Ep. 24: Father's Day Q&A with Essy


Father's Day last Sunday. I gathered up your questions called. My Dad Dr Cobblestone Junior. Affectionately known as In I. Want you to know that there's probably nothing in this world that he loves more. Than to help people understand the importance. Of there, fork! The simple fork. In fighting disease and how? We should never think that it's okay. To injure endothelial cells. He is the ultimate task master and. Much everyone's disappointment. He doesn't prescribe a ninety percent plan. He is one hundred percent all in. And he expects the rest of us to follow suit. He does not believe in moderation as most of you know. But he does believe in you. And your ability to tackle this disease head on. And bring it to. It's knees. Nobody said that this was going to be easy. And that's okay. And all of us from time to time need a a really good challenge in our lives to push our our selves outside our comfort zones test are limits and see exactly what we're made of. My father speaks the truth. He never rounds up to make an argument land in his favor. And he just wants. US to live our best most vibrant lives. Now to give you a sneak peek some of the topics we discuss our nitric oxide, and why chewing leafy Greens every day. Is your best defense against chronic western disease including. covid nineteen. WHY FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE! Is a no, no. My father's take on statins and supplements and of course. The fear of getting enough protein. You've got questions. We've got easy answers, so let's dive in, but before we do a quick reminder. All of you are invited to join our new live and online plan stock event. It's from August fourteenth to the sixteenth. We'll be streaming this interactive weekend learning lab straight from the ALLSTON family farm. Which is where my father grew up. And where he formed his early worldview and unwavering work ethic that led to a lifetime of research and seeking. We have a world class video team that's going to be on hand giving each of you a front row seat to the history of the farm and very candid conversations that I'll be having with my parents in between talks by the Brock Stars of the plan strong. Movement. visit, the show notes or go to plant stock. Twenty twenty dot com to register today and I've got some good news. Partial proceeds will benefit the allston foundation a five. Oh One C. Three. Dedicated to helping share the good news about plants. WanNa welcome everybody to another episode of the plant strong podcast in honor of father's Day. I'm going to be interviewing my father you know. We last brought him on the podcast three months ago when we just had the kind of the outbreak of Kobe nineteen. Nineteen here in the United States. And, so we'd love to get his thoughts on that also we have a bunch of questions from from our podcast. Listeners really that are that are directed towards you. Daddy, but let me open this up by saying you know in in in honor of father's Day You Know How lucky I am to have you as my father and you have done such a great job blazing such a a wonderful bright path forward not only for me, but for so many other people that have had the had the privilege and the honour of. Embracing your tenants around a whole foods, plant based lifestyle, and beyond that I've had the privilege of of seeing just how you conduct yourself as a as a father, a man and a great human being so. Thank you for that. So let me start by I. Want to share something with the listeners something that happened to me last Sunday. And, it's obviously something that you're well aware of but. I Love Mountain. BIKING I mountain bike behind my house. There's this greenspace of. Probably anywhere between. Twenty to fifty miles of mountain biking trails, and I've been mountain biking back there for well over. Twenty years without any kind of mishap or injury, but last Sunday morning I was riding with two of my friends, and on a an a decline that was going into a creek bed. I hit a slippery rock. took a nice tumble and basically. broke broke my the distal part of my fibula, which is is that? Would you say that's considered kind of part of the ankle? Yes. Yeah. And, so I immediately knew that something was seriously wrong. I try to stand up and got nauseous and wanted to vomit. God lightheaded, these guys had ended up carrying me out through the woods into backyard and long story short went in for X-rays the next day, and in fact it was. It showed that it was. It was fractured now over the next couple of days we were trying to get some reassurance as to whether or not, I should have a a surgery. be to try and. Determine if this was a stable or unstable fracture, and we were able to determine a week later after the inflammation was down that it was an unstable fracture needed to have needed to be set needed, have Eight screws and a plate. And so that surgery happened. Two days ago. I think everything went really really well, but I am now convalescing. In in bed, and it's been really a a bit of a torturous last. Six seven eight days Kinda On my back, trying to trying to take care of this thing. But you've been so helpful. As far as guiding me through this process, so thank you. Well Rip I'm just delighted to have you share your story with your. The audience the key. Were you have a fracture of the digital fibula? That Along with the Tibia makes up the ankle mortis on born on either side of. The rise on the Taylor's and. It was very nice to see that they absolutely brought back precisely as it should be. The anatomy of those those bones, even though eight schools in a metal plate. That, also on the other thing, you may have some excitement. You can join me when you go through the airport line The bills go off. Yeah, yeah, you're well. It's a little more picture of time. Skillful neglect, and this will take care of itself nicely. I shouldn't yeah. Yeah, thanks. So remember what. What routes Waldo Emmerson said. Mike All Times is a great time if one knows but what to do with it. While I'm trying to figure out what to do with this. I want get out and I WANNA I wanNA swim I want. I want to walk. I want to do something. So the last time that we had joined the podcast. Cove in nineteen, just hit It was back in March I. Believe you know we're now. April may June. We're now. It's three months later. Do you have any thoughts on kind of where we are right now with. With the corona virus will what is very apparent if you. Follow the television update every day is that? There are number of states in the east to really buckled down and played hardball. Social distancing staying at home handwashing. Getting Really Interesting, out governor Cuomo. Absolutely counter that message for day after day after day. And the the states there on East? Kept pretty under control on the other hand. Those? It opened opened early and relevant, more lax are never or never closed. It looks like we're paying the price I think next week will really tell the the virus. The virus doesn't listen to. to anybody the virus has its its own pace and what it's going to do. But there has been something that I'm particularly keen on because there's fits right into. The the lifestyle that we want ARC agency. Cardiovascular Disease Fall. And just to give you a little bit of background. This has to do with with nitric oxide and we may have talked about it. Somewhat last time, but I think it bears repeating because yeah, sometimes, the whole concept is not that easy for people to grasp the first time. And it was a number of actually a decade or two ago, maybe more. That was found out that earlier virus. Could be killed by nitric oxide, which is obviously a molecule of gas. And so at the present time there are two academic institutions spoke. The Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. and. Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. Where they have. A. Setup a study where patients who come in with a coronavirus. Will be first exposed thirty minutes of inhaling nitric oxide. And that's repeated three times a day. They're also doing the same. With. With. The healthcare workers who will get thirty minutes of animation of nitric oxide when they arrived at work. And thirty minutes identification again when they arrived from today. And hopefully that. We are really begin to get some results from that I would think within the next three to four weeks. I'm going to try to. Stay close to the Internet to to see where that progressive because. Remember where the virus enters. Your system is not through your mouth. Through your nasal passages in your? Area and your Broncos, and so forth down into your lungs. And if you have to have as most people do a very rich supply. Of Endo Celia sales in your nose. And if those endothelial cells are able to manufacture nitric oxide. And as soon as your virus to enter you through your nose Wam into this. Wonderful population of? Cells that are putting out nitric oxide, which hopefully will diminish or kill off the virus. Now how now this a little tricky here because we've got a review. Now nitric oxide is. Is made by by Julius. Well. When we're younger. And actually into our senior years, but not as plentiful. Were younger. We'd make tremendous. Amounts of nitric oxide are endo CEO cells which are the delicate innermost lining of the artery. They're all over the body. Every blood vessel when you're young and these are so healthy. You ever hear of anybody at age eight having a heart attack. No, no. But. We do those autopsy studies on women and men in their late. Seventeen up to thirty four. Women that is the these persons who have died of action, the sides and suicides now. The disease early coronary artery disease is ubiquitous, not enough with their coronary events, but there it is already started. Now. We know that measurements that by the time you are aged fifty. Beautifully healthy. Your endo seal cells are only making fifty percent of what they made for you when you were age twenty five, but. By the time you're over eighty. You've lost over seventy percent of that. Endo's the production of nitric oxide. So with one simple change. We're able to goose up. That end to production of nitric oxide and at the same time. Begin to utilize an entirely different pathway, which is really just been discovered roughly the last decade, or so where we even our senior years can make clinic of nitric oxide. What's that one simple change? That wasn't simple change is. Chewing. Greens I'll tell you what the Greens are in a moment. Biting Got Table to chew simple for my heart patients I do this because. The Re, the very reason they have their heart disease. Because over the years they have so sufficiently trashed injured, compromised and turn their Endo theater system into a train wreck. They simply no longer have enough. Endo theater production of nitric oxide to protect themselves from making blockages and black however. The good news is this is not a malignancy. Once you can teach patients never again at shooter lips another morsel. That was going to further injure their food sales. Then the endothelial cells recovered. Makes enough nitric oxide, so we cannot only halt the progression. Also often. We can see elements of disease reversal. Now that's heart disease all right. Now let's. Get back to? How do we make that? Green leafy vegetable make more nitric oxide. When you choose a green leafy vegetables six times a day. Roughly the size of three quarters of your fish after it had strokes been boiled in water, five and a half to six minutes, so it's nice and tender. Then, you must The several drops of delicious Balsamic or writes senator why? Because it! Is the CDC acid into vinegar that restores. The nitric oxide synthase enzyme contained within the endothelial cells that is responsible for making nitric oxide. So. Now. The, second grade thing that happens when you tune the green is it restores capacity of your bone marrow. To once again, make plenty of Endo soon. progenitor cells. What do they do? The NFL early progenitor cells replace our senescence injured worn out and fuel cells. Now we come to the third thing, and this is the absolute key. Chewing a green leafy vegetable, you are shoeing a night trait. That night trait. Those nitrates are going to mix. The, facultative anaerobic bacteria that reside and decryption grew of your tell. Those bacteria are going to reduce the nitrates that you were chewing to. NITRITES. Now when you smiled the NITRITES, it is your own gastric acid. It further reduces the nitrites to more nitric oxide. Joe. Here you are literally from dawn to dusk. Could you remember it? You're going to Chile's green leafy vegetables along with their breakfast cereal again. That is a mid morning snack again with your lunch and sandwich. That's three mid afternoon for dinner time five, and of course. I adore on you. Have that evening Snack Kale? What are you doing? All Day long from dawn to dusk, you are absolutely replenishing your body with this amazing molecule of nitric oxide, the deficiency of which gave you this heart disease in the first place. Doesn't have any extra expense. There's no hideous side effects. So imagine it this way when your body. Therefore, it's now just loaded. With nitric oxide. When that virus tries to get into your nose. Yeah, Endo dealer selves of pouring out nitric oxide. I'm convinced that you're going to be much healthier and better resists because remember. It's one of the reasons that the younger people are so resistant. virus because I have my level of nitric oxide whereas you elderly. It's. Obviously it's much more diminished. Muster eating degrees now. What are the grains I'm talking about? We are. Charge ill George Beet Greens. Must you're getting char rains? Napa cabbage sprouts Broccoli Cauliflower, science parsley spinach in various and the top five are killed. Spinners alluvial. Be grins and be. Where does for your memory? I am. Good to see you so this. That's the perfect segue into the first question that we have from one of our listeners, and this is a gentleman named mark. He's from Birmingham. Birmingham England and his question is. Ripping Dr US Liston. Could you advise me I? Live in the UK and I have not had covid nineteen. Is it advisable to continue training and running marathons? I have read that distance runners. Immune systems are compromised albeit temporarily after pushing their bodies to the limit. Would it be? Would it be a more sensible strategy to run less miles in? Keep my immune system strong, or is this a myth? Yeah I think that. If you, really really cranking, there is There is some data on swimmers. Who? You may or may not know. Competitive! Swimmers! Really trained. Not once a day. Twice inert. And there. Tremendous workouts and they can get. Really a before taper at the end of the season they can. They can really be a little bit broken down. and. There is some data that they seem to catch colds or flu a little bit more frequently. In that particular format on I'm sure the same would be true if you were running in instead of running. For five miles a day, suppose this. Get carried away in the run, aging or twenty miles a day. Did might be possible that that would be a little bit hard on the immune system. But. I, think that I would I would would. W Don't don't stop exercising. Keep it up. That's. What I would also remind mark. Is that if you remember? From when we had doctor Dr be the gastroenterologist. On the podcast a couple of weeks ago, he he told us how seventy percent of our immune system resides in our gut, and the key is really. if you want to build up a a A. An immune system is like a fortress while make sure you're getting more than thirty different types poll plant based foods and a week. With all those different types of fiber. The. Fiber the fiber is is king. Yeah Yeah and I would I would tell telemark. Listen to your body if you're feeling like you know miles or beating you down. to a pulp, then maybe dial it back a little bit absolutely. Call over over training, right, yeah! All right here's here's another question it's. It's one that I think we get you know. All, the time. My eighteen year old son is interested in going strong, but extremely picky, and he's very worried about getting enough protein. How much protein should he consume each day to build muscle? He works out six times a week and was playing Lacrosse daily before covid nineteen, so he's very active. He eats roughly two thousand calories a day. He's five nine and weighs about one hundred and sixty pounds. plastic front myself and have been trying to convert him. Thank you. So. Yeah, there's not gonna be any protein deficiency an absolute classic myth. Actually a really blown away. There is so much protein in Graz. There is protein all these different. Levels. There is protein in a red yellow leaky. Vegetables There's protein potato soup, potatoes, white potatoes. It's really it's almost impossible to be a protein. Deficient as far as. Trying to measure out in grams, and we'll probably be somewhere around. Fifty Grams Moog more for men than women but. I wouldn't I wouldn't like to have you at the need by calculators. You're snowed. The this the spectrum is. GonNa. Give you plenty of. Of Accordion as a matter of fact, if you WANNA, be really convinced about this those to see. The movie that was recently produced by James Wilkes. Ah Game Changers. Take a look at the German guy by Bouillon whose lifting one thousand two hundred pounds. But Bass. Boat. Yeah, it's it's it's. It's a boogeyman. Don't need to worry about it. And just kind of drive this home, a little bit for for for this for this mother who's concerned about her son? You know one one piece of whole grain. Toast is seven grams of protein, one one third of a can of black beans about seven grams of protein one two ounce serving of of a whole grain pasta is about eight grams of protein. They now make a red lentil. Pasta it's got twenty grams of protein per two ounces. And if your son is one hundred and sixty pounds like my father said if he needs right around. Fifty to sixty grams of protein a day. He's GonNa. Meet that very easily. As long as he's consuming enough calories, not a problem. Yes. It's true. There are ample sources of clean and heart, healthy protein and a whole foods plant based diet for humans. But did you know the same exists for your dog? Well CEO load wilder. This veterinarian develop dog. Food is made meat free with complete plant based protein plus superfood ingredients like oats, chickpeas and sweet potatoes to nourish your dog and optimize their gut health. Our pets and our planet deserve the best that we can give them right now. Scroll down to visit. The show notes or visit plant strong podcast dot, com and click on the wild earth banner to claim your exclusive offer for up to fifty percent off your dog food purchase. All right, this is somebody. Dr Liston. I have had a heart attack and had been following following your book, preventing him immersing heart disease for almost four years since the heart attack. My question is about the difference in your food groups. Doctrines Filton says not Avocados and nuts, but you seem to include them. Is Can you ask your father? Is it okay for me to add some portions of those two things back into my diet I'm not overweight. My cholesterol is nice now and low and and my blood pressure is fine. I'm sixty seven years old. It will take you so that is. Question! It really comes back to. What I we talked about earlier. For everybody agrees. With this disease has its inception. Its onset is beginning as when we progressively injured. The delicate innermost, lying of our artery called the endothelium. And so. What he has done successfully over the last sixty five years. Is So situationally trashed. Is endothelial production of nitric oxide at he didn't have enough. Nitric oxide left. For. Protecting developing heart blockages and sober. Now. When you have this business about not another Kado! Remember this. Nuts are loaded with saturated fat. What's what are the key fence? We WanNa give obviously the Trans fat right. Saturated Fats Nuts are loaded with saturated fats. I have no problem. With people who have not got heart disease. Adding nuts. providing doesn't go crazy, but it's if I ever let people. See Right now. We've got a winner vibrant people. It's okay. To have nuts. It's going to be three months. Walnuts on their cereal whether it will be. Nuts are so addicting. There will be the glove compartment. They'll be in the bathroom. The bedrooms, the hallway link. At suddenly, we've got all this saturated fat, which is the last thing I want for somebody who has an injured endothelium, and it's got a history of heart disease, and the same goes for Avacado now. What about seeds? I very supportive of even patients with heart disease having. Either Cheer sees a tablespoon or two or flaxseed meal. Attacked cable owner to on your cereal because. Manager. Additional Omega Three. But I think that this She, I have to go back. To look at the studies that we've had. And it is so gratifying it so exciting to see when every single one of the patients that adhere to our program. Halted their disease, the. Whether it was the first loop of eighteen or is the latter group of one hundred seventy seven patients all who had serious heart disease. Absolutely no recurrence. Over. Four years in patients who adhere to this halted, and then as Colin Campbell, said on the podcast a couple of weeks ago. He would even say treated their disease. Right. Right Yeah Okay so this next question. Is it actually really relates to leafy Greens in in a kind of a boomerang `way here so here's the question. And I have read that green leafy interfere with its effectiveness. I haven't heard Dr s Allston address, thyroid issues, and hopefully plant based eating. Do I have to limit or avoid any foods? Especially Leafy Greens because I'm amas medicine no. I'm not I will not limit. Throws because he's taking our auction. No. Nice and easy like it doctrinal system. What is your opinion on Statin medications if my numbers are optimal on Dr S, Allston Protocol without them. Well. The whole idea of a Senate is simply trying to reduce the cholesterol the way the statin drugs work. Is they interfere with the liver's production of cholesterol. There is an enzyme. Called the HMG, Koi Reduc days enzyme on the pathway, manufacturing cholesterol molecule, and what a stat and does is literally. Infused with that the lead statin manufacturers don't like it when I referred to that as poisoning, the enzyme because that's session in essence what it does, but the manufacturers say. Staten debits the enzyme okay. Now. The problem with statins that the some people just simply cannot tolerate. Any of the staten side, effects may get severe muscle cramps. They can't take it. It's injuring their liver. They can't take it. It's causing diabetic, the anti-gay or it's given the brain fog, so there are these serious suspects that have to be considered Alec Status found their place. In patients who have heart disease or eating the horrible western Diet. They've been able to show that. There's some benefit to go into crystal and helping these people on the other hand. How many statins do you think they're taking Okinawa rural China or Central Africa. Not. Any art disease noticed heads in other words. We found through our program. where? Every month I council. A group of fourteen sixteen patients with serious cardiovascular disease. And what we've found, is it. In that group of patients many by the time they arrived to see snug, already found out that they simply cannot take statin two months side effects. Netflix adhere to whole foods plant based attrition. Never, having another morsel of food cast their lips is going to endanger or hurt their endothelium. Then they literally are building. Endo. Fuel Fortress Yep, even if they have a few extra molecules of cholesterol, of course, things their bloodstream. they don't. Get any progression of their heart disease. Good that a lot So this next question is about Omega threes verse Omega Sixes and They WanNa know. Can we get enough? Omega threes, Anna. Mega, sixes from whole plant based foods and In particular. Do you recommend Dr well I think the KEA. Here to knows these these are essential fatty acids. We need both the mega. Mega Straight And ideally the ratio between the two. She'll be something like wonderful on three to one of. Six Mega three. But in this country. He's out of kilter. And our mega six mega seventeen or thirty one. And that's. Really a development of of disease. So you're never gonna be Short Omega Six. It's almost impossible so omnipresent. We, look a little bit more carefully, and. Really Rare Omega Three. Found in abundance are in green leafy vegetables, so actual green vegetables, and in flaxseed meal NGS's. really cover you nicely on the other hand you WanNa make sure about whether you're mega three as you can get an Omega check, you can get the blood test you can determine. Whether. You're Omega three is low. Medium or optimal. And you can always if you WANNA kick it up into, and you're not there. You can always take. Omega three algae I prefer that. Because? To. Limit the amount of So so. I think that's great, so so the body. The body is the reason that there's a competition between Omega six and a mega three for an enzyme. Go six of SATURATES and. There's swamping of Omega Six. May Burn up enough of this enzyme. The not be enough left to convert. The little to Alantic. In lower, the body's conversion can be compromised, but. He should be able to do all right. Getting plenty of the the the granny deductibles as well as the. Chew seasons like she'd meal right so greenlee fees, soybeans, walnuts, Chia seeds ground flax. Those are winners. So I, think that's a good segue to this question, which is just Dr Alston What supplements if any do you recommend your patients take? Take. The. V twelve. Okay B twelve. What what kind of dosage D like? Well. I got a little bit biased. In the DUMPSTERS BY A. Dan Jacobson who for years was a sort of. International Authority. On B twelve. WHO WORKED AT THE CLEVELAND CLINIC? Collie. and. Dan both convincingly me that probably persons over the age of sixty. Five hundred micrograms a day. And over the age of seventy. Kicked it up two thousand. And the reason he said is that we don't want anybody to be deficient twelve and there seems to be no downside. If you're taking a thousand because. What happens is you become more senior? is, your gastric acid, which is responsible for helping to absorb vitamin B twelve yeah, and as well as your intrinsic factor in your stomach, which is important in the absorption of beach will as we become more senior. Mike so many other things? Becomes a little bit the. Optimized, so we say so. A. Pretty much where? Fuel away I do about that. Okay and then anything else any anything else like C. or D. or anything like that iodine. No I don't know that I think. Mike Economic Campbell has pretty well. That In all of us. The body is an absolute wonderful symphony of reactions. That's going on all the time. As you sit there as I sit there, mommy sits they're. All these thousands of reaction's going on. It's a symphony. Now! What happens is when we take supplements. Of a Major Gen. Concern about interrupting the central. That'd be given example. You go to listen to a symphony. And you find out that you love French French Horns Nice. Calm. So. You Stare yourself well since I made. All that money on a certain transaction going to. Donate some money to the symphony. I want them to put three hundred French horns. Now they do that and Jesus the sound like crap. The symphony has been destroyed. Well, the only reason I'm using that example is if you suddenly take all this extra vitamin C.. and. He and all the other b-vitamins. There is there are these studies that are emerging. Where people are more susceptible to heart, disease and cancer. Who are taking multivitamins? You're interrupting the. Problem with you know you wanNA check their vitamin D she with their level. They WANNA. Bump it up close but Jessie. The jury is still out. On on supplement, so you want to be very careful about those right, so unless there's a known deficiency. You don't recommend anybody talking to the D. or something else like that, okay? Here's a question. Dr Vessels Ston. I got a question for you. Sir What's the easiest way to start this program I have tried over and over again and can't seem to stick with it. Well I think what you have to do is one. You get the education about this It's pretty easy about suppose that this is somebody who is trying to start. WHO has heart disease all right? and. If they understand because I think the reason that we're running about ninety percent compliance. In our in our seminar with patients that we asked to go plant base. And and we think that's pretty remarkable. Get Ninety percents compliance. Why does that happen because? These patients. If you just tell me you've got to change. Their Diet are getting election size and. Get adequate sleep. You've given them really nothing to really latch on onto. And this is why I. Spend in the similar. I'll spend close to our. Getting them to understand that the reason, they created their heart disease in the first place is because. Every time since they were child children. They have been. Entering the endothelial capacity to make nitric oxide once they get it into their head. Their loss of nitric oxide that gave him the disease. And when they suddenly understand that we are showing them away by avoiding foods, injure the endothelium and actually eating the foods that restored the endothelium. How can anybody? Come up to me. After an hour of this, and saying to me Dr Charleston that was just finishing. I'm so I've never heard that before I. Really now know how I created my heart disease, but I should tell you the lowest in Iowa having our thirty fifth wedding anniversary in two weeks and boy am I. GonNa, destroy some more endo. Fuel cells nonsense. Brain and ahead is going to that I. saw the other way that you get people to. Let them know that is absolutely going to be. A knockout taste to this food. Absolutely going to be delicious. And the way that we understand that is the manella chemical sense of same Philadelphia. Number of years ago did an interesting study where they took patients divided into three groups. One getting thirty four percents that difficult question died. Another go significantly down, but still up about twenty percents that then the third will where we are in our program about eleven percent fat. At the end of Ten weeks. One of those groups I completely lost their craving for fat. Right. Group at eleven percent why you are simply down regulating your brain receptor for sugar and fat when you do this and if you therefore. Simply, try to do this and you say well Dr Hanson was good all week. I really I'm GONNA reward myself in belly up to the trough on the weekend, well nonsense. You don't WanNa. Do that because if you do you never really fully down, regulate the fat receptor, you're constantly than in the state of misery in denial and you get recidivism. So. That is kind of a nice dancer to this gentleman's question. As far as he starts, but he always seems to basically fall off the wagon because he's probably not giving himself The opportunity to down regulate those receptors in his brain, right and totally lose those cravings. Perfect. So Doctrine Allston. Could you please explain why we should not use floride? thank you so much. Yeah. When we I remember. looseness podcast today we talked about. The whole business about. Making extra nitric oxide and way to do it with by eating green leafy vegetables. Remember what I said was. When you are chewing the green leafy vegetables. You're chewing a nitrate and that night. Mix. In your mouth with the Faculty of ANAEROBIC bacteria that reside in the crypts in of your tongue. And those bacterial will reduce the nitrate in your mouth tonight. Trite resident essential step. Nitrite when you swallow, it will be further reduced by your gastric acid to mourn I tomorrow, nitric oxide. But the caveat here is, you can destroy this wonderful sequence because you're taking antibiotics or if you've got fluoride. toothpastes. You destroy goes beneficial bacteria in your mouth, and you can't make the transition from nitrates nitrite at if you're taking antacids. You reduce the acidity in your stomach, so you cannot convert the nitrites more nitric oxide. And where where did you learn that about the fluoride and the antacids? For Nathan Bryan. Bryant all right I. Believe Nathan Bryant will be on the PODCAST. Next week. Okay, question from very concerned white. On, November, first thousand nineteen, my pretty young husband at a heart attack. We got your books and have been Hofu. Plant base no oil ever since. He's lost twenty pounds in his but he's not a heavy guy to begin with. Is doctor suggested adding some animal protein? The! Fish and also some fats like nuts and avocado. They are concerned about the medication causing problems. If he continues to lose more weight I was wondering. If you have any suggestions on this situation, thank you Dr Esam. Yeah, I think well first of all he has to understand. Why does he had a heart attack in the first place? Get Him to understand the importance of the Endo Theo so nitric oxide. Now. The weight loss interesting. Is. What we as we're not asking people. To, eat any food that is strange to them. There's the foods that they're eating. beaten all their life, but we are doing. We are asking them to relinquish. The clues that will injure their Endo Theorem, so we ask them to stop oil. Stop the animal protein and stop dairy. And Sugar Right. So. That's a lot of calories. Now what we have found is seems to work. Is the following. When they have their breakfast if they have a heaping bowl of old-fashioned quaker, oats plus raisins close. Of Bananas. Plus raspberries blueberries strawberries blackberries. Plus Two or three? Evening tablespoons of flax seed meal. That is absolutely delicious, healthy feast. And, they like it and they want to repeat it again either mid morning or mid afternoon or evening. Several times we find at that absolutely halts the somebody of calories in there and they're so safe. Doesn't oatmeal the. And I would encourage some trying to eat the. Dry Dry cereal because if you use oat milk, that's got a lot of calories. Will right right so that's just some some easy way around to get the extra calories. But I would totally discouraged with all due respect to the cardiologist recommending. Animal Protein I would totally disagree with that. That's GonNa Make Disease Worse Yeah. Well. Unfortunately, it sounds like these cardiologists. Just, they don't know if your work right on listen. Cardiologists are good guys. They WANNA see their patients succeed, but. There is such a deficit because in Medical Snyder in medical school northerner, their postgraduate training. Really ever had any training about the causation of the illness that they've been designated to treat. And this is why I was. Really feeling pretty proud excited to be. Five years ago I was asked to enjoy and the American College of Cardiology. They wanted me to be a part of their surge of there'a. Nutrition Committee and one of our task. is to try to educate cardiologists about the importance of base attrition. But you see that that real immediately that sets up A. Challenge because. You can't just suddenly. Decide my gosh. There's something to this stuff. It reverses heart disease I've seen the picture reversal of the arteries. It must be great. But the average cardiologists says no concept how to do this. You're not gonNA make it happen. In a twelve or fifteen officers without the spouse. And just. Say One The reason why we're product, proud of the ninety percent at your. We've getting with our program. If you're going to make a patient James Lifestyle you've gotTA. Show a patient respect. And the only way that I noticed show occasion. Respect is the my time here. Here's a I think we got two more questions for you here. And I'm starting to all the. All the listeners who have asked questions that we're not going to be able to get around to. A particular episode, no next. Time, yeah. I'm sixty three doctrinal. Ston and a bit Hofu plant base for six years. I have low fare in levels. My doctor told me to take iron tablets I don't want to take the supplement, but eating green leafy. Don't seem to be supplying affair and for me. Is this a common problem for Vegans? And what can I do about it? Much very uncommon. When, you think about Campbell looking at all these wonderful. County throughout China that were clan-based. Knowing knowing is when you're if you're if it's a male. WHO has low levels of certain, low, levels of iron. You want to be sure that he's not losing us. Usually where that's losing, the gastrointestinal tract. You have some erosion in your stomach Megan. Also that is very slowly bleeding or maybe somewhere else farther down gastrointestinal track that would be. That might be identified by a upper GI endoscopy with looked down with the to inspect your stomach on the upper session, and then, of course they can do the absolute. Reverse from below with colonoscopy book at the entire Cole in be sure that's flair as well but I. I really think it's. It's really tough to to declaim blamed the Diet on a little lower, but. I think we see sometimes in some of the some of the younger women that are high level athletes that train They're losing to eventual activity. That's losing most of the right exactly. And then sometimes I think it makes sense there All right, we're good I got one more question for you. Dr Allston. How do you answer critics especially cancer survivors. Who Don't want to believe that a whole foods plant based? Who Don't want to believe the whole plant based philosophy. They politely listened, but don't read the information, I, I try to pass a law. Avenue thoughts for this. FOR THAT WOMAN! That's. It's interesting. There as far as cancer goes. And a patient attrition. Orange did some some rather fascinating work with men with prostate. Cancer is example. where? Men with prostate cancer. were, placed on place, nutrition and WHAT THEY FOUND! Overtime. There is much less. Expression of the genetic. Accounts Eugene. And much more expression of the cancer suppressive. Up for the step further. If you have that prostate cancer growing a petri dish. Unnecessary you edge serum. From, somebody who is an omnivore eating? Usual Western, Diet. It will suppress can't that serum will suppress the cancer cells by seven percent however. If you do the same thing. Taking serum from somebody who's totally plan paste, it will suppress the cancer cells seventy percent. And I believe it. Dr, rigor in one of his -cations. Shows that the same thing to some degree with breast, cancer rice, or I don't really think that is a downside may not obviously may not be the sure especially with disease of advanced. Up there certainly. Is No downside. To eating hopefully, plant based nutrition for patients with cancer in their navy where he will significant upside. Yeah, yeah, well, you know. When I interviewed Colin a couple of weeks ago, he went as far as to say and I think he does in the China study as well that. Close, to eighty percent of these major cancers are lifestyle created. Right out of the Yeah Yeah Yup got the data from the counties and the counties in China that were getting a animal foods. Those with counties or eating. Matt based those striking difference. Yeah Yeah. So I think that wraps up all of our questions for today. Thank you for answering those so eloquently. A. I'm hoping to see in a couple of weeks obviously at the farm. And for whatever reason that doesn't happen I know one hundred percent. I will see you and Mommy at the Fire August fourteenth to the Sixteenth Oh. Clinton, at the. For our aunt online virtual plans stock event that is going to be a real a real doozy. But you know daddy happy father's Day to you you. You have the heart of a hero in your. Demise. In space. What we're looking for and season two of of the podcast, so thank you. Thank you I'll talk to you soon and you WANNA. Say Hi you. Come on and give a little streak or something. Well. Hi What you doing. Well, I'm catching up on emails. You're looking all athletic in your shorts in your your Nice Pink Shirt. Can you come down a little bit so we can see your face? I. Love you. Why by? All right, another wonderful and informative conversation with my dad and Kale, hero Dr. Kabul, Busselton junior is in the can. Thanks to your burning questions. Please keep them coming. We'll be doing these on a regular basis as always I hope you found his answers and direction. To be grounding insightful and motivational. If. There's anything that you can depend on with my dad. said he's GonNa always shoot straight. Next week. We tease it in the episode, and it's an important one. We continue and expand on the topic of nitric oxide. With Dr? Brian. He's one of the foremost authorities on the planet and nitric oxide find out next week. PLAN STRONG PODCAST! The plan strong PODCAST team includes will record which amy, mackey Patrick Gavin Wade Clark and Kerry Barrett I WanNa, thank my parents Dr Kabul, the Elson Junior and an Kreil Allston for creating a legacy that will be carried on for generations and being willing to go against the current and trudge upstream to the causation. We are all better for it.

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