The Great Gildersleeve 48-02-04 (276) Acting Mayor


The Kraft Foods Company. Presents Herald Perry as the Great Gildersleeve. The! Great. Gildersleeve is brought to you by the kraft. Foods company makers of Parque Margarine every day, millions of women, all over America serve Parque Marcher, and because it tastes so good. To some. Home. You, like it. You love it like millions. Her. Dar. K. A. Y. Parque margarine made by kraft. Well it's the afternoon of a typical working day in Summerfield, and the little town is teeming with activity. Everywhere, you can hear the busy hub of industry in the Sawmill. In the railroad yard. In the factories. And in the office of the Great Gildersleeve Water Commissioner. What time is it Vesey? Gildersleeve. Is that all? Well just one more hour to five o'clock. Did you want to do some work Mr Leslie? Starting now. Vesey can't get much done in an hour. I'll go ahead and read my magazine. A better take my feet off the desk. Blood's going to my head. Oh Mr Gildersleeve. Maybe we better get out that monthly water report must do that tomorrow the Mayo. Be Calling for one of these days to tell you. The mayor did call for it this morning. He did BESSIE. Why didn't you tell me you weren't here? Mr Gildersleeve you were down getting. Soda call again this afternoon. What why didn't you tell me then you down gaining another soda? Pretty thirsty today had ham for breakfast. Mr Gildersleeve. Are we getting some new furniture putting some new furniture? What do you mean well the last time the Mayor Caulk? He said they were going to be some changes made around here I. Guess He meant. You got GD means US bessie. That we're going to be fired, right? He's probably making out. The dismissal slips right now. It's our own fault, bessie. While Rome burned. This is the straw that broke. The camel's back. What are we going to do? Nothing we can do. It's too late fired at my age and I haven't saved the sent me. A Little Leroy. You'll probably have to sell papers. Hope. He gets a good corner. Job In another one of course you will. Busy busy. Don't cry. Maybe the mayor. One answer, no, you answer plea. Hello Gildersleeve. Hello Mr. It didn't expect you to call. I want to see you in my office. I can explain now but. Vesey this is it. Goodbye Bessie. Gildersleeve. It. Out Thank, you made it. Happy. You can finish that ladder and the outer office. I'd like to speak to Mr Gildersleeve alone. Nice Day, isn't it? Cool. Gildersleeve. I suppose you're wondering why I you in here well. I don't like to do a thing like this, but. When I have to leave town for a few days on official business and I'm afraid you laughed actors mayor while I'm gone. That was. I said I wanted you to actors. Mayor Mayor, frankly the only reason I've chosen you. Is that the other department heads are too busy using to have a lot of extra time on your hands. getting sodas and things. You see I had ham for breakfast I'll Secretary Harbor will really run the office. All I need is some official in here, lettuce. I, guess you can do that all right, oh. Yes, you start the first thing in the morning. Thank you Mr. Mayor for the honor, an I issue. We'll be all Gildersleeve. And thanks for not firing me. Nothing, good day. Mayor Gildersleeve. Down and get another soda. Oh! Birdy. Birdy. Have you got those pants pressed yet? The business Saturday morning I got lots of things I ask them pants. Back in, but I'm in kind of a hurry. I do this back Zaken. I know centipede. To. Yes! It's ten o'clock Mr Mayor. Don't you think you ought to be down at your office? Go down on this old bathrobe. Verdi's pressing my frock coat and striped pants ono not that. I'm going to be. Mayor might as well dress like one. You haven't worn those since you almost married Eve Goodwin. We won't go into that. I hope he took them off balls out of the pocket. Yes, I did wonder where my silk hat is. Signed your car? What's on? Is that well? It says official car his honor, the mayor coming through. Oh for heaven's sake. L. In that. Case I have to go someplace. Hurry, fire or something. Downtown I can make us well. That won't be necessary Leroy. Children I can't find my cat. Has Anybody seen it? Cat leave or you know darn well where it is shot up. What's this? Leroy well? If you don't tell, Auntie I will lira, where is that? You See. You been using magic actor. My goodness hang yesterday. We were practising the egg trick trick. Young Man. I want that hat and right now well I don't think it's dry. Yes, what? The eggs broke. In my hat! Yeah, but don't worry. We watched it out. Not. That boy, why don't you get started? You're going to be awfully late your first morning. Mayor Handle my own affairs. Young Lady Bird He. Skillfully aren't my pants ready yet. Now we'll come. Come you keeping the mayor waiting together. Panthers back as I cannot I got his two hands. Have all I got just two. Hands I gotta I'm sorry, Bernie Nelson. Yes yes, right? What a job being mayor! good morning. going. Man maxine show. You certainly presented. Nettie appearing. Thank you. I'm glad you. Spats and striped trousers frock coat. I had. What's the matter? Had A little bit small for you days up on top of your head. I guess it shrunk a little. Just got it off. The clothes line. Nothing. You may not know it, but you're talking to the mayor now. Yup, may or two we'll get. It went away for a few days and he asked me to take place. Not Not so much! Because he just thought I was the best man for the job. Congratulations. Is it difficult I? Don't Dunno and Madonna the office yet. Guess. I looked like a mayor Oh yeah. Seeing you in that outfit, take me back to the time. When I was young man going to musical shows it does. Corresponds to dress. Pants and SPA- peavy. I'm no corresponding. Together. You'd be to plum. Usually more than willowy look I don't want to be a chorus boy and get you much. I understand that not much future PV besides you a little old. It'd be jumping around on stage I have no intention of jumping around on any stage. I understand it very hard on archie for. Ti trich life has its good side. All those women in tight. I never forget those dogs. tell me pretty maiden anymore like union. For Heaven's sake. There are things more important than women entites. When? Chorus boy. I'm the mayor. Hang on, as you'd think, you'd have some respect for the dignity of my off. No attention I'm not a dancer in some old musical show when I wouldn't scoff at deal musical, they had some very very nice to. His one of us to enjoy TARA BOOMED Cara Boondi. Boom. Boom Devi. Good Morning Miss Hopper. Morning Mister Gildersleeve. was there for the mayor to do this morning? Almost gone Mr Gill this. Yes, I was delayed a little. Wary Miss, hopper, we'll clean things up in a Jiffy. Saddam ask you. Nice easy chair. With hyper didn't the mayor have a box of cigars on his desk. Before he left. He locked them in his drawer. Let's get out of business. Let's. Do we do I? Think for you to do Mr Gildersleeve I've taken care of everything. Yeah. You might sign those letters on your desk. They should gone out before now. Letters. Course signed immediately here no time like the present. History Gildersleeve. Aren't you going to take your hat off hat? Oh yes. Off Right now the. Second my head. Shrunk some more. What's the matter with? May actually I've been looking for you all morning hello judge. Get your head off. No, I can't. MATAGALPA got the big head all day. You will go when anyhow no, I can do it. there. Yelled. Is that egg on your forehead? Why did you do the plate this morning? I wipe it off. that. Roy Look, judge I'm a busy man, but you WanNa see me about well since you're the mayor pro tem I had a little matter to discuss with. What's that as a historian of Summerfield I am presenting the city with a portrait of one of our founders. My Great Grandfather Jeremiah Hooker very interesting judged like to hear about it sometime some of the time, but yells amy later. Judge I'm very busy right now that we've got to make plans twelve o'clock already in the presentation scheduled for this afternoon it is. Right there on mayor's calendar. Presentation picture or o'clock, and you're supposed to follow the mayor's calendar. That's right Mr Gildersleeve. Let me see that calendar. Ten, o'clock eleven o'clock twelve o'clock. See you later, Horace. Look must follow the mayor's calendar. While the Great. Gildersleeve is thinking about food. Let's do the same for a minute. I stopped in the police station to see chief gates the other day he was on the phone. Yes, their brand potatoes okay. What about Parque Margarine? Two pounds parque margarine. Good, Hayes allow get him so long. Hello chief getting instructions from the Mrs Yep. GotTa bring home. The Bacon. And the parque margin I suppose park as a favorite spread at your house. You use it all the time. Well, millions of families do it's perfect for roles, muffins, pancakes, waffles as well as Brad and the price at Parque escaped being held up by that. WHO'D LEM inflation right Parque Margarine, the margin of craft quality actually cost less today than it did a year ago, and that makes a lot of budget. Budget bound housewives mighty happy. Yes, they're delicious parque margarine. The margarine made from only choice products of American farms, the margarine with a fine fresh flavor. The margarine that says nourishing as it is good, is more than ever the best buy for both bread and budget at Parque Marcher into your shopping list. You'll like it because it tastes so good. That's P.. A., R. K. A. Y.. Parque margarine made by craft. and. Now let's see how the Great Gildersleeve is getting along on his first day as mayor, he had a busy morning doing nothing and now after lunch. He's back at his desk, doing nothing. which the mayor hadn't locked the cigars cigar. Open it with a hairpin. That wouldn't be right. Sides of might get caught. Up Get get words. Sign these letters. Gildersleeve Harper I'm still waiting for those. Let just getting to I'll sign them right away. Oh, and there's some waiting to see you a barber. ooh, THAT'S FLOYD! I just called him him right in yesterday and I. Don't want to be disturbed for a while. Be Getting a haircut a haircut here in the office. Naturally all busy executives do it. Time is money is hyper. Mayor can't waste his time running around the barber shop together, so we'll be all Miss Harper. Send him in very well. You'd think she was the mayor I. Commissioned I mean mayor. Do Floyd Hey. What a layout! Here! Big Desk! Two phones just like a bookie's office floor. Anything good in the third race commission. Not Be Disrespectful Floyd I'm a busy man. Let's get on with a haircut. Yes, you're. Just waylon rap materials here? I got him in this barber sheet. Hookah, Floyd you're scratching the desk, sorry. Now. We'll just tech this sheet Anita Chin. Now. Just one thing before I begin. You understand when I make a house. Call like this cost your buck extra. Yes, yes, you see. It means I got a close up the shop in this transportation expenses, gas and oil. Agree to that on the telephone. Just cut my hair. Okay, just so long as we got an understanding. Aside you can charge it up to the city commission look for. Maybe I could put it down at my expense account. Let that tax payers worry? Well give you an executive type Haircut Commission. Gildersleeve just Miss Harper judge. Hooker would like to see. You can't see him now. Tell Him I'm conference. Floyd Watch my ear sorry. Gillis leave the ceremonies at four o'clock. You'll have to make plans for it. The judge is very upset. The judge will just have to wait yes. I, never thought I'd be working at a barbershop. What's the judge in a stew about Commission He's going to give a picture some skinny relative to the city. Wants to make a big fuss about it. I'm supposed to accept it as mayor who wants to listen to one of Hooker's long winded speeches. I think I'll. Go to the mayor to gets back. That's the smart way to handle it. Thinks so commission sure well. I guess that's all right. If you want May to willing to cash in on all that publicity steady you for publicity, sure pictures in the paper and everything a ceremony. This is front page stuff. It is certainly. Now just suppose that the next election you decided to run for mayor. Little publicity like this wouldn't hurt what. Guess Not Opportunity Knocks, but once commissioner I. was you I'd get up an answer the door. And you listen a little flaky while mayor to Willard goes away. That's the time to your own horn. That's politics willow. You think that would be fair to will agree. Look Commission does do we worry about taft? No I. Guess. You're right floyd. I waited long enough to. Getting your haircut on the tax payers time low horse Oh free. ME A fine mayor. You turned out to be off line. Sudan horizontal. Talk over the plans for the presentation this afternoon even. What type decided to postpone the whole thing until the real mayor gets back, you can't give me the runaround guilty good day. Nothing more to be saying. You can't double. Cross me like this. That is after all the plans. I've made. For what for the ceremony? I was going to invite a lot of people have the newspapers take pictures? Choose you. You'll be on the front page. Photograph rather well especially from the right side. You're another Francis are Bushman judge. Judy? Thank you Lord. This is very nice of you going all this. Trouble me not at all judge old friend. Francis X Bushman. It's a pleasure. Fortunately I have prepared a little speech for the ceremony tracing the history of the Hooker family from eighteen, thirty six down through the years year, by your the present day. What's that? I wouldn't miss it. Judge. Since, you're going to get your picture taken. You could stand a little trim around the years. I guess haircut would improve my parents if you have applied I have a chair that judge your next. Indicator speaking hello. This is the office of the Mayor Sandra reporter for over here at four o'clock in. We got a front page story. A. Scoutmaster Platt. Yes, Scoutmaster I want a boy scout band out the mayor's office at four, o'clock ready to play at the Scots are out on a hike on a hike. We'll go out and round them up. Mayors orders. A. Little Birdie. Birdie I'm having my picture taken a little while I. Wonder if you press up a fresh shirt for me right away. Yes, pretty. Back up planning out yes. Got To. Cook the cook and I still. Miss Birdie. Gentleman it gives me great pleasure to present to our parents today. This beautiful old for trade of my great grandfather Jeremiah half. Okay, now I'm not one to indulge in order Jarrah, but as official historic judge. Don't you think you've heard that speech enough again I WANNA get it. Let it perfect. Rehearse my speech to you know it's almost time for the ceremony. Gerrad ahead. You will vitamese. It is with the greatest player that I may approach him. Accept this gift. To endow behalf. Summer and Great. Yes Ms Hyper. There's the boy scout out there. They're all of the hallway well good. Tell me to start and just a few minutes. People are out there to reporters photographers. Ever been through such a day, his hyper I'll let you know in ready. Not My face giant. Official historian. How can I I? My speech that damn busy time for him to play anyway I, don't you stop? Keep your shirt on judge. I'll speak to them up a whole door here. He's. Not yet, boys. I'll come to the door and give you a single I. Want you to play. Thank you for. Why the crowd out there? is going to be an historic education. It's almost four o'clock. We'd better get started all right Arunrat. The picture should. Be Very proud to have this. Barry is my great grandfather. Jeremiah Hooker handsome, isn't it? Oh my goodness! That's Mac. He looks like one of the Smith brothers. That's so this happened to be a very fine. Leroy. Pay Better than that I. had you know this is a real antique? Who the picture of your great grandfather? He looks like an old goat to. Have you think I'm going to stand here. Let you insult my ancestors judge I. Did let go of Mine Action? I'm going all the photographers out there I. don't care. Give me my picture, Bat. Let go Charles Yeah. I can. Give. You my grandfather into he looks better. Off. Who Mayor you back or not? Yes I am glad my trip was cut short another day I wouldn't have had any office left and he run Jeremiah. Gildersleeve I should've known better than to leave you in charge I've never seen such. You see what's all doing on the floor. There's so much of it. All I got was a trim. What of course the grey stuff belongs to the judge haircuts in my office? The hall full of people everybody going crazy around here I can explain remind and get that boy scout band out of the whole user right away sir. Oh boy scouts boy scouts. Elders lay. We'll be right back. Remember this you wise and thrifty. Shoppers Parque Margarine. The margin of craft quality makes good bread tastes better. It's a better by for bread as well as budget, delicious nourishing parque margarine now cost less than it did a year ago. This tasty smooth spread is made from only the choice products of American farms, and each delicious pound is fortified with fifteen thousand units of Vitamin A.. Ask Your Grocer for Park. A favourite spread for America's bread tried on roles, muffins, pancakes, waffles. Treat yourself and your family do parque margarine. That's P. A. R. K. A. Y. Parque Margarine made by crafts. Bessie, this has been quite a day. Certainly has mister. is to. Get Back at my desk water commissioner. Angry with you. Know as a matter of fact, he thanked me. He told me confidentially was glad the picture got torn up now. He doesn't have to have that awful thing hanging in his office. Oversee I. Want you to take a letter Mr Gildersleeve. It's almost five o'clock I know, but this is one thing. We're not gonNA. Put off ready. To everybody. Just take it down messy, subject winter driving according to the National Safety Council the winter months bring a fifty percent increase in traffic accidents. It's up to everyone of us to prevent these accidents in every way we can. Here's how you can help. Drive slowly and carefully over slippery streets. Keep your windshields and windows clean for good visibility and be very sure your brakes are in good working order. These few extra precautions may save a life. and. It might be yours. That's all bessie. And by the way, Betsy when you go home tonight, be careful how you cross the streets. Pedestrians have to do their part to. Night Mr Yoda's leaderboard busy. Goodnight folks. Is. 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