Zero Gravity Boning


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Doing someone else's podcast and dominates madame results caller new like silly story before i call her the problem. My mother always said bang bang. Hello hi sorry. I was late. That's on me that's all right. What are you doing killing been while rode horses morning. I've spent like doing some housework. You know you know those days where you just do five loads of laundry a change. The sheets unpack repack. Just get the house in order that kind of thing. Those are the worst sundays. Sundays for ya. But then you're sundays ruined all those things mississippi my day of rest and doing the most work today. Yeah i've cleaned a toilet today. Semi normal job. I know god. I hate clean the toilet. I got the message. The worst you know i do should do now. I'm sorry had sucks. I mean it's whatever the hell just crazy. When i'm gone all the time you know jet-setting around bebopping around. I really have kudo fun. Where were you just now. Just now atlanta. Oh highland boil john. Now where did i see. He was maybe vegas vegas but he was. He was like i saw him the other day and he was like. Yeah i gotta go to Back to atlanta a show them going to vegas and doing a show on. I was like He is booked like he. It's crazy he's like he plays like every single for unite. Oh so derek's coming in the night. Oh that's right so it's exciting so texoma like hey man when he get in and he's like well then like seven at lax Got a bag. So like seven fifteen. And i'm sitting there thinking like. Why are you telling me how long it's gonna take to get your bag do you. Do you think that i'm gonna come. You're gonna uber right. And he was like no. You can't pick me up. What first of all like this any other airport. Yeah any any other any other except for like lax maybe like like jfk or laguardia to places like you should never ask anyone to get you at now. You can't and also he's getting it seven and i live in the city. So that means you boys alphabet there. Guess we'll time that is. That's six o'clock monday night. Traffic on the four zero five you my ass fucking airport broke the cover three hours. No thank you. And honestly if he's landing at seven you're not seeing him until like ten. No i think that like eight thirty realistic situation. I don know. Lax or something else. Yeah i know. I've got faith thing though. I know if we should wait for the show to start for me to do it but maybe but it does have to do a remind me. It does have to do a traveling and like okay. The life act. I figured out. How dare derek's coming in and these days is staying to the end of the week. So he's i think he's taking till day because on friday. I'm going to napa for ben and jerry's engagement party. Oh excuse me we're gonna we're gonna wind conference scam. I got scam but like not a scam. But it is kind of a scam. I thought i was just being invited. You engagement party come to find out. It's like livestream. People can buy tickets to like hang out because the money going to charity which is great. But i'm like what the fuck is this. I thought we just wanted to come to celebrate your love. now. I know there's those alterior motives afoot. Yeah leave it to those two to be distant and anything in everything for charity. Less their heart dow. I'm complaining about the charity. And they're trying european. Shed problem here. I think we've realized that. Yeah i just didn't know that's what it was you know and i didn't know until like someone like tweeted being like don't miss your tickets to hang out with bed adjusts and well what what i think. Incredible do we have matching yeti water bottles so i came by the way i love this yet. We do say what it's got like the the sippy cup screw top. Yes grew top minds. Blue blue to Mine's black the black one. Yeah you got sticker on their your do because so my dad gave me this and someone gave it to him and it says something really fucking weird. It says like it's something. I forget what it said. I'm not gonna take the sticker off but it says something weird that my mom has something to do with weed. I don't know it was like cotton mouth or something really. Yeah but i was like. I want the yetis so i just slapped a sticker on no one. No one will ever know you. Gotta you gotta choose your sticker. Right for a yeti or for any water bottle because you put that baby in the dishwasher if the right type of of like really high class sticker that flaky and no thank you. Yeah i didn't really think about that you. I don't put my dishwasher a ton. Hand wash but i have I have a Smoky mountains sticker. Great smoky mountains sticker from one. I stayed under canvas cool. I'm living a little bit in a crisis situation. Just so you know I wanna run. And when i came back. One of the dogs got into women's vitamins ono and like they're like little capsules Daily and there's ninety in there and counted seventy eight Left so one of a dogs. Eight twelve of these castles. And i'm concerned that they're i mean like when i look at the ingredients like merkley and like whatever. Yeah one of them did throw up. And i don't know which one did. I think it was boo so news. I'm going to take a quick pause and just make sure that they're both alive. Okay let's giving ticket. I support this. Think they're okay to all right. How hotlanta look good. You know what's so crazy. The flight from here to atlanta is like twenty three minutes the air. It's so fast. I mean like atlanta's three hours away ending four but here's the thing about some day in the not so distant future. They're going to figure out how we fly faster. How cool be when. It takes. Twenty minutes to get like anywhere. We haven't been able to turn up the speed in our planes since like the seventies the seventies. We're going to speed. Yeah but so. Something's gotta give soon right like yeah we gotta figure it out guys. I heard from somewhere that what they're trying to figure out is how to fly higher so that was go faster. Something you law. Musk fucking jeff bezos and richard. Branson figure it out right now. Yeah i think they're going to figure it out. Do house with you like they are one of my favorite things right now. Because of how fucking ridiculous it is explain okay so the three richest guys right. Now they're just like we gotta go to space. They're like listen. No matter what we gotta fucking go to space. What's of all the things that we need right now. Space number one for you guys. Three richest guys are like. I know. let's do it fucking america. Man what do we do in america. Fucking try to leave. America go put a space like what is the biggest big dick competition. I've ever seen a hundred percent. But i'm here for it because i want to go to space. I do too. But also bezos against you. Bring in your brother gebran get. That wasn't that old lady business base and that little kid eighteen year old kid. All my you gotta be kidding me. You bring an eighteen year old kid. Snot kid has an experienced anything in life that he doesn't deserve this people who've been in ranches branding. I deserve to be up there checking it may. Also here's thing you guys didn't go to space bro. Not space used neo. Hi okay like spaces. And now richard branson. I watched that video enemy. He's up there. He's there but he's not in space. He's not lower earth orbit okay. It looked like he was like looking at the fucking planet though and i was like that is sydney. He is but he's not in orbit yet. Either was jeff bezos. The fuck set. Something into orbit is elon. Musk but he hasn't gone on it the prize that he hasn't gone but he's probably like actually i think he's an alien already been up there. I know it's like to really go into space guys. You gotta go up so high and go so fast. It goes seventeen thousand miles per hour which they didn't go that fast because effectively getting into orbit means that like your spaceship is always trying to fall back to earth. But because you're going so fast in your so above the earth that you're always falling around it Do that and then they fell back down. They didn't need heat shields. Oh god he chills. You ain't space guys. They were floating though they were floating around. Know and i want to do the floating thing. Wouldn't thing looks. Yeah it's called mile high when you get laid in a plane. What's it gonna call when you get like inox and boots up in fuckin- martian territory. I don't know i dunno either. That'd be cool though we this velcro. Booties or something because you need leverage to do sex you do. You're actually do you actually like you might. Have you ever had sex in a pool. I was sitting on like standing on. I don't think i actually did the deed in the pool. I think i got out for like having sex and waters not all it's cracked up to be. I agree yeah completely like takes away natural lubrication which you need. You know ki ki he is. I guess my point is like you're on the deep end. Try to like bone down. I think you'd be like it'd be hard. Give that a try and let us know how it went. And then we'll circle back to this. It's gotta be some way of tears that know about zero g boning all right. No do there. I can't imagine anyone knowing about that. He's going to be a study done though happen. It's so funny because it's such a pissing competition a big dick competition with a bunch of dudes who are flying things. That look like big dicks. Yep and they're so smart so they irony can't be lost on them. Jeff bezos must know that it looks like he just shot a dildo into space has to know it. I think sometimes people that are so book. Smart are not like street smart and like. Don't get stuff like that. 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Podcast with wells and brandy diplomatic What is the shirt you're wearing. Is it pink. Maybe like it. I love the shirt by the way. This is not an ad. But what brand is it. Leo vici never heard of it. I like a lot so soft. It's nice it's so soft but it also kind of like showcases like like my nipples. Because it's so you know what i'm saying like another. You mentioned that don't like that. So it's like i'm always tweak my nipple so it looks like i got bigger makes it worse elbows. Just don't look at it. look at it longer matter. Okay so if you had to go to space. Jeez want to go into orbit. Do you want to go to the moon. You want to go to mars. Join go europa. Like where you wanna go. I feel like maybe a man would be cool. But i i would. I would be satisfied with getting to go like a space station that to circling the earth and getting to like see the views because there was like a bar up there. You know the. I know or like a hotel and you just go stay at night and spacey sickening now. I think it's going to happen soon. I think in the next twenty years. Someone's going to do it. Because like why non. And now. I just hope that a it happens before i'm too old and i'm butts die or be. I hope it's like not so outrageous. That i can't afford it. Yeah i know you gotta start saving now for my trip to space that trip to space fund. You guys have retirement finalize trip to space fund coca cola. Both speaking of travel. And i said i wanted to talk about a favorite thing that do a travel and i know this is going to be very niche. But i feel like they're growing small business that's growing but if you have you heard and or flown on jay sx. I have not heard or flown on that. Okay used because jet sweet now. I know what that is. I flew on windows called jet sweet. Now it's called j. essex and i got like looped in because my instagram was like. Oh you're looking for flights. Here is an ad for x. Files like all right. What is this. This is gonna sound boosie because it is but it isn't also. I just went up to monterey. 'cause i want to play golf with my brothers and my nephews and stuff and Grabbed old car for my dad. The sucks about fucking luck. Flying in los angeles is going to lax. Yeah worst place in the world right seven. Three of hell. No thank you but there is the burbank airport which is like six miles away from me. Right down the street okay. That's where i fly in. And out of sc- it's where it's at. And i told derek today i was like if you've flown in burbank. Get you but brom not passover city for you absolutely kidding i wouldn't even i wouldn't even get on the i void the five like the plague. Bro yeah so yeah. I try to fly out of burbank as much as possible. Obviously has big big but jay sex does like six legs it does burbank to monterrey. Which is where. I'm from so i wanted that flight. They also have like one the napa one to taupo one this okay and it's the closest thing that you can get to fly in private without flying private. Okay yeah you. You go to a hangar. Just a random hangar. It you don't go through any security. They print out your ticket like it's a fucking receipt by the way like a cvs received probe you go. Then you walk into this hanger. They had like a lounge there which is nice and they're serving beers or whatnot and you're chilling. I could've shown up a minute beforehand. That him unlike like hold on the print. Button on your receipt. Here you go get on the plane and the little lounge the giant hangar. Then they pull the dragging the plane into the hanger and then they're like our and then everyone just gets on this tiny little jets and then you fly to wherever you're going and then the monterey flight you land but you don't go to the monterey terminal where they have south west in america that kind of stuff then you gotta sit there. Wait bags claim. No they fucking plo the backs they put him on the ground as they get the fuck out of here and then walked down little steps. You grab your bag and then it's a different exit. It's like you and your airport and here's the thing you're doing so expensive. No it's not how my flight for one eighty nine zero one eight nine. That's going to monterey normally like on just like southwest or whatever like american it would have been. I only one way flight but it would have been two hundred bucks one hundred one fifty per share. I was talking about he. Tanner about it and he said don't tell anybody dude like don't let people know about j. x. I'm like i know. But i gotta say i loved it beautiful so a friend of mine. I just text him to ask what it was called because he just flew from dallas to nashville and something very similar. I think it was a different name but same concept. And i which i've never seen it anywhere but california. Yeah i get starting to happen. I know and i don't want to tell people about it. And then like all of a sudden. The price is outrageous. And i'm like oh man. I'll just go back to lax gas. But i can't do that to my peeps tears if you need to be. Here's the thing if you come to california. Because i know like people don't actually have here if you come to california want to bebop around california cool places. You should do this thing instead of like. Well it's always fun to drive up and down the one or whatever but you'll have a time and if you can be like oh new napa and tahoe and vegas and l. a. And san francisco on this like private thing dude. It's cheap grazie. I know kind of like my one. Big thing was kind of exciting. Oh the other things. I went there. You know that. I like old cars. Like i've been fixing my old landcruiser and so my dad has He's getting the point now is like making his will and asking everyone like what they want. And everything and i jokingly was like i want the ben's he's got this old mercedes in nineteen eighty six one ninety two point three sixteen valve. They only made two thousand of them but it looks like every bad guy from nineteen eighties. Movie that baby sold drugs or was like a bully and like every like john hughes situation his car. If you know what. I'm saying. I was like i want that. And he's like all right. Come get it. So i went up there. I played golf on s of shutout. And then i got the car. And i drive back down. It's like five hour drive. So here's the thing that he didn't tell me The air conditioning does not work. Things don't work and it's like it's it's going to be a whole little process but it's a cool looking car. Anyways aches doesn't work and anyone who's driven from monterey to la. Knows that if you want to get there the fastest you gotta cut through. Pass the robe lace on the forty six and go go over. The grapevine were james dean died unfortunately anyways Just so you know it's seven million degrees. And so i am sweating like a hooker in church driving this old car so concerns gonna. It's so old. And i find that sucks. Oh so hard so hard. I was sweating so much. And i was so uncomfortable that finally i had to strip down to my underwear. I was just driving this old car in my underwear. Bebopping around going down and people are driving past. And just looking at me like this guy's nakedness car and then there's a couple of times in like younger girls. Were in the passenger seat. Fucking from the bachelor. Be sweating bullets in say anyway. She made it so what you're going to restore this car and then it's going to be your car. What yeah he's gonna have it. So yeah i'm going to restore it and then and then we're going to see you know i don't know the thing is. I did that landcruiser now. Navarine wants to buy it. And like i'm not selling this thing and then the saxon after this annapolis lama soup it up. It's going to be bad. Asked for nasa by number known. Then what do you. Why do i have two cars. I don't need that. Maybe this could be like your new like side thing side. Hustle is a restoring cars maintenance. Elena making some money. I know it's true. But i'm not gonna wanna pry. Maybe i will. It's a cool carpet. I'm gonna start like i think on instagram. Start like showing people it. And which i do too. I haven't i have a vision for what i want. Number one on the docket today was. Let's see if we can get that. Ac fixed so. I took it over mechanic and he was like okay so this is a really old car and like we don't have this type of freon anymore so we need to redo the entire season like expensive will go. Cars are expensive. Yeah they are batch one batch and my gosh yeah duh always that weird episode of like half episode half menthol all. I'm like we have one of the other. Don't here's my complaint. I got all sappy for michael story. I know and then i got all like garland dominator dick's and i was like i. Don't i went on too much of an emotional roller coaster. I wanted to stick with feeling bad about michael Yeah i was shocked that he'd left before hometowns dude. You're right there right there like you're going to go to your kid like tomorrow because it's your hometown. No that i get. I get it but also yeah like you're like you're right there. You've come this far. I know he is right and everybody dealings. He is right there. he's also not right there knowing how it works. Every guys hometown takes a week. Maybe not i would have been like. Hey my needs to be i. i'm gonna leave. Yeah but he can't leave the bubble so they've got to wait for everyone to be over. I guess you could have laughed. And then like corentin came back and came. No i'm saying like he should've said the producers like hey. I need to go home so if my hometown can't be the first one like that. They go do than i have to leave and they may have let him go. I you know. Yeah but he has to come back for the engagement portion and for fantasy yes and stuff i know but at least he would have gotten some time with this on it would have been. I could've been worth at least having the hometown to see how everything was going. Yeah out have been like all right. Let's pay for a nanny to come out here with the kid and you can see him every once but that's not the show their people with kids before he can't do that. You know yeah. I did feel for him but also like katie's face when he started breaking up with her was fucking terrified. I was like oh. She knows what's coming and she's a yeah. It was the one time. I think she kind of let her guard down a little bit and wasn't thinking of like she was in micro world and not thinking of macro world. Yeah yeah yeah. Because she sat there and said like. I saw us walking away at the end of this. Like do you think he was her top choice at that moment. I don't know third. Because i think it goes greg and or blake at one and then michael but yeah but if you're doing that show like the thing that every on what i've heard from every like bachelorette when you're doing that show your biggest fear is you're choosing someone that doesn't really want to be married to you. They're it's a competition and the guide is win and just re really wants to become famous. And if you're if that's really what your fear is then michael's bright choice for it Agree but Yes she was. Just like like cnn. Read piercing daggers. When he's just like and then when she sees him at mental all i mean she showed no emotion. Yeah i think. She thinks he's mad at him. Yeah and also. I see where she's coming from because it's like it's a little bit of if this is how you felt. Why didn't you tell me so. I could had andrew stick around longer something that we deal with a lot in paradise. Big problem always is is. If you knew you didn't want to do this or be here. You shouldn't have come because you've taken the place of some of that does want to be here right. Yeah so yeah i listen. It's it's tough thing. But i you're not a michael guy and i have been michael guy after that. Are you kind of michael guy. I think more so. Like i liked him a lot more this last episode than i have not. I mean no. It's okay like everyone's like oh michael bachelor i don't i don't like that. Well i mean listen. If you can't do you know once on the bachelorette that you can't do to being the bachelor agree. I think it's out of the cards for him. Yeah but who knows maybe not. I was getting vibes. Like andrew might be the bachelor his hot seat if you wanna call it. That was very bachelor vibes. Yes very and just like things that were being said. I really hope that. Like i find love or my personal. Whatever anti she was like. Oh you'll get you'll get you'll get your chance or something and i was like Yeah there's a party that was like are they going to announce it right now. That's what i thought too. Yeah i guess they're gonna wait. Just i've been saying they need to wait for paradise that because who knows who could pop out of there you know when they talked to me about potentially being the bachelor and they had me do a hot seat with chris and then they aired the mental all and they cut me from it. That's how i found out that. I wasn't going to be the bachelor via hadn't like watching that being like okay. He's definitely still running in this whole thing. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah definitely. What about my boy. Connor come on. You had the loved it. I liked it for him. It was it was like. I loved this mental all. Actually i usually hate them. And i thought this one was really good and a lot of that had to do with connor and his stint with the girl in the audience. I mean like listen. I you couldn't pay me to kiss connor but i mean great for her. He does kinda look like a bad kisser. Like that looks like kiss. Yeah little terrible loved it. So i mean your life. Yeah she was hot. Yeah i now. I'm into the whole thing i just thought. How do you go about getting that done. You know like you got to be in the in the audience and then you've got to figure out how to get a hold of a producer and be like. Hey i got this idea. I wanna make this guy. And then they got to be like okay all the producers at the on board with it and then they go mike her up so many things had to happen for her to be able to do that. Where i'm just like crazy lady. Do that also like i like that. They were like okay. Let's go with this because so many things that have gone ron. I wonder if she knows somebody behind the scenes. I don't know because they trusted her enough to do it. You know because she could chicken doubt and then connor could also been like. I'm dating a girl back home or like i've got a girlfriend impaired. You know like there's a lot of things that could have gone wrong but it went so right. And i just i love connor like he just is that guy. I think what i like about him. I recognize that he's a dork and a for you. You recognize these dark and you don't like that because you're looking at it in terms of being sexually attracted somebody where i'm just looking at it as being like being entertained like i like how he's so unapologetically a dork like he knows what he is and he just does it and i respect him for that. I like that. That's good point you. If i was one of those guys i would grab that fucking ukulele and baroque it over my name like no more no more no more. I kind of wish that would have happened brand. I'm not sure if you saw. Who won the Open championship now. Well it's a golfer by the name of colin more akao who also won. Believe the pga this past year do you know who or one of his big sponsors is. Is that their gun. Of course like he has like their commercials and stuff but like how. He won the open championship. He want major and you know why is it because he's good gulf. Maybe is because of his thera gun. Maybe i don't know exactly what it is. But i do know that he used the thera gun. Is there a gun. Which means that. I could win. Open championship down the line. We're not who knows what's going to happen but anyways if you haven't gotten the gun yet. What are you doing with your life not winning open championships. That's for sure well even if you're not an elite athlete like that guy You could be someone like mere wells and their gun is pretty much. I love to use it when i'm watching. Tv at night before bed. When i use might they're gonna. I truly wake up with like faster muscle recovery. I'm not as sore from you. Know all the horse stuff. I've been doing that day. Plus i really do think it helps. Make me sleep better. I think i think because it increases your circulation and get your blood pump in like. There's something about it that just puts me right to sleep. I islip great. Gun is a hand held progressive therapy device that releases your deepest mush attention using a scientifically calibrate combo of depth speed and power. And it's as quiet as an electric toothbrush. Honestly it's one of the best purchases. I've made a very long time. You guys gotta get yourself a faira gun so try their gun for thirty days. Starting at only one hundred ninety nine dollars just go to thera gun. Dot com slash. Y of tea right now and get your jen for thera gun today. That's gun dot com slash y. f. T. thera gun dot com slash lie at t two favorite things to happen when they showed caitlyn getting engaged to first of all. Like i love jason. I understand the sentiment like they met on a podcast. But you best believe you. Best believe fi has sarah to marry me off podcasts. She'd be like all right steak a beep. Let's turn around. Let's rethink this and let's do it again. I would be like that. I would've been like. I would have been like you know what i'm gonna stop you right there. Just don't say another word was just pretend this never happened. Gogi shit together but it was really cute for them. And i mean i teared up a little bit when jason was like you know when we did our very first podcast like i would have never guessed that i would have met my best friend. The mother by children did i. Decide got emotional. I love how he cried and she did not cry. Yeah because i'm really emotional. Though i know she didn't surprise to because probably the of reminds us like was put a pin in this. And do this in the maldives. Okay what do we do when he was either. That was fun funny and then the other thing that i thought was really funny. First of all thomas where you gotta be bro. What do you now what. I don't think they should have let him do that. I think they should have said you either. Come and be on the show or you. Don't yeah maybe he had covert or something like who knows. Because here's the thing. Thomas is and i think the problem that everyone has with him that he is very very polished everything. He says everything he does how he presents himself. It's very very rehearsed down to how he styled his zoom call. Oh i know that is not the most thomas thing ever is to be like living a west elm add lick. Everything was like perfectly place. There's a little ladder and a lantern off to the side. We're the fuck are you. Are you in restoration hardware right. I wondered if he did that. Or if like the producers had done that. I think so but i wouldn't be surprised if he was like. Yeah i wouldn't either. He does seem like that kind of guy he does. I agree with you. That the whole thing. That's funny actually. The thing that i think. I didn't like the most was the bloopers. I like the bloopers. Weren't that good this year. They saw right. Yes they sucked and then like the two things that were good. that should have been bloopers. Was they finally explained. How there's like this whole part of the date that was funny. The british talking in the credit roll. Yeah i loved that. I mean those two like other than that was like these blooper suck. Yeah they weren't very good anyways. The funniest thing in the bloopers was with the stick. And that was that was hilarious. So it's good. It's literally fell on the grill down. She felt out and tiny little five foot. One katie's like trying to like hoist can't was insane all right so we're getting close to the end. Now what two episodes left. yeah. I think so. Wow where's your money. I feel like it. It's greg who she's going to want to be at the end. But i don't know what's going i mean. Obviously like they're killing us with the whole like caitlyn's what are you want to happen. And she's like. I want someone a book. My flight home like shit. Go down you. She thinks she's gonna leave without getting anybody maybe abe. I don't know who's left. Is it like expressions guy Expressions guy is just like he got to be looking around being like. I don't even know if they know i'm still here. I think they just forgot to like book my flight home and he's like sweeping the floor and stuff like planning. He works there now. He's like maybe maybe they'd i work at the hotel. I guess getting blink greg. Yeah so it's blake and greg You got. I'm telling you. I think she's gonna want greg and for some reason i'm feeling like he's not gonna be down but that's not what you've been saying this time you're saying that blake isn't isn't going to be ready Blaze's devlin already. Yeah all right. Well we shall see Yeah good stuff that another al and then paradise it starts. Wait be fun. They put on teaser today. And you see me crying in it. So i know what are you crying about. I don't know if i want to ruin it for people for hint has to do with connor. Your boy boy all right. I think that's enough batch. You got an east faith. Things broher what we least thing. What is it you think. I may have mentioned it on our on our zoom this past week but i just can't watch the new gossip girl can't do it. Yeah have you watched it at all. No because we talked about on zoom. I think maybe i. I can't remember but i'm chuck bass guy in chuck bass ain't there. I know. honestly it's just not good at all. Yeah i can't watch it. That's the bummer. Well i've got some burma. I got something good for you. Okay gunpowder milkshake. What what does that. It's on net flicks and the cast is insane. All right. it's karen gillian and you might not know who that is. But you know all the things. She's been in like what she's nebula in guardians of the galaxy. She's the hot chick in jumanji. Og dumont know the new one. I don't think i saw him anyone. Issue have with kevin hart in the you need to watch jumanji. it's eli yes an originalist so good. Can you beat that actually better than the original. And i'll tell you why. Way jack black kevin hart. The rock are in a movie together. Okay and in the in the second. One jack black kevin hart the rock. Danny devito and danny glover and nick jonas. Oh and let's throw in like colin hanks just for funsies anyways so carrying. Gillian is in gunpowder milkshake. So you all sit. Lena headley you know that. Is i sure do she's back. Say this i guess i can. She's dating my buddy ozark. Mark ozark marks dating searcy lancaster. They've been dating for awhile. Woo yeah off the texture of make sure i can leave that in. But i'm sure you can google and that's me anyway so great so she's in it and then oh paul. Giamatti is in it angela. Bassett's in it. I mean like the the star power crazy all right. So here's the tile three generations of women fight back against those who could take everything from them gunpowder milkshake. It's very stylized. Think dick tracy but also very female empowerment because it's all women and it starts out with the lead caring gillian. You realize she's a hitman. She comes across a little girl in a hit and like needs to save her right so then she gets burned by her. Pitman squad kinda similar to john wick if you will and then you find out her mom. Lena headley thirsty. Lancaster was also like a bad ass. Hit woman and then angela bassett in these two other women who are actually amazing actresses. They are like also bad ass. Hit women that help out. It's a spaghetti western meats. Kill bill meets. Dick tracy and i tell you what is good. And it's on netflix. Yeah what's it called again. The name is so weird. Gunpowder milkshake shake etc. Dude i watch it should have you seen sex in the city. The original one. Yeah yeah of course. Upset men are trash. Why and you know what then our trash and they were trashed back then and their trash. Now they are. That's what i'm learning from the show. So you're watching sexy for the first time right now. Yeah i told this couple. Of what character do you identify. With the most samantha or now charlotte area for sure. Yeah kerry. you're a boss lady. She's the cool check you know. Yeah as a boy charlotte charlotte. He is dumber than a box of rocks. Though you know shoes in tiny and brunette lawler is that psycho oh my god Okay well big is a piece of hot garbage. Dates kerry for years breaks up there. Once they get back together and won't commit won't get serious doesn't want to be married you know. Just whatever drags carry along for years and years only to go to fuck in paris and meet some twenty two year old and proposed her in like three months. What a piece of trash. But i will say this aiden is a good guy and chief fox eight a lot. So is that his name. Yes john corbin. But his name's aiden in the show and yes guys are are pieces of trash but she is a piece of trash subtypes to in that show. I mean i watched his show fucking twenty years ago only because big treated her like garbage the first two seasons so now that she's and hard and stone cold and now she's like well nominate everybody else like sixty treated me like shit. That's a vicious cycle. And you could say the same thing for you could citizens forbid like big tree shit in college and got cheated on a big fucking origin story. I'm just saying there's no excuse for turning someone bad because someone else trees you. That's not fair. it's not fair but sometimes just how the dice get rolled. You're justifying bad behavior of that justifying it. I'm saying that your actions have consequences and a lot of times like the way you treat. Somebody really affects them going forward and a lot of times like that's not shit. You can control my arguments that someone could have done that too big. And that's why he is the way he is. But i don't really know anyways so done this show so old. They're coming back but not without samantha. They're doing a movie but without smell. Yeah a couple of movies. Miley was actually. My only had a cameo in one of them. I think it was the second one. Have you seen disco parker lately. I saw today and she has a full head of gray hair and she is rocking it and it is the sickest thing i've ever seen like you go girlfriend. I think she looks so bad. Ass will go anyway. That's what i've been watching. This is something i think about a lot. Your thought about temperature. In what way like your body temperature yet so your body temperature is one hundred degrees not quite but yeah ninety eight point six around there but the temperature outside that we like is at seventy 'cause if it's a hundred outside we're like this is so hot but why sesame and he said because this is as we are we should think that's normal may sense because we are some food and it's ninety degrees fucking cold. This needs to be two hundred degrees. The soup is soup is cold. It's only one hundred degrees. It needs to be two hundred degrees. Doesn't make any sense and also like get no water if it's seventy degrees because what we'd like on the outside temperature. It's fucking freezing. It's got to be like eighty. It's gotta be it's gotta be like one ten which is higher than what we like. You know i've never thought about this to tell you. The truth was out temperatures. I feel like it's part of the simulation being fucked up. Maybe because our body temperature is so high that we like to be in a colder temperature toy level at out or something i guess but why are. We trying to radiate heat out. You know like i don't know. Yeah it's weird right. Yeah i've really stand to have a guest on this. Show that the doctor answer some of these hard hitting questions yeah. This is not a favorite by any means. But it's just so funny. Lord has a song called stoned at the nail salon relate. Listen it no. It's insane bird. Dogs walk stronger. john. I mean i think a lot of why have to use relate to that song and if you smoke weed you probably gone. I don't fucking know. What am i trying to stretch. I mean your mom can relate to that for sure. One hundred percent window so i. We've played her before she's a friend. Her name is taylor bono. She's got song called. Remember the bad and it's so sad and it's so good all right now me all the way then remember the. I call a bro. Gotta remember the bad is not said leon revisionist history got remember the battle like the message and then coldplay has out a new song. Do it actually love it. Coloratura can't be saying that right. Can't that's how it said it though. Laura co laura to our colorado hurrah era to de down loneliness is Colo cheer police. We dreamed barrau. The men or eason's juice love come pouring. Everyone's allow with feathered crass Sa- chris barnes seen a lot of pink floyd during the pandemic long for because i loved it. I mean limping loyd will play live yes. They're so good. Yeah they're they're one of those bands. You're like i'm a fan of this band than you go. And you know every fucking song. Like well i guess i am. You know. I know all the songs they're set just always look so good in all the facts awaits also good. It was like when i went to go see snow patrol knows like i don't really know what he's no patrol songs. I went there. And i was like. Oh yeah no. I know all the songs scott okay. I guess it must overthrow fan. You go i. Warren drugs have a new track out. Tell just into it. I did but you didn't wanna play it so maybe it's not good now. It is classic war on drugs. I'm good ain't broke. Don't fix one of my favorite bands. Listen to what i'm high on. Gasps drew terming. Maybe what iranian. Yeah you're right. That's a pretty pretty typical anything else. Hang right before we go. We want to say a big thank hung out with us on that final patriae on a last fight friday. That was a lot of fun. Sorry my dad tried to fuck in you know. Get in on it. Typical dad shit so funny. Thank god i wasn't because he didn't really understand what it was but it very well could have been like some very important business thing you know and i was like. What are you doing like you like you coming in being like. Hey we gotta go to dinner in thirty minutes. I'm like yeah. I don't worry typical. I'm good. I got on the schedule. Yeah so you know. We'll still posting content in you have access to the discord chat room until the end of the month. So still got that going for ya. We asked patriots out there who is going to be. The next bachelor will say. Andrew lawrence had someone new to the franchise. And lauren no happening. But everyone's saying andrew except for gm says michael andrew and worth mayor for all right. Well i think that's everything all right all right all right. I wanna get stoned at nail salon. Now you love. I want to go get stone the nelson. I don't know if i love the song so much nelson tomorrow. Should i give it a track get stoned fine because you're going to think all the nail salon ladies there like talking shit about you. I'm sure pressure you know judging hodgin you being like look at this entitled stupid schick. But they're doing their their language or whatever. You're gonna get all freaked out. Then you're like. Oh no my ghetto. Fungi finger fungi. So my sister. My sister got finger. Fungi from amana petty. And oh my god. I gotta watch out. Make sure that they have the tools that come out of a plastic bag makes the lion so now. Here's there's some things to be paranoid about when you go to the nail salon. Great well are you going anywhere anytime soon. I'm going to chicago on. Wednesday did comes out. Shy town bro. Her lollapalooza fun do some drugs with some cool famous musicians and tell me about it later. Like my sister. Yeah well. I don't know where she is in a recovery. Now but you know what i'm saying some cool to see see you later. Love your love. You guys china so i just saw on chicks office twitter. Hold on. i'm would you can leave. Send look that tara who made out with connor on mental is a musician and has a new song out today. that's awfully convenient. It called kissing boys. I think it's called play with fire. Ou okay gifts. I wonder if she lives in nashville. Ugly listen to do all right com We'll say this. The lord's but looks great and the cover of this thing you know like does yeah. Just chef's kiss. Did you know that because of gobert. Nineteen up to a hundred and sixty. Three million people are at risk of being pushed back into extreme poverty by the end of twenty twenty one with collective action. We can change this. Global citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who used voice to encourage action. Today's biggest issues like defending the planet demanding equity and defeating poverty by joining global citizen. You can learn take action an exclusive rewards from your favorite celebrities and brands and get access to exclusive global citizen events and festivals. If you're ready to join the movement changing the world visit global citizen dot org forward slash act. Now for more info that's global citizen dot org forward slash act now. This show has been brought to you by podcast nation.

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