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Hey there podcast pals I'm John Stolnis the host of the phillies. pod hidden season, one of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball season is one hundred and sixty two games long, and there's no way you can watch all those games, so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week. For all the fills goodness, you could ever want and make sure to check out our other podcasts including the award winning dirty inning with Justin clue and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin and Laze rozier sprout apple podcasts or your favorite. PODCAST, APP. Just Bush. I'd. Does this strange man. Welcome to from the bleachers. I am back. It's your host as always seamus clancy come to you from the wonderful leading Green Nation Radio podcast network as if you couldn't tell on my Third Cup of coffee the day I'm sleep deprived I'm ready to go and Talk Eagles football couple housekeeping notes. Check out my last two podcasts. I did too great interviews. One with Mike from trial area pump. Bam, Pugh, you'd is also Canada Day that I'm recording on July first Wednesday Give that a listen. If you like that kind of punk music pop punk while those things thought on, see the type of music I tweet about it'd be rub your alley. DURING LOVES PARTY IN THAT TYPE OF CLASSIC Rock, and roll off huge Eagles Fan from Toronto Talk About Sports Music and how stolen? That's not even just not even from Philadelphia Nine from the United States become a huge eagles fan in league green, just as much as the rest of us and my previous interview. That I definitely recommend checking out as well is. Is With Matthew the author of the original silver. linings playbook novel favorite books of all time. The movie was okay a starring Jennifer. Lawrence Bradley Cooper directed by David O, Russell Action do a movie review of that. In a couple of weeks to a movie review of insight bowl kind of a twist on eagles film review, not just bringing on XS knows breaking out actual movie shelves. Maybe some other stuff mixed in there we shall see maybe at do review of the always sunny super bowl doubleheader. Episodes could do that, but reason talking you. You guys and girls, or however you may identify. We are pro LGBTQ here on the from the bleachers podcast. I'm talking you bel- rivalry week. It's a rivalry week on our one, the wonderful overlords he espy nation network blogging network. Go reduced. If you're not listen to this podcast, they don't read winning. Green Dot, com, what are you doing going there right now? Great work on their as always and I'm GONNA be talking to you about eagles, Washington Eagles or the Giants Eagles cowboys today. I've been using pro football reference DOT COM for. For last hour, so digging up some facts and tidbits looking at the all time record between the eagles are three NFC rivals are doing to make mention that they were previously in the NFC. East with the slash Saint Louis Slash Phoenix cardinals, but since they are in the NFC west now we really don't talk about them much. As a threat to the birds, they are different types of birds that we dislike not eagles, they say go birds. They're full of it, but we're not talking about the damn talking about their three primary. East rivals and I'M GONNA. Lead off with the Daniel Snyder owns Washington are words I will be not be saying that word. This podcast I'll be for intimate Watson going forward the Philadelphia. Inquirer just said they will refer to the team Washington when I was working back in the Philadelphia Daily News, partnership with Philadelphia. Inquirer obviously whenever I'd write about. The Eagles was of Covenant Team Pretty, intently, during the twenty four team season, I was gonna cry I was a junior in college interning. Interning Butson newspapers so understaffed staffed now is kind of just literally a fulltime staff writer all go into class and trying to live a normal twenty nineteen year old. Whatever college life and I would never use that word I've always called in. Washington in the paper was cool with it. Especially, everything gone on the world right now on arrests social justice, just no place for that, even though Daniel Snyder is terrible for allowing the team name, and for Plethora of other reasons as an eagles fan. In a vacuum I want him to be that Washington owner for as long as possible. He's proven time and time again to be just terrible. Terrible owner medals too much with his franchise in leads leaves the team. One not just a laughing stock in the National Football League. One of the biggest laughingstocks in all of North America Professional Sports. Got My little ironman notebook pulling out my stats right now. We have eagles in Washington I. Want to preface all this before I talked about each individual squad. Is that historically? The was a pretty terrible. No I think I'm twenty six years old. A lot of people that come invasion. The eighties and nineties and two thousands are a little bit spoiled. team has been relatively good their whole life, anyone who grew up in the buddy era. than the anti read our like I didn't even younger people right now. Who are growing up in Doug? Peterson our have been treated with the greatest couple of decade. Run an franchise history by far. It's not even close especially since any retail over ninety nine, so really twenty-first-century, the eagles owned the NFC east and I think we take it for granted that historically eagles a pretty terrible for decades decades in there was a couple of championships in forty, eight was forty, eight, forty, nine, forty, seven, nineteen, eighty were. They made Super Bowl Ron before that they had nineteen sixty as well. That was a big year winning. The Championship Nfl Championship at Franklin field. Hence, campus, my on the modern, wearing a shirt right now. My Air Jordan USA five, Zoning Rochman, going red, white, and blue right now, but eagles are terrible, historically, some of their all time records on great as we will get into, but we break it down further. We will see that as of late as in our lifetimes, legal has had been the premier team in the NFC, he's so we not with Washington's all time. Eagles are eighty, eighty, five and six against Washington not great in their first one hundred fourteen games against Washington they only one forty three games, so in that first one hundred fourteen games. And that runs from two franchise's inception until the end of the Buddy Ryan Era Nineteen, ninety, nineteen ninety including buddies last game, which was a playoff loss in January ninety one again against Watkins in that time period you were forty, three, sixty, five and six against locking in Washington had three pro bowl I think they had three super bowls. Not They wanted they wanted ninety one or ninety so now before the US one on before the mid nineties, Washington won three superbowls, so not great, but since the end of the buddy error since nineteen ninety-one Eagles are thirty seven and twenty Washington. And since the anti read our specifically they are twenty, four and sixteen and the Doug Peterson era. The birds have just completely and utterly own Washington opponents, sixty two and the four years that Doug Peterson has been a coach. Has Carson Winston quarterback Nichols in quarterback Yada Yada. Do Remember that one game in the end of the twenty eating season Nick Nick Southville came in first touchdown pass. I believe twenty one nothing win over Washington that coupled with A. Minnesota Vikings loss against the bears led the eagles to making the playoffs, and then when certainly the bears and the wild car round before losing New Orleans the following week. And kind of ton of memorable moments against Washington, I think I think of is the Monday night football massacre to Sean Jackson's ninety it ninety two yard touchdown catch from Michael Vick on the first play, the game Monday night football, the eagles just completely routed Washington. Vic Had I think five or six total touchdowns. was really just. It was Michael. Vicksburg, in this week are not this week last week. Was Mike The Birthday last Friday? So that was what that was June twenty six was fixed. A captivating athlete he was, I wished Andy could have gotten him young when he was younger in in his athletic prime in really tutored him in the game of football in a way that Vic wasn't quite acclimated, just super, athletically talented, and even still had a great football mind, but reads one of the greatest football minds of all time in pairing him his his entire career rum sure would have led him to be a hall of Famer. Philadelphia the whole time I bet they won the super bowl to the also have the first chip Kelly game when they went all tempo Michael Vick again, leading up on Monday night football once again, ships first game in two thousand thirteen is magnificent at a couple of friends from South Lake Him to my College. Apartment College House. We hung out drinks and beers wash. That game was just not. I thought that was one of those things. Where was the First Eagles game? The rest of my life I thought we were GONNA take. NFL by storm, and we sort of did for part of the twenty thirteen season, but as we know, unfortunately that ship Ara fizzled out quite quickly and. And My last most notable game that I think when and discussing eagles verse. Washington is Monday night football in twenty seventeen Carson, wentz MVP type showcase yet that crazy scramble Dr. defender ran for a first down had unbelievable, maybe Carson. Wentz has some unbelievable frozen. His just throws that so few quarterbacks, not even just playing now in the NFL but NFL history can make I guess right now it'd be no patent. Homes restored strictly. Aaron Rodgers in his prime and Michael Vick. mcnabb there are few guys possess the arm talent, the accuracy with the ability to maneuver in the pocket. The way whence does, and he was getting hit me through the ball to corey climate on the corner. Corner of the end zone was fantastic. Catch by Clement not not as last fantastic catcher that twenty seventeen, twenty seventeen season, as I'm sure you're aware which is phenomenal play and again you will have own Washington. Since dogs many here I expect that to continue for the rest of the re, our wentz Peterson era. dwayne Hassans at quarterback does not instill any confidence whatsoever me again. I hope he's their quarterback for as long as possible I. Don't what Washington to lose all of their games and twenty twenty I would like them to go like six and ten five and eleven have a couple upset wins, not against the Eagles obviously begins dowse New York just so they are out. Out of the Justin fields and Trevor Lawrence territory come the twenty twenty one juror. This brings me to our second discussion against an NFC east arrival. The New York giants Actually Eagles have a winning record against New York all time eighty, six, eighty, four to just get out just having that winning record not by a lot. They do have that winning record not GonNa. Hold all over the head of my giants friends from college they can make fun of about it that the eagles historically been terrible team, and just because of the success they've had last two decades has completely overtaken the giants and the all time leaderboard last twenty four Games Eagles are twenty and four against New York giants. They haven't be in the eagles and back to back gains. Since the George Bush administration and there've been. Countless countless mortgage more than any team in the League Eagles have memorable moments against the New York giants, I'm talking about Chuck benchmarks crushing devastating on Frank Gifford I'm talking about her. Edwards and the first miracle at the meadowlands I'm talking about Brian. WESTBROOK's punt return in a second miracle meadowlands I'm talking about the Sean Jackson's punt return at the miracle at the new meadowlands I'm talking about Jake. Elliott's season altering life faltering franchise altering sixty one yard field goal in week. Week three, two, thousand, seventeen that sent the eagles on a path to a nine game one st in super. Bowl title I'm talking about Randall Cunningham Duck and Carl banks throwing a strike in the end zone on Monday night football during the era, and putting him on the map of a true superstar, one of the most marketable players in the league marketable N. remarkable at the same time, and the I eighty four games from the two franchise's inception, historically the giants. Underway tiddle in the early hour of the NFL did quite well one a couple of championships. Obviously, the famous game is the nine hundred and fifty eight championship game. You know the first you know. Greatest game ever played which I'm sure is be yes, but it was the first time the NFL was really did some numbers on television. First game was really broadcast widely on television in a ton of people watched it, and obviously the sport has been the same since so strongly. The giants are good so up until through nineteen, seventy five. Which I pick that year because Dick from y'all took over the Eagles in seventy six, so through their the I eighty four games of eagles giants rivalry. Eagles were thirty to fifty to not great, but since then you've taken men and fifty four thirty four league, there was one bad stretching. From nineteen, ninety seven, so the end of the railroads was made the playoffs in nineteen, ninety six didn't make it again. Until two thousand so ran out range right there from nine hundred, ninety seven, the two thousand eagles lost nine games in a row to the giants that was a good Arab. Giants football giant, the Super Bowl in two thousand. And whilst to the Ravens in the championship, they believe out the Vikings and NFC, championship, game At the meadowlands coincidentally the giants Eagles, not once not choice, but three times met season they beat the eagles in the divisional round after the Eagles in the first playoff game of the read and Don mcnabb era, after they beat Tampa Bay buccaneers. They went to the old meadowlands lost in your ear went onto the super. Bowl and thankfully loss at Baltimore Ravens. That was when Ray Lewis one. MVP Trento horrors quarterback. Two thousand one. The switch flits. Eagles swept the giants for the first time since nineteen sits, and they wanted a vision for the first time since nineteen ninety eight not as most memorable four weeks set a week. Sixteen Eagles eked out a win. Against Newark, they almost almost loss the last play of the game. The giants friend is crazy. Flea flicker to Barbara to Ron Dixon. When's the last time you heard the name Ron Dixon? Damon Moore thank late. Eagles safety at the time tackled Dixon out the one or two or three or something like that Eagles almost blew it in classic. Eagles, fashion, they held on one of the vision for the first time since eighty eight. Over a decade giant still make the playoffs that year in the Eagles finding that giants monkey off their back. And it was just so rewarding to see. That's the first evil's real concrete memory of in my mind, so it's one of those things that will always stick with me. I'll always love that two thousand one eagles. That's First Eagles team, and that's the first game I. Really Remember so you know hate in the giants is at the essence of the core of my eagles fan on just as much as the next team will discuss I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. But through the two thousands, the eagles and giants were the two primary NFC east teams. And into the early twenty tens given that on. Two bowls in two thousand seven two thousand eleven. Eli Manning at some unbelievable playoff appearances the patriots in both years, but even then he was one a division Monday times, and obviously as we know, won the super bowl in twenty seventeen year, in which they beat the giants twice jake, Elliott kick fantastic season I loved it I still think we owned the giants I'm not scared. By Daniel Jones Daniel Jones I'm not scared of them in the slaves. And I think again like Washington I want them to okay this year in when five or six games, you know and beat the cowboys. Hopefully once I have one of those wins just again because I don't want to give up on Danny dime nickname for what a crap layer to quickly and I do not want them to be in the Trevor Lawrence Justin fueled joining you. You know if they have the number one pick, they might just take over running back for an offensive guard or something, because they had no idea how to build a franchise and twenty, what eighteen may selected running back with the second overall pick in the draft? He's the best running back. In the NFL and the team is absolute garbage. Show he doing what you're doing Dave. I love. It will be had a lifetime contract in New York. Baseball truly, it is awful I'm phillies writer? Justin clue, join me every week along with John Stolnis. Liz. Rozier Dr Trevor. strunk as we discussed all the ways. The phillies of hurt us on our podcast hidden season as well as historical anecdotes and Rar, emotional ramblings on shows, continued success and the dirty inning subscribe to the good fight, and you'll get conversations with insiders analysis of breaking news and stats stats stats together. We'll survive. Whatever baseball can throw at us? You know who the last team is going to be i. see the best for last. Thing That gives me life. The joker to my Batman the thing. I cannot live without he eagles cowboys, rivalry, obviously Dallas and historically great franchise. All this bowls all glory. The America's team bs all that crap. Shoot earlier is the national games the Thanksgiving gains, which is completely unfair advantage on. We'll get to different time about having Thursday game at home every single year. It's crap again netted discussion for later in the seas. Obviously, the Eagles all time record against Dallas, not particularly great. Fifty to sixty six. From December sixty seven until nineteen seventy eight data stretch where they were two and twenty one. against. The cowboys and that's obviously Tom Landry Roger Staubach. Couples who royal titles in period really down here Eagles football. My Dad was born in sixty nine so now he used to say that his father, my grandfather. Would discuss that. They didn't really they were never making this. They were crap. So the one thing they hope for year was to be doused. That was there Shula Bowl. They could just eat dowse once or twice in this season. That, was that made everything. Obviously, a didn't really happen. Given the. Su- out of twenty three games. But then the tide started the turn. In nineteen eighty, the will play the cowboys three times next season. They won two of them and most notably in the nineteen eighty NFC championship Game Rommel, but run run wilder run Wilbert Montgomery's icon. ICK, iconic touchdown, writing at the cowboys. The send them to the super. Bowl were they unfortunately to the against the Oakland Raiders. They weren't L. A. UP and. You know that was the first time it really felt like. The Eagles WanNa cowboy that was really that was all those eagles. Fans of that generation had was. That's why my dad. My Dad is what? Turn fifty one years old this fall that's. That's his thirty eight thirty seven nats, his big thing. That was the first time in his life. He felt like the eagles were truly truly better from the cowboys, and all the you know the junk that he grew up with with eighteen, heading the cowboys in just having all the bandwagon fans around on South Philly in the area. No thrown in your face. All those losers eagles were better than him on that day. Nick never take that away from the eagles thick. Never take that away from Wilbert Montgomery. Dick never take that from my father. And that's what I love about. Eagles cowboys, running in the buddy are from eighty. Six to ninety eagles had a great run. Against the capitals going nine one undergoing a little tangent, right? For one of my favorite stories, not just an NFL screw when all sports I'm talking about the nineteen eighty-seven, NFL strike, and if your followers subscriber to my newsletter, which religion this podcast, you like what I talk about. How are you not subscribing my newsletter? Patriot dot com back slash just two bucks a month two dollars. CHEWED is not three five two dollars per month I. Send You a newsletter every day Monday through Friday Six, seven eight nine hundred words helped him out. Philadelphia scored soon. pop culture talk with no sports being on the download right now, the pandemic. But you're eagles fan like my podcast like my twitter. It's just two bucks from around sign up beloved soon as eagles, season comes around as soon as the NBA Angel. MLB started again this summer. You'll be thankful that you have. One thing I've talked about frequently in my newsletter is a nineteen eighty seven NFL strike. And obviously I support the players, a thousand percent is that the players wanted you know the league became increasingly. Profitable and the players just wanted equal pay have more coverage for health benefits. Obviously, football's a devastating sport on players bodies on their minds on their brains. As we've seen in decades, and the players deserve that money. They're the ones going out in the field. There's the ones who are performing. No one's going to an eagles game to watch knowing. Brahman sit in the owner's box. The go near to watch reggie, white and Randall Cunningham. That's who they are going to see. My quick, not knowing Brahman or whoever owners they're out there. Marija little bit from my newsletter. I talked about the newsletter couple time to go on this little tangent. I start with a quote from Dick for meal. People take the Eagles for granted. A lot of guys have heard me say never let anyone take for granted. I get the feeling the dallas. Cowboys take us for granted right now. We're here because we earn the rights of the. Dallas cowboys. For granted bull whip there. You know what I hate the cobbles. It's in my blood. You're a third generation. Cowboys Hater as my dad said to me. It's part of my DNA in the rationality, the cowboys represent the antithesis of everything that makes the Eagles Philadelphia special. No story better personifies the dichotomy. Between the Cowboys Eagles. Fan Bases then the tail of the nine hundred seven NFL straight. There was a twenty four day strike. During week four through week, six of that NFL season much like the Keanu reeves movie that glorified scabs NFL owners feel the roster with replacement players cross the picket line while the NFL players association in better injury, care and salaries and increasingly profitable sport. Are Yun is only good as its members. If those union members remain cohesive collective, they can be a unified front while fighting for what they believe in not across the NFL remain more unified during the strike in the Philadelphia Eagles, Philly as I'm sure you're well aware. As a hardcore blue collar town with a strong union presence union made my body's Union May, Dad. Union worker proud of it. Support Union Workers Everywhere Eagles exemplified that aspect of their city as just three players cross the picket line doing so solely for injury reasons with the blessing of their teammates. The birds formed a human chain American replacing players who cheesecake owner. Norman Rodman. Who is a disgrace? Got To fill out the eagles roster. From Practicing Eagle's even listened to help the teamsters to enforce their strike. It was hard or I really can't see something like that ever happened today. That type of unity between players in the fan base I just don't see what the dichotomy way lot players unfortunately people and fans in the common folk. You players as these you know egotistical rich people in reality. That's who the owners are. Pliers their workers. They're putting their bodies in lot. In week four that year Eagles got demolished against the bears thirty five three week five. Found them traveling dowse take on their biggest rival. This is rivalry week on espy nation, some talk about my favorite aspect of the heels cowher's. The cowboys are divided when it comes to destroy dowse like Texas hope is not a union stronghold. They have no pressure from the city to keep together Dallas owner Tex Schramm. Is A strike breaker. As superstars Randall Cunningham in Reggie white remain in solidarity with their striking brothers. Countless cowboys players crossed the picket line, and off dowse pro bowl quarterback, Danny White, in addition hall of Famers, Tony, Dorsett and randy white or among those did. Terrible. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE DISGRACE! How can you like Dallas after that? Given the gigantic disparity in town as eagles were using guys who hung out in the at Seventeen Shung. The birds were embarrassed, losing forty, one the twenty two. Legendary cowboys coach Tom Landry. Being Smug, you know what that he was round the score instruct defiance of the strike, another side of the Field Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan privately supported a strike and his players. He was fuming. Landry embarrassed him the eagles. Philadelphia the northeast dozen forget. As more and more players cross the picket line. The strike ended after week six without the NFL given to any of the players demands. It didn't work because of the cowardice of guys like doors set and white, the eagles roster back, though and getting ready to further week seven opponent the cowboys, they would now be playing at home at Veterans Stadium The legendary the iconic veteran stadium. Want blood as he should have. Everything. DOWSE and Landry didn't use a feel. His players, the Burj showcasing power acting as one. took an insurmountable lead. Over. The cowboys worth thirty to twenty late in the game. After kneeling on two consecutive place Eagles are faced with thirty nine thousand situation at the cowboys, thirty five yard line with just ten seconds left on the clock. A Neil endgame body has a trick up his sleeve. Though when Randall Cunningham takes the snap under center. He fakes kneel down catching the cowboys players whose expected Lazy End to the game off guard and serving a dart to Mike Ensign. Quick it's them all by dowse defense back trying to prevent the sheer baron from happening. The cowboys are fly with pass. Interference Eagles are given the ball at the one yard. You know what happens next Cunningham takes a snap hands it off to run back east. Leaps, over the line of scrimmage in in for touchdown. The Birds Win, Thirty, seven twenty. They rammed the score just as Landry did a few short weeks back. It was humiliating humiliating. Move on Buddy, Ryan's or And being the blue collar guy like to believe I am. And not I could not I could not love it more. It's the ultimate revenge play on a franchise as repulsive in this town as the Dallas cowboys. Yes, needles didn't make the postseason at year, but it surely felt like the beginning of the buddy, Ryan are and swagger, the absolute swagger. Those squads would always carry themselves with the next season. was went eleven and five, and made the playoffs the next season the cowboys went one and fifty. Mic Drop my job Mike Drum. That's not it though. I Thought it was done talking about the cowboys almost the half hour mark. You thought it was done talking about the cowboys. I think back to the Eagles last game. End Kelly Green January seven nineteen ninety-six. The Eagles lost playoff game to the eventual champion Dallas. Cowboys. That was the last game in last season. The Eagles were Kelly Green say midnight Green Kelly Green last time they were Kelly. Green, that also happened to be the last time eagles. Or she said last time the cowboys. Ever wanted to. In everyone's super bowl again as eagles in that nineteen ninety-six season. Change, their colors from the classic Kelly Green to the modernized midnight green. Obviously, that's a whole debate. My podcast. He was one who midnight green. They should keep that forever so I grew up on Kelly as a third Bosnia, Jersey go for Neagle. Switch the midnight ninety six. They made the playoffs that year and I think back to in November I believe. The game was late in the game. Troy aikman frozen interception? To James Willis in Dallas. WHO's running the sideline? James Waltzes linebacker Big Boys Lavar curtain style Linebacker, he laterals at the Troy Vincent who's scammers, all the way to the end zone for touching on a gain ceiling picks hand off whatever you WanNa, call it. And it was at that moment that the power shifted away from thousand NFC East. They were no longer the premier team in the NFC. As. We talked about before the giants had that ninety seven to two thousand runs so Kinda went to work at that point. But by the twenty first century was premiered. Seem the NFC east, but the Philadelphia Eagles. Blogging the boys, the terrible terrible terrible cowboys here at the nation that did it tweet the other day that I came upon on the time on said, what is your cowboys? Would your favorite cowboys rivalry presuming talking to cowboys? Fans none of them. Are Dallas subsidy live all across the country? And I said my favorite cowboys robbery is the cowboys versus twenty percent. But since then as was discussing. New Eagles have gobbles. owned, but the eagles been been that premier team and NFC east over the last two decades. In the end, read our. They were sixteen and twelve came with those four straight NFC championship game appearances division titles, the iconic four to six game in two thousand eight, where they absolutely smashed destroyed a winner. Go home game in week seventeen against the cowboys Brian Dawkins last home, green home game in midnight green for the birds. The hozeal Hanson everyone it was it was it was a game. It was a night. The GIARDI turned into a Nardi unbelievable day in Eagles history. I wish I. was there have season tickets yet, but again historically I wish I could have gone. Then we have the twenty seven. Thirty seven to ten game birds losing ten to nine halftime Sunday night football was getting a little stressed out. Twenty eight on answer points. In the second half of the Niger Brad Defensive Touchdown Eagles Lot one for two times I believe what early in the Game Kenyan Barner to touch now, leaper not. And, then, obviously, as a kind of twenty, twenty-seven seen, the rivalry has gone up a notch even more since the twenty sixteen track with the teens landed their respective franchise quarterbacks, the Eagles Carson wentz in the cowboys in Preska, unfortunately to this day to appoint that hurts me in my heart, and my body makes me physically sick right now to say. And the Doug Peterson our the cowboys. Have, a better record than eagles had eagles, a three and five against the cowboys twenty sixty. Twenty twenty NFL season goes on his plan. I Expect Eagles who ran the league this season at five hundred, or maybe even better. The both teams made the playoffs. We're going three and out. We're going three against Dallas this year I'm GonNa. Go aren't predict that right now. The Eagles and cowboys going to make the Playoffs Eagles are GonNa win the division. They're not the number one seed in the NFC dowse in the regular season in the second round, the divisional around the First Eagle's playoff game at the twenty one season. They going to get Dallas at home and they're gonNA smack the crap that. Know, what. They win three games gas, what they're six and five against the cowboys in the Doug Peterson our. It's going to happen on telling you. It's going to happen I. Need this NFL season. Go on I. DON'T CARE IF I can't even be there in the stands again if it'd be terrible, Eagles home, even the link. I couldn't be there physically, but the same. Same time I know it's best for the world I know. Health comes first bigger than sports. Football does go on. We have some someone's of the season loud enough as long as we get those two cowboys games, and that Eagles defeated the cowboys and the playoffs. That'd be twenty. Tony will still be pretty terrible one of the worst series of all time also. Part of my civil lines playbook as issue. That's it for me shameless clancy on the great the great. Radio PODCAST, this is the Best Eagles podcast network out there unquestionable, so many diverse voices out there. On broad, we have the fantastic breakdown. Seeming Michael Casts and measurements SOLLAC. We have historical data in the house of the NFL around the League John Stolnis. We have the great beat writers on be. Doing pods for us with the Premier Bgn podcast and the Hilarious Jin Kamsky, and the always informative readily gallon are overlord at. That's it for me. Chambers clancy sitting here. You know got hit for July. We off this. Friday and Monday just bought unintended switch, so they're really getting plans Zeldin plane crash team, Racing Planning Mardell Game Nights. Hang out house on. been buying a lot of eagles, crap on ebay talked about that before I love doing that. Did that interview with Casey? Rare vintage, the no thrift vintage sporting store. You look at that podcast. Just search my twitter feed look on. Search shameless for no podcast on their on my twitter account will be able to find it doing of great pods least recently, no going to wrap it up in the future for all those guys and gals and our. You identify yourself out there. I'd have been doing those eagles. Friday night through flashback watch. Parties I haven't done them from last several weeks. Given the civil unrest in this country thought it was inappropriate to be highlighting promoting this find. Eagles! Watch, party, when really more great things going on the world, things are pretty serious out there. Black lives matter I support that entire movement. To the fans of that little feature that will those little things I put on on Friday nights. No people vote on a throwback game that will. Come back after this fourth of July weekend so next Friday that would be July tenth there will be a watch party that that Friday will do a little hole early next week for people to vote on which game they want to Vote on their watch that night. If you're listening to this just tweet, tweet me, you have an idea of no gaming moment of feature look. Stream it online, but yet me on twitter at misunderstood clancy, subscribe subscribe subscribe. To both. Be General podcast network on Apple will spotify. Whatever networker podcast numbers US listening to this. Howdy are not do that. As well as my Patriot newsletter, please please in China increase my freelance. Work any little bit helps just two dollars per month. Get Literally Twenty newsletters almost twenty thousand words nearly a month for two dollars. That's that's Great Valley. That's unbelievable value on probably selling myself short views. That's it. This has been rivalry with the from the podcast as always seamus clancy. Guys with big time go birds. G. Hey there podcast pals I'm John Stolnis the host of the Phillies pod hidden season, one of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball season is one hundred sixty two games long, and there's no way you can watch all those games, so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week. For all the fills goodness, you could ever want to make sure to check out our other great podcasts including the award winning the dirty inning with Justin, clue and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin and Liz Rozier. Subscribe Apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP.

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