The Wonders of New York Toy Fair 2019 and Ironheart


Community. Hello marvelous. You are listening to this week in more episode number three hundred eighty two. I'm Ryan aka agent, Adam I'm Jamie, aka agent, extra dimensional. Heck? Yeah. This is a big one. We got a lot to talk about. So I wanna dive right in because top of the news top of the show top of the pops. We've got two big trailers this week. I up is the official trailer for Marvel's cloak and dagger season to which just drop this week. We get to see tie ten using their powers. We get to see some of that may and so much more. You can watch the trailer on more dot com. We'll make sure we link it for you in the new story, and you can check out a list of fifteen things we noticed in the trailer. And the new may wanna check out in the trailer. That's on marvel. Com- get ready to see the season premiere on free form coming Thursday, April fourth. Yes, any other big trailer is for Marvel's wolverine. The lost trail the first episode of which comes exclusively to Stitcher pre. On March twenty fifth. Subscribers may have noticed we dropped it. As a little bonus episode earlier this week on the feet, so you can easily hear it there or on marvel dot com. I recommend listening to it with headphones. This oh, definitely definitely stick those headphones in your ears. Get the entire experience. Yes. And of course, the first season of Marvel's will win the long night is available wherever you get your podcast. You can hear the whole season right now. It's it's great. All right. So Toyko air wrapped earlier this week. And we're going to do a little bit about that. For this week's big talk section with special guest, and sort of universal heartthrob Jesse falcon asked my birthday, buddy. And my initial buddy I did not get to hang out with. But you did. Indeed. He and I go through Twitter is give you some like history behind it. Also, just I'm going to tell you about some of my favorite things that I saw a toy fair. That's a little bit later this episode who'll I went to a couple years ago for another job, and it made me feel. Like a little child again, and it was super super fund kit. Take anything home. It's always a bummer like I want this. And I want that. And this. Anyway, not not like I have any more room for things in my house. Our interview this week is with Sophia Wiley who voices review Williams in marvel rising heart of iron with that in mind, and as black history month winds down, we wanna drop some primer info on iron, heart who's awesome character. And as some fun putting this together, but now onto things were hyped about this week, comma, including news are you guys excited about marvel studios, captain marvel do you also love cats? Ryan, I do you do then this is the biggest week for you, man. Oh, man. Are you all in luck this week? We've got some prime cat content prime captain marvel content follow marvel on Instagram for exclusive marvel meow mini comics by Japanese artists. Now Fuji starring cats cats cats, along with your favorite marvel characters like Spiderman, MS marvel and more visit marvel dot com for a few of the variant covers that will also be featuring panels from those comics and don't worry I will link you up when we post. About the show later this week. It's great. It's so exciting. It's so fun. And with that in mind, if that's not enough cat content for you and really truly. It's never ever have enough cat content. No, there's a brand new marvel studios captain marvel feature at all about the true star of the movie Koos the cat. Also it features Larson Samuel Jackson. Yeah. They might be. They might be in it. But yeah goes very prestigious. Yes. Thespian feline fest pin sparkle fist herself is also hitting marvel games on March eighth the same day. The movie comes out a whole slew of marvel games will introduce captain marvel to marvel strikeforce marvel future fight marvel battlelines, marvel puzzle quest and marvel contest of champions. You can be Carol danvers be her just go play the game. They're there for you. Our sister podcast women of marvel has really great interview with right R Kelly to conic and editor who while he was editor at the time and is now. Hi. Mucketty creative poobah Stephen Wacker, the two of them back then, and I think it was like twenty twelve were instrumental in making Carol Denver's into the mighty captain marvel we know and love right now without the two of them really doing the work on Carol. And there were of course, great stories before that there's a great run of MS marvel previously to that. But what they did with Kelly. Sue and Steve did for Carol. We wouldn't be where we are with the movie coming out with that so excited about all of this. Yes. Oh, great. Wait. There's so much more to get excited about because this week. There was a neat sort of meeting with comics, publishers retailers, and that means secrets review. Don't worry. We're going to tell you some things though. Yes. Ak Tun of comics announcements came out this week. We'll have articles and images of all the stuff on marvel com- but quickly here because it's really neat stuff. We've got gorgeous variant covers celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of Marvel's coming. There's a new black cat series on the way by writer. Jed MacKay and artists travel form and ho. Holy moly. That is terrific. Terrific news. They just tore it up on the digital daughters of the dragon series. Honestly that was one of my favorite books so far in the last couple of months, and this is one of my most intimate comics of twenty nine thousand nine right now, we have the next creative team on savage sort of Conan, and that is right or Meredith inch and artists Luke Ross with covers by David Finch and franked Armata Luke's, my homeboy and his sort of broody dark realism styles. Kind of perfect for savage sword. Very cool. And one of the greatest gifts that into the spider verse has given the world is a bigger appreciation for spider ham and in June. Peter Parker takes center stage in the amazing spider man annual by Jason LaTour frigging, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller and artists more on that book soon. Yeah. It's I'm so jazzed. I remember giving the tour of marvel to Lord and Miller recently. Yeah. Yeah, december. Oh, was it. I think so I'm flies when you just put all your life in boxes than take it all out. Yeah. I was giving them. The tour and introducing them to all the different people. It was like all the others are like, hi Sirs. I would like you to write comic books for us. Happened over and over and over again. And I remember like at the end in the spider office being I really would love you to reduce here. We are. It's all coming true. Really cool. And this is how the secret works. You ask for it. You've put it out in the universe. Then Phil Lord and Chris Miller will show up in your office. And then that would be the greatest their sweethearts to anyway spider. Verse fans will also be able to get their hands on a Spiderman who are complete collection coming soon this year. So, you know, if people want to read these stories that inspired the film, it's all right out there. We've got so much more in this episode up. Now is this week in marvel history. Let's dive into the week of February twenty-second through twenty eighth in marvel history. Going back to nineteen fifty one February twenty eighth space squadron number one, I feel like that's how you'd have to say it space Quadra number one comes out which was kind of an early attempt at our buck. Rogers scifi action stories, I put it in here. Just because it was it was neat. We have done so many space books when we would, you know, Star Wars later, this was a very early take on it by George Tosca and Joe mealy on the team, which is really cool February twenty seventh nineteen sixty two. Any born and he's done tons of work for marvel whether its origin the landmark will story marvel sixteen o two runs on captain America kesar ghost rider for the ultimate books and a great run on x men in the nineties. His brother is Adam q-bert who's currently doing amazing work for us has been doing amazing work for us as long as Andy and son of Joe q-bert, a true comic book legend. So he is part of a comics royalty kind of family and also one of the best as inspired last names. Even though they came before the eighties, but q-bert. It's all I could think about whenever I see that very legendary name is the eighties which was one of my favorite way back in the day, February twenty fourth nineteen ninety nine earth. X number one comes out by Jim Krueger, John Paul and Alex Ross. If you've never read it listeners, it's a really neat. Alternate reality. Take on the future of the marvel universe. Scott really twisted and weird characters the Spiderman captain America who's like wearing a toga. That is the American flag, and he's all brutal. There's really cool designs that Alex Ross did for the series, and it would spawn a bunch of other series universe. X paradise bunch of other spinoffs over a couple of years. Really cool stuff. You can read it all of marvel unlimited. Very twenty eighth two thousand one alternate marvel team of number one came out by Brian Michael Benda's, Matt Wagner. I put this one on here because it's a great series of Spidey teaming up with a different. Character each issue with different artists. It's really fun. This was the early days of the ultimate universe where we were sort of figuring out what we were doing. So some of these stories they conflict with other stories later in the ultimate universe. But they're just 'cause really need to see different artists to marvel characters in this round. So all that on marvel limited February twenty seventh two thousand two cage. Number one by Brian has in Richard Corbin comes out, and it's a max book. It is dope. It's like this icon IQ a bunch of covers by Richard Corbett of like cages teeth or the the what do you call this goals late? Yeah, I guess it says cage. Knuckledusters? Yeah. Knuckleduster? It's really good Richard Corbin, like legendary comic book artists who's most. Most of his work was doing really weird horror stuff in the seventies. And he does this sort of like bad ass plaques boy tation e book February twenty third two thousand five new vendors number four by Brian Michael Bennis, and David Finch introduces Maria hill, welcome Maria gas. So she would then go onto the TV shows and the films and so much more February twenty-second two thousand six storm number one by Eric Jerome Dickey, David yard, and I like this one because this series tells the origin of storm and to Charles love, which you know, has flourished it fell apart flourished again, then he went off in space. Do the whole thing. It's really cool series February twenty fifth twenty fifteen spider Gwen solo comic launches by Jason LaTour. And Robbie Rodriguez is just so good that when super important to may actually have to talk to Jason LaTour recently about into the spider verse, and we talked a little bit about how he brought Gwen back and gave her her solo series. And just spite Gwen Stacy's, very important to me a spider, Gwen and go spider. So this gives me the woman disease, and we have a split, spiders, warm, fuzzy spiders, and we have a great spider going go spider series going on right now. Sean Maguire on a bunch of great artists. So definitely check all these out. And then finally February twenty two thousand eighteen lock Joel number one comes out by Daniel kipah Smith and Carlos via introducing watchos family and solidifying his origin. And it's just a fun book. When I first started here at marvel almost exactly one year ago. And I realized that there was a comic just for lockjaw. I I sought it out like on day one because you know, we're very. Excited about the marvel cat content. But I can't you know, deny marvel dog cons, of course. So that's this week's this weekend. Moral history stuff, speaking of history, we will be releasing our February episode of this week in marvel limited reading club touching on the fabulous. Fifties of me and talking about some nineteen fifties issues of tells of suspense and tales to astonish our March to him your C is going to be about the nineteen sixties. But we're still deciding books if you have suggestions or requests tweet me at age Indem, and at CBC Boesky and think about it. It's very fun to follow these from the very beginning. Definitely. And the sixties are such a huge part of all the so many of the superhero comics from the beginning. Heck, yeah. All right. Talking to comics this week's episode of Marvel's police. Our top picks were Jessica Jones, purple daughter number two that is one of our marvel digital originals. So. So. Return of wolverine number five. Then I'm number eleven and wolverine Infinity watch number one. Make sure you subscribe tomorrow's police wherever you get your podcasts. Watch video versions on marvel dot com. So tell us about toy fair. Oh. Toy fair. So we're going to talk to Jesse falcon about what toy areas some of the things that he's hyped about. But twenty years great walk around. And you look at toys and someone's like, hey, would you like to put these toys in your store, and I'm like, I don't have a store. I'm just here taking pictures. I'm just going to stand here and play with them for a little while to test them out and make sure they're good for public consumption xactly. They're showing off these toys to people who own stores or big chains or retailers. Whatever it is an addition to the press to say, hey, you should put this in your store. People are gonna wanna buy these. And now we're going to give you a little chat with Jesse falcon give some background on what toy fair is. Hi, jessie. Hey, what's up buddy shoes? I'm proud of you. I can do it. Now. You're a big guy. It's only forty eight years. Wonderful. You are in town for Toyko air, we need to know Jesse. What do you do for marvel for Disney? And then what the heck is toy fair? Greg questions toy fair is an international toy convention that is kind of the press show for all of the twig companies in the world to come and show their wares. Not just to the buyers who are placing orders to get these products in retail. But to show them to the press and influencers sent to get the word out about these cool, new toys that are coming this year next, and I have been working for marvel for twenty five years, and I've been working primarily a toy development, capacity. And I now working in Glendale for Disney consumer products, oversee all the hard lines product development for marvel worldwide. Hard lines means action figures. Statue's things made of heart plus to anything that's not fabric. Basically. That's soft lines. Those terms make sense to us. I just wanna make. What is this like some militant things because I think the last time I was here I use that term. It's a super inside baseball reference. How long do companies or even like you on the product side internally for Disney marvel like Helen, do you work towards this fair? It depends. I mean, the truth is some some opportunities have to be fast tracked. The typical life cycle of action figures about eighteen months to get it designed to get it sculpted to cut steel getting manufactured in debugged everything. And also the process of aligning that with most a lot of action figure lines are aligned around entertainment property, so most companies like to have stuff out kind of in that the Africa window of it's talking about the article, but there are other things we were just talking about one which is super secret super secret talk about but it oh my God. It's going to be so much fun. When it comes. That could take up to two years, you know, or even longer sometimes I mean, if you've got a good idea or you have a cool mechanism. Sometimes it's a matter of just finding the right way to apply that technology or art to like, a brand or intellectual property in order to get it out into the public. Yeah. You are obviously a big marvel guy. You're also, Victoria guy have been your house. You have wonderful collection. That's right over there. Weird thera off. Yeah. What is your prized possession? In terms of like toys statue that kind of stuff doesn't even have to be marvel. Just in gen-. No, I have this Mattel Godzilla that was from the shogun warriors line. It was I think nineteen seventy six so show gun. Mattel had this. Great imprint cultural gone voyeurs, and they had these two foot tall. Plastic robots of MS Inga and guy king and a bunch of other really famous Japanese robots, wonderful famous Japanese. Yes. Yes. That have a you know years of comics TV shows behind them in multiple toys in in all of the world. And then a late add to that line was got Scylla. And it was it was kind of weird 'cause he had all these like superhero robots, and then they're like who they gonna fight. Well, they had God's and I was the biggest Godzilla fan is a kid. And so I have a couple of those. And when that toy came out, I remember very clearly I got the twice spent my own money. I got a thirteen dollars. I got it for nine bucks. Because my mom convinced. The people admire thrifty acres that the display guys elevate only had one hand and no tail my son good bye for nine dollars. So I had this bus zilla that I painted read on. So he looked like he really got into a big screen 'cause I couldn't buy extra parts it was the seventies. And I immediately got to work on drawing designs for kinky Giora Rodin, Martha all the other toys that I wanted to see in this kind of foreign factor. And I sent it all Mattel. And they sent me a letter back when I was a. No the store. Yes. They sent me a letter back, and they basically said, hey, kid, don't write us anymore. The toy designing to the pros. And my parents taught it was so funny that they left on the fridge for years. And I was just see that thing and just my head would get hot. Like, I was God on how to get. And then a year later, we go to toys R us, and they are selling Rodin. And I was like I was like, oh, you took my idea Mattel, and it's funny now because I work with them until team, and they couldn't be lovelier. But I think that that was like my first four I started at that point in my life to make my own toys. There was a show called battle the planets that I loved, but there are no toys for about. Oh planet. So I had customized GI Joe action figures Star Wars action figures and made them into the characters that I wanted to see and I built on a balsa wood, a giant fiery Phoenix. So which was the ship that they wrote around and. Yeah, that was that was kind of my past my start into making toys, and I've been doing it ever since. I remember there was one year at San Diego. I was sitting doing work at one of our tables at the show floor and you come over. And you start plunking down kaija in front of me. Just like look what I got. So excited you just hundreds of dollars toys, what do you collect these days? I still I there's a line that bond I mix of six inch catchy figures, and they have every different character. That's ever been. You know, a man in a big rubber suit as well as any of the new transportation of those characters. I I will if I see those things I will I'll pick them up. What are some of the things you're excited for people to check out because by the time people are listening to this? It'll be everywhere. Yeah. Posted about it on social media. We have an episode of a show about all kinds of fun stuff. What marvel stuff are people going to be getting hype for we're we're in a lot of different places this year the team that I work with the licensing side in Glendale has done an incredible job at making sure that we have partnerships with really most companies. So we are we're really putting a lot of parks in the marketplace. But we have an incredible brand. I mean, it's it's really crazy to think about the growth of this company in the the twenty five years that I've been here because I was talking to Mr. funding. This morning. And he was saying that you know, he he made this point. I never consider this. Absolutely, right. The animated X men show, basically save the company because that show was so popular that toy biz made that had monetize and made so much money with that they were able to buy more of a lot of bankruptcy. And then all these movie started happen that we made our own movies. And and now we're all cascaded around that. So, but the things that I'm looking forward to mess coz one twelve line is really fantastic the volume of detail that put into these characters. I mean, they're tiny hot toys figures. You know, they're six inch scale, hyper tainted with fabric costumes on top of them. They have like layered layered silkscreen, printing, really depth on the fabric components. Just tons of tons of urine. There those things are fantastic. What I love about them as well as they are comic based. Yeah. You know? And so you movie stuff mostly what like there's a cable. There's these wonderful Verena figures, and like I haven't seen. The new ones I'm excited to see them. You can get these really, hyper detailed these figures of characters direct from the comics which Israel needs. And not just that the thing that mas- in his team done. Really? Well, I think they've kind of done their interpretations of these characters, you know, you look at it. And you know, it's will ring, but they've added details and components to the costume that make that look for that character kind of own -able to mess and his line, which is awesome. I love it. When companies through that a square inex- is another company does that they have a they have a license with us, and they have built their own looks for our characters. It's kind of what they do. If you go back if you go look at their showroom. You'll see a bunch of recognizable characters, but you'll see them in a way that you've never seen before. Because they've interpreted them through their own kind of prism. So the other thing I'm really looking forward to the see the totality of the legends line at house, bro. It's a line that I'm very excited about it's done, credibly. Well, last couple of years since makes me very excited to see that line does. Well. Yeah. And then also I'm excited to see the things that I don't know are there like that's the kind of fun about a trade show and check nuclear this is a trade show, but like Comecon or a show like this or design con or even d twenty three or old in your Comecon. Great shows because there's always that expectation of the unknown. You know, the things like what am I gonna get surprised those here Jesse? It's always a pleasure, buddy. You I'm sure we'll have you back again and talk about something get wait. It's great. I. Big thanks to sweetheart Jesse falcon for coming on the show. He is always welcome. And I'm sure he will be back. So I walked around. So a bunch of the marvel stuff so in no order some of my fair faves are as follows we started Hasbro, and I'm torn on my favorite marvel legend to pick for this. There were so many cool ones. They these eightieth anniversary figures which dope, especially this juggernaut. Colossus set where juggernaut has replaceable heads and one of his heads has helmet. That's all torn up which is need. The big three vendors are gorgeous super-duper detailed like, you can read all the the words on the side of you'll near and it's tiny. But you can read it. They've done it in such a wonderful way. But I most hyped for beta Ray Bill, and the toy style cyclops this. They actually took the packaging of the nineties toy fair action figures, which are so important to a lot of kids that time and recreated it, but plus it up for the modern one. It's it's really neat. Von die has a big just by and they have this sort of grouping this line called tamasha nations. Maybe my personal favorite line to collect especially non marvel toys from many of their dragon ball and Godzilla pieces, and they do an amazing line of samurai style figures called me show Mangga realization, and these they do it for Star Wars. But they do they do a bunch for us. Yeah. I remember them from one of the comic cons, and they're just so cold. Yeah. Yeah. We did some stuff giving away dead pooled are in San Diego. But they showed a bunch of them, including wildly cool wolverine and war-machine pieces, which I think were brand new just shown for the first time at toy fair funk had a huge part of the show floor with tons and tons of pieces for so many, different companies and properties and all kinds of stuff. It's tough to pick a favorite. There's a pop that was miles from Spiderman into the spider verse in his makeshift first costume with his. Sneaker vers, and the Spiderman it cost him with the Cape on is really really cute. There are some neat van Nuys pop. So captain America hulk Spiderman and iron man like with venom like venom is. So they all really scary gnarly as wild which of these characters have actually been venom is in the comics. I think they all might have been or at least in the on covers because we have to cover the venomous series. Couldn't tell you. What were specifically in story? But I think they all had covers at least I've been doing a lot of venom stuff lately for dot com. Alms egging about is now I'm thinking about cap being venom is but I've been thinking about the punisher being victimized. Like, yeah. There's a one of my favorite comics is a what if of course, what if venom possessed punisher from the nineties and. It has like my favorite one of my favorite moments. That is just burned in my brain. So punisher gets the venom symbo, and he realized that allows him to do so many things because like venom can you can sort of make it into weapons so he can instead of shooting web like spider webs, he shooting bullets, and you could also change how you look. So he just guises himself up as a businessman goes to Fisk tower and says I have a meeting with Wilson fiscus businessman goes up to the top floor to see well some fest and murders the kingpin in his office. He just shoots and it's over. I remind me and I'll bring it in. And it's at home. Okay. Yeah. It's finally back to the toys, we spent some time at diamond select toys, seeing my good friend Zach over there and DST have many mates. They have marvel select action figures really cool salmon in there, but for the statues. There's a disco dazzling that is just loudly. A brutal. Looking punisher. Like, it looks like Jon Rahm Mita junior. Art, it just thick and angry. And you're just like. Great Gialle line. Yes. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. They had to Marvel's spider man, statues of the events that Spidey and rhino inspired. By the PlayStation four-game. Those are my favorites over there. So I posted pictures of all of these on my Twitter. But you know, we were talking about toys, and did, you know, you could be earning cashback rewards for buying toys how well that's with the marvel MasterCard. Learn how at marvel massacre dot com slash twin. You could earn three percent cashback rewards paid. As a statement credit on comic books movies, restaurants and more with the marvel MasterCard and one percent cashback rewards paid. As a statement credit on all other purchases. There's no limit on the cashback rewards, you can earn and enjoy special marvel benefits like three months of a marvel unlimited subscription. You can choose your superhero from one of six cool car designs to like iron, man. Black Panther and Spiderman just to name a few visit marvel MasterCard dot com slash twin. To learn more and apply today. Marvel MasterCard dot com slash T. W? I am now onto we're gonna get to our interview in a minute or two, but I wanted to talk about iron heart a little bit. We're gonna be talking to so FIA why who voices river Williams in marvel rising heart of iron. But I thought this was a good opportunity seeing how it's also black history month to talk about one of our coolest African American heroes right now iron heart who's really Williams. Yeah. And who doesn't love another smart genius woman in the marvel unit packs? Yeah. Some quick details about her really Williams. She makes her first appearance in invincible iron man, number seven which came out March second twenty sixteen good anniversary for today marvel history which coming up real soon and this week in marvel history. It's a short little one page cameo. The end of the issue where we see her working on a suit of armor, annoying other students at MIT you just get her name. First name is just really that issues by Brian Michael bender and Mike. Deodato? She shows back a couple months later this year number nine we see her actually suit up. She even gets the cover in her. I like her personal quote unquote Marquand though, there's a joke on the cover about. She doesn't have superhero name yet. Which is really neat. She shows up here, and there a little bit until she meets Tony stark towards the end of the series who takes her under her takes her under his wing a little bit. It's cool. But it's the next volume of invincible iron man issue number one, which came out November ninth twenty sixteen. We're really start to know who reread what she's all about by Brian Michael bender since the final Caselli, they give us through the first couple of issues rivers origins, growing up in Chicago being a genius. Like, there's kind of heartbreaking scene in that first issue. She's five years old. She's distant she's she doesn't connect with most people because she's so far advanced and they're trying to figure out what to do how to help heart. It's really interesting stuff. She feels out of. Sorts with the world, you know, even way back, and then you learn how the tragic losses of her stepfather and really particularly her best friend Natalie shaped her and drive her to become the hero. She will later become his iron heart a Herenton gold costume, which you know, is on the cover of in Iran, number one. We don't actually see that right away that shows up take an issue number three. But first we see her in her again, her kind of Mark one, silver armor, sort of Mirroring those things about Tony stark. But in her own way, it's really neat. And then she also gets a quickie little Tony stark AI because these are so advanced they need their own. You know, we see that Tony having Friday or having Jarvis or having, you know, a bunch of others. She gets a Tony Stark's. It's like choosing the voice for your Garmon. She's chose Tony stark. That's so perfect. Yeah. The first two years of her comics are allowed about her learning what it is to be. A hero getting involved in all kinds of Tony stark, Michigan and ninja stuff. And so she's really building up invincible iron number six. She's invited to join the champions, which is really important thing as a young hero with this team of other young heroes and their particular mission of trying to be different from the avengers. Being a force for good or go force for change. There is a really intense moment is a big character piece for re re is when they go up against Thanos, but she's nearly killed like picks her up, and basically just brakes arm or down and tosses her to the side, and it completely rattles because she's been such a, you know, gung ho hero. She felt so powerful and strong. And she sees that she could be taken down like anyone else? So brutal. Yeah. It's really intense really really well done still sticks with her to this day, which I think is a good character piece that we. Floor. That's always one of my favorite things about moral heroes is when they do experience something like that when they do realize that. Yeah, I've got superpowers, but I'm not invincible. I'm not immortal. Most of them are not. And I think when you're so young too. And you really think immortal, you you think you have so many years left in you. And then it's like, boom one thing. One thing one day one moment can just remind you it's not as easy as you think she gets new armor in the new slash current chip in series, which has a different color scheme different capabilities more in line with her personality, which I think is really fun. And now she is such a crucial key part of the champions, which is great series. Definitely that Jim's and company doing great work on that. But what I really wanna make sure we talk about is the current iron heart series, which is absolutely fantastic. It was written by Chicago native eve doing look I love Brian like Obama's I dug Brian's work and. Re would not exist without Brian. I mean, Brian and his wife have this wonderful diverse family, you know through adoption in through there. You know, all these different ways that they have built their family, and he wanted to represent he wanted to show them characters that would reflect them and re-really is one of these characters, and she's awesome. So really wouldn't exist without Brian. But I want to say that I believe that eve is really really fleshing out iron heart and her world in really cool ways from the the trauma that she is dealing with constantly and the difficulties around that you know, what she deals with mentally from not just the Thanos thing which she does touch on. But also like the tragedy that she's from her upbringing and all this stuff. You know, it's either really dive into that in wonderful thoughtful ways. She's also building out REEs friends, her family her awesome. A new which is based on her friend Natalie. Oh, yeah. It's really really cool to villas big mysteries. That feeling of the Chicago based stuff that comes from an authentic person who is from Chicago and the art by the CIO Vecchio is just fantastic. Yeah. The other best part of marvel heroes is their humanity. And I think if you is really lending just something special something so personalized and unique to re down her perspective. Heck, yeah. So she's in great hands right now, we re between champions and in the pages of iron heart. So really, really cool stuff. You could play his own heart in a number of our marvel games, which is always really cool. And of course, you can see her in marvel rising heart of iron coming soon to marvel H Q on YouTube and really will be voiced their by Sophia Wiley who we're going to hear from right now. Hi, Sophie, how you doing great. How are you doing real real? Well, so on this week in marvel the one of the things I always like to learn is, what is your marvel origin story. Like, how did you? First get connected to marvel characters in comics was that the cartoons. Was that movie? Was it bedsheets? What was it for you? That's a great question. I think the first marvel origin in my life was really just from my family. My dad has always been a very big marvel stay on. So so I think I really kind of inherited that love for marvel from him. And so has the rest of my family. So the first thing I really remember, marvel wise was all of the vendors that is just a classic that you can't really like you can't replace. It's just so so good, and yeah, I definitely love avengers. And they can't wait for the next one to come out. Joe spoil it for you. I could tell you the ending right now. No, no, no, no, no. Oh, I would never I have. Thank you. But you know, you are playing an amazing character iron heart. What does it mean for you to be the voice of iron heart? It means a lot to me being able to represent so many people have different colors genders is something that I really needed when I was younger, and I didn't have much of. So being able to be a part of a new generation where I can be that representation for so many people out there is very big honor to me. Yeah. It's amazing to me because I hurt she's only been around for two years. But the impact that she's had on so many characters what you're saying. And how important it is for that representation? Is it's incredible. Yeah. It really is. So for you, what do you do to prepare for iron heart because she is she's a superhero thing. Yeah. I guess I just I put on my super hero. Ha, I guess I just try to think of the people in my life who are kind of my personal superheroes. And I try to take a piece of them and bring it into myself and give me that confidence. Because of course, as a superhero. You have to just be that strong confident loving type of character. And you have to have that in your voice to especially in animated acting. You really have to project that type of emotion, and that kind of character into your voice. So I just try to really take the biggest pieces of the people that I love into me. Cool. I wanna get into the voice acting a little bit. But I who are the superheroes for you in your life that you think about when you're working, this is cheese thing ever. But they are my parents. Of course, I mean, they've sacrificed so much for me. And my sister in allowing us to live out our passions and to pursue our dreams. So they really are heroes to us. And they they are just the best parents her. Oh. You say it's cheesy. But it's the best answer. It's really incredible here. So you know, you were talking about what you in body for voice acting. What does the process like for you to voice iron, heart boys thing is very tedious? Like, I never knew how much work not just for me. But for everybody that's a part of it. I'm how much work that goes into a single episode twenty minute episode. And I also didn't know that is not just about the words, but there's so much more. That's added into it all of the grunt noises, the yells the battle cries, especially for this type of show. There's so much of that because there's so much action fighting going on I'm so you really have to not only show that with the animation but show that with our voices. So it's weird. When there's just like a lot of maybe ten adults standing around me, and I just have to grunt over and over like I'm getting enough where I'm kicking. It's it's taught me a lot. And I definitely will take. My voice acting into my live action acting. That's so cool. You in some productions I've seen some voice actors work alone there solo in the booth. Sometimes you see a show, and they the whole cast is together in a room. What's it like for you on marvel rising? Well, I kind of got the best of both worlds for the first part of iron hearts special got to do it by myself, which I think was great because it was really my first time ever voice acting especially for something as big as my rising. So I really got just have one on one time with the voice director and really know who iron heart is. But for the second part for part two I got to be with a big majority of the cast which was also such a great learning curve because I got to really just learn from them and see what they do because they've been doing this for years, and they know so much so much more than me in. So I just got to kind of watch them and try to soak in as much as possible that's got to be so much fun. Have you been able to read any of the iron, heart comics? I have the funniest thing. Right. When I heard that I was going to be playing iron heart. My dad, and I went to a comic bookstore, and we bought all of the Earnhardt comic books. I'm so course, like a lot of them are kind of just at our house like in this little place that is never touched because we just to special to us. I guess, but I have been able to read the first main book of iron heart in that game. Me of who she is in the comic books. Yeah. There's a really great series right now, you your dad should read it together. It's the current iron heart story is really good. Yeah. She's going to school, and she's like dealing with all kinds of stuff. Yeah. It's a wonderful book. It's written by this woman eve Ewing who is just. Edible. Yeah. I bet your dad is just freaking out about. Yes. You are. Right. He is. Oh my gosh. Today, we walked into this room, we're in and as we were walking by there's this iron, man statue. And he's like, oh my gosh. I have to get a picture with these. And of course, it's so cool to me. But I'm just thinking about like, okay. I got to just have fun today. Do my best. But he's the Yuba. Oh my gosh. I'm in this area. They have all these marble comic books. He's totally fan Girling. But it it really is incredible to see him so happy. I love it. Yeah. And there's tons of iron heart, even toys, which one of the crazy things. It's like she's she has been around for very long time. We have toys we have statues. Sure, there's like clothing and stuff. It's it's really cool. Yeah. I didn't realize what impact iron heart had on the marble community until I started breach searching more. It's a huge fan base. I mean, so many people just love her and what she stands for and her journey. And so I think the really really resonate with her on marvel rising as well. Heck, yeah. All right before I let you go. I just wanted to make sure that the listeners know that you have a song. That goes with heart of Ironside by size. Yes, I'd buy side. It's really one of my first ever songs that was released in the support was just incredible. And being able to do that for marvel rising was definitely the biggest bonus. I could never wished for. How'd that come about? Well, of course, I've always loved singing, and that's always been something that I really wanna pursue so marvel just like, hey, you wanna do a song? That was like, hey, and so, of course, then there was just a lot of preparation for that and really trying to get the sound that they wanted. And so I went into the recording studio and recorded it, we also did a little music video future Rhett that went along with the song. And it was so cool seeing the final product because they added a lot of animation from the actual mar rising series, which I thought was really cool because it was one of the first time I've really gotten to see the actual characters, and I can't wait to see iron heart because I haven't been able to see her yet. So just everything coming to life was really incredible. And a big honor. Awesome. What we're glad you're a part of this, and yeah, hopefully, I'll see you at marvel headquarters. Sounds good. Thank you you too. You too. Big thanks to so FIA for taking the time to talk with us. And is now time for our question of the week, Jamie. Good one, I have a pretty good one it celebrates marvel history. And it also celebrates your history, and it also celebrates toy fair. So this week's question of the week. What is your favorite moral toy from your use or your adult hood? That's a tough one. We did this line of three and three quarter inch figures the marvel universe line a couple years ago. They're sort of the same size as small Joe's in that line. We created a sentinel. That's just awesome. We also did collect glass is one of my favorite characters. So I somehow have two of them from that line, but they're different colors. One was a variant. And so I have them at home and the galactic from my youth that has a little sound chip in them, and they are my little galactic family, the two dad gladys's and the little kid galactic. Just has this little place in my home. I'm it makes me really happy to. Have them. So I think I would go with them. I love it. CBC Boesky do comic. I actually have a couple of marvel toys my cousin. My awesome cousin. Julia who always mention on this podcast. She and her her mom and dad, my aunt and uncle who are huge fans. They get me captain, America action figures. So I have kind of couple of captain America action figures who are still in boxes, I'll say not buried nice. But in, you know, temperate equivalent of blocks of ice, I've got a couple of cats in is that are about to find their new home. Nice. Yeah. So you guys let us know what your favorite marvel toys, are you can tweet your answers using hashtag this week in marvel. You can Email them to twin podcast at marvel dot com or you can send a message to our Facebook page at Facebook dot com slash this week, and marvel and include pictures, if you've got if you got him. Yeah. I'll remind me, and I'll take a picture of my galactic family. All right time for our community section. First up is. Pollard. She says this is getting to be a habit, but my this week in marvel of the week goes yet again to on stoppable loss by the unstoppable Drome Whitley with help from good a hitter. What an issue honestly, me and my wife both finished it with tears flooding over our cheeks. Oh, yeah. It's it's a it's an intense when I've seen a lot of reactions on Twitter about this week's on stoppable wasp. And yeah lot lots of feelings feelings going around. It was incredible issue really intense. And I believe Tucker Marcus has a piece up on marvel dot com with Jeremy he doesn't deed. Simon Williams says reading MS marvel number thirty eight I'm certainly going to miss g willow Wilson and the rest of the original creative team on this book, the work. They did has made Kamala one of the top heroes in marvel today, they made her feel more relatable gave us a better understanding of religion and culture that is often misunderstood in the United States. Well, said Simon. Thank you, Simon. Indeed. He also says it was cool seeing Johnny wrestling on raw tonight. After hearing his interview with agent m on this week and marvel. So I want to say that we are star makers here this week at marvel, but we're kind of star makers got this week a marvel to get to this week in marvel bump, he did get the twin bump, Johnny Gargano. Just abused on raw, which is huge well-deserved. I am so excited for him. He's incredible. And to see him on the big show as it is. It's Simon continues to him the week for two thirteen th or number ten. I may not have I may not have the best relationship with my dad, but I never wanted to hit him in the face with a hammer. Odin is pretty awful. We do have a post called the marvels worse dads on marvel dot com, so Simon if you want to follow the bad dad track you should look for that post. Yeah. Odin. He's he's on there. He's the card image. He's the image. We used for the post. So the tech Lord says for the nineteen sixties retro podcasts. I don't think you should try to cover it in one show. Why not two or three least one for? Being published a didn't feature the superheroes. We know in love what different things was moral doing that. We don't know about. That's a great point lex part of the thing that we struggle with for for doing these making sure we have access to the comics not everything is digitized a lot of this stuff might be especially when it comes to. The sixties. It's a little bit easier. We have some Patsy, Milly comics. We have some western comics. We have tons of the monster comics, and that was really what nineteen sixty and sixty one really all about and so we can pull in some of that stuff. And so we're gonna be doing. Yes, we'll do this week and more limited reading club with CB. There's also the policed are sixties episode, which will probably have a maybe that wide variety. And they're in both of these shows I'll try to give a lot of background on other stuff. They were doing because do all this research, and I wanna pour my brain out somewhere. There's also something that I think about when I think the sixties also just the social change in the cultural change that was going on. And how comics always is a snapshot of what's going on in the world. And so much of that must have been reflected in decades worth of comics, like not just the later part of the sixties, but the entire decade. So. Yeah. There's lots of like cultural in pop culture references like JFK shows up. Yeah. Sixties before he is SAS naked. But like their stuff like that all throughout. So it's yeah. It's really interesting to say all right last one for the week is from Dan Everett who tweets to me and Laurien sank saying heard about this on this week in marvel way back in November had it preordered of mmediately for Valentine's gift for my own super, powered marathon, running female superhero. Claire, she loves her female heroes, and she loves this book, and Dan gives us a wonderful picture of Claire holding marvel powers of girl the rains brand new book, which you can pick up on any comic shop or any bookstore. Amazon wherever it is powers of girl Lorraine sink, pick it up. It has is making people real happy that about wraps up for this episode. We'll be back with more next week come. Ryan Jamie, says marvel universe.

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