#268: I Can See You, You Can See Me


Hello there welcome back to those English show with me. Your host Agostino Zenga. This is episode number. Two six eight does does does. Cs Ocho Ocho something along those lines. Because I find your okay you good great amazing amazing great. I've just got back from at really early work out this morning and went super early. Normally go this. I tried to gate as a chemical is Monday. I WANNA say good little precedent for myself back home now had breakfast going to record this podcast. Zip Back to work so if you watch Youtube Youtube video hearings last night on. Picks up scribe. If you're listening to podcasts up leave me a five star reviews people can find the show anyway with backman it's been long weekend and Yes tough weekend. Tough end of Sunday to beginning of Monday as I'm sure most of your way if you've been keeping abreast of what's happening all social media in your hip hop you'd have known juice water. Fortunately passed away last night. MOM juice flowed very influential referendum. An AH EMA rap. Soundcloud era has passed away. One of the maybe leading artists genre. Somebody who had a lot of potential ahead of him somebody who was collaborate with everyone under the sun and really making some hit records and really showing his range. Somebody who recently had Did a one of my favorite collaboration products of the tape. He did with them with future was really good and I just enjoyed his music Abreu before he was one the most talented ones until his group for like I said before you had potentially had low range for his life shows could have been really pushed to the ferber our limit because because he had a pretty decent singing voice. Somebody predominately was constraining wrapping. Abbey's influences were quite wide in varying and just Germany came across the bay. Good came 'cause yes I can love yellow give not to give them the artistry by fortunately He died. I'm now the Co.. What causes has been said sieges but we I don't know what the toxicology report yes so? We don't know exactly what happened and I guess I now. This moment in time is super important. I think I think it's is just cooler. Remember him is legacy but Yemen. I'm bummed head. I'm super bombed out. Aw but only because I think as the is it useful DEUCE Deuce vote against the world the one with them human fuchsia future. Because I listened to all the time you know assist one mixed up. I listened to every time I run as well. Just have it on shuffle when I'm running outside and stuff and future and just what against what world on drugs and here of course you know now. It's a bit is prophetic. Everything that's been said about album and I think if you're just really pay attention his lyrics especially the mix tape came out last year goodbye and good riddance. You know that a lot of maybe the first. Maybe I'd say say ten tracks on this mix tape. Essentially you know him basically crying for help that album Diaz screen good luck and good. Riddance is probably. Yeah Man I say I've got nothing really apple to say I'm a big fan of juice wallet. A whole career basically from the onset since he kind of came onto Marayda What she says? She was abused big findings freestyles and yeah just bombed out. I really am bummed out a carbon. Don't say nothing insightful. I've just signed an August. I really looked up to and somebody I was looking forward to seeing how he evolved as pass away. And if you look at inspected bit closer you'd say uh you know the Mount Rushmore of eras. You know the free probably the free rappers who are probably pushing the fergus and really showing their musical range. It really kind of set in trends. I'm sonically stylistically were Lil peep excessively on and now Just they will pass away at ridiculously. Young ages I just wish it could have been avoided you know. I don't think now is also the time to come out. I will do those anti-drug. PSA's stop because we know people are going to do what they have to do. Life again I think if he followed usual you know a lot of his Quote Unquote drug issues. What necessarily due to the fame? He came into music. Having those Issues plaguing beforehand wasn't night. Somebody's kids now. who kind of get a famous get? Some money in this is exploring drugs and he was doing this beforehand so maybe the access to that may be increased but he was through stuff in it himself personally and I think we saw that. How do you want to speculate? Stuff is not the time But yeah you if your friend you know what was going on in his life and you know what got to do it but you know what he was talking about for and Yemen. I just missed the Guy Mem- I miss him already. I find it really difficult though because this is the thing I followed. I was a big fan of exiles. The Big Fan of I'm still a big fan of exit bill Peop- and listened to the entire back back back to front front to back but I find it very difficult to listen to these guys. Once they'd pass away man I just can't bet hit a voice and I just can't imagine women's if you're there if you're a close friend or family member way must who led to hear their music played out it's GonNa be cool tribute and I think it's great to see people streaming Solos of stopping you know getting extremely numbers up and hopefully helping. His family always loved. Wants wants to make sure they didn't have to work again. I just can't Ben Listen to them again. You know. I think of the Baba Buddha from The credit will the twos of a podcast. That I for that for a long time. Unfortunately Password Sixteen from a hawk complications and stuff and I haven't listened to his podcast ever again but he will somebody. I looked up to somebody. I kinda a framed my Solo Colorado stuff that he was doing really good philosophy your life he was going he was he was doing some interesting things before you pass away. It's always like anyway always seemed as if if the person that pass away. I guess maybe happens in your later years. Maybe you get a point in life where you've achieved and people have enjoyed your artistry and have kind of been able to enjoy your four range and when you do end up passing so you know okay cool. He he lived the good life here she goodlatte but somebody's artists. Like way seems Sabih their life gets cut short just as they about to really go for the jugular and you just felt as if drew world was going to start two thousand twenty off with a bang but unfortunately we see that but I don't know he seemed like somebody who was be no recording a lot and put a lot of effort into Megan show. He turned over over lows of music. So I won't be surprised if we get a full project sometime very soon. Because he just had so much stuff in a cat. And he's archive is a prodigious recorded somebody akin to lack of future yellow could just record record record saw. I think we're going to probably see that sometime soon but yet I'm just bombed out. I'm just bummed out going. Contagious example. story appeared on. TMZ Davide so yesterday and quickly re debt and then we can kind of move on but just what did at twenty one final moments captured. says the following forge appears of what you should do swabs final moments in the air finally on the Ground Stein to surface. Rapper seemed to be in good spirits. And we'RE GONNA CLIP here showing him in private priority friends. Everything seemed to be going okay. A second crew landing at Chicago's Midway Airport. which would do actual loss moments on this earth in a clip? You see him hanging out with one. The buzzer the back apparently fully conscious alert as they look at something to give possibly fern. Not what he would suffer a seizure. Later died Hubbard songs too soon. EP was called nations agents and is a pretty particular rick as he said chuckles about little people existential his death in this song he raps. What was the twenty seven club? We ain't making it pass twenty one who've been saying right because I've into existence. I'm not for I'm not really for the worst moment. I think it's a bit too raw to even talk about that sort of stuff bar. If they're visiting lessons to be learned is maybe to like by guests in general a lot this generation and look at someone like an good example. You know they they love a good loss. I think ink kind of flex ever trying to say Salvi Prophetic and tweet. So that if they do pass away the epic memory to like hold them out as opposed to like somebody re tweeting in some Gilgit and ahead cracks put in the side of a cub. You know on the street fight. no-one said so maybe that's the point of it by large. You know I tend to be the kind of person that does avoid negative speak. Because what's the point right like is negative enough. I don't need to reinforce it by saying crazy stuff but also I don't know man. These guys are living life hundred miles per hour and it may be. Life does seem a bit fleet into the woman. You're sleepy Mona on the mattress. Somewhere on the floor in the middle of some no italian-american next moment you're the jet ski somewhere with a instagram. For listening to your song on blast I live can change liquid and it can just seem so weird to them bar. I'm just not somebody to speak negatively about anything even alive even people I just tried to keep it in neutral. 'cause I just know the power of the words but I don't know the how much should read into west stuff but yeah move onto article dishonest. EP was released in Nineteen to Judaism. Didn't June nineteen hundred eighteen. The death ex was murdered. got a couple of days here. From Las Excellent Community Bello Saint Gustafson Yemen tied autism. I'm show you guys are web lucid dreams and yeah how got nothing more to save are really a finger just suicide just a sad state events and yeah I can just force and feeders go out so his friends and family. Who Have you know probably lost a very integral passengers and crew? You seem like a really good fun. Hiring somebody everydollar coast insanely talented in the world is really he had so much potential so much untapped potential Ribian do not get like us it not time for trump. ESA's unless I've let let people grieve and then we can talk about another day yet. Rip Juice Waldman Gumbo not forgotten gone but not forgotten Move on move on move on Okay topics atmosphere of topics in a Gallo bit positive because it'll get bombed uh-huh episode as usually guys are willing to show I joke about street. Wear culture are music fashion without good stuff. I try kept Klay Edna St way umbrella as a way to kind of describe things but anything in between as listening via the podcast APP. Unlikely Airing Smash that Mike Button also Khalifa's review and if you've apps much like scribe time I knew it. Let's get into it talking to WANNA go. Love sneak in use to get through so just both save me for now. Number one topic to get through is a Blondie McCoy. Your favorite hits. The skateboarder has now got coverage at S. S. B.. And they look pretty woman. I'm a big fan of these The SEAFORD superstars innovation of some of seafood crept vaccine from other brands. Nike in the past But these a priori done so this is an article from hype beast says Brennaman Quiz Ada superstar sneakers released this week so surprise. Drop here. We I heard that the report ability McCoy's first ever design of superstar silhouette this past July since then there have been little to no news of the shoes anticipate released recently in the Motala. It's quite integral into relayed at sea fruit. It's racial released this week. Which is a nice surprise drug? Before Christmas McCoy's superstar silhouette features transplant. Pull your upper tolo black stripes in a white detailing his he's captured. I like him pretty cool. They probably the best. I've seen the seafood. Horrible form of a superstar is not so much how to describe it as well as making the sun. Dumb there isn't as much surface area to cover for the see through new Weber plastic or rubber usership. Plastic right on the episode. You can it can basically keep his former a little bit better because I remember I had to see through once in a while. I remember who does is that they used to fall into day kind of fold into themselves quite easily maybe because the weightless she may because most secretary on the Air Force wants to cover made because the fact they've got stripes on the side of it kind of helps kind of hall shape how they look. They look really cool and I imagine they are. SP is supersized. Deals was it. Just a superstar wonder olduvai superstars. These come with a F- A tongue. 'cause I also think like what. What would they be like in terms of skateboarding in terms of like you know getting a whole New Orleans loose cussing aside? Well they get they prone to that. was that no enforcement reinforcement in front of the SHOTA. I'm not sure but they don't really like to actually look at them differently. Plenty here on site is really cool and I also like the color combination. I think the idea of having of Gums so with a shelter and in having a black stripe is really cool white and black and their supervisor. Tau Shoe some light pattern dot pads like what they look like a little bit Nice Front of the England Tattoo but he is from here. So what can you do but yeah I like the shoe. I think he smashed it. It really was so it says the following his capture. Oh the novelty of feeding emotional resume. My superstar will become available for purchase decided to fourteen for December and we'll be screening escape video in London tomorrow night. Okay also I guess. It's this today Monday if you at least that yesterday. So if you're that way inclined shoe it nothing about it being a superstar assorted Ada skateboarding skateboarding. Sure you're just regular inland ideas original stuff which is even more interesting because it means that the star shape will be as wants a bit more was cinema among benefit of wet. which might help someone like me with fat feet but those of you guys who can't combustion do like to wear van's old school stuff you'll be super happy but the guys does that mean a lot to enforce wallabies stuff you gotta be pissed. Cause issues are going to be for us but they look interesting. fucking the shoe. I wonder what they're look like once they get one in Hopefully the wettest where he posted pictures of him actually wearing that he's been testing out. Or maybe a pet he will use filming escape. pod Be cool to see what they look like scuffed Scottsbluff. What's going to happen with the APP? They peel off because usually when you have an upper that isn't seafood. Plastic usually have a little layer inside. Right I know from my my days as an skating when you have the shoe and you had the best of the House aside from you know from rubbing Outta the grip tape in young you know trying to flip earlier may be usually. There's a couple of days underneath the top layer so there might be a couple padding of business heading over so I wonder what happened with those or maybe nowadays you can get. I'm not sure I haven't looked online to see what skate Gear people sell these days. One if people out there selling like It sounds stupid but like skating. Socks like socks with mcnerney can get those running talks have the little bits of padding on it when they have the same sort of thing would skateboarding songs. We've got little fickle. Bits on it would probably might not be the most comfortable to wear on an inter. Shuba I dunno are quite I like them and it reminds me of Some some other Really influential see FRU trainers Brecca today. But She Nike Ones Festival. The Air Force has had his world laughing. I sold stray where I didn't keep them. I think a friend of my mom because she had a couple of pairs water for a while because by everywhere might and used to really get members to get those steam up really quickly That was a fun thing. But do you remember these fantastic women somewhere that right. If you have four-pack from Nike two thousand six varmint Aaron so this was a four parachute shooting yet does Amex ninety mister fantastic pastic those Air Force won Miss Invisible woman. There's a dunk high which is a great calloway. Actually does brown color thing and of course was the human torch. No Air Max. Ninety five really cool calloway's disheveled sort of course was the standup piece. I think this sold out pretty quickly. Everyone this was era when people were wearing now duffy they do the hipsters in London specially to wear white socks dark shoes a white so reebok classics white and black. You know that that thing thing is big. Wipe the West Michigan Nike socks but back in the day the finger that was popular was like you know patterned socks. No we'd leave. Stop by other stuff like funny. Anything on the spongebob squarepants. Maybe so Wendy supper trainers with those kind of cool because you can always have different. You have all socks on especially with show. People would love them on surprised. They haven't really come back in vogue especially with with the leads the light to go I beef and stuff with short shorts. I think they will really call this kind of issue now. Ankle socks padded ankle socks from short shorts message I mean shuffling somewhere in ib Lapore co-winners kind of lights bump surprise it. Maybe because I haven't seen him or did not release but they will look quite cool and then the other seafood should I foot was really cool was the climax once which I had been the last few queued for. Oh I'm GonNa say maybe I think my last one Germany's the claw Amex ones for two hundred six. So the though it was two fold number one on the Air Force One we just saw. Recently they were just like a regular Air Force One with the see through but these were annex one dollars. Non Linear so I think remember Muqtada DOT SOS basically no no lining on the F.. On the Air Max when upper one basically the outer piece and that was it so super uncomfortable and the size it was so weird because there's no padding on it so if you're a size ten you might be a size ten in the actual foot bed but apple was on so spacey and the only imagine it was better. It was a bit better because it was only only the top it I'll see for the actual actual the entire Toba that she was still the Upper Knox keene. New Buckle Swayed version of wherever it may be but these are big show map on the inside. These are massive shoe eating at this research shows a number of friends and family want but this is a big shoe. This might be the last sneakers I queued up for. I'm pretty sure. Aw Marvin for patrol as well as much shop it was. I queued up. Outside of this is definitely lost one of my favorites as well and then loss lead the other shooed. It was a real standout in terms of the see through. A trend was most recent seafood trend. I remember was so it was a company. gosawx Don Hi that they beat a finger in a condo home show right home plus show December being one of the again. He's under eight model for St Louis. Maybe 'cause he's a bit bigger now. He probably doesn't do much most comfortable but he's underrated in terms of looking towards the polls and stuff I think he does modeling thing of treatments of really cool. I liked his as a shoot. He didn't have What's his name with the encoders brand wherever that Brad was he did something that I realize? Pose a fingers awesome. There's Louis stay. It looks like a Nike Bucks. Looks like a break or something right some so a brick and he's got the company Gosawx dunks on so essentially. They're black-and-white dance with the the panels are meant to be white essentially just completely see fruit in a really really cool for the really amazing what they beat on the runway. Here you see them hitting one in a really cool way with some Nice baggies folks like really really cool and I like to because oddly enough y maybe because they are they hide normal dunks but they kind of look a little bit. I don't kills I remember. I don't care how the similar diesel generally get two of them because they usually tend to make them with also nonsense cars and patents. But I love the to turn on dunks actor in the kind of the Classic Literature School Dot S. speaks of Vibrant University calloway's just two colors. That's what it looked their best again. This combination can be a bit. You know. Get Bit redundant off the pier. Tom Buffoni opposite and again is inland dunks so they got the best shape nonni threat Super Super Fat Tong or wherever it may be an espy's I had previously and I've always found the. SP dunks. I don't know the upper just against I don't know they didn't have a good structure to them because because they will always swayed a new book so he kind of tended to kind of you know globe it flat but does those WanNa fritzy through shoes but again they have to wear them they always tend to fog up against swaying. Just feel gross. WAREN HIMSELF WHO People Wendy shoes the how people have to talk about their sneakers. Some of the represented you'll receive awareness too often not too showy in a light them one of my favorites. Actually a recent years via chuck McCoy Superstars are becoming Associated Fourteenth Day. So keep an eye out for that. If you want to get them and I guess volume on social for more information the coolest move-on mostly happy. Oh this is the biggest news from me. As I've been looking forward for long bloody time I had to pass these either fake got from China place and it had a real panda unfortunately the so pilled off after maybe a couple of ways. So I'm so oh happy these are back because you never usually get them online on Ebay and it's hard to note the legit or not as sometimes they do appear on Ebay. They're usually never size newsy way too expensive. And that shoe is is the Black Cat Jordan force which is essentially an old black journal for anything about me. You know that my favorite shoes I think in the list Braschi for Nike's McKee's I'd say my favorite shoes older Amex ninety Jordan Ford influence. One those are my my free staple shoes. I could probably wear any one one of those shoes and still feel the rest of my life and still feel like I'm you know I've got the source of got swag and I'm doing a damn thing. I think the dutiful British probably know. Maybe maybe has that one of the top five calloway's muzzles of full-time Amex not infrared is probably out of this world in terms of relevance white down to sneaker sneaker industry and then we look at it f one why on white black on black. You can't go wrong if you WANNA go a bit further. Maybe Black White Is One of those big Shoes They Congo rolling. You know it's really hard to get. Even though they try. Nowadays umbrella really tried to fuck up really hard to get Georgia for callaway wrong. It's hard to get color rolling. Amex nineteen hostage is nearly impossible to get a color wrong on say on one on the Air Force One is. It's impossible is really impossible pressure to how panel it. The shape of the shoes just perfect and yeah so news has come out that the black culture of coming back again so if you guys have been waiting for them to come back out you are in luck. They've gone back to the G so they've got this new box. Swayed the only thing. That's I'm a bit bummed out on is that they haven't got Nike on a back. It's just a jump logo but you know that's no big deal. It's not a big deal for me. It's not come by because it doesn't have a Nike Sushi. I'm still gonNA get a pair but that would have been a perfect icing on the cake. I love the shape. I love that. This Pamela Chef is because they re told them but they look a little less banana reshape than my Avocados. I got the last Herald leader might have had was the defining moments pack. Maybe I think Jordan four limited to pack up. I had a doubled up. Those sold them because they are Beaten into the ground. And that's the thing Jordan's you can wear Jordan's forever smashed into pieces but they still have Quebec Resolve Probably retail pricing even our warden. Well well if you know what I mean like the actually trainers I don't look after them like you know those kind of you know Sarah Sneak has actually wear my stop so but people to bite him again goes to show just how much value they hold and sometimes people also like to buy banged up. Jordan's upper clean them. Restored my see on Youtube and add At kind of old school souls. I've seen that was pretty cool but yeah you got an increase in upper new upper out. Say New book or Suede Suede. We're they say that the last days like the shiny plastic material in the back. You've got the John My logo. Of course like I said Nike swoosh would have been perfect. But you know. You can't biggest copy choosers. Miffed about this is the tank. It looks a bit this is this is why it's really different. Quarter spot fake shoes because for the most as part the stuff that's coming out of Jordan brand's factory because these look like official again. We don't know sometimes somebody's sneaker instagram pages because sometimes inadvertently he post Replicas of shoes haven't been made yet and just post them up on social and people with it and it has been confirmed by brands but sometimes the reason why so confused because the little total silence. You'd be able to tell that. This shoe is legit. You can't really tell on shoot like I don't know sometimes a web you're on the side right. Say this is a total would say the way it goes up and goes goes down but then the big thing that used to be able to tell a fake Jordan four was the taller. Usually the legit was had a really really really really smart. Move Round tongue talk but look this is essentially a space. Look our talk. It shouldn't be that pointy really if if this this quote quote legit one. If you go on Nike Talk and you see somebody older friends from back. In the day they'll say those at the telltale signs of luckily chick sometimes. These factories received a Nike. They do. somethings sometimes. Have a normal issues. Sometimes I've ever software producing I guess because they can't write off a whole bunch of money. Just release them anyway and then you end up. With Paloma we end up in the the market full of legit shoes. I look at it could be fake. So that's the only issue I have with some of the stuff coming nowadays but again like I said biggest chooses is I'd rather pay one hundred and twenty twenty five pounds one hundred twenty five pounds over. This is going to be worth a retail wise than have to go and stalk ex and pay you know seven hundred for a pet came out two thousand four some German. I mean that's not worth it will be so far so good I love it completely up old black upper triple black no whites. Bits involved I love how to didn't try and switch out the colored bubble do some nuns with aligning just repeat release An. Og Shootout is one of my favorites. Of course I think the white right one another favorite I had the pair those two poultry Saul because there will be too big for me but again I'm a big fan of these a call with them to come out What's the article from hype? He's here one of the most On Miss make-up's for blackadder. They're inspired by children's many nicknames. The pair certainly one of them. SNAKES DOPP Day Jordan four predominantly embellishing A. A bullet. Bow The black makeup and his predecessor. Also the same construction of the original check out to Jordan like two hundred twenty. It's GONNA COME BETWEEN SECOND ORLANDO COM. Check out hundred pound will salute Mormon years two hundred eighty publi essay. UK Hundred Eight hundred seventy four retail price. Yeah Feb. The twenty second cut we Valentine's or that should be a cool. Your present full of you guys and gals out there. One of my favorite Jordan's against the shape is a lot. Bama on this sweat retro. They've updated toiling on them. But there's a lot more of a flatter silhouetted compared to my defining moments uniform. She can get up and just compare it side by side Jordan Jordan for bread defining moments right before defining moments pack push this one. It came in a pack. What was it was the pack had the number Jordan Indo-pak involved in while my bug Anna? It's the final moments pacts with this one I had right. I had this and can get up here to see MRS MRI. Yeah so that's the John had defining moments passer you had so biscuit to jewelers. That made up the number twenty three. So if you look at that Zimmer little bit number twenty talk a little bit more smoother than ever before and you could tell even from just looking from decide. It's a weird. I want to check. It does come up a little bit more banana just did got an insert on the blackout force that makes them a bit flatter on the forefoot. This bit here but you can iffy toes a bit more of a Banana Silhouette on digital for competitive petted. This here is a lot more flatter so bit more sleeker silhouette even from that was the other angle that control of year. Look Compare C- compare that to that that that definitely different dusty mobile Bernard if he comes up a bit more here you can tell this bit right there if he points up little more. Yeah I'm a fan of them and I can't wait to see what he looked like in real life and death steph pam buying without shutter adopt GonNa put money aside for that right now and just kind of corporate even blinking probably in Dublin. That's shoot you end up doubling up on remember. That was a big thing back in the day used to always shoes. Could you never knew Nike. Because Nike had a tendency of ways dropping a retro issue I know to WNYC perpetrate limited quantities. Having that may not may biscuit restock in like throughout the season so then you end up end up selling out slowly and then by the time you end up wearing wearing out your pen imagined. S Stop Retro. I had which I still regret selling to this day. I regret not buying another couple of pesident because by the time moguls came out. They won't veteran veteran anymore back. But as time went on they don't retro the same original colors anymore. They'll just go for. Will you know the paint by numbers issues back today. Oh the paint by numbers iterations at our time goes on so if you want an og color of something when it comes out by that pet and empire doubles of it because it's not gonNA come out again for less is a fucking safari or something in other up those every two years but everything else you have to struggle for. That was the last time we saw an infrared Amex scientist Jerry so when it comes up by by two if you can't the US have one day. Like I. Even Tom Sachs Mario have. Luckily they're coming out again. But that's another overshoot Jami just by again 'cause you know if they bring out that model again it's just going to be another crazy. Wacky conaway. They probably not going to be a final via back and forth between second. Two Thousand Twenty. That is a big big Lukman. Her big picture Lovin oven of Canoeist Milan. Whilst we have here a number one another big sh dunk the show. You guys will be familiar with hyped about The Nike Dunk Biotech. This is a big shoe for anyone is a big dunk fan of see somebody. That's you know what the the second of the heady days of like Tokyo street fashion leave. I can find a clip. An image of somebody wearing them. via Tech Dunk Tokyo street style is confined. Somebody wearing not going old school magazine Pitcher because they were the best they were some of the best Version shoes somebody. Wearing a Vitek I take dunk. They just looked incredible Confined him no took a street stone on the no look at Mossy. I'm x one ahead. That Nash Rush quit setting that whereas any images that probably not probably go in something else in double check as a find. It launches hand on with C.. You took a free style okay. Serena took a three star. A Nike Dunk Is. He's almost Dunkin. See what they look like. Zest that reminds you of a school era So anyway this back in the back of the vitek Dunk News Y- This is the this was the site member wages they haven't to go on your member checking us out star arena. Jp You'd gone different eras and check ripples outfits on what they're wearing and stuff in what areas Harajuku you it should boyer or more to Sun Olmo to Sandow That Ganja Ginza all these different different areas he can definitely click on and checkup yet. Let's go back to the vortex so the vitek dunks coming out. When are they due to come out? and where to buy ten. AM blustery stay temper December okay. So they're coming up really soon so definitely keep an eye out for those if you want them Fisher images Nike Dunk. Low vitek doc. Look at that. That's a fucking beautiful shoe. Texas a follower we re very few sneak releases earn a distinction of being called classics being popular in the first place the dunk Vita del however are extremely rare. Exception is a gun at an inside only following on two separate occasions. The first came early apology decade of these ugly colored dunks in in Japan as a sneak effects grew to feverishly hunt them down the notre bustle member a member. You couldn't get paired these over sized ten or something. I remember when they first John I think that was probably why because of the Japanese exclusive and by the time they released they just went bananas. The second wave arrived thinks of white founder and Louis vitton figurehead poor old and new generation onto via subtle impossibly strategic placement on his instagram. It seems a swish has been paying attention to the members on the streets because of Duncombe making can spread overlap. Release on December until sneaks up so I guess Virgil wearing the pair by by tics. Probably helped them come back in. I don't if anything is done by chance. If you knew anything about Nike Marketing you know that it's quite strategic. So if they allowed birger to wear probably really meant that they were already going to release them for a while. It wasn't just him wearing a pair of retro and I think it ties in with his. Obviously he's doing a number of Zilin over another collaboration with Nike like. Isn't it right now. The future is but I'm pretty he's GonNa wear appreciate he's had on a pair of dunk highs before that is going to debut the image of him wearing them in when when this was my remember him personally and instagram awhile. Back of him wearing a pair of biotech dunks here. This image as you can see vamp ratio. He's pair of Dunk. SP's high-speed coming out WAGA. Right he's got this picture here of him wearing a pair of Michigan's or something they Michigan's Tim is pepe. Khaimah Ages Michigan. Yeah Michigan Dunkin Ashby Highs. From today's another pair of delivers oil is swayed. Dunlavey too so does this should be allowed to and of course vitek ties in with this Nunc Blake. Ms Ninety five take that came out while back Which I'm sure people will pumped? I'm surprised that it didn't do as well On. Resource Sciences. Really Nice Calloway. Maybe people that hold on Nike Amex nineteen but yeah this is coming out to coverage. She's got with future which looks incredible but yeah the Vitek Dunk Article Coming in three tellers and Nike Lab. the date is the temperature. One hundred and twenty dollars an absolute classic again one of the UH ONE D. This obvious shoes also reminds of air aware member uncle who is a guy who would I forgot his name. But use a MAC Lucia white. Dude I think you what's combat. Now he did a custom of a Nike Dunk. He painted and he basically painted him in Vitek Carlos but essentially he flipped the amish over the right shoe. You're in verse so instead instead of it. Being a red toe books will be blue and this bill be read like just let the colors inverted them little banging he just like really equal. That of happen too often an actually classic shoe again in the Classic Donkey Dunks the dunk. LOW SHAPE NONNI for Fat Tong. Don't get back Gargantuan four foot and we just got nice leaks lower and again just really comfortable shoe much more comfortable as a silhouette than a bloody Jordan one wherever it may be less pointy aluminum or books of toe boxer. Someone that myself as got fat fee. It's GonNa what perfectly for perfect for me and just really perfect versatile shoe as proven by this picture of Virgil wearing them. Right was he got got like combat trousers Omni Pencil. Everybody's got on where it was. It was image of Sun hand. We just saw here while the back closet gays wearing a pair of like you know army type shoes or the Finnish one right yeah some combat show. They don't fairly good wearing those pants and thinks as a normal childhood what for them to. I wish I could find a pitch of somebody like old school. That does Japan era. Second Final Japan Pan Dunk Biotechs. Find somebody wearing them because that was a good reminder street start seeing people way them fishy shop start. Where like? I'll probably have been in magazines. Have here this Malcolm Sonya wet source up always be difficult to find it right now in Cuba that was oh that was a good ehrman welcomed clear of sneakers because from back in the day can point them anyone pitcher Pitching was his monkey. Duck launches okay. This is a little immature people with the image of these cool individuals wearing a pair of biotech belks here that stood up to give again. Even just doodoo Aphid there. You can tell how good they look versatility. In terms of outfit he's got pair of black pants on Patchwork type bomber jacket. Looks very decent there. This guy's got some digit comeback pants on right looking now. Some tree box looking dog and vinegar taproom Hesam jeans on his Warsaw yet look Fairly Cohen in most of the differ saw saw star pitcher scene and even just them. It's not a good example right at a fairly decent which is black pants on so does look pretty corn say come into Seattle people dropped knees actually actually one of my favorites against going to be a big year for dunks. It seems like make. Sure Lindsey Law Dunks love iterations of what one favor serie so lot dunks as well so it's GonNa be absolutely packed. Keep an eye on his another edition offenses from Andhra a good good good hood okay. Let's check the good pitches from them is a a good issue so they launch indeed as well so that should be cool. Good at the time was GonNa be okay for twelve hours. So they're going to the REP was going to close race. Symphonies hoodies people from Bone Soda. they are debut in the shoe and it'll be great at no fucking Bang White Wipe pants per black pants. It all looks really really good again a classic dunk. I'm I'm I'm annoyed have released them this thing. That just pisses me off about sneaker You know pictures and stuff images released shoes man over under over under the way. They listed droplets just horrendous again. In these guys won't care to probably go and we'll see. Did the only way to do probably telling me to go. Fuck Nassir which you know which is fair but it looks fucking cool. I love the shoe yet about What was on the good food store? Go so definitely. Check them out if you're that way inclined but if classic in my opinion one of my favorite shoes out there going sixty Sick Retro Detroit from Nike and something again say deputy shows that is a big year for dunks. It's GONNA be a big year for the biggest if you don't like those shoes and you hate them. I think now the time to bury hit someone to sign. Because you're going to see a lot of them in the next few months or so Miss Karajan for I have to duck out what we have have here. Oh actually you know what that's about hit my history of dunks poor. Listen here right. was that okay. This is a little article from sneaky news. That goes through some of other gyms from the whole donkey era. After you guys are familiar word. This is what the Dow here are some forgotten Nike uncle. Jensen the past So this is the following one of the big cutlass. This NIGGA hypocrite to craze debate thousands was a dunk low. Yeah that was people's remember Jimbo. Dame Dash is collection some dunks focus. L. Let's check that with some vitamin storage unit. Dame Dash Nike Dunk Collection. See if I can find that image Mitch some of them some are splurge of Bisky all of dame dash old shoes and it had like some insane. SPN Shit you remember that. Yeah this is it right. It has some legit some the gist fire in Hebrew. Some the GYP via that was the one some of our stuff in storage. I think he didn't really want and not just reselling. The whole thing is probably worth. Maybe half a mill in value. I've been some Heineken. Dunxin Davis was and if you know anything about hiding honey honey it kinda hunks conductor you know they go for No money so let's see right so let's this image. From hip hop wired dame dash off his message didn't it's not him auctioning listeners interviews. I think he says villains of it was his old storage unit. He didn't pay the he didn't keep up with the payments. So that usually after a time when you've been one or maybe he changed addressing get the mail and essentially who owns the building just takes your fingers auctioned off to kind of get back the money. They've lost them. And sometimes you know it's full of Shit. But other cases coming in a warehouse full of this stuff plaques and stuff and other mad shit just completely gave gave up so yeah. You've got some crazy shit in there like you got some Prim Dunks undefeated dunks like just nutty stuff in that collection stuff. That would easily get you. I Dunno for Grant Writing Blinken especially in this era of kids. Who Don't really know that much about also sneakers and put those up on like you know on stocks? They'll go for P.. So so yeah lows of good stuff on there as well let me see image. Them Altogether Michigan Finding Hippo. Those lows of Muslim those shoes on I four just banging got the air force ones in the front near like another day. Just some banging shoes will to government. Why Walk Yeah? That was a good era for dunks. But let's go back to list Early two thousands who simply searching for Nike Basement because Michael was pointing out some of the Geo goodness today Nike Bill that record close by Japanese sneaker boutiques contract the former regional almost two decades ago. There's a quick rundown and the best clothes iterations ever number number one you've got splattered dunk desire. california-based artists undefeated Silver Surfer's these a Yankee. Just as one of my favorites that was a real good favorite in terms of F. One callaway does a similar one here and thing does correction. Would you can just see above there the same so callaway. The Yankees color is similar but not the same so unlike inversed food. That was a big shoe Then you've got the The dog on two-tone dunks. Whoa the rage and none? Dan were fresh as the album featuring refreshing shades of blue dots. Japanese exclusive release all the code. JP Japanese JP stop was so good. Probably the best you've seen. Of course Eric Hayes Dunk clothes or another big one You've got the curry's harder. Low host either parodies own all my Goldman some memories these coming up ultraman didn't have those had the denims. Halloween's I didn't have the names I had the CEO tax had December's Mama me and a good Ehrman. Some and dunks in the process of adopting resume was Japan. SCHOO- look at that Calloway. What he's Calloway's right would be such a cool thing to flip on an Air Force One if you went to an? Id like some of these. Some fresh colors wasted an idea. Something like that would look so good on efforts. Even apples one may be higher. Actually the the nylon strap look perfect. So yeah it's definitely the year of the staffing of the year that dunks Next year definitely trying trying for now. But I've seen quite a few ebay that go for a decent price or if you're not that bothered about if you're if you're that keen on them I'm definitely check. Those out my number one dunk pink of all time high. If I had to choose is deferral. Don't cry like one of my favorite. Of course I'm a sucker. Acuff black ops anyway but just combination of it being translucent icy soul and your logo on the side Silver swoosh red laces just an absolutely epic epoch picture. They still go for a pretty penny online now. This is from sneaker news it says the following before the air easy became the official signature shoe for the Non Fleece Police Hippos Liberty Nike's double incorporations of an impressive list of hip hop influential people. After another deserve a good chunk of credit for bringing in a fresh alternate sound to the genre conveniently defined by perpetual peace and wherever the comedy refer to us. Dunk Loath Donghai. So for all these limitations dunks actually coverage your body as a whole if Eh logo embroidered unafraid. Totally apart just one hundred one thousand fifty individually number pairs exist relative for a Nike Stowe's Dance commodity seven hundred dollars on a sneaker market and due to the rarity in the steam nature of the collaboration number is the debut because all the people that actually had these wore them. It was one of those collaborations Tom Sachs that the Nike Maziarz. Like this there's a couple of issues that come out like I look at the show woven spoons. AMEX ones ninety-seven hybrid thing. There's a few shoes when they come out. Because she wed him. So it's quite hard to get an actual brand new para shoes from that era because people waters into the ground and some of the bigger sizes especially the size I have ten was at tend to get one of the most ever smaller size might have given their archive item collection. But a this is like mine is nearly impossible to find actual brand new pack. The an absolutely brings Shuman. Just beautiful was kind of like a without the tumbled level uproar with that what that is sort of like a fake in Bushwick and like a lizard. Skin is beautiful. Sure what am I favor Apis. And lastly the other should I foot was one of my favorite dunks Waldron era was these bad boys. Go find them. Get off the screen system. Ram mm-hmm but this is my other favorite remedies. The undefeated dunk is the NFL's none none not only not know lining non-linear Weber's code this this is a classic one bloodier I remember. Having these from Majorca cousin revisited. From seniors again undefeated Nike Dunk High. L. To five again that Calloway nowadays holidays with absolutely cause of riots on the streets back. Then imagine what that must have been my but imagine now if you want to weigh just crazy calories and stuff and again just a like just a clever. I'm not sure what the integration of it was maybe find textbook just a color placements just beautiful choice of materials fucking gorgeous even further. It's got like a black stitching on the mid sole here eh on this all night. Light Lime Green middle bit is a really cool contrast love irving about it so this is Texas. We started with a phone put this one in continuing Amex wanted to third week referred to another sneaker model at credited Nike Dunk from eight. Six Donkey considered debated this what the texts commerce. It wasn't. Five undefeated teamed up with Nike on a dunk high slim form the dunk. NL stood for an online. Ah which features the interior stripped of his fifth piping and Achiever sleeker profile yet. I love that. A precursor to the current deconstructed don't highs and if he'd uninhibited use abroad colored match perfectly with the supreme materials on the shoop which INC which is a highly quality brownlow volatile which is similar to. Maybe the curry dunks. Right actual lever Jimmy. The curry dunks the kind of waters in and they kind of gave you a little bit and some Nice creases creases shit. And when you put some never in it a buffed up. Nestor some high-quality Brian Lehrer on the tile white cutted hill. A cough skin lever used views on to- books and tongue bloody this teaser. Released and limited by two thousand units bloody hell man that limited to again the Dow just big industry laws of supply and demand. There was only probably twenty thousand or one hundred thousand snakeheads worldwide. Now there's probably a million because everyone essentially essentially by disease is essentially a sneak. It right so it's a lot more competition out there for shoes and even just for customer. Isn't it the the drivers news worldwide and surely stands as the definitive dunk about time rife with Calloway's and materials and seemingly adopt an ano construction without shooting the dunks original heritage or basketball the PEOP- this classic Calloway and below embrace offer another week of all time greats Yamakasi reviews to be definitely one of my favorite dunks absolutely boss Khanakala placement and again. No not the most comfortable shooter world of sizing with a bit weird because again there's no lining their padding so yet to really be careful on the size that you if you're a size up if you don't order size audio truce your true size. Because after they do kind of end up relaxing a bit and get in the wider especially four. Four doesn't Calloway's used maybe be one of my favorite collaborations. Maybe today again. One of the best from that era to definitely check that out if you're not inclined Bethlehem available personnel stock. It's wonderful whoa how much they go. Sweatshops cakes will be a big chunk of money as he become finders stomachs. CMO steak for the did it did it did it. I'M GONNA say about spy is the if the if the ferrall dunk is seven hundred determined to be less than that right because the more hype than these. These don't have they don't have any impediment to tell you that undefeated dunk highs is nothing on the right just on pretty shore until combined Nike. Dunk Murky Dank and L. I.. Slow there is another Nike Dunk on undefeated. There we go for all. Yeah okay. That's not too bad in this seven free engines three hundred eighty quid for my side. Especially Oh is it all sizes. I'm not signing. Okay Steve. You'll Ossis This screen of known Cosima user user name is Logan here okay size as free. At what's most is going to be probably about four hundred. Maybe which is not too bad. If you can orphan's considered considered you're going to get one of shoot people have offensive prefab price to pay my opinion. I'll be love now. Oh hold my my shoe. My side is a thousand pounds worth more than the first dunks. That is insane in Mamma. Mia so to see the the press is saying here. Sh- is look that thousand quid in my size as nuts too if you'd also size eleven eight six hundred sixty bucks price. Wow that's a loner is it's a big shooter to bloody big shoe and deputy something a lot of people would have that one off you wear these on the break copy. You'll be busing aheads open. You're in a good streak. Stop pick people be going crazy as about these economic probably match these up of a couple of good dre alone shirts and if you'd wait if you're if you're matching McPherson type of dude but for some ourselves just putting the he's on having a good outfit with just swiped him out and you know regardless if one of my favorites I love him. Okay move on What we have here? We have opening ceremony Whereas they pronounced him on a on a Ah Kucher might again I. I'm sure all all people that wear hookers especially non runners attentive. Get them because of the corporations have done. I think they've done a good. Was it united United Arrows. Some Japanese tatum. I throw triple black shoe. That was really popular with a lot of Street star of lava fashion. Youtube isn't ship. These take the same imprimis as those you have them in this mode afterglow people favor and completely white or off white so Colorado's pretty cool you too much in it. They've been a bit quietly member though. Didn't every collaboration. The maybe this trying to maybe put things back in a bit and bring things in house book. They were really big on the cement aiming for wild vans collaborations also Senate. It's into kind of took their fourth the pedal but maybe it's a purposely number. This is a new slim hypothesis. Hook it when you pronounce it right taps living ceremony once again for sleek taught. Oj High boot like probably wanted a baby. Mobile Mothers Are Thinking Street wearing sneak award. I've seen a couple of collaboration of these sham. Pretty show some a tall. Ultra highly. Confined this on this. I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong. Here is a few other. Collaborations have happened with taller high Yes Oh there's one here the triple black. That's what I've seen wearing on street on kind of the fashion on Youtube is and there's another one tough it goes unite arrows right. Okay On on this I think it was a Japanese brand the see what Jesse Brown. This is covering them this year. has its to Tallinn one kind of miniature calloway and there was a collaboration with a brand is a engineered garments did a collaboration with them HOOPLA. And then you got enough this one with wearing again kind of with gray color away. Engineer Gomez again and that's it right up just Japanese okay very on brand but this is the opening ceremony. When we're talking about here you so again You got this tall ultra high in the solve off white so it kind of way like a sale which I liked it a lot look instead of it. Being shipped Weigel is nice. Nice little of wipe Hallowes on the sideline which record and the shoes. So of this dude wearing superstring best bill white. The Gray Sushil perfect I wanted to sue is a is is a opening ceremony suit tour. Just assume they've done it just pulled from the stuff they've got on the buying rex but yes it really nice modern like they look better to sue actually such a good look okay clash. Essential shoot has essentially more kinetics cross cross training. Co Crush running shoe and is paid up nice tainted suit. I love the contract between Tuesday. Goodness Really Nice Let's go back to the article after joins Athletic Brand Hooker for two total. Takes the Bundy five. Did you have teamed up once again for fresh update under okay. What's the Bundy five they did? I didn't remember seeing that. What was that one We'll just saw that a load shoe. What's the Bundy? Okay so did the Melos Wall so they're just taking that same sort of inspiration and put them in a high which looks a little bit more burgeoned utility and style hiking busey's asleep update upgrade with UK trail running confident traction robbing Nimbus cloud. Calloway the study boosts a a four-game liver and a textile UPA with a faded hook. A brand name for increased traction support and give the triple density missile and a vibrant medical out saw the festival mccollough finishes on their look and providing support with our additive construct restrictions. We've event dining lodger extra Ability and weatherproof nece be allowed them to sixty years. He'll go to boot will be available to purchase on the site on their site hoping sermon. Yeah but definitely one of my favorites but I love this really committed in the year and it went on a ferry to okay for six next year again another picture to check out next year when you look great. Not Shaw choice from sneakers are going to let them because it the they're going to catch the similar to again up mentioned imaz yards so many times you can tell my favorite shoes recent years but the daily catch Laura dern amid so-so shoot to keep super clean but I think in terms of you know. This is the perfect Shifa fashion week. If you're perusing around Paris fashion week go from show to show being on your feet long and you want a couple of versatile shoes to wear all day. Maybe a small pair of you know. I don't know Chelsea boots or something or a pair of Tasso lavas. This will be quivering cool. And it may be a a nice chunky pair of you know hooker on your prestige highs. Who Go really must office with some of Taylor pants awesome baggage panel prequel either skinny jeans with a pretty cool and he's honest socrates as skinny jeans active? They was offered them in a request of slimmer privileges. Welby oh yeah definitely check that one really cool colored vertical collaboration. I'm a big fan of these. I like how they look moving on Whilst we have here Edison Chen in Jordan one car lab a your fan of these. I am too because I like this in China. I'm a big fan of. I think I've been river this guy ever since you went through that controversy wherever it back in the day they would you know with the laptops think he did a really he really fought back well. I'm he didn't let the narrative let the blogs dictate the narrative and essentially Ashley is starting to much controversy. He's done nothing but good stuff just to like give back to the community and Shit so I'm happy that he's basically doing this the so this collaboration. I'm show what the point of it is but I'm all for it. I think it's the he's taken his brain or is basically following the trend of other sneaker collaborations where the upper was essentially a kind of tearaway. Calloway solving two stories detail from high piece of course one's coming up early so this is one this is one that him the look. Pretty lack of qualities poses. He's very cool street repose that he does So this is from from hype. Eastern closer look at isn't Chen. Joulwan midfielders is a bigger picture. Here you've got this weird sort of like what's that you get that from Chinese stores in it. What is that is that bracelet had had a bracelet? Maybe that's similar to a coin just in the middle of the day here. That reminds of that so you. It's it's amazing so like authentic satin textile in the upper Silva with a black look at that. The SUSHI's embraced it interesting. Okay boy swoosh with a black Thailand black laces most sutton on the inside nine as well with the blood red outsold classic really. Oh Wow look at the search is sort of a stitch in and fades is it goes to the back of the hilltop. That is incredible. Yeah I remember that coin coughing. Pushy get it on bracelets or something again. They have released. A shoes is such a pet peeve of my productions relationships properly mail dammit. Oh I love the shoe as opposed to be content them away on Yup so you can basically expose a bit uh on any of the sheep by tearing away picking away or to embedding it and of course. He's Edison Chen the main Madison on the basketball court with shoes on now I love the blood red saw. That's bloody awesome awesome. Take an increase of these new year. But let's let's take a look at the article itself. What information do they have here for US continuing to release the Silk Road Royale? Mark Sneakers is bound cook. Edison China's teamed up with the Jordan brand angel and one mid for the famous ones collection centered around the message of internationalism an an exit internal and external funding. Close recent Nike sneaker releases. The shoes on spy by the Chinese concept of union with appeal of uppers. Okay so the White Base as the yen and the blackhawks a young only from Right the other shoe is not in civil woven nylon thanks prices the Royal Patton and that can be removed through are black black and gold premium level construction always level the neath bloody hell ler detailing comes into form of straightaway stitches swoosh and Chinese these coins bearing the symbol journal one in China. Okay wow attached black flat flat laces rounding up. The design of the shoes jumped my logo. You Know My. I've had been cool the latest. Maybe some round Nylon Chiba ones or something. They've been pretty cool. I don't know maybe I'm rolling it. Pretty also they're going to be out December the six thirty two already so the Brady Gun. On December seven from the snickers episodes. They probably already sold out now because clothes shoes do stupid numbers and they come out but they're banging in a look at that. That's so cool. I love that he can expose different. Bits of Ben still have the low white solve like shubing bits on the outside of the kitchen. It looked cool. Ruinous you tear away afraid out a Lotta ridicule design MM Toss it injured on one. will release worldwide in Giusto Blah Blah. One of my favorite collection. So for me. I think he smashed out that one. You did really award number is another images of it as well. I look incredible again. The lacing is terrible product shots by inner is what it is that you took everybody. Come Out I'm sure they sold out straightaway away for the most part they are banging. We're GONNA see Somebody Johnson it. You're GONNA be everywhere. I'm a lot new balances. Jim Jordan One's lot dunks folks. We're we're going to be the big shoot. They're going to see in the next year especially the early part of next year. The I corps and Shit you can see the ones dunks love new balances coming out but I I don't mind I think it's all good. I even like the Pentagon were probably either. Click to tie in with a beer and insurance always a big plus when it comes to dropping shoes anyway. So no surprise there banging banging back and trainers that. Let's see what he posts engine scum regarding it any pleasant. If you're more appreciate would be so that in bloody minutes in the the other image so people wearing them again hear banging I like them. I like them I like them. Check them out Kleinman and I think that's it that's it. That's the number to six A. S. per usual price much chewing in Philadelphia. The podcast. Please please leave me a five star. If these people can find the uh-huh watching youtube smashed at lightbulb click subscribe if you want someone fishermen guided myself check on my website accident. Zinger DOT COM to find links of my DJ. Mix Of Jeff Gordon new and at the moment which is test mix episode. I'm afraid to check out loser disco. I'll put it in the show because it's really cool. Share that with your friends and stuff. Go find our gigs of myself. You can find flies design outlook on pointing up going to be there very soon. Photography Zombie up very soon and of course it was the final my social events on there as well again thanks for Tuning in Pleasure Never Chore Across the Roadway She left and right and drink knows war peace. Take care and be safe by.

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