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You. Aspect. Simple question is this might is the story mine and I open to reading new story because at any point in your life, you can write a new story. I truly believe you can rewrite the story and me any day. You want about anything, your weight, your relationships, your money, your business. You can't be afraid of money. Being afraid of money doesn't bring more money to you. It's a relationship. It's on. My parents super broke, growing up on food stamps, and then my mom going to grad sales to get get Mike and Christmas gifts. The first couple of years of hundred traffic is like, I'm going to act as if I already have figure business love and like I hear in t that's what allowed to have seven figure pits way quicker than if I was like, who know dick it around, you know, like and like I'm talking about like digging around internally, right? It's like when we talk about investing in your business, it's like you are the business. In today's episode Smith skelly and I chat all things money. I know I know don't run away quite yet. I know talking about money can feel icky as awkward and squirmy, but don't worry salmon. I keep it fun likely do with everything else in life. So don't you worry and I know that talking about money feels so taboo, but why it shouldn't be. So I'm excited to dive into this episode as always if you love this episode tag me on Instagram, say, hey, Angie, I love this episode. I wanna hear more of this. That's how I know what to create so tag on, Instagram. Say Hello to me, say what's up in the DM and let's dive in. The million dollar question is, how do I keep my energy as an entrepreneur? My answer is organic by and today's episode is brought to you by my friends over at our gamified and PS. I was withdrew and your team a few days ago and holy crap. You guys. I have never seen such incredible company culture. 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So what I do is I do one scoop in the morning right away when I wake up and my water, and then I do another scoop midday around lunch when I need a little bit of a pick me up to have your greens powder shipped directly to your doorstep, head to organic by dot com. Use the code Angelea checkout. When you use the code Angie Lee, you save Monday as so NGA checkout organic by dot com. I can't wait for you to fall in love. Let's talk about it because I love the subject more than life itself who it is like. I mean, what is life without the energy of money? What what would be doing? I mean, trading flowers. I think that's what they used to do. They probably did you, we, I would. We trained back in the day hours and dirt and goats I was I was in Morocco the other day. And you were in Morocco, not the other day. That's such a lie this a couple of years ago actually saw you. Like you hear this. And this guy asked my friend if he could trade me for camels. So maybe that was thing that people use back in the day when we didn't help hamels using your worst. Like I, at least four, I would say at least four as well. Like I'm a, I'm a solid, four camel person. I think I think she's she's pretty lease like five, Campbell's, maybe four, camels something like that. Imagine if we valued are worth based on how many camels we were actually worth. It'd be says, objective. It'd be like that person things. I'm worth one hundred. This person things. I'm worth three. I dunno help me out here guys like judged based on that. Like damn. She's like at least five, Campbell's lease five camels. So good man. This comes up a lot in my community. This is probably the number one thing that most people struggle with us. Well, yeah. Well, here's the thing right here. Here's why it comes up in my community and it may be different. Oh yeah, with food and with my community, the reason why the majority of like a woman who struggles severely with in eating disorder, they're the lot of the root of that is scarcity, right? It's like that not enough thing, right? And so it's like that family. I gotta eat all the food because I don't know what I'm gonna. Right. So so those traits in those patterns also show up in their relations with money. So they have a very dysfunctional relationship with food and money, and the core of it is scarcely. So when we when we heal it, the scarce thing we move into a place of abundance. We see patterns in both realms, food and money isn't that fascinating that the woman who is his maxing out her credit cards and is in crazy dead is a lot of times the same woman who's also binge eating. Yeah, it's it's just this feeling of there's never going to be enough. Spent eat Spence eat, yeah, it's crazy. It's like it's like addicted to consumption. Rain. It's like I'm addicted to the consumption of food and I might dictate to the consumption of materialism, like having more more more close more this more this, right? But then on the flip side of that, even though they're like addicted to consumption, they're also living in scarcity. They're also afraid of like I'm gonna lose all my money, but then they're also spending all their money is crazy. The beautiful thing about having a money. First of all, we have to understand what is our money story, like, what is the picture of like how we interact with money and how we relate to money and how it flows to us and a relationship like relationship and how are we speaking about money? How are we? How are we respecting it, or lack of respect for it? How are we circulating at how are we spending the money? How are we? What? Like, what are we choose to? How do we feel when we receive the money? How do we visualize about the things that we want right? Because at the end of the day. Desires that we have for the amazing things that we have don't come out of like bum nowhere, right? It's like a true desire of our heart. And so how can we be on the same page as money working with it and not against it? Like all the things like money is the root of all evil and money creates this money. Like we're just like bashing, this this beautiful thing that we all have to us and to circulate into how I mean like there's no way I could have hungry for happiness without money. Obviously, you know, I got, I got a pay my people I got. So so we're creating so much impact into ripples and money's a massive contribution to that whole ecosystem. You know, one of my things I had to rewrite was that money is actually really beautiful, and it's something that when you have it, it's so beautiful in that you can give it back and one of the best moments of my life and I posted about it on Facebook about six or seven months ago. My Instagram was when I handed my mom ably check that was like, he just never. That was like, honestly. One of the best moments of my entire life in twenty eight years. One of the best moments I when I think of the best moments of my life at absolute is top five because to see someone take that energy into see someone feel optionality. It's it's so beautiful and took off a lot of stress on her plate and that for me as my driver to make money to then help people who have a lot of stress, especially my loved ones. It's such a beautiful thing. It truly is. And it's it's what's most important right now is like, not if you have shitty money story or not. It's just to get to know what it is first and foremost, right in order to change anything. We have to. We have to have the awareness and we have to have the acceptance around it, what's my? What's the awareness around money story. Just think about the just think about like how you react when something's quote unquote, too expensive, or how you react when you get a Bill or how you react when you have to pay for something or whatever it is like, what is your personal story? What? What viscerally happens in your body. When you get a Bill. This early happens in your body. When you look at something that's maybe a three hundred dollars coat when normally you would only spend fifty dollars on a co, what happens and don't judge yourself because these are all condition, inheritance stories, right? And the beautiful thing about our stories. Once we realized them have awareness around them and accept them for what they are, then we can upgrade them. Right. And so like now I'm in a place where I'm like, okay, how can I continually upgrade my money now for me because I truly feel me Smith scaly as a human. I literally have at this point in my life and everything I could possibly want and more at this point. But it's like I want to upgrade my story for the collective. I wanna pay my story for my family. You know, my my future like offspring and my parents like, you know, I want to upgrade my money, my money story for like the women that I get to serve and like being sample for them and like children and human trafficking, and all the initiatives that I'm deeply passionate about. Like that's what I wanna do. Now there there was a time, whereas I needed to operate in my money story. So that I could be a frequency that felt good for me. Yeah, level. I'm like, okay, that's done right. I mean, so now it's like, what's the next level? Right? What's the next level on an always asking myself the question of like, who do I need to be shifts that money story and what do I need to believe about myself and my my worthiness love that. What do I need to believe in order for that to happen China about this a ton lately, with my community, your beliefs, cre- action in your action creates reality. So look at someone's Bank account or their lifestyle, or their business, or the relationships, and you can figure out their beliefs I could meet you for ten minutes. Ask you about your life and know that your belief system must be that you believe your abundant, you believe you're worthy of love a Greek guy, agree business, great health. I mean, you obviously somewhere deep inside as well believe. Yeah. And we had to work on this belief system that we are worthy of those really good things for sure. I'm going to take that one step deeper, even more so than beliefs. Let's do in deeper. It's like that hypnosis. Yeah, you know. And they're like. You're going to heap. Bit far BT but beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions, results, BT f. a. r. right. We have our beliefs. So say the belief is. I, I will never have enough money. That's the belief I'll never have enough money will. What are the thoughts associated with that belief? That's too expensive. It's not worth it. I'm not worth it. It's I'll never be able to live there. I'll never be able to have this. I'll never be able to attract this. It's too expensive. I I'm in debt everything, whatever, right. So those are the thought, so thoughts immediately credit activation, the body. All right. So what is the feeling associated that thought? All right, we'll the feeling is like feeling depleted, not feeling good enough, not feeling, you know that feeling of scarcely feeling scared feeling scare. This is going to happen anxiety, whatever that is, and then thoughts results. Wait, PT f. f. a. actions, right? So when we're in that state of feeling scarcely, feeling scared, not feeling good enough, not feeling abundant what our actions, right? We're trying to grip onto everything and make sure that we keep everything. God forbid we spend a dollar right? And then with our results were living in this lack in this life of lack limitation where we're actually. I'm not doing the things that we want to do. We're not. We're not being who we want to be. We're not being expressed because we don't have the means to do that. But what does this idea say put yourself on a budget? No, fuck budgets. Those don't work like. Fuck budgets. Those don't work right. Kelly. If if Dave Ramsey heard this right now, if you shouldn't his pants. Yeah, you'd be like why this whole thing like save and save until you're living in a box and then rhymes that's like. That's like I get the saving, but like I like onlin. Ten. Yeah, don't get me wrong. There's things that I do prefer per pair for retirement like like investing and whatever there is. Fine. How Harry. Yes. So I've cashed on like this, like really hot billionaire. I'm told us time preparing hot rich, do fine. I got 401K believes yet. So so, but before we do any of that before we attract the wealth to reinvest in to circulate we have to look at our beliefs. We have to change our beliefs. I like like believes overbudgeting might there's no sense going to budgeting when you have a shitty belief system because you're just going to put that energy into it. Yeah. Well, it's interesting because my my story that many of you know is I one hundred thousand dollars dead. When I left college a few months early to pursue entrepreneurship on paper. It looked like I was doomed. I was. I was not very myself for success, and I remember that amount being so heavy and feeling so tight. And I know this may sound that shit crazy, but I'm just going to be honest ladies to pay off that debt. It took me a few years. I did not budget to pay it off. I decided to make more and to make a lot more into come up with new business ideas and to bring in more revenues like a pay it off in chunks. I didn't budget. So that's just an example, whether that you're like, shit, your pants right now on your that's so funny, actually responsible, well, hey, I did it. And so. I want people to know that there are different ways to attack money. There are different ways attack, paying off debt. There are different ways to to make money, and I think it all comes down to what's your belief system. And my belief system that was rooted in me is I want to bring in more. I want to bring in more so I'm not feeling like I'm suffocating myself felt good for me. And so totally again, Dave Ramsey listening, probably freaking out. But you know what day Phuc these girls listen, Dave, I pay. Okay. So I think there's like this very, very archaic old school model of like how we become wealthy. Even if you even if you look at just like society in general, it's like we're all preparing to get wealthy for when we retire. It's like I don't wanna be rich when I'm almost dead. Like you know, like I wanna I wanna be like wealthy and abundant now so I can enjoy it. Right. And so there's all of these like this and then you enjoy. It's like, no, why don't we just like flip that whole thing on his head and create a new way of attracting buttons and create a new way of serving because it. It is just your most of y'all are health coat. Y'all. I'm so Canadian. What did I say? Most of you guys are house coaches, a wellness coaches in helping people in the business of helping helping people the majority of of your your community life coaches, whatever it is. It's like the more that we serve at the deepest level, the more that we get to get to attract. And so why are we not playing at that level percent? I would love to know before we get into these cock blocking tips or whatever these are. I would love to know and I'm sure the women, listener, curious as business owners who we have employees and we pay people, how do you, what is your mindsets around pain your employees? Because that to a lot of people sounds all holy crap. Oh my God. What if it all falls, how do you feel going to sleep at night knowing you're responsible for someone else's food on their table? What does that feel like? Do you have any practices of when you write the check to them, or obviously goes out onto Matt. Each them. Do you have any practices of abundance around that or? So, I have a system around when money comes into the company really feel into what it took for that individual to invest in themselves for a better life. I'm whoa, that's amazing. When people join our certification program and they invest two to four better life on my wow, what it took for that person who probably didn't have the money sitting in a coun- waiting to Chilin Chilin. It's like it's like, I just think about that person like, wow, who Julie had to be in that moment to say, yes to herself is like so amazing. So I have a practice of it coming in and like what that means. But I love that. One of like when I pay people out to when I pay people see there's Canadian when I pay people out to to really pre shoot it in them. What I, what I love seeing is like a look on Instagram stories and what like my director of ops Brittany, she has like a kid and so she's like, wow, she's finally get to pick him up from. School and drop them off in the morning. That means so much and that for me, my God. I got to change her life because I'm giving her flexibility in her role and the abundance to be able to like be like, basically like a stay at home mom and have a fulltime job love the practice of actually as I'm paying them to think about because yeah, got my employees are everything in my company, and I share fall where to hire soft the first time. Right? Because hunger. Fabulous. I was like profitable since day one like fairly because it was just me. And I was just like doing my thing until like any money that came in. I was like, now that I have like a team and expenses and this and that and Facebook ads and all the things. Yeah. Yeah, there's more on the line. Right. And so so an in all of that, it's like a deep recall of like, how do I enhance my story? How do I enhance my abundance? Because if the leader of an organization is rooted and scarcely what's going to happen to the entire organization, it's going to be in fear and scarcity. I'm, that's not the kind of climate that I want to create within my organization. I want it to feel abundant in flowing and exciting and full of opportunity. And like if I'm constantly in a state of like, we need to cut corners. We need to say that money. No, you can't have a no, right. If I'm doing that, people are going to feel that they're gonna feel the intensity and it's really beautiful to shift it from all my God. I have all these people to pay. There's money that's that's negative. That's read. There's money going that I'm never gonna see again and then shifting that to every single time I hire someone that brings me more. Bring that pays me back tenfold every single time I hire someone that brings more money into the company, and that's a beautiful way to see it. Because if you gals, listening are hiring well, they should be bringing more money into the company. That's the whole reason why you hire them is to be able to do more work, have more manpower, which thus conserve more people in bring more clientele in. So really seen it for the beautiful thing that it is versus starting to resent them or hate the bills, and maybe some of you newbies your your mail. Chimp Bill. One of my gals in my last mastermind said, I just hate that every month I pay mail. Chimp fifty bucks. I said, you should be so excited at your Email is growing and you the opportunity to serve more people. That's a really, really good thing instead of seeing like hall man, ka job as a hundred bucks a month male chimps. What you got all these, like these, these systems that you're using these overheads, will you guys one compared to a brick and mortar? That's nothing. Literally. That's nothing to maintain it online business in to see it as a really good thing. Thank God that you started this business. I can help all these people and who cares? You've got overhead. I mean, get over it. I know that sounds kind of tough love but get the Frick over it. Get over his head. Get over your overhead. These women think it's going to be zero dollars and they're always complaining to be like, I got two hundred bucks. I'm like a hundred bucks to like for example, Java you guys know use it. I love it. It's the best thing ever. It's one hundred one hundred fifty bucks a month, three hundred. If you're on the other level the tier and to think about that, that's nothing compared to the capability in the opportunity. It's just nothing compared to the opportunity that you have to make totally millions and millions of dollars potentially from courses online and health people. And if you make at least two hundred bucks a month. Well, you just covered your. Ahead. So you have to shift your mindset around putting money into your business. Nobody built a successful business acting broke. Nobody you cannot act broke expect to get rich on. So Cigna, that's so always they people. You cannot expect to get rich and wealthy and have this huge business acting like a cheap ass. Just can't. Yeah. It goes back to that like actors. If thing I when I, the first the first couple of years of hunger happening. So I was like, I'm going to act as if I already have figure business. I love that and like I guarantee that's what allowed me to have seven figure this way quicker than if I was like, no. Dicken around, you know, like and like I'm talking about like digging around internally, right? It's like when we talk about investment in your business, it's like you are the business. So like either you're investing in your business, like actual tools or investing in yourself to be the type of leader that can sustain in organization or sustain a business where I say organization that organization could be UNLV a, it doesn't actually matter. But like are you investing in yourself? I know for share a quick story. So I was, gosh, this was this was like, literally for years ago is right when I started Hungary, five minutes, I was serving. I was serving at a place called the keg in Vancouver serving beers and stakes. I was the worst ever, but I made it up personality. I was like, oh, I forgot that. Sorry. And, but anyway, I was thinking eight dollars an hour as making eight dollar garner steak. Sorry. I think our I I think I was making three thousand dollars a month, maybe twenty five hundred. Maybe two. It was like somewhere around that, but I can remember I paid a coach and I was going in the red, five hundred dollars a month. So I'm pretty sure I paid him like three thousand and the my my what I was getting paid on a monthly with twenty five hundred. Anyways. I was losing five hundred dollars every single month and what that what that showed me was how powerful I actually am because I had no evidence. All ahead was a belief at that. I had no evidence. All I had was a belief, no evidence like I didn't have any like save money like I didn't ask for money for my parents. I didn't. I no evidence as far as being super Uber successful evident. Oh, not at all tangible world that this was even gonna happen going. Be funk serving beers. You know? Like a dream, I yeah, but I was like, I know I have to do this. I know I have to do. And because of like my passion and my like just like brute force, knowing that it was I had to do it. I was like, I'm just, I'm just going to throw shit at a wall and see what six be and do everything I can and see what happens. And within a few months, I was like, all right, I'm quitting my job because on now I love it. You bet on yourself when you bet on yourself, you never. You never lose. I'd never let myself down because I know if I bet on myself I'm going. I'm going to show up and I'm going to do the thing. I love that. Like even even like recently, like I've taken up golf recently and I like I really love it, but I'm like, I'm just going to throw myself into that and dual the things and invest the money into it because I want to be really fucking good at that. You know, like it's one of those things did that with my business at the beginning. And I think like, you know, eventually when I when I a mother, like I want to invest into that and be the best version of myself in that. And I think ultimately, what this comes down to honestly is my just like curiosity for my edges like cool, how much money can I make. Like how? How abundant can I feel how good how good can I get right? I always say like this is just my new normal. Now, even even in the space s my normal, normal normal. You make it the norm. I love that. I love that. Let's dive into the first one which is vibrating in scarcity, were diving into the things that we think are cocking you from. Into your business. Okay. Let's should. We use it other bombs with kids but would be great. The kids need to know. Okay. Everything is either love or fear, scarcity or abundance. Everything in life is love or fear every single situation every single conversation every single decision. So this is kind of the same thing. You can't be sitting there in scarcity and then also in abundance at the same time, I don't think you can live in both. Right? Right, right. Yeah, you can't. You can't. There's those two can not coexist together. We have to choose. Here's something so important to remember anything we want in life. We have to first be it for us to attract it right? And so if we want to attract love, we have to be loved. I we can't go out into the world in a state of self hatred, expecting to constantly receive love and feel it. We have false love. We can have one sands, but like when I'm talking about actual low, we have to be what we want always. And the same thing goes with money. Like if we want to attract abundance, we have to freak, we have to align our frequency to abundance. We can't attract abundant when we're in a state of scarcity. It doesn't work. So if we're like there's not enough, there's not enough. There's no more clients. I don't know what I'm gonna do a pay me. Pay me baby. It's like, no, that's literally like goes against the laws of the universe. Like if you want to be abundant and attract wealth and be. Be a make ten thousand twenty thousand thirty thousand one hundred thousand dollars a month. You have to be the frequency. I have to embody it. It's a full on internal embodiment of the frequency so that it can make its way to you or else you literally are just cocking it and wondering why you're stuck and you're not good enough and everyone else's crushing or not you. Yeah, I love that. I love that. It's really starting to act as if and to feel into abundance and start feeling like you're worthy of that fryer had having that. So this is this. Maybe this may be daydreaming for you guys. That's what it was. A lot for me is walking around and maybe seen homes that I loved that I wanted to live in one day or spending time with people in masterminds or meet ups who had that abundance. And so I was tricky my system. I was tricking almost my central nervous system into Flaine at a higher level and thinking that it could take that in told and then it just started to slowly happen. So it's almost like you do have to have. Your system play a game. This is super important. I feel like I've done that five times in the show so obsessed with this conversation. Right? So this is so important. We say. Oh, I remember. I remember. Okay, so so over. Here's what's so important. Right. I want you is to really get this Jeff. I forgot again, then we funny. Okay. So your system right now, if you've not done a lick of personal development in the row of money, your system right now is just it's default is just scarcity. Yeah. Right. So you wake up scarcity, you do your thing, scarcity around your system is literally just vibrating at the frequency of scarcity revival? Yes, because you've not programmed it yet, right? You're we have to introduce our systems to the frequency so that they can attach to something right. So like leg yourself, literally in this takes work, I'm not saying that you can do overnight. This takes work like literally feel the frequency of abundant in for five minutes. Just like think closer is visualize. What is abundance feel like for me, it feels like my heart's like open and my, my solar plexus feels like light and Spacey, and I'm like, oh, just feels like. Open and free. I need to like wake my system up to that new frequency because if I check out on going, default mode, it'll go into into scarcity. It doesn't anymore because I've rewired all the narrow pathways for the last four years of taking a lot of work. So I can like wire. But to your point, shrinking yourself into abundance like our system doesn't know the difference. We have to put the blueprint in so that the programs can rewire. And so it's about being so intentional about like, okay, I'm choosing to feel abundant right now. I'm doing this right now. I'm going to stay here and I'm going to say here, I'm gonna feel this and you can do this in your car. You can do this out work. You can do this anywhere. You don't have to sit on a yoga mat in like an awesome. You can do this anywhere and you probably whatever. Okay. Moving on. Okay. So you can do this anywhere. But the point is we have to introduce our systems, give it like a drink, like a drink of the abundance to feel it. And when we're feeling it, if we want to supercharge that visualize what that would be for you. Very specific, whether it's a beautiful home or having a car, whatever that is money Bank and then and then truly think thoughts that are abundant fetter special to you. Write that down unless you're driving, don't don't go when you get home realist- into this a million times. I know they're loving this right now. I feel like girls are like, yes, I. The second one is the story we have around money, and this is usually the childhood story guys childhood really screwed you or saved you. I mean, it's all it's all about childhood. If you haven't noticed yet, listening to a lot of the episode, life coaches and spiritual coaches, it's holies, childhood childhood childhood, really framed everything for us and subconsciously up until about seven years old, they say is when we were programmed for money. So this could have been you even in the backseat hearing your mom's as I mean, like, damn it. You know, we can't go to the zoo. Admissions fee is twenty bucks. We can't afford that. And you took that in when you were a little girl, and that's if you don't really get options, and that's very expensive whether you were old enough yet to have the conversation or not, or even know really what money was you started to take in these subconscious messages about money, and this is why I'm going to be very, very conscious about what I say to my children, future children about money because it's dangerous. They can hear starting at probably one years old how you're treating money and what what's possible. And this is a really good time. If you ladies listening to have never thought about your money story. This can be a little awkward. This could be journaling to start. This could be a phone call with mom and dad. That's real awkward. But you know, one hash day you live once. Have those awkward condos. And going back to what your parents told you and nine out of ten people usually tell me he had my mom and dad. Every single day came home and said, life's hard work sucks. Always going to be in debt, and then you die. And that's what they were told in money doesn't grow on trees. And yeah, you were given all these bullshit stories, and it's the stories that they say, but it's also the feeling that we get. Right. So he's going back to the field. It's like, so if you're at the garden with your mom and your mom was paying for something, if your mum was an, you're quite young and impressionable at that time, if your mama's in a state of like, oh God, I'm gonna put this on the credit card. Although this expensive and she like her system contracts were we're so like little sponges, right. So you're going to get that sponginess. You're going to get that energy of scarcity in your system, whether if she said something or not, but if she's having those feelings. For sure. She saying things. So not only are you getting the like a logical downloads of what she's saying logically, but you're also getting the frequency? Yeah. So, yeah. I mean, our parents do a number on us whether we like it or not like like I know for sure. I'm gonna mess up my kids in some way. I'm sure right. Like I don't think there's no such thing as a firm. Yeah, sounds crazy. Of course. I'll be like, Johnny again me a beer. I'm kidding doesn't even during that often. All that I call if I think I'm gonna take a beer drinking. I feel like they go hand gonna turn into like a forty year old man on me, like what happened to this of of hungry. Fabulous. Oh, she's now a beer-drinking Gulf where that's weird that outfit. Good. You. But yeah, I mean, here's the thing. Here's something really important to remember as you're reflecting on your personal story. Like don't blame your parents. Don't shame them because they're, they're doing the best that they can given the situation that they were in the end. Yeah. And if we don't do any work on herself, we're only as evolved as the least developed part of our parents. And so like the fact that you're even here listening to this podcast, this live sh tells us that you have an interest in personal development, amazing anyways, but don't blame your parents are point fingers. Just take ownership over your own experience in your own story and know that you can shift your experience and shift your story order. Change your life. Hey, real quick. Are you looking to create an online course? If yes, could job is going to be your secret weapon. If you've been wondering what platform to use to host your courses could Javi is your answer. I've been using job for the last two years. That's how I run all of my online courses. Worry host my website. That's where he hosts, my Email marketing system. I run my entire business through job and. Good job is looking you up with thirty days. Completely free. Get to try it out for thirty days. See if you love it. Angelique Ajab dot com. If you're creating on link, I cannot recommend ca job enough. It's easy to use. It's beautiful. I use it's run by entire business. Any questions you have send them my way, NGO leakage, AVI dot com. I can't wait for you to start your free trial. I saw my parents super broke growing up on food stamps, and then my mom going to garage sales to get get Mike and Christmas gifts because they couldn't afford Christmas or she would go to garage sale and get one dollar Barbie and then washing clean off the Barbie and like clean off the toys and I didn't know. And she want me to see which we go in the bathroom clean off stuff. I know right. How cute? What amazing. Amazing, mom. And then I saw my dad make tons of money and then it go completely other way multimillionaire living in a house with a pool. I saw everything I saw being really broke. I being very wealthy. I saw the dichotomy of which one brought happiness, both had pros and cons. It was very. And confusing as a child for me. But I do remember my mom saying that she wanted to make sure I didn't. I didn't see that and I was really young, but for many years of my life, she got all the clothes from hand-me-downs and garage sales on year. They were so broke and bankrupt because my dad was a serial entrepreneur try new things and wasn't a good year, I guess. And she had to go to the library to get toilet paper because they were so broke. They couldn't even get toilet paper. So it's created much of that. How much of that did I really pick up? Maybe I did and I have a lot of scarcity still deep fears of, oh my God, I don't wanna have to be so broke one day that I have to go to the library to get my kids paper. Maybe that's in me, right. We all have it stores. Yeah, yeah, definitely. And it. So it's so great to just do inquirer around it and just like get really honest with ourselves because even though our environment changed there still can be residual stories and beliefs and energies in our systems that like we don't know until we liked have into them. Right. Oh, yeah, I'm sure I've got like a cocktail of shit in my systems is still, you know, they're not migrate their childhood. I got one right here. I'm kidding. But yeah, for real. I mean, like it was, you know, parents grandparents -ociety like just us being so spongy as children and just taking this all in and it's like, what are and this is just real for me just in this moment, like what are my beliefs around like relationships, right? So it's like it's like, oh shit. Like, what do I actually believe about that? Where come from? Is that mine? And that's such a great question to ask is that when you're when you're when you're doing these money story, like deconstructing your money story, like is that my story is up the consciously choose dismantle skelly at twenty nine years old consciously choose that story. Is that real feel it? Good is not mine like just ask yourself that question right? Because it's like like, so often we just borough stories from other people. Like I'll tell your story around like how relationship should be Earl story about how money should be and all, but like let's get really aligned with what our story actually is. And, and you know, like for me, I wanna make. A crapload of money, so I can circulate it back and I can. I can be just a vehicle for abundance and transformation, but but some people, their ideal of abundance, his five thousand dollars a month, and that feels really good for them because they get to quit their job and whatever. Right? But so just get really honest with yourself, what's your existing story? What are your condition stories and what do you want your story to be? Yeah, I love that. I love that this is a good time for you to journal this out. If you're listening to this and asked that simple question is this mine is the story mine and my open to reading a new story. Because at any point in your life, you can write a news story. I truly believe you can rewrite the story and the any day you want about anything about your weight, your relationships, your money, your business? Yeah. The next one we're going dive into his circulation of money versus spending, and we've dabbled in this a little bit, but seeing money as an energy that circulates and comes back to you. Money loves to move. It's an energy that loves to flow and be given and received versus this linear of, okay, I'm gonna. To spend money, and then that's it. And I never see it again, and that's how I used to think is that it was super linear. You spend it, you're done. You're screwed. You'll never see it again. You spent five hundred while now you're negative five hundred versus will spending that or investing that five hundred. I love the word investing or suspending. Will that come back to me to full threefold fourfold? Yeah. Yeah. Very interesting. In a business owner you, you have to drop the fear around investing money. I touched on this a few minutes ago about the overhead of your business. You can't be afraid of money. If you fear money, being afraid of money doesn't bring money to you. It's relationship. It's like if you fearful of your boyfriend going out and cheating, he's more likely to then probably go cheap because you're you're holding on so tightly to him, and you're so obsessed with this obsession and and what we have cesovic's in that negative way in that controlling way. I don't think it allows it room to breathe Hugh. Have any anxiety that comes up when you look at your online banking. You should check that used to do this practice where like literally every single day I would just log on and go Kay, what's up and how can I like? How can I feel calm while looking at this when it wasn't, it wasn't what I wanted. Like find your money triggers and literally like just go, go ahead. Go like what's up. I'm here. I'm showing up for you, and I'm showing up for this right action based transformation is so important looking at your online baking go. I am abundant. I feel good bub-bubba like really doing that, like whatever triggers you have around money. Go head to head with them and like very loving way in don't repress them or avoid them for four voiding things can't heal them. We have to feel in order to heal, so we have to go into it. We have to, we have to stay stuck in it and just go like undis- going to feel this. It's really scary and I really don't like it, but I'm just going stay. And I'm just going to be here. Right, and we do this relationships and we're gonna fight. It's like, you know, my tash Masao avoid and we got to read that book attaches. We'll do a book club, so I'm like a conflict. Like I just wanna do one of those folks this, right? So like my but I know that about myself. So my work is like, I'm going to stay in this. I'm going to feel through all these layers. I'm going to really be here and not like do that. And then that's where the learning and that's where the growth is and the same thing with money. Right? It's so easy to avoid our Bank accounts and avoid the bills and push it away, and you know, ignore that person that's asking us for their final Bill payments on whatever. And and but go head to head with it, just be there with it be there with because that's how we change the programming in our body to go. I can handle this feel like there's times were your, whether it's like house worker laundry, and you're like, put it off, put it off, put it off, put around. And then as soon as you do, you're like, that wasn't so bad. Why don't put it off his own right? Is that avoidance thing. So if you feel of winning with money, just lean and be present with it. And like start your relationship with. I love that. I love that you are. You're not afraid to feel green quality of yours. You're not afraid to feel. Really feel feel everything feeling includes all of the feelings, the good, the bad Douglas. You're just not afraid to feel it makes you a very emotionally healthy human. Sometimes I question that because I'm like, oh my God, I'm crying again. Right? Like you're right, you're right. Yeah, I'm such an emotional person because I don't know I I'm just like that. And as a child people always like you're too sensitive. But my sensitivity is my superpower because it allows me to be like a really good coach and a really great speaker and do all the things because I can feel everything right. Like I can feel the energy of your dogs. You know, like it's crazy how much I can feel. And so I I like get emotional a lot because I feel like I just need to cry this all just be driving down the one. Oh one. Oh, it's so nice. And then I'm like, Ooh, I feel sad bomb is out into all keepdriving and I'm fine. But it's like, so here's the thing race of release. That's a release it. We're going on a site tanto. We're going back in one second. So it's a release, right? So so think about like peeing a release pooping release. Do you judge yourself for peeing? I mean, every day I take a poop like really, Angie really had to do that. What? What are you a humid or something. I'm going to shame you for the rest of the day or something. They'll be feeling a lot of anger in my body, and I'll just be like. Scream and I get I good now, I hope that inspires you ladies to just feel all the feels, let it out, let it out with money, like there's so many feelings that come up around money. There's so much there. So let's just let it not so much there. You're mad at yourself. If your anger, if your mandate, whoever just like don't project it, but just let it out this last one. Burns it sings. It's like a UTI. It stinks hate those. Things. Oh my God, you're free to invest. We Susan, we're talking to you right now your frayed to invest because God forbid that coach the conference, the book, the workshop. Whatever it is you're looking to invest in, what if it doesn't come back? What if it fails, what if you fail? What? If what? If what? If what? If and it's so difficult life as a human to bet on yourself when you don't have a lot in your hands to bed on your, just it's it's pure faith. Yeah, it's pure faith, and I'm going to be real for a lot of my business. And I think a lot of SAM's in the beginning, we were just getting up and going. I relied on faith that was the fuel source is just believing and knowing so deeply that I was going to figure it out. I still think we're still hoping I, you know, like I really had to the beginning because I didn't evidence now, at least I have evidence when I got stuff going on, but still it's like it's so much more about belief and faith and it is like, I don't know if thing. Yeah, I just have really strong. I believe I'm protected. I was laughing. When you talked about UT is I said to my friend yesterday, I said, I would rather be punched in the face for five hours every single day. Then have you ever again. Someone just punching you face. Like if I was just sitting there like every. Okay, Sam, it's your time to punch in the phase that versus having UT is I take the punched in the face. Taegu's and you're listening to this episode and let us know if you're at this point in his episode right l. pause it. Take a screen shot of you. Listening to this tag me tag sale and right in the story UTI or punch in the face. If you I wanna know if you made it this episode. Okay. Ted Addy listening has anything done to help you pick me up at Smith. This Kelly. Anyway. Moving on. Okay. So money. So here's this. Makes it worse. So k. so this whole thing about. Money coming back, right? So what we have so it's like I'm scared is not gonna come back, right? What we have to realize when we put it in this pot over here is not gonna come from that pot, right? So for instance, like if you'd come, whoever's going to pay some brave. Yeah. By the way, I'm so excited. It's like not gonna come directly back from the pot that you put it in, but it opens up so many other channels for it to come from all these other channels that you don't even know. So maybe pace be brave and you meet someone who introduce you to someone and then something happened and it's like, boom, you know, whatever that is. It's like, so when I pay for something, when I circulate money when I invest, I'm always like, I'm so excited to see where this is going to come from and it turns life into like the scavenger hunt. I'm just, I'm so curious where this abundance is gonna come from. Yeah, I love that. It's getting out of the how and knowing that it comes back to you in some capacity because again, I don't know if this is really sinking in for you guys, but money is just energy. It's just a form of energy just like light. Just like food does like everything as we are these energetic being. It's just an energy exchange. And so when you can fully understand that and you realize when you bring value and you show up, you're going to receive energy back for that. And when you invest in yourself, aka you make this asset you, you're the business, you're the personal brand, you put money or you throw energy into it. Now you're more energy rich, and when you're energy, rich, s you're then going to go put out more good things into the world, and you're more valuable and guests. When your value increases your prices can increase and people are more likely to pay you. So if you're feeling as if who am I to teach, who might be a coach, who am I to blah, blah, blah, go make yourself more energy, rich, which means make yourself more valuable as education is that practice. This you get more testimonials is you showing up and showing that you get the social proof and you can bring that education bringing more value to what you do is always going to bring you money, bring value to the marketplace, basic marketing, right marketing. We're blended now, but I think we should also plug in certain now. I mean a little bit. Speaking investing. About those cert-, but seriously, I wasn't even planning to segue into this, but if you want to become more energy, rich as a health and wellness coach, this is specifically for health and wellness coaches listening right now, and you're feeling like, what do I bring to the table? I'm brand new. I have this passion. I have a cool story. What else can I bring? I think when you invest in masterminds in courses and certifications and these live events relates coming to pays me. If you're increasing your your frequency, you're increasing what you know and who you know, and that's making you more energy, rich. Here's. Here's a cures. Why of critically talking about being more valuable? What do we need to pay attention to when it comes to shifting like the health industry, we need to start talking about emotions, you know, even like everything we talked about money, we're not talking. It's like budgeting versus changing your frequency. We need to do the same thing across the board in the entire industry. Understanding why people are doing what they're doing. Understanding why binging, why they're overeating, why they hate themselves, why they're overweight and overwhelmed, you will make yourself so much more valuable when you understand the root cause of it and can truly help people in the way that that that they need to be helped. And going back to what I said previously, like I so commend every single person in this position that goes like, I'm doing that. I'm on-board that mission. I don't care what it takes. I'm going to do it and that type of person is like, I'm like, yes, I bow to you. So if you are in a few are health and Wallace yoga teacher, whatever in the health and wellness umbrella, and you're like, I want to go deeper and I want to be more. In transformational. Come chat, hungry, happiness dot com. Slash Angie Lee? Yeah. And she don't be afraid to invest in yourself. Obviously, it's an investment anytime you work with coach, an incredible coach like salmon. So not being afraid of that and seeing that as beautiful opportunity and seeing it as while I can't wait to put energy in to get the energy back. I know every single man who's gone through her certification program is so happy the invested in themselves and they may have been scared for a moment, but they're so happy they did and they're so grateful that they were brave and took that risk and believed in themselves. And if you believe in yourself, you guys, you'll figure it out on this you. I know there's someone listening to this right now who's feeling so down and out as an entrepreneur, you're brand new, you're frustrated, maybe invested a little or you haven't yet sister friend. You've got this and believe in yourself and know that when you risk and you roll the dice on yourself, it always gonna come back favor. I truly believe that I believe the people that are brave, it pays off. Does pace. Raised to be break. You got, you realize just not really until I was like, oh, shit phased. But it's so true and that's where I came up with the name of it. I, I love that game. I love that name. True. You guys bet on yourself. You're not even betting on the coach or the program. Yes, you are in a sense, but you're betting on you're, you're going to show up, you're going to be successful once you decide you are, it's just a decision. It's just about not stopping. It's about showing up every day and nobody can stop you, but you. So I think it's really important for you. Guys start seeing your business as this choice v. successful in this faith and have more faith with money being afraid of. It isn't going to help anything. If that's the biggest message that we can give you today is to not be afraid of it. It's on your side. The universe and money is on your side. It wants to give it self to you. Everything is ready firing to support. You just show up for yourself. Show show up, show up Joe up guys, hungry for happiness dot com. Slash Angie Lee, any questions DM Sam, but you guys can apply. That's the easiest way to see. It's a good fit, apply it hungry for happiness dot com. Slash edgy Lee and we'll catch you guys. Oh, my.

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