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Chinese surprise and eventually found this late in the day censored by Confucius Ghost stories by Juan Juan. May Oh interesting yeah this is from the Ching Dynasty and this guy was born in the early seventeen hundreds hanging second but store ghost stories from that far back actually translate very well to modern. It's all being translated by some smart folks from Queensland University. Oh it's really well done really well written and and this guy you on May he was a prodigy in the eighteenth century and in the Ching Dynasty in China and even still today they have the state exams which are notoriously difficult cold so if you wanted to get any position with the state anything to do with the government you had to pass these grueling state exam. I've heard of these exams were the kind of thing that people would study for them for almost their entire life yet and they wouldn't pass while there are some cases where people kept on trying year after year and even in the sixties and seventies still trying pastas exams and they could never poss- them this. Guy Yawn May he passed them when he was eleven. Wouldn't you feel angry. If you've had your tile. I've tried to pass it and some eleven year old walks it in this kid. He just became a state scholar which was an incredibly high position. he was tasked with incredible historical scholarly works for the the ching dynasty when he was seventeen he retired at the age of thirty three and then just wrote smutty ghost stories. I should say reported zloty goes stories he would it become a pervert or because the Ching Dynasty Confucianism Rights. Everything's things really strict. Everything's based on strict hierarchies. Everyone has their place in society. There's a correct way to do things and if you kind of go outside the correct way to do things you frowned upon incredibly frowned upon and he despised all of this kind of conservative rule of society so it's kind of a contrarian and away yes yeah so he started just breaking the rules and he started reporting on these stories that no one else would report on and what he released the ghost stories censored by Confucius justice and he called it since it by Confucius because that was so outrageous had such outrageous themes like even mentioned transvestites. Let's and homosexuality and all sorts of demon ghosts getting involved in those things back then as well and it was just it just was hugely frowned upon became the greatest Silla just sold millions of copies and he did this right at the end of his life he published two of these those a follow followup came later a couple of years before he died so you know they couldn't execute him for what he eventually the eventually the books got banned and and the the good people at the Queensland University Cam Louis and Louis Edwards have done this incredible translation so what did they go and dig up the old old manuscripts from somewhere and translate yet. It's all being translated and I thought this was going to be fun to go into because it does crossover with a lot of stuff. We talk about on the show. It's from a different different different cultural context of course but you'll see some of the same themes and I love that and I think that dovetails nicely with what I'm going to be talking about in the plus extension at the end of the show because was today I decided that this way I was going to look into that story. Ben That you're telling me this idea that Marconi teamed up with Tesla and mckearney the quotes one of the inventors of the radio and Tesla basically the fathers of radio so your assignment walls to find out about who was flying any faking his death hiking folk Anneli and Tesla and building a secret underground technologically high society in South America. That's right that was your guitar it a volcano uh-huh. Crater somewhere in South America and utilized this incredible technology. They became a breakway civilization. The sad part is is that I'm not going to do that. Story today a new coming it is coming or Congress that it's the fact that the book the actual full stores have found these snippets of the store yeah but the full story is in this old paperback from the nineteen sixties which of course there's only one obscure copy this remote up shop bookshop somewheres anyone copying Australia yes so I managed to hunt it down on and it is coming so hopefully maybe next week or the week after. I'm going to go into that story but I thought I should preface the story because what I did pick up from that story. Was this idea that essentially mckearney Indian Tesla created this beautiful civilization this underground civilization that was about love which is pretty much what the whole story caught it encompasses. I'm sure it can't always be that but and you know what I mean I kind of lean towards the negative anyway so the other store those working on wall back of course was Marconi and the the deaths associated with anyone working for my current yeah but I thought that was somehow connection to thought maybe people would affect their death so they could go to the civilization but no and my Kony is the will was the UK defense contractor rods specialized in technology and other advanced technologies weaponry technologies and let it became British British Aerospace Technologies British Aerospace which it still is today as far as I'm aware but the thing is is that mckearney allegedly and not in thirty seven but he was a millionaire and he was apparently in good health and just suddenly dropped dead and so the idea is like Elon Musk disappearing tomorrow exactly and saying oh he just he went for a swim and he never came back yeah exactly that same kind of thing so water ties in with a lot of the stuff that we talk about with the UFO's and the technology is associated with them. There's this possibility also -bility that. Maybe the things that we see that seem to be these foreign. technologies are not far at all. They're actually human technologies that have been developed by the breakway civilizations civilize actions but as I said this was not thirty seven when Makoni disappear when Marconi died but the reports of the contractors the British contractors happened in the nineteen seventies he's in the nineteen eighties but there were plenty of suspicious deaths now costs thousands of people back in the seventies and the eighties were employed by defense contractors and and by the Ministry of Defence and other government agencies but statistically speaking these types of cases that I'm going to go into. It's almost impossible that you would have that. Many people die in very suspicious suicide circumstances so things like people being found face down in close so they're not hillary sides. They're very close though people being found bound up by the arms and their fate in some spit roasting position with a ball gag in their mouth oh my gosh in a foot of water wow sounds like some oh my Chinese ghost stories but being declared by the coroner a suicide right but we're also working on a highly advanced very classified technology another about to reveal it to the world and they just happened to commit suicide in that fashion so we're GONNA go into that but it turns out and this will be revealed. The plus is that it's not the government. It's not an intelligence agencies this something else behind something very dark and probably the loss thing that you would expect was certainly it was the last thing I expected expected to come out of kind of that will be revealed at the end of the ghat me. I'm intrigued so so let's go into filthy. Chinese ghosts too now. I'm not actually starting with that because yeah I didn't find that until until the end of the day similar to the loss posh show I started writing this whole thing I just got stuck into this whole thing and then realized yeah kind of I don't WanNa finish the show on on such a cheese bowl of a content what the money shot to be a bit of a nine th I got. I got this recommendation from the author of the source and insignificance of coincidences remember that huge instances it was six hundred fifty pages by Sharon Hewitt Roll it brilliant work. She has a blog over Sharon role. Let Dot wordpress dot com where she recommended Dr Scarlet. Hind Bach spoke waking up to love. Corey but willing to entertainment. It's super cheesy but apparently it's a shed near death experience. Now don't think that con con spoils. What's what's going on. He had some kind of shared death. Experience led to her writing this book hanging shed near death experience. What people are in a car and almost dodd or the absolute. I thought I didn't know the answer answer to. That is the same question that's why I started rating like what is this to people in a shed needed experience end up together. That's the thing like whenever you look for stories aligned and for example about a need death or shed near death experience most of the times when people have survived something again. It's not the metaphysical but as it is that what this is a bad small mechanical I have no idea so on the weight of this recommendation because she said it was a real page Turner incredible story I picked up waking up to love by scarlet Hynek and yeah I wouldn't normally recommend such cheesy title but it's supposed to be paged tennis so I started turning pages now scarlet Hannukah lme introduced so she's had a tough life the point of the story where I'm GONNA come in. She's got two young sons one has epilepsy and the other has Komo severe learning disorders. The marriage is falling apart. She's separated from husband. That's hot he's taking custody of. I think the eldest son she's working multiple multiple jobs. She's trying to study. She's trying to get a degree at the same time. She's trying to teach courses. He's trying to do a million things at once and pretty much. She gets so oh exhausted that when she gets home for dinner you know she cooks a meal and she sits down with a glass of wine and after a while that single loss of wine turned into glosses three glosses ossis eventually the whole bottle and unusually more so she became an alcoholic and now on top of everything else she's dealing with in her hectic life. She has to get sober so she starts going to meetings to get back on track now. While she's at these alcoholics anonymous meetings she makes friends they obviously she funds it incredibly helpful. She gets a life back in order. there's lots of support she gets Soba and as you often do people Oh Cape visiting these meetings because they want to support all the people that you know have the same issue and she started to make France and pretty pretty soon she he is from these mutual friends in this meeting and their extended friends that someone very close to them some mutual friend of theirs that she doesn't know was gravely ill and on their deathbed and this guy's name was David and he was really close friend to to all these people that she knew and they supported him they visited him in the hospital but she had never met him and then one day this a meeting she was at the mating Lleida Dan he basically we stands up and he has this little announcement and he says look you'll know that our friend David is on life support and dialysis but the doctor said today that he's not doing well and the machines. Sheen's on accomplishing what they need to David's brain is shutting down and it's not looking good anyway. His Mother D- is here and wanted to say if he would so I'll all turn this over to her so he's mother turns out the sick man's militants up at the meeting and essentially stands up and just thanks everyone for all the support report. They've been giving her son and how much they meant to him She says I can't tell you what it means for me to know that he finally found a place where he felt loved. Even cared for a mother always wants that for her son and I know it had been lacking for him for a long time and thank you for that. The doctor told me today that they don't expect David David to make it and that's why cold us to come today when they called us to come. They told me that we needed to be prepared to say goodbye and she essentially comes to say yeah. Thanks fee support but my son's probably going to die very soon now. Of course everyone's very moved by this this teas and they'll thank NCA- words and thank her for visiting and the meeting goes on now afterwards the man David his mother day she stays is at the meeting off towards fourteen coffee and chat with David's friends and Scarlett again. She's never met this guy all of a sudden. She says she could it feel everyone's grief in the room like a palpable force and it really moved her and she felt like she needed to do something to help. But what could she possibly do and the meeting dating was kind of wrapping up and everyone was saying they goodbyes and day was hugging David's friends and ready to say goodbye and Scarlett said all of a sudden she she felt this hand in the middle of back propelling him forward pushing her towards David's mother and she turned to say who is pushing a and there's no on there and she turns back around and to her surprise she standing in front of David's mother. D- face-to-face okay she takes her hand and looks into her eyes and sees the sadness there and she says something in my spirit recognize this woman and I knew I wanted to whatever I could to as a suffering. I felt connected to her. She said in some inexplicable way she said to David's mother. I don't think you should give up hope yet and as she said it she thought Harashli minds going. I can't believe he just said that. Why are you saying that this woman just said he's on his deathbed. He probably won't went survive. The night why he sang that and she said day just looked at her with this expressionless face kind of surprised and Scarlett said she must've thought that I was an idiot unlike didn't comprehend the situation like she'd obviously this young woman didn't get what I was trying to say. but scholars just cleared the throat and again rational mind sank shut up shut up. You make things worse but there's this intuition driving her to do something so she doesn't know what to say. Eventually this kind of spills out. She says what I mean is well. I could go visit your son if you'd like. I do energy work and might help him. Are you familiar with Ricky and David's models like well yes but he's Jewish and she's yeah. I figured he's lost night shorts. I figured that but don't worry. Iraqi doesn't interfere with anyone's religion. It's a universal life energy. It's very gentle and soothing and I'm sure it won't be reflected by his Judaism and she says I can't guarantee anything but I promise not provide him some comfort and for whatever raisin this this guy's mother just considered her and found her genuine said okay. I guess so you can help so David's mother ends up pudding being scarlet on the visitor's list and the next day she goes into to see him but on the way home that night she was just thinking. What the hell did I just do. I've I've got so much on. I'm trying to do my. PhD Of course as I'm trying to teach I'm trying to look off to my sons. I don't have time to do this. I don't have time to take on another project and I didn't even know this guy. What the Hell was. I thinking so the next day this is now Friday September the twenty third two thousand five and she's woken up with a sense sense of urgency like she has to get to the hospital or it might be too late so she feels like she's being drawn to the hospital. She says by force outside of her control. Eventually she makes it into the room to see him and it's a little bit like this. She says I stead at David's face but the tubes and the excessive bloating impossible to say what he looked like I didn't recognize him and felt certain we had not met before. Even though some of my friends thought we had had she said I knew in my heart that all the events were converging to bring me to this point though I reasoned I must be in the exact intended place but that didn't mean I knew what to do so she's in this room with this strange and she's alone. The nurses are outside and this guy is in a coma is completely slightly undies a Veggie the stage and she just thoughts introducing a self. She Says Hi David you don't know me but my name is scarlet and I'm friends with your friends and Frank Sandy. Dan Greg and Sheila. I met your mom last night and I told her that I work with a top advantage cold right. He offered to visit and see if I could help you. He was that okay. I'm here because a lot of people love you in that tells me you must be a pretty nice guy and she pauses and chicken just the hospital machines going going back and forth and the natural rhythm of the ventilator she says I know you must be feeling vulnerable right now and that it seems like you have no control but you do. You have control of giving me permission to work with you. I will not do anything without your permission A. K. I know you can't respond in ordinary ways but I can he with my mind. If you WANNA send thought to me your mom said you Jewish so I wanted you to know that ray he is not a religious form of energy and and she starts giving like a description of what it is to a guy in a coma to this guy in a coma and she actually needs consent to stop. This is is a big thing with her. She needs some kind of consent to this guy on this. I want to play once. vs. Why can't even do that facilitates. It's completely under but she claims she felt a breeze in the room. That's dot kid's fair. She claims she felt a cool breeze. Come over her and the energy this shift and she looked over and the hospital door was closed in the window is closed so this breeze must have been some kind of consent. It was like a life so this must be consent. At least she thought it was she placed her right hand on his forehead to make Iraqi connection and she said immediately something of a came her it was is this incredible feeling of overwhelming. Love and compassion flooded into my soul. She said something ancient. Incheon primal had been stirring within me tears welled in my eyes. He looks so innocent in your house flooded with strong feelings of pain confusion and grief. I I felt echoes of a barrage of emotions rushing into my body and mind I sent stole the fear the wrong choices the sorrows how lost he had become it all swirled around like a dust cloud and doc valley. I felt my heart open and compaction poured out of me and she says as she's doing this. She's running a hands over him and feels like this spinning wheel of energy flowing into this guy and she starts talking to him saying the so many people that love you. You can't give up. You just can't David. You mustn't give up and eventually she says I know you have to choose. Leave this life oldest stay. Whatever you choose to do will be fine? I'll make a promise to do. You all see you through this. She says I don't know why I'm making this promise but I am and I keep my word and she finishes this rocky treatment. She says it's like she zips up an invisible suit of energy. It takes about twenty five minutes for her to do this and as she's going to leave. She realizes that her hand is stuck to his hand through some kind of magnet false the some kind of magnetic force holding her to his hand and she takes this as some kind of consent that Hayes enjoyed the recession and he wants to come back back again a man in a coma yeah a little bit of a stretch but arrived so she eventually same she gets home. She's absolutely zonked linked. She sleep so how's she wakes up at three am and she swears his presence in the room and she's convinced that always passed away. He's died and he's come to say goodbye so the next morning she immediately has the strong desire to call the hospital and find out what's happened and the nurses. I know he's conditions unchanged. He's he's still here. He's still she's like right all being laid as she can't understand why she's made this commitment to this guy she doesn't know him. They've never spoken. They've just I mean technically. They still haven't met because he's unconscious. so she goes back to the hospital and again remembering that she's busy and has kids and yet he'll daddy to this stranger and she says I barely had time to declare amen when the healing energy zoomed into me and this time it was these magnetic waves of power flowing through her and she was like the river. I was drawn to his kidney area. When my hands for about two minutes the rest of my body though was unable to move she felt like she was glued to the floor and she's describing this energy flowing into him through this incredible sensation of this amazing kind of flowing in and it was guiding her all over his body to his lungs and to his kidneys to his brain so she's basically zapping him all over and when she's finished finish this energy suddenly stops and she's standing the dazed and she looks down and she realized that she's tripping wet? She's just like soaked what closer all damp what she giving up. The used or is like that. I mean if this is true if this genuinely happening. What are you giving up. I mean you. You're not the generator of the force. I Yeah I mean you're. You're taking it from somewhere else. But is it coming from you yeah. This is the thing I was circle back with. Iraqi like once actually the exchange taking place. If if you actually are removing someone's illness with the exchange conscious go nowhere well. This is the whole point you know from the you know the idea of matter but energy not being created nor destroyed. Royd so you're exchanging something. There's something that's occurring there so you picking up the negativity you of the sickness of the illness from that person. If I started to go down that road I wouldn't have got through this incredible story of Waking Up to love so she finishes session and she's like hanging in there. I'm with you. I'm praying for you and she just she's always always filling. This love spirit around the room has sweaty closed and she walks out this sweating from all this energy. She's giving up and again that not. She feels his presence. It's in the room and she tells him she'll be back in the morning and she feels this connection to him. Some kind of unspoken a love connection. She feels empowered. Rav audrain all right that he wakes fuck you wife for the hospital and and the Austin is how he's doing and they say well. It's amazing something. You're doing must be working because look he's catheter back. He started producing juicing urine this morning. So this guy has multiple organ failures like Y- shutdown -pletely not working so the fact that he started to produce urine is is a huge deal. She and she resumes Iraqi treatment and again. It's even more powerful this time. It's like I want to thank you in about two minutes with the rest of the day was Chinese ghost stories and so she does incredible treatment energies pouring out of every pore and even though David's is a closed and he's just a complete veggie. She can feel this love force swirling between the both of them by hand job at the very disappointed reported. She finishes the session. She praises David. She's like I'm amazed at how well you're working with the Energy David. You'll powerfully absorbing it and circulating. You've gotTA keep fighting. I'll help you every step of the way but you have to take to heart that this is your recovery and he's just like beep. BEEP beep Hayes in a coma. He's not responding in any way well. He's paying. It's a start well. He he's paying that is true. Maybe that's how he's communicate the graphic as she says something in me was awakening from within my core within my core being those awareness that I did actually know him. It was beginning to emerge so eventually she gains the trust of the nurses because she's going back every day to help him out into these. Reiki treatments and she eventually learns what he's full. Medical Histories and it's just insane so one day he came to the hospital because he thought he was having a panic attack. He couldn't catch his breath but he was actually going into respiratory failure and because he's hot was racing the doctors suspected pericarditis will be the inflammation of yeah he's hot lining and the admitting doctor diagnosed him with double pneumonia and ordered a lab to check for legionnaires disease now within twenty four hours. He's lungs at shutdown. He It'd been placed on a ventilator to keep him alive by the time the lab results came back negative. He's kidneys was starting to fail of the next week and a half thirteen. Medical specialists US were called in to consult. No one knew what was happening to calls this system. The systemic failures they knew a massive ear infection that he had already been been scheduled for surgery for cubes of being placed into his eased through the infection. He was taken numerous antibiotics but he was still getting much worse. Septicemia or something like blood. Poisoning bacteria's all through his blood is shutting down finally in the second wake of just hanging on in the hospital. Some you know off the wall doctor. Dr House character came up and suggested that he had some rare form of vascular as cold wegener as Greenwich Matosas out of heard of that. What is that five hundred cases a year this incredibly rare the disease and that's why they couldn't identify because hardly anyone has it but what does it do so the symptoms are recurring ear infections nose bleeds sinus problems headaches all of which he had the week before he went to hospital had extreme joint stiffness bad that he couldn't get out of bed these symptoms of the precursors to the illness going to the next stage so basically this wagoner's granular matosas causes inflammation of all your blood vessels it restricts blood flow to various organs so you kidneys lungs and your respiratory tract and because there's no blood flow the organ stop two? Oh boy they start to break down. oxygen eventually go into complete failure. Wagons disease also produces a special type of inflammatory tissue. That's in the blood. Vessels destroys normal surrounding tissue so it's kind of like Canada and no one knows is what it is. No one knows what causes it so that auto immune. I don't know like the the only way to treat it. They say is cancer medications us and and steroids steroids and cancel medication. That's the only hope you haven't people can be cured of it but you have to get in early have to go through the strict treatment treatment but he wasn't responding to anything they'll giving him and that's why. I thought he's he's gone. That should give him love. That's the one thing that didn't prescribe was love so he's going into this acute kidney failure. He's got respiratory failure. They gave him a blood thinner. He has immediate allergic reaction to it. he's hot had gone into several bouts of irregular heart rhythm had also is appropriate they were worried he was going to go into cardiac arrest or he was going to have a stroke adding to the complications he had encephalopathy Schmidt. He's brain wasn't functioning properly and when they tried to treat the underlying colza roles of that he was getting screwed from whatever doing there the other problem was because he couldn't ingest anything though fading in through his nose he was now anemic and malnourished the the guy was absolutely screwed and adding to that they had to have a chess chu is well because he's lungs had collapsed the pages describing how this guy it's pretty much most of the book like ten pages describing his symptoms and how scrutiny is but she persists with her ricky treatments and she assists with this trip and this is going on for days and she one day she goes. She's like David. I I know you hear me. The love is in folding you. Let's begin I can feel it and she says my entire body felt coiled and energized at a gut level connection. She says as she's hovering a hands of him. Doing the ray he treatment they started to feel like hot ions and she fills them repulsing over his body and then she suddenly senses that her consciousness flips and she's no longer in her body. Something happens some kind of it seemed. She says that I was in a swell like an energy vortex then just as quickly as I'd felt that I'd been being sucked through this energy pathway deposited on the other side of it and all of a sudden. She's like everything was calm and quiet. She said the sound of machines and other noises at disappeared there was nothing but light and she describes being in this kind of doc void with millions of points of light all alive and breathing and she says it resembles this luxurious fabric that she can kind of walk through unlike anything she's ever experienced before and she immediately thinks this must be heaven because she's feeling total pace pure indescribable bliss total euphoria aurea and she knows she's out of her physical body and she said she could see that she was standing in the slot amid millions of droplets of these pulsing all sing bowls floating down sparkling as they fell and she feels the presence of someone standing next to her and she looks over and it's David and he's like absolutely ecstatic to see her as alway your here and they're talking telepathically. Oh my God it's you and they're having this incredible credible compensation this pew form of Knowledge Transfer. She's never experienced before. She says my mind comprehended everything all at once. I knew everything in my life was meant to be and there'd be no mistakes just choices. She says the paradox of destiny and free will suddenly became as crystal clear as possible. I perceive for the chose to be here that my path was to help people remember and I knew that David and I had a sacred bond the transcended time and space and I'm just at this point going. Oh I go. It's my eyeballs have ever seen like it so corny. She says now we found each other in the joys indescribable. I know we are connected with an unbreakable bond beyond this life beyond death. We've been together forever. We'll be together for all eternity desperate indict though and suddenly the will they holding hands and hugging and embracing in this argument today more than that indie vortex she says suddenly the lot droplets begin to disperse and everything grows thinner and she feels the sensation of being pulled away and woosh she's finally back in the hospital room. David Still Onda nothing's changed but she feels this love still radiating around them. This love figure of Eight in Phoenix powerful seagulls at something like that and basically what she does ause is she figures out the kate hailing him now she has to go to each of his organs and speak to them the the organs the all new visually so she goes up to his kidneys and she's like she starts giving Iraqi treatment. She says hello kidneys. I'm working with you. Now I tonight. She says kidneys you're doing an incredible job and you're all wonderful kid turned avenue favorites kidney the you'll you'll both amazing and doing an amazing job and keep going and we all love you kidneys. Everyone's rooting for your kidneys come on John and she finishes the treatment and leaves the hospital now. She does this with every part of his body like she eventually does. Does it with these long. She's come on lungs. You can do it. Come on Groin the vet aside. There's GonNa be a penis in this up on everything. She's just come on brain. You can heal deal and again. The medical staff is what is this crazy lady doing. This guy's going to be dead in a couple of days. Everyone thinks that there's no chance he starts making miraculous recovery. Nobody can understand it and he eventually wakes up and what he says to her. We'll find out after the break on mysterious Unidas. Stay with us. 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Mu Offer Code Mu now back that with waking up to love from Scarlet Hayek and we've heard plenty of right he he blasts and love sounds but he started to make this incredible recovery David and it really is a medical miracle that he's coming through through his kidneys stopped to improve he gains regains muscle movement. He's long thought to function well. They thought he was going to have brain damage. They thought even if he recovers is because of the lack of oxygen. He's going to be completely out of it when he won't he'll be Veggie. Basically you'll need full-time assistance but eventually he does miraculously Wycombe and she goes in and she concede that he's got his eyes open. Now he's with another friend is there and the other friend says you know we've been praying for. You and we think this is why you're getting better and she said I've been here everyday. He's like who you and she comes up and he can't speak it like he sign anything because he's had this tube. Donnie throat so it's all swollen he he he can't even swallow but she goes over and she makes eye contact and immediately. She is just like I'm cavill avenue and she says she can see the love boring threes eyeballs clearly. This is reciprocal own my God. He loves me to talk talk. You seriously get the sense he's like. It's this lady but that night she she calls the hospital she goes home because he's still can't talk. Text is firm to talk. She got home and she learns from the stuff. That things aren't actually improving. He's woken cannot briefly bought his kidneys seriously starting to file again like the right he and the medical treatment hasn't been working. He improves slightly but now it's back down again and the nurse tells up before she goes home. It's like you need to be prepared. Even if he recovers he's going to need dialysis ashamed for the rest of his life. there is no way his kidneys are going to recover so she's like fine. I didn't believe he she goes home. She starts praying to God for help. Says Dear God I'm asking for your help for David. Bring Forth Oh you'll love and healing energy to help David. I give thanks and praise for the complete healing of his kidneys in and Jesus name I pray Amen. She takes a deep breath and a little. Oh and this quietude filled serum. She says and she becomes uh-huh. Aware of David's is looking at her and she suddenly finds herself. Even though she's at home in bed she somehow transported uh-huh to his hospital room floating over his body and she's watching something taking place and as she looks down surrounding David a four very toll beings who seemed to be some kind of crack spiritual medical team she says one was at his head and one was at he's feet wanted each side the one who seemed to be the team leader was clothed in blue scrubs he was wearing like a surgeons cap and Feis mosque that you would expect and he sought stood on David's left side. She said he's facial. Features will we it like they were really shop. He had very prominent blue eyes and cheekbones. He had these kind of Weed Nara. Lips and he had this shop beak like nose. That was almost showing through the mosque. She said he looked a little bit like a ghostly alien. The others were also wearing blue scrubs caps face marks and they appeared like any kind of crack medical team except I could see-through them. She said although it was hard to distinguish the agendas it saying there were two miles and two females and oddly enough they were all tinted blue ooh similar to the blue collar of eastern Indian gods such as Krishna so remember when we covered already six clocks book on the the blue men it's it's like the godly blue men like any again if you've ever seen any Hindu art of yeah it's Blue God's even the Etan ought has blue. God's blue skinned gods. That's what they look like an ass. She watches she can tell that they're actually operating on David. She sees he's this incredible operation. Take Place. It's like one of the crew was holding David's head. The other is holding his fate and the remaining team members stands with with these hands spread covering David's hot area the crew conferred telepathically with each other and with her the lead he'll polls she said and looked up at her astro astro presence than away like letting her know I know you hear but on at work right now just let me do my job and he started doing these movements and it was incredibly swift like he was some kind the gifted doctor from the heavens and they telepathically communicated that they'll going to replace his kidneys so as she's watching this she sees this and a pair of glowing blue kicks off in the room and starts floating over the top of if David and she sees his old rotten kidneys float out of his body and go and go land in the trash Bin and these glowing blue love kidneys calm down like they go into kidney should be and they basically saw him up and Haleem up and she's like am I losing my mind what the hell is going on and I look back at her and like what are you talking about. I would just operating your friend pride for this about ten minutes ago. What are you talking about and Hsun Hsun. She goes flying back and she wakes up in her bedroom. Perplexed on what the hell she's just witnessed now the next day she she calls the hospital and they're like it's a miracle. He's pays kidneys returning labor and his is blue but otherwise he's yeah he's he's glowing blue and this these weird toll guys hanging around but he's totally He's totally cute. It's a complete miracle so eventually there's this moment where she goes in to to see him and she stays deeply into his eyes and She says deeply into his eyes. Haste is deeply into her and he says who are you. What are you doing here. I I know who you are and she explains everything to paint doing the Reich. He we met in the loved dimension. I slow the blue man putting the Shiny Blue Powell. CDO Back. What do you mean. Who Am. I any psychotic understand anything you talking about. I remember that you will hear a couple of times uh-huh and you gave me a foot rub. That's slowly remembrance getting a foot rub so he basically eventually she kind of pulls out hill off. She's like wait a minute to Peter. We Love your soul mates love flowing around us right. Now kid feel it. Can't you feel feel it and he says Oh. I'm seeing someone else and a half to see where this relationship goes with all the woman. I'm really sorry but I actually yeah good question is so what else where shaping good question our good question. Russian that is never explained so she kind of deals with this and he goes to the Rehab Center and he makes this. It's like a medical mystery like Philippeville the crazy out of seeing an incredible healing and I think absolutely she would have something to do with it if she spending this much attention and this much energy on the guy absolutely she would have helped him in some right well. It's it's the same mechanism is the idea of culpas these thoughts thoughts have substance in another reality. He can actually form a to do something and sometimes you can have negative intentions and sometimes you can have good intentions. We'll maybe she sucked out. Whatever was causing his illness. I don't know where it went but maybe she sucked out and she he she she leaves the she leaves him to go on about his life but eventually because they have mutual friends they came running into each other and when he gets out of the hospital out out of the Rehab and he's starting to he still very wake obviously lungs very weak. His brain was fine in the end but he goes to see a mutual friend that both he and Scarlett call it now and he's saying being outside in the coastal areas just making me feel so amazing and this friend just throws him a set of KS and says well. Why don't you go to my coastal apartment and you know spend some time there. There's no one living magic's gone. Make yourself at home so he's like great any tons to Scott and he says I want you to come with me now. She's immediately like a million. Love sounds all at once. I don't have the sound boat just imagine that's like Mexico too much. It would blow it. This Baker may triggering a million love sounds outcasts. We don't have the bandwidth we kinda let so. He insists that she comes but the weeds sheeting then we'll now he's kind of breaking off this other woman but the problem is scarlet has come down with an incredible head called like she's coughing non stop. She's all snotty and gross and she's a Combo learned a very stick and he's like I don't care. I just want issue to be with me now. She's Giddy with excitement and the next day. She picks him up and she's up. I'm sure sure he's like yeah. I just need you to be close to you right now. A sexy red voice. I can't do a Jewish voice that he wanted to be like. Oh kill to get tired of me better that we didn't want to do that so they they go to this apartment and they're so exhausted also because he's still wrecked from illness and she's totally sick so they lie down for a nap and but then she said in this moment it was quite romantic because does. David started to gently pull her closer and he whispered to her. Please uh-huh. He said it's too soon. It's too soon. I don't know how much time I have landed kitty. She clearly sucks on a first date which he pulled that whatever whatever's problems she's. She says he leaned in to kiss me and then wait. I said I put my hand on his heart. I put my face close to his is what she says. Dan Burris me. She says ah she says we've again to breathe together my hand on his heart and his on my we looked into each other's eyes and the energy started to flow and swell all around us. I too was engulfed. The love that we felt in the other dimension he felt too. We touched each rather gently and went out bodies joined. We experienced the explosion of love so strong strong that we should quit the false of it and immediately after she says David started to cry that what you you want to start cry is rating. These loss going yet none of this this. None of this happened like none of this conversation happened but this is what she claims she did. She goes what's wrong. Honey what's wrong. He says would you get my medicine. I don't want you to see you mean cooler. I of course honey but please tell me what's wrong I didn't I didn't feel like that. I didn't know I could feel I want to be when you and she's Ah the next day day the next day he's back in hospital because he has a case of double pneumonia from her from her call from the praising he's breathing in all germs uh-huh and he's literally backing hospital in serious condition with audit believe the whole unconscious bias stuff but I do know that she said that the doctors the doctors work your her hooked noses doctors. He's Jewish. Come awed look eventually he makes it out. She does more treatment. Seattle plenty more zapping noises. I could play but you know ultimately she finishes by saying this. She claims that once they had he'd got out again he'd fully recovered. He opened up to her and with tears in his eyes he says I was instantly in love with you with every fiber of my being from the moment I saw you and I knew it from a deep soul so level again. Let's stop this first second. No Man on the face of the earth nor has ever spoken like this ever in the history st human beings on this planet. Maybe like well. Magnum said this with a very low. Maybe it's like Oh back done this. No one's ever said this ever Brian. If it's like the story he says. I didn't know how wide because we'd never met but I did. I just knew I knew I was meant to be with you for the rest of Al Journey together. I knew I wanted to be with view forever. If you'll have me I know in my soul I came back for you. David Deny snuggled in together feeling the love flow between us. He stayed with me that night and never left. I knew the road ahead would be hard but we could walk it together every day waking up to laugh filthy to cleanse the Palate John Are you. Are you professional or not well. Thanks for the recommendation. John Hewitt Rolex nurses gray really testing a wife was she. Where's the coincidence. She just liked the book circle incident coincidences. I don't even think it's a jewel need ethic. There's no shared shed near death. Experience was dying. What I'm assuming here is that the shared near death experiences when they're in that place where the little balls of lot that have come down and he's seen him. Maybe that's like the death scape shed death. Experiences is all of us nearly dying from cringe but I are still married. Is that what happened yeah. They got married. They live a very happy life. They look like a wonderful couple. They actually look like an amazing couple works. Whatever word I they have wonderful marriage there's some very wholesome photos of them in the book are highly recommended it's on kindle unlimited and only insurance but because I just wanted to wash that horrible taste out of my mouth yeah I needed to do something else because that was only fifty two minutes of it was a long yes. Yes well the really so that's when I picked up since it by Confucius goes stories by you on May new studies in Asian culture. It's quite expensive because it's considered an academic comic book but the content is not academic at all. It is just awesome crazy ghost stories. Have you noticed that the number of academic books like when it's academic and inverted dot com. It's like three hundred bucks. It's insane. It's like this weird racket. Will this was forty five dollars for a kindle book. Yes this book first appeared in seventeen eighty eight ten years before his death and written in a climate of political and moral conservatism fostered by stifling confusion Autho Ksi these tiles have ghosts sex betrayal retrial revenge litigation transvestite homosexuality and corruption provided rich tableau of daily life in China. So the the popularity of these exposes he wrote these investigations and stories. He was retelling. They led to the censorship in eighteen thirty six so yeah I read that and I was like I mean of course I mean because the opening was very dry just said he was one of the most famous Chinese scholars of the Eighteenth Century Blah Blah Blah Ching China bouquets but but once I started reading the headlines for the stories like the cool old man is one. I'll be reading the sparrows repay a a debt of kindness little mischief and the cheeky monster. That's he's paying spot. The Multiple Fox ferry hangs itself an imprisoned ghosts Kosin raccoon on if my favorites he opens up as rainy through many of them quite dry like this the magistrate opinion this tricking the thunder. God this the toll ghost is captured my blah blah blah but then I got the Harry people of Chin role role and this is in unions fan county on the border between the provinces of Hunan and Guangdong there is a mountain of enormous magnitude a cold house paik and he basically retails this legend of Howse peak that contained on the mountain people whose bodies are covered with with hair and who measure over ten feet in length every so often they ventured down from the mountain to steal the villages livestock for food and if anyone dead to try to prevent event this theft these Harry people retaliate while retreating with the animals they had snatched now. Get this firearms provided no protection since the lead would just bounce off impervious bounce off these Harry people and traditional wisdom maintains. There's only one way of preventing their rampages and this is in the official kind of legends this is what you do you clap your hands and you shout bill the wool bill bill though wool build the wall a serious and on hearing this these. Harry people run away in terror of serious and he says it's like the author you on. May says he knows this because a life long friend of his by the name of jang-keun held an official post in this region and he confirmed the efficacy easy of this tactic. He says the locals explained it. Thus in the Chinden st during the building of the Great Wall of China some of the villages avoided conscription and they went and heat in the mountains and often many years they evolved into these strange Harry creatures and they said we noticed that whenever they came we came into contact contact with these Harry baseds they would ask whether the Great Wall was completed which exposed their weak point. This was their greatest fear. 'CAUSE I didn't all right. We'll chart. They thought if the wall is still being built then if they come down from the mountains they'll have to they'll get punished and they'll have to be conscripted to hard labor so if you chanted atom to build the wall their base would flee and fee it which was amazing so high quality stories. I can say some very high quality stories. We've got him Let's see if we've got some ones that in-depth. Is this one the human prawn. Ah Yes at the beginning of the current dynasty lived an old man who wanted to make the ultimate sacrifice to take his own life life to display his unbounded loyalty to the previous dynasty which was the Ming Dynasty. He was however to skid to commit suicide so he didn't WANNA. Use the knife eighteen care of the idea of hanging himself. He thought a burning muscle. Let's go she didn't want to do that. She doubted you're GonNa Information Hillary Clinton even in the past the dead bodies stuff but the but eventually he struck on the notion of emulating mutilating a minister schilling who apparently committed suicide by indulging in an excess of wine and pussy the this is the translation of the term well. Let's just let's just assume this is accurate right thus resolved. Al Ming loyalist brought in several several concubines and mistresses and thereafter indulged himself an unlimited latch. It's so he basically drought he tried to literally. He drowned himself in Posey like he got so many of us. The appropriate term for the translation. It's the Pink Chrysanthemum tried to overdose on the as you say the pink and this is us and us. How did how did he kill yourself dreading posing well. He just heard that they'll this. I mean dynasty guy that did it Ethan. I can do that so every day. Second though that I wonder if that relates to that idea that Chinese medicine are about would you give up seed you give yes shortly that has something to do with it but he found that nothing works like he would have sex with. Russ Jews five times a day. He would just have concubines around all the time. The only effects on his body was that his nurse was shot. He's head protruded at an unusual angle and and because he was going down on them so much he developed this we'd Hump Hump and he's back and he became badly hunched over that for all the world. He looked like a giant cooked prone. He's crooked gate with almost a crawl on all fours so people in the region called him the human prawn he stayed in this prawn like state for over twenty views and died at the age of eighty four still whoring talk probably not as compelling enriches richest man okay well. Let's keep searching. Maybe we need to be the atmosphere to to find a rich in story. Let's have a look the same cal. I want to tell you the title this one haunted chopsticks in this is in Johnson has gone county. Those young man by the name of young now young away was slim. An extremely attractive is a nineteen year old man hot not like some Ching Dynasty hotness he was mild in manner but very compliant in nature and never known to refuse sexual advances of any sort so his chart his whole a one summer's day he was bathing in the village pond when a drake flew up at him and bit him on the buttocks now remember has never been known to refuse sexual advances anything anything very important the drake then the drake then whack to Yang with his tail and made humping movements over Yang's buttocks Yang tried to fend off the dock beating it repeatedly but the duck persisted it wasn't long before Yang had beaten to death when he examined the limp body floating in the water are a seesaw protruding from among the tail feathers a fleshy stalk around the stalk. The the water was murky with some sort of emission. Remember plus upside. Why did you do a story. Worry about people like ducks. We Greg just book about how ducks ripe everything. Including Young Nineteen Year Old Ching Steve boy the locals thought this episode absolutely hilarious. Oh and from then on the N. Guay became known uh of the title Duck fucker has an actual story. These are all real stories from you on. May you can tell this would be a massive bestseller. This was like thirty shades of Gray Seventeen tame seventy China as Vicky Surf. Let's read the Messenger of death. He loved his one so this story is from hull where they lived a man by the name of Yuan Guan Lan he remained unmarried will into his forties. He didn't have the same kind of appeal that the doc fuck a young had he's neighbor's daughter. However took a liking to him? Despite his age now he thought she was an attractive girl and soon they ed love started to grow and the problem was when Guanlin mentioned the possibility of Ma marriage to this woman's father he was outraged because Guan was too old to poor just not suitable for his daughter so unfortunately the daughter. She planted for this duck. She finds him so much that she actually died from misery. She became so upset. She died of a broken heart. Now Guanlin heard the news of of his beloved death and was stricken with grief so he wanted sadly out into the moonlit night and bought some wine to drown his sorrows so he's he's just getting blind drunk. He's drinking all this China's one an offer awhile as he's in the darkness he sees this figure leaning up against a wall in the moonlight and this person had disheveled hair but he couldn't quite make out the guy's face but this guy had a rope in his hand that was tied to something that kind of it went out into the darkness and Guanlin couldn't quite see what was so this person smiled at him though and Guanlin assuming the man to maybe be a servant of one of his neighbors. Biz waved back and said hey you wanna have some wine with me. I'm going to have some one drink. The World Sucks Life Office. Shit comes over and sky nods and doesn't say anything he just. Nods Guan Lines here a couple of one posing a couple one and and the strange thing was this guy he picks up the cup of wine and he doesn't quite know what to do with it. He puts his nose in it and proceeds snorted the whole thing up and immediately go online worries. That may be the ones to cold and he wants to warm so he's like. Do you want me to hate the Second Cup for you on the managers not so he gets him another nice warm cup of mulled wine and this stranger just picks it up and again snorts it up through his nose and the mole wine. This strange man sniffed up the ready. He's face came until eventually he was incapable of closing his mouth so Guan lawn being drunk totally out of it just grabs the guy's mouth and starts pouring wine into it in this way like it and be noticed that with each week of wine this strange man's body grew smaller until after rebuttal he had shrunk to the size of a baby. You lay paralyzed on the ground now Guanlin remember. He's drunk. During this all things screw you baby starts pulling in the rope that was attached to discuss any realizes that on the end of the rope he pulls it out from the darkness tied to the end of it is he's lover. She did well. She's dead but he realizes is that this man is a messenger from the underworld and he's been tasked with taking on lawns lava from the world old of living to the underworld but because now he's drunk and turned into a baby he can't perform Judy so Guan lunch shakes his he's he's lover and she arouses and she's like. Oh my gosh oh my gosh this is our chances are chance so he ties her and takes a home now. They live a contented life. She stays in his home but it's not quite normal you see during the night she's visible. She's totally solid. She you can eight. She can do everything we can do. during the day she completely vanishes but he can just here now. This situation continues for about a year until one day. She gleefully says to him. I've been given permission to be reborn. She says Josh White and I'll become more beautiful than you've ever dreamed of. She says to him a young woman. In the next village is going to die Tamar so I'm going to go over there and borrow her the body for my reincarnation cigna possess her now go to their house tomorrow and you tell them that you have some secret medicine and you can revive their a daughter but make sure you tell them that must get a reward and that he must marry her if you can heal and he's like all right. This sounds like a plan so the very next day Guanlin he goes to the next the village and he comes across this bereaved family and the distraught sobbing with grief that preparing a funeral and Guan Lund says hope I have some medicine that will bring your daughter back and I'll give it to her. If you promise that I can take her as my wife and you'll give me plenty of cash and they're like yes we'll try anything yes so he goes up to the corpse and he starts whispering in her ear and is basically saying it's. May Wake up wake up now and she sits up and she's back to to live somehow. She's come alive. It's a miracle the villages unsure of what the hells just happened but they have to go through with the deal Guam Lon Mary's this reincarnated woman which is really his wife now strangely it took about a year before actual memories of the Pasta existence started to come to. She just thought that she was will. She just thought she was is the person she was meant to be. She didn't have the memories but eventually after a year she realized who go online was and she regained the memories gradually but I lock the into this story because it says best of all the newly reincarnated wife was much better looking than the original horrible which is a great into long lime for that upgrade and now we come to the KHUDA Gra. Oh you can duck fucking the CAN I be. This may yeah good point yeah. Actually I should this is the we've. I've had for ten years that I've known you. You always seem to be able to just get that one step further every time this one needs a soundtrack music stopped Libya socially this story one of substance. I started going through them and you know there's Xiaoqiu goes poverty scholar Song Commander Wang. Oh ooh the sea monster of junk. The demons terrified of rationalism the fault the folding immortals a really cool story. It's it's a guy who kind of sneaks up on a Dallas in the mountains and he looks into his tent and this daoist has this envelope any basically pulls is out this long thing that looks like a picture of a guy and he starts unfolding it and it's Masa this old man with white hair sitting Pitney site into an envelope and he's like. Can you teach me the Dow on the mosque like this and he started teaching in the Dow away defaulted the Masa says someone is trying to steal the Dow put back to sleep and so he's like yes master and he starts folding him up into a tiny bit of paper puts him in the envelope and put him in his bag and and then that's how he knew that the guy was spying on the folding master story but that's about all that happens still pretty crazy then we get to cousin raccoon soon scholley a story of substance one of the lanes in lieu her county Lau. May Lane is renowned for raccoon inciting some nights. These strange records wonder around the houses coaling through the windows. They say cousin cousin and it's kind if an attempt to bewitch the unwary inside so if there's anyone inside who replies. Oh It's me it's me become bewitched like a vampire and then they can get but taking advantage of the story says one night however a young man of the show family was studying alone in a temple when he heard someone calling his name he callously opened the window and looked out into the moonlight to see who was looking for him. There in the street stood an extremely course and ugly woman. Chow was just about to tell her to leave him in peace when she rushed through the window forced him into a bedroom and ripped off his pants. She then sucked on his Tina's until all his semen had been extracted the Cuba story essentially raccoon stuff. It's like it ramps up to this insane graphic moment and then it comes right back down. It says it said these coons are immensely. Powerful creatures and people don't stand a chance against them so it's not actually a spirit. It's just a raccoon that gives a oil six. Yes and there's this final. I think really important warning to the reader of this story at the end. It says they are also said to be extremely smelly and wherever there polls have been the odor dot linger for over a month so it's like as you've just been raped by a raccoon. I think the fact that you're going to smell oh. There's GonNa be some problems. That's yeah. That's the least of your worries i. We don't need to worry about that. Tell us how to get away from the raping. raccoons recused even have wide. This is like you know the the Japanese to NUKII. It's like like a spirit. It's like the Fox. Spirit is a spirit in coon spirits not literal you know good when it comes to these rapier coon story. Ah surprisingly I'm sitting there like what rate so we have have a Fox fairy story because we're talking about raccoons. We should talk about Fox fairies. Will this is story about an imperial. God He's names Lijo Fan and he had a son by the name of Li Lee was brilliant. Well rounded scholar. He was able to expound knowledgeably on Neo Confucian philosophy. He wrote excellent poetry and prose but one evening while he was is reading under the lamplight two beautiful women just mysteriously emerged before him. I just came out of the darkness materialized east and they teased him mercilessly and soon grew quite brazen like they were trying to seduce him and because lay he's full as the Confucius sway his conservative. He does things the right way he had to try and reject this temptation he is rejecting their advances and he had this firm resolve both throughout the whole ordeal and I think to give you a sense of what he was experiencing. Our good friend Douglas Murray has decided to write the story on the first three minutes consists almost entirely of Nicki Minaj in a bikini in a jungle setting wiggling her Bam our women with her similarly dressed wiggled their bums for the viewer to the weakening goes on and on other than wiggling her but alongside her friends wiggling their butts and sometimes playing with each others butts the only other thing thing that happens on Nicki Menaj suggestively eating a banana then spraying a can of squatty cream onto her cleavage wiping her fingers across her breasts and feeding the creamed seem to herself in a sequence that is obviously impossible to interpret. Thank you Douglas Mart the later that evening after Lee had finished dinner because he he avoids all the temptation he rejects their advances an advantage vanish like they're really angry at him and they vanish but later when he's he's finished dinner he he is this voice coming out of his stomach and the voices voices. I touched myself to some of the plants Fatina now that I'm actually has in your stomach. You won't be able to ignore me and the voice is clearly one of the women who attempted to seduce him earlier under the lamplight the woman had possessed a Gore Ha and he had now and these two seductive hawes. We're in his stomach spring spraying cream everywhere yes from this day on. Lee walked around with glazed is is if he was in some sort of trance behavior became more and more irregular so we we started act very strange. He's family thought noticed something was wrong for no apparent reason he would slap himself in the face he if it was raining outside like a tremendous thunderstorm storm he'd be like father. I'm going outside and he would get a tiny pebble and put it on the top of his head and then just go and stand outside in the storm. He just did really weird things other times he would bow down before servants and just he wouldn't me until someone dragged him away. It's just being we'd and he's face started to grow sallow and pasty and he's body grew thin and it looked like he was wasting away now. When the spirit wanted to communicate with others hey would it kind of find his hand moving and he would automatically right what the spirit wanted to communicate so one day one of his school friends came over and basically basically challenged the spirit and said what on earth is such a ravishingly beautiful thing like do you doing in. Lee Stomach would horrible gross place to be one it you come out and tried on with me and the spirit essentially said hot no way. I'm not falling for that. Go Away so ultimately the story concludes with he's his father knows some Dallas Mazda and the Dallas Mazda unfold phone all of you they pull him out of an envelope unfolding blow him up and he grabs always magicians and they basically perform the ceremony where they get. Lee really drunk and then stick their hands down his throat and pull out a Fox. Oh aw one of the spirit like the Fox I is about the size of a small cat yet I pull it out of his stomach and as the Fox is pulled out it it yields down his throat and says elder sister. I came to help you but I've been captured. Be careful whatever you do don't come out and the Dallas Mazda he like wraps the Fox up in some jar and put a hex on it and throws it in the river destroys the faulk spirit and that's when they realized they'll dealing pulling with two demons inside the stomach eventually this spirit communicates that in a previous life her and Lee Eh enemies and he had wronged her in some way and from the spirit realm it had wanted revenge and it came across this friendly a Fox spirit and it convinced the Fox spirit to help her get revenge on Lee so the Fox spirit was what Organiz the possessing possessing the gold and taught her how to take control of his body and get inside his stomach and try and seducing mental stuff that they have a good experience. I thought that Fox bursts would consider to always be negative. Sometimes there is sometimes these stories but usually it's a trick essentially she now says because that Foxboro it was my friend and you killed her. I now want double revenge on you and so they go back to the Dallas Mazda and tell him the story and the DASTA goes sorry. There's nothing we can do because it's some kind of comic life thing you have to work out some kind of comic debt ICAHN. That's not for me to resolve sorry and the story ends with lay dying three days later and many of the stories like that this is insane kind of ghostly battle and you think that this goodwill prevail and then the passion dies though is that the point was calmer big thing back then in the time that you write this yeah of course yeah and I think we should finish on something just a little bit more serious. This is from the shoe family from Leeann County. They had a daughter order by the name of Shoe May and they betrothed her to a boy from the Hong family but just before the wedding shoumei she was struck down by the sickness is she became became dangerously. Ill and wall delirious. She was approached by this whitehead. Old Man was really strange. Guy came out of nowhere and he he started to massage her all over it was consul on and he started to work. He's way down to her hips and a genitals and she became really uncomfortable and embarrassed and tried to stop him but he continued chrysanthemum will before he left. He inserted something into her and Shumate cry out out. Obviously you know she's being assaulted and Harari parents. Come running in to see what's wrong. This old man's vanished now then they sold that although her illness had passed she had now transformed into a man the acting magistrate was Jiang's a zoo and he another official official. Dow Swan appear to be in the prefecture and other business. They immediately came to the show house to examine the girl. Can Imagine like hell is going on. Let's see this woman turned into a man and they officially confirmed. That shoe may had become a man. They said her voice and facial features was still those of a woman but in her groin she we had a new penis that was in the shape of a strong mushroom. The family changed her name. From Shwe May to Shwe lie and so- fruitfully the number of sons in their household had increased from two to three and it's meant to be happy story like all offensively like this Oh. They have a son with a history of infanticide. That's absolutely absurd right ending. Now we have three sons uh-huh the value of AL household has tripled Warren ending watering dowry. It's fed incredible the story and they had the tame stories that I've read for you from etame since it will. There's some that I don't think I could do in the fray show auto okay. I mean we have push the limit yeah. There's one that I could man the plus extension. Okay all right. We we might talk. Did I mean it's it's pretty full on what we do need a with the story that I'm GONNA be talking about in loss is actually quite doc. No let me just set the scene for you. The the scene starts with a man who had a man agreement tomato friend at this now the go to the peer when they walked through the period just around the corner is a bridge and upon this bridge. He says to his friend or his acquaintance. He says let's go up and have a look from the view of the bridge because it's much sure clear on convinces this with him. Now the guy goes up with him and they standing on this bridge and the happily talking away when all of a sudden he leans down grabs him by the ankles both and flips it up over the side of the bridge throwing him off the side of the bridge to his untimely death Wilson Motive but what he does is immediately. Oh my God this this is horrible. He jumped he jumped and he goes running down and starts yelling at people that were down on the PR that he's friend has just jumped off the bridge. He committed committed an act of murder but it was sanctioned by the nineteen sixty seven. CIA assassination manual oh I see this is going to be allot plus extent very license fluffy very very live so what guard every talking about the Marconi deaths and how a group of thirty people that were involved in mock current in that company or other defense contracts were killed in the nineteen seventies and eighties in very suspicious circumstances and how links back to the loss possible group that you could ever possibly imagine. It's not even extraterrestrials. It's something far worse which is being present threat to humanity lucky. We didn't have to think too hot in this free version. Yes I thought extension definitely all that's that's. I'm looking. It's all coming up in the session after this break because you know you do look looks like one of those days where you stuck your finger in the electrical socket. You've smoked three packs of cigarettes being one of those. You still don't know who Falcons Elliot's. I'll we will get back to Falk L. E. letter odd but that's up to you have to leave for the day I will deal with the deaths because actually the gripe pot is is that this sets the scene full what we're going to be talking about with mckearney conduct of is a good contrast to the positive story about macaroni and Tesla getting on together and disappearing to this you know South American civilization. It's not always as happy as it seems and we're GONNA go into that in the plastic. That's coming up after this mysterious universe dot org forward slash plus for all the details against the access to the big extensions wins every week we do on Fridays and you get an exclusive. 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