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Ep. 33: EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM The Senate Has Seceded From The Union


in this is the second day in a row where we've had to put together a special emergency podcast system episode of rumble with Michael Moore. I'm Michael Moore. Thank you for listening to this today. The US Senate seceded from the country today the US Senate on it seceded from the union the US Senate broke away. From the United States of America they denounced our constitution. They disobeyed their oath at four forty one. PM Eastern time the US Senate voted to let Donald Trump off after he had tried to bribe an extort the president of a foreign country to help him fix our twenty two thousand election the Senate on the two counts. They voted fifty to forty eight. Not Guilty on count number one. The abuse of power count and account number to the abuse of Congress US charge. They voted fifty three to forty seven in favor of trump. Being not guilty in doing so they decided to say that the president of the United States had the power to break the law whenever he chose they even many of them admitted that what he did was wrong but nonetheless was not reason to remove him from power an instantly made all of us much less safe the US Senate has seceded from the country. The Republicans ends in the Senate with the exception of Mitt Romney from Utah declared war on the rest of us one by one they stood and yelled not guilty when he was exactly guilty of everything and more that he was charged with the last time Heim elected American officials declared that the president could commit treason was when the senator from the southern states elected their own president. President formed their own constitution for the confederate states of America and elected Jefferson Davis in a blatant act of treason today. These Republicans allowed Donald Trump to commit his act of treason his act to try to to impact our election and it was. I Made Myself Watch it on television this afternoon. Maybe in part because I couldn't didn't believe it I couldn't I couldn't believe that even these Republican senators they know right from wrong they have a conscience and yet they stood with the traitor. They said we're going to ignore the constitution. We're going to forget that we took the oath of office office and now we are in a very dark moment. They've given the president a free pass to commit whatever crimes of his is choosing. So here's what's going to happen. Trump is a recidivist. He's a serial con man a serial rapist. I A serial abuser of employees. A serial liar an on and on and on he will take the Senate's vote of not guilty today today. Ask permission to keep breaking the law but in ways I promise you in ways that will shock even you and me and in doing so he will frighten the entire country finally to act what the next floor will tell Alice. I'm it it will send the nation into a tailspin. You think bribery and extortion of the president. The Ukraine was as bad as it could get. This will look like playschool compared to what he's going to do now. Mark my words that extortion phone call with Ukrainian president was the day after the more hearing. Let trump off the hook. He was so giddy so excited excited. He knew he could do what he was doing. Putting the screws to the president of Ukraine. I can guarantee you as sure sure I can promise you that Eric. Don Jr. are right now carving up an African lion that Donald J trump has already committed a new felony. And we'll commit a second one before the end of coal bears monologue tonight. He did more than this Ukrainian qualities I three years. You know it you. He said and did things that were so illegal. So abusive of his office and his people loyal to them in the White House. Had the Hyde what he's done in these three years on that secret server or they hit the Ukrainian phone call that the whistle blower in only the whistle blower told Louis about without the whistleblower. We none of this. We wouldn't even know that server existed and we all know he didn't just do this once in these first three years. Well tell you what he's going to be doing a lot more of it and they probably won't be so worried about having to hide it so much the same so get ready folks. There's going to be a crime spree a- crime sphere crimewave trump crimewave. Now we won't know about most of it but there will be other whistleblowers there will be people of conscience who will just say. I can't take this anymore. I have to tell somebody that's what's going to happen. There will will be another whistleblower and when you hear the next thing he's done I know we're all GonNa feel like Oh my God. We can't go through impeachment again we may have to and it should be quick quick and painless make this Senate stand up a second or third or fourth time and say yes. Yes I am behind the criminal I am behind the extortionist. I am behind the trader. Yes me and let's see what happens to for them. Come November this will have a good ending but it will not be good on the way there so get ready for the fight. Trump will not go easily. We can win. We can succeed but it will only happen when we make it happen. It won't happen by by hitting Wyche on our facebook or the heart on our instagram. We're going to have to take to the streets nonviolently. We're going to have to surround the White House. We're going to have to surround the Republican Party headquarters we're going to have to do whatever weekend with nonviolence remember we are the majority the majority of Americans agree with us. They agree with us on trump's crimes. They agree with us on impeachment. The agree with us on every issue as I tell you in virtually every other podcast that we are not alone in this we are the majority and the way we're going into win between now and November is we're going to activate the hundred and ten million people who are non voters. We won't get all of them. The vote we being not even get half for the DIVO- but if we could get a few million of them in you know who they are there in your family there in your neighborhood there at your workplace. They're good people. They're just sick and tired of the whole stinky stink mouse and they gave up and they don't Wanna participate anymore will give them a reason to participate on election day. I'm primary day on the primers that are happening right now. Action Action we must take action. We we have no choice at this point. You know that and you can't just say I'm just so tired of all this. I'm so tired of it. It was so difficult to sit there watching the state of the Union last night putting a medal of freedom on the man who invented hate radio. Who helped bring us to this ugly ugly point? We're at rush limbaugh. But at the end how invigorated were you. How much did you feel like? Yes yes. That's exactly how oh I feel. Yes Nancy Pelosi. That's what she did. The WHO speech just like that and then threw it down on the desk behind. Signed him because she's a bad ass and we all have to be bad as right now. This is our country this is not the country of these Republicans senators who they themselves in essence broke the water they because they broke our constitution by standing with trump. Do not despair there are millions and millions more of us but it will not be our country unless we stand up for. Thank you for listening to this. Emergency podcast system episode of rumble with Michael Moore. I am Michael Moore and I'm GONNA do my damndest. I promise you that promise meal will participate in even the smallest ways you love this country. You love the people in and you love this planet. I know you do action now.

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