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Good morning new york. This is the cash roundtable cats with here sunday morning. What's going on in new york is today's when the smartest guys i know randy mastro. He was deputy mayor in new york little while ago and also he was an assistant. Us attorney in the southern district of new york and lately he was fighting hard for the west side of manhattan to clear after lucerne hotel morning. Mr masculine how are you this morning. Great john poised to be with you and still fighting hard for the upper west side. Tell you know. I grew up in the west side. Someone i care about it you know. Tell us about what. Give us an update. What's going on the west side. Well we won the case at the trial level. Judge ruled that the the homeless single adults who were being temporarily housed at the lucerne. Sro hotel on the upper west side with been lots of problems in and around the hotel and then the neighborhood that the city at the right to move them downtown And then there was an emergency appeal. And then you are. There's always an appeal And the appellate according takes time for the court to sort it out. So what's happened. Since is the appellate court sent a expediter briefing schedule and all that but they want to retain their rights to decide the case so the bottom line they issued an order that's known as the status quo order to try and maintain the status quo. But they tried to split the baby. They said the mandatory cert who wanna move downtown to their new facility. They can move if they want to the men who want to stay if there will sir until the appellate court decides the case they can stay if it were sir but that puts the city and a catch twenty two. The city doesn't want to have to provide services at two different places but the same population. I saw effectively john. The baby split Is justice delayed because eventually the court is going to rule that these men lucerne do not have standing to challenge the city's decision on where to house them temporarily the city out of the right to move them into lucerne. The city has a right to move out of the lucerne as long as they're being provided you know proper shelter everybody concedes see the downtown is proper shelter so them go to lose eventually. But it won't take until april or may now. Mr master deputy mayor in the city And you you love the city here about city like i do. We have a democratic administration. You have a senate you have the congress you have. The executive branch is new. York and be saved is going to be federal relief. Can we save new york john. I do believe that there will be federal relief now going to states and cities hardest hit at obviously new york new york city. I remember in the original programs And even in the most recent program There there was not the money going directly to states and cities all the extra expense. They've had with healthcare police emergency services the billions of dollars that new york state and city are in the whole as a result there. There was no provision for that I believe in a democratic administration Whether you're republican or democrat a democratic administration it's gonna be an a democratic congresses can be much more likely that there is such direct Funding to states and cities hardest hit by head. I think you're going to see an increase in the individual amounts Going individuals from six hundred to the two thousand. And i think you're gonna see more. Ppp it just is a natural consequence. Remember the house democrats wanted to. Have you know a huge program that got scaled back by the republican senate. I think you're going to see a lot more federal aid coming. New york's way and hopefully that saves us out of this crisis. Addition mr mastro Team we can. Joe biden president brydon as of next wednesday Bring the country together. I mean he. He promised that He's gonna treat. All americans are same and it seems to be a lot of hate in washington mostly from speaker. Pelosi ary i we. Can we bring the country together. Mr master john. You're you're you're you're acting jackie. The right questions. And i think that's why joe biden won the election as as strong support as donald trump has in his base. I think that there was an overwhelming sense particularly along. You know swing voters that god. We needed somebody who unified the country. More and joe biden emerged in the democratic primaries because he was a guy who said i plan to work with the republicans they the ones on the far left who who who condemned the republicans. They're the ones who ended up losing in the democratic primaries. The guy who said he really cares about uniting the country and they committed to work with republicans including mitch. Mcconnell with whom biden had a long standing relationship having served for decades together in the senate. I think that's what joe biden is going to try to do. It's what he committed to do committing to do it and doing it or different things. John it's gonna be hard especially coming off the latest impeachment but you know something I i think that joe biden. Everyone says the same thing republican or democrat. That he's a decent guy with a heart guy whether you like is politics or not. He's a decent guy with a heart who tries to reach consensus so hopefully they will be able to deliver on that. Promise randy mascow. Thank you so much for coming on the show. And bringing all new yorkers up to dayton. We'll catch up again real soon my pleasure. John always great to be with you. Stay safe my friend. Youtube this roundtable be right back.

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