S2E128: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 03/24/21


The how some things displaying seattle patch been two yeoman giving aids sean hobbies beach missed any j. along host bobby cologne on comedy world. Net radio the show be monitored up paying for county radio. This is n. e. j. from the saheb harvey morning show featuring the wake of catch on talk radio klab into my kings and queens out there. Okay like my mother. Say i think offer jesus. Today's a weird wednesday. It is wednesday march. Twenty four twenty twenty one eighteen minutes out the welcome to shawn wanted. Show featuring co-host barbie cologne where you get your morning started right. Why not only early to get you want to write. The chapman's wide open. Please call five seven zero nine six nine five zero iheartradio radio dot com wanna show dot com fan radio station distributed by comedy world radio all major podcast platforms Google sean everyone. Show featuring team it gives you all the links where we're located Dismounting on social media. We were facebook Please like our business patient morning show feature up team business page. And you'll get notified. Monday to friday from seven seven ten in the morning when we go live. Join our group sean. Harvey show featured wake of team group. Hamas group won't facebook my opinion. Come and join the party. Vite yourself we invite you in and then you can start posting from there. Thank you so much we appreciate. You bought a cologne on a weird wednesday. Good morning barbie. Good to see you. And god bless god bless here in bethlehem where we work has lab to your from. It is forty eight degrees right now. The highest going to be fifty five. Today it is going to be cloudy and raining all day today. So please take some rain gear with you if you have to go out and strasbourg. Forty six degrees fifty four high cloudy and rain as well forty six in newark new jersey rain old. I'm sorry cloudy now but late rain there and it's going to start around one pm. The highest going to be fifty five. Stay in new york city. Forty eight degrees fifty. Seven will be the high cloudy and rain atlanta. It's sixty one degrees if Seventy five for the high cloudy in some rain around some some sun around twelve This afternoon is going gonna come on a little bit in miami seventy degrees clear all day in sunny eighty one for the high fifty four inch chicago Fifty seven would be the high mostly cloudy someone in possibility of some showers Throughout today in los angeles degrees a seventy five will be the high in clear. Sixty one louisville seventy three high cloudy and rochester. It's fifty four degrees. Sixty four would be the high cloudy and rain today. That's the have for you are wasn't look like where you are barbagallo coming to you. Lie from the show. Heavy-water show is city. Jay will you get to morning starting to start a right way of eight phillies and give me some rain. On top of the rain will path. We have a front page news with saint jay. That's the as even at the top of the hour at nine o'clock be. We did lose locally. We'll give you the news nationally. We give you the news from her. Get all of the place agree that come from the hood so stay tuned front page news. Sydney j mississippi n. y. And we also have the morning. Plus everyone wanted a guaranteed on this rainy day as logging commode has is reporting We have your head wasn't before nine. Am this woman they will be. Harvey spoils you guys pay tuned to citizens doberman there when we come back with shop this the heart set in the chat news. Show your love for much of what we do before we go back to our below the james here he would simply because it's a rainy day on the east coast. Clap with you right down. Being light aid stay sean. Hobby beach miss any j. Along without goals. Bobby cologne comedy world radio the show featuring raping for accountable lithuania jay from the morning show featuring the wake of pm. Catch on comedy world radio back. We're back again It is wednesday. Wednesday march twenty four twenty twenty one twenty six minutes after the one show featuring jaylo goals barbie get you started right only place on earth we get. You wanna start right. Twenty six minutes after east coast this real quick the local weather actually. Okay all right thank you would some rain of rain effect here in bethlehem. It is little rainy right now. That's we broadcast cast. Latino bethlehem pennsylvania. The weather is forty eight degrees. It's ringing with cloudy and it's going to be tricky for the high in strasbourg. Forty six three fifty. Four will be the highest value and raymond well in jersey. It is forty. Six degrees of high will be fifty five today rain late day around one pm so please take rank it with you out and about in new york city. Forty eight degrees fifty. Seven will be the high cloudy and rainy well. Sixty one in atlanta seventy five degrees. Cloudy right now with some sun after twelve pm today. Seventy miami eighty-one for the high clear and chicago with his the grease the highest v. Seven today is going to be mostly cloudy with some Possibility of rain and los angeles fifty nine degrees and seventy five will be the high clear. Sixty one in louisville seventy for high cloudy and rochester in his fifty degrees. The high will be sixty four today. Cloudy and rain. As to whether i have for you all what to look like where you are cologne coming to you. Live from the show. Heavy morning show featuring sidney j we got right from one place on earth where you get. You started right on this rainy wednesday. A weird wednesday a quick announcement cooking. I'll talk show every day sunday night. Last april the twenty eighth at the iron mill april eighteenth at the. Im you'll two thousand twenty one. Where's the is located park film. Thirty one south delaware. Dr aced pennsylvania. Okay doors open up at five pm. Showtime six o'clock headlined by the new york king talent komo now we've got a lot of people come now. Please don't wait to the last minute and you you know you're left outside in the spring weather come on now. Sunday april eighteenth sunday night laughs eastern pennsylvania new eight thirty one south delaware hosted by boy harvey dj hospitals. We'll be playing music so we have a good time so come on now. a free. Admission is a drink. Minimum is a food minimum. Can't come in there sitting down not spending no money so come on atlantic city. We had a few tickets left. Okay that's april the second third few weeks. Now what is that. That's two weeks so be done alantic city the whole entire weekend snap. Yeah so come on out. We'll have a great time. We're gonna party. We gonna laugh and have a good time so and we will practice in the safety protocols in the state of new jersey in the state of pennsylvania. Wear your masks komo now you know. We're gonna be wearing masks for the next three years so don't worry about. Bring your masks out. Let's have a good time p safe you want to go out there and your gloves. And if they're wearing gloves you look crazy in the streets right now but if that's what you need to do that's what you need to do for you to wear those gloves out in these streets. Then go ahead and do that so if you wanna wear your gloves to the iron mule on the eighteenth you can do that. And why dirty gloves ten. If you wanna wear your dirty white gloss to atlantic city you can do that because if you wearing those white gloves you stay away from me. Because i don't know where your hands been and you very contagious now. We're going down to costa rica over five. Hundred people are in the building and we still have a few rooms left for that now. We are trying to take over the hotel. So that is July twenty second through the twenty six with be down there shall be more show featuring wakeup team will be in costa rica. We will be broadcasting. Their tuesday wednesday wednesday thursday and friday of that week of we have celebrity interviews We have the guests that we interview. And so we're gonna have a good time down there in costa rica. that's adult ultimate sole escape. Twenty twenty one Costa rica July twenty second to twenty six come on now. I'll be in new jersey tomorrow night with rich. You boys got more stage. Barbagallo bringing that heat bringing heat. Smokey suarez to. Ray gorge myself and stephanie off. Beloved stephanie. key Be in the building being strand pennsylvania. Saturday night And next week. I'll let you know women. And i say all this barbie before we get into the show is For this last year well. It's been almost over a year now so this time. Last year everything was closed. It was done down. And then this last year you boy harvey has become domesticated. Yep i've been in the crip bingo. I went ten years of the eleven years at the nightlife straight. Like being up at eleven and twelve one o'clock in the morning to nothing for me man even even at this age. Now house for you You got used to sleep nearly well. Well here's the deal. Now in being a domesticated for two twenty twenty year twenty twenty because i literally dead About maybe seven comedy shows for someone who does at least four comedy shows minimum a week right. Sometimes it's even every night of the week but minimum throughout all these years. I've four comedy shows a week and promoting in in in in networking things. That we do. Yes and i went from that to doing nothing right. Thank god to You know all these states and federal governments are kept a group programs. That kept me going for. Yeah appreciate thank you now. I've become used to going to bed in the bed. Barbeque clone at nine pm. I stay at nine o'clock. I go to bed not so now i'm in bed. And and of course the relationship right and this woman has the day job right yes. She's home at night like the rest of y'all And i was domesticated for the whole year. Was that was a great look right. There got a chance to know the young lady right right. I make syria barrier back for that right now. Now now that the world and open up the phone is starting ring. Now i gotta come back outside most bringing and now i'm excited. I'm excited for you. But now here's the problem. Though i'm fully domesticated not fully i'm fully vaccinated at but i'm also fully domesticated here the best donated man to show that i'm supposed to do tomorrow night in woodbridge new jersey. This already sold out because want to come outside to come outside so ads. The thing is this guy was telling me when we beating go be the about before nine. I'm like for not. Let's have a show start at eight a little bit out aid. But that's the time i'm supposed to go on talk. What he's saying is like if you don't wanna come to the whole show before now going but as a comedian. You like to do surveillance work. You wanna come early and see what's going on. You don't know what's going on. So i'm a little bit. I'm gonna be there at about little bit after eight going at nine around that time and my thought was man homeless about before midnight. Used to show how do. Oh how do i how do how do i do that. How i gotta start retraining. The mind the mind now. Because i gotta get back into Living that nightlife again. And don't get the wrong. When i say living the nightlife is not the turn up that you think it is for me. It's just like you guys. But in reverse and i'm going to work. I love my job. I love to do but i'm working. It's not the turn up. When i was doing comedy turned up. it was drinking. It was the china's allowed. I was new in a game. That's not the case right now. This is straight work straight business but the problem is how i'm i'm i'm projecting into tomorrow already guy. I gotta go to woodbridge. What's really not that far. Sony now a bit over now but you know to think that you said you've been home for a whole year you domesticated you go to bed. We in the bed by eight sleep by nine. Now you outside now late now. There's talk about that now. The company of me being in the crib. God has blessed me with having a roof over my head and i truly appreciate that night and totally grateful for that. But let's talk about that now. I have this rhythm at home that i really enjoy remote control. I like elaine up in the bed like walking through the crib like being home and stand on really do like being there from somebody who was never home and before moving with tiny had this apartment and that was never there never there so now. I'm going to make a decision. Everyone today right here on the show. Harvey one show. We fishing waco team show. Harvey has made a decision. But this is the decision is this my being domesticated is done. It's over today. Well yeah so rather get back outside work. The beast is out all snap. Harvey is back to being harvey. I'm back outside jamal. All my glory and moving forward. I'm going to embrace the night life going to embrace it. Y'all back tomorrow. When i go out there god willing to not drive out there to We're bridge new jersey. I'm not going feel the you know hesitant or ages. Oh my god. I gotta get back home but no sober am back outside at night. The domestication has left from me. I don't give a damn about net flicks no more. I don't give a damn about cnn. I don't give a damn about all the old school rerun shows. Don't give a damn about the new shows. I don't even give a damn about me. Looking at my device in the bed stolen do social media for no reason at all. I don't care about that. Harvey is this clever. Yes and on this rainy day wabi cologne. I sympathize with you. I'm going to see if i can get you. An emergency man will quit from domestication to a man right. What i let him lizzie. Lizzie show audi no mercy me goods reading this days like this when the coal reality sets in from you because bobby clone i care about you and i sympathize with you today on this rainy day bobby cologne There's not a man incite with a might i need. I need a single man. Call into dave say even dose. Is these good morning texas or in box with other will need a real man. You don't even if you in a relationship or now gone. I need a man Of your whole even if you're gonna be relationship or not. I want you to reach out to all the ladies in the chat room. Starting with bobby cologne and just say good morning. Because it's tough for women like barbeque cologne. No realize she got out of that bed. That coal bed oversight of that is like icicles. Whole a matter of fact ladies me. He's sheboygan are hard so all the ladies look at me through this camera well. I'm not a camera. I want to say this ladies. This is your boy. Sean harvey i just want to say i'm with you Owners rainy day win. It should be a cuddle situation. I can't cuddle with you. But i have cuddle thoughts fellows want show to call in. I want to say. Good morning to bobby cologne and wish her a nice cuddling situation. She will be able to cuddle by herself but design a man in sight. I need a man right now. If you don't mind call in Whether few in relationship. Not my friends. Say good morning to barbie cologne. Because i sympathize with her. She got up this morning by herself. Put a little gloss on iran out the door with the big giant comfortable and the comforter is not comfortable so ladies if you run to your beautiful comfort or that's not comfortable. I want to say to you. Oh god has you in his heart and his mind. Cause i know how tough it is because i know how many days is led by myself so you and there was no one to claim man's and smarter cleaner. 'cause you actor up you active real dope right now. I do not have a women to cut a with me. And i'm sure on this rainy day by april. It must be something his call. Y'all show is trip in on this rainy day of march twenty four twenty twenty one at forty two minutes after the hour. I'll ladies i sympathize with you. And i'm with you team comforter you got outta that bed this one and you it with that with that one confident and those sheets that you have that are so clean and that flex green war on this rainy day when you wanted to turn around and have the good feelings of a strong man or chubby man. Some like chubby men. And it's nothing wrong with that because that was missing from youtube day. Your boy shawn harvey's here to say this. I stand with you. I stand with you. Ladies and your comforter i stand with you shawn no need someone to call right now. Bed call route so we can show the women in the challenge and ladies in a chat room that have a man. And you don't want that man nowhere near you this morning with you as well because lot of your data waking up this morning on this rainy day and then the perfectly romantic scenario you will love to go over there and cuddle buddy which which beloved. But you can't stand his ass evil. I'm here full show. What's an more aids. Stop drink here for you. I am here for you because i sympathize with what you're going through this morning. I'm not only and it's only because i care because bobby cologne those men that box you in the morning. The five hundred inbox you get in the morning for men. These random inboxes that might feel a little bit of that void in your heart. It doesn't substitute from what i'm saying to you bobby cologne. I sympathize with you because that bed was cold was war was so cold that bad and i got a whole to myself at bed on a rainy morning so code. It wasn't a man inside. And even though you in the back of your mind you lawn for one long piece man but we would you be interested in the long piece of wanna rainy day. I'll try my best to find you a long piece of. Oh my goodness show a what is today so that that ladies. I'm on both sides if you lonely if you think you're lonely now wait into tomorrow but tomorrow's here and there's not a man inside i'm here and for the ladies who are laying wolfman going dan will. You won't be nowhere around his funky ass. I sympathize with you. More than i do with barbie cologne. 'cause you gotta sit there with this man. My gosh this neighbor day show. Have you know. I am here to advocate for your cuddle. And i'm here to advocate for your comforter bobby cologne before we take a break. I want to say this get off. Be like get down to say that. I find she sought of a long man and claim this day that i you know i stand by you for your deficit of long man. That lowly trust me when i tell you on that lonely you are lowliest head and i stand by you and it's okay to share how you feel and it's okay. I know how you feel you ask this morning especially for you like he needed up those. It's because you are today trip bid and it's okay because you have a loving family we notice but you short of a man and that's facts and this when you woke up the new hold the rain drop and there was a man in sight out. Pray for me. Please because sean it all wants day juanita scored like this either. When the sun's out. This and i hope one day soon you would. All the others will achieve your prophecy. I'm fine. I am fine break. Would it be safe to say that. You are sure that it will be safe to say that why we is fine. And and how long have you been. Short of a man. Barbie is okay. Go by yourself trust me. Why are we is doing quite well this morning by yourself. How does nfl great. Do you have a king or queen size bed we got. It's a queen right so it's very small bit me small when you ended by zone. Let's show smaller mcqueen sizes for me and whatever man is in there with me. Okay so ladies just know this. I'm here as a friend. Short shorts here okay. Quick let's take a quick break. Convalescent mama through school maggie. You gonna get has been negative feedback. Labs comments common can't believe is one in. I'm digging into a gonna get ready. The renter deep Music stay owner very good spirits. Seen one of our little classic canoe put a. I hold them. We back on a winds shout through this people travel hanging out with us. They're hanging dale. Well a four-shot start you know You know like before. Shopping bargain on getting married. June the twelfth and this woman God bless. I've been. I just kind of just went though this question out to everyone because i just i just need to know. Harvey needs to know. So i'm a man barbie cologne. That's been married once. Yeah i've been married. want divorce. Three baby mothers. Okay five kids. Maybe they might be another baby mother out there. Never kit hold on. Hold on call a now. Cement is again boy. Sean hobby if you women out there. Chris if you women out there and we smash back in the day and you might have a baby by me and there's a son going on out there. Please call in the show. Five seven zero nine two six nine five zero show say that barbie because they do have five kids might have another one out there and if i do have a number one out there holler at your fall though. You'll get your boss. You're all right here all here. You found on radio hodel so have you wake up to. Who is sean morning. prop calling. I'm calling in for the last topic. You want you to a man to call in rivals. What saying i've got you. Hold on. I got i got bob'll listen. I got on the radio. Okay first of all. Who's this guy. He's your boy politics boy. Okay been first of all hold on bobby layman first of all. He's calling at the appropriate time because he has morning exactly and then you can hear his voice. He's got he got that way anyway with morning. Boys dow so he's calling the help out. Your boy sean. Harvey man is most qualified to say. Good morning to you right now. We'll give him the floor and also after you talk to bobby real quick play. I want you to the ladies in the chat room to. There's a deficit in there as well because a lot of them woke up this morning On a rainy day with that fly as comfortable that flat screen them all. I could help them all. You can help them. All plant doubt kevin the jaws pen. I don't know who this is. How i don't even care who it is. You might look like flow l. show. I'm say who it is at the end goal limited out right now i just wanna matter. Do you think good morning. good way. Feel what are you feeling. I'm doing good. I'm laying back. Therapy was at seven o'clock. This morning laid back. I'm laid back in therapy right now on the tape and i was telling fan and shaw made a good point so i just wanted to come clean it just holler at you. Oh told you divorce. I'm divorced komo bob noble. It is by who divorce on divorce august. he he can't even barbie. This guy's on a therapy are you. Do you have any clothes on earth. A really weird talking to you ravi. He got a towel another national. Call the man with a towel over. No no no no no no no. I'm not on that topic. I got back. I got back issue now. Web of says sounds like a grown man. I noticed says But probably your faces. You smell crazy but baby. You smell booze. Almost got like a little flirtatious like you. Blushing a little bit blessing. But that's probably you faces. I space is wide in your today. Is what it is. You know what it is like. I always liked mak- female fill sweet and his passion for i have two daughters. So it's like match. some of these guys is just. don't come from the same clause and they. I don't know they go wrong. You know barbara got a nice mile sexy spout. It's might be a little too young for me. Sweeper okkas without the brunt might by opportunities. But i i don't know i can't about want to just told don't i just don't want to hurt you say before you wait a min party before you spend all your resources on bobby. I want you to fail. I want you to wreck. Direct this energy to all our beloved queens in the chat room that i that i was showing love to earlier because i sympathize with them. And i'm here for them because these are mcqueen's chattel right now before back to barbie. I need to redirect that energy. If you don't mind play ice. Barbie i still. I don't have no idea. I'm talking to but this guy is with me i quiz. Yeah go queens queens chat role right so you got to your train pain in a ad right but the manual trains could be funny but he could be immature at the time. So you can't coach him be okay. I gotta come batch you could guy but some men is like on a slow and lower level some guys just don't have it they just not the one so what you have to do is do queenly stuff cook clay love on and eventually come naturally love you back. Then he just may not be one and downsize. You'll bed the cane. He every every queens advocates. Because one day you wanna cane in it which is why can't be no twin bed and you write me off older newton's room for not completing we have you know like we eat out of small plate then we in the small bed. Oh every every lady chat room. I need you to go out and get big. I got a case. Right now. And i'm and i'm landing. Npa night but when when queen come it's enough room. Listen to me you dropping these jews showing you absolutely right. Ladies and the channel. I'm not even chat. I don't even know what's going on ladies in the chat room. That's right upgrade bobby. Cologne upgrade nerve. Enough to be queen bobby cologne and you clean your king sized bed like this young man somerset. Go be y'all gonna help by example that as any listen lays ladies. This young man is absolutely right. Going out the rid of that queen size bed and get you a king size bed for your awaiting king will arrive that long man that you don't have this morning. Did a service this morning. All the queen's that listen to this going to applaud you bro hernandez employed yet not my very low bar ball so i gotta king-size bed right now. You came over for damon right now. So you came over. I'm not talking about just you solo but you came over friends without now you trying to draw everybody leave and dan rea say well. Of course there is. I'm gonna just lay down. Shake it off. Remembers the king size bed like my joints is is. Actually i have a california king so the size that you are you know your small short you get in a bit. You fall asleep. I kid in the band as gentlemen sweat song like you know how many big which is now when you wake up three in the morning. He's a to me. How i mean like but you wanna queen or twin mean you you know like i'm bumping on you because it's so small dan you said egypt trying to get draws y'all ladies don't understand is light that bad you know you of your point. Way i have a california queen myself up ever is not blessed man. matter of fact. I don't even want to know who you are. You are dropping the jews this one an-and and it's appropriate ladies queen size bed out of there and get put that coin and kings got up book. Get that king size bed for this team. That's what you need to do right now. Ladies listen we gotta go apartment the disorder. The aren't hold on a second. This sort of fulfill your prophecies bobby cologne city three. Did it get close to fill in something. And i have five great. Who's this got. Who is this is. this is author. Philip really do more more than a grown man. My jews drop. Listen listen listen. I could go coach you and to your next laws. So if you want me do that carving. And i and i and not be a big brother bobby. You don't want any coaching coaching to your next love. Hold on hold on hold. Can't be meat. It can't be me. Because because i don't wanna i don't. I don't wanna hurt bar any gas. How much i like seeing. You really liked somebody. You can't be loud winning. Because i don't want her ain't ready for this love shaw. Y'all ready for god. She's not. I want to this to buy the right. He's not ready right. But i could coach she randy nice not ready. Black a coach. I coach bobby. You need to keep ready. And that's your problem. And this is a young man that he liked you so much but he wanted to get you ready for your next love if that's not the epitome of selflessness bob volunteering his services and ladies could you let me say so the ladies in the chat room as well because you might be getting some fans i still. I want you to say ladies. You don't wanna smash if you want to be a friend so they can find a short the whole point. See see these guys what. He's what he's boys on the chat room bar nothing but smash the drain ball. Go out to eat now. Fox ain't got by not eat. Thank god getting new jersey fox you know a broad. Let me hold your hand and walk you to your car. See that's gonna mountain bar. Got listen bob. God gave me a new set is shouldn't work. He said. So my eyes for you and is that is totally. Well you know a hold on a second now myself have a new set of eyes. I have a new set of is now smell. Yes she's smiling. She's blushing she yeah. There's a lot going on over here. She's gone through some emotional turmoil right. Now it's a good feeling good field and she bought but you you you plushest. Lift loss is going some. You need me to come clean up your house anything you know you need me do anything you want me to sleep. The carpet cleaned the carpet. You need to go watch a close which you need. What bobby bobby you know. He's he's he's inviting services. But you are factually short of a man today and said there's a man that's willing unconditionally bobby to help showing trust me. When i tell you. I am a okay. I'm on my way just last therapy. I'm on my way to do my empire. Eight thirty eight thirty eight thirty which denver. I'm strangely well. Listen let me tell you something. If barbie cologne is rejecting your office my friend and has grown men like you went. We've been rejected ten thousand times. We brushed that off. And keep pushing. I want you to read that right back into the chat room and acts our beloved beautiful queens in the chat room if they need any of your services today. Go ahead sylvia. If you don't mind cause bargains going to reject keep it pushing. Go ahead my friend. Not well sure. Demand that i am. I can't. I can't fall into that line because then i won't be a man so it's like on reaching and so you can't ask all these different females the same thing you gotta make one female field special. Well so lady chat room. Well sorry i can't. I can't off the thing offer ball. I'm gonna offer my queens in the chat. Lays after ten o'clock this morning king i. I would really literally they king anyway. King harvey is available for my queens. I won't need me to do something for you all now. He's redirecting back to you. Barbara call this is breaking news We gotta go this play carson. I don't get i get ready. People paid renta. You blue Hi with back or below all right. When we're wednesday march twenty four twenty twenty one fifteen minutes. We got our beloved ralph hollow on ralph. Hey ram good morning. Everybody just happy to be here me to but you sound you sound real good. Listen going disrespect my full-sized bay let me tell you why first of all a king size don't fit in his bedroom. If i put a king size bed near and got no room to walk around. But that's the suspect and let me tell you. The strategy behind the oath is back. The king the king size bed yes cool. It's nice spacious and all that all that does is just give homeroom to distance herself from. You is full sized bed right here. They got the lay up on me. They got next to me saying exactly. La la la ahead. Everything everything in this. One bedroom apartment is strategically. Mapped out for lady to cuddle up on you feel multiples because i keep them close to me. I mean sea of the brother. No disrespect but you just give them room to distance themselves. You giving a room. They get away. I'm not watching. What's your mouth when you talk to them to the to the man round here having so tackle place designed known full cuddling and its high roenick that this is a man who has place prepared for cuddling and he also doesn't have a woman insight not bar you. You'd be real disrespectful today. show you just try. You need start out. What side of the bed you aboard. But maybe i will need you to go back to sleep. Start with fresh now. Barbeque new mexico question. Okay mexico if you walked into a scenario of a royal hollow type of parliament where it is designed for cuddling just said it he. Just everything's designed. You gotta be laying on top go if you walked into a real holiday type apartment and saw full size bed. Was that take a full sized bed. Only one person right if it's two people showing stop stop at. That's way is to the twin full queen. So that means there's one person at a twenty fifth one person parkway at a four can fit people close so if you saw this full size bed how would you feel about that revive. I know the room not big enough to hold anything bigger. And have you ever smashed on the full size back. I have no well how how is smashing has been a minute for me. Houses smashing on a full size bed my friend. I mean it's actually it's actually came is what and i have a low bit. I have one of them like asian style low beds so you just fall right already link. Climb up nothing adding real. Is this a whole swag behind right right. Many men that got that good old then. I got that good old of foam mattress. That are if i mean that. A memory foam mattress. Which which the when you move in that s another low tricky when you move. I won't feel you moving like like if you if you sleeping. Alaska sneak out the bed without even knowing. You know it's a beautiful. I love it so it's safe to say you have done your best work on this Four size bed. would i mean. Listen at the end of the day. You know a lot of what's going on right now as been by choice. You know what i'm saying. A lot of of of the singleness. That's been going on has been by choice because i just don't want to waste. Nobody's time we know. And and because lately. I just coming across you know. Women is a great conversation but you know as far as the as far as that outlined in the plane me. I'm trying to slow down a little bit. I'm trying to put a lot of miles on the steps in this building. Actually you know you had the last girlfriend. Remember the pretty lice content of charlie lake. Slow me just chill out in row when when when when you broke up with the nice game pretty chicken when she ran a house still some. Hope like belongings in your crib. Well how did how did that. How does that work out when Because i've been thrown out of a lot of cribs. Work is any lingering like items laying around. Oh no it's funny that you say that actually a took off and put them in a box and senator cow. That's been the gentleman so you didn't right after the break up because barbie this items leftover leaving whoever's leaving is still these little things around so you did. You wasn't angry at nothing you did. The responsible thing and just kind of senator. Yeah i mean you know she you know i a sent her money and that's a hostile. She left money in your house. No i said her money based on like just so you know. She gave me a favor. When i got sick last year. And i you know. I said the bachelor nfl That's that's why role is gonna always win win win. When you broke up in your ex husband ran out of there who because i've done an running. Oh hey i never. I never went back to get anything. after breakup. they threw it out. Gave it to me. What happened with that. The did you send the eggs items back or digital everything in garbage now. I thought god didn't send it back. When he came home off the road his was packed as little room. He said what. Say your belongings. You can take your with with wherever you may reside by so you didn't give him any notice. He came home and you passed was packed at the front door now on nice dirty clothes and folding burn in my long with that stuff i it did sure did well. I've been thrown out of many houses. And i can't remember when the last time a woman wash my clothes anthony. How have you have you been in the show. Have you situation plastic bags running out the door. Police being called have you been. How'd you guys. You know why you know why that's never happened to me. Because apollo have instilled in me and my sisters from young. He always used to tell me all the time son. Make sure you have your own way. Nobody could throw you out and he instilled that i mean. That's why i've always had my own place. I've never moved in with a female ever. He's got we gotta go got respect us. He's right respect the full song so bobby cologne win. You were fed up and done so. You really wasn't done because if you was done why would you wash clothes. The clothes put it in the bag now. I'm i'm a pleasant person. I'm not nasty. So i said come. Get your belongings. I didn't tell them. I just say we good. We got home up throw from his little trip because truck drought his stuff was folded up nicely in may matter front door so you know you took a moment in wash the clothes and threw them out because i was washing clothes anyway. We took totally disrespectful. How is i was him out. And then the closer at the front door and he came in he something taking stuff and leave. He ain't even knows going door. He came up staying. He said well who suffered so yours. Right it was like you take with you. Wherever you may reside heavily. Life took his stuff in love and left. He didn't come in the house and laid out and get a lash out how. We don't do that. When i'm done i've done show harvey morning show sydney barbie. Good morning. you guys. I'm from florida. Got a hot topic this morning. I just want to let everybody know. Because i see people asking. I'm well. I think all the cast came out. Good i'm great thank you. I appreciate you guys now again. Everybody one of my personal favorites is on the phone orgy. She's doing well. That was my heart. I'm glad that you're ok and recovering and now hopefully you know this won't happen. We found out the cords of the anxiety The cova tests came back. Negative for like. I thought it would. So that was a little bit of weight off much and I have what they call a heart. My my oh okay. All right well well. I'm glad you found out. I'm glad you found out so now where we armed with I can't believe wash the clothes when we all we all with information What they say they said. Knowledge is power is power so when we all with information the next time you're in a situation when you out and about and you fill in you know anxious or whatever now you know you can you have reference points to go to so you don't feel the way that you was feeling right right and the other thing too is that you know As doctor was speaking to me anxiety comes from fear and i had to reevaluate that and he was making some points. They were good. You know I have a lot of people that call me. And dump on me. And i take on a lot of people stuff you know and I have to stop doing that because you can't help everybody and you can't save the world so you you know i get to a point. We have to start looking out for wage now so The anxiety attacks and all the other things they will see. Because i've started doing meditation. I've been cleared to go back and work out and it together. Good and thank you. So much for your transparency. Because like i said last week you know you don't realize how many people you help our sharing your story and being transparent and now i'm settled time like of course we feel fear. I i try to the best of my ability to eliminate fear completely out of my life. I don't even waste my time with it. I don't waste my time with worrying. I i just worrying and and speculating and where we in fear that is that is anxiety medication medication for its is something that you had to do a reset barbie cologne and take a moment like you said. I'm glad that you being proactive with it. You know meditating knowing the things that you have to do. Because you can't a lot of people barbie cologne a lot of people and an orgy. A lot of people unfortunately will pass away not from covy from a heart attack from thinking that they have k. Say and we. Because you can't imagine you can't imagine to wait. There was lifted once he took the test and it was negative and he said you know that was part of my anxiety. You know besides the fact that i do have a heart man but You know the anxiety comes from worrying about things did you cannot confront. You can't control that you got it to just got to do better with you know and you know i like to listen to people and try and help people out but the fact of the matter is that you know certain things. I'm going to have to start saying no. You have to know what they say. Oh saying is when you think you in control you out of control you. Can't you these the control. What's going on in the world until we can talk to somebody. Yesterday gone crazy about the job. And i'm like you know the job and the job dad and i'm like well you know you go to go to a job. You complete a task and you'll reward is to get a check and you go home all of mosul part of it if it's if it's making me sick than you quit the job so my whole thing is you can't where we in and we said before when he was in hospital. I said wary and fear and speculation. Biz a luxury. None of us can afford it puts. You can't afford it. You just can't he. You know kobe out here You know so. Some of our members have have have had covert and And we've and they've gotten through it. And that's what i believe and yes. There's a small percentage of folks that die from it but we just need to be careful and pragmatic but at the same time. We can't sit there and where we can't like the world's to an end because then you're going to get sick and there's something else going to kill. You can't continue to give them empty. Well let me just can. Just can't i mean you can but you'll be sick for the rest of your life there's gonna be a small percentage of folks that are going to be scared for the rest of their lives and they're not gonna come outside and i sympathize with them but if that's the way that they want to live then so be it but a dreadful life i it is this i have you know you know and i don't mean to cut you off but and you know next month eighteenth. I'll be fifty seven years old and in all of my years. I have done nothing but actually help and listen to people because when people in need to you you know you feel like you wanna you wanna help but after some point you know people become you take you for granted and then they start dumped in dumping dumping all the time you have to. You have to get to a point in your life where you just say you know You gotta pray about it you know. I have to trust my face. And i have to tell people to trust. Is you know instead. I can't help you. Unless i can help myself so i have to have to. You know i trust the god. I that i that i worship and i trust him because i know it's because i'm still here because if it were not for him i would not be. We say also. I have to offer reflect that on people van feel as though they can you know put their trust in someone else. Need somebody to listen and you are absolutely right but a lot of times we say we trusting god we say which i in I do we really you know. Sometimes we need to ourselves that question as well. Sometimes we need to take a moment to sit back and go. Do i really trust in god. Do i really trust in my belief because part of it is if you trust in in your belief that alone should eliminate half you zaidi right there right so sometimes we need to practice. What would you say with the subaru. The inside of it all song. Listen because now. We're going back to what we were speaking about before. We kirk franklin and and his his situation we are human we do at times so come to the flash you understand so in in saying that is because we trust and we have faith does not mean that that we we lose it at times. We doubt the times that we just you know because we people human. We're not perfect. yeah. I understand that. And that's true but at the same time when fear comes into our lives then we let that take over. You know what. I'm saying. It's has so we can. We can say human we. We could say that. And you're absolutely right. I am not disagreeing with anything that you say and i sympathize which you go onto but which is saying is true but then we take fear bobby cologne next thing. You know all the faith is going on and we take the friday and we run with it because we don't take the moment to go. You know what let me sit back and let me reevaluate the situation so mayor gotta reevaluate or maybe the fear. Because that's the thing. Fear is something that didn't happen yet. The flailing where in is something that didn't happen yet. Which means there's a sense of control. Because i think you controlling something in the future because that's why you in and that's where the fear comes in see it all together. I'll find out how to do is stay in the moment because god has blessed you in all of us with today yes settled. Yesterday is gone here and tomorrow's not tom. No that's not. that's not what i say. This is what i say probably cologne yesterday's history. Tomorrow's a mystery in today's the president. That's why they call it present you. We have a pleasant a gif every day every day every moment we want to stay in the moment but you know what your blessing is. Which you just said is your. Your heart is so loving orgy that you will go the extra mile to help people. She just said it. You learn to stop that right. So that plays a part into like audrey. Johnson heart is so loving and so caring that she would drain all her energy to help somebody else. And there's nothing left in the tank for right and that's not healthy for a person to a team and i had learned the hard way about that. I kept guarantee mind because it could take you out the ends of almost did right in different asman couple years ago. I had a yogurt. Enough is enough. Not you're dumping ground. You can't keep a habit bad habit when you when you like you know. I have three beautiful daughters. They're all grown. And i think everything that i could for them sacrifice so much for them and our south of the family my husband and i but when you when you told home of hold on hold on today's not mystery nicole. I love you in there. It's not the mystery. It's not a mystery because what's the definition of mystery. Today we live in the here and now nicole harris love you to death today. We live in the here and now this moment is not a mystery. The mystery is at four o'clock this afternoon because we don't know what's going to happen at this time at this moment right now at eight thirty six. Am on the east coast. This is a gift. It's not a mystery continual jumps amina. Okay and you know. After a certain point things become it becomes habit and we all know habits to break so so at a certain point in your life you just have to say. Listen you know what i i love. You know whatever but you you just got to pray on it. You just have to pray about it. Yeah it's cool. it's cool is called hitting the bottom. You have to pay. I love you. Guys have a great day. It's hitting the bottom like you did. Bobby you went to the hospital. You hit and habits are hard to break. Took me years to stop smoking crack. Do you think that verse relapse. Fourteen thousand times but guess what it would fit. That fit hip fourteen thousand. Gosh it through right. And then i hit my bottom made a decision. You happened to you when you were in the house and all this happened to you you said. That's it s. It never happened again. I'm later bahir sick and guess what the detained people who made you like. That was not even where to site. Where where are you. Are you come to visit me. You make sure. I'm good now. They wasn't guess what. Now barbie is making sure. Barbie is good before the else. So you have to see if you don't you will end up in hospital. You know you can like. I said you cannot keep giving from empty. Well because if you're well as who is going to replenish you know wine right there for yourself. So you know you can't so once again. Like especially shutout ordre johnson for calling in and sharing because she even realize what she's done. She's helped so many of us in this chat room in. Please be careful out there don't let fear dominate your day Because you're wasting time. And we don't have no shell out. The woman showed us. We don't have no time to waste kobe's proven that. Yeah i one thing we've learned if you take a perfectly tori of this year that just passed time. It's something we can't wait because we don't know we have an infectious of a contagious virus. Out here Killing people and when. I went through the whole process of my. You know my situation with my ex husband everything that changed me to become a whole a better person. I am such a different person. I was prior to that. You know we think our lives is falling apart. It's se fall into place. It put me in a in a position to be able to say this right now. Like no okay. I write that happened to completely crush me. But guess what. I'm a better person now. I'm a stronger person. Now it made me completely stronger person. Now i'm going to be any different different. You know what barbara good for you because we do have to. Hit these bottoms. I've and my life. Barbie might have heard about fourteen nobel. Both fifty-seven bottoms fifty seven. Fifty eight ratchet. Drew me to where i met today because it is a total freedom when you accept acceptance right you free but i'll tell you i have learnt by forgiveness for free. Talk about forgiveness. Shocker that's open my heart to be able to forgive going through that because i've never been through anything that dramatic in my life ever. I had a pretty good life. I was shelter with my whole life. You know i'm one of fifteen. So i was pretty much sheltered that dramatic. That moment was pivotal for me. It changed my whole outlook on life. Right and i was able to open up and forgive a whole lot of things and you know now i have looked like okay. Whatever that's now it's not that serious. We'll probably today offer report. We planted some about old school music from back in the day of are doing but before we do. That is Aware wednesday thanks. Good morning all the kings and queens out. There is a weird wednesday this wednesday more point. Twenty twenty one is forty three minutes after the hour. Welcome to show. Have you wanna show featuring barbeque only get your morning star right. Why not only place on earth week. You want to start right. Chapman's wide open. Please call in five seven zero ninety two six nine five zero iheartradio radio dot com. Sean wanna show dot com. Damn radio app distributed by comedy were network all major podcast platforms especially thanks to all affiliates. We appreciate you helping us. Pay our bills today Social media we on facebook Please like our business paced. Show have you show featuring team business page. You get notified on monday to friday seven. Am when we go lot. Join our group show remorse show featuring we complain group barbeque. Good morning. god bless how are you doing. today. I am great. Good to be seen going on big o. Ingo harem bethlehem where we broadcast live from. It is a forty eight degrees right now. The high will be fifty five today. And i was cloudy. And it's gonna rain on and off all day today and strasbourg. Forty six degrees fifty four for the high cloudy and again on and off throughout the day. Forty six in newark. New jersey rain late in the afternoon around one pm is going to start. The high will be fifty five in new york city. Forty eight degrees fifty. Seven will be the high cloudy and rain throughout the day as well. Sixty one atlanta cloudy with some sun around twelve pm and seventy five four. The high in miami. It is seventy degrees eighty. One would be the high end clear fifty four inch chicago. Fifty seven will be the high in mostly cloudy on. It's going to be a little bit rain Ah possibility in some way. It's going to be windy as well and l. a. Nine degrees fifty nine degrees seventy five for the high clear in louisville sixty degrees right now going up to a high of seventy three and cloudy fifty four in rochester. Sixty four for the high cloudy and rain. That's halfway you all. What's it look like where you are becoming. So you live the show. How we wanna show featuring sidney j you to start to say you want to start right on earth we get you more so we didn't sound charlier now. We did not shut out the mission. But i want to go back to again audrey johnson who touched my heart like she she always she calls man. It's just like i just benefit so much from her. His part hit his fear. Let's go with the chit fear fears like the new. You're gonna tell when we get to the news when the guy was shooting in the mall. Let's see you tomorrow and you hear a gunshot. You hear people screaming and right. That's fear you're afraid. Yeah airfreight with that. Yeah like for your life you use a. That's when the human body kicks in fear because the fear is triggering the brain to say. Oh i wanna to save. I say yes. Fight a fight. His own brain is such a complex instrument because the only thing that smarter than a brain is the cell phone. Fair would be a notification. That you've known fact. Joe you if you don't pay the rent by the fifteen getting the hell out of here that's fair because you look at the app is going down. You have unexpected fear. Sec- you get into a car. Your car don't start that you you might become a little fray they look frightful those legit fears you. Walk down the block and half the block. Somebody walking behind you. That's fair because you know it's happening but your brain is trying to protect yourself van bank. That's legit fear. Y'all kick your ass. It might be some fair behind that. I've been a little bit but you're trying to prepare yourself. That's fear not something that you think. That's that you have no control over your ass. Stay go rhino. Told you i had seven fights. I lost three of them showing. That's not bad odds. That's pretty good. But i was scared. It was fear but they chase down roll. I was scared. I was fear you instead. So those legit feeling these are always say those who stand and run away. Live to go say that again. Those who stand there runaway live to fight another day right around it right and then projected fear is saying. Hey listen. I know psychologists therapist and the show. Will i know relationship expert all that but i just wanted to drop low jews barbie protective fear is when you go to the park and they go wild. You go bungee jump and if you don't know how to swim and you get a pool that's projected. You know this is not going to be is not new work. I'll stay. I'll but does so. You had the legit theory you have projected fear when you're in a car you're driving too fast. And he goes about this. Something might happen because you you in that moment. Not enough of that before we shall out the chat for. We showed him some love. It is still raining yesterday. Albouy would have rainy day but we we even though turned up to tutors. We still up in the. We're we're really turned out especially shot off a rail and silver fox. And i know rail year but still facts were barbie. Obviously he's trying to come always joking. You sure additive. Yeah he was just joking. Well you're establishes some kind of relationship. We play cards. Does usually hard stars sean. Shut by those who move boy chat room. You start again. We go back there with call this. You're on a open forum whatever's shown a real fear back to like if you have your cell phone and your mate whatever which way men and women look at your phone. you know. you're doing something wrong. That's fear understand what i say. I just want breakdown folks because you don't have control of of fear of things that didn't happen yet if you can get that to your head and it took years for me to get that to my it. If you can accept that that you don't control the outside world like that a lot of that will go away and you practice like you know like with a lou yoga lou. This little that to you know fill that void. So just like tom barbeque clone. I was smoking crack right. Why would not no. I wasn't on that. Would you give you none of you. None of it. You get a little. That's it in the way you the way you led by. I told you. I see a cop the crack and i guy and the guys wanted to rob me thousand and how running down a blackout scared. And they will chase me doc. I hear footsteps what they would gain in on me. I was scared to death that was fair and ask the coroner can lee saw me and they started chasing upper stop and the police tackle because i was just exhausted. That was fair. That's fair good. Let me let me this example. Fear back in the days when i was giving community painters and was blessing. All over the place. I was in a thirty day cycle of fear. Babies was coming out of here. They was super. Fear has a time to try to all the people who listen to this show. I want to say thank you so much truly appreciate you for spending the time especially our creepers barbecue. The thousands of folks that listen to this show on the audio version. Thank you you take your lunch pail then you go to work. You're not like oh you're not glorified like barbie colonial. The i'm with you mentioned. He just listening to the show. Your old school. I'm old school with you. Thank you we say creatures in a loving way all my hate his crewmates issue for breath as nothing. You're done goodbye chambi. Nice mark around. If you want i showing you crumbs gone. Get done eating you for preface. You finish now to the people who mad about barbie cologne the gentlemen talk. I'm not sure to to the people but you know what chat room. But i keep y'all open on the chappelle show me some love. Yeah matter of fact. 'cause y'all show hobbies. Can you say how to show how to me satish. We can sean just show shorts because he needed because he did be rag on me all morning. She'll hobby put you on the show. Hey so you know. He's projected onto barbagallo. Because look we get hot their hard for hard up here. My little boy. And i can't even enjoy because i don't see it. I sometimes on this computer could see slough love. Why before the people in the chat room. We want to see the hearts. Because without you guys we would say hey showing say. Hey sean i got me on those video. High boy sean. Showing some love. I'm not in a chat room. That's why we had the disconnect put. I'm here for you. You're on the board. You run put you on three boys. I came to see. Should you put enough. Harvey needs love to damage mind. Coupla yes sean right now snap heart said hey wait a high saying hey thanks to chat room. Heart sat bobby. Let's go. hey with a heart. Heart set wait. Hey win heart. Set with wait. Hey with heart. Set heart sac harper. Hey hey hey one. Time in chat rooms heart chapel chat room with. Hey let's go turned out with heart set where the heart harsh turndown. Hey wait heartsick with a heart attack. Well wait a harsh turned apple heart where the heart set a with harsh word. Hey hey what. Ooh that's better than yours Unable to get gone blessing the show as jones is in the bilden halo show on good morning. Net sobriety no. Hey net net. Hit is your main like say. Hey girl we lewdness think nothing. Faith faint saying that serano is the epitome of thing. Yeah you it's like a trigger your here a name and that that's was the identified identifying part of it you lose serano. I think faith. Yeah veneta george is in the building. What's up phonetic. Good morning favorite cassini stolen away from me but sydney's not here got the faith back now. What's and yeah. Williams is in the bill daniel. Her to write. Let's sean. hey girl. The exit be next. Next to be young is in the building. What's up young and mornings. All these people might tiffany close. It is in the building. Hey tiffany good morning. Shout to darren intel. Good morning to you. Marcus mr one emoji. Johnson is here. Good morning markus. Johnny whip is in the building. Hey johnny shot he. Johnson is what up shot he denver. Jack say hey. Good morning see lynn. Rooney's in the bill. The hey krystal. How are you this morning. Dare jackson days back. She put up a picture of her beloved mother. And you can charge an deborah jackson's a beautiful young lady and her mother is once they dare your mother She puts a photograph of her. Mother was a beautiful young lady. You know god bless your mother. A great pitches else can go check it out de low is here. Hey girl good morning. Shoutout to julius. Gal shaw hello is good morning to you Who else we have is the nieces in the building. What's up avis. good morning. Silver fox is in good morning. Look valerie tabacum valid vague. Boy girl how are you. Shampoo was in the building. What's up shells. I can't play the song too long. But you gotta have faith. I put this is funeral. music street. Justice grassy is here. Hey gordon king control nothing in the world. Creeds diana's here hey queen y'all say goodbye to the quickest in the building. Faith over fear shots of john cochran at fare ready. You're mainly argued that fame radio comedy. We're all shimmy. Gala is the. Haitian me good morning. You ram mr sensational. How as in the building get more rail. like o'hara's. Hey kogo morning co how are you. Old charles cass. Good morning baby boy. The godfather total tracy is good morning. Tracy eight what's up. Masan kishan williams is here. Right city was a half. Don smith is here. Hey going get one or two. You benji jones in the building some good morning. That's why i kept trying to say talk over the music and they joe's good morning shamikh. I'm so excited. I get to meet meet you on the eighteenth. Yes hall is in the building. Hey shayla good morning. Audrey johnson is in the building. What's that audrey tiffany thompson. Hey girl good morning to you to while to see more in the building. Hato winder good morning. Allen suave mcallister. That's here hey because you have to chat from the week. Hey you got a chat room member of the week cham- more as an extra okay kim black in the building. Hey ken good morning. You today the bora for ninety nine. Lesley hager good morning. She's a number one. When i think the bar i think believer believes in believing. She has a tremendous amount of faith. If not believe anything like what was it the new york at your fake name. Oh robber hatcher here. Hello robert good morning to you. Shout to sabrina. Lower iq herro good morning. Do boys pamela in the building. What's up pam alive. Hey pamela the facebook appreciation and last but not least diane hogshead a diane in the building. How can i forget this person. I'm disrespectful today. Our very oh city jay. What's up girl. We miss you go to the w. n. y. Yes that. I have seen be forgetting that i'm horrible. I'm bit discombobulated over here. Your phone. it's all your fault. You got me all over here. All play discombobulated. He's gone whatever. But listen everybody that chevron at barbie called out the names year that name rings out the thousands of people all over multiple platforms and you guys are extended family. And i appreciate you guys and thank you so much for tuning in each and every day for two minutes the whole duration of the show. This just thank you. God bless you now. Why are we going to do some different to take a break. we'll go. Well wait before we get into front page news. There's a fight coming up. We're gonna do sports but this is more of a sports story to me for to the front page news sydney. Watch that clock for me. This keep her face it there. She'll be everybody cenis face for the go right. There in the band comes down to be there is projected fear and remember that night. I wanna know almost man of the year in the poconos. Technically still am. They haven't had it. I am honoree in the poconos. The are no this. How city jay was there to be a witness. We was married but bay me a plaque in a certificate and they said sean we honoring you. You wanna be honorees over there with the rest of all these folks that community service in the poconos diet the queen was there looking absolutely beautiful. That was that night tom. Jones bagged thomas. The queen's me so this everyone if you listening we talk about the talk about out of holyfield's voice on harvey here is an honoree gut n. Double acp beep big. They gave it to me. I was so busy back then. Bobby cologne sidney. J represented me at the london. Could make it make it. I was in cleveland. So when you see that picture behind us right there and city over there staring at me right now. A lot of hennessy. That night to you. And speaking of that night barbie cologne and cindy look absolutely beautiful. I think what we should do is today in honor. Cj what we do is this. We'll get some of those pictures from the night that they aren't me and a few of us that boathouse killing killing them. Both half-lives bowtie. Have we put up some pictures of that glorious night when they honored you boy and there's a picture of the queen diane throw some of those up there to go back into our house. Yeah i'm going to find a few to and show you guys who new listeners Quite well yeah. We clean it very clear. Verbal very well and Speech i got up here he here. You may know what it is told you the house by comedy. Correct code back down sydney. That's all we have right now. Our memories can't do that on twenty twenty. We've got memories from the year before the hangar. We didn't even have a short hobby. Want to show you nothing so there you go. We got to do it this year. Showing but this is recognized that nwa cpi monroe county poconos. I honestly boy you got taken tags them is hanging back matters like this. Who who's that. Talking point sean harvey thanks to all that a nominated me in two thousand and nineteen auto. We got a big in the crib. Do you have an showing all good. That's where should be one night. Me and tanya smashed underneath the plaque. I said you're going to have to smash me. She was like why artery set to hurt. You'd never had repeated in your life wabi cologne. I probably this one was blessed with honoree pains and it goes into what you're about to say barbecue. Us folks in our fifties and late now in our fifties. You guys got too young. Like civil fox was hit. He's not that much older. We are winning out here. Barbie close people in their fifties. All winning and bobby before we get into the news. We wanna that'd be the first though. Great being fifty six winning my knees hurt grew up with jane and she got the front page. The i new news pays news. Y'all body tell us how great folks in our fifties on you. Boy sean. Harvey might wanna say even sixty. I think these fellows are older than that. Wow yeah well. Mike tyson says a rematch with holyfield is set for mar. A may twenty nine twenty this year and twenty three years after their infamous matchup in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven whether you're a sports fan and not most of us are likely to remember the infamous nineteen ninety seven bucks match between a heavyweight champion. Mike tyson any ran the holyfield that was cut short due to tyson biting off a chunk of holyfield's ear. Yes we remember that day. Well it's been almost twenty five years and surprisingly a mike tyson. Holyfield have decided to come together in the ring once more for a rematch. Now that has been a had a confirmed date. Whoa according to tmz earlier this week Reports were sworn that mike tyson any vendor only field long awaited rematch. Wasn't going to happen after all. And because because negotiations had fell through while fast forward to twenty hours it appears that the rematch between the two is back on courtesy of within the issue date. Mike tyson fifty four Confirm e confirm that during a recent instagram. Live interview that his fight with iran the holy. Okay he's fifty eight. We'll proce- schedule now with this. The day of may twenty ninth He's cohe creek. They quoted him. Saying i just want everybody to know the fighters on with me and holy bill. Holyfield is a humble man and i know that he is a man of god but i am a man of god. Listen i'm going to succeed on. May twenty ninth. The fight will be held at heart. Rock stadium in miami. Okay Previous holyfield manager. Chris lawrence headed. The negotiations fell apart due to conflict of many. We were negotiated in good faith all along and it appears that we ended up wasting our time learning sam. He also alleged that tyson's camp wanted a much larger co after province in turn down twenty million guaranteed of new other news. Mike tyson just confirmed oscar. Winning jamie fox will play him in a forthcoming biopic. So yeah they was a the talk stop because of a coin is back on his back on for may twenty ninth it clip now. Mike tyson is fifty four fifty four van holy phillies fifty eight and both of these guys even though they're athletes from back in the day that then they're not old as hell they'll be boxing. Yeah bob colo-. I don't think you even listen to what you just read. I read it. Barbie for man is fifty four years old and a man is fifty eight years old. They are in cray shape. Yes they are. Angry shared their in great shape to fight each other. No they're not in great shape Fight another twenty year-old or nineteen year old or thirty year old. But they're in great shape. They are in the one percent. Like sean harvey. These men are in good shape and we all need to take heed before we get to the money part even though like i said they will both athletes anyway but even with that being said they still kept in good shape they did. They are both in great shape. And then we all running around here. Can't keep that refrigerator door open. I mean close close. You can't you can't shut that mouth you can't do it. Not the mouths. John the mouth mouth is a dumping ground for the food that you desire. Well that's what's in your mouth put. A pause is that we're really supposed go in your mouth that so that would get on my nerves. Oh my word. Yep we're supposed to go out there. You go now if you shut your mouth you stop eating for two seconds. Maybe you can achieve some type of greatness not like mike tyson valley of vanda holyfield greatness. But you can get some type of shape. I like i said i mean they had a pass half they were halfway there. The athletes from back in the day but even athletes back in the day on on a shape. Now mahdi just done so. I look at it bigger than the colombian discriminating which words just already saying. They know they're not old boxer. Not not in cells. What is fifty four. I'm not watching garland's watch and that's the next thing we're gonna talk about. I want to say if you're over. Fifty zero harvey winning us. People that are in our fifties are bussing. These people make forties innate asses. Let me applaud them around. Fifty is not the new forty fifties the new fifty fifty fifty fifty fifty right. And we are wearing at well if you take. If you're gonna mike tyson's instagram page. Looks good and no money. has i get money. He's rich again but it's still. He still have to maintain and probably cologne of mike. Tyson came to the door. And take you out on a date and said listen. I wanna come to you a queen size bed. 'cause mike don't smash on queens. Whatever your would you smash the mike tyson. Now mike tyson. Really you know what this attacked when phase for me that this is not appealing that appealed to show so if mike tyson came to the i frank that was so serious so mike tyson came to the tonight. Why plane us. What boring space showing. How about you come in and teach us how to play. Oh babies and then maybe we can have with. I'm going to be good. I'm going to be there when now barbecue. Sean if came to the. Im your took a liking. What's your drink. Maybe play the cahan space. Say like you and try to pursue like silver fox. Did earlier you. You won't be receptive to mike tyson. Afraid like that whole. Maybe if he had to tattoo on his face but that is such a turn off so if my phone number is dot one. Give my number cherry. You say publicly right now. Promise you turned down if he took a tattoo on his face. No no no one's back hit that is attorney offshore. I made a turn off. But he has the greybeard beard going. He looks good what he looks right. There maybe i can't see them handsome. Everybody there bobby wouldn't wasn't their love. Us are you saying why he does good. I put your daily living now when no that that showing is the tattoo on a face for me. That is a mess. I can't stand that. Probably look how you look. Look at the look. How chitwood okay. Well he looked crazy is hailing his face. So you you disturbing so you go number bobby. God i didn't say he was ugly. I said the tech to is not appealing that that that is a turn off to me. That wasn't afraid of that. Ladies in a chat room on my beautiful queens put a number one in smashed. Mike tyson a number two. If you want number one. Bobby you smashing. No now. we're not gonna okay so that's number one ladies put number one in a chat room if you if you want wanna smash but a number one a chat room if you wanna smash mike tyson. Put a number two. If you don't wanna smash my that would be at number two for you right glow. That would be a number. You say one one number one is smashing into me. So you wouldn't you would reject all his advancements i would. I'm sure i would. Yeah so it has the tattoo on the face. I can't get past you know something's this here. We are physical creatures. And it just doesn't do it for me. The tattoo on phases does nothing for barbie now. Okay so barb. Asif fox at barb florida. Have you have. You met somebody in your life. That had a mole or any kind of distinctive marker on face let me think back like male or female. It doesn't matter that has something on their face. A big mole black something permanent on face. Yeah okay and knowing and after a while even though this object is on face kinda see right through that after a while right so if you can see through after a while if you can see through that marco on this person's face why can't do the same thing for mike tyson. Because i think if you around the person long enough you just prove that you just said it. You won't see that tattoo. No more people who i was going to be manly vie with regular family friends you know acquaintances has its. You can't do show has said people differently when they tried to be your boo or your other. you look. There is a different set of eyes looking. I'm not looking at my homeboy same. Said i've smash that will be unethical so now the matches win made a what twenty ninth twenty ninth and how much money is getting Teach turned down twenty five million dollars according to this article right. And how much is he's gonna get. They didn't say is still i. Guess okay so. There's decided on a fight. They decided i guess you know. They say he's mining. Let's say he's getting over twenty five million dollars right. I applaud this young man. And you just said and i totally agree with you. Other lady smashing him or not in a child. Let's agree with you. One hundred percent. Barbie cologne sean. Harvey's watching this fight. Veneta says she will give him a world. She liked tribal tattoos. Most of the nose most people. But so that i am seeing veneta is the only one who would give him a world that she would you go snatch your soul. Well veneta god bless you you the only real. Listen that channel I think barbara cologne. If mike tyson came in here right now instead you down and said we go into lunch. And i'm feeling you bobby. You are out that door so fast that what's going to be friends we go. Where are you taking it. Then he's going to say get dressed. I'm taking you to the galapagos islands. You never been there. I have i have that. And he said you could bring a little buddy lewis. Sean backing back best. We here and bobby cologne. You're going now. But i do agree with you. I'm watching that fight putting them watching chat room if you're watching the fight of her band abandon holy fill that mike tyson. Put a number two. If you're not. I think we all should support this. Yeah watching two men. One forty one fifty four years old and one forty eight years old boxing it out in the first time a rematch in twenty years. That's a generation. And that's why folks over fifty or kicking folks in the forties all up and down at whole but you've got let's see where else The texas ceo commit suicide. I'm sorry the texas. The texas roadhouse died after committing suicide because he had unbearable kovic symptoms. Can can't taylor. The ceo of the popular restaurant chain. Texas roadhouse die thursday by suicide after experiencing unbearable. Kobe nineteen symptoms. His family told multiple news. Outlet texas roadhouse confirmed the death in a facebook post writing. We will miss. You can't because you and your dream. Of texas roadhouse. We get to say we i love you. We live on job every day in a statement to the hill wants and cnn that the business took his own life after a battle with post vip related symptoms including severe tendinitis. Hold on one. Second these pop ups Which is a reagan. Inner ear Can battle in fort. Hard like to form attract champion that he was but the suffering that greatly but the suffering that greatly intensified in recent days became unbearable The statement said but in true kevin fashion. He always found a silver lining to help others most recently. He committed a fun in a clinical study to help members of the military who also suffered with Tonight's from a march twenty twenty. Through january twenty twenty one telugu gave up his salary and donated it to To assist frontline restaurant workers doing the pandemic wave Texas roadhouse has over six hundred restaurants before united states. It is based in louisville kentucky on thursday Mayor of louisville gave his condolences and pretty much said. That can't was a one of a kind citizen than he is much love. Well that's that's sad that you know you couldn't bear with the You couldn't cope with The after effects of cove it. But i'm showing that this goes to show you ain't strong enough to deal with you know everyday things. I'm sure it something that he will this money. He guy well. This is something different. This is this is. This is the thing about covert but before our condolences. Go out to this man. And his family of course Border that fry frisch over there techs houses. It's like crack. They got friday. That fisher over there. Go forget about all of this stuff. They have over there. You got a ticket to put them on chat. Texas roadhouse fish at fish. Barbie used to go over there for no reason. Just get am this time barbie. I'm telling you you try it. It's not gonna be good for you going back. That's it putting them chat with. You have had that. Texas roadhouse their three big giant piece of goal. So unfortunately this is. The part of this is sad. You know. this guy couldn't take the pain. No more kobe and steady going through the pain and dealing with it check out and it goes back to the complex part of the brain that will. That's what i'm saying. I point is so complex that killed self a suicide Sorry man as a sad but the you know thousands and thousands of people have died of covid. And you know we know we need to do and and it affects. It affects people in different ways. Silly some people you gotta understand with covert in the neo running around here talking about you. Don't wanna be vaccinated right barlow and there are some people out here that are willing to have the corona vars can then take the vaccinate vaccines vaccines appointment today. And i'm gonna talk about it now if you are out there and like you know what i'll tell you don't know i was in statement to say i. Rival had that corona pass through me. Didn't take the vaccinated at that all right now. Let's get that law them a lot of crazy. That could be choice. The problem is you don't know what type corona virus gonna get. Yeah because it's to me. It's a few strategies you might. You might get to one that you have a few corpse and you're done. Yeah some people does get the one week sick in bed. You get the other one. We had the oxygen. Like wral respirator. Thing which is not a good look. I rather ira a light headache and a little fatigue and go on with my life so unfortunately you know like this public this corona pilot vars probably hit him in the worst way. Imagine to our condolences. Here you know killing yourself don't know about that. I can't kill myself. I don't believe in killing us. But our condolences to you and your family but barbara. You gotta go over and try to fish. I might have gone tonight but okay comrades and go to text row habsburg putting them on a had that fish out of texas roadhouse put fish and a few didn't know like make alii. I didn't know the ambition. The aluminum put one bishop. Texas roadhouse did say she tried. I think you say last week is to die for car. Dealer had fish lore. I'm juliet i'm go. I'm a track for utah. Beach and mccarthy like steve. I'm coming your fish. Today is it. I serve as a first team all those big giant pork ribs. And i've been having their commission turkey and fish is my my three choices if intel you these people in a chairman has said they had it. They enjoyed it. Bobby please take heed on what they say. You never been. Texting is going you missing out 'cause that That bred for one what the sentiment is the bomb and then the The sweep attain with the girl with the cinnamon and the bud marshmallows. You better stop playing talking about foolish. Show texas roadhouse there with thirty three eastern border line of bethlehem over there where we live. It's so popular. They got like three hundred picnic tables on it. Put it back on your picnic tables back outside the own delivery service. You can crop up the door for several thousands of cars parked food near the foot. That texas roadhouse food is great over there but deaths fish member says alone shouldn't have committed suicide because he said on a little low came over there and gave him urgency fish sandwich. He would've been five right there. You come down here. and showing. Texas roadhouse i got you. Might you might no mantra three. Three girl come on barbie. Cologne and darren jackson come together. Harvey like can. I have my bills separate. No i'm a grown ass. Man heart pays for harvey doesn't do that was the next door. That fish is something no sydney says since she had been season. I want go to come down here because we come. And get you sandy. Come down here soul. Merry horace paying the bill come down here. Take harvey's paying the bill. How are we paying through with being. I'm not paying you pay for your own drinks paying everything up water and just get it. You can't tell the black women that no drinking. oh you can't let me get a triple. Maybe get a triple no. I'm very mindful. Point when i'm out like let's say or whatever you want sure about that. Let me get joe shell top-shelf bloop bloop bloop eighty dollars. He said well. What do you have a dry or wet dry away. Say these algebra bringing the bottle anywhere me. Thank you put it in your price. Girl city barbie cologne. Derrick jackson harbors a legal tiffany closest taken a flight down. If you buy suze to pay boulder a shooting colorado man named as a twenty one year old Our ali we. i guess. That's how you personally lizzy talk. Hey i'm trying. As victims are identified the victim of the king super mass shooting in colorado have been identified by police. Ten victims were identified overnight by the boulder county coroner's office. The victims of the shooting has been identified as Denny strong twenty beans dynastic. Twenty-three ricky olds twenty five. Oh my god i am. Not what the these days it was much. People got killed a mass shooting. They got who passed away over here. one of the victims. The police department also eric. Tally was killed in attack. He was the first officer on the scene after the attack began. Boulder police chief. america's herald. mr tally had seven children. Also a police also identified the government. The government as a twenty one year old ahmad al ali lesser. Who was shot through the leg and taken into custody. After officers arrived at the scene of the shooting the off the shooting has been. The shooter has been charged with ten counts of first degree murder and was transported to jail once he was released from the hospital. Investigators had spoken to the shooter. And they said they They were collecting statements. Now they say he was from arvada colorado and he led the majority of his life in the. Us that's story. Why did now let me see. Oh godless see now. What's it quickly get out of here. Hold on on every to cut. Now here we go again. Sanjay said very clear this morning It's not the every day criminal even though we have our own issues with a gun control and the african american community 'cause we always shooting each other. That's another issue and that's something that we need to do to deal with as well but once again in middle. mariko. I don't understand You know how feel about gun control. I amid evil when it comes down to this a topic in this discussion in this agenda i say. Keep the guns out on the street. The problem is we need to mark up the prices of the gun. I said it all the time regular thirty eight semi nine millimeter handguns. Twenty twos but these nine nine hundred. Thirty eight hundred. The most popular guns use of people be shooting mark. That governor gone up to twenty thousand dollars per gun and also Make the bullets two hundred dollars each now. That will never happen but if it did you will see the crime. Rate it might. It destroyed the gun industry for the individuals who wants to purchase a gun. Yes it won't destroy the gun industry because you know armies and navies on it. They need i get that but to in this country to have of man Young person twenty years old twenty two years old going to the gun shop and purchase a semi automatic. What does regular person. Bobby cole myself owns the cons. Needs this particular gun. That's this gun is to kill people at the same time. Right right and then middle america is like yo we need these guns for right if you go and dale hunter. You need the suzhou shotguns. You don't need a ar fifteen. They are fifteen as it's who are you trying to kill. And this government who the democrats are the majority in the house and the senate still can't pass the bill because they need ten republicans and the republicans are not doing it. And ted cruz of ca tennis a texas. He's out of his freaking mind. Yeah he's ceo. Let's go out and get the criminals since it's not the criminals that are doing it is just these input. Wrangler maga's isolated incidents. It's a young white guy. Always the white guys and always saw sars eight middle eastern guys and there's always the ones who does not have a previous record it is true is usually someone that you would never say. Just innocent like my god man like how many times i have seen. I will respect this young man just and even the of young men in in Atlanta's with if you feel this much hate kill yourself. Don't kill you because why why you gotta kill why you because you you have so much pain and hurt yourself that much that you have to have ten to eight to twelve twenty piffle. Fill this pain if you had that much internal paint and you jump in the lake kill yourself. Don't take my life while you watch. Hey why won't take my life because you've met thirty times the of regular individual and then you go to the places where no one can protect themselves. You never see the serial killer going to the police station and firing on the police station. You never see them. Go to the military barracks that and do and kill those guys. You never see them going to hood with no cats guns and they're gonna fire back at you wouldn't you do. And i don't mean the hood urban saying any hood chewed you don't go to a gun a- convention on a weekend somewhere in america and pull out a gun because everybody's gonna shoot chaz but what you do is you go innocent. People go where we go every day about our regular the supermarket game like you. What type of courage is that you go to the supermarket and kill white. Folks makes no sense and you go high schools and kill kids and utah massage parlor and kill asian americans in exhibition. What took now. They caught this guy and they caught the guy in the land. And again. When i say when i use these medieval scenario. Y'all like show me you know. I don't believe in the death penalty for they should put no no take that guy last night from colorado a barbecue put his ass old school. I was surprised. They didn't take him in school. Put them in the middle of the parking lot. We're he committed this crime Well put it on paper view. If you want five dollars a pop fire squad his ass you know when we was not gonna show harvey have too much about these shootings because everybody was stuck in the house. So now everybody's coming outside and guess what hit shooters. They're coming back outside to eliminate the salt rifle at least listened. Nate definitely need gun. Control that you. And i can go into a store right now and get an air fifty. Yeah the dollars for this gun. Yeah we can go right and sure. Do you got the coin. They got nine millimeter. Handgun automatic ten thousand dollars credit score eight hundred got. What's that the surrendered a gun. Give everybody five hundred dollars. Not give them a thousand dollars. Everybody has a gun illegally. People who own guns if the proper ayla keep guns the other ones that illegal two thousand dollars for you got spunk. Five thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars per illegal gun. No questions acts philadelphia. Crime rate will drop seventy nine percent today because people five graham. Where's that i bullets. Five hundred dollars piece. I agree with that because now you're not angry enough to get a gun because you can't afford it and since you can't afford the gun that feeling of killing somebody will go away so now when you have your hennessy or any kind of mood ultra in mind change in chemical in your body. You can't pick up a gun and our condolences to all these folks. That's your hobby morning. Show city barbie. Come one sean. God blessed step were sean. This is all about you. I call too so you some love 'cause earlier you were talking and all of a sudden it was like a bi polar moment like all of a sudden you felt like you had a fear that no one was loving you. What's going on right. She felt i saw. I was like yo. Why is he like it was like you just felt it in your spirit. Fear of not being loved stockholm. Livesey see just about you shange issue and all about my projection. She's ori- and i got to said that about the ball and leslie. Thank you because i did have that fear. She's absolutely right. And i can't admit that i was. I can admit that. Yes that was a bipolar moment. And i needed that void to fill and i asked for some love. She's like i'm not gonna with that is absolutely true. But that's where we hear every day. That real love. Sean will up. The also member saw song real life played at sing a dying fast right shyness. It real love coming from all the way from your beloved vieques. I'm gonna be x. Let's clap tremont in monterey noble yesterday she saw a crackhead beat up a crack at mar. Saw could not wait to get. I couldn't. I couldn't pick up the phone now on the street. I was scared. But i will. He do. I kind of know built in iran up on him and snatched as eight ish. Go i'm scared around here and were you at exactly. I'm on each tree mon and monteray. She's right okay in the wealthiest center right in a conference room in the back street. She's got right there. Commercial district did nothing but scores over there. And then you go go. There's another day. I don't know exactly. Where does this area's crank hits right right across a park. Right across the street barbara clone. I know exactly where she is. That bus running down this movie theater. Over this all the way up but barbie israel like they look at me and know that. I don't belong in like what are the chances. I'm just like chilling in the store and a lady goes. They still give worst deals over. I'm like looking at like man. I don't work here. Because i don't look like the rest of the crackheads just clicked me out as a worker. Cologne is like district nine whereas to pour. Les is a whole different zone down the block. Maybe the third avenue it might be some glimpse of civilization. She right now. All listen to sean here in a minute. The where i saw i saw that incident was bought a park member. I had to run through the park and jump over the banister. Right it was. He was coming out of that park. I don't know how maybe they opened the gates or whatever. Because that day i was there you can walk through. But he came walking through in a wind up to was. I was and just snatch a never seen anything like that. You'll iran downhill like and scotland. Some my on my job. Five blocks away so we need to go home to your beloved harlem which way you walking. Because you've got you've taken up that hill because it's up to him. Now i gotta walk to the concourse. Always from third avenue to the conquest shown. Cresa me every day. Not it's it's a pretty war. But now i'm going to hurt park washington webster that no the areas annika tickled the lock. And it's like walking down and market about four blocks okay. That's not too bad. No it's this distance part but the element out there. You should have said springfield avenue. That's right lab is how many years later and they still have crack heads like i saw this lady. I saw her yesterday. she probably just got the outfit. She got the same outfit on. She's walking around with a pet pig in her arms. Since last night. I saw last night when i was leaving. And you same siglo low this morning saying outfits same pepper so it looked like she got it new yesterday so i bet you i see tomorrow morning the wiser so crackheads over here i want you to do. I want you to research. Wide is still crackheads. Still you might need. You might need to pull one over and obviously no. I'm sorry i can't because then there's still a crack crackhead on the corner selling teddy bears and that's probably got the pepe. Pigs his years nato barbie almost twenty years ago and why he's lived to number light. Well dang i in twenty years since the eighties like these are not young case right. It's all hayes. Oh hey craig fina right now you listening. Call five. Seven zero ninety. We need to know how to hell. You still smoking crack. You still be crackhead. Well i ain't going over there might catch a relapse over here. Like i gotta run. Get your selling barbie stuff. You won't see here because those are the first thing the computer be back on. The phone is going away. Yeah we downgraded you see me over there by your job and like his nightside dance lab death oh okay. National guardsmen transporting kobe. Nineteen vaccines were held at gunpoint in texas. I know national guardsmen transported covert nineteen vaccine through texas on. Monday were held at gunpoint. Police said larry harris is accused of following the convoy of national guard soldiers before attempting to run them off the highway with his truck several times in lubbock county. According to idle new police chief. Eric williams harris city six of wilcox arizona eventually turned his truck into traffic stopping. Three national guards bans near Williams said then. He pointed a gun at the soldiers identifying herself as a detective order in the guardsmen out of the vehicles and demanding a demanded to search the advanced according to the police. The guards were in uniform and transporting vaccines to matador. texas ida. Loophole police responded and were able to arrest harris without incident. Williams said he had a loaded. Forty five caliber colt nineteen eleven pistol and in additional loaded magazines in his own on his person and One second these pop ups and another loaded magazine his truck. None of the guardsmen were injured and the vaccine eventually made it to matter door safely. It does not appear Vaccines were what Harris after according to officials so the guy tried to still. We was doing by dated. They don't know why he. He held up the va. The national guardsmen. They still trying to figure out data after they who doesn't appear to the They said does not appear that the vaccine is what happens with ap officials say. He told police that he thought people were in a van. Had kidnapped the woman child. Hey appeared to be a mentally disturbed. He said this. This was a very dangerous situation since the suspect. Standard in the midst of an unarmed guardsmen with a loaded. Weapon crazy crazies. Obvious my mommy is sean. Harvey one thousand nine hundred eight. Listen but there's a bigger story to this story. Maybe maybe he was. One third avenue works maybe a little p. I dunno crackheads out this in right so the bigger picture to this. You're better get vaccinated right now. Still the vaccine. They going do it. And then you're gonna be running around here which is triple masks on some scared to death and no one's going to be around you for become who has a doctor's appointment today bobby please let Notify us was going our An offer sure your doctor will share with you. Do the right thing and get vaccinated. She may and If it takes you to listen to your doctor's fine. Sean harvey's month i'd have shown your doctor. I told you. I am not that twelve thirteen fourteen years of schooling schooling streets. That acting my body gives the credentials of md. Shaw industries smoke into you. Know the white stuff. Yeah let me tell you this if you don't get vaccinated right. Now nba sean. Harvey's king kuninori going to be very disappointed in you because it was going to happen. Barbie colonial you from his wisdom for today. We're done with goblet. Bobby i'm saving you from yourself. Okay now will know down the road with all this is over. With and sean harley was preaching vaccine vaccinated and everybody was getting on my nerves. Was i'm getting on everybody's nerves was going to happen as they are going to start stealing this. They're gonna. It's going to be under the dirt. The dark market the black web was that the charcoal. Please get your shot if you can. Because they're going to start stealing it. Yeah and it's going to go into black market and then that's when you're gonna get sick by it because they're going to dilute. It was something else to stretch it like these doing cocaine and put the baby powder obey kosova posting. They cut it up for you. And it ain't gonna work because you didn't want to take the first one because he was waiting to see what was going to happen with the first batch of people. Well we almost a hundred million people bobby cologne. Cj can't even give me like. I said five thousand deaths. They can't even give me a thousand. Even if i asked for twenty thousand kangaroo stealing vaccine. Please get your shot barbeque alone today. When your doctor a highly recommends that you get vaccinated. I would love you to yield to your fantasies data in your head and all your concerns concerns. He's your concerns not concerns anymore their fantasies. What have on out there young lady if you don't mind and get vaccinated and let your fantasies go the pain In the he see In guy when he has his high games will come true. That was harvard. Harmful just horrible. It's not gonna be as horrible as you not getting vaccinated and you become discriminated on next summer barbagallo usa. Sean sing fancy a thousand times. Because they won't allow me in no place in no establishment because i don't have vaccination so probably call again. I am saving you from yourself. What is your doctor's appointment. We really single. Uh what does is look. Oh where if you know steph. Don't the doomed to continue. Doing at one pm bobby cologne knowledge that you fear and dread will be presented to you in front of your face please acepted do like your friend sean. Brown oliver she in there. No she didn't see today okay. she's best best room breaking it. That's gracia can they find you. Guys can find sydney sydney j on facebook. Cine underscore j. or instagram. Sidney j e is three on snapchat. You guys don't catch me. Cologne on facebook barbie cologne designing by reclosed balance on instagram designed for snapchat. Sean hall your facebook michel have officially cram we're going to do is our beloved tricky in there. Where we're going to do this we're gonna. He's there yet links. What we're gonna do is this. God bless him chat room for forty two to twelve no no the group shaggy morning show featuring of groom teen group when we're going there for a few minutes twelve noon we had over there tricky. I don't know what tricky has lined up us from twelve noon to one pm. Your lunch with tricky. I don't know what's going on. But i know what i do. Know for fact that he rocket then after tricky. So we're gonna do. We will right back onto that group room and we're parked there to tomorrow morning. So guys be safe. God bless your. We truly appreciate your thank you so much for listening. We appreciate you. We see you guys. Tomorrow let's clap. Go mm-hmm john and kristy music. Now right now chris. Pick up some music. I can't wait for the news about that. Took could be owning on them. Issue future off.

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