Monday, November 18th, 2019


Good Morning Aries. Today is Monday November. Eighteenth Two Thousand Nineteen Mercury twelve decrease Scorpio Semi Square Jupiter at twenty six degrees Sagittarius. Though you may feel more comfortable navigating shallow waters don't avoid the depths. Sometimes the most rewarding parts of life life far below the surface this the areas today podcast original. Let's begin your day. Your charms undeniable but some may not be as easily convinced by your characteristic confidence and cheerful disposition. Don't be surprised if more asked of you than is pleasant trees instead embraced the opportunity. It's not often that you're given a chance to explore greater depths. Don't shy away from the challenge. Especially if a Scorpio expects you to bury your soul you may find the conversation more fulfilling than than you anticipated. Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships as dramatically oh moon clashes with communicator. Mercury you when your partner's expectations for each other may not align while one of you may be emphasizing pure romance. The other might be hoping to connect on a deeper more meaningful level. Don't fret the key to reconciling your perspectives. Comes with meeting in the middle. There's no doubt passion and depth can coexist consider the work. You do and your career now is the time to show the world what you can do if you've been waiting to unveil an important project. Seize the moment you'll be sure to all your colleagues and the powers that be with your skill and vision recognition his yours for the taking. Aw Areas Today will be back tomorrow to learn more about your horoscope visit California psychics and connect act today horoscope. Today is a podcast original.

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