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Through Friday noon Pacific Three Eastern Sundays Three Pacific six eastern is Friday here on the show very very exciting show join today in Studio by Jim Valley and Mike Semper V. is going to join US via a remote as usual as well so I think my impression I've been given Jim is this is a new Friday regular thing. Is that right. That's what they tell me okay. I'm the last to know a lot of these things. The only reason that I'm here from my understanding is is to help you up the stairs in your condition right now. Yes my my condition and it's been better but regardless year here today. Mike Semper Vive is gonNA join us and I've also heard that if you guys have not heard already Saturday's and as Jim Valley does wrestling observer live live on Saturdays so we are in fact seven days a week and his show starts at one eastern ten Pacific and I believe Tomorrowland in storm is looking to be Jimmy on the show. Is that right yeah. Let's dorm messaged me in year. I can't turn that offer down so tomorrow Saturdays Ten A._M.. Pacific one P._M.. Eastern what insane weekend of excitement here on this program it's it's hard to contain all of it so today. We got a lot of news to get into. We're going to kick it off after the break. If you want to call today eight four four four eleven five four Lebanon's phone number that is toll free eight four four four eleven five four eleven text messages forty five seven eight zero seven five six six bright the wrestling observer dot com at Bryan Alvarez. If you're listening and can't write all that down you can always go to the front page wrestling observer dot com the numbers are all up there waiting for you and a lot of news including the all out all out the W ticket sales for their first television show October second capital one center Washington Washington D._C.. We're already at nearly ten thousand tickets sold and that is with a huge ticketmaster Snafu this morning. Apparently nearly a ton of people were unable to get into get tickets that has now been cleared up so if you're one of those people trying to get tickets and couldn't now be time to try and I'm GonNa give you more details sales on ticket sales and come back from the break and what this means and we shall kick it off after that breaks stick around wrestling observer live yeah the pros do it right to have the quantities as you need on hand for the job by buying bulk lows is here to help by stocking what you need for any sized job and a great savings save up to forty percent are everyday low price when you purchase WPRO packs of molding compared to single sticks load up on drywall drywall accessories and back reboard you get up to fifteen percent off just by making a bulk purchase place your order at Lowes for Pros Dot Com comman are pro loaders will be ready to load you up so you can get back to the job site faster do it right for less storm with lows U._S.. Only of course the lexus golden opportunities sales event is about exceptional offers but it's also about having advanced technology and a safety system designed to alert you all coming together. See you at the perfect moment. Don't miss your perfect moment to experience exceptional offers on a line of vehicles equipped with advanced safety technology now until September third food experience amazing at Your Lexus dealer summit then safety features not available on Jack's you're listening to wrestling sling observer with Bryan Alvarez and Mike on the sports byline broadcasting network show Brian Alvarez he's here wrestling observer live Max v WRESTLING ABSURD DOT COM Jim Valley's joining us in studio is he will every Friday from this point forward for the most part and the big news today a is in fact a W ticket sales for the first T._v.. Show October second capital. One Center Washington DC here is what is is happening live as of right now there was a huge ticketmaster Snafu this morning and a lot of people were trying to get tickets and and the couldn't <hes> this person year says ticketmaster still seeing any ticket I tried to buy is already purchased brother. I've been trying for three hours straight now. Ticketmaster was not ready for this person says I actually think a w tickets are sold out. This person said I tried to buy tickets for October second. Wait in the queue from twenty five five minutes then got this message. Sorry another fan beat you to these tickets. They are no longer available. Please select another listing or gesture trait criterion. Try again so frustrating. This person here says A.. W. has done it again. The show sold out in under two hours. This person says it looked like the tickets are entirely sold out but it's incredibly hard hard to find anything. It is all a big mess over ticketmaster right now so this is what I was told as of moments ago so I believe the right now. If every ticket available is not sold out then like ninety eight percent of the tickets available nobler sold out the actual number is between I think it's ninety two hundred and ten thousand the number of the Dave got was ninety two hundred the number that I got from people in aid W was ten thousand and I was told that they had to kill approximately three thousand tickets tickets due to production and once production is figured out those tickets go on sale so it appears about ten thousand tickets were put on sale today and those appear to be all gone so if you want to say they've sold out. I guess you can say they sold out. If you WANNA say it was the first day sell out you can but it's not actually actually all sold out because there will be more tickets made available as soon as they figure out production but one way or the other ticketmaster was unprepared for the demand the demand and exceeded the availability. There's a lot of angry fans right now. I don't know what to say other than sucks for those fans tried to get in but couldn't and and there was a threat on the board about this and I wrote a little something about it. Here's the thing with this show here. Okay this first television show and the ticket sales for the show. This is an aberration and people should not be expecting tickets gets to go on sale for the second show and for it to sell out and third show and the fourth week and the Ninth Week I mean the chances of every single television show selling out. I mean they're pretty much zero. I guess I could be wrong. I shouldn't say zero but it's exceedingly unlikely couple of days on the show. Dave was talking about the rob reunion and I believe they sold less than ten thousand tickets to that show and he said man they had stone Cold Steve Austin and they had Shawn Michaels and they had all all of these stars and awesome hasn't been on the show forever and like you know that showed in sell ten thousand I mean we shouldn't really be expecting A._W._S.. Shelton thousand. I thought the show was going to sell it immediately might thought the show is going to sell out. Jim Valley thought the show is GONNA sell it. Here's the deal you can't compare compare this show to any raw to Aurora reunion to Stone Cold Steve Austin. This show is different. This is the very first first aid W on T._N._T.. Television show if this takes off this is the debut nitro back in one thousand nine hundred five people talk about that Nitro Oh to this day if this company succeeds this show is absolutely as historic as the very first all in this is a show that if you want to be part of history you're buying a ticket to the show. It doesn't matter where the shows at it doesn't matter what the ticket prices are. This is an aberration and as I expected sold out now where we go from here who even knows you gotta look at fighter fast fight for the fall in those shows did not sell l. out. Those shows were not. I sell outs. They were what four five six thousand people that's probably going to be or your television is. You're probably GONNA have television. Shows in certain markets do three thousand tickets so people expecting all of this shows. It's not gonNA happen. This was a special show. Mike your thoughts well. He's no surprise but you know what I was thinking about it. I was thinking about the region and where they could draw from and the fact that it was the first show the one thing that I forgot got to factor in which was the most obvious thing was because it was the first time there is going to be a lot of secondary ticket demand. At least that would be the thought of a lot of I'm sure ticket brokers ticket scalpers however that works when you consider stub the stub hub of the world as well as every other type of the operation. That's the that's got something going on to get tickets so that seems to be <hes> a lot of people are wondering what that's going to be like and what the secondary ticket market it is going to be like in those tickets got bought up but hey successful. I show I mean I I was really surprised and some of the people that were really bearish on the fact did that there was going to be that they were going to be able to sell it out but again like I said the first one awesome now from here. We'll see how it goes. I don't think they're going to be running fifty eighty thousand seat buildings all the time so <hes> we'll just have to Kinda take it the way it goes but yeah I mean again another great day for Awa no matter how you WanNa cut cut it no matter how much you want to maybe criticized them or not like what they're doing or their plans or anything else. You cannot de gotta give it to them another. It's another sell out another big first day. I've got a tweet here from Chris Harrington mookie Ghana who does the analytics. He Out and this person here states. I'm baffled. The show on a Wednesday night in the fall has such high demand mini on twitter. Got Tickets say they're flying in odd for a non summer or non weekend can show yeah that is odd for every show after the first show. This first show is different. You cannot look at it like any other television show. This is historic. It is the first ever Awa on T._N._T.. Show and like I said if it succeeds then people will be able to say I was there for the first show. How many people go I was there for the second nitro? Nobody and he will say I was there for the third nitro you know maybe people say I was there for Viagra and a poll but not in a good way this show is is a historic moment for pro wrestling and a lot of people have a lot of faith in this company and so not surprised I I says I saw people complaining about Stub have prices for Awa on October second inner blaming a w want them to do something about it can really do anything about secondary the remarkable of course not of course not we're we're surrounded by by dumb people with Internet access as one of the problems with the world in Twenty Nineteen Nineteen people who've never been to concerts or don't have any never fought this issue before obviously if they're that outraged her shocked about this. I mean that's just the way the cookie crumbles I I you know it's not fair because I bet you a bunch of secondary. Markets got tickets before real fans did and that's a damn shame but that's also the way of the world and that's the way this has worked and take a massive pain for a long time Pearl Jam. There's been plenty of groups that have tried to go head up with ticketmaster but you know yack rest after a while royal because that's how it works and well we have to wait to find out the the secondary market demand because that's what everybody said after every cell what they've done and as it turned out most of the tickets actually went to fans in every single case so far so it's possible that the secondary market like they figured things out for this show or maybe they're like everybody else thought TV taping like who's GonNa WanNa go to a Wednesday night TV taping in Washington D._C.. Maybe they missed it again. We'll we'll find out. Those guys do data too so you know it's it's move. He's not alone for says. Do you think that all out will have last minute. Tickets released. Yes yes they will have last minute tickets released at some point but I'm not sure winner how me back with more observer live her. Hi Welcome to the subway ad for the neutral data collection. How do you want it? I'll take the slam poetry sure Italian Juba with fresh Mozzarella when hunger rains. You're my flavor umbrella tasty garlic stake in provolone alone with you. My taste buds are never alone savory chicken pesto. You have my affection for you. Complete the tobacco collection. Thank Keith get them before they're gone at subway limited time. Only at participating restaurants get old baby for the biggest sale of the year up to sixty percent off all back to school styles is for kids and baby get flipflops for two bucks graphic tees for four bucks shorts for six dollars and jeans for eight dollars right now. Get the best kid styles at kids size as prices. Just two four six eight dollars can't wait to wear it buy online pick up in store free today up to sixty percent off all kids and baby styles now at an old navy and old Navy Dot Com valid seven thousand nine hundred eleven select styles excludes in store clearance. You're listening to wrestling observer observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Zimmer v on the sports byline broadcasting network the show Brian Alvarez here ear wrestling observer live makes him reveal wrestling observer DOT COM Jim Valley's here today and we're going to go to the phones find out what's on your mind. What's going on heavy question about at this age w show there's a chapter eighty six it says Paulie though to be around the loop how many of these people that are buying the tickets long morality? Do you think it's like ten percent or anything. It's like a loop. It's one it's a standalone show. Did you even read the chapter. Do you know what a loop is well. When I think of a loop I think think of again from shed shell like get better? That is the loop but usually it's like you know five shows succession or three shows yes. I do think that a lot of the people that are going winging bought tickets for the show are in fact following awa around. I think that you know a lot of people have gone to all the shows and they're not gonNA continue doing that. Fifty two weeks a year but for now with you know one major show every couple of months. I think it's a lot of the same people he comments anyone. I mean they're week apart. I guess so I mean you go home and then travel again. I'm sure there are people with the time and the means we've seen the the front row regulars on raw for years one one guy why why couldn't they yeah so funny that <hes> Ryan of all people like drives some people crazy but he he somehow manages always bring something up for me to talk about and he mentions the loop and I know listen. I don't do this on purpose everybody. I'm just telling you what the news is okay. I know people people that love me get very upset when I go in and talk about a W._w._e.. Comparisons or new Japan or whatever but these are just the facts okay A._W._S.. Sold out there T._v.. In two hours today they're T._V.. Debut sold more tickets than raw reunion okay at the exact same time that this is happening W.. E. announced ounce yesterday. They've canceled the entire weekend smackdown tour now for a while. If you recall when they started doing in the wild card thing they were cancelling Monday night smackdown house shows because they needed the smackdown people to go to the raw show and they were using the top guys and so they just figured we gotta cancel the show okay. That's weird enough. I could be wrong and if I am wrong. You're welcome to correct me here but somebody told me this morning they they don't think ever as W._W._e.. Cancelled an entire weekend loop like this is the first time every every smackdown show this week has been cancelled and this is the smackdown by the way that is going to Fox in October and I guess some people are expecting it to launch a new boom period. This is not good a yeah. You know better than anybody Jim. How show declines precede the ratings declines? It's been like that forever exactly know if there's no people wanting to pay for your product that says something with this whole Awa phenomenon I always go back and wonder what does Dixie Carter think right now what is Jeff Jarrett think right now and so many other people over the past twenty years have tried tried to start their own promotion and could never find a product that people were willing to pay for to put up money. I mean Awa fans right now are rabbit habit and it's it's incredible that the you know the young bucks and cody and Jericho and everyone have been able to touch this nerve and and electrify this fan base to go out and blow up ticketmaster yet again you gotta think I I love that. They're doing something new new as opposed to trying to once again create easy w or bring back whomever the way Dixie Carter dead and so many of those other startups or indies indies that went by the wayside I love that they're succeeding doing something new and doing something current person year who's caught up on the G. One. Are you caught up Mike. I know especially <hes> was GonNa Catch Backup Start Reading Harley Racist Book again last night so no. I'm still vying unfortunately by day I I had time this morning to watch torreon new and then I saw the the match highlights just on their okay the new Japan Youtube Channel All right so so this may be in the same guy but a few people have texted this because we've been doing predictions and I have predicted addicted. I think Okada's winning g one and Mike do you agree with that or or do you find that to be a possibility. I absolutely absolutely find it to be possible. Do you think is GonNa Happen Squad on a limb yeah. I think it absolutely could yeah. I still think we're going to see somebody else. beat him in the finals finals no matter who wins that other block but we'll see I mean he can easily win and you could do a great story from there if you wanted. I have heard a few times Kevin Kelly mention that Okada Oughta if he wins he gets to pick his challenge. Yes seems like he's saying that a few more times and that's the only thing that would make me think that he would but then who who would he choose and then well. That's what I want to bring up here. What happens to Moxley? It seems like maybe you kill his momentum. If if Okada wins so this person says I predict that Tokat is going to win and then challenge Kenny Omega for Wrestle Kingdom especially now they need to try and fill the Tokyo Dome for two straight nights and make sense that Okada run through the G. One and and then chooses to attempt to avenge his loss against Omega. I feel that's where all of this is leading to so that would make a great story okay. Hey the problem is there is no relationship between New Japan A. W. and the last I heard even though Kenya Omegas contract allowed him to New Japan there had been zero discussions back and forth between those two sides so to me me if you don't have Kenny Omega locked up for that Tokyo Dome. I don't see ghetto booking a scenario where he hopes to get Omega for the Tokyo. I just don't think that that's what he's going to plan based on the situation in the political situation between the two to companies now who would face. I don't know anybody ever guess I am really pro Moxley right now because he's wrestling with so much conviction and so much passion you need to watch <hes> The new Japan Youtube Channel for the post-match interview after Tory on who you know Crotch Moxley and etape them together and then one viscount and <hes> an incredibly really funny but still great interview another dimension of Jon Moxley. Actually I just love anybody who was able to work in any line <hes> any field they choose a such passion and emotion right now. Now I just I love it and I hope that that he's able to continue. This spur says I spent thousands in the past travel TV and pay per view L. Thirty minutes hits from Bowling Green and His it's not unheard of the idea that they would do a match two nights in a row so go to the phones. You're on the air what's going on. Hey y'all Greensboro Pearl I I I wanted to tell Jim I really enjoy the Tonya. Harding Recap show have amazing story <hes> but I had <hes> I guess two questions what is deemed <hes> Jon Moxley contracts that is with apogee one and I had a question about highly race <hes> everybody talks about dusty being real with polkadot that anybody consider King Harley race character a rib when you went to the W._w._l.. They've talked about that. I mean that was the idea the idea behind it yeah. I've never I've remember dusty southern. Evidently you know there in the forefront. I've never really heard about Harley. They novellas the case there yeah Dave talked talked about it for subscribers the other night that people w._w._f.. At the time told him that they felt that Harley took himself so seriously <hes> that that's one one of the reasons that he got the King Gimmick in the W._w._f.. So you've got Steve yesterday in the daily updates said that him and Garett we're GONNA do Harley race show today and then apparently you found out that you're doing a show with Harley ray about Harley race with dave tonight. Dave messaged me and he said Hey do you want to do a show about Harley Race Fumi and I hi and <hes> I can't resist that so that we're going to do that later on tonight and have it up for subscribers later today so dave infamy Saito talking about you know when Harley was N._W._e._a.. Champion he wrestled for Baba quite a bit. I wrestled for Baba what he wasn't and W.h champion said Oh harleys got quite a history and Japan civil talk about out of both sides of the ocean as far as Harley race's career goes that should be that should be awesome well. It's also talk about. Let's go from Harley race one of the all time legends of this business and in Asia w immediate sellout to this from W._W._e.. In the final moments it's of this week's smackdown live Roman reigns was intending to make a summer slam challenge from the backstage area but the big dog just barely evaded sheer catastrophe when tons of steel beams came plummeting towards him. A preliminary investigation has found the incident Tuesday night involving Roman reigns James was caused by a forklift backstage carrying lighting grids that were not properly secured the story line is as a for a faulty forklift driver is responsible and the identity of the driver is unknown what I feel like these are the same investigators. Who did the backstage investigation for ring of honor you have no idea was driving a forklift? You kidding me. What a stupid storyline? You haven't seen this yet. Have you are saw that Oh you did okay so that yeah. I'm a little worried. You know you've got this big tall trophy case right here. Do Tell me about it. I'm a little afraid at my fall on me but the good news is you've got like seven cameras so you'll catch all of it yeah but like none of them are pointing over there. Yeah keep an an ion giraffe. You stand right next to that stuff all right. Everybody went ahead to bridge the more you want to call here today. Eight four four four eleven five four eleven is phone number and you can send your text messages to four to five seven eight zero seven five six six. Mike is that simple V.. Jim Is at Jim Valley. I am at Bryan. Alvarez Uber is back in a moment with more wrestling observer live hi welcome to the subway ad for the new data collection. How do you want it? I'll take the slam poetry sure Italian Jabba with fresh Mozzarella when hunger rains. You're my flavor umbrella tasty garlic steak and provolone with you. My taste buds are never alone savory chicken pesto. You have my affection for you. Complete the tobacco collection. Thank you get them before they're gone at subway limited time only at participating restaurants hi welcome to the subway ad for the new data collection. How do you want it Ooh? I'll take the slam poetry sure Italian Jabba with fresh Mozzarella when hunger rains your mind flavor umbrella tasty garlic steak and provolone with you. My taste buds are you're never alone savory chicken pesto. You have my affection for you. Complete the tobacco collection. Thank you get them before they're gone at subway limited time only at participating restaurants. It's a new day. Yes you're listening coming to wrestling observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Simple Vivey on the sports byline broadcasting network. 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Why didn't they just announce it on Tuesday? What did they do the stupid angle and then with one week build they announced the match and then we got jail Brian Roman reigns again although at least this time it's a different dynamic at the babyfaced Roman reigns and definitely he'll Daniel Bryan that is much different from twenty fourteen? I don't know what they're thinking. I think this could potentially remind fans about the whole situation and I wouldn't make the risk me personally could work out sure maybe it's a long time since then but people still love Daniel O'Brien. I don't know that anyone actually hates him. I think they boo him out of respect because he's just so good at everything he does and it seems like after Roman reigns. Ah Illness <hes> the fans have taken a second look at him and I don't know we'll see we'll see what happens. We'll see how solid Romans support is when would he gets back in the ring the Daniel Bryan but you're going with Roman reigns. I don't think I would have made this match me personally for as well as they protected themselves in Philadelphia he had any thought about Roman reigns being booed there of course not he's going to be standing at the hip of the undertaker and you're going to Toronto of all places. It's not like it matters. I mean you're GonNa miss this anywhere you go but Toronto's one of those cities that I probably wouldn't pick to do this especially with no notice and no bill to to it at all to try to gauge to try to fix something or do something to try to make people boo Daniel Bryan. I don't see Daniel Bryan. Guinea booted all eve- it even of Roman reigns doesn't suffer for it. I mean I can't see Daniel. Bryan booed out of the building in Toronto candidates just me it's like I guess you know Seattle is probably the only other place where you know that it's above that on the scale of chances where he's not going to get booed but it'd be Toronto's one of those cities as well so I don't know it seems mm silly to me and if this is how you're building it up I mean but at Daniel Bryan pay off the forklift guy is going to be the unknown forklift guy. It's ridiculous. Listen to this extreme rules. Two Thousand Fourteen ended with Daniel Bryan driving a forklift. There's continuity here wow just like reindeer and bring it enough stupid and that interview with her that video package for the Kofi Kingston exactly the same and it's exactly the same you. Why was the forklift driver driving during the show well? That's a great question. Apparently there was a lot of metal stuff. He had to move right there. At the end of the this show right around Roman reigns when he was walking forty yards this interview in the last thirty seconds of smackdown on Tuesday alden busted white hummers new hotness witness forklifts forklifts and wrestling his Carmen Electra driving that forklift W._w._e.. BISCHOFF history of forklift fish office in charge bischoff his back. That's right. Maybe it's else's name <hes> anyway. Let's go to the phones. You're on the air. What's up Jason Eight CEO Brian? Hey what's up. It's when asked <hes> I know you like the old attitude. Era Matches were nothing matches. It's but then you guys worked better back then than they do right now in Maine lobster w. e. like I know right now they too wet stuff but I think there were better workers back back then 'cause the matches had more speed more and more <hes> intensity like they they hit the ropes harder harder. I'll give you that that one yeah like when I feel like ricochet or like thin valor and Seth rollins they know they're very <hes> critically acclaimed because they do a lot of copays and whatnot but let me come either matches I I can't grasp <hes> the suspension of this belief within consumptive. I see them do like hitting the lightly or not giving good facial expressions I mean when I watched w right now and they lost at least it seems like <hes> like a promotion motion being held by like P._B._S. or Way that they want their matches to go and like when I when I was young and I wanted wanted to be a wrestler I'm talking you know fourteen fifteen years old. It took me a long time to figure out the psychological pattern univer wrestling match this was before I met Buddy Wayne as far as like well you know what's the psychology of a match getting the heat setting up a comeback feeding etc took me a long time to figure that out. I feel like a five year old. Today could tell you the pattern of a w e match without even thinking about it. They're all exactly the same and if you like that then it's a great style for you because everybody's going to work that match. If you grew up watching different different wrestling from around the world or you're a fan of of new Japan or really anywhere else in the world except of me that I can see you ending up board by the me in ring style because that's the style they want you to work at every every name the you mentioned ricochet all of these guys have you you watch their matches before they went to me. They're totally different matches and you'll see psychology and you'll see more hard hitting action and you'll see different styles of matches matches but once you go to me that's I'll give you a great example. What was that <hes> Annex T U K show that Finn Valor showed up at Oh yeah right right which one was that like the last one was annexed to U._k.? Anyway the last annex t U._K.. Takeover show that Finn Valor was on he showed up out of nowhere the frigging match that dude worked on that show he was so great. I watched that match and I was like dude. That's it's my favorite wrestler and W._W._e.. Right now and I swear to God the very next night on raw. He was totally back to Endeavour me style. It was it was slow. Oh Man and you knew everything he was gonna do it every moment it was just nothing to it was like man. It's just opened my eyes to what the guys are actually actually capable of doing that. You never get to see he was inspired that night yeah and he didn't have to do a raw match. They were like God. Take a match with this guy. He had an awesome match for senior says to expand on Jim's Common T._N._A.. G._I._F.. W Etcetera were shows that aped the W._b.. Product basically the blind leading the blind A._W._S. division. They're connecting with the die hard longtime wrestling fan with a product centered around around wait for it wrestling. Thanks guys well. We'll see what happens when they go to T._N._T.. That's going to be interesting. I don't I think there's anybody. I don't know what people think. What do you guys think is GonNa Happen when they go to to T._N._T.? And they have to do this every single week they they have to sell tickets every single week. They got two hours live every single week or do you see this going. It's going to depend on what kind of stories they can tell. As far as can they hook you and when you watch being the elite or you watch their other web content they do have narratives that it goes through the show when they did <hes> all in <hes> they had a narrative that they a lot of things they paid off from Youtube so if they follow follow that pattern and are able to connect with fans and again have drama and you you root for cody Rhodes to come back again Shawn Spears Beers or Chris Jericho and whomever <hes> you know Kenny Omega maybe gets his first world title shot at the W. title if they are able to tell l. those compelling stories this episodic television that lasts more than just the three weeks leading up to pay per view. I think they'll find success creatively. I know they want to serve a lot of masters <hes> but the real important thing is the infrastructure that they have there that the T._N._A.. It didn't necessarily have you know especially at first now they did add people you know a great people that know how to do T._v.. Or Smart Mines Salvio Vega and Dutch Mantel L. and people like that but then they would end up squandering them because they couldn't get out of their own way up top. We'll have to see A._W._S.. That problem. I don't think they're going to have it though at least as as far as getting the ball rolling on you know timing on production and you know a formats and all that sort of stuff I think that's going to be rock-solid solid one big advantage. They've had over every other start-up group because of the amount of brains that they have there so many of which have been in the W._W._e.. W._W._F. System at one point or another other when you know when that ship was running correctly. It was the best out there and they were the best at Doing T._v.. So they are obviously not doing that Ed anymore so but those people can you know stick to what matters you know the creatively. We're going to have to see you know they you here. We want to do some mid south things via. We got us in this over here and that over here. It's going to be really interesting because there are a lot of people that want a lot of different things at A._W._S.. A._W._S. to give them or not old old wrestling fans want wrestling back new people want new things and again day. There seemed to be spread out all over the place how they can make that flow for two hours every single week. We're going to have to see but at least the pieces are in place backstage that you you feel seemingly good about right now. Spurs an ear says gone back to to talented W._B.. Versus Elsewhere Jon Moxley g one versus Dean Ambrose from December perfect example right there I mean in this and the nicest way possible I hated watching Dean Ambrose matches and deputy me. He was so slow he's came off so lazy and now he's in g one and he's Kickin ass as matches are awesome. It's it's a totally different. It's a different guy and actually if you listen to the granny show it is a different guy. She had no idea the same dude which when you think about it if you watch their matches. Why would you think they were the same guy he was great in the loss detoro Yano I I with the whole comedy thing and that is backstage interview he talks about he could destroy Toriano but no he needs to become Oregon someday? I'M GONNA pull up to your house or something like that in an unnecessarily comical car and jump out of a cake and it just started listing all of these comedy things that he could do to get into ended the mind of Torreon when it was again inspired dude who has amazing what you can get out of somebody in their hearts in it. You know who has the stats for the G.. One like where's Toru Yano like every time I see a Toriano matches beating somebody gonNA come out of the woodwork and win this thing not okay back in a moment I race. You'll do it right to make refreshing updates to your bathroom. Lows is here to help and help you save stop in today. 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You're listening to Wrestling Observer Live Whip Bryan Alvarez and Mike Semper v on the sports byline broadcasting network a couple of things here. This person says Jato Ottawa six points right now in the b-block. Everyone in the b-block is still eligible to win as six points Moxie as ten. He is still in the running. I it was mocked. Maybe he will win percents. I've driven forklifts before that stuff that fell enrollment naughty and fit on a forklift. It would fit in that area backstage W._W._e.. W. E. Continuity and cannot confirm this. This is just what somebody has told me so. Don't get mad at me if this isn't the case but this person says I called the venue and and supposedly tickets will be available to capital one arena tomorrow if you go to the building so that's what this person says if you WanNa give that a shot tomorrow are we. We got a lot of stuff coming up this weekend. Land will not be unfit for daily today but Lanston. I will be doing observer live on Sunday Jim you're on tomorrow. Oh and Lance is going to join me tomorrow as well man Lances all over the place this weekend and you'll be talking Harley. I presume some other time sure whatever hardly will probably talk Rachel ever who we trained. I'll we'll probably talk triple mania which is tomorrow with Cain Velasquez and Dr Wagner junior and Blue Damon junior in a hair vs versus mask match that May in one of their careers will see but <hes> all kinds of stuff to talk about tomorrow and you may have more shows coming up tonight for subscribers <hes> with David Fumi talking Harley race and we have a show up with his friend

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