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Pipped welcome to highly questionable. I'm Dan Lead Guitar. I am hoping that they keep in that weird sound that. Pablo just made where he sort of restless and bored getting ready for our show. Today that's Tori and kinds. Let's get started. Does is general. Diffuse anxiety is Max. Scherzer tweet a bad sign for the baseball season. Okay you can read whatever you want from Max Scherzer on these tweets. In his words you can say. Is this Scott. Boris his client talking as Scott Boras. Trevor Bauer has alleged or is it sure is or regardless of what these words say. It's bleep off owners. It's we're GONNA come back to you with a different proposal and we don't care what this proposal said and what I would say to you. Is this sport more than any other would be in jeopardy because what do you always hear when football and basketball have labor stoppages? What you hear is the players can't withstand what the owners can but in baseball Max. Scherzer certainly can't increases. Health risks doesn't have to play baseball doesn't ever Sour Catholic is based always willing to take the public relations hint on a work stoppage fighting over money. And it's why they don't ever salary cap and why they have so much money. This is exactly what the union before this one stood for. They don't care that it's a pandemic. They want their money. It's not about love of the game and they're not going to let the owners get away with this because the owners have a real problem on their hands your when it comes to leverage ears where their franchises ten actually appreciate when those franchises never depreciate. We've been talking about this story for weeks now and all along I've been saying people are never going to side with the players at a time when so many people are struggling financially. It's just hard to empathize with these guys in their quibbles. Even if there are billionaire owners on the other side but I solve this tweet and the reaction to it Dan and changed my mind. I actually think sentiment on this issue has moved because the owners latest proposal was so transparently. Obnoxious they're are treating this like a normal negotiation where you play ball throw out. Some unrealistic offers. Hope to meet in the middle at the very last second but these are not normal times and it seems to me that they have succeeded. Not only inflaming the players to the point where it's no longer negotiation at all but they've also lost ground in the court of public opinion. The worst case scenario here is that this is exactly actually what the owners wanted to happen. They wanted the union to look at their offer and say this is so obviously unacceptable that now we must waste even more time moving backwards than resetting and starting from before zero so. That's the worst case. The best case though is also pretty embarrassing because even if you forget the whole greedy billionaires versus tone-deaf millionaires kind of tribalism that is overlaying any sort of labor negotiation. This is just a bad offer like pretending it's shark tank. You are out on this immediately and it's not even because maybe you WanNa see baseball really bad or you don't. It's just unreasonable. You're going to ask Mike Trout to give fourteen million dollars to already Merano. Even though Arte Moreno does it needed at all that just is a starter to begin with. And meanwhile the only person I think who is maybe sending back and laughing year is our man blake. Snell WHO's in his gamer chair and saying Bro. I was trying to tell you guys bro. I was right the entire time. Grow quiet and humble Baker Mayfield. More or less. This is exactly why it is that. I was rooting for the Cleveland Browns to win last year. Because I did not want this to happen. I did not want that position. So antiseptic guys giving you boring answers on purpose to swallow the one guy who came in with personality. If you added Ego and arrogance and winning you would have gotten more personality and said you turned him into another one of these drones. Burned by social media burned by public reaction. And now he doesn't want to be a distraction wasn't as good as he should have been last year. He probably the primary reason that that team underachieved and because he talked so much. You can't talk now. So he goes on to zoom meeting and purposely boring to tell you he's here to be silent again while on zoom meeting not being silent but the Dole equivalent but Dan. I have some good news for you. I don't think this strategy is going to work at all because the strategy seems to boil down as it so often does for athletes in an off season too. I figured out the problem. I'm going to become a totally different person. I'm going to rewire my entire brain in personality. This will be my redemption. And I don't buy it and I know this because I myself among twitter way too much just lurking pathetically and I always tell myself I am not going to engage in my mentions. I am not going to do it. But then someone offers up a tasty Colin Coward Morsel and you know instantaneous. Baker Mayfield is going to be back on his computer responding to that. Because the don't is too enticing. The pass up yeah. Having spent time with Baker the impression I got was he has been this way his entire life. I don't think one season of come up is going to change him. I think the personality the bravado will return the second he succeeds I think he is trying to modulate his public persona. Because of the backlash she received House didn't struggle because Baker. Mayfield talked trash. They struggle because of bad play calling an offensive line in shambles mechanic suffering as a result but people relished that struggle because he taught trash. I think he saw that but the second dose struggles go away and he performs. Well he'll go back to being his old self may not where you at all self conscious about starting your very thorough and excellent analysis with having spent time with Baker. She didn't just name drop there. Were you at all self conscious about that when you started the thought that way? No actually because unlike Pablo Tori will constantly draws on his journalistic experiences. I did profile story over and over again with the hit. You with the quote marks wouldn't find that issue and put it behind me right now. Where is your Wallet Right? Now have a wall in her home. That is just magazine covers because I am obviously praying at the altar of my personal vanity. But not even to that extent have I got. There's one one. There's a-rod yourself. Baker one Holloway Years Coming UP NEXT ON MY CELL Steve Show. Oh there's an earthquake in my house though we're apart these days was sharing more so at Geico. We'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing. Your savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your diy fails thanks for sharing your inner lip. Sing Star. Now it's our turn to share with the Geiko give back the fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers. Because we're committed for the long haul the fifteen percent credit last year full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash give back for more INFO and eligibility. How should bill O'Brien feel about? Jj Watson Dorfman of his. Coaching all right. So Captain America. When he is acting and speaking in front of cameras he says the right things that he thinks that fans want to hear and people do believe him to be sincere but he was stumped when asked easiest question in the world which is just. Tell us how. Good your coaches and look at what happened. You're there on the inside. What makes bill o? Rien a good head coach. He's got to new play. All of it's a little bit different role. What makes him good at leading? This team job is to is to do. Just that is the leader James to obviously more of an offensive defensive guy. So it's it's to the overall table vendor lead the offense and now it is Other roles as well as to general managers do everything within the organization That's that's his role. That's what obviously excels at the answer is. Why is he such a good coach? The answer is because he's coach. And that's it. That's all he second you there with some pacifying gesture sorta rubbing his his hair uncomfortable seeing. He just told you the not a good goats. That's what he just said in. Jj Watts defense. I guess in Bill Bryan's defense if you ask defensive players on a team where the coaches offensive minded. They don't usually spend a ton of time with them but that was pretty bad. Basically outed like he was. You know assigned an essay on Bill. O'brien and began with the dictionary defines coach match that doubles based on barges as much and it especially bad because as you pointed out. Dan It's. Jj Watt who we know is a smooth talker but he was not pursued. Her he refused to lie. Is there any greater? Indictment of someone's relationship lied a strangers about that person. Jj Watt would have been better off doing this. Oh No it was an earthquake in my house. Stop moving and pretend like zoom had frozen. Life do question. Iran should say yes to this Jose or remind you at the time of Michael Jordan was across the sky a star that was right there with Michael Jordan once upon a time in American sports and IT WAS JOSE. Canseco and here. He does not like a rod very much. He wished everyone a happy. Mother's Day except for Alex Rodriguez. He's always going after. It must make him crazy. That era ban for the sport for year and ends up J. Lo more relevant than ever and Sunday night baseball. And here's Consejo saying how about we bare knuckle fighting here and my favorite part is wrong. Always I've I'm interested in fighting. There should be a celebrity division by the way a Rod. I challenge you to a bare knuckle. Fight there some spelling issues there. It also ignores that. There once was famously. A boxing match Jose Canseco was supposed to have in south Florida but he instead sent his twin brother who had different tattoos. And that's where the skin of my favorite comment. There was somebody asking. Does he wanNA fight Iran or just a generic rod? Somebody recently told me that ninety percent of the accounts that celebrities engage with on twitter or fight with our butts right. And I'm not saying Jose can say go is about but if you weren't to build a but based on everything you know about Jose Canseco including his speech patterns dots opinions. That is exactly what Bob I love. How one sided this is Alex. Rodriguez has responded to exactly zero. Jose Canseco's overtures and there have been many and they have been personal involved Jaylo involve infidelity allegations. All of this. All of which makes Jose Canseco like Alex. Rodriguez is old friend from home like era. Dan is trying to be America's sweetheart but years. Jose Canseco being like I remember you you. You're in no wants who are coming through tomorrow at five thirty. Am Yes in the Katie L. Okay I believe the call ravage and shabby have the worst jobs in the history of network on television having the get up in the middle of the night to multiple times a week to broadcast games in a different country with players that none of us know but South Korea has fallen in love with our broadcasters they are now huge stars Carl ravage gets a Song Sung about it to nine on a non Mana Mana now nine and nine nine three nine nine nine hundred ninety nine a not out of line. He poked home would dancing. Pablo it's going to be stuck in my head all league intrigue. I am intrigued and I'm kind of reluctant to say why am intrigued but people all right so I was that at. I was at boobs Yambio Charity Baseball event. And that is where I met Carl ravitch except I met Carl ravage as Carl ravaged. I were both coming out of stalls in the bathroom and for some reason our mutual first instinct was to shake shake hands. Oh no not a thing not really disgusting my childhood. I wasn't thinking straight I don king. But you betrayed him on television star by making him on sanitary. He didn't ask for any of that made. Are you intrigued? You did a great job singing that song. Thank you very much. I am intrigued. You know that the Koreans love him because Colorado is not an easy word to say abuse by the way I am afraid. However that. None of your airing that on this program my mom is going to see it and I am going to get a text of hers saying why don't they have a song then little true? That's true yes. Are we going to make one? Is PABLO GONNA make one? Are we going to end the show with Pablo making one for me kinds? That was a lot of fun. Check out both of Munich. Times is podcast podcasts. With lending her dog and also ESPN daily Hobble. Doesn't have any PODCAST. He doesn't have a song. Had much of anything. Other than a terrible must dot dot dot dot mean being Amina Meena Meena Dot Dot dot com.

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