Steelers Training Camp Recap No. 12: Thursday 9/3


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Pittsburgh steeler fans welcome back to another episode of Your steelers Training Camp Recap I am Jeff Hartmann your host in co editor of behind this curtain dot com with you. There is only one more day left of training camp after this Thursday practice and it's crazy to think about. And I did a podcast. It's going to air on Friday morning if you're listening to this on Thursday or maybe it's It's going to go Friday. With Dave Scofield and I talked about talked to Dave other co editor of the website. And I said David it's just crazy. Nothing is out nothing is off schedule. With the NFL. You know during this corona virus covid nineteen. Time. Everyone's kind of again with the the. NHL NBA, Major League baseball they all got pushed back start dates, tournaments all that stuff push push push push push now I'm not gonna say that the NFL the off-season has looked normal it has not looked normal and then he starts to the imagination but. It's happened on time. And what I mean by that is that. A week from Thursday a week from one recording this the NFL season is going to be underway with the chiefs hosting the Texans on Thursday night football. That has been the scheduled date then so it feels like forever it feels like it is literally been forever since we've gotten to watch NFL football. But it really hasn't been any longer than normally is it just looked different it felt really different in the steelers are getting ready to wrap up their training camp nuts a day. Thursday, they were in. The UP EMC Rooney's sports complex, which is they're indoor facility on the south side of Pittsburgh. They were not at Heinz field. It was threatening weather. I'm sure they don't WanNa tear up the turf anymore than they already have. And so they moved it inside. But what does that mean that means at there's not a lot of practice reporting going on because media are not allowed at the indoor facility. Did the steelers do on purpose? I duNNo. I wouldn't put it past him because they know that the media can come in. Nonetheless I'm just GONNA give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it probably was just the plan when they looked at the weather forecast. So we're going to go off of like we always do. What the steelers give us and they gave fans to players interviews today this morning afternoon kind of for the second one. The first one was captain. MARKEY's pouncey. Center. He's going into his eleventh year. He talked about everything from the protests meaning does he think that because there was actually talk? I haven't heard too much about it since it was actually talking to the new giants the steelers week one opponent. having boycotting the game not shown up for the game. Now I haven't heard much about since been immediately asked pouncey think anyone on the steelers would do this and he said pretty blunt like I don't think any anyone on the steelers would do this he said but then unless we encourage them to use their platform and they can use that however they'd like. So he he talked about that he talked about how? He's still not happy about he was one of the most out spoken players in the National Football League when I came to being against the collective bargaining agreement that was passed this off season he he's at, he's still not happy. He's they they kind of poor mouth. The owners he said they're billionaires in what what do they need what what are you talking about like? What are we sacrificing things for them? Will they have all this money and so that's his opinion. That's not my opinion is just strictly his. But he went on to talk about how also he feels that he's still loves the game he still loves being around the team he loves being around the player. He finds it these young linemen. These young players are kinda getting the jump pack in his step, and that's something you've heard from Ben Rothlisberger as well. This infusion of young talent has been really good for the veterans on this football team impounds. He said he has no no plan. We'll put it that way. No plan to retire anytime soon even when in detail on his tournament discus and his knee, which happened against the jets in those week sixteen last year last year in New York. And they did not need surgery. He rehabbed the summary feels good. Doesn't think you'll have any setbacks from and they've been treating him as normal veteran would throughout this training camp and so pouncey was ready to go. The second interview that the fan base got to take part in or see when Chris. The trade acquisition from the Baltimore Ravens spoke. Now there's something I did not know that Chris warmly be went to University of Michigan was drafted by the Ravens. Did Not know the he grew up. Pittsburgh steeler fan. He said he loved the steelers. He talked about Mike Tomlin when he was Tom and came to the Michigan Pro Day when he was gonNA senior leaving school. Think. About that and then being drafted by the Ravens and then being traded to the steelers, your holy, not your hometown team but your childhood team and all of a sudden you're now going to be going against the draft. You twice a year I'm sure he's circled his dates on his calendar and he's looking forward to that. Let me think about it. There's a lot of players at least three that I can think of including warmly, that grew up rooting for the steelers actually four Marcus Allen he grew up watching the steelers as a steeler fan loved Troy Paulo Malu Stephan was newsy was a steeler fan he grew up in the Pittsburgh area went up his high school went to Penn State and then Kevin Dotson the rookie. From Louisiana, his his dad's probably bigger steeler fan than he is but he grew up bleeding black and gold that was his favorite team. Pretty cool to see that happen. I've always thought that was really cool. But warmly talked about what he can bring to this defense how he feels like he can add a death element behind hayward into it and he he and Tyson Allawas who? Can really help fortify the defensive line, and so that was the ultimate you know that. Has To feel great to be here in Pittsburgh, and so that's really cool to hear him talk about that. Then they went over the ups Rooney's sports, complex. Let's talk about some injuries before we get into the actual practice report. The injury report from the Pittsburgh steelers said the David Decastro who still suffered a lower he's still doing that lower body injury remained out as he has been as he has been, it's exiting early last Friday. Cam, sutton and wide receiver chase, Klay Pool both have undisclosed. They did not practice both are considered minor and they're just being cautious offensive LINEMAN, Stephan was new Steve's that Wednesday with an undisclosed injury or thought he was given a veterans day off, he returned on a limited basis and long snapper cam candidate. He has a knee injury. Excuse me. He was also limited spin. Center MARQUEES. pouncey was given a veterans day off. So there's your injury report what happened to practice Well, let's go to the practice report. Showy. The weather change a location of practice as I said at the beginning of the show but. It didn't change. The defense is determination to practice as it intends to play. Here's what the practice report states. The ball was hot consistently at the UP EMC Rooney. Sports Complex Indoor facility as it has been for the most part throughout training camp practices at Heinz Field defensive plays in the ball made included quarterback Steven Nelson intercepting a pass thrown by quarterback Rudolf intended for Amara Dr Bell. cornerback Joe Haden, picking off Rudolph in the end zone on a forty yard attempt at a touchdown safety Jordan dangerfield coming up with a deflection of a Rudolph Past. Glanced Off Wide Receiver Safety Blackwell's hands. cornerback Justin Lane batting down roof pass intended for receiver James Washington and safety trail edmonds breaking up and attempted slip screen from Rudolf to wide receiver Rae. Rae. McLeod. These are all good great to hear I love hearing about Terrell Edmonds I love hearing Justin Lanes name in a positive way. Jordan dangerfield is potential depth, and of course, Nelson Hayden look like they're picking up where they left off. Let's go further into the practice support. The offense likewise had its moments quarterback. Ben Rothlisberger Pretty's touchdowns. Four of his red zone snaps via passes to wide receivers, Juju Smith, Schuster Deonte, Johnson, and James Washington and let's not forget Eric Iran Rothlisberger also completed deep balls to Johnson twice an Washington on the afternoon. But on one on one drills between the offensive and defensive linemen including offense tackles at banner holding off rookie outside Linebacker Alex Smith Highsmith on an initial rep then highsmith executing spin move on banner on the second. Banner Padded Highsmith on the helmet when the period ended getting noticed rookie cornerback James Air got head coach might tell attention for containing running back here as white on upon return. That's right to six Tomlin hollered. A little kickers update Chris Boswell connected on field goals of twenty, three, twenty, five, twenty, nine, thirty, thirty, two, thirty, nine, and forty yards during special teams work. The drill included special teams coordinator Danny Smith counting down from ten pre snap at one juncture to simulate a hurry up situation. This is important. This expert punters Jordan Barry An corless weightman shared the holding responsibilities. That might mean that this punting job might come down to the end. We don't know. We'll see now was the practice support not much else happened not much else for was reported. I should say The Pittsburgh steelers now facing just one more day of training camp before they call it a camp and start to prepare solely for week one against the New York giants. I want to remind you that we are giving away behind the steel curtain dot com. A Free I'll say that again, a free markey's pounds e autographed football absolutely free. What's the catch? All you have to do is win our survivor. Pool. That's right. We are doing survivor pool of you have not joined. You Go to behind the steel curtain DOT com. You will see that Marquees pounds, football giveaway article somewhere in those top eight blocks there find it. You'll find all the information there the Janie we already have one league filled up one hundred participants. Last year, we had five leagues filled up with five hundred people vying for this the football. This year really have once there's plenty of space available when one fills up, we opened up another. So go sign up, don't forget be a part of the contest banter air in nature team name, all the writers in podcasters are in it as well. It's a lot of fun. To make sure you do that next nature always following us on our audio platforms whether it spotify Google play stitcher anchors Pandora or I tunes, which we know that over fifty five percent of you listen to our podcast on itunes. If you do all, we ask it literally takes seconds when you go to our page on itunes or apple podcasts, give us a five star rating gives a good comment. All the new comments will be read by myself Thursday nights live on the steelers preview on. Youtube. You can find us on youtube by searching bt steelers radio. And just make sure the behind the steel curtain dot com is your one stop shop for all things Pittsburgh. steelers needs. We have all our podcast there. We have film room breakdowns. We have editorial commentary we have straight up commentary news breaking news rumors, you name it, we have it. Your one stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh. steelers we have one more of these things. That's right. I'll be back tomorrow with another training camp recap. I. Hope you listen. It's getting down to the nitty gritty, and then Saturday is one the Pittsburgh steelers actually cut their roster from eighty to fifty three and we'll of a special podcast for that. So make sure you check it out. Stay tuned to behind the curtain DOT com. In the meantime I'm Jeff Hartman Co editor said website remember be kind say safe. God. Bless.

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