Kisah Hikayat Kehidupan Nabi Muhammad SAW Versi Bahasa Inggris Podcast Edition


Life of prophet Muhammed solo all you asylum. The last messenger and prophet of God English edition written by Jonathan does media pro narrated by mafia Moroney at marina. Chapter one. Perfect muhammed. So low Ali Hassan them was born in mecca Arabia on Monday, twelve for a while or to August, eighty five hundred seventy his mother, I'm gonna was the daughter also what even up Duman of of the family. His father of the law was the son of Abdul metallic is you -nology has been traced to the noble house of Ishmael the son of profit ever home in about the fourteenth destined. Muhammed's father died before his birth before. He was six years old his mother died and the doubly orphan Muhammad was put under the charge of his grandfather up boom without it who took the most tender care of him. But the old chief died two years afterwards. His deathbed he confined to his son. I would leave the charge of the little orphan. When Muhammad was twelve years old, he accompanied his uncle would deli on American tile journey to Syria, and they proceeded as far as Bush raw the journey lasted for some months. It was a Bushra that the Christian mung Bahira net. Muhammed his related to have set to deliver. We turn with this boy and guard him against the hatred of the Jews for a great career awaits your nephew. After this journey. The youth of Muhammad seems to have been passed on eventful, but all thority agree in scribe. Ing to him such Courtney of MENA and purity is morals as were rare. Among the people of mecca the fair character and the honorable bearing of the NFC truths of youth one the upper Bachchan of the citizens of mecca and by common consent. He received the title of all mean the faithful. In his early years. Mohammed was not free from the cares of life. He had to watch the flocks of his uncle who like the rest of the Bani Husham had lost the greater part of his wealth. From youth demand. Hurt. He let an almost solitaire relies the lawlessness rive among the meccas the sudden outburst of cost less and bloody quarrels among the tribes. Reckoning the fair of Okada the Arabian Olympia, and they morality and skepticism of the garage naturally cost feelings of petey and sorrow in the heart of the sensitive youth such scenes, social misery and religious aggregation were characteristic of depraved age. When was twenty five years old, he travelled ones more to Syria as a factor of a noble. Enrich core issue. Widow named Cutty Java and having proved himself faithful in this commercial interest of that lady. It was soon awarded with her hand in marriage this marriage proved fortunate and singularly happy DJ was much the senior of her husband. But in spite of the disparity of age between them the most tender devotion on both sides existed. This marriage gave him the loving heart of a woman who was ever ready to console him in his despair and to keep alive within him the feeble flickering, flame of hope when no men believed in him and the world appeared gloomy in his eyes until you reach thirty years of age mama was almost a stranger to the outside world since. The death of his grandfather authority in Macau was divided. Among the ten senators who constituted the governing body of the Arabian Commonwealth. There was no such accord among them as to ensure the safety of individual rights and property, though family relations, afforded some degree of protection to citizens yet. Strangers were frequently exposed to persecutions and oppressions in many cases, they were robbed not only for their goods, but even of their wives and daughters at the instigation of the faithful Muhamud an old league called the federation of food will favor was revived with the object of repressing lawlessness and defending every week individual what they're beckoned or stranger free or slave against any wrong or oppression to which you might be the victim within the territories of mecca. When Muhammed reached thirty five years his subtle by his judgement. A grave dispute which threatened to plunge the whole of the Rabiah into a fresh series of her off Corey wars in rebuilding the sacred house of of the cut by eighty six hundred and five the question arose as to who should have the honor of racing the Blackstone. The most Hawley relic of that house into its proper place. Each tribe claimed that honor the senior citizen advise disputants to except for their arbitrator. The first men to enter from certain gate. The proposal was agreed upon and the first men who entered the gate was Muhammad. I'll I mean. His advice satisfied all the contending parties. He ordered the stone to be placed on a piece of cloth and each tribe to share the honor of lifting it up by taking hold of a part of the cloth. The stone was thus deposited in its place and the rebuilding the house was completed without further interruption. It is related that about this time a certain of smut even Horry's supported by Xanten gold. Maiden attempt to convert the territory of adjust into a Roman dependency. But the attempt failed chiefly through the instrumentality of Mahama. These are nearly all the public acts related by historians in which Muhammad took part in the first fifteen years of his marriage to Caniggia as for his private live. He is described have been ever helpful to the needy and the helpless. His uncle with Ali had fallen into distress through his endeavors to maintain the old position has family. Muhammed being rather rich this time, but his aligns with Khudzha tried to discharge part of the debt of gratitude and obligation which he owed to his uncle by undertaking, the bringing up an education of his son a Li a year later, he adopted a kill another of his uncle sons. Khadijah Boreham HAMAs three sons and four daughters all the males died in childhood but in loving Ali. He found much consolation. This time. Muhammad set a good example of kindness, which created a solitary effect upon his people his wife could EJ had made him a present of young slave named Zaidi Eben Horita who had been brought as a captive to mce and sold to. When her read the heard that Muhammed possessed Zaidi he came to mecca and offered a large sum for his ransom were fun. Hamad said leads Zahid come here and who chooses to go with you take him without ransom. But if it be his choice to stay with me. Why should I not keep him the being brought into home Matz presence declared that he would stay with his master who treated him as if he was his only son Mohammed, no sooner hurt this that he took site by the hand, and let him to the Blackstone of Coppa where he publicly adopted him as his son to which the father acquiesced and returned home well-satisfied henceforward Zion was called the son of Muhammad. Muhammad was now approaching his fourteen year and his mind was ever engaged in profound contemplation. And reflection before him lay his country bleeding and torn by fratricidal wars at intolerable dissensions. His people sunk in our Barham addicted to the survey tion of rights and superstitions were with all the desert virtues, lawless and cruel his to physics to Syria had opened him a scene of unu- Trebol, moral and social desolation rival crates and sex tearing each other to pieces carrying their hatred to the valleys and deserts of jobs and rending the townships of Arabia with our quarrels and bitterness. Chapter two. For years after his marriage. Muhammad had been accustomed to seclude himself in a cave in mount hero, a few miles from that. To this cave used to go for clear and meditation sometimes alone and sometimes with his family. There. He often spend the whole night's deep side and profound communication with the unseen yet. All knowing a lot of the universe. It was during one of those retirements and in the still hours of the night. When no human sympathy was near that an angel came to him to tell him that he was the messenger of Allah sent to. Reclaim a fallen people to good knowledge and service of their Lord renewed compilers of offensive traditions of Islam agree on the following account of the first revelations received by the prophet Muhammed would seclude himself in the cave of mount hero in worship three days and nights. He would whenever he wished returned to his family at mecca and then go back again taking with him the necessities of life, thus he continued to return to from time to time until. One day. The revelation came down to him and the angel Gabriel or Gebreel appeared to him and said read, but as Mohammed was illiterate. Having never received any instruction in reading or writing. He set to the angel A m not a reader the angel took a hold of him and squeezed him as much as he could bear. And then sat again read the prophet said, I am not a reader the angel again sees the prophet in squeezed him and said read in the name of your Lord who has created all that exist has created a man from a clot a piece of thick cried related blood read, and your Lord is the most generous who has thought the writing by the pen has thought the men that which he knew not chapter ninety six I one to four occur on. The prophet. Repeated the words with a trembling heart he returned to Egypt from mount here and said wrote me up rep me up. She wrapped him in a garment until his fear was dispelled. He told kalija would accord and that he was becoming either soothsayer or one smitten with madness she replied a lover bit. Who will surely not let such a thing happen for us. The truth. You are faithful interest you bear the afflictions of the people you spend in good works. What you gain in trade? You are hospitable and you assist your fellow men. Have you seen anything terrible? Muhammad replied. Yes. And told her what he had seen were pawn. Could you set rejoice? Oh, dear husband and be cheerful. He is who's handstands Caniggia's live bears witness to the truth of the fact that you will be the profit to the people then she arose and went to her cousin, Laura even know fall who was old and blind. And who knew the scriptures of the Jews and Christians, and is stated to have translated them into a rubber. When she told him of what she had heard he cried out. Holy holy there. Really? This is the nominees. The Holy Spirit who came to mosses. He will be the prophet of his people tell him this. Embiid him to be brave at heart. When the two men met subsequently in the street, the blind old student of the Jewish and Christians ruptures, spoke of his faith and trust. I swear by him in who hen were 'cause live is all law has chosen you to be the profit of the Spiegel. They will call you a liar. They will persecute you they will banish you and there will fight against you. Oh that I could lift those days I would fight for these. And he kissed him on the forehead. The first vision was followed by a considerable period during which Muhammad suffered much mental depression, the angel spoke to the grieved heart of hope and trust and off the bright future. When he would see the people of the earth crowding into the one true faith, his destiny was unfolded to him when wrapped in profound meditation melancholy and sad his felt himself called by voice from heaven to arise and preach. Oh, you enveloped in garments arise and warn in your Lord magnify chapter seventy four. I one two three offer on. He arose an engaged himself in the work to which he was called Cutty Joe was the first to accept his mission. She was to believe in the revelations to abandon the idol Lateri, a her people and to join him and purity of hard an offering up prayers to along the mighty. At the beginning of his mission Muhammed here in after cult the prophet opened his soul only to those who were attached to him and try to free them from the gross practices of their forefathers. After his cousin Ali was the next companion. The profit used often to go into the desert around mecca with his wife and young cousin that they might together. Offer their heart felt things do the Lord of all nations for his manifold blessings once they were surprised by. Golly. The father of Ali he said to the prophet. Oh, son of my brother. What is this religion? You were following. It is the religion of a law of his angel of his messengers of our incest or labral home answered the profit. A law has sent me to his servants to direct them towards the truth. And you, oh, my uncle are the most worthy of all it is meat that. I should thus call upon you. And it is Mead that you should accept the truth and help in spreading it. Batali replied stunned if my brother I cannot jor the religion of my fathers, but by the supreme Lord while I am allies non shoal dare to injure you then turning towards Ali. The federal chief ask what religion was his Ali answered. Oh father. I believe in a law and his profit and go with him. With Oliver plight. Well, my son who will not call you to anything except what is good. Therefore, you are free to go with him. After only Muhammad's adopted son Zayd became a convert to the new faith. He was followed by up Bucker, a leading member of the Karaj tripe, and an honest wealthy merchant who enjoyed great consideration among his compatriots. It was two years younger than the profit. His adoption of the new faith was great moral effect soon after five notables presented themselves before the prophet unaccepted Islam. Several converts also came from lower classes of the arrests to adopt. The new religion. For three wary long years the profit Laborde very quietly to deliver his people from the worship of idols volley fees them was deeply rooted Mon the people it offered attractions, which the new faint in purity did not possess. The Karaj had personal material interests in the old warship and their prestige was dependent upon its maintenance the prophet had to contend with the idolatrous worship of its followers and to oppose the ruling oligarchy which govern its destiny. Chapter four. As the number of believers increased and the cost of the prophet was trying to buy the conversions of many powerful citizens. The process preaching alarmed, the Karaj their power and prestige were at stake. There were the custodians of the idols which the profit had threatened to destroy. They were the ministers of the worship, which he denounced in fact, their existence and living wholly dependent upon the maintenance of the old institutions the profit, THAAD that in the side of his Lord all human were equal. The only distinction recognize among them being the weight of their PT a law exulted said oh, men kind. We have created you from a male and female and made you into nations and tribes that you may know one another very early the. Most honorable of you in the site of a law is that believer who has atop qua- one of them would cooed pious and righteous person who fear much up stained from all kinds of sins and evil, which he has forbidden and low along much perform all kinds of good deeds, which he has ordained. Fairly all law is all knowing and all aware chapter fourteen nine I thirteen Alker on. The garage would have none of this leveling of distinctions as it reflected upon their long inherited privileges accordingly. They organized a system of persecution in order to suppress the movement before it became firmly established they decided that each family should take up on its self the task of stamping out the new face on the spot. Each household tortured, its own members or DARREN'S or slaves who were supposed to have connected themselves with the new religion, with the exception of the prophet. Who was protected by Abu Thalib, his kinsmen and Otto Bacher and a few others who were either distinguished by the ring or possessed some influence among the Karaj all other converts were subjected to different sorts of torture. Some of them were thrown into prison starved and locked the hill of Ramadan. And the place called Bata, thus became scenes of Kerr will torture one day the garage tried to induce the profit to discontinue his teachings of the new religion, which sewn dischord among their people. Even Rubia was delegated to see the prophet and speak to him. Best said oh Sunday. My brother, you are distinguished by your qualities yet, you have sown discord among our people and cast dissensions in our families, you denounced our gods goddesses, and you charge our ancestors with Impe. Now, we are come to make a proposition to you. And I ask you to think well before you rejected. I am listening to you. Oh, father also lead said the profit. Oh, son of my brother is by this affair you intend to acquire riches honors and dignity. We are willing to collect for you a fortune larger than by any one of us. We shall make you or cheese and will do nothing without you. If you desire dominion, we shall make you are king. And if the demon which possesses you cannot be subdued. We will bring you doctors and gives them richest until the cure. You. When I had finished his scores. The prophet said. Now. Listen to me. Oh, father of Wally. I listen, he replied the profit recited to him the first thirteen versus of Serov facilit-, which may be interpreted as follow in the name of a law. The most beneficent the most merciful mean these letters are one of the miracles on the Koran and non, but although alone knows their meanings. A revelation from a law the most benefit the most more civil a book were of the versus are explained in detail. A core on our big for people who know giving glad tidings Terry dies to the one who believes in the one of a law, Islamic, monotheism and fears a lot much of stains from all kinds of sins and evil deeds and loves much by performing all kinds of. Deeds which he has ordained and warning punishment in the hellfire to be the one who disbelieves in the oneness of a law. But most of them tarring away. So they listen not and they say or hearts, our undercover ngs from that to which you invite us and enor- ears is deafness, and between us a new is a screen so war you on your way fairly. We are working on our way say oh, mama. I am only a human being light you. It is inspired in me that you're a law or God is one Ila that is a law therefore, take the straight pass to him with true, faith, or Islamic monotheism and Abedian to him and seek forgiveness of him and go to almost rekeying or policed pagans idolaters and disbelievers in the one of a law. Those who worship. Others along with or setup rivals or partners to along those who not the car, and they are disbelievers in the hereafter truly those who believe in the one of all law and in his messenger Muhamud and do righteous good deeds for them will be endless reward that will never stop paradise. Stay hama. Do you disbelieve him who created the earth into days and you set up rivals in worship with him? That is the Lord of the Allah mean mankind, June and all that exists. He plays. They're in the earth for mountains from above it. And he blessed did and measured. Therein, it's Steyn's for its dwellers in four days equal all these four days equal in the length of time. For all those who ask about its creation, then he is still wall rose over towards the heaven when it was smoke and set to it and to the earth come both of you willingly or unwillingly. They off say we come willingly, then he completed and finished from their creation as seven heavens in two days, and he made in each heaven with lambs or stars to be an endorsement as well as to guard from the devils by using them as missiles against the devils such is the decree of him. The all mighty the all Noar. But if they turn away then say, oh, how mud I have warned you oversaw goal, a destruction awful cry torment hit asunder role. Like this. I gotta which overtook on end some mood. People chapter forty one I one to thirteen Alker on when the prophet had finished his recitation. He said to this is my reply to your proposition. Now, take what course you find best persecution by the Karaj grew fiercer every day and the sufferings of the prophets disciplines became unbearable. He had heard of the righteousness toll Orense and hospitality of the neighboring Christian king of Addison. Yeah, he recommended such of his companions who were without protection to seek review g in the kingdom of that pie is king all majority or Negus some fifteen of the unprotected DARREN'S of Islam promptly avail themselves of the advise and sailed to Abyssinia. Here they met with the very kind of -ception from the Negus. This is called the first draw or may Gratien in the history of Islam and occurred in the fifth year of the froth. Muhammad's mission a d six hundred fifteen these emigrants were soon. Followed by many of their fellow sufferers until the number reached eighty three men and eighteen women. Chapter three. Astor three years of constant. But quite struggle only, thirty followers were secular an important change now occurred in relations of the profit with the citizens of mecca his compatriots had begun to doubt Hussein ity thinking him crazy or possessed by an evil spirit. Hitherto he preached quietly and unobstrusive -ly he noticed that it to appeal publicly to the meccas requesting them to abandon their idolatry for this hearing gathering on a neighbouring hill, and they're spoke to them of their folly in the site of a law in worshiping pieces of stone, which they called their gods invited them to abandon their old imperious, worship and adopt. The face of love truth, and purity he warned them off the fate that had overtaken past races. Who had not heeded the preaching a former prophets, but the gathering depart without listening to the warning given them by the profit. Having thus failed to do. This fellow citizens to listen to him hit turned his attention to the strangers arriving in the city on commerce or pilgrimage, but the garage made attempt to frustrate his efforts. They hastened themselves to meet the strangers. I on different routes to warn them against holding any communication with the prophet whom they were presented as dangerous magician. When the pilgrims or traders return to their homes. They carried with them. The news of the event of the blood preacher who was inviting the air ABS loudly and the risk of his own life to abandon the worship of their dear idols now, the prophet and his followers became subject to some persecution, and indignity. The hostile Karaj prevent the profit from offering his Breyer's at the state house on the ball. They pursued him wherever he went the covered him and his disappointed with Doric and full when engaged in their devotion. They scattered thorns the places which for can did for devotion and meditation emits all these trials the providence not waiver. He was full of confidence in his mission it on several occasion who was put in imminent danger of losing his life. This time homes all the youngest son of optimum dollar adopted. Islam hums was a man of distinguished bravery. An intrepid warrior generous end true who ROY ZIM earned for him. The title of the lion of a law. He became a devoted Adaren of Islam and ever Lostis live in the costs the product continued preaching to the Arabs in the most gentle and reasonable manner. He called the people accustomed to inequality wrongdoings to evanger, their abominations in burning words, which excited the hearts of his hearers. He wanted them of the punishment which ally inflicted upon the engine tribes of odd and the mood who had obscenely disobey the teachings of a laws nasty to them. He adjoured them by the wonderful sides of nature by. The noonday brightness by the night when it spreads fail but day when appears in glory to listen to his warning before a similar destruction befell them. His spoke to them all day on the reckoning when their deeds in this world will be weighed for the tunnel judge when the children who had been buried alive. We'll be asked for what the crime they were put to death. Almighty, a set. They wonder that there has come to them a Warner from among themselves. So the disbelieve or say, this is a strange thing when we are dead and have become dust, shall we be restricted that is a far return. We know that which the earth takes of them the dead bodies. And with us is a book preserved. Name, but they have denied the truth when it has come to them. So they are confused date cannot different shade between right wrong has not looked as having a boss them. How we have made it an adorned it. And there are no red Senate and the earth with spread it out and said there on mountain standing firm at has produced the rain every kind of lovely growth or plans an inside and a reminder for every slave turning to law the one who believes in and performs deeds of his obedience. And always that his harden, and we send down blessed water from the sky that we produce there with gardens grain every kind of harvests that are read and tall date homes with ranged clusters provision for a law slaves, and we give live there with Adele. Hedlund thus will be the restriction of the dead denied before them. These pagans of Maka denied you. Oh, ho mud. The people of Noah and the dwellers of Ross and the psalm mood and odd and Faeroe and the brethren of lot and the dwellers of the wood and the people bucks every one of them denied their centers. So my threat took effect chapter fifteen I to to fourteen occur on. Almighty, a law also declared all praises in things beach, a law who alone created the heavens and the earth and originated the darkness and the light yet. Those who disbelieve hold others as equal their Lord. He it is who has created you from clay, and that has decreed a state term for you to die. And there is with him another determined term for you to be respected yet, you Dowd in the rest wreck Shen, and he is a law to be worshipped alone in the heavens and on the earth. He knows what you conceal and what veal and he knows what you earn either. Good or bad at never on. I out or signed comes to them from the pros Avidan lessons signs revelations of their Lord. But that they have been turning away from it. Indeed. Rejected the truce when it came to them. But there will come to them the news of that the torment which they used mock at have they not seen how many generation before them. We have destroyed whom we had established on the earth such as we have not established you and we poured out on them rain from the sky in abundance and made the rivers flow under them yet. We destroyed them for their sins and created Astor them other generations chapter six I one to six all on. Chapter five. The hostal garage furious at the escape of the victim's stunned deputes to the king of Edison. Lia to request him to deliver up the refugees that they might be put to death for during their old religion and embracing new one the king summoned the poor fugitives an inquired of them. What was the religion which they had adopted in prevalence through their old faith? Jaafar son of avocado and brother of Ali acted a spokes men for the examples his focus. Oh king. We were plunged in the death of ignoring and prepares them. We adored idols. We lived in chesting, and we aid bodies and respect abominations. We disregarded every feeling of humanity and sends of duty towards or neighbors, and we knew no law, but that of the strong when all law raced among as a man of who Spar truthfulness honesty, and purity we were aware he called us to prove the unity of a law and thought to associated nothing with him. If a betas the worship of idols and enjoined us to speak the truth to be faithful to or trusts to be merciful. And to regard the rights of neighbors. He forbade is the speak evil, the worship of Allah and not to return to the worship of idols of what and stone and to obstain from evil to offer prayers to give Elms to observe the fast. We have believed in him. We have accepted his teachings and his injunctions to worship alone and to associate nothing with him hens. Our people have persecuted us trying to make us forego the worship of a law and return to the worship of idols of wood and stone in other bomb nations. They have door chewed us engineered us until finding safety among them. We have come to your kingdom trusting you will give us protection against their persecution. After hearing the above speech. The hospitable. King ordered deputees to return to their people in safety and not to interfere with their fugitives. Thus the emigrants passed the period of exile in peace and comfort, while the followers of the profits out safety in foreign lands against persecution of their people. He continued his warnings to the Karaj more strenuously than ever again. They came to him with offers of riches and honour which he firmly neutrally refused, but they mocked at him and urged him for miracles to prove his mission. He used to answer a law has not sent me to work wonders, he has sent me to preach to you. Thus disclaiming all power of wonder working the prophet of rest at the truth of his divine mission upon his wise teachings he addressed himself to the inner consciousness of men to his common sense and to his own better judgement. Say oh Muhammad. I am only a human being like you. It is inspired in me that your law is one Ila therefore take the straight path to him with true fate and Abedian to him and seek forgiveness of him and woe to almost retain polytheists by GAN's idolaters and disbelievers in the one of all those who worship others among with a look or set up rivals or partners to Awal chapter forty one for six occur on. Despite all the exhorting of the prophet, the garage resistant in asking him for sign the insisted that unless some sign be sent down to him for his Lord. They would not believe the disbelievers used to ask. What has Muhammad nuts being seen with miracles like previous profits? The prophet replied because miracles had proved inadequate to convince Noah was send with signs and with what effect where was the loss. Strive of the moot. They had refused to receive the preaching of the prophet. Sully unless you showed them a sign and cost the rock bring forth a living Campbell. He did what they asked in scorn. They cut the camel feed. And then during the profitable fill his threats of judgement were found dead in their beds. The next morning stricken by the angel. Lourdes. There are some seventeen places in the core on in which the prophet Mahmud is challenged to work assign, and he answered them all to the same or similar affect a law has the power working miracles and has not been delivered. There were greater miracles in nature than any which could be brought outside of it. And the Koran was a great everlasting miracle the Koran which the profit used to assert to the display levers as a book of blessings, which is a warning for the whole world. It is complete guidance and explains everything necessary it is a reminder of what is imprinted on human nature and free from every discrepancy and from error and falsehood. It is a book of true guidance and a light to all. Asked to the sacred idols so much honored and steamed by the pag Arabs, the profit openly resided, the are, but names which have named you and your fathers for which a law has sent down authority chapter. Fifty three I twenty three occur on. When the prophet spoke reproach vally of the sacred guts of the garage the letter redoubled their persecution. But the profit nevertheless continued his preaching undoubted, but has styling of his enemies are by their bitter persecution of him. And despite all position and increased persecution the new faith gamed ground the national fair at or caught near mecca attracted many desert Madrid. And trading citizens of distant towns, these listened to the teachings of the prophet to his admonitions and do his denunciation of their sacred idols and of their superstitions. They carried back all they had heard to their distant homes. And thus the advent of the profit was made known to almost all parts of the peninsula. The mechanism. However were more than ever furious at the profits increasing preaching against the religion. They ask his uncle Abu type to stop him. But he could not do anything. As the profit persisted. His ardent denunciations against their on gutless impliedly. They turned him out from the capo where he used to sit and preach and subsequently went in a buddy to Dali the arched. The venerable chief to prevent his nephew from abusing their gods any longer or uterus. Any ill words against their ancestors. They warned without that. If he would not do that he would be excluded from the communion of his people and driven to side with Muhammad. The matter would then be settled by fight onto one of the two parties were exterminated. I will neither wish to separate himself from his people nor forsake his nephew for the idolators to revenge themselves upon his spoke to the prophet, very softening and backed him to abandon his affair. To the suggestion. The profit firmly replied, oh, my uncle if they placed the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand to cause me to renounce my task verily I would not deserve their form until a law mate manifest his cause. Or perished in the attempt. The prophet overcome. By the thought that his uncle and protector was willing to desert him turn to depart. But I would have called him loudly to come back. And he came say, whatever you please four by the Lord, I shall not desert you ever. Chapter six the crush again attempted in faint to cause ob- ended his nephew the federal chief declared his intention to protect his nephew against any Manet or violence. He appealed to the sense of honor of the two families of the body hushing and the bunny metallic both families being kinsmen of the profit to protect their member from falling affecting to the hatred of rival parties. All the members of the two families. Notably responded to the appeal of ability except up real help. One of the prophets on goals took part with persecutors during this period. Oman Elka adopted Islam in him, the new faith gain valuable Dern at an important factor in the future development and propagation of Islam hitherto. He had been violent poster of the prophet and bitter enemy of Islam. His conversion is set to have been worked by the miraculous effect on his mind of a Sarah of the Koran which his sister was reading in her house where he had gone with the intention of killing her for adopting slum, thus the party of the prophet had been strengthened by the conversation by his uncle homes up a man of great valour and merit. And of Abu Bacher, an Omar. Both men of great energy and reputation the Muslims now ventured to perform their devotion in public. Alarmed the bowl part, which the prophet his followers were not able to assume roused by the return of the deputies from Abyssinia and the announcement of their unsuccessful mission. The Karaz determined to check by Disip blow any further progress of Islam towards the end in the seventh year of the mission. They made a solemn Cavanna against the descendant of hushing and Dahlie engaging themselves to contract no marriage with any of them and to have no communication with them. Upon this. The garage became divided into two factions and the two families of hush human phthalate all repaired to Abu dollop as their chief. Upolu hub the profits. On-call how ever out of his inventory hatred of his nephew at his doctrine? When over the opposite party whose chief was opposite of fan, even heart of the family of Maya. The persecuted party Muslims as well as idolators betoken themselves to divall on the eastern skirts mecca they lift in this defensive position for three years the provisions which they had carried with them were soon exhausted. Probably they would have entirely perished. But for the sympathy and occasional help receive from less Goto competitor's towards the beginning of the tenth year of the mission for consultation was concluded between the Koran and the two families of Husham an upgrade MacAulay through the intermediation of sham even Omar and beer Eben. Abu. Area. Thus the alliance against the two family was abolished, and they were able to return to mecca. During the period, the prophet and his Kins people passed in their defensive position if some may no progress outside, but in the sacred months when violence was considered sacrilege the prophet used to come out of his temporary prison to Islam to the pilgrims in the following year. Both dollop in Khudzha died. Thus the prophet lost in valley. The kind guardian of his youth who had hitherto protected him against his enemies and in Caniggia his most end courageous companion. She was ever his angel of hope and consolation. The prophet weighed down but loss of his enable protect her his beloved wife without hope of turning the garage phone idolatry with a saddened heart yet full of trust. Resolve to exercise his ministry in some over field. He chose Steve a town about sixty miles east of mecca where he went accompanied by faithful servants Zahid the tribe of talkies who were the inhabitants of Taif received from Hamad, very coldly. However, his stay there for one month. So the more considerate and better sort of men treated him with a little respect the slaves in common. People refused to listen to St. Ching's. They were outrageously indignant at his invitation to abandon the gods. They worshiped with such freedom of morals and lightness of heart at length. They rose against him and bringing him to the wall of the city obliged him to depart and return to mecca. The repose greatly discourages followers. However, the province boldly continued to preach to the public assemblies the pilgrimage in game. Several new converts among whom were six of the city of ya threat later called Medina of the Jewish tribe of cash rich when these Yatra beats returned home. They spread the news among their people that prophet had Reisen among the air ABS who was to call them to a law and put an end to their inquiries and the twelfth year of his mission the profit made his night journey from mecca to Yere Selam. And then to have been his journey known in history as Mirage or ascension was real bodily one and not only a vision. It was at this time that a low order the Muslims to pray. The five daily prayers almighty alot had said. Glorified and exalted be he of all evil the associate with him who took his slave mama for a journey by night from all must Geeta haram or at Maka to the farthest mosque in Jerusalem. The neighborhood where all we have blessed. Order that we might show him of our, Bruce, evidences lessons and signs very early. His the all here the all sear chapter seventeen. I one CoR on. Chapter seven. A bus even mullet reported that Molly even saw said that almost messenger described them his night journeys saying while I was lowing in a hut team or a hitter. Suddenly someone come to me and cut my buddy open from here to here. I ask all jerus- who was by my site. What does he mean? He said it means from his throat to his public area or said from the top of the chest. The profit further said he then took out my heart that gold tray of believe was brought to me, and my heart was washed and was field with believe, and then return to its original place, then a wide animal which was smaller than a mule and bigger than a donkey was brought to me on this aisle. Jude ask was it in the Barat. Oh homes. I replied in the verminous. The prophet said the animal step was still white that it reached the farthest point within the reach of the animals site. I was carried on it. And Gabriel said out with me till we reach the nearest heaven. When he asked for the gate to be opened. It was asked who is it? Gabriel answered Gabriel. It was asked who was the company you Gabriel replied Muhammad. It was asked has Muhammed been called Gabriel replied in the Verma tive that it was said he is welcomed wouldn't excellent. Visit his the gate was open. And what I went over the I haven- I saw Adam there. Gabriel set to me. This is your father, Adam behavior. Greetings. So I greeted him. And he returned the greeting to me and said you are welcomed. Oh, pious son and pious prophet, then Gabrielle ascended with me till reached the second heaven Gabriel asked for the gate to open. It was uh CT who is it get real answered Gabriel. It was asked who was the company you. Gabriel replied, mama. It was asked has he been called Gabriel answer in the Verma tive than it was said he is welcomed what an excellent visit. Who's this? The gate was open. When I went over the second heaven here, I saw John or Yahoo. And Jesus or ISA who were cousins of each other. Garrels set to me. These are John Jesus, pay them your greetings. So I greeted them and both of them return. Mike readings to me and said you are welcomed oh pie rather and pious profit than Gabriel ascended with me to the third heaven and ask for gate to open. It was asked who is it and Gabrielle replied Gabriel. It was asked who was accompany you. Gabrielle replied Muhammad. It was asked has he been called Gabrielle replied in the verminous than it was said his welcomed what an excellent visit his is the gate was open. And when I went over the third heaven there, I saw just south or you shoes. Gabriel set to me. This is Joe south. They him your greetings. So he greeted him. And he returned the greetings to me and said, you are welcomed oh pies, brother and pious profit, then Gabrielle ascended with me to the fourth heaven and ask for its gate to be opened. It was asked who is it real replied Jabe real. It was asked who is a company you Gabriel replied Mahama. It was asked has he been called Gabriel. Replied, the verminous. Then it was said his welcomed what an excellent visit his is the gate was open. And when I went over the fourth heaven there so an interest Gabriel sent to me this is bay him your greetings. So I greeted him and return the greetings to me and said, you are welcome. Oh, pious brother and pious profit than Ghraib real ascended with me, the fifth heaven and ask for its gate to be opened. It was asked who is it Gabriel replied Gabriel. It was asked who was accompanying you gave. Brielle replied mutt. It was asked has he been called Gabrielle replied in the Verma tive? Then it was said his welcomed what an excellent visit his. So when I went over the fifty seven there I saw Aaron or her own. Garrow sit to me this Erin, pay your greetings. So I greeted him, and he returned the greetings to me and said, you are welcomed oh pie is brother and pious profit the Gabrielle ascended with me to six heaven and ask for its gate to be opened. It was asked who is it Gabriel replied Gabriel. It was us CT who is accompanying you get real replied Mahomet. It was said he has been called Gabrielle replied in the verminous. It was said his welcomed what an excellent visit his. When I went over the sixth heaven there, I saw mosses Gabriel set to me this mosses bay him your greetings. So I greeted him, and he returned the greetings to me and said, you are welcomed oh pie is brother and pies profit when I left him he wept. Someone asked him. What makes you we must said. I we because after me there has been send as a prophet, a young men whose followers will enter paradise in greater numbers than my followers. Then Gabriel ascended with me to the seventh heaven and ask for its gate to be open. It was asked who isn't Gabriel replied Gabriel. It was uh picked who is accompanying you camera replied Mahama. It was asked has he been called Gabriel replied in the verminous than it said. He is welcomed what an excellent visit his so when I went over the seventh heaven there, so a bre ham. Gabriel stick to me. This is your father pay your greetings to him. So I greeted him, and he returned the greetings to me and said, you are welcome. Oh, pious son and pious profit. That was made to ascend to draw to win the heart or the low tree of the most foundry behold, it's fruits will like the jars of Hajer, and it leaves were as big as the years of elephants. Gabriel said this is the low tree of the utmost and boundary. Behold, there ran for rivers to were hidden and two were visible. I asked what are these two kinds of river? Oh, Abril he replied s for the hidden rivers. They are two rivers in paradise and the visible rivers are the Nile and the youth rates than all by more. The secret house was shown to me and a container full wine and another full of milk and third full of Honey were brought to me, I took the milk. Gabriel remarked this these law religion, which you and your followers are following the prayers were enjoying on me. They were fifty prayers day when I return I passed by mosses who asked me, what have you been ordered to do replied, I have been ordered to offer fifty prayers day, Masa said your followers cannot bear fifty prayers day in by a law. I have tested people. Before you, and I have tried my level best with bunny is roiling vein. Go back to your Lord and ask for reduction to lessen your followers burden. So I went back and allow reduce ten players for me. Then again, I came to mosses, but he repeated the same as he's had said before then again, I went back to all. And he reduced ten more prayers when I came to mosses he said the same. I went back to all. And he ordered me to observe ten prayers day when I came back to Mazas he repeated the same advice. So I went back to a law, and it was ordered to observe five prayers day. When I came back to Moses he said, what have you been ordered a reply. I have been ordered to observe five prayers day. He said your followers cannot beer fear prayers day, and no doubt, I have gotten experience at the people before you, and I have tried my level best with Bonnie's Royal so go back to your Lord and ask for reduction to lessen your followers. I said I have requested so much of my Lord that I feel ashamed, but I am satisfied now and surrender to almost older when I left I heard voice saying I have passed my order and have lessened the burden off my worshipers. Chapter eight. In this year. Twelve men of Yatra of whom ten were the Jewish tribe of drudge and the other two of OSs common to mecca and took an oath of fidelity to the prophet at all Akaba a hill on the north of that city. This oath was called the women's. Not that any women were present this time. But because men was not there by Blick to take up arms in defense of the prophet or his religion it being the same oath. That was afterwards. Exected of the women. This oath was as follows we will not associate anything with a law will not steal nor comet adultery or foreign occasion nor kill or children as the pagan eras used to do when they handed that they would not be able to maintain them nor forged calumnies will obey the prophet in everything that is reasonable, and we will be faithful to him in. Well, and sorrow. When they had solemnly engaged to do all this. The prophet sent one of his disciplines was up even Meyer home with them to teach them, the fundamental doctrines and ceremonies of the religion Musab having arrived at your through by the assistance of those who had been formerly converted gained. Several new converts, particularly aside, even who diet achieve of men of the city and saw even want brings of the tribe of OSs. Islam spread so fast that there was a scars a house that did not have some Muslims in it. The next year being the Turks things on the mission. AD six hundred twenty two was returned from your throat, accompanied by seventy three men and two women of that city who had adopted Islam besides others who were as yet unbelievers on their arrival. These young three beats immediately sent to the prophet an invited him to their city. The profit was not in great need of such as this distance for his opponents had by this time grown so powerful in mecca that it could not stay there much longer without imminent danger. He therefore accepted their proposal and met them one night by appointment at all Koba attended by his uncle a bus who thought he has not than convert wished his nephew. Well, I'll abyss made a speech to those of Yasser wearing he told them. That as the prophet. Muhammad was obliged to quit his native city in seek shelter. Elsewhere. And they had offered him their protection they would do well to deceive him and that if they were not firmly resolve to defend and not to prepare him. They had better declared their minds and let him provide for his safety in some manner upon their professing their sincerity. The profit swore to be faithful to them on condition that they should worship none. But a law of serve the presents of Islam. Obey the profit in all that was right and protect him against all insults. As hardly as they would their wives and families. They then ask him what would be their return if they should happen to be killed in the cost of a law. He answered paradise whereupon. They pledged their faith to him his cost the providence elected twelve. Both men out of their number to act as his delegates. Thus was concluded. The second covenant of all Koba, the yet repeats returned home leaving the profit to arrange for the Judy to their city the profit directed his followers to seek immediate safety at three which the accordingly did about one hundred families silently disappeared from mecca and proceeded to throat where they were received with enthusiasm and much husky tally. Finally, all the disciplines had gone to Yesler. It the profit loan remained mce keeping with him only his young cousin a Lee and his devoted friend Booker. The Mexicans fearing the consequence of this new alliance begun to think seeriously preventing Mahama from escaping to yet threat. They met in all haste after several mildew expedients had been rejected the desire that he should be killed the agreed that one men should be chosen out of every tribe and that each men should strike a blow at him with a sword. So that responsibility of the guilt would arrest equally on all trots. The Bonnie Husham Mohamed own tribe were much in various and therefore would not be able to revenge. Their kinsman death. A number of noble youths were selected for the bloody deed as the night at fans, the assassins posted themselves round, the profits dwelling, they watched all night long waiting to murder Muhamud would he should leave his house of the early dawn. By some the prophet had warned of the danger and he directed Ali to lie down in his place and wrap himself up in his green cloak, which he did the prophet miraculously escaped through the window. And he repaired to the house of Abu Bacher unperceived by door. These in the meantime, looking through crevasse and seeing Ali whom they mistook for Muhammad himself asleep continued watching there until morning. When all your rose, they found themselves to seved the fury of the garage was now unbounded the news that there would be assassins had returned unsuccessful and that Mohammed had escaped roused their whole energy. A prize of a hundred camels was set up on HAMAs. Head narrated Aisha been Abakan the wife of the prophet. I never remembered my parents believing in any religion other than the true religion Islam, and I don't remember a single day passing without or being visited by a Los messenger in the morning and in in the evening when the Muslims were put to rest troubled by the pagans, I will Bucker said out migrating to the land of Abyssinia, and when he reached bark mod, even on Duggan. Ah the chief of the tribe of Cora. Meet him and said Abu Bucker where are you going? Buck reply. My people have turned me out of my country. So I want to wonder on the earth and worship my Lord. Even I've Duggan said, oh Bacher a man like you should not leave his homeland, nor should he be driven out because you help the destitute earned their living, and you keep good relations with your kids and kin how the weak and the poor entertain guests. Generously and help the calamity stricken persons. Therefore, I am your protect her. Go back and worship your Lord. In your town. Chapter nine. So Abu buck return and even a Dougie now accompanied him in the evening, even Dino visited the nobles of rush and said to them. A man like Otto Bacher should not leave his homeland, nor should he be driven out. Do you drive out of men who helps the destitute orange? They're living keeps good relations with his Qin and Qin helps the weak and poor entertain guests. Generously and helps the calamity stricken Parsons, so the people of garage could not refuse even digging as protection, and they said to even Dina let up Walker worship has lowered in his house. He can pray and recite their whatever he likes, but he should not hurt us with it. And should not do it publicly because we are afraid that he may affect our women and children. Even told a Bucker all of that. I will Bucker stayed in that state worshiping his Lord in his house. He did not pray publicly nor did he recite Koran outside his house. Then a thought occurred to Abubakar to build a mosque in front of his house. And there he used to pray and recite the Koran. The women children of the pagans begun to gather around him in great number the used to wonder at him and look at him. Abu Bucker was a man who used to we to botch, and he could not help weeping reciting. The Koran that situation scare the nobles of the packets of garage. So they sent for even a Duggan ah what he came to them. They said we accept your protection of Abu Bacher on condition that he should worship his Lord in his house, but he has filed at the condition, and he has built a mosque in front of his house where he prays an recites the core on publicly. We are not afraid that he may affect or women and children unfavourably so prevent him from that if he likes to confine the worship of his lured to his house, he may do so, but if he insists on doing that openly ask him to release you from your location to protect him for we disliked to break are packed with you. But we deny Booker the right to announce his act publicly. Even digging a win to Walker and said oh a Walker. You know, well, what contract have made on your behalf? Now, you are either to abide by it. Oriels release me from my obligation to protecting you because I do not want the Erebus here that my people have dishonored a contract. I have made on behalf of another man. I will replied I release you from your pack to protect me an pleased with the protection from a law. Aisha's narration continues at that time the profit was in mecca and he sent to the Muslims in a dream. I have been shown your migration place a land of date palm trees between two mountains the to Stony tracks. So some people migrated to Medina and most of those peop-. Who had previously migrated to the land of THEO Pia returned to Medina? I will buck also prepared to leave for Medina. But a Los messenger set him wait for a while. Because I hope that I will be allowed to migrate. Also, I will buck replied, do you? Indeed, expect this let my father, be sacrificed for you. The prophet said. Yes. So Otto Bucker did not migrate for the sake of unless messenger in order to accompany him. He said to camels he possessed with the leaves of some more tree that fell on being struck by stick for four months one day while we were sitting in house at noon, someone said to Bucker this is almost messenger with his head covered coming at a time at which he never used to visit us before Abu bar said may might parents be secretary for him by a law. He has not come at this hour except for great necessity. So I'll list messenger came and asked permission to enter and he was allowed to enter what he entered. He said to Abu Bucker tell everyone was present. With you go away a buck replied there are none. But your family may my father be suck revised for you owe a loss messenger. The prophet said. I has been given permission to migrate. A Walker stead shall I accompany? You may my father be sick revised for you a loss. Messenger. Almost messenger said. Yes, I will Bucker said oh, I'll loss messenger. May my father be secretary for you. Take one of these two camels of mine. Loose messenger. Replied, I will accept it with Cayman. So we prepared the baggage quickly and put some journey food in a leatherback for them. Osma will buck daughter cut a piece from her waist belt and tied the mouth of the leatherback with and for that reason, she was named the aid the owner of the two belts. A-list messenger. Abu buckle reached a cave on the mountain of our and stayed there. For three nights up the law, even Bucker who wasn't intelligent sagacious use used to stay with them overnight. He is to leave them before daybreak. So that in the morning he would be with greyish as if he had spend the night in mecca. He would keep in mind any plot made against them. And when it became dark. He would go and inform them of it. I'll mayor even Hira the free slave of Abu Bakar used to bring the milk sheet of his master Albuquerque to them a little while after nightfall an older to rest, the sheep there. So they always had fresh milk at night, the milk of their sheep and the milk, which they warmed by throwing heated stones in it. Omair even higher would then call the hurt away when it was still dark. He did the same in each of those three nights all messenger. Albuquerque had hired a man from the tribe of Bani odd dial from the family of bunny, even as an expert guide, and he was in alliance with the family of us, even what you me, and he was in the religion of the infidels of garage. The prophet and Abu Bacher trusted him and gave him there to camels and took his promise to bring their two camels to the cave of the mountain of that were in the morning after three nights later, and when they set out a mere even Haida and guide when along with them and the guy lead them along the shore. So hey, a Bihari. Chapter ten. The nephew of Sura Pau even to Shaam said that his father is formed him that he heard short Ohka. It'd been som- saying the messengers of the packets of Koran came to us to clearing but they had assigned for the person who would kill or arrest a loss messenger. And Abu Bucker a reward equal to their blood money while I was sitting in one of the gatherings of my tribe. Bani moons Leauge a man from them came to us and stood up. While we were sitting and said, oh shoot. All. No, I have seen some people far away on the seashore. And I think they are Mohammed and his companions. I to realize that it must have been they. But I said, no, it is not they, but you have seen so and so and so in so whom we saw set out I stayed in the gathering for a while. And then got. Up and left her my home, an ordered my slave girl to get my horse, which was behind the hillock and keep it ready for me. Then I took my spare and left by the back door of my house dragging, the lower end of the spare on the ground in keeping low did I reach my horse mounted and made it galop when I approached them my horse stumbled, and I fell down from it. Then I stood a gold hold of my quiver and took out the divining EROs, and drew lots as to whether I should harm them or not and a lot which I disliked came out. But I reminded my horse and let it glow giving no importance to the divining EROs when I hurt the recitations of the core on by a less messenger. Who did not look hither and fetter while Bacher was doing it often. Suddenly the four lex of my horse sank into the ground up to the niece, and I fell down from it. Then I rebuked it and got up, but could hardly take out. It's four lex from the ground, and what it stood up straight. Again. It's four lex costs dust rise up in the sky like smoke that again, I drew lots the divining EROs and the lot which I disliked came out. So I called upon them to feel secure they stopped an hour amounted, my horse and went to them when I saw how I had been hampered from harming them. It came to my mind that the cost of messenger would become victorious. So I said to them your people have signed a reward equal to blood money for your hint than I told them all the plans, the people of mecca had made concerning them, then I offered them some journey foods and goods. But they refused to take anything and did not ask for anything. But the prophet set to not tell others about us. Then I requested him to write for me, a statement of security and peace. He ordered almere even for Jairo who wrote it from me on parchment and the a list messenger proceeded on his way. So he a boy. No rated Ottawa even Zubaydah I'll list messenger met as buyer in a caravan of Moslem March ins a were returning from sham. As the wire provided a less messenger and Otto Bacher with white clouds to where when the Muslims of Medina heard the new off the departure of Alice messenger from mecca towards Medina. This started going to the Hora every morning. They would wait for him till the heat of the noon force them to return. One day after waiting for a long while they returned home. And when they went through their houses, a Jew climbed up to the roof of one of the forts of his people to look for something and he saw all messenger and his companions dressed in white clothes emerging out of the desert marriage. The Jew could not help shouting at the top of his voice. Oh, you errands. Here is your great men whom you have been waiting for. So all the Muslims rushed to their arms received Allah's messenger on the summit of Hora. The province turned with them to the right and a at the quarters of bunny armor, IBA oath, and this was on Monday in the month of Rabin will one. I will buck or stood up receiving the people while almost messengers set down and kept silent. Some of the onstar who came and had not seen olas messenger before begun greeting upper. But when the sunshine fell on all massacre and will Bucker came forward in shaded him with a sheet only, then the people came to know all less messenger. Olis messenger state was bunny or even out for ten nights, and is to Bush the mosque mosque of Kuba, which was founded on biting. Almost dusted your prayed in it, and then mounted his camel and proceeded on accompanied by the people till his camel now down at the place of the mosque of a listener singer at Medina. Some Muslims used to pray there in those days and that place was a yard for drying dates belonging to sue Heil, shawl, the orphan boys who were under the guardianship of ins Rura. When he's Kimball knelt down. Almost Messager said this place all law willing will be our abiding place Olis' messenger. Then call the two boys and told them to suggest a prize for that yard. So that he might take it as a mosque the two boys said, no, but we will give it as gift oh almost messenger almost messenger than build a mosque there. The prophet himself started hearing on burned bricks for its building and while doing so he was saying this load is better than the load of Kyd bar for it is more pious in sight of a law and pure and better reward -able. He was also saying oh a law. The actual reward is the reward in the hereafter. So stole your mercy on the Unser and the emigrants thus the profit recited, by way of Prevert, the poem of some Muslim poet whose name is unknown to me, even she said, it it does not a court almost messenger resided, a Complete Poetic I other than this one. So he boy. Thus was accomplished. The he draw or the flight of Muhammad s called any rope. Ian annals from which these Lama calendars dates when the prophet Muhammad his companions settled at. Yes, this city change its name and henceforth was called al-medina. I'll know little the illuminated city or more shortly. Medina the city. It is situated about eleven days journey to the north of mecca. And that time it was ruled by to Qatar night. Tribes also an hydro these two tribes, however were constantly quarreling among themselves. It was only about that time. When the prophet announced his mission at mce, the tribes after long years of continuous warfare entered on a period of comparative peace when the prophet settled at Medina, the tribes of OSs and hush Dutch forgot entirely their old fuse, and we're United together in the bond of Islam. They're old divisions were sued effaced and the Unser the helpers of the prophet became the common. Designation of all Medine who had helped the prophet in his costs. Those who emigrated with him from that come received the title of muhajeeden or the immigrants. The private in order to unite both classes in closer bonds established between them a brotherhood which linked them together as children off the same parents with a profit as their guardian. The first step the profit took after his settlement at Medina was to build a mosque for the worship of a law. According to the principles of Islam also houses for the combination of the emigrants were soon erected. Chapter eleven. Medina in its suburb. Where this time habit by three distinct parties, the emigrants the helpers and the juice in order to weld them together into an orderly federation, the prophet granted a charter to the people clearly defining the rights and obliga- Sion's this charter represented the framework of a first Commonwealth organized by the profit. It started thus in the name off the most merciful and compassionate Lord. This charter is given by Muhammad the messenger of Allah to all believers, whether of Greis or Medina and all individuals of whatever origin. We have made common cause with them who shall all constitute one nation. The following are some extracts from the charter the state of peace and war shall become into all Muslims. No one among them shall have the right of concluding peace with or declaring war against the enemies of his core. Religious te the Jews who attached themselves to or Commonwealth shall be protected from all insults and fixations. They shall have an equal right with our people tours assistance and good offices. The juice of the theories branches all other domiciled in Medina shell floor with the Muslims. One comp aside nation they shall practice? The religion as freely as the Muslims, the allies of the Jews shall enjoy the same security and freedom the guilty shall be pursued and punished the juice shawl. Join the Muslims in defending Medina all enemies, the interior of Medina Shelby, a sacred place for all who accept this. Charter all true Muslim show. Holden aboard every men guilty of crime in Justice or disorder. No one shall uphold the culpable, though, he be his nearest kin. After dealing with the interior management of the state the charter concluded as follows all future disputes arising among those who accept this charter Shelby, revert under a law to the prophet. Thus this charter put an end to the state of energy that prevailed among the Arabs constituted the prophet. Mohammed is chief magistrate of the nation. The party of the on source or helpers included. Some Luke warm converts who retain ill-concealed Brit election for idolatry. These were headed by delay. Even by a man with some claims distinction, they extensively joins us loan. But in secret disaffected, they often were a source of considerable danger to the newborn Commonwealth and required. Unceasing watchfulness on the part of the profit. Towards them. He always showed the greatest spacious and for barons, hoping in the end to win them over to the faith which expectations were fully justified by the result. While the death of to live by his party, which were known as the party of the moon. Affi keen or the hypocrites disappeared? The juice who considered the third party of the Madden. It's were however, the most serious element of danger. No, kindness or generous treatment on the part of the prophet would seem to satisfy them. They soon broke off and range themselves with the enemies of the new face. They did not have to declare openly that they pervert idolatry with its attendant evils to the faith of Islam, thus the prophet hat to keep an eye on his enemies outside Medina on the one hand. And those within the city on the other. The Meccan to had sworn. Muhammad's death were well acquainted. Thanks to the party of the hypocrites and the Jews at Medina with the real forces of the Muslims. They also knew that the Jews had accepted. Muhammad's alliance only from motive of temporary expedients, and that they would break away from him to join the idolaters as soon as the latter showed themselves in the vicinity of Medina the safety of the state required. The process corruption on the traders who were sick critically giving information to the common enemy about six men were executed for high treason of this nature. Towards the second year of the he draw the idolaters of mecca begun a series of hostile acts against the Muslim off Medina. They sent men in parties to commit depredations on the fruit. Trees of the Muslims of Medina and to carry away their flocks now came the moment of severe strive to his loan. It became the duty of the profit to take serious measures to guard against any blood rising from within or a sudden attack from without. Hip put Medina in a stayed off military discipline. He had to send Friedkin reconnoitering parties to guard against any sudden onslaught no sooner did the prophet organize his state than a larger well equipped army of the MAC was a field. A force constituent. Ing of one thousand men marched under JAL a great enemy of the slum towards Medina to attack the city the Muslims receive timely notice of their enemies intention, a buddy of three hundred DARREN'S of whom two thirds were citizens of Medina was gathered to forestall idolaters by occupying. The valley of butter situated near the sea between Makah admitting when the prophet saw the army of the in villes approaching the valley, he prayed that the little band of Muslims might not be destroyed. The army of the MacIntosh advanced into the open space, which separated the Muslims from the idolaters, according to Arab usage. The battle was begun by simple combat's, the engagement that become channel the results of the battle was that the meccas were driven back with great loss. Several of their cheese were slain, including Joan a large number of idolaters remain prisoners in the hands of the Muslims. They were contrary to all use h and traditions of the Arabs to read it with the greatest to manage the profit gave strict orders that sympathy should be shown to them in their misfortune, and that they should be treated with kindness. These instructions were faithfully abate by the Muslims to whose care the prisoners were confided. Dealing with this even Sir William we're it has booked live of Muhammed quotes, one of the prisoners saying blessing be on the men of Medina. They made as right while they themselves walked they gave us we and Brett to eat where there was little of it contenting themselves with dates almighty, a loss set and a low has already made you victorious at Bader when you were a weak little force, so fear Olaf much abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds, which he has forbidden and love Allama JR. Performs all kinds of good deeds, which he has ordained that you may be grateful. Remember when Muhammad set to the believers is it not enough for you that your Lord should help you with three thousand angel send down. Yes. If you hold onto patience and piety and the enemy comes rushing at you. Your Lord will help you with five thousand angels having marks of distinction. Almost made it not. But as a message of good news for you. And as an insurance to our heart, and there is no victory except from a LA the almighty, the all wise that he might cut off a part of those who disbelieve or expose them to infamy. So that they retire for strayed. It chapter three I one hundred twenty three to one hundred twenty seven Kurt on. Chapter twelve the remarkable circumstances, which led to the victory of butter and results which followed from it made a deep impression on the minds of the Muslims. The angel of the heaven had battled on their side against their enemies. The division of the spoils created some dissensions between the Muslim warriors for the moment. The profit divided equally among all subsequently a Koran revelation laid down a rule for future divisions. The spoils. According to this rule, a fifth was reserved for the public treasury for the support of the poor and indigent while the distribution of the remaining four fifths was left to the description of the chief of the state. The next battle between the garage and the Muslims was the battle of hill about four miles to the north of Medina the idolaters to revenge. Their loss at butter made tremendous preparation for new attack upon the Muslims. They collected an army three thousand strong men of whom seven hundred were armed with coats of mail and two hundred horses. These forces advanced under the conduct of opposite view on and encamped at village six miles from Medina where they gave themselves up to spoiling the fields and flocks of the Mets. The prophet be much inferior to his enemies number at first determined to keep himself within the town and to receive them there but afterwards the advise of some of his companions prevailing. He marched out against them. At the head of one thousand men of whom one hundred were armed with coats of mail, but he had no more than one horse besides his own it his whole army with these forces. He halted at mount who'd he was soon abandoned by Abdulah, even by the leader of the hypocrites with three hundreds of his followers. Thus the small force of the profit was reduced to seven hundred. At mount of who the Muslim troops passed the night and the morning after offering their prayers the advanced into the plane the profit contrive to have the hill has back and the better to secure his men from being rounded place, fifty archers on the height in the wear behind the troops gave them strict orders, not to leave their posts. Whatever might happen. When they came to engage. The prophet had superiority at first but afterwards, his Archer left their position for the sake of plunder thus allowing the enemy to attack the Muslims in the fear, and surround them the profit lost the day and very nearly lost his life. It was struck down by shower stones and wounded in the face by two EROs and one of his frontier was broken of the Muslims. Seventy men were killed among whom was the profits on goal hums zone. Of the infidels. Twenty two men were lost. The Koresh were too exhausted to follow up their advantage, either by attacking Medina or by driving the Muslims from the heights of ood. They retreated from the med- into territories after Babar's -ly, mutilating the courses of their dead enemies, almighty alot set. So do not become weak against your enemy, nor be sad. And you will be superior in victory. If you are indeed true believers, if a wound and killing has stuck to be sure a similar wound and killing has stuck the others. And so are the days good and not so good. We gift amend by turns that along may test those who believe and that he may take mortars from among you and a low likes not dissolve mean. And that a law may task or purify the believers from sins and destroy the disbelievers. Do you think that you will enter paradise before a low test those of you who fought in his cause? And also tests those who are patient. You did indeed wish for death before you meant it. Now, you have seen it openly with your own eyes chapter three I one hundred thirty nine to one hundred and forty three Ulker on. Although the exulted also said we shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve because they joined others in worship with a law for which he has sent no authority there about will be the fire, and how evil is the abode of the Dalai mean and a lot did indeed fulfill his promise to you when you were killing them with his permission until the moment you lost your corrige and fell to disputing about the older. And it's so Baid after showed you which you love. Among you are some that desire this world and some that desire the hereafter than he made you flee from your enemy, and he might test you. But surely, he forgave you and allies most gracious to the believers and remember when you ran away, truthfully. Without even costing a side glance at anyone and the messenger was in your rare calling you back there a lot give you one distrust after another by way of required to teach you not to grieve for that which had escaped you nor that which had befallen you and a law is well aware of all that you do then after the distress his sent down security for you slumber, overtook a party view while another party was thinking about themselves as how to save their own. Sales ignoring the others and the profit and thought wrongly a law the thought of ignoring they said have we any part in the affair say you Hon? Indeed, the affair belongs wholly to law. They hide within themselves. What they dare not reveal to you saying if we had anything to do with the affair. None of us would have been killed here say if you had remained in your home's those for whom death was decree with certainly have gone forth to the place of death. But that a low my test, what is in your rust, and to he's detest to purify to get rid of that which was in the hearts and a law is all Noar of what is in your breast chapter three. I one hundred fifty one to one hundred fifty four Kerr on. No, rated al-basra even Z. The president appointed even Jubair as the commander of the inventory men were archers who were fifty on the day of the battle who he instructed them stick to your place and don't leave it, even if you see Burt snatching us till I send for you. And if you see that we have to feed it, the infidels and made them flee, even then you should not leave your place ally. Send for you, then the infidels were defeated, but a law. I saw the women fleeing lifting the clothes revealing their leg Bengals in their legs. So the companions of Deloitte, Eben jabbar's said the booty, oh, people the booty your companions have become victorious. What are you waiting for now up to your buyer set? Have you forgotten what a less messenger set to they replied? But a lot we will go to the people and collector share from the war booty. But would they went to them? They were forced to turn back to feed it and that time almost messenger in their rare was calling them back only twelve men remained with the prophet and the infidels Martinez. Seventy men from us the prophet and his companions cost the Pegasus to lose one hundred and forty men seventy of whom were captured and seventy were killed than obvious to ask three times. Is Muhammad present among these people the prophet older his companions not to answer him that he asks three times is even cool Hoffa present most these people he asked again three times is even a hook up president of Mon these people he then returned to his companions and said as for these men they have been killed whom are could not control himself and said to fill you told a lie by a law. Oh, enemy of a law. All those you have mentioned our allies and the thing which will make you unhappy still there was fan said or victory today. Compensates for yours in the battle of butter and in war. The victory is always undecided and shared interns by the Belgians, you will find some of your killed men mutilated, but I did not urge my men. To do. So yet, I do not feel sorry for their deed after that. His started residing cheerfully. Oh who ball be superior on that the prophet said to his companions? What don't you answer him back? They said oh alost messenger. What shall we say? He said stay a is higher and more sublime than opposite him said, we have the idol of ozone, and you have no the prophet set to his companions. Why don't you answer him back? They asked oh a less messenger. What shall we say? He said say a lot or helper, and you have no helper. So i'll. Chapter thirteen. The moral affect of this. Disastrous battle was such as to encourage some neighboring no metrics to make flory's up on the Madinat. Territories. But most of these were repel the Jews also were not slow to involve in the trouble. The prophet and his followers. They tried to create disaffection among his people and slender him and his dairies. They miss pronounce the words of the core on so as to give them offensive, meaning they also cost they're poets who were superior in culture and intelligence she used their influence to so sedition among the Muslims one of their distinguished poets. Call Cobb of the bunny on Nigeria spare no efforts in publicly deploring the ill success of the idolaters after their defected butter. By his setire 's against the prophet at his decibels at his allergies on the meccas who had fallen butter cop succeeded in exciting the garage to that Francey offense, which broke out at he then returned to Medina where he continued to tech the profit and the Muslims men and women in terms of the most obscene character, though, he belonged to the tribe of bunny deer which had entered into the compact with the Muslims and pledge it sell both for the internal and external safety on the state he openly directed his acts against the Commonwealth of which he was a member. Another ju solemn by name of the same tribe behaved equally fiercely and bitterly against the Muslims. He lived with a party of his strive at Kyd bar a village five days journey north west of Medina. He made every effort to excite the neighboring Arab tribes against the Muslim the Muslim Commonwealth with the objective. Securing safety among the community passed a sentence of outlawry upon Cobb and Salone the members of another Jewish Dr namely bunny guy, gall were sentenced to expulsion from the mandate territory for having openly and knowingly infringed. The terms of the compact it was necessary to put an end to their hostal actions of the sake of maintaining peace and security. The prophet had to go to their headquarters where he required them to enter definitively into the Muslim Commonwealth by embracing slum or to leave Medina to. This they replied in the most offensive terms. You have had a quarrel with men ignoring of the art of war if you are desirous of having any dealing with us. We'll show you that. We are men they then shut themselves up in their fortress and sent the prophet and his authority at DeVine's the Muslims decided to reduce them and late siege to the fortress without loss of time after fief teen days, they surrendered so the Muslims that I intended to inflict some severe punishment on them. They contend it themselves by banishing the bunny guide. The buddy dear had now paved in the same way as funny guy in all the had likewise knowingly in publicly does regard it at the terms of the charter the prophet, send them a message similar to the which was sent to their brethren the going goal, then relying on the assistance of hypocrites party return for a divine reply. After a siege of fifteen days. They sued for terms the Muslims renewed their previous offer and the Jews of unknown. Dear chose to execute Medina. They were allowed to take with them all their movable property with the exception of their arms before leaving Medina. They destroyed all the dwellings in movable property and arms, which they could not carry away with them. We're just abused by the prophet with the consent of the Unser in the immigrant. A principal was henceforth adopted that any acquisition not made in actual warfare should belong to that state, and that its disposal should be left to the description of the ruling authorities almighty, a set, and there is also share in this booty for the poor immigrants who were expelled from their homes and their property seeking bounties from a law and to please him and helping alot helping. His religion and his messenger. Hum, mud such are. Indeed, the truthful to what we say and those who before them had homes in all Medina and had adopted the faith love those who emigrate to them and have no jealousy in their breast for that, which they have been given from the booty of bunny Unna deer and give them emigrants preference over themselves. Even though they were in need if that and who so ever is safe from his own covetousness such are they who will be successful chapter fifty nine I eight to nine Koran. The expulsion of the bunny nuttier took place in the fourth year of the draw the remaining portion of this year and the early part of the next were passed in repressing, the hostile attempts of the nomadic tribes against the Muslims and inflicting punishment for various murderous forays on the Medine. Territories of this nature was the expedition against the Christian Arabs of demont agenda. A place about seven days Giordani to the south of Damascus who had stopped the Mets traffic with Syria and even threaten a raid. Upon medina. These Morodor's however fled on the approach of the Muslims and the prophet returned to Medina after concluding a treaty with neighbouring cheese to whom he grunted permission of pest Raj in the Medina. Territories in the same year, the enemies of slow made every possible attempt to stir up the tribes against the Muslim the Jews. Also active if hidden part of those intrigues an army of ten thousand well equipped men marched towards Medina under the command of opposite view on the income to near mount who a few miles away from the city, the Muslims could gather only army three thousand men seeing their invariably numbers on the one hand and the turbulence of the hypocrites within the town on the other. They preferred to remain on the defensive they dug a deep mode round the unprotected quarters of Medina and encamped outside the city with a trench in front of them. They relied for safety of the other side upon their allies the Corre who possessed several fortress at a short distance towards the south and were found by the compact was as the Muslims against any raiders. These Jews however were induced by the dollars to via. Their pledge to join the garage as these Jews were acquainted with hypocrites within the walls of the city were waiting for an opportunity to play their part. The situation of the Muslims was most dangerous the siege. Had already lasted for twenty days. The enemy made great efforts to cross the trench. But every attempt was fiercely repulsed by the small Muslim force does union was now rive in the midst of the besieging army. Their horses were Parisian fast and provisions were becoming less every day during the night, a storm of win in rain cost there tends to be overthrown and their lights extinguished. I was feeling in the majority of his army fled and the rest refused with grows on the Muslims. So they were satisfied with the failure of their enemies. Could not help thinking that the victory was unsatisfactory so long as the Greige who had violated their sworn pledge remained so near. The juice might at any time surprise Medina from their side the Muslims felt it their duty to demand an explanation of the violation of the pledge. This was yearly refused consistently. The Jews were besieged and compelled to surrender at discretion. They only ask that their punishment should be left to the judgment of Iban want. The prince of the tribe of us this chief who is a fierce soldier had been wounded in the attack and indeed died of his Rune the following day. Infuriated by the treacherous conduct of the bunny Groza, he gave judgment that the fighting men should be death. And that the women and children should become the slaves of the Muslims. The sentence was carried into execution. Chapter fourteen. It was about this time that the profit granted to the moans of the ministry of Saint Catharine near Mount Sinai, his liberal charter by which secured for the Christians, noble and generous privileges immunities, he undertook himself, an enjoined his followers to protect the Christians to defend their churches and the residences of their priests and to guard them from all injuries. They were not to be unfairly taxed no Bishop was to be driven out of his diocese. Christian was to be forced to reject his religion. No mom was to be expelled from his Mona's Trie. Nope. Pilgrim was to be stopped from his pilgrimage, nor were the Christian churches to be pulled down for the sake of building mosques or houses for the Muslims. Christian women Mary to Muslims were to enjoy their own religion and not to be subjected to compulsion. Or annoyance of any kind. If the Christians should stand in need of assistance for the repair of the churches or monasteries or any other matter pertaining to their religion the Muslims were to assist them. This was not to be considered supporting their religion. But a simply rendering them assistance in special circumstances should the Muslims be engaged in stilling his without site. Christians Christian resident among the Muslims should be treated with contempt on account of his creed. The provost declared that any Muslim violating any clause of the charter should be regarded as a transgressor of a loss amendments violator of his testament and glad full of his face. Six years had already elapsed since the profit has MAC and follower had fled from the birthplace. Their hearts begun to year for their homes and for their sacred house the Cupo as the season of the pilgrimage approached the prophet announced his intention to visit the holy center at Marras voices of his disciples responded to the call. Preparations were soon made for the journey to mecca the prophet accompanied by seven or eight hundred Muslims arrogance, and and source all totally on armed said out on the pilgrimage the garage who were still full of animus towards the Muslim gathered a large army to prevent them from entering mecca and maltreated, the envoy whom the prophet had sent to us permission to visit the holy places after much difficulty attreaty ways concluded by which it was agreed that all styles should seize for ten years that anyone coming from the Karaj to the profit without the permission of the guardian or chief should be given back to the idolaters the any Muslim person's going over to the Mackin should not be surrendered that any tribe desires of entering into a alliance, either the cry or with the Muslims should be at a. Liberty to do. So without disputes that the Muslims should go back to Medina on the present occasion. And stop in Vanson further that they should be permitted in the following year to visit mecca and to remain there for three days with the army. They used on journeys, namely, their skin matures sheets. The treaty of diabetes. This ended the prophet returned with his people to Medina. About this time. It was revealed to the prophet that has mission should be universal. He dispatched several invoice to invite the neighboring severity to Islam. The embassy to the king of Persia caused throws Parviz was received with disdain and continually. He was harshly amazed at the boldness of the mecca fugitives in addressing him on terms of equality. He was so enraged that he tore up into pieces. The prophets letter of invitation to a slum and dismissed the envoy from his presence with great contempt. When the province received information on this treatment, he calmly observed thus will the empire, of course, Roze be torn to pieces the embassy to Heraclitus the emperor of the Romans was received much, more, politely and Rivera chilly. He treated the embassador with great respect and send the prophet agrees. Use reply to his message another envoy was sent to an era price of the guessing eat try a Christian few Detorri of Iraq is this prince instead of receiving the invoice with any respect cruelly murdered him this act cost great concern ish among the Muslims who considered it as an outreach of international. Allegations narrated delay even a bus up associate even heart informed me that Herat Cleese had sent a enjoyed him. While he had been accompanying caravan from Karachi. There were merchants doing business in Shum Syria Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan at the time when Olis' messenger had a truce with obvious to John and crush in feels so Abu Sufian his companions went to Iraq lease at Ilia or Jerusalem. Her reckless called them in the court, and he had all the senior room dignitries around him he called for his translator who translating Iraq. Lease question set to them who among you is closely related to that men who claims to be a prophet a Sufian replied, I am the nearest relative to him amongst the group. Her Requiest stay bring him close to me and make his companion stand behind him a Pacific edit correctly, Stolt his translator to tell me companions that. He wanted to put some question to me regarding that man or the profit. And if I told a lie. They should contract me by a low. I not being afraid of my companions leveling me a lawyer. I would have not have spoken the truth about the profit. I was Vince narration continues the first question he asked me about him was what is his family stages? Among you replied, he belongs to good noble family. Amongst us reckless further us CT has anybody mung you ever claimed the same to be a profit before him are plight. No. He said was anybody monks is incest as king replied, no correctly is asked do the nobles or the poor follow him. I replied as the poor who follow him. He said or his followers increasing or decreasing day by day. Our replied, they are increasing. He then asked. Does anybody most those who embrace his religion become displeased and renounce the religion afterwards? I replied, no correctly said have you ever accused him of telling lies before his claim to be a prophet? I replied. No, a lease said does he breaks his promises? I replied, no. We are a truce with him. But we do not know what he will do when it I could not find what unity to say anything against him. Except that correctly is asked have you ever had a war with him replied? Yes. Then he said, what was the outcome of the battles replied, sometimes he was Fiqh Doria's in some sometimes we erect said what does he order you to do? I said he tells us to worship a law and alone and not to worship anything along with him. And to renounce all that are in Suster said said, he odor us to pray to speak the truth to be chaste and to keep good relations with other kids and Kim. Chapter fifteen. Correctly asked the term Slater to convey to me the following. I ask you about his family, and you'll reply was that he belonged to a very noble family. In fact, all the Mason Gers come from noble families among their respective peoples. I question you, whether anybody else among you claimed such thing your reply was in the negative. If the answer had been in the -firmative, I would have thought that this man was following the previous men statement that I ask you whether anyone of his assessor was a king reply was in the negative, and if it had been in the Verma tive, I would have thought that this man wanted to take back his incestuous kingdom further ask whether he was ever accused of telling lies before he said what he said in your reply was in the negative. So I wondered how a person who does not tell a lie about others could ever tell a lie about a law. I then ask you whether the rich people followed him or the poor you're applying that it was the poor who followed him. And in fact, all the messengers have been followed by this very class of people that I ask you, whether his followers were increasing or decreasing replied that they were increasing and in. In fact, this is the way of true faith till it is complete in all respects. I further ask you whether there was anybody who after embracing his religion became displeased, discarded, his religion. You reply was in the negative. And in fact, this is the sign of true faith, when it's delight enters the hearts and mixed with them completely. I ask you whether he had ever betrayed your replied in the negative, and like wise, the messengers never trade. Then I asked you what he ordered you to do your apply that he ordered you to worship a law and a LA alone and not to worship anything along with him. And for bait you to worship idols and order you to pry to speak the truth and to be chased. If what you have said is true. He will vary sued occupy this place underneath my feet. And I knew it from the scriptures that he was going to appear, but I did not know that would be from. And if I could reach him definitely I would go immediately to meet him. And if I were with him, I would certainly wash his feet. Harare's than ask for the letter addressed by messenger, which had been delivered by Dionne to the governor was wrong. Who forwarded to correctly is to read the contents of the letter were as follows in the name of Allah, the beneficent the merciful. This letter is from HUD, the slave of Allah and his messenger to Iraq Lewis, the ruler of design team. Peace be upon him. Who follows the right pass? Furthermore, I invite you to Sloan, and if you become Muslim you will be safe and allow will double your reward. And if you reject this invitation of slum, you will be committing sin by misguiding your subjects in recite to you a loss statement say oh, mama. Oh, people of scripture, Jews and Christians come to a word that is just between us in you that we worship none. But a low and that we associate no partners with him. And that none of us shall take others as lords besides alot. Then if they turn away say bear witness that we are Muslims opposite fan than edit. When her reckless had finished, his speech and had read the letter. There was a great, Hugh in cry the Royal court, so we turned out of the coach. Court. I told my companions that the question of even become Shah the frosted Mohammed had become so prominent that even the king of bunny Astrada by seventeen was afraid of him. Then I started to become sure that he would be the conqueror in the near future to lay embraced a slum. I'll look guided me to it. The sub narrator added that even tour was the governor of Ilia or Jerusalem and reckless was the head of the Christian of show even tour rated that once while reckless was visiting Ilia or Jerusalem, he got up in the morning with a sad mood, some of his priest. Ask him why he asks in that move directly as was a four tower and trawler he replied at night when I looked at the stores. I saw that the leader of those who practice circumscription had appeared become the conquer. Who are? They who practice. Circumcision the people replied except the Jews. Nobody practices circumcision. So you should not be afraid of them. Just issue. Orders to kill very ju present in the country. While they were discussing it a messenger stunned by the king of gush on to convey, the news of a less messenger. To reckless was brought in having heard the news he ordered the people to go and see whether the messenger of Gazon was circumcised the people after seeing him told correctly is that he was circumcised correctly is than ask him about the Arabs the messenger. Replied Arabs, also practice concision. After hearing that Herat clears remarked that severeignty of the Arabs had appeared her reckless than wrote a letter to his friend in Rome who was as good as reckless as Nola JR. Iraq, less then left for homes, a town in Syria and stayed there till he received the reply of his letter from his friend who agreed with him in his opinion about the emergence of the profit. And the fact that he was a prophet. On that Harare's invited all the heads of the bison teens to assemble in his palace at homes when they assembled he ordered the all the doors of his palace closed that he came out and said oh bizarre teens, if suck says is your desire, and if you see ROY guidance and one your pyre to remain then give a pledge of allegiance to this profit or embrace Islam. On hearing the fuse of Iraq liaise. The people rent words, the gates of the palace like amateurs, but found the doors closed her reckless realized their hatred towards Islam, and when he lost the hope of their embracing Islam. He ordered that they should be brought that in audience when they returned. He said, what was already set was just detest a string of your conviction in have seen it. The people pro-trade it before him and became pleased with him. And this was the end of reckless story in connection with his faith. So high L bahory. In the same year. The Jews of Khyber a strongly fortified territory at a distance of floor days dirty from Medina showed in place the bull hatred towards the Muslims. United by alliance with a tribe of gut fund as well as with other Cauquenes, tribes, the juice of Khyber made serious attempts to form a coalition against the Muslim. The prophet and his DARREN'S were apprised of this movement and immediate measures were taken in order to repress any new attacks upon Medina an expedition of fourteen hundred men was soon prepared to March against bar, the allies of the juice left them to face the war with the Muslims, all alone. The Jews firmly resisted the attacks of the Muslims, but eventually all the fortress had to be surrendered one after the other to their enemies, they prayed for forgiveness, which was accorded to them on certain conditions. Their lands immovable property secured to them together with the free practice of their religion. After subduing bar the Muslims returned to Medina in safety. Before the end of the year it being the seventh year he draw the prophet and his Durance Vilgam selves their armistice with the Karaj to visit the holy all the profit accompanied by two hundred Muslims when to mecca to perform the rights of pilgrimage on this occasion. The Karaj evacuated the city during the three days, which the ceremonies lasted. Chapter sixteen. So really Moore in his book. Life of Muhammad falling three commends on the incident as follows it was surely a strange site, which at this time presented itself at the veil of a site unique in the history of the world. The engine city is for three days evacuated by all inhabitants high and low every house deserted and they retire. The exalt converts many years vanished from the birthplace approach integrate buddy accompanied by their allies revisits, the empty homes of their childhood and within the shored allotted space fulfill the rights off pilgrimage the outside inhabitants, climbing the heights around take refugee under tens or other shelter. Among the hills in glens and clustering on the overhanging peak of Abacus base, then watch the movements of the visitors beneath as the profit at. Their hand they make the circuit of the Cup and rapid possession between SAFA and Marwa anxiously skin. Every figure is perchance. They may recognize among the worshippers some long lost friend relatives. It was a scene rendered only by the throws would you gave birth to Islam in accordance with terms of the treaty. The Muslims left mce the end of three days. Visit these peaceful. Visit was followed by important conversions among the gresh Hulley, even elite known as the sort of a law who before this had been bitter enemy of Islam. And who commended the garage ca Valerie at an honor Eben, all another important character and warrior adopted the new faith. When the prophet his followers returned to Medina. They arranged in expedition to accept what to bution from the prince who had killed the Muslim in. Void a force of three thousand men under the profits adopted sons with send to take reparation from the offending tribe. Hulley even elite was one of the generals chosen for the expedition when they reached their neighborhood of Muto affiliates to the southeast of the debt. See they met with an overwhelming force as errors and Romans who were assembled to oppose them the Muslims. However resolved resolutely to push forward, their courage was of no avail, and they suffered great losses in this battle Zaid and Jaafar a cousin of the prophet and several other notables were killed hully gully by a series of maneuvers succeeded in drawing off the army and conducting it without further losses to Medina a month later. However, I'm or even a s marched unopposed through the lens of the hostile tribes received their submission and restore the prestige of Islam on the Syrian frontier. About the end of the seventh year of the he draw the garage and their allies the bunny Bucker violated the terms of the peace concluded at diabetes by attacking the bunny whose who were in alliance with the Muslims the bunny who saw appeal to the profit for help and protection the profit determined to make a stop to the reign of injustice and oppression which had lasted so long at mce. He mmediately gathered ten thousand men to March against the idolators and said out on January six hundred thirty after eight days the Muslims army halted and a lighted. Mar Zahran a day's journey from mecca on the night of the arrival of young who was delegated by the crisis to ask the profit to abandon his project presented himself and bestowed an interview. In the morning. It was granted has the time. Not come was set the profit for you to acknowledge that there is no diety save a law in that. I am his missing jer I was fan after has taken for awhile pronounce the prescribed formula of believe an adopted Slome. He was then sent back to prepare the city for the profits approach with the exception of a slight resistance by certain clans headed by Crema and stuff one in which many Muslims were killed the providence. Enter mecca almost unopposed the city which had treated him. So cruelly driven him and his faithful bend for refugee among strangers the city which had sworn his life and the lives of his devoted a DARREN'S. Now lay at his mercy. His old prosecutors were now completely at his feet. The providence. Enter it mecca on his favorite camel. I'll cuss wa having Asama even Zaid sitting behind him. On his way, he recited fos or fishery the first first of which may be interpreted thus fairly. We have given you Omaha med a manifest victory that a love may forgive you your sins of the past and future and complete his favors on new and guide you on the straight pass. And that a look may help you with strong help chapter forty eight. I one two three occur on. The muslims. Army entered the city on pretentiously peacefully. No house was robbed. No men or women was insulted. The prophet granted a general amnesty to the entire population of mecca only four criminals who Justice condemned were prescribed. He did however ordered the destruction of all idols and pag images of worship upon which three hundred fifty idols which were in the sacred house of Coppa were thrown down the prophet himself destroyed wooden pigeon hung from the roof and regarded as one of the diocese of the garage. During the downfall of the images than idols. He was hurt to cry. Allow a law is great truth has come in falsehood has fanning fairly falsehood is fleeting the old adulterers observed thoughtfully the destruction of their guts, which were usually powerless after the prophet had up all these idols in every pegged right deliver a sermon to the assembled people. He dwelt upon the natural brotherhood of men in the words of the grown. Oh, men calling. We have created you for a male and female and made you inter-nation and tribes that you may know, one another very early the most honorable of you in the sight of a law is that believer who has a wa one of the bias and righteous person who fear a love much of stained from all kinds of sins in evil deeds, which he has forbidden and love much perform all kinds of good deeds, which he has ordained. Verily Alah is all knowing all aware chapter forty nine. I thirteen Ulker on. Narrated Hisham's father when almost messenger said out towards mecca during the year of the conquest of mecca and this news rich the infidels of rush. I was too young hockey me, but his and dial even came out together in Vermeille Shen about Ellis messenger. They proceeded on their way till they reached a place called Mata run, which is near mecca behold there. They saw many fires as they were the fires of out of. Dial. Even what Okoh said the new are less in number than that. Some of the guards of all list messengers saw them and took the over caught them and bring them to almost messenger. I was fan embraced Islam. When the prophet proceeded. He said to us keep up with Fiene standing at the top of the mountain. So that he would look at the Muslims. So I'll abyss kept him standing at that place and the tribes with the profit started passing in front of opera surf yet in military batches. A batch passed in front of opposite fan and said oh up us who are these a set? They are bun guy. Far fan said I've got nothing to do with far then a batch of the tribe of Johanna passed by and he said similarly as a bus, then a batch of the tribe of sod even whose line passed by. And he said similarly as above then came a batch the like of which I was to had not seen. He said who are these of a said, they are the Unser headed by Saad, even but the one holding the flack side, even but is it I was so few today is the day of great battle and today. What is prohibited in the Coppa will be permissible fan said? Oh bus how excellent the day of destructionists. Then k. Another batch of warriors, which was the smallest of all the batches an- in it though was almost messenger and his companions and the Fleck of the froth. It was carried by us buyer, even a warm. When Msgr passed by opposite fan. The latter said to the profit do you know what side even to sit the profit set? What did he say? Sufia? He said so and so the prophet said sought doled ally. But today a low will give superiority to the couple and today the Coppa will be covered with a cloth covering a less messenger. Ordered that his flight befits at alleged. Chapter seventeen. Narrated? Would we now see even bide even with? I'm said I heard a bus seeing as buyer even a a wom. Daloa almost messenger. Order you to fix the flag here. Olis messenger ordered Khalid even to enter mecca from its upper part from Cadel won't the prophet himself. Enter from up to men from the cavalry of colleague, even elite named who by even a shot and chorus even Jobe fealty were martyred on that day. So he a bully. Now, great multitudes came to adopt Islam and take the oath of allegiance to the prophet for this purpose. An assembly was held at us SAFA mountain. Oman acting as the prophets depuy administered the oath whereby the people found themselves not to adore any diety, but a lot to obey the profit to abstain from theft adultery infanticide, lying and backbiting. Thus was fulfilled. The prophecy embodied in the seora fuss in the Koran. During his stay at Makah the profit dispatched his principal to symbols in every direction to preach. Islam among the wild tribes of desert and call them to the true religion of a law. His sense small detachment of his troops into the suburbs. Who destroyed the temples of the Sua Emma knows the three famous idols in the temples of the neighboring tribes. The profit gave strict orders that these expeditions should be carried out in a peaceful manner. These injunction were obeyed in all cases, with one exception the troops under Hulley lead, the fierce newly converted warrior killed a few of the bunny Jasim up when the news of this one block, shed reached the prophet. He was deeply grieved and exclaimed. Oh, my Lord. I am innocent of what Honey. Lead has done. He dispatched a large sum of money for the widows and orphans of the slain and severely rebuked Khalid. At this time, the tribes of housing in showed on willingness to render 'obedient to the Muslims without resistance. They formed a leak with the intention of attacking the profit. But he was vigilant enough to frustrate their plan. A big battle was fout with this new enemy of Islam near nine a deep and narrow divide nine miles northeast of mecca the idolaters were usually defeated one buddy of the enemy consisting. Chiefly of the Turkey tribe took refuge in their fortified city of dive, which eight or nine years before dismissed the profit from within its walls with injuries and insults. The remainder of the defeated force consisting principally of the Hassine Sout at a camp in the valley of out dust. This skin was raided by the Muslim troops, the families of the housing their flocks and hurts with all the other effects were captured by the troops of the prophet. Was then besieged for a few days only after which the prophet raise the siege. Well, knowing that the people of life would soon before Spicer stances to stop mitt without bloodshed. Returning to his camp where the prisoners of Hawaii were left safely. The prophet found a deputation from this hostile tribe who that him to set free their families. The prophet replied that he was willing to give back his own share of those captives and that of the children of up to him with. But that he could not force his followers to bend the fruits of the victory. The disciplines followed the generous example their teacher. The hearts of several members of the duck your tribe were so influenced by this that they offered their allegiance in soon became Ernest. Muslims the profit now return to Medina fully satisfied with the chief moments of his mission. The Knin year the draw is known as the year of embassies as being the year in which the various tribes of Arabia submitted to the claim of the profit and send embassies to render home much to him. These tribes had been waiting the issue of the war between HUD and the garage. But as soon as the tribe the principle of the whole nation and the descendants Vish mile whose prerogative none of to dispute pet submitted. There were satisfied that it was not in their power to oppose Muhammad. Hence their embassies flocked into Medina to make their submission to him. The conquest of mecca decided the fate of idolatry in Arabia now deputations began to arrive from all sides to render the DARREN'S to slow of the reas tribes among the rest five Princess of the tribe of him yard, professed Islam and send ambassadors to notify Mahama of the same. These were the princes of yeoman Mara Oman in your, mama. The idolaters of the very people who had driven the messenger of Islam from their missed with violence in contempt. Now, send a deputation to pray forgiveness. An ask to be numbered among his followers. They backed however for temporary preservation of their idols as a last appeal. They backed for one month of grace only. But even this was not conceded. The prophet said Islam, and the idols could not exist together they then backed for exemption from the daily prayers. The prophet replied that without devotion religion would be nothing at loss. This updated to all that was required them. They have never asked to be exempted from destroying the idols with their own hands. This was granted the province elected. I was fan Melita to destroy the idols of dive the chief of which was the notorious Eitel of. This was carried out. Amidst cries of despair and grief from the women of. The conversion of this tribe of is worthy of notice this tribe, which hitherto had proved hostile to the new phase was noted among the Arabs for its idolatry. Priesthood a small detachment under Ali was send to reduce them to 'obedient and to destroy their idols. The prince of the tribe was ide- the son of the famous hut. The whose generosity was spoken of all over Arabia on the approach of the Muslim force deflect to Syria living his sister with his principal clansman to fall into the hands of the Muslims. These were conducted by Ali with every sign of respect and sympathy to Medina. When the daughter of team came before the profit, she addressed him in the following works messenger of Allah. My father is dead. My brother might only relation fled into the mountains on the approach of the Muslims. I cannot ransom myself I count on your generosity for my deliverance. My father was a new history as men the prince of his tribe a man who ran some prisoners protected. The honor of women set the poor couth the afflicted and was deaf to no appeal. The prophet replied. Your father had the virtues of true Muslim, if it were permitted to invoke the mercy of a law on any whose life was passed in adultery. I would prey to allow for mercy for the soul of the then addressing the Muslim around him. He said the daughter of team is free. Her father was a generous and humane men along loves and wards merciful with the daughter of hunting. All her people were set at liberty, she proceeded to Syria and related to her brother, the generosity of Muhammed. ID touched by gratitude hastened to Medina where he was kindly received by the prophet. He professed Islam and return to his people and persuaded them to abandon idolatry. They all submitted and became devoted Muslims. Chapter eighteen. Hitherto no prohibiting had been enforced against idolaters entering the holy cuppa or performing their abominable rights within the sacred presents towards the end of the year of the draw during the month of pilgrimage Ali was delegated by the prophet to read a book Lamasion that ran as follows. No, I Don shooter shell after this year perform the pilgrimage no-one shawl make the circuit of the by naked such a disgraceful. Custom was practiced by the pagan Arabs and treaty with the profit shall continue in force. But four months are allowed to every man to return to his territories after that, there will be no obligations on the profit except towards those with whom treaties have been concluded the fos- multitude who had listened to the above declarations return to their homes and before the following year was over the majority of them were Muslims. During the tenth year of the draw as in the preceding one numerous embassies continue to pour intimate Dina for all parts of Arabia to testify to the allegiance of the cheese and their tribes. Teachers were sent by the profit into the different provinces to teach the new converts the principles and percents of Islam. These teachers were invariably given the following injunctions. When they were about to depart on their mission deal, gently with the people and be not harsh cheer them. And do not look down upon them with contempt. You will meet with many believers in the holy scriptures. Who will ask you? What is the key to have been answered them it or the key to having is to bear witness to the divine truth into do good, thus the mission of the prophet. Muhammad was. Now accomplished the whole work was achieved in his lifetime. Dollar tree with its nameless. Abominations was entirely destroyed. The people who were sunk in superstitions, cruelty and FIS in regions, were spiritual. Live was usually unknown were now United in one bond, faith, hope and charity the tribes which had been from time memo, Royal engaged in perpetual wars were now United together by the ties of brotherhood love. And harmony henceforth their aims were not confined to this earth alone. But there was something beyond the grace much higher. Pure and diviner calling them to the practice of charity. Goodness. Justice and universal love. They could now perceive that a law was not that which they had carved out of wood or stone. But the almighty loving merciful, the creator of the universe on the return of the sacred month of pilgrimage the profit under the presentiment of his approaching end determined to make a farewell pilgrimage to mecca. In February six hundred thirty two he left Medina with very considerable course of Muslims. It is stated that from ninety thousand to one hundred and forty thousand people accompanied the profit. Before completing all rights of the pilgrimage. He addressed the assembled multitude from the top of mount a refund in the following works. Oh people. Listen to my words for I know, not weather. Another year will be thoug- safe to me after this year divine myself, among you, your lives and property are sacred and inviolable among one another until you appeared before the lured as this day, and the small are sacred for all and remember you will have to appear before your Lord who will demand from you an account for all your actions. Opie people you have rights over your wife and your wife's have a right over you. Verily? You have taken them on the security of a law and have made their people lawful unto you, by the words of a law and your slaves seeing that you feed them with such food as you eat yourself and close them with the stuff you wear, and if they commit a fault, which you are not inclined to forgive than part with them for. They are the servants of the Lord and are not to be harshly treated. Oh people. Listen to my words, and understand them know that all Muslims are brothers. You are one brotherhood. But no men shall take out from his brother unless by his free consent. Keep yourself injustice. Let him who was present tell this to him. Who is absent? It may be that. He who is told this afterward may remember better than he who has now heard it. The profit concluded his sermon by exclaiming Olarte. I have fulfilled. My message unaccomplished my work, the assembled multitude all in one foist, cried y'all fairly you have the profit again exclaimed. All Lord, I beseech you bear witness to it. Having regard performed all the ceremonies of the pilgrimage that his example might be followed by all Muslims for all succeeding ages. The prophet return with his followers to Medina the eleventh year of he draw being the last year of how much life was spent at Medina there. He settled the organization of the provincial and tribal communities which had adopted Islam and become the competence part of the Muslims. Federation more officers had to be deputed to the. Terrier provincials for the purpose of teaching their inhabitants. The percents off the religion administering Justice and collecting caught even Jabba was sent to Yemen on his departure to distant prevents the prophet. Enjoying him to use his own Chretien in the even of his being unable to find express authority in the Koran. Ali was deputed to Yama in the southeast of the peninsula to him. The prophet said never decide between any two parties who come to you for Justice unless you I hear both of them. A force was not being prepared under some evenings. Eight whose father was skilled at muka against the Byzantine to accept the loan delayed reparation for the murder of the envoy to steer. However, the news of the prophets sickness and failing health costs that expedition to be stopped. This news student noised abroad and produced disorder in some districts, three pretenders had arising who gave themselves out as profits and tried by all kinds of imposture to win over the tribes. The most dangerous these pretenders with known as a swat. He was chief of Yemen and conjurer. He stood succeeded in gaining over his tribesmen and with help reduce to subjection. Many of the neighboring towns he killed char whom the prophet had appointed as governor of Sunda in the place of his father bas on who had just died. Bas on had been the viscera of Yemen under choice rose of Persia after he had Islam. He was allowed by the profit to remain as governor of Yemen. He was able to convert to Islam all the Persian colony in that province. I'll ask what the conjurer had now killed char. But soon after he was massacred by the Persians of Yemen. The other two pretenders and Haroon by name would not suppressed until after the death of the prophet during the reign of Abu Bucker honeymoon better known as asylum a- address to the profit letter, which ran as follows from Salema the prophet of a law to Mahama the profit of a law. Peace be to you. I am your partner. Let the exercise of authority be divided between us healthy earth will be mine and half will belong to your rush. But the garage are too greedy to be satisfied with just a vision. To this ladder the profit replied as follows from Hama the messenger of a law. Duma Salema the liar. B's be those who follow the right pass the earth Bologne to a law. It is he who mixed the rain whomsoever, he pleases only, those will prosper who fear the Lord. The health of the profit grew worse. His last days were remarkable for the calmness and serenity of his mind. He was able so weak and feeble to lead the public prayers until within three days of his death. Requested that he might be permitted to stay at ugliest house close to the mosque during his illness an arrangement to which his other wives ascended as long as his strengths last hit took part in the public prayers. The less time he appeared in the mosque. He addressed the congregation after the usual prayers were over in the following words. Oh, muslims. If I have wronged. Anyone view hero AM to answer for if I o anything to anyone only may happen to possess belongs to you a man in the crowd rose and claimed three d'or homes, which he had given to a poor man at the request of the profit. They were immediately paid back with these words better to blush in this world than the next. The and. Epi look. The than prayed and implored almost mercy for those who had fallen in the persecution of their enemies. He recommended to all his followers, the observance of religious duties and the leading of alive of peace and goodwill, then he spoke with emotion, and with the voice still so powerful as to reach beyond the outer doors of the mosque by the Lord in whose hen laws, the soul of Muhammad estimate self no men can lay hold on me in any matter. I have not made lawful. Anything accepting Alah has made lawful nor have I prohibited. Anything? But that which alone in his book has prohibited than turning to the women who said close by he exclaimed. Oh, Thema my daughter and Sophia might end work. You both said which procure you acceptance with the Lord for fairly I have no power to save you in any wise, he then rose and re entered the house of Asia after this. The prophet never appeared at public prayers a few hours after he returned from the mosque the profit died while laying his head on the bus of Asia. As soon as the prophets death was announced a crowd of people gathered at the door of the house of ice show exclaiming how can our messenger be dead set. No, his not dead. He will be restored to us. And those are traitors to the cost of Islam who say he is dead. If they say, so let them become in pieces. But Abu poker entering the house at this moment. And after he had touched the body of the prophet with a demonstration of profound affection, he appeared at the door and address the crowd with the following speech. Oh, muslims. If anyone view has been worshiping Mahama than let me tell you that Mohammed is dead. But if you really do worship a law than know that a lot is living and will never die. Do you forget the verse in the Koran? Muhammad is not more than a messenger, and indeed many messengers have passed away before him if he dies or is killed will you then turn your back on your heels as disbelievers, and he who turns back on his heels, not the least harm will he do Alah and a love will give reward to those who are grateful chapter three I one hundred and forty four on. Upon hearing this speech of Albuquerque, Omar acknowledged his error and the crowd was satisfied and dispersed a bus the profits coal presided the preparation for the bureau, and the body was Doley washed and perfumed. There was some dispute between the crush the unsourced asked the place of burial. However will Bucker settled the dispute by averting that he had heard the profit say that a profit should be buried at the very spot where he died a grave was accordingly dug in the ground within the house of Aisha and under the bed on which the profit died in this grave, the body was bullied, and the usual rites performed by those who were present thus ended the glorious life off that prophet. Muhammad solo Ali Hassan them may the peace and blessings of alone. Also with Allah be above him.

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