Raiders eliminated from playoffs in 26-25 loss to Dolphins


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The nfl road show fun and kind of nerdy conversation about the nfl. Every monday wednesday and friday. That's amazing guests that are joining me. Be breaking the huddle with top stories. Previewing games which set for the weekend fantasy with our fantasy friday episodes and will answer some of your questions as well so subscribe to the nfl road. Show on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. It's time for another vegas nation podcast. It's the raiders post game edition. Starting now welcome to the post. Game edition of the vegas innings podcast. It's eighty here. And i'm toying with our review journal. Sports columnist ed greeny and our nfl writer. Adam hilbert gonna break down. But it's devastating loss for the raiders that ultimately see also postseason hopes for them They're out of that race in case you haven't been keeping up in the final score here at allegiance stadium. Twenty six to twenty five or ringing hurts. Lose to the dolphins and it's magic comes in to seal the deal nice Long pass later in the final seconds of the game and that a facemask penalty on arden key words and field goal range for the win. So let's start at the top though. There were things on the raiders drive. That happened as well. They were ahead. Twenty five twenty three before. The dolphin search bag went went. Wrong with the raiders and the final minute of the game. I think it's it's safe to say with really no question about it. That the raiders. Trying to you're trying not scorn. First and second down was the right thing to do. You have to where the clock down after. Make sure that time because either way no matter what happens if escorts one score games. You don't want to leave them time. The dolphins are trying to let you score if you watch it. They're trying to almost pulled. Josh jacobs into the end zone. They want him to score so those first downs. Absolutely there's no question you're not trying to score. Third out is the real decision they have to make. Do you try to go. Try to go for the zone. You know go up by five and the potentially have a two point conversion that puts you up seven. That's one choice that you can make You know. I probably think that's the right way. In fact i would say the the percentages tell you. It's is definitely the right way to go. You try to score on that third. Now play if you don't guess what that's the same thing as if you doubt the ball right. You just don't your shortly end zone. Let the clock run down. You kick the field goal just like you would have In the scenario with them You know having having taken any so there's really no difference between getting stopped third and taking the needs so your father. That's like the worst case. Unless you fumble which is incredibly rare. Obviously a habit out game tonight but those different kinds of setting so you know i think the real choice. There is the third. I would have done that. I would've tried to punch it in. That leaves you with about a minute. Meeting a touchdown to tie potential with the two as opposed the nineteen seconds to try to get a field goal. Either way the odds are so far in your favor that you win there. So the percentages do the right thing right down to that moment and then i think you score. But that's that's where the decision comes in good and felt with that image of pat mahomes in his head that the right thing to do was to dissuade rundown the caucus fires. You can't kick the field goal. And then you tell any coach in the world that you've got your defense on the field with nineteen seconds in no time outs for the team. They're gonna take that scenario. It's just it's so overwhelmingly stacked against you. That almost any coaches in say. I want to be in that situation. It just happens you have a kind of blown coverage one side. I think our net thought they were playing zone. He let the guy go and there's a wide open receiver and then obviously rt grabbing the facemask spinning around somehow fitzpatrick's still completing getting the extra fifteen. Because that was the key there if they don't get that extra fifteen. The dolphins still are a long shot to try to get down and of yoga range so everything had to go. Wrong for the raiders in that scenario. And that's exactly what happened you know. I think people can go back and second guess One thing i will say. This situation is a lot of people like to make their determination whether it works or not. Those people are people that i think critical thinking that's called results based sticking it something i really Get driven by you. You have to make the determination of something. It was a good decision by whether it was the right decision. At the time the outcome isn't really relevant. So if you just wait and say well. It didn't work so it was dumb. You're probably not a very smart person. but yeah that scenario You have to play the odds john group. Did i think the right way. Everything just got completely chaotic and out of control to a point where. I don't think anybody could have seen that coming but renno to that. It was right the last one i gotta make on this though is the most forgotten about play. That entire sequence was really the decisive play of the game. So the raiders. I think had the math all worked out in their head. That if they would have got a i i in goal they could run the clock all the way down to kick the field goal. But think back what happened on that third. One play. raiders went hard count. They had ingo in motion. It through the front seven off of miami through the guys off. They jumped offsides. Give the raiders. The first out. Everybody i've leaking is happy Down they can run the clock night. Kick the field goal. Go ahead. But if the raiders would have gotten that i doubt on their own if they would run the ball picked up the yard got the first down they could have run the clock down to one second. Kick the field goal but because it was an offside the clock didn't start now. The dolphins gets used their time out. After the first outplay instead of after the third down play it so now they have to waste. That's an can run. All those plays so that because the dolphins didn't have to call a timeout on after the raiders. Pick up the down because the clock is already stopped that ends up being what changes the bath. A little bit on the raiders and they can't run the clock all the way out before kicking field goal so while it looked at the time like that was a good play by the raiders to drop it off side In the end it wasn't now the cat would be listened. The raiders over ten on third down. Oh for ted in the game on third down so would they pick that up. I don't know. But i think the odds are in your favourite. Pick it up and then they can run a data zero. That shows you. Just how tough. Sometimes the math is a real time and how things just come down to. You know crazy things that look like a good thing at the time that are actually a bad thing in the end Eddyville math is not that easy. And that's you see a lot of coaches struggle with an atom agree with your sentiment that they should have gone for it there on the third down. I thought that's what was going to happen. Especially when you're talking about a kicker that just makes an extra point in the game mean it's twenty two yard field goal shirt. That's a chip shot. But are you going to trust him. And there's a game winning type scenario because at that point you're not ahead. You're trying to get ahead so it's like you know you're putting carlson daniel carlson. Excuse me into that position to kick the game winning field goal. But you're not even certain at that point that you can't get it and i think if you're gonna take the risk on getting a score that it should have been for a touchdown at least at that point. You're forcing miami. To go down the field and score a touchdown not for him to get a field goal or within field goal range so i i think it makes all the point scenarios much larger scale from miami to have to catch up as opposed to having them get down to. Let's say the like you said in our forty yard line for a sixty yard. Our field goal attempts. So it's it's crazy like you said there is so many small intricacies and that's why i'm not. Nfl football coach But those are my thoughts as looking from it from the outside. But i would have probably gone forward on that third down jon. Gruden and reaction took off his head side and was done you know before the roughing. The passer was even done in called. I think he knew at that point the that that was a. 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Go right now to indeed dot com slash blue wire offer valid through december. Thirty first terms and conditions apply. Welcome back to the post game edition. Vegas nation podcast. It's heidi fang ed. Greeny and out of handle again. We're talking about the raiders. Loss here to the miami. Dolphins allegiance stadium and this season is all done for the raiders. Sure they have to play the denver broncos in denver as their final game of the season but there will be no season so as you look at this final game and going into denver I feel like the raiders. Wanna finish off strong. They want to get to that hundred. Mark the certainly isn't where they wanted to be at this point out. How much should injury news contribute to. This lost here. And you know. Unique recounts gives out Claim farrell out. These are key defenders for the raiders. So that's something. We didn't mention earlier. And i wanted to get your take on how the injuries played a part in what happened. Not just in this game but throughout the season. I don't think i'm gonna put this one on the injuries at all like they've been dealing with injuries all year and certainly has taken a toll on a lot of the guys that are not as comfortable as maybe they would be if they had a lot more reps at a lot more snaps out on the field but listen. Everybody's doing with injuries raiders. Had a couple of guys back. It wasn't like they were playing the same where they were last week. Yeah quick coffees losses. A big one. Because he's been playing really well and he's the playcaller on defense. That's a big loss. A couple of guys not being there as welcome for a who is a pretty good against run in fact if you really think about maybe it is a big difference because of clifford's on their instead of our key that maybe he doesn't commit that penalty that are key bids in that regard. I guess they contribute quite a bit but I don't think it is. I think it's the pretty good plan. I mean is good of a defense. As they played in a long time they had that plan to kinda shut down to and they they had a well scouted and they found a lot of things Against where he wanted to go and really bait him. You know checked out a lot of different place. He doesn't on his own a little bit in the sausage anyway. But i think they did a good job against two of that a good plan for containing him Everything was going well but they weren't ready. I think that adjustment with fitzpatrick. I'm sure they prepared a little bit for first patrick during the week knowing that it was possibly could come to the game but they're so focused on preparing for to a while. Maybe you take a little bit of time with its patrick. And he's a completely different quarterback. You gotta cover. Different areas of the field with fitzpatrick clam differently so That's that was the big thing i think in this one. You know many games this year. You can put on the defense. I don't think this is one of them. You know yes. Fourth quarter defense. I just mean you can't put it on the defense that they were missing guys. That would have made that much of a difference. I don't think because we saw him play for. You know three quarters while they have a pretty much all year and it just so happened that you know what's fitzpatrick had one of the biggest fourth quarters. Maybe we've seen it a long time. The nfl almost two hundred yards just the fourth quarter alone and they really had no answer for him but that was i think more of a preparation thing and they prepare for different style quarterback than anything else. And you give the raiders credit for keeping them in the game when the offense was having some struggles against the against miami to. I'm not going to pin this one on the injuries and you bring up and fitspatrick coming in the fourth quarter. I been to Wasn't getting things done in the second half of the game. The way that i think the dolphins wanted to so you see bryant former say in postgame comments that the team needed a spark. They had to denver adam. What are the raiders. Do in denver to try to come away as neat neat team you those those end of season games. The you know the sixteenth game and final game for teams that are in the playoffs are such a weird spot and i think we create narrative just based on what happens referring to earlier. But you know it'll be you go in if you're a lame. Duck like the raiders. Are you know you're finishing out the season. You don't have any plans to play for and you get blown out. Let's say well you just didn't care and if you come in and you have a great game well you know you're just trying to build positive momentum for the offseason so i think those are kind of create afterward But there is. There's definitely you know a motivational question. Going into this game. And i think you know both teams if you wanna make that case that they want you to finish your raiders could play for eight eight that can you know build momentum going into the offseason whatever you want to say. I think it's there. I think it's the fact that there are no more difficult situation in that you know. They thought they had a chance to the playoffs and their season has completely collapsed at the end of the year. They still thought even going into tonight. That a chance to make the playoffs and now they have that letdown the next week of now. What are we now. Do we do now. We're playing for. The broncos have already accepted their fate weeks ago. They knew they were going to be in the playoffs so they've been kind of a different mindset. The last week there could be a motivational edge. There that we're watching for In that game but to me what it should be about is its evaluation. I mean we're talking about the use of this team. It's really not that young. I know they've got a maybe the top five highest share of of snaps taken by players. Twenty two hundred older so they do have a lot of veteran players on the team but they do a lot of young players at this time to see what you've got Evaluation period definitely starts next week. I mean i think it should have started a while ago. But you know jon gruden was saying. Hey we're still playing the playoffs. And he he said listen. It's always evaluation time. We're always in an evaluation period but This is something you have to be. You have to make a lot of decisions this offseason about. Who's gonna be here. Who's not going to be here and you know you don't you don't wanna make those decisions blind. Do you want to go in and have a pretty good. Feel of where guys are game settings and how they react to different game situation so you wanna see a lot of these guys and if there's guys you've already made your mind up on for next year you know whether they're going to be here they're not gonna be here. Maybe you push them to the side and let them sit for a while. It's the guys place you can really decide. Make some descendants on these people. And i think that starts with the quarterback you know i. I think that they're probably committed the car for another year. But you baby. They aren't and you also have to wonder where they wanna stand with. Marcus mariota who was so bad. The preseason we know he's dealing with injuries and some so confidence issues but you'll comes into the game last week and while the while he has a benefit of playing defense it was already form. It wasn't prepared for that kind of style. He looked really good. And so what do you want to do with next year is under contract but do you want to try to trade him. Somebody looking for a starter. Do you want to increase his trade value menu. You throw him out on the field next week and he looks like he did. Last week has another really strong game like that throws for three hundred runs for one hundred. All of a sudden you can maybe seek something in the trade market if you're not looking at him as a starter next year so i would say i would. I would like to see mary auto play. If i'm if. I'm a raiders fan. Or if i'm a writer front office wanna know where he is one way or the other you know either. Either you want to try to ship them. You want to try to trade. Evan see if another team wants him to start or you want as on your team or you know some other reason to To see where he is. I think you've you've seen enough of car. You know what you have with car. He already was not a hundred percent today. Talked about how bad hurt. Let them sit Nothing against him. And i'm not saying you move on from him in his last game or anything like that. It's just i think you've already made a determination one way or the other car for next season you need to see a little bit more mariota's i'd say let him play than at the other positions. You wanna see the younger guys you know. Get some snaps and really just put them to the test and you have to have a lot more information on these guys. Go into the season That's really the only way to know where you stand in where you want to you know. Have them in your irritation next year. So we'll see what they do with that. But i would like to see a lot of evaluation done and a lot of guys. We don't quite know everything about yet for the raiders. Unless we should know if we walk away. Here is darren waller. He said these franchises all time record for receptions by a tight end in a season and that was with one hundred and twelve yards on on the day after mu wrote this one up at you know darren waller didn't make much of it after it actually happened. So what did you think about well. There's really no superlative. I think too strong for darren waller at this point He's just so unbelievable. Such a match up nightmare for opposing teams. Miami is really known for shutting down the tight end. They had really no answer for him. This is three massive games in a row are excuse me the last four for darren waller. He's just he's just so difficult to defend. We heard some real high praise for today. You start with jon. Gruden saying he. He's one of the best players on the football field. The numbers tell the story but watching the game tells the tillis even greater how tough it is for teams to match up against some of the insanely athletic. Makes but you look at the numbers. He you know tonight became a single season. Receptions leader among tight ends in franchise history passing todd christian. I florida to back to back ninety. Catch one thousand yard seasons as the tight. End for the raiders. I you know back to back thousand yard seasons just a second to do that for the franchise so just any kind of record you can think of and just Even better person away from the field and everybody knows about historian what he's been through also what he's trying to pay that forward and help help the younger people as well So just a great story of the year say tonight. He doesn't remember for breaking a record before and it was kind of a cool moment for him even in the loss tonight to be able to break a record and You know you you just imagine well if there hasn't been many before there's a lot on the future pretty much any tight end record and really think about it. Like many receiving records for the raiders at some point could fall because of their waller. Because he's just that talented player that difficult of a weapon. Matchup great guys. That'll do for us here on the vegas nation. Postgame addition podcast being rough day. Here in the office for the raiders. The and we'll see if they can rebound in their last game of the season against the denver broncos in denver. That'll be next week and we will. Have you covered with all things happening with that game. Africa station dot com and make sure to download the vacation app. You can check out. The guys. here are all their articles in print as well as following on twitter at hill. lv rj. Heidi think you've been injured in an accident. You need the right team on. Ashley is a former insurance defense attorney. Who knows the insurance industry's playbook and sam is an experienced high stakes negotiator for accident victims and their families at sam and ash. Our sole focus is on you your recovery and getting you the best possible settlement in the least amount of time. 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