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Jason jay williams subic podcast. Part of a lot to be a part of you. it is keyshawn djabel zubin. He's keyshawn johnson. He's jay williams. Freddie coleman on. Espn radio espn news. Xm channel eighty as well as the espn app presented by progressive insurance. Ten minutes away when it comes to your quarterback is he over hyped or underrated. We're going to get to that in about ten minutes. But there's no over hyping or underrating. Whatever the conversation is going to be involving the shawn watson future in the national football league reports happened earlier this week. That stephen ross. The dolphins said that konno's report. Try to make a this shawn watson gays the interests of the houston texans but brian floors. The coach double down that he is not interested in shawn watson taking over his team. I will say that too is our quarterback. I think that's a good training camp. I think he's made a lot of progress. A i think he's made a lot of improvement and we're pleased who areas and he's a. He's he's gone about his preparations from new england. The way should be and that's where we are the team freddy. That does sound like he's not interested in the job. Yup that just sounds like a coach. Dad is continuing to try to inject Certain spirit into his quarterback and keep his spirits. High does not sound like ryan of says. He's not interested in the shower watching. I mean i know several days ago. He made the comments that he wanted. You know certain character guys things that nature so people automatically started to place that with the issues. That desha watson is having off the field that that meant that. He didn't want to shine watson. I think when you look at that plus this. All he's doing. You're setting hisself up either way i can get in it or i can get out of it. If the shot happens to land in miami. I always say that. Hey everything checked out. The we needed to check out. We always felt he was a character. Guy yada yada and if it doesn't go to where he can always say it wasn't gonna work for us because his character was in question. So i'm not ready to say that. The miami dolphins are satisfied with tour and they are not looking at other options. If it presents itself i mean just look at this list right here for this shawn watson. Time-line january were trade march. First of two thousand. Two active civil lawsuits filed against watson april notable companies like nike and. Dre beats by dre halted sponsorship deals twenty fifth reported to training camp august ninth returned to practice after five the absence. Still seeking a trade look. I don't condone any of the actions. And i know still has to be proven in a court of law. There's still a long way to go with that and also understand what the nfl how they're going to handle that but the the talent speaks for itself and the one thing i've seen in sports is look at. It would've figure this out like people still want that talent. People were still enamored with talent regardless of whether they found him guilty or not guilty right right and and that's just the reality of whether we like it or not and we're in the business of winning games and some people have principals. Some organizations do different than others. And all i'm saying is i sit up. You're not like people still aren't interested into shawn watson. We would be remiss to think that way fred. we'd be remiss in keyshawn and j. Here's the deal. That's the conversation because if you're willing to take a chance on that guy you'll spend any way forward because they've been playing players and j you mentioned this a inbetween before we came back. You said people in the nfl that got second chances for example leonard little who took away a mother. Three children Being under the influence in an automobile accident but because of his talent they not saying. I don't wanna say they made excuses for it. That's a bad phrasing. But they made enough to say we're going to bring this guy because he can help our football team but what about this. They're able to try to push that aside as much as possible because they believe in the theory that this this too shall pass. It's the same principle my opinion with the shawn watson. And that's what struck the key. I could see his wheels circular and going. You know what we can have the conversation about what what about this. What about that. If a team believes that dishonor watson can help them they'll try to spend it forward as much as they possibly can no matter when he's going to be on the football field if that's going to happen in twenty twenty one. Yeah based on the accusations that he's being charged with right now. It's not as easy as signing shy watching as it was a leonard little mini years ago with the rams Or dante stallworth. When he had the accident in florida this is a little bit different right. And what i mean by that. Freddie is stephen ross is maybe kicking the tires on it or maybe there's other owners kicking the tires on it but those other owners potentially in general managers in hair coaches they have wives and potentially daughters and grandchildren at our female. It's a little bit different. You've got to have conversations. Imagine your wife your daughter you gotta have those conversations free. That's just not as because you should have those the wife of an owner or daughter of an owner. They have friends to in their friends may be female and they're going to have those conversations. I always say that the wife of an owner has a girlfriend that they'd sit wind together and they want to know what's going on in their business. Imagine that next door neighbor asking your wife. Why would y'all sign that guy. Dick so they gotta get checks and balances and checking the boxes to make sure that they're doing everything is just not as easy as he's a very talented quarterback we're getting ready to sign him no matter what anyone says because can you withstand all of the backlash and the fire. That would be coming at you. I remember the michael vick situation which is a little bit different. Michael vick spending time in prison as we know because of the dog situation down in georgia area he got out and it was a mad crazy zoo outside of philadelphia eagles headquarters on a daily basis but the philadelphia eagles. And andy. reid. They had to figure out if they can withstand that type of backlash that was coming on a daily basis. Now if it's the miami dolphins they've got to see if this is the temperature that we wanna take and make sure that we don't want this sort of behaviour continuing in our organization that we got the right people in place to handle the situation from rehabilitation standpoint. All those boxes gotta get checked in. Maybe they do. Maybe they don't but it's a long ways away in my opinion from him being able to put on the miami dolphins uniform and play. I agree with you. That's why there's no need for. Brian floors to say anything about it. You just hold your car. You just stick type. So why did he say anything. Well i mean well. He's talking about because i'm sure it's going to be asked question a muddy but he didn't say anything that's why i say anything that's why i say that off ready. All he said was. I want care guys character guys and into into was our quarterback with the reason i say i hear you but at a certain why even say anything at that point so i'm saying also for to right recognize i'm saying you guy and also right immediate say. Hey look to was are now like it's that simple. He's garo now. I get and if he's not our guy because we were chance. Get the shawn watson if this gets cleared up then we'll handle it then because he probably won't be our guy from now he's got well. Put it this way when you double down quarterback that people want if you actually believe in you actually tell you double down on leads and it's not just me but people covered. The team may soon need to double down on to. If he's your guy. Tell us twice your retold. 'cause you you keep asking me questions in rumors are coming up so i have to address them if i run from it. It's one of those damned. If i do damned if i don't think that's it so if i run from it you're gonna say well he's reading from it so it must be true so i answer it. You still gonna say the same theme. So i can't please you regardless in these situations so might as well give confidence to my quarterback because guess what i'm going to always change my mind if it benefits the organization and the team i could always say something else came available that way better a right. It's just that i meant look football. Players it athletes or throwaways. They are just throw away. This an assembly line. Bill parcells always told me symbol nine. It goes around one person gets off. Another person gets on the moment that person gets off. There's probably somebody better getting on. And that's what could potentially happen with the miami dolphins to work and get off watching gets on and guess what is gonna keep going around and somebody else and somebody else get on by keyshawn johnson. J. windsor freddie coming to keyshawn jalen zubin on espn radio. The espn app expert channel eighty and espn news presented by progressive. Insurance guests. Always hang out with us and join us on the goodyear hotline. So that's the conversation for another day. It's time to bring in james still. I'll beer to produce one of the best in the history of man beards. In china it is greg warriors. It is on point. We're going to do a little over underrated when it comes to. Nfl quarterback so missed. Yinzer yourself james steele. The floor is yours brother. Doing all right So over hyped or under going to go through some cornerbacks here. I matthew stafford over hyped or underrated. I would say i would say. He's over hyped not underrated. I think hype is the fact that he was in detroit. He never won a playoff game. He put up a lot of big numbers. He had a guy named matron who just put on a go jacket. A few weeks ago asked his main target at the wide receiver position. They move him for a slew of draft. Picks to detroit from detroit to los angeles in exchange for jared goff. There's a lot of hype surrounding around him. Based on chom mcvay saying hey the guy that we need is matthew stafford to take to the promised land so that hype is build up around him if he does not j. Some things can go wrong in. La yeah i feel like he's more underrated though. I feel like a lot of people always say. Well he was in detroit and you know. He couldn't lead into where they need to be. And jared goff was a guy he took him to the super bowl. And this is gonna come back to haunt. Sean mcveigh. it's going to come to halt less. Need they're not going to be able to get a championship. It feels like there's a lot of energy tours matthew stafford that way zoom in my eyes. Okay here's nothing but up from matthew staffer has just performed the ways performed with detroit. Were better weapons. Sometimes you can be underrating over hyped. He's over hived in had based on what you just said because now we're going to find out if it was not matthew staff it all those years. Well the reason that they were not able to get to the playoffs or when the guy the players they didn't win was because the organization held them back. Well we're gonna find out now because this is the best. Nfl team he's ever been on this the best. He's been since high school in texas. You gotta defense on the other side that got a bunch of filthy mcnasty and you got an offense coordinator slash coach. Sean mcveigh that can dial place if they get to the plaza. He doesn't win then. Those worse was going to get louder that whole maybe the organization didn't hold you back. Maybe was you matthew. Stafford the hell the lines back. I next the guy he was traded for. Jared goff over hyped or underrated. See in my opinion. i think. Jared goff is underrated. I like jared goff. You got an opportunity to lead his team into the playoffs a couple times. He went to the super bowl. Hey look in the end that at the end he didn't win the super bowl. He went up against brian. Floor is in the new england patriots. But it's a lot of teams lost to the new england patriots in the super bowl. Callum on your hand in another finger six. So i liked jericho. He may never be the jared goff that everybody expects for him to be but i think he is a dominant quarterback in this league. He's done a tremendous job. He's gotta turn down turnovers though if he can somehow get the turnovers down. I think you'll be fine. Okay let's see. Jared goff dig detroit out of the whole like if there was all that i know about that. There's there's all this energy about matthew stafford him not being able to do it. Let's see jerk jerk off. Doing is over hype news. I think i. I think he's a little bit far from his days of bringing rams who the super bowl and always talent. Here's some questions about his work ethic. Supposedly that's what i heard. But let's see if he can dig. Detroit out underrated slightly. Here's why because he was the fall guy for what did not go right for the rams. It was very easy that when they didn't win. The super bowl was jared gospel. While we get out of the playoffs slash in terms of getting out of that. I want the beating. Seattle's jared gospel. Well i think if you're jar. Ibp owed about them. Oh wait a minute. I wasn't one out there not running the football effectively. I was not the one calling the wrong place at that at that time. I think he's unabridged from the standpoint of you know what we'll see how we're going to make this work in detroit. This way can show you guys. That i wasn't the reason why we did not want us all. We did not advance. Here's what does he need to do in detroit. In your opinion to rise above matthew stafford players around him winning. Put it this way. If you're jared goff do what matthew staff were not able to take a bunch of guys and nobody believes and raise them above their level. Many people want matthew. Stafford could do that. That he just kept god's same level. Outside calvin johnson super world wide receiver. You can raise other guys love with a new coaching staff. Then your name gets a lot bigger than detroit raised guys that we have no idea there are levels man i could give you a number of we got time. I'll tell you during the break. Okay good i was going to defer to kisangani that way. Now if i tell you got your right now it's going to be a little bit later. James was next and let's go back to the. Afc north baker. Mayfield over hyped or underrated. This ought to be good. I think he is well. Could he be both. He could be fairly rated fair market offering. Here's what i was saying. He's underrated in the reason. He's underrated because he comes with. A lot of hype. See how did that. And when you come with. A lot of hype. People sometimes don't appreciate you. And i think baker mayfield needs to be appreciated not only amongst the cleveland browns fans but amongst the nfl community has oh. He's done a terrific job. Only thing he's ever done has grown since he's been taking over at the quarterback spot in cleveland. Kevin fancy comes in there all. He does get better week to week. We saw what he did in the second half of the season and then he leaves them into the playoffs this year. I think they make a stronger. Run in the playoffs doesn't mean they'll go to the nfc championship game just means that the afc championship game. It just means that they'll be a much better football team. He see. i think he's fairly rated But i'm afraid of him being over hyped by the media because of the way he finished the season you know when he finished the season people were saying. That's the top picking nfl draft. We've been waiting for. That's a superstar chemist. Asking a company. They're still going to play the game the way they play the game. They're run heavy offense and they're going to you know different play action. He's going to be able to find a seems fine pockets. I like the way he plays over set expectations that baker mayfield is going to be next level all the time. He doesn't need to be that you in order for this team to go deep. I'm gonna say is over but it's not his fault and here's why because maybe we'll compare them to johnny manziel when he came out of college. I said that's one of the dumbest comparison. I've heard because johnny manziel as a human being was nowhere near baker mayfield and i mean that in a bad way for johnny manziel compared the baker mayfield and to your point jay the way he finishes rookie season. That led to a whole lot of cleveland browns bandwagon. And i said back then. They slow start to the season. Do they have enough there. That they can overcome. That they got the their brains taken out by tennessee. They never recovered lash. At the end of the year he finished with twenty six touchdown passes nine interceptions for my money. It's the best offensive line of football. He's got some dudes running behind him. It kareem hunt and nick up and doing the outside if beckham during could beat out. Odell beckham junior without all the circumstance. They could be a very special offense but it's not his that he's over high because they weren't picking the draft that comparison the johnny manziel and people are saying. Well now you got a chance on the stage against patrick mahomes opening day you gotta be close to his level embiid games like that and you gotta play better. If he's able to do that he'll definitely to. Over high freddie that was a bad surgeon if his brain got taken out and he wasn't able to recover. I don't want that. Do not know said to be any medicine. So that's my on that one James all right. Let's stick the afc north and finally instinct about ben rothlisberger. Go over hyphen underrated. I think it. I think at this stage of his career. He may be a little over hyped. I think pittsburgh steelers fans are hoping that he becomes the obama out burger. Now look in the preseason. He did a terrific job but the preseason is only a of games a couple of series. And that's pretty much it. Let's see how things go seventeen weeks plus for being around this. Bergen gonna pittsburgh steelers in that arm yes another. I think he's fairly rated. I think you know he's had a great career in pittsburgh pittsburgh. They were undefeated last year before they felt like they got decimated with injuries and things change quickly. Ben rothlisberger isn't a guy that's going to throw the ball crazy amounts of times during the game. He needs a great running back and now sierras. I think he now has where he actually has that. Multi-dimensional offense were just not all predicated upon his on. It's over high but when you're two times we were winning championships quarterback because he's had he's succeeded so much in his career. Anything he does people are going to hype it up. Is it his last year in pittsburgh if it's not as lashing pittsburgh where's you're going to go so that's why he's over hide from that standpoint because of what he's been able to do and to your point j what. We saw the first eleven weeks and they were undefeated. He was their running game. Let's call it as it is. They had no running game. He was running game and when things came back the planet earth they. He did not have enough in him to do that. You're right that run again. Offense aligned needs to be better but he's overhead because what he's done already now because it's too much around been rothberg. damn freddie. Did he go to space. The final frontier. Hey jeff bezos can do it. Why can't be rothlisburger all right. I didn't know that was an option here. But i don thought it was underrated overrated. The high all of a sudden is fairly. I'm like jeeze properly rated. I guess we're thrown in there right. Okay well anyway anyway. Yeah gotta be absolute no not at all right So collar murray over hyped. Kick us off. i think. I think it's over right i do. I honestly think it's over height because of the skill set that we're looking at passing the ball all over the lot throwing million yards doing all the little things that you like to see a guy in that type offense do. I don't think that the offense trans say translates to the nfl in terms of winning a lot of games a meaningful games. Getting making deep runs into the playoffs. I just don't kyle emerged good quarterback but for my money. I like something different. I'm buying stock in calum. Murray i say by essay an underrated statistically murray improved almost every passing category year number. Two with the car nose and had a huge increase on the ground. He ran for one hundred. Eight hundred. Nineteen yards and eleven. Td's so he's the developed. Great chemistry doj hopkins. His has aj agree now. I think there's a lot left in the tank. I think this is going to be season. Where he's really gonna explode on. Scene nine wins. I'm assays underrated. Thank you say this. His coach better get over. being over. hyped kingsborough. I hear you because they drafted quarterback because you brought this air rate system to the nfl. If you're not able to so that as wins into the playoffs column still be around. But they'll find a new head coach. When let me let me ask you this though freddie since she said if they get rid of cliff kingsbury kyla maria. You'll still be around so you think that a coach comes in off. The streets takes over. He's going to want to implement the air raid system because kyla murray in my opinion cannot translate into another system. this has been the system. He's been in his entire career whether it was high school college or the pro while i'm going to give them the benefit of that. I think he'll be able to adapt in the national football league. If a new coach is going to come in because he has enough special in him as a quarterback that he can be very fluid. I know he's been associated. The air raid offense. It's made success undefeated in high school. And what he did when he got to couch. Calamar has that kind of special skill set of my opinion. Not just to be an raid kind of quarterback. I think he can adapt whatever coach comes in offense assistant around him and play makers around him to make that work. That's just me but we'll say good stuff guys. He's jay will. He's keyshawn johnson. Freddie commoner keyshawn jabil zubin presented by progressive insurance all always stop by. Thanks to the goodyear hotline. We're gonna talk to coach. Used to coach in a division. That house run by all young guns. That is next. 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Right about now it's keyshawn jalen zubin. Espn radio espn news. Xm channel eighty and also sirius xm channel eighty anytime against. That's about to hang out with us. They hit thanks. Good your hotline. Let's talk to a man who was a great defensive coordinator for the baltimore. Ravens did a terrific job. The jets as well as the buffalo bills. Al's rexy rex joining us here. April at zuber. We are good my brother. You know what it's like there tonight at the nfl draft when your team. The jets drafted mark sanchez. And he started for you as a rookie. The page about the do that with mag jones. What is it gonna be like having a rookie quarterback that like your team led that team to the playoffs. That bill bill tickets hoping the same thing happened. Mack jones with the patriots this year rex. Yeah i think what people are going to see. Is that Like bill belichick is smart. He is smart football man. He's going to run the football and protect his quarterback that way and unlike the cincinnati bengals when they wanna throw it fifty five times a game. There's a difference you know you can put up stats with this rookie quarterback lookout gradients but the idea is to try to win a game to try to win. And that's what bill bella checks gonna do. He's gonna run the football protect the quarterback and by the way this guy does have a skill set and they actually have some weapons. Throw to this year unlike last year. so i think they're going to be just fine and When i saw that young man you know in the preseason i was like who skid looks like he's poised and obviously he's got the tools to do it he had about good of College year senior. Year is is any quarterback that i can remember. I mean joe. Pearl and You know shoot the ballot check just said you know what cam appreciate it but This kid gives us the best chance to win. And and he's only gonna get better weekend week out and so he's gonna go that route. What was it like for you rex. I know you had mark. Sanchez was rookie you alone. Mike tannenbaum made the decision to start a young guy that you went in picked in the first round but you had a dominant defense. You had a nice running game and you had a hell of a head football coach calling some defensive play talking about hillary clinton. But what is it like. You're able to manage the expectations of a rookie quarterback. Well first off my. I went in there with the expectations. That hey the whole league is going to find out how great a coach. I am like an idiot. I went in and saying. Oh we're going to win we're gonna district legally can fits all this kind of stuff. Anything is we did lead the league defense and you mentioned that great defense. We had now remember that great defense. The year before was twenty third in the league so we went in and said no. We are gonna flip this defense. We're gonna make it special. And i realized after the first mini camp. I never had a quarterback like that was a problem here. I made all these guarantees. And i'm like oh we have no quarterback. I mean no quarterback and so regardless if it was mark sanchez or somebody else. We're going to have to start a rookie. And that's when i sat back and said we're also going to lead the league in rushing look. We're not going to drop back a rookie quarterback fifty times a game and expect to win. There was no chance of that. And i think that's the way being around this game a long time. There's different ways winning and you guys touched on it right there. You see the new england's gonna play dominate on defense. And they're going to run the football i. I truly believe that. And they're going to go back and turn turn the page back You know about twenty years and it might not be you know sexy or whatever but they're trying to win games and bella check who is good as anybody and and You know having this young quarterback you protect the football team not just the quarterback but you protect the football team. And i think that's what new england will do rex. So what happens to cam. Where does cam go. Does he go anywhere does he. Just sit and wait for the right opportunity. What do you think well j. will i. I look at it this way cam. Newton was one of my favorite players. I mean i love cam. Newton and he dominated the league. Man was something that we really didn't see you. I mean a power running game quarterback and a guy that had the ability to make throws down the field of beach. It was never the most accurate guy. But when you know he he can hit guys and and He was he was tremendous. Unfortunately for cam he had a shoulder and i don't think he ever recovered from it. And when you look at him now trying to throw the football it. It's painful to watch. And i know this kid is tough as it gets and you see him struggling. He pushes that ball back. I just don't think he can rotate that shoulder. The way it used to. And he's not quite the same player he once was and that's really unfortunate because he was so special when he was younger but quite honestly guys i just don't think he's i just don't think he has it anymore and and You know look. He's got the heart. he's got the competitiveness. He's got the brains. But i just don't think he has the the arm talented once at rex ryan. Espn nfl analyst. Now part of the co hosting organized chaos podcast with bart scott. The first episode draw september twelfth on k. jay z. On espn radio and also espn news. Staying with in terms of people wanting to have players on their team. The whole conversation earlier this week rex. When jaguars head coach urban meyer talked about it could be the difference. Keeping a that's vaccinate and not keeping a plate that's unvaccinated and then the jaguars walked back what he had to say. What is your stance in terms of coaching. Having to make these decisions because to me urban meyer told the truth but lobue did not want to hear that from him. Freddie you're exactly right he told the truth and that's the thing about urban meyer. We've seen him. You know yet and people are like oh he's not ready for the nfl. Urban meyer scrape football coach. Okay i said he's gonna join the men's league. It's a lot different than college. But he's telling you the truth. No coaching the league is gonna say at other urban meyer and it slipped out when he said it but that is the truth if everything's equal if everything is equal then i'm gonna take the vaccine. Then he's gonna take the vaccinated player in the league. Doesn't want you to know that nobody wants you to know it but it is absolutely the truth and different rules and until the rules are the exact same then they will approach it differently but believe me. They were sitting back saying. Hey look man that they're the same kind of player i'm gonna take the guy that's vaccinated and because it's it's The rules aren't as restrictive. If there's a positive test so it just goes without saying you gotta availability. Man is huge in this league. And you know. And that's just the way it is whether you whether whether you agree with accent as the vaccination or not this is. The absolute truth helped me out with this. A little bit rex. Accounta- i always try and i don't know get jay will and others to understand that i'm not hating on kyla murray. I'm hating on the air rate system. If you got back into the national football league is a head coach. Are you. implementing that system. Do you like the era man you know. This is the thing when he came into the league. With clique's keith. Barry came in the league. I was like dude. It's gonna get smoked and quite honestly. It has because look in college football. You have a hundred some kids on on your roster one hundred kids on your roster so you don't care you can go as fast as you want. You can do all this type of stuff and you're gonna wear out that defense while you're wearing out your own damn defense and so we've seen him back off on that and quite honestly he's grown. He's a better coach now than he was when he came into the league yet. Let's face it this air raid system like they'd letty implemented from college. You had the greatest player on the planet in patrick mahomes and you were five hundred a head coach at texas tech by the way you had baker mayfield too. So it's like. Are you kidding me like this. This subject to win games. It puts up yardage puts up all this and i was criticized beyond belief about while she there you go always the nfl football neanderthal. Football still went. You'd better be able to do both. you need to. You know when you need to be able to run the football the close out games. You'd better be able to do it and the same thing is here. Look this isn't you know. I mean getting out basketball on grass. That's the most boring crap of all time. Okay kyla murray special. The andre hopkins special care. What offense you're you're going do you're going to be successful with those cads okay. There's no question. But we the mentality is and i think cliff knows it now you. It's not about how many snaps we can get. It's about winning football games. And there's two pieces of offense defense and special teams three phases of the game. And you need to understand how you can protect one side of the other. And quite honestly i think his defense is ready to take a big step forward but you as head coach got to bring back this air roy. Arrate thing and go back to them. Nfl office where you're balancing able to run the football you able to protect the quarterback instead of letting this this young superstar back there you know. Do his thing. He's gonna work as magic and if they were just you know like. I don't know how if people realize how special this young quarterback is but do more of the russell wilson type offense been this air raid thing. I think you'd be more productive rexy. You coach bart scott with the jets and with the ravens and now you're obviously doing a podcast with him organized chaos. I actually love the name me to tell me what it's about talk to me. Yeah really i tell you what we came up with the name. Because you know we're thinking can't wait we're gonna do but organize chaos when we were Turning this the The league on its head by by knocking your quarterback out by being the number one defense in the league. It was organized chaos. That people had no idea we were coming from and all that and it's probably the same thing here but we are going to sit back right after the games both of us are in new york doing doing different things for for espn. And we're gonna meet together and go over analyze these games and give you our. I take you know if you will are. are you know where it's just. We just came off watching the games. And now we're gonna give you our perspective and it comes from coach coach in the league bro. You know twenty years thirty some years and been around the game. The nfl game. All my life you'll get that perspective and you're gonna get a A pro bowl linebackers perspective. Now look let's let's be honest. The offense is are gonna get killed when we talk about. How far night. But now re really. It's good to be you know. We wanted to be informative. We're gonna be ourselves and and barton. I'd ever tendency not to pull many punches. So we're going to be if you are true honest honest evaluation of the games. What went right. What went wrong for your team and give you a a a you know. An immediate reaction After a game. And i think that's what we wanna do and we we're going to make it fun but we're gonna make it Informative and and and give our to To opinions and you can say what you want. These guys don't know anything. Okay been around the game. All my life bart scott spin around it all his life. We don't know much okay. we got you. We're gonna give you maybe a different look in You know to is that that have been around. I've seen a lot of snaps You're going to get our opinion and our immediate opinion on these games and and hopefully the language stays good because far drop them every exactly and i episodes available. September twelve organized. Chaos with bart scott. And i'll man restaurant. Espn nfl analyst. Hey brexit pleasant. My friend enjoy the weekend and take care and be well happy. Labor right brady. I love watching you guys. Show take care of my friend. And thousands affected by hurricane ida urging support donate a redcross. Dot org slash. Espn dealt. The red cost respond. And help you recover from this disaster. You can make a difference in the lives of people impacted by hurricane ida. Your detonation enables the red cross the prepare for respond to and help you recover from this disaster and will provide people and communities affected by this devastating storm with food shelter. Relief supplies recovery planning support and other assistance again. You can donate a red cross. Dot org slash. Espn redcross dot org slash. Espn door dash here with summer of dash. Pass right now. Dass pass members are taking ten dollars off groceries alcohol pet food and more needed nightcap. Ten dollars off off get relief deliver for less one. Surprise your cross. Yeah you do send a gift and save try. Dash paths for free and special savings exclusive menu items and zero dollar delivery fees year round. Get more from your neighborhood now with ask pass in the door dash app and stay cool out there. Terms and conditions. Apply five for caller roulette. Rules don't ask us how we are. We're good. I don't wanna hear any of that. Means it. make your point in. Ask the question. Eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six eight eighty eight say. Espn and don't miss it. I don't miss it especially you by five and spend that will with jay williams and keyshawn johnson freddie k. Jay z. So let's do it. Let's get into the early part of the weekend. We got labor day weekend happening tomorrow. Let's spend that wheel. Protocol roulette back on the grill freddie. We'll see lie to you on the grill. Which got hey. I was just wondering if you thought that we should be using one of those first round picks and maybe trying to get a veteran receiver and their to pair with those young guys Just wanted to get your thoughts on it and if you thought that would be a possibility. Who do you think we roll after. The miami has a slew of wide receivers from devante parker. That guy. but i don't know that. I don't know that you want to get a veteran receiver in there. Because you take away from the young guys with a young quarterback jalen hurts that they can grow it over time. The been a real again my number for you on the menu. I this candy. I was calling to see off of cam. Newton say james route. Learn behind this for your so. When bill lease he'd go to bridge that they need for a couple of years. Somebody euros j. I wouldn't be mad at that. I mean if mike tomlin would take a chance on. I see them doing that. But i didn't. He said go pittsburgh. Yeah play behind. Big ben for a year learn from my tomlin's and really kind of pay his dues. You know situation like that could be fine if that's what cam wants to do. I don't know of cam at thirty two. Wants to be a backup. Bill and the respect to be a starter. You wait for the right opportunity. Somebody gets hurt. You get your playing time. We could see. I could see that. I mean yeah sitting there and being retired if being retired would have been have a hell of a year and he know retire. You know you may not be that last dance with ben. Rothlisberger people's the last dance for aaron rodgers in green bay. Let's that we're one more time. Line number one in. Call the roulette in from new york. What guys Did you make argument in the nfl that there is one legitimate super contender and each division. This year. jesse's vision or you can't you can't title contender tampa bay tampa bay buffalo. Pick one out of the north green bay. Obviously you can pick one. You can pick the rams. You put seattle kansas city. Of course you can pick ca. Easter dallas cowboys really. I trust watching over them. See you only you only trust them. Based on their history. I mean you don't trust them based on history i'm talking about what they are right now today also contenders healthy but we. We've talked about this multiple times. We we always said if dallas cowboys win a playoff game. they're good. I'll hear anybody talking about them. Win the super bowl. I got him going alone. Ways can stay healthy if they can stay healthy. I'll just washington defense dallas cowboys defense. Got to win. This guy looked like california. Too bad. it's not for keesa will on fridays. Mckay jay z on the mighty espn radio.

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