Will Sajid Javid be the next Chancellor?


hey hello jim komi has been dating lunatic focus and today we're broadcasting from the spectator god in in the son of last night's patino a phrase is office is currently no i would say complete inhabitable in the paper today we have these birds johnson's cabinet it's beginning to take shape even though the vote is no to get in and james irvine that sajid javid his day night at the chance that is he not a huge issue in the row rv he has been the buddies bluntly canada the role for some time now three main reasons first of all borstal once i've johnson someone who is preparing to kind of aggressively path a new deal and seize the opportunities that i've always this is being the biggest obstacle to hang coke and other possible canada's because bushels of knows my ankle in these homes is no nudity the mind of someone who regard this as necessary negotiating ploy no ties something that might actually you might be a good thing in the way besides the job is sometimes talks about a i mean all the attorneys say but against a trust his elbow canada is it has come extensive market experience and if you consider the tobin so it would undoubtedly go a no deal brexit thought is probably the plus point in his favor a i in the second point in his favor is he offsets having another old italian prime minister and then i mean the federal government is labor made a decision on that ship strategic mistake they could have personal is a clown instead that trying to attack him as a kind of racist and homophobic and a lot and i think having a brush in the us as a non white trump would be a good reponsible so this idea but somehow boris johnson over tori policy off some kind of looks over to the to the racist right is the challenge is totally absurd but i think it would it would deal with that i mean the case against such a job it is twofold one is that he is even though he has gold batra not they should come in he is no sudden natural communicates up and secondly he's no border kind of being the tit field politics in the way say something like and goku historic buildings chief stall does i think but he's he's limitations of communication must sourcing alas because of the fact that boris johnson is basically gonna do that joke but the government the problem the trees amaze philip hammond combo is it knowing them communicate if you go to prime minister and communication having a chunk so who is in knoxville communicates is not sociable now the other cheek cans at saving leaps this rally unless trust and matt hancock hug on in contrast sajid javid he is ready kept his had died in terms of you know even inducing burst jumps in as of yet who going out to pitch him these have been coming up with policies matt hancock is being on the radio this week do you think that as backside in fact senate of active campaign well it must have been quite surprised to see such javid just disappear after this looking at the social media feed even in jerusalem apparently he thinks the most effective way to stay in praise of this joe brother of income can be dangerous that bank oculus trust am seems to be doing an end mango captain of the most successful alison really he's been coming up with stuff like talking about giving more money to public sector workers something borders didn't authorize on boards was thinking of the doesn't bode well really for the rest of are working relationship and endless trust i think is establishing yourself as the cheerful insurgents the conservative party they were driving deliberately easing freedom fighters she wants describes herself and her party now there is a good big rule for that but perhaps that rule is more business secretary is chancellor of exchequer because we will be looking at you could be looking at the new deal breaks with somebody needed to reassure the markets i am i think javed's biggest advantage over everybody else's that he is inexperienced finance here and we're not talking to them in a commercial lawyer a light christine lagarde he is blood it's andy's sponges forms of years and the russian devaluation crisis in the late nineties and various other financial crisis is financial and various banking jobs they had so she is as he has actually been through two storm before and his will be ready for a storm again i don't think you could say that of matt hancock he's he's more bigger picture and if he makes he's more let's think of the political messages the concern now it's the joy of a new deal chancellor there will be to come up with ten quite radical stimulus you need to stop v or other a newly re to fix their do now the other thing is it thursday on his team have been in conversations that it's microwave chance do you think michael they decide to stay where he has his environment secretary oh perhaps be somebody said because clearly that's love history team verse jumps in the microwave and it seemed almost revisited some of the old wins in the most recent each contests yes i think lucan a full drama element to this boris go relationship could have continues on you as i understand it abortions in view is the one who gave me the find a way to kind of move all and from the criticisms among who gave famous he made abortions in twenty sixteen when he said i'm not gonna run his campaign anymore i'm gonna stand myself but basically it's up to the job i think that you know if you look at where the well he morsels in those feel what would you win my uncle gets a little appraised boris johnson is i think my ankles has found a way to kind of move on move palm still may be owned the criticisms he made a boss don't enjoy not leadership tampa so he's made it more convincing active contrition whereas michael the one who they will need to i'm i mean they're all the rest of the nation elements to a what we're saying here mcgriff we need to a to to make clear but he is prepared to selling their accuracy premacy recognized now as far so far say a and i think you were talking there'll be any kind of upper outward shows conformity o'neil to the thirty first question if you remember during that campaign muggle guys is probably the most britain's lee critical old boris since october thirty first home than line position on the other thing is called the case you would appease cabinet discussions is will seize the moment in the victory because because the way jeremy hunt has approved the leadership contest only think means that all people around boris johnson who if he wins big town would take the v but jeremy hunt is intellectual capital position but north has senior a a cabinet position is he car and truck there is a feeling that a lot of ways from bringing up johnson sloppiness she's the complaints three information commissioner about the jones and campaigns use of data over stuff there is a feeding the hungry campaign of convenient but they did to jeremy hunt anything and they say piece in a big big margin unexpected then i mean it'll be it'll be a divorce camp who will be inclined to to to to demoted and you don't see how any the have a when i will not without recruited that's a very pleased that the german helping the need of a house archery someone else in the first contact city that decided i needed to be very important job by the government but i news bearing in mind something you're or something yeah this big picture winston churchill up in his office and what one of churches victims in victory magnanimity motions will need to remember that because what do you call it so if if he's compliments on his government's looks looks like affectionally takeover but it will not be on this well the simple pulling the trigger something that he needs to manage to create a he needs to think he's great a broader base government as possible but combining it wave everyone in canada except in public whatever they might think in a that halts in public well committed will tell you the forty first app on yeah i did emotions in making windows intimate souls or on the road so i thought he he does need them to publicly conforming no point but he also needs a fatty broad base government show but he's not factional like there is that she quickly becoming a conversation at the party last night were boris margin of victory be and which ones remember versus team who studied thing is that even hunter cabinet back so happy to engage in a conversation of demolishing if they say yeah i saw team member divorces teams they said that he's going to win by at least twenty points which i thought was a bit generous until you called home pull this morning which fits for its own sixty seven percent and jeremy hunt on twenty nine percent now very difficult the pool tory party members the ever important thing is that this contest is gonna be over effectively by thursday am i missed another member of team borders who's saying the the poster valances going out to assessor they they expect nine they expect ninety percent of people to hall of am recently voted by thursday so we're culligan leo get stuck into borders joe's new jersey on switch will probably be the toughest test either wisdom of the campaign the juicy will have already happened 'em so i i was actually being urged by m somebody the hunting last night distort the spectator campaign urging people not to cast their votes until they see me under deal debate begins you cannot leader octopussy off now you can keep it a we should find out when the last possible posting day is i'd say to people wait until they've been through the interview you bill before having said that they were you know i i can receive next week saying much besser further because i think it's quite revealing as that she cuts no jeremy hunt and piece of proof is if you have even taken social media attached to say when you've got your ballot that straight away so they're not even being stuffed with this message of lizzie borden get one under 'cause we've watched deep space beginning friday on websites davison the best latin but looks arrived yesterday so it could be that stateowned 'cause the membership by by today so you don't even get to the weekend knees and i think this year and when it comes to burst jumps in and his me their parents as i again some seem to affect that's not as high off the engineering and she used in burbenay expectancy do quite a few more because that point not that the city isn't that crunch men i know just the hunting campaign some sometimes they sound like they had more time i would definitely whole border closed got but if you look at these folks something thing jeremy hunt don't make mistakes himself up what the voters of very this is one of the worries is the he couldn't slowly he runs into these traps and he ends up getting stuck in the middle of the old having golden trouble to win from pray between seventeen manifesto is all true story manifesto the mold mira as his defense that's not finally phrase that in your tire graph column this week hugh that's how i jeremy corbyn in some backs he's had a bad week again outlived posts adjusting labor and the lowest in school and in bryant and the french crashes we discussed yesterday on the focus but you say those labor mp's thinking about trying to push john minko but they do well tremendous they could not west and yes that's right the consensus right now the journey corban is the worst possible either but that's not the way i see it am i think it's a really really pains me to admit this but jeremy corbyn does of course if you strengths first start starts he has been capable of inspiring this family big bernie sanders style movements and hundreds of thousands of people and not just losing but joining the labor party and they've done that it's difficult to do that i mean chuck triage thinking okay maybe i could try do metro and not everybody can pull off that stunts also i'm not so sure that that could be more persuasive leader player party that's homeless and it'd be more popular the jeremy corbin's people their line of work tendency in court in the sort of left wing socialist devils but lots of average voters to students that they see that british guy coming up policies the i might regard as extreme let me nationalizing utilities in the railways the tools to the moose touring tori shares agree with him on rationalizing the railways roaches degree from another utilities so many other big thing i think is that corbin ambiguity breaks it is and then scientists labor third labor voters back sprague's is so corbin will be thinking this is a big question what happens after the brexit does brings it parsi am disappear you kept homeless disappeared and do the lid then they get punctured things go back to the state this quote and see if so then labor will will still trying to hold back those am leave voters which were is foles there's another alternative when you hear quite low now vets and this has the reasons because it just adds taking ornamental seven in twenty nineteen new we didn't in twenty seventeen so flavor which would be the party of remain is testing gain more votes but it would lose this industrial heartland therefore you can afford to door this losers or leaving just raj tories because you'll get bored in you am metropolitan comfort said i am a bit weary of parties who think they can redraw these boettcher map like that i mean do you remember james they click the listen to what you said he thought okay i've lost my left wing bush's they've gone is look at continental shelf is drifted off the i'm gonna rebuild them i'm gonna get more centrist voters that didn't happen it's easier to new bathroom which is is it's sort of an but this is a gambling not quite sure anybody is quite sure if briggs which apparently reshape the politics and the brakes at versus remain is it useful dividing lines labeling to be on after breaks it is well before my personally is in twenty seventeen the labor position and breakfast construction i'm guilty works in their favor it was enough to satisfy everyone only now she's a she's in for them because what is happening is that brexit backing vote to see labor trying to stop brexit but that remain backing by says or log onto them don't think nail doing enough the salt breakfast one would be more explicitly in favor of a second referendum why they will campaign for a main and i think this is a problem which is that they do on two years later the many of us in the in the in in in in this country full but they do in forty between two stools mon this breakfast question i mean i is a challenge that's the question is right now i agree if you're right now it's negative fourth and if there is a new deal breaks and the general election in two years time will will vote yours is the situation did i think corban is thinking i'm going to i knew me now but they're playing the long game imagining big things were revert to where they were before you think the by those i i think i think the british falls is easing genuine and i think it would be risky in extreme to think that you know how quickly it will be will go back miss current full faulty system that we appear to be in by the classic to policies we didn't twenty fifteen that was the big sure i agree i mean one of the things is so one thing is only would not the ones but any money on is if we have a general election before type of saudi file a report showing some basically saying paul newman is still free me doing brexit on you mind eight 'em more like kennel predictive any confidence is loving in that contest it essentially the general election so basically if people were tons of questions all you torio all you laid off or does it become a leave of his remain lection with the tories is essentially leaf faulty under on labor stock because you'd have a kind of green lipped demo lawn says the run as the principal flight patterns of remain with labor sucking some uneasy position of of being mostly remain but not not entirely remain free

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