Underdogs Mind Is Blown After Learning About Dracula Day The Howard Stern Show


The Howard Stern show. Here's what happened when Shuli called her. He told her it's national Dracula day, which was may twenty sixth. So he called underdog teller about it. And it, it seemed to let's blow her fucking mind like how could she not know about this? This is I just it's amazing. I saw something on, on the internet that it was national. Dracula day were you aware of this? Why, why? On on just just two days ago. Can't believe you didn't know this? I didn't hear I didn't hear or see thing. So this was Sunday, and it is considered Dracula day may twenty six two thousand nineteen. In this country or somewhere else in this country. Oh my. Doesn't this remind you how I reacted when Fred changed name to Eric anyone? I was like, oh, rob and Adelaide give me mouth to mouth. Oh. The hit you boom give you that big chest. She had a thumb. If she ever finds out there's a national underdog day, she might explode. My goodness passed her by underdog was upset. They chosen the wrong day to celebrate. Dracula day this article. Well, listen and find out this article suggestive ways to celebrate Dracula day, would you like to hear what their suggestions are? Well, another one says world Dracula day may twenty six oh my. Well, I understand such a day being held in in, in Romania, but not anywhere else that the world happy one hundred twentieth birthday. Dracula one hundred twentieth. Zad accurate. One hundred twentieth. No, that's wrong. It's the room number of years for either his wheel, y. Or, or the time up a novel. Wow. Say. Yeah. You can't stop her with the facts. The Howard Stern show.

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