothing of a prison issue. Blue stripe shut andbranch rouses. The identification paraded not followed proper procedure june part of the difficulty difficulty in assembling a procession consisting of men who had the same skin color and it breached identification rules should have been set parades made made up of different people appoint tonight again is that raymond gilbert was not picked out boy any witnesses and also had no forensic links to the crime crime other than his own admission of guilt. The appeal also acknowledge solicitor rex makin who represented both guild baton kamara was relatively the inexperienced in criminal work at the time the crown had not informed the defense that mrs edmonds who identify john kamara had given evidence in another case ice in which her brother was ultimately convicted we that information the defense could have used that to question her honesty while the appeal judges did not agree that they suggested the witness was lying and should not affect the safety of cameras conviction. They understood that mrs edmunds had visited you too brother in prison. After his conviction with him wearing prison issue cliven the same style of shirt and trousers kamara was wearing you know the statements not provided to the defense these included a number of details which vastly contradicted the crown series of events one witness stated they saw van approaching the betting shop and four men jumped out bus they weigh in along with a witness confirming the john suffield had had been threatened the day before his murder but this was not adequately explored by police the further testimony provided by fellow prisoners who said to hurt kamara admit to the crime were later withdrawn counsel for the appellant michael bom bom described the case as is disturbing and said this is a case of a kind which in one respect at least one would hope is a thing of the past this is to say case case in which the turns out to have been a massive nondisclosure at the trial the defense presented its case silence install over the court and when the three judges began to discuss a matter in whispered times neither counsel for the crown defense could hear what they were saying. The judges then retired unsure of what would come next. Everyone in the court had to wait five minutes before they returned the public galleries full to the brim supporters on look as journalists waiting for an answer and thursday march thirtieth two thousand thousand john peter camara received the news he had been waiting nearly two decades to hear this conviction was deemed unsafe and he was to be released laced with immediate effect. The case was labeled as difficult worrying and complex by lord justice sautin on the reason for the judge's decision would would be made available in the fullness of time journalists. Were quick tonight. They seem to be very little in the way of an apology to john kamar with any legal counsel sel being thanked for their time a few hours later kamara walked after the door free man the following his release. Kamara provided a statement into reporters undelighted. This dreadful miscarriage of justice has been righted after such a long time. It is not quite sunk in yet now wants to go way somewhere quietly to start rebuilding my life regarding the revelation that someone else had confessed to the murder phillip lipped jones brother said the momento. I'm full of joy in thinking it's johnny's day the angle will hit me. Lighter justice has to come right it but why did it take twenty years when he could have been out twelve years ago. The police investigated the case never found anything. A total of two hundred hundred one statements were hidden by police assistant chief constable of merseyside police. At the time michael baxter told the press we will study the reasons behind this judgment very closely as he left in a taxi. Kamara was being filmed for documentary. You would like to recall the remembered. The short journey to his lodgings felt like the con was traveling too fast. Everything seemed to be playing double a spate. They found it hard to take in the colors of the outside world having spent the majority of his time in a jail cell staring only at four walls <music> unbeknownst nice to john kamara john suffield father contacted the probation service on the home office seeking to understand how kamara would be treated if his conviction was zyppah turned. You would soon find out a month and a half after john. Kamara was released the three appeal judges who granted him his freedom provided their reasons for the conviction being overturned in a bruising rebuttal the judges harshly criticized the direct the republic prosecutions on the file disclosure of over two hundred witness statements to the defense and how the admission from gilbert was handled at the trial part of the appeal judges summary read the defensive kamara was disadvantage by an accumulation of factors the change of plea the retention of the statement by the jury leading counsels reference to earn reliance upon part of it the denial of the opportunity to cross examine gilbert and on the absence of the benefits of appropriate directions accordingly we take the view that there is a real risk that the jury might have given undue credence to the statement payment this might have contributed significantly to the verdict while the remarks by the judge's work considerable. Joan kamara founded found. They did not go far enough. He was confident that it was a cover up is the director of public prosecutions were blamed in the appeal but kamara sure it was due to failures by the merseyside police and how they dealt with the investigation <music> after john. Kamara was released from prison. He was provided with half a dozen classics to carry his belongings. You stunned to fifty pounds and travel called which expired later that evening there was no support system in place and he was not offered any further financial aid is the probation service deal with individuals who have been found guilty and finish their sentence. Kamara took a taxi to the home of patty hill in north london. He was one of the birmingham six convicted in nineteen seventy five of planting explosives into birmingham pubs in which the twenty people were killed. The convictions was subsequently overturned turned sixteen years later since realizing the lack of support system for those wrongfully convicted in often opened his doors to those facing facing life on the outside he would say most individuals who are victims of a miscarriage of justice turn to drink or drugs and not fully equipped to deal with the changing changing their circumstances. The lack of pipe work available makes it hard to obtain interim lines while they look for work along with the challenges of seeing a health care yeah professional assam suffer with severe psychological problems in an interview with the guardian newspaper during march two thousand and one he'll all said one day you're all sitting in a prison cell and the next day you are in the court of appeal. You're thrown out like a sack of garbage and forgotten about is mind mind boggling coming out on the subject of his release. Camara set one minute. I was sitting with a life sentence and the next minnesota any so free to go go where i was given a trouble. Warranty liverpool expired at eight p._m. I had no money for six to seven weeks. I had no legal documentation. No identity you already known person. The dss granted me an emergency line of five pounds which i had to pay back within twenty days told them to keep it housing manager said because it was a miscarriage of justice. Why didn't i get a loan. Oh boy myself a property because he said you're going to get a massive compensation us how bad it is. Sometimes i thought fucking hell. It looks like you've gotta get arrested arrested to get probation. They seem to push. They want you to commit a crime. After jones release ac- seve reporters descended on the property where he was staying wanting to hear how it felt to be a free man jones spoke of the feeling that someone was going to pull the rug out from under him and throw him back in his cell shortly after cameras release john suffield swath to meet with him to spokane john senior was entirely of the belief that kamara was not involved in his son's murder stressing that he he had nothing to fear they discuss what arrangements the probation service made and john suffield would later describe the assistance offered to kamara laura the man he had once thought it killed his son as totally inadequate while john kamara had found exoneration in the always the law is status with the state was somewhat more complicated given counseling was given no accommodation he could obtain no benefit benefit and being out of work for nearly twenty years might finding a job incredibly difficult couldn't sleep spending evenings at alexandra endre palace unsure of where he belonged almost wishing he was back in prison unless there he had a bed unbelievably believably if he had committed the crime admitted to attend was being released following his sentence they would be services to help him re acclimatize but as he's conviction had been overturned in the states is at least he didn't exist campaigner the time that worked for moshe miscarriages of justice organisation said. How can you compensate someone when you take their lives away. Eventually kamara did receive compensation for the time he had been in prison nine hundred thousand pounds in old will though he took five years john kamara would turn his life around rant. You met his partner bettina found a new home in london done to drive and fathered two children. You give give me the life sentence. I knew from day. I would after fight marquess. When i went in prison time. Stop you know i can send time stopped outside can't get it out my mind account like i'll put a you know a calm then. I didn't like when i bic at my final compensation. They took seventy five thousand pounds football lodging <music> <music> john suffield senior and his family were interviewed in april two thousand and one by the bbc jones said in many ways we are as much victims of a miscarriage of justice is john camera after speaking with the merseyside the police about the investigation where things are headed. He was told that the force was not looking at any other individuals in connection with the crime mazi side police is chose not to reopen the file voicing his frustrations jones senior would go on to say a third man it was named on the trial the narrow program told the police he actually carried out the mud and not kamara he was offered limited immunity by the police if he would go on record but he refused <music> <music> one prison a number one zero one one one admitted on multiple occasions not murder john suffield raymond gilbert claimed he was coerced and threatened after review the criminal cases review commission refused. I used to refer his case to the court of appeal. Jones suffield seen europe. I believed in spite of gilbert's claims he was involved in the mud. The in the years that followed suffield slowly changed his mind as he learned a number of psychiatrist doubted the validity of the confession suffield field was interviewed again in february two thousand and seven and said over the last few years evidence has been revealed to me from a number of sources. The change is that initial certainty but he did it into some doubt now as to whether he did it. I want this evidence to be looked at by someone who is qualified to look at it even saw so ray gilbert has been in prison now for twenty six years is tariff was fifteen years. So what is he been doing in prison for those extra eleven years. He's the prison service. Tell me he is not a model prisoner and therefore his risk assessment for a lease on licenses unacceptable on call all would be a model prisoner if always put in prison for life for a crime. I didn't commit john. Suffield senior was now so convinced gilbert citizens that he even offered him a bed. If he were released from prison it was reported that due to gilbert psychological problems may committed to something that he did not do because gilbert was under the belief that he would never be given a prison sentence. You'd been interviewed over appeared of at least twenty twenty nine hours without a lawyer present between the sixteenth and seventeenth of march nineteen hundred eighty one the first confession came after seven hours with father inconsistent confessions coming thick and fast the majority of the interview transcripts will hung written prior to the police and criminal mental evidence act of nineteen ninety four or pice as it is otherwise known which now require electronic recordings of interviews to be made uber confession either match some elements of the crime ovid wadley from what police discovered at the scene the timelines simply did not match at first gilbert said he income are committed. The murder at ten past ten more than ten minutes off to suffield was found. It was not until his fourth interview. The gilbert either admitted the truth or guess the right time is his supporters would insist gilbert told police overly the murder weapon and north could be found around down the drain near the scene but then in his written confession. He said it was taken to a friend. He'll say said that he and camara walked straight into the a betting shop but he's written confession describes threatening suffield with a knife making him open the door before entering detective superintendant tulsa leading leading the inquiry stated that the door was forced open which begged the question which was it though knife was shown to the jury at the trial there was no forensic evidence linked the weapon to the crime not to mention the lack of forensic evidence linking both men to the mud assi no coins were found and in that possession additionally gilbert at first said he stole eighty pounds then one hundred then five hundred a considerable white if it were to be taken in ten pence coins they gilbert made no mention of the money he had taken being in notes or coins he statement also said that the the plan was to i rub the bingo hall next door taking a knife on cooled with them but the robbery of the betting shop was only formed quickly when they spotted john suffield southfield opening the shop. Why gilbert implicated john kamara is not fully understood. Maybe he was coerced or may have been down to the the argument he had with his girlfriend over her allegedly sleeping with kamara as the interviews would not typed it was impossible to verify what was said highlighting the importance of having strict interview standard it is almost certain that geeta gilbert's admission with you deem it folks or not that that played a considerable part in john come ours unjust incarceration. It wasn't until his fifth and final interview that the pieces began gan to fall into place for detectives. They're repeated by gilbert. It would admit to an element of the crime before retracting his statement insisting he he was lying. You would eventually see a lawyer will die by then he had signed a confession during his time in prison gilbert would write to i'm neil a generalist who covered a series of miscarriages of justice. He writes about his interrogation explaining quote. They grabbed me around the throat in struggle and we began to wrestle with each other during the show is asking them to get off me and i bought one of them from this action. They decided i was the culprit. I never raised the abuse with the police doctor. No way woody avast because of the culture at the time join it was now also believed that gilbert changed his plea mid trial as he thought associates of kamara gun to come off to him in prison so he pleaded guilty hoping the camara would be released raymond gilbert had continued to deny his involvement and oboe sentenced to fifteen years he remained behind bars for not admitting that he was involved in the crime so another strange observations was is that bisazza newspapers around a bottle of milk which would have typically been left on the steps of the betting shop had been placed on a table inside neatly detective superintendent ulsan would describe this was pitched in the police photographs of the scene and even the jury raised this as a question into the judge puzzled how joan suffield could have been forced into the property at knife point but had the sense to pick up the bottle of milk and morning's paper on the way ryan was it more likely that will waiting inside in response to the jury's question about the milk in piper's. The judge queered wearied white masset us what he did with the money he stole from the betting shop. Gilbert said he bought furniture that when unquestioned his girlfriend june bannon verified that this wasn't true the furniture was legitimately purchased for the queries were raised just about the possibility that john suffield was handing over the keys to the betting shock to his manager following an unverified resignation along with the speed at which the police dismiss the individual who was said to threaten john a day before he was killed as a possible suspect. Joan suffield family recall him coming home from work worried on thursday night the evening before the murder. John said that he no longer wished to work at the betting shop and would be meeting his manage to return the a keys the next morning at nine thirty a. m. threats he had received the betting short were too much puzzlingly the betting shop coral as what is now known or joe curls as it was then but not received any communication to suggest that john safi wished to hand in his resignation and the manager could did not recall arranging to meet with john to collect the keys jones family also wondered how the police could have so quickly dismissed the man who had threatened on the day before he was murdered as they claimed to have interviewed everyone at the betting shot by the saturday evening. Jones family also questioned the reason for why he was murdered while they agreed that john had a stammer they described it as mild so he would have been able to communicate the safe combination. It is another piece of the puzzle which did not seem to fit was that john suffield family were familiar with the betting industry and the wayne which money stored in the saif they believed if are more likely but the killers became frustrated. Juice looking mechanism in the safe won't staff could open the outer to do a with a key or combination that was another compartment which only opened at specific times in this instance at eleven a._m. Jones family believed if he's killers were frustrated. It was likely due to their unwillingness to accept john could not access the safe as a timer was placed on the second lock doc or incest safe as it is also referred to while say the design this way to hinder any potential robberies is possible. There were no post as in the brought to explain the time lock was in operation. The robot didn't ni- they would not be able to access the money this pointed to raymond gilbert. It's innocence at least in the eyes of the suffield family is at the time they were unaware that she had made any mention of the problem with the second cy flock during any leave the statements they had seen in spite of multiple applications to the criminal cases review commission raymond gilbert's case was not referred to the court of appeal in two thousand nine before he's fourth submission to the c._r._c. which would ultimately file a campaign of a guild but bruce kent a former roman catholic priest on political activists said he never mentioned a time siphon his confession. If he had been there he would surely seen the scf. We also know the victim took a bottle of milk into the bookmakers but according to gilbert's confession it was being manhandled at the time. It's gilbert's confession have been true. The milk could have been dropped rather than place neatly down today today. There is no way that confession would lead to a prosecution in a further interview. Bruce kent said why would a man given a fifteen year tariff. You could have been released from prison years ago. Had he been model prisoner taken the necessary anger management courses and admitted his guilt nevertheless gone claiming he did not commit the crime while gilbert was not the best behaved prisoner he had undertaken several sponsored runs in the prison yard raising over one thousand housing four hundred pounds to provide medical care for young people is advocate sang these proves he was making progress and he was not the disruptive and undisciplined support man the prison authorities claimed him to be the university of bristol innocence project began working with raymond gilbert's defense thing and requested the merseyside police analyzed the exhibits from the crime scene for diana however they informed that the exhibits were lost the following john cameras release the press began to focus on a number of high profile miscarriages of justice and how the individuals involved were treated these included the birmingham six the bridge will to four an twenty five three kamara was often quoted as an example of how the state treats exonerates pulley after his release he was refused both housing and financial assistance being informed the tussey had not made the necessary national insurance contributions. He was ineligible. Kamara had to frequently points out that is he was in prison for a crime he did not commit he'd been unable to contribute anything. The weasel men an m._p. For liverpool riverside had been contacted by kamara while he was in prison and she started to look into his case she was interviewed and said quote initially thought john slip through the system but then i realized there was nice system she began working with the home office raising objectives to ensure that these individuals would be given urgent financial compensation housing council lake immediate access to financial benefits and assistance to help them find work. Elm was told by the home office they were setting up a working party to offer recommendations about compensation during may two thousand and one the is that followed new legislation was drafted in two thousand fourteen to define what constitutes a miscarriage of justice however these changes had severe ramifications in what was seen as a test case the supreme court ruled that not every miscarriage of justice would be entitled to compensation after after serving seventeen years in prison victim neilan had his conviction of rape attend in december two thousand thirteen following fresh dna evidence and sam hallam seven years for murder before having his conviction quashed after a single witness who placed him at the scene recanted her testimony joining hallam was imprison. His father took his life. Both men were at. I told they would receive no compensation for their unjust adjusting conservation and that claims eventually made their way to the u._k. Supreme court in a majority decision made at the start of two thousand nineteen lord man said quote the criminal standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt may on occasions lead to acquit a little discontinuance in civil case in circumstances where the commission off the offense could be established on the balance of probabilities in essence this means that an individual what i need receive compensation when it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt they did not commit the crime <music> in two thousand and seven john suffield senior made the most poignant comment of all nobody least of all. My family wants an innocent man in prison. Uh but three years later towards the end of two thousand and ten one of raymond gilbert's most prominent supporters seventy-five-year-old jones suffield what senior out a change of heart and was now says in his son was mud at raymond gilbert he had for the first time obtained and read further the confession made by gilbert and indeed mention a combination safe. Just as jones suffield senior thought it would he was part the statement in which gilbert refers to his accomplices. Roy coat kept asking suffield. If there was another safe he had his mouth open and wasn't and speaking a punched him twice in the face of them produced a knife and said if after resort to use this to get the answer about where the bright is our will but i won't say we took him into the back room and pushed him onto. Its share a tied. His hands behind his back and roy was looking at the safe. We found it in the back room returned to me and said it was a combo safe. I all suffield what the numbers were to open. The safe off to suffield had been cut twice. I told our roy to ask him for the numbers to open the scf. Roy put his head near to suffield mouth to hear what he was saying. Southfield mumbled something to roy news able to open the first part of the safe. I asked if there was anything else in the safe and roy said that there were only pipes yes but there was another part of the safe you will say said he couldn't open the other part suffield how to get open the other part of the safe. He was trying to mumble but i couldn't hear what he was saying was angry. Lost my temper in an interview with the liverpool echo john suffield senior said the only conclusion one comes too often reading that narrative is that gilbert was the killa ella. There's no remorse ni- massey the person who made that statement had to be there it appeared as though raman in gilbert had mentioned a combination safe after all while it would seem that that was the ended the matter things were getting even more complicated as it was revealed the statement provided by raymond gilbert detailing a combination safe. This was in fact written after he admitted to the crime in court and john kamara was then on trial. It was being alleged by raymond gilbert supporters supporters the gilbert's only wrote this confession to help kamara a campaign of a guild but would save gilbert's initial confession that quite white this was signed off the two days and nights of frequent interrogation by police officers with no one else present permissible in nineteen ninety-one but not today the confession made with police made no reference to the inner site which is crucial but i think raymond gilbert is a saint ain't but he's not matter so where are we now. During february two thousand thirteen raymond gilbert source first real taste of freedom was allowed to visit the town of shaft spring two miles north of guys marsh the category c prison in dorset where he was being held fifty four of the time. It's so far been imprisoned for thirty. One years he had been given a minimum term of fifteen years for the murder of john suffield and a further five attacking another inmate with a knife gilbert would have been released seena at he admitted to the murder however he still continue to deny he was involved a year later in a written submission he might further attempts to be moved to a category d prison and the open conditions of high champion kirk. I mean lancashire following his visits outside the prison wools the submission was rejected and he was informed that he was not suitable to be moved at this stage. It'd been violent silence and disruptive reportedly salting a female prison officer at the start of october two thousand and sixteen it was reported that raymond gilbert had been relased thirty five years after being sentenced for the murder of john suffield while gilbert was free questions still remain bruce ken to man who had campaigned continually forgive but to release said the raymond two survived all these years without losing his sanity is a miracle money side now at last he's out <music> <music>. Thank you for listening and special thanks to this week's patriot producers rebecca ratty tweets rebecca st sour khloe khloe cater and everyone who supports us on patriot for more information. Please lee seok show nights or visit. They walk among us podcast dot com <music> <music> <music> <music> yeah.

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