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Senior Life Journeys Presents Carol Howls. Let's talk dementia. A podcast designed to help caregivers find knowledge power hope and smiles in their dementia caregiving journey. Welcome to let's talk dementia. Here's your host bestselling author Carol. Hi everyone welcome to. Let's talk and Carol. How will your husband unplanned here? Yesterday we talked about. Mci that was three letters. Mild cognitive impairment in today. We're going to keep going with acronyms and talk about. Pb A which is pseudo bar affect. Pseudo Barr thank this order. You often hear it called so it came to my mind today. I had a phone call from client. She brought my attention that her dad has. Pba and it's not something. I hear a lot and I thought. Gosh we haven't talked about that in quite some time you can reach me to talk about what's going on in your world and my email address is carol at. Let's Talk Dementia Dot. Org and if you give your memorial call you back. It's very simple well. This gentleman has PBA pseudo Bowl Bar Affect in this is a challenging disorder that can be difficult to differentiate from the symptoms of other neurological diseases With which is associated. So what is? Pba will simply put PBA is the inability to control laughter in crying so we will find individuals who cry for a reason that we have no clue or they laugh at inappropriate times or for things that again. We don't know why they're laughing about. They may laugh when they cry. They cry when they should laugh in. They may cry or laugh for no logical reason at all. There's no stimuli in their world in their environment going on at that time that would make sense. Oh Dad's crying because feeling blank. It's not a normal response to live situation that brings about this crying or this laughter so it's very disturbing for the families very disturbing for the individual. Sometimes it's hard to diagnose PBA from depression but with depression. We see a fair amount of crying. That's COM WITH DEPRESSION. But we can tie it to an event or circumstance or a situation that has become so overwhelming that now tears are very active in very prominent very prolonged Days on him but we can tie it back to that situation. I can tell you in my world. I've cried more the last year than I probably cried my whole life but as you know my sweet Mama passed on. May Thirty first that crying I can tie to an event In so that's different from. Pba PBA is crying. When we don't understand why it is described as a condition affecting the brain's affecting the brain with episodes of laughing or crying that are sudden unpredictable and occur without warning they could be excessive in aggravate exaggerated and inappropriate their involuntary. The people cannot control it. They don't think okay. I've got to stop crying. Got To stop crying. I'm GONNA stop crying. They may think that But they can't they can't stop crying. I'm not sure they would even think that because the brain is not allowing that process they are totally out of Any control over that situation. So it's a very interesting thing. as many as forty percent of Alzheimer's Mention patients have PBA. That struck me. I didn't realize it was so high. Forty percent of folks with Alzheimer's type dementia have pseudo bar affect disorder and as I said the inner episodes are inappropriate to the situation. There's no close relationship between the on emotional expression in the patient's mood in so it's it makes it difficult for the loved one so then you might. WanNa stop and think. Do I have a and good question to you? Well according to the Internet and the website. I looked at for the things that you need to be aware of answered the question. Are you more cheerful than in the past? And as I said can't with me yes I am accumulated sought to something Can you do that? Do you realize that you're crying more than in the past. And can you related to a reason Or You just overall depressed that would be a reason That would be the difference between crying because of depression in crying because a PBA with depression. You may cry a lot. You may not even know why you're crying today but you know you are depressed in that. Crying is related to the depression with. Pba You just cry and you can't stop it in. Somebody may be telling you a great job that is funny instead of your body being able to respond with laughter it responds with with tears. Well that's different than probably what you're experiencing Or do you have something really bad happening in your world you find out. Someone has passed and Crying you laugh. See how that's different from being able to connect your crying to a sad event or your laughter to a happy event is the emotion that you're having appropriate if it's not then we start thinking there's something going on. The question is heavy actually crying more in the past month not just felt like it but have you actually crying more in the past month when you think back on those events. Can you tie them to something? Does the weeping as come on suddenly with no warning at times when you're not expecting it in suddenly means that it's within only a few minutes in and not after several minutes of trying to control yourself you know I know that I hate to cry. I tell everybody I have one of those. Ugly CRIES OPRAH. Winfrey talks about in south by feel like. I'm going to cry. I do everything I can to stop it because I decry in so after. Several minutes are trying to gain my composure. I can stop the crying most time right with. Pba You cannot it something. You cannot control in a few filled tears coming on or if they started. Can you control them enough to stop them on the specialty in front of other people does that? Change the situation. Are you more likely to be able to stop them in front of other people than you would if you were alone because if you can control the crying it's not PBA because that is a neurological process in the brain that you don't have control over so as I was talking to my client this morning? She said there's a medicine called new DEXSA IN E U D E X A. I'm guessing I don't know It's very expensive But it seems to work really well for her dad so that was good news. I do know that some doctors prescribed extra authoritarian and Quinn quitting to help control the symptoms symptoms of PB. I I don't know how effective that is been. According to what I read it supposed to be pretty effective but whether it is or not. Aah Do not know but PPI can make just slightly more difficult for our folks with Alzheimer's in sometimes we'll see our folks with Alzheimer's crying with PBA type symptoms and will assume they're crying because they're frustrated in their sad in they're angry they're lonely in. That might be true but in the midst of that crying can you use version. They are be in. Pull them away from that crying. That thought process in. Take them to a happy thought process if you can they were not dealing with PBA but if no matter what you cannot change that mood for them so that they're no longer crying than we start wondering about PBA or if we find they're crying with laughter is appropriate or they're laughing when crying is appropriate. Then that's not Alzheimer's that's certainly would make you think. Pba Three letters and other ackerman acronym we may have another one on the next episode. I'm not sure But it is an interesting part of Alzheimer's type dementia and other dimensions also and that can certainly just make the journey more difficult for the individual end for the caregiver and remember that if it if that live situation is making your life as the caregiver difficult. It's making the life of your loved one difficult. Also they're not enjoying whatever it is causing you that extra worker that extra concern or that extra stress anxiety or tension. You might be film as the caregiver. Well they're filling too to some degree so keep that in mind. Pba look it up. Learn a lot. I hope that gives you some good information. I'll see you on the next episode of. Let's stop dementia by. Let's talk. Dementia would like to thank our sponsors National Association of Veterans and families. You can reach them at eight hundred three five to to nine one nine on the Internet at www dot in a vf dot org. They speak veterans. So you don't have to and you tell them Carol. Saint you when you call to inquire about benefits for the veteran the spouse of the better or both editor bed you can find Ms Beth crosby at editor Beth Dot Com. She is amazing. Looking at what you've written and making sure it represents you will find her at. Www dot editor Beth dot com and HD imports located on Flint Street extension in Rock Hill South Carolina. That's your county eighty three nine eight five zero nine eight five. They are there for the hunt the repair and maintenance of your Honda Hyundai Toyota Kia. Tell Them Carol CINCI. Thanks for joining US. Today for howls. Let's talk dementia to learn more about dementia. We recommend Carols bestselling book also titled. Let's talk dementia. It's available on Amazon. In paperback and kindle versions be sure to like let's talk dementia on facebook and leave us a kind word of review on itunes remember knowledge brings power power brings hope hope bring smiles and we all need more smiles. Thanks for joining us today. And we'll be right here when you come back to. Let's talk dementia.

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