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Slack is a new way to communicate with your team messaging. That's faster better. Organized and more secure conversations happen in channels that are easy to create. Join answer try it for free at slack dot com slash where work happens kind of view the volatility in the marketplace here harshest downturn for american workers in history companies across the board across industries trying to shore up their balance sheets very very disturbing dynamics at work breaking market news and insight from bloomberg experts. Who told me to look the speed of vaccine development. Because of all the dislocations there's always relative value trades that you could be doing this could be a you shake recession v-shape profession. Certainly i think everyone is bloomberg markets with vonnie quinn and polls weenie on bloomberg radio. Good tuesday morning from new york city and points beyond to our worldwide audience coming up. Us treasury secretary nominee. Janet yellen here will bring you portions of that. Hearing plus we're gonna preview net flicks. They report earnings after the close plus will have all the details and analysis of the big bank earnings out this morning but first. Let's go to greg jarrett bloomberg news getting bloomberg business flash greg off earlier highs but stocks are still pushing toward all-time highs paul this on the final full day of donald trump's presidency with wall street looking to treasury secretary janet yellen confirmation hearing which you will hear what portions of here on bloomberg radio david page axa investment managers head on economics tells bloomberg stimulus must continue for the foreseeable future to avoid austerity treasuries across the globe is lean into this. They have to continue to.

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