Rachel Brosnahan, Ella Bleu Travolta & Christina Milian's Beignet Truck?


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Find out what happens when the Knicks generation stops being polite and start getting real again in baseball. Click on the Facebook watch icon and search the real world on watch MTV's, the real world, Atlanta, streaming now only on Facebook watch. They wanna know. Fame it welcome to weekly, the podcast real and everything you need to know about the celebrities. You don't. I'm Bobby finger. I'm Lindsey Weber and we're done with our tour. You won't hear us beg you for ticket sales any more. Right. I'm more, I think I'm happy about that. Then our audiences. No more. No more humiliating, please to buy, Cuba, leading begging. Yeah, we shut up. We sold out a beautiful audience in DC, and Boston. And we did amazing topical jokes. I hope you guys loved are topical humor so many digitally Maddie's somebody visuals visuals. We listen to lindsays mom heckling us. No, those knowing she had gold. She heckled. She's a bit of a heckler also, you know, the tour is quote unquote, over, but will we may be doing New York shows in the fall 'cause we live here, technically not a tour. It's like holy so doing something in our backyard. It's just fine. It's on a tour except we would never do a show in bobby's backyard. It's too small. No. Also, you would get completely obliterated by mosquito gas. It would have to be a free show because you'd want your money back. Otherwise. Oh, what else is going on today? There's important breaking news to talk about, and that is that Rachel Brosnahan lakes. Every kind of water hold up every record scratch, every kind of water Rachel Brosnahan legs, it every cowboy likes it likes it still likes it airplane water likes it Vitas water. Some of those are seltzer is not waters. She just likes every kind of weather you're telling me if you send Rachel Brosnahan two places where water is not safe to drink out of the tap. She would be like, oh, I like every kind of water. Yeah, that's a bold claim that she goes to a hotel. And they're like, okay, so be sure to just drink the bottled water because the water out of the tap, like your body's probably not used to it. So just avoid, and she's like, no, I like every kind of water does that you're not. Bowl on, like a Taurus trip, 'cause she loved the HBO show. Turnover ball and they're like, Rachel do not drink the water here, and she's like, don't worry. I love every how to water if you put a guy kind of near the water, it will like go crazy. And she's like, no, I know. But I love that kind of why does Rachel Brosnahan like every kind of water because she's making money from subtle. Yeah, that's true. So this was the headline on the kite. They interviewed Rachel Brosnahan. And honestly, like every single publication that got this press release of upper racial Brosnahan doing spun, for set affil- posted it. I don't know what happened you guys. I mean something something happened where every single publication posted about this watershed, right? And so they were like, hey, Rachel Brosnahan is now. Combining with Richard rows ahead is now working with Seta fell like she's a new spokesperson for it. Would you want to do an interview with her and talk about her life, but also her her water and like hydration instead of Phil, and they were like sure the cut took the bait who else took the bait plenty of people took the bait people, a chance to talk original Roseanne about among other things water. I'm in women's wear. Daily took the bait. Everyone literally I could not find someone who had not written about Taylor's up on my God about Rachel Brosnahan, instead of fill, like this is the most Wild Thing that this was something because if you put any those separately, you're like, would you want to write about Rachel Brosnahan, no doing right about set of film? No together. Still, no, I love the, the try to work in the marvelous. Mrs may Zell thing into the Rachel Brosnahan loves water and set of fil angle. So you have when you try to do that you get sentences like this. So this is Rachel, Brosnahan, speaking in what is essentially gibberish when I was in high school. I was over treating little breakouts. And then I was really dry. My mom recommended the gentle skin cleanser at the time I felt like I had a medicine cabinet that looked like midges as in midge as L filled with products that we're all supposed to do something different simplifying that really changed my skin looks and behaves. You don't need to stretch this like metaphor like you don't need to start talking about your character. We don't care whereas Rachel bras and also revealed her must have be product. She take with her. If she had to travel back in time, quote, I would take the central gentle skin cleanser with me. Yeah. Well, you're you take the, you'd also take the ten million dollars at you're getting to do this ad ten million. I'm exaggerating. It's like I'd also take antibiotics. I take toothpaste like I would take any modern convenience makes like so funny. The first person to ever do of fill spawn. It's just so funny funny to me that they chose Rachel Brosnahan like it's the perfect pairing of like bland innocuous, like who doesn't not like Rachel Brosnahan? I guess, like perfect audience, you know, old jus just kidding. She's not do as just wild that she is not Jewish night wild besides like everyone else on that show who plays a member of her family, and like immediate front group, like actually Jewish. I mean it's not about who other people on that show, not being Jewish with be equally kind of weird, too, but it's just that the show itself is like, is it the show you ju- Jewish people love it, because they're like, wow, this is such like an accurate. People like Jewish families. Sure. Sure. But even non Jewish people like it, too, it's just more like it's this, like title character in this show. That's like mostly about, like old Jews and she's just not Jewish. But that's not the point of the set fill thing. You don't need to be Jewish to use said, affil- FYI in case you were misled the point of the of the Rachel Brosnahan said, of Phil thing is that yes, we said that every single publication of the internet took the bait. We weren't quite honest with you. Yes. Every publication to take the bait, but Daily Mail in taking the bait was like, look, we're not going to do what you want. We're going to take the bait but we're going to give it our own spin. And so, because it's the Daily Mail, you can't trust them. You can't trust them. They'll do whatever they want Rachel process. The hand sits pretty in floral frock, as she unveils partnership at a Phil dot dot dot after reflecting on aunt Kate spades death. One year on while incredibly rude. You know, like the editor at the Daily Mail was like, we can't just post about Rachel Brosnahan said, affil-, come on though, as if that's so far below their standards. That's true. Well, sure. But they got a spice it up. And honestly, I know it's a little bit of a problematic spicy, but it's spicy they could've they could've posted about Rachel Brosnahan teaming up with their set of fell if she hadn't worn like paisley very demure full-body dresses, and the, the photos, she's covering every inch of her skin, if she were wearing like if she were showing off her slim pans, if she were showing her ample cleavage and or assets, maybe they would have taken the bait. But now completely I had to go a different route also. Show is your face. You know, it's face watch, you've got a, you don't just show your skin. They're not showing her assets. They're not showing her slim pin, so they were like, well, we gotta talk about a death. Let's find a tragedy. All right. Her aunt, I was just thinking as I was looking at the word set a Phil, what a very like engineered name for something that is supposed to be like cleansing clean so that they're trying to spin it to be like cool and young. There's no you're gonna get a word said, affil- to be like cool for young people. You have to change the name and they're not changing the logo like you know, they're not trying to make it like pink and rainbow. Josie y lick it still looks like medicine local looks like medicine, right? It looks like something that's in your grandma's cabinet would fun. It is in your grandma's cabinet, and your grandma's, Rachel Brosnahan. But anyway, said, Avila's, not paying us to do this ad. So let's move onto the next topic. What's funny about this? We talked about this. Are we talked about this in our live show and it wasn't until you added the actual copy? And here that I knew at this was four. But there was this just Jared headline that I saw that said, Kristen bell index shepherd surprised expectant moms, while shopping that seems like a bad idea. Right. Like you don't really wanna be surprised the moms vulgar shopping name number the number one people, you don't want to surprise are pregnant people, I mean other surprise your water just broke surprise, surprise, surprise your labor. Can you imagine? You're like deck is that deck show. Is Dax Shepard of them now are, are them. Are they as a couple like them's? Honestly, I think they really they, they strong armed their way into them them. So it worked, I think, as a caller them's to be honest with you, even though he is still like confusing entity whose make them sometimes his podcast helps him. I think so they did they'd surprise this poor pregnant mom named Candice Baldwin at a WalMart in Arkansas. Oh my God. Aware the what the hell and because they have these products they have children's products called Hello, Bello. They're like two regular Jessica Alba's, which they sell at WalMart. They include diapers wipes baby wash diaper rash. God, that is setting yourself up for some kind of problematic issue. I it makes me something something is not good. There is an ingredient. There is an ingredient in one and or all of them. Oh my God. It is going to it is going to give a baby rash that it's going to put Christabel in the headlines once again, it's too, so they snuck up on this poor pregnant woman said some highs, and she immediately gave birth. And then the baby was named Kristen bell. All one word crystal. So that's not that's not as fun as it was at the show, because you really need the visual, but I don't recommend yooglie. It's terrifying. It's so scary. It looks like a horror movie poster. Speaking of scary, John Travolta's daughter is now an actress that we are supposed to be taking seriously. I mean, are we taking the bait where there's a lot about taking the bait? Are you taking eight right now? I'm taking the bake some talking about her. Right. I guess I'm I mean, I'm we always take the bait who am I kidding. But what what's so interesting about this is that, like, you know, these are kids, John Travolta's kids are never seen or heard from. They are very much kind of hidden behind civil, they're not any work. They're hidden by the Clearwater, Florida gates or whatever where they live. But because she wants to be an actress, or maybe he wants her to be an actress, or who even knows what's going on here we are getting this insane obvious rollout of this woman. She is. I think she's like sixteen how old is she she's nineteen? She's nineteen. Yes. She's, she's looks like her father. She's ready to act, and she's not only being put in this straight to VOD role. Her father is also starring in the movies to give it a little we'll give it a little boost. But the problem is that, like John Travolta, starring in a movie is not really like gonna give it the boost that, I draw anymore, this girl needs, even Morgan Freeman Senate and not helping you. And it's like a straight eight not very straight to video de knockoff of like midnight in the garden of good and evil or something it's just like a it's just like a basic Noir movie. It's dumb. It's like the south. He's a play the play the opening of the trailer because opening of the trailer has though some of the most like terrible Xposition I've ever heard my entire life Murray. Ms Carson Phillips. I'm hollywood. Electric drink smoke. So she joined Instagram. But the thing was all the press releases happened like all the people, everyone wrote about it, when she joined Instagram, which was even creepy, or because she joined Instagram just like a normal person would and she got all this press. And then the Scientology people were like, or the people who write about Scientology in like a critical way like she was just at this big party. She's definitely involved, and now they're trying to make her an actress and clearly like John Travolta's. Like paying for a lot of this or cashing, a lot of faith person's paying to Lindsey don't discount. Kelly, Preston's Bank account, followed by ready Meghan, Trainor, God, extra TV and Randall Emmett films, meaning those Vander pump Guy Fawkes. Why is he following her? I don't know. I have no. I'm not a fan of that. I love that this photo. Oh, I Gatti trolled was in Godley. Oh, she was. And she was also in Godley. She little role in it. She a little role in it. So this photo is really funny that you put in here. It's her selfie like in the mirror, and it says, and she has. Kind of a hair wrap on. And she says, channeling my inner Frenchie, hashtag, beauty school dropout, hashtag, Greece about two inches of Greece on this podcast in a month, what I find funny about this is that, like, do you really expect a lot of nineteen year olds to be really, really big fans of Greece, and, like mentioned it in their interim captions that, like I don't maybe do. But what, what you're getting at is like, is this the only movie that this Travolta daughter has ever seen? I would maybe agree with you. If you told me that if you got like. Like an interview with one of their housekeepers who knows all the facts, and like signed a million NDA's. He'd be like okay. Okay. Housekeeper tell me everything, you know about John Travolta's life like wink, wink, wink. Tell me everything, and he's like you know what I could go into that for days. But really the strangest thing about the family is that the daughter has only seen grace. It's the only movie I've ever seen. What that is not what the lead would the would be. Nobody's like you know what I've been watching John Travolta's, like you know, life for a long time. And the only thing that made my blood run cold was noticing that Ella has only seen grace, it would not surprise me if their culture is really, really small, like a really small amount of things, what are the res may labour been allowed to do? I mean, they definitely you know, have watched their mom in the she will be loved video. Maroon five video a million times, but aside from that. Did you guys know that? Did you remember that? I didn't I had to look it up. She she and she will be left, you know, what other movie that she would have had to have watched battlefield earth, because both of her parents were in, and it's about Scientology bright. Oh, god. That's so sad. So greece. And battlefield diet of only John Travolta movies, if you had to, I don't know. I feel like it's like Kito something happens to your brain ketosis. But, like when you've only consumed battle go into ketosis, but you could be like Michael is the best movie. My goal, but you have to you have to only watch them for like a couple of weeks. You know, for your by actually go into shock like go into ketosis Travolta's. And then once you're in Travolta's. Once you're in once you've reached Travolta's, you're like fully. You're onboard with all of his movies, like, oh, my God. Have you seen old dogs? I- conic. Well, because you don't have much to work with so old dogs is, like it's high on your list, only gonna love the movie. Michael, you're right. Michael, michael. I did like Michael, but that's fine. What is really is? Now they're doing press, but they're doing press together. Which I hate ridiculous. I'm behind the camera mouthing every word. She's doing her moves. My wife Kelly. She gets hysterical. Watching me watcher. Because I just wanted to go, great, the whole set vested and everything poor, Ella the she hadn't acted since. The film of the Robin, and they gave her the most complicated seeing four in the morning, Chet decry, hold a gun consider all sorts of things, and she nailed it. And the and the. Nobody's going to see this movie and yet John Travolta gets a lot of attention. So when he does press, he gets attention, but, like what he's promoting is not like equal to what he's doing. The press for DNA mean so he's on these big shows doing press with his daughter, and they're promoting this movie. That's like. You know. Right. I wanna I wanna read my favorite my favorite line from people story because people's, like happy to take the bait. They'll talk about for days. They don't care. But my favorite we all won't mention we all just like won't say that the reason why we still care about John Travolta's, because of Scientology do you know what I mean? We all won't say it. I mean, I'm saying you, you even put the screen shot in here on eligible, his Instagram. One of the top comments is Jenna elfin being like stunning. Of course, that's one of our top comments like, does she have any friends outside of her parents and Scientologists friends that bubble is so tiny I mean. No, they send out a newsletter to all the celebrities and Scientology, and they're like, hey, can you go like comment on L Travolta's, Instagram? I'm that's a joke. But the I could believe that to be real. Oh, absolutely. I mean, I believe everything. Yeah. This line from people I love to help prep for her dramatic role. As a young widow in the poison rose. Ella turn to Travolta for acting advice on the set what tell prep for dramatic roles young, willow widow L attorney to Travolta. I'm sorry, that is. More proof that she doesn't know what he wanted else. Her father knows he's, he's method just getting he's not method. Do not want to know if he could fly, I know he can't fly only little angels comply, because means who I just thought. Yes in her life. I'm not that kind of that was a really fun moment on Friday morning when I was packing for our final trips at Boston and DC when I was like, should I take my week interbank like my little league duffel bag? You know that blue in that I have, or do I take the away because the wind can hold so much more. But also Vits overhead. So I was like you just gotta take the away, even took the away anyway. And I had so much extra space and packing. When you have a lot of extra space, so luxuriant July so early. You just threw it all in and zipped it up, and it's so much fun. When you have nothing and you take the bag around and with wheels, and it's so much fun. We love aways. Lindsey love hers. They're different colors. We don't get the mixed up. I got the blue. She's got the red. It's a lightweight durable shell that's made to last for a lifetime of travel. There's one hundred day trial that let's try it for one hundred days, which is great. Do it the summer if you're traveling a lot. 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So if you want, another one, good away, travel dot com slash who weekly twenty and use promo code who weekly twenty during checkup angel. I want to talk about my favorite story of the week to it. Yes, I love the story because it has a beginning middle and an end once again, this bitch is in the news, and I don't mean Olivia Munn. It's a dog. The dog. It's always fun of us bitch. When you actually mean a female joke in the book, that's the book of jokes that I bought for this podcast. No joke is better so lithium on. Olivia Munn dispatch. Listen to this, like word this how he was. I this is how I was first revealed to the story this page. Six headline Olivia Munn dispatched by dog-walking app, wag after alleged dog mapping, so it's sort of, like I have so many questions one is like, what is wag Wiesel, IBM, uninvolved did Olivia mode, do the dog napping? Is it for dog that was saying, like grammar has never grammar is shook, you know, Olivia Munn dispatched by dog-walking apt, wag after alleged, Doug napping, New Yorker, copy editors just got like shivers down their spines hearing read that there are there, ten. Yeah. That might be overestimating. They have some so long story. Short wag is this app that Libya ion is sort of creatively involved in she is the quote creative strategist, which is sort of a vanity title. I think she was an investor too. So she has like stake in this apple wag wag does it? It's an apple in your phone for people who need dog walkers, and it comes with when. Never you sign up for it, you get this special lock box to put on your front door and only wag people wag dog. Walkers have access to this key. And so when you need a dog Walker. They just send someone someone who has wag accreditation and they show up to your house. They use the wag code, they pulled the key. They walk your dog. They put it back. So someone in battery park this neighborhood in New York used wag someone came to walk. They're cute little dog, and they ran off with it. They know this because there's, like only people have access to the lock box, also. They have security cameras in their building, and they sell the wag dog Walker grabbed the dog and run out the door. Okay. So when they were when they came home and realize that their dog was missing. Of course. They're distraught. They contact wag. And what does why do wag connects them to none? Other than creative strategist lithium on. And they were on the phone with her from four AM to six AM. Imagine that being on the phone to lithium from four AM to six AM talking about your loss to dog instead of what the police, it's just crazy to me that they just. Like connected her to Libya month, but actually, what I think I read a little bit deeper into this, and I think it's a little bit different than what we thought about what we thought at the show, I think the people wrote about it on Instagram and a lithium. Unlike founded do you know what I'm saying? Oh, so they complain. So basically what I think happened. Let me show you where I found this information. Oh here. So they say their investigation didn't kick into high gear in until they tagged Munn an investor with the company. So these smarties actually were like. Oh, our dog is lost Olivia Munn, like come like fucking, tell us what to do about this. You love wag, so they tagged her and Shuba called them. So she calls them and they're like, oh, I guess we got what we wanted. But like we didn't want this, like then they have to be on the home with a lithium on for hours, right hours, literally two hours. They said two hours four in the morning, then they finally call the cops and the cops get the footage and get the dog back. They don't you? There was footage. Virtually like this guy was who did, the, the robbing is an idiot, and he liked didn't realize that number one that was a camera in there. Number two, not many people have access to the swag lot box, and they have his fucking name because he wasn't wag Walker. Like it was the guy they suspected it being they went to his house. They got the dog back, reunited NYPD NYPD took a nice little photo of them reunited with the dog. But the next funniest thing about this is this commercial for wag that Olivia Munn was in a couple of years ago because she joined wag in what twenty fifteen she was like I'm investing, and wag creative immigration. I have a passion for like dogs and dog walking because we know that's a Libya's thing. It's like shelter dogs and dog walking she's pivoting tack is not a bad thing to invest in. But if I was like trying to not be the face of dogs getting murdered, then I wouldn't want to invest in something that could possibly. That's like being like I know Uber is a good idea. But everyone involved in it is miserable. And like, hey, you know what I mean that's I don't really want to be associated with something that seems like it's going to be like 'cause more ill. This is black advantage of people who use of the workers really have to be choosing your financial gain over, like what it might do to your reputation or emotional, sanity. Because you're basically responsible for this thing that, like, wag that has strangers going into other strange other people's houses. Yeah. I think that's a lot of that's a lot of the criticism. With wag the that we've that we've read a lot of friends who use it. And who a lot of people who walk who have? Walkers, like are like, why would I use wag I, I want the same person that I can trust lag. Which you would think like you have a dog work for their bag. You could say like can the same person just keep coming back like all still go through the app. You can't do it. So don't do it. You're it's going to be a good person that it's fine them on Instagram and hire them on the side. You know, though, I will say this isn't the worst possible news, because it shows that like these people got caught pretty soon, actually because sure sure, whatever share him. But it shows that their vetting process is unreliable. There's so as good just take the dog. Yeah. There's an ad for wag that. We're gonna play a little part of here. It's really hard to, to deal with unless you can see it. But basically, what's happening is a lithium on his in a house that she's, you know, making us assume as hers, but it's the most like basic normal looking house that elite him would never step foot in Lebanon live in. And she says goodbye to her golden, the pupil before going to excuse me. What is that by sweetie going to work? And then she cuts the dog. And then she goes out the door. Or the dog is like alone and sad. Yeah. The funniest thing that I can possibly imagine in the whole entire world is a golden retriever a loyal beautiful golden retriever looking up at Livia Mon and saying and saying. Have a good day at work Livio wild. This joke of yours how long how long? The dog getting Livia man's name wrong, just like the idea of her being late at work, alluvial wild K, like I'm going to work have a nice day and the dogs like what's your job like in it's brain? It's like you have a job like what's your to me near golden retrievers are probably like what's your job? But especially to Olympia Munn like what's your job? He got to work. I love you. A good day at work alluvial wild turns out, her job is like Dougie detective donkey detective, and it should be as we finish up posters that the show, but it would like Olivia Mondagi detective makes as much sense as most Hollywood. I mean most hallmark original mysteries. So they should just do it a live. Doug did she finds dogs? Great. And also promotes wack wack would pay for the movies. It'd be a great business idea. I mean, all this is actually good press for Lydia Mon who likened, wag is still recovering from the bad press. She just got, you know, I already sort of forgot about the bat called out, you know, the she called out the blog. She was like you need to calm down. What's next here? Oh, you love the store, and says, really fun. Does these glide? So here's the thing, Diddy, and Cassie, do you know who those people are, of course, guess Diddy? Cassie dating a longtime long long long long time. DVD's ex. Wife, Kim porter. I don't know if they actually were married had kids together. Kim Puerto recently died. It was really tragic. It was like Sutton, did he kind of probably went through it. His kids are definitely going through it, but he's been dating Cassie who's kind of this, like one hit wonder who in a very ten way. Everyone's like trying to root for to get a single kind of, but she also to be fair isn't trying like Tanaka to get she she'll clearly release stuff, but not. Really? But she's beautiful and her and did he had been together for a long time often on almost like they broke up. They got back together, what ever, but Diddy the thing about him. Is that if you like you don't even need to put your ear to the ground and gotta just like you can just put your ear like tilted towards the ground, you'll hear kind of that? Like he is not a very faithful person. He's got a lot going on as you can imagine with, like people on the side, bla-bla-bla. Like that's not that's allegedly. But like it's kind of out there. He had like a few. Different kind of side, chick characters floating around him for a while. Just check out, you know, the message boards at lipstick alley. If you need any more information, right? I mean, run, you know where to go right? But anyways recently, it just came out. So didn't Cassie broke up like. Four months ago. Like very recently few months ago, maybe they'd been going up longer. But like officially came up there, broken up. I was gonna like, oh, they might get back together because they're just the type that would just assume they would but literally a few days ago, it was announced that Cassie is not only dating someone else, but she's pregnant, so literally, she's pregnant by this new boyfriend, who turns out to be her personal assistant who Turner per oh, sorry. Turns out to be her personal trainer who turns out to have been hired by Diddy himself. So like a few months ago there were rumors. It was like did he believes that Cassie cheated on him with the personal trainer? The source explains. Why did he believe there is absolutely overlap says the source Cassie wanted a personal trainer? So did he hired Alex, Alex, fine. He's very hot for her then casting out start hooking up before her relationship with us over, I believe that Cassie was so traumatized by having a beam relationship with Diddy. This ego maniac essentially, that any like hot, cute guy, like who got. Knew her. She was like, great like he's very nice. Like he's very nice supportive, emotionally and physically, as your trainer also physical trainers, like people have this, it's not rare for people to hook up with their physical trainer. I mean look at what the job is, you know. No. And the but the grossest thing about this, this entirely is that, like, Diddy posts, of course, a picture of them and is like congratulations to Cassie at Cassie and Alex, no. At he knows his handle. It doesn't put it there. I wish you all nothing. But love and happiness. God bless. And it's like I saw somebody posting this on Twitter. They put a screen shot of that in a screen shot of Chris Brown like kind of harassing what's her face his ex with a K. What's her name Boca? Rucci trim. Yeah. He was like, member, he was kind of harassing her and Instagram being like that loser like he's dressed poorly. Whatever somebody put that screen shot next to this one a duty. And it was like same energy because even though did he's like all love all love hidden beneath that. But like not very far beneath, like just right. Under the. It's basically surface level. Yes. This kind of like fake fake love thing I got my eye on you. I always will, you know, I mean, we'll us Twitter handle. Of course, he has his Twitter profile, of course, he has his eye on them so weird. He's doing the little heart hands over his eyes, but it's sort of it sort of looks like it's if you it looks like he's doing the little heart hands, but really, it's kind of like he's using he's using binoculars yet. Life. And he's like, I'm watching you Cassie and I'm watching you Alex. It's true though. I mean I it's deals like a dark hole a little bit. There's a lot going on there in you just under all his has been. He's just extremely good at seeing like so jovial and like just happy and good. And like there's nothing wrong. But, like they're all there something, there's like always something. So this happened, and I'm like, so happy for Cassie her boyfriend super hot. He seems really nice. I mean if you look at his I mean, I don't know him. But, like if you'll get his Instagram he seems cool. He seems like he does fitness for a lot of celebs, and they do scrolling through shirtless photos. He seems really cool. Whatever the comparison is Diddy. So I'm like, I feel like she upgraded severely severely, and she deserves it. And she also deserves another hit single because honestly. You know, me and you is not enough. Sure. But I've been think. What's next? Okay. Dakota Johnson is she I'm I think, to Johnson's kind of who you, you think so, so we're allowed to talk about this. I think so. Their Dakota Johnson. And Chris Martin supposedly allegedly according to actually at this point, it's been a lot. They haven't confirmed it, but it's been a lot of tablets at their budget and say officially confirmed yet, but it seems right? They broke up. But you know it's so funny. It's like they broke up. And this is strange to me. And maybe I'm like off. They broke up because people wrote that he that she wasn't ready to have children, and he wanted to have children, and maybe I'm crazy. He's the older one. She's younger one. Here he has children. So he wanted to have more children with your Dakota Johnson, baby. And she wasn't ready again. She's twenty nine so she does it is. She could have children in a few years. She doesn't he. He wanted that extremely desirable. Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson DNA. Yeah. Yeah. I it's a it's a hot commodity, but so so did sodas many movies? And that's why she's cast. But that's why but I just thought the reasoning was so strange, if you'd said she wanted kids, and he didn't I be like okay, well, here, he has kids like that makes sense. You know whatever like he's older. But it's the opposite, which maybe I'm like being kind of, like, you know, a little bit boring traditional, but it just interests. It's an interesting renew. It's all these tablets are giving. It's absolutely interesting, and it's absolutely sort of a left a, a left turn from what you'd expect. It's coming from out of left field. That's what I mean. It's also a left turn which could be sometimes left turns are weird, but you included this in here, and I'm glad you did because I remember these, these sorts of headlines when this photo came out on Derek blasberg Instagram of Derek, blasberg, iconic celebrity friend and Gwyneth. Paltrow. Hop vamps talk in the industry. Sort of all eating dessert together Dakota when of Derek, and it was like oh, yeah. J- win of his happy that Dakotas in the family are joining the family. This is something that's going to be long term even. But that doesn't mean marriage like Dakota and Chris or in it to win it. Gwyneth Paltrow, quote has worked hard to include Dakota Johnson into her family says source incredible source by and I believe that, you know, I believe that Gwen Paltrow wants to work to KOTA Johnson into her family like that. I'm not sure insane again. She wants a little bit of that Melanie Griffith done Don Don Johnson. DNA. She's don't we don't we all don't we all, but I kind of thought Chris Martin Dakota Johnson were good definitely going to be they seemed like boring enough to just continue to be a thing Marino. Marino, and she was fully I still think she's pregnant, she's still pregnant, I think they're still going to get married not pregnant. You just realize that I just realized that this is directly proving disproving, what we said, but I don't really think it's changing my mind. He's still thinks she's pregnant even going to call them and be like, but did you see that gender reveal like one year ago, gender reveal, yet they had a well gender of your it was balloons? It was like blue balloons are pink balloons. And we were like gender Avila says pregnant in the whole world, the whole world is like a pregnant, right? Do you know who is definitely pregnant though, who who is definitely pregnant sorts Negga? Oh, there's no way in hell. Oh my God. That woman is pregnant Catherine's words nigger as pregnant coda Johnson. And if we're zero for three I will eat my hat, eat it Crowley crow in my hat. Will you hit your JoAnne had? No, I don't alley. I'll eat one of the who weekly has fully eat it. If we are wrong three for three pregnancies because now we've gotten wrong to KOTA we've gotten maranda Miranda. And we're maybe about to get wrong. Katherine Schwarzenegger right about Katherine. Katherine Pratt, excuse me. Feel Catherine proud about is going to get birth and approximately. What did she get married last week seven months, then seven months? Right. You have to have to give birth so you can plausibly lie about when the pregnancy occurred like you have to it has to be a two or three months, you know, variable. Yeah, she's definitely pregnant. And if she is not pregnant, she does not have a baby in the next eight months. Let's say Lindsay will eat her who weekly had. I'll eat it. Just like Wendy will eight crow. I'll eat the hat, just like Kerry Katona. Ada, greasy bacon cheeseburger, while topless on the beach in Mykonos before washing. It down with a chocolate Sunday after spending all week at a health retreat. I love this incredible. Photo exclusive. This woman is straight up topless eating a burger on a beach just like not stopping for air love her. What a legend. I didn't know about Kerry Katona really. I just knew that I'd seen her name a lot. She's like a tabloid. Like I con did I see her in. I see you're on the Daily Mail so often that I've sort of gotten blinders to it's late. And I was like I don't even know who she is. Like, I knew she was sort of Egli a singer, but it wasn't until looking at the Wikipedia that I was like, oh, it's not even like I would know anything she saying, you know, like, yeah, but you would know that she was so hugely popular in England. So I didn't know I really atomic kitten like could not tell you a song of theirs that was popular because I really didn't cross over. And not only was she a singer in atomic kitten. She married a guy from Westlife the other guy conic British boy band that. They had one hit in United States, but I don't know what it was. But was it? Remember? And so then she divorced him. So she's had three marriages and I think she has five kids, and then she now, and so now she is like, basically this, like, reality show legend, she's been on, like, every reality show that there, even is this woman has not only been in all of the reality shows, you've heard of in the UK so like, I'm a celebrity get me outta here. Big brother. She also had an amazing slew of shows that we're just MTV shows about her that were called Kerry Katona crazy in love. Kerry, Katona whole again, and Kerry Katona. What's the problem? So basically, what is the problem? Did we ever find that out? I think bipolar and alcoholism and a few other things are the proper. Look actual problem. Wasn't just wondering what the problem is. That's the problem. But this woman seems like she's like a tabloid fixture, and I'm I see her name all the time. And obviously these photos of her literally eating a burger on the beach photo exclusive prove that. She is a legend, but you can do anything she wants and she will get covered. And also, like you don't eat a burger like that on the beach topless, unless you want to be photographed. You know, which is fun, lit, right? Also, she gets married and divorced, a lot, which is really good tabloid fodder. Right. And she was even held she was even once held hostage, which is like incredible. I mean bad, but also like you know who, who held her hostage she was held hostage at her home in Cheshire, three men entered her home? Oh, wow. Beijing. That's but nobody was nobody was harmed, the men left with the blamed a blue BMW and some valuables and they found the car, and it was stressful. Very stressful. For maybe that is problematic for me to be like, no big deal. It was a big deal. It's very scary. She seems like a huge deal. Yeah. I do want to want to talk about these, these captures that you put it. Because when you sent me this last night, I was like, oh, wow. This is something else, well-deserved break. She's I'm busy, honing her figure. It's a GI Jane's bootcamp retreat in Greece for the past few days. Stump ships sumptuous. She wore her blonde lock. Side away from face with lime. Green headband. Lester, platinum main interfered with her, greasy, treat you spilled Hon. She opted to leave off our top as she chomped on the fast foods sporting a flimsy pair of pink. Pale bottoms incredibly, the, the burger does extremely good. I will say, though, I hate the phrase Kerry, Katona doesn't stop for era. She devours greasy bacon cheeseburger, we'll topless on the beach. Of course, she has to stop for air, you, stop very you're dead. She stopping for air feeling that would be no one's not. Went bugged you is that this this? She has to live. She has to breathe air. She has to live. She's going to continue eating greasy burger, also the I thought that I think it's a president of the Daily Mail. Blurs out nipples. I thought they were a little more progressive than this. Yeah. You know. Yeah. I mean I'm really do it as a gag just because it's so funny to have two black Xs on the nipples now. I think that they do that because they have to blur the nudity. No, it is hilarious. Oh two blades really funny, but it's just like it's immoral. It's more visually compelling with the black boxes. What I'm saying, like if you told me that they could do it, and not get any violations. I would believe that also if you want to read more about Kerry tone, I haven't finished it, but the guardian has an incredible like profile about her that, that was written in two thousand thirteen a while ago. But, you know, the, the sub head is plastic surgery, two divorces. I think it's now three drug addiction, the birth of her children, a second bankruptcy. The former atomic kitten has lived a life on a reality TV, but. She a victim of the celebrity machine, or just brilliant at exploiting it, which is always the line that you walk with these people. You know, just you never know. It's like, are you is this, you know? Is this someone? We love to love we love to hate. We love to love to. She know what's going on with her, and it seems like she is kind of the Igna of that thing I will, I will end by saying, I agree with James Burton who was a commenter from Plymouth United Kingdom. He commented on this story of the Daily Mail nine hours ago. She's great isn't. She. Yeah, look, I, you'll we're going to get a few calls from British people being like, oh, Kerry Katona. We love her. We love her. You know, she seems fun. She seems like a sort of lower key, who was an American Americans liberty who sort of business. Air, Nicole Smith. But just but not as who Phoebe price, kind of a very Phoebe price. Yeah. Just in, like the real the thirst for attention. Like this lead to just do like very weird things that no one else. Typically does just for the sake of being photographed brand. Good. Right. And again, the burger looked so good. And the burger Lewis and credible. And you should never stop, like, whether you're topless on the beach, whatever never stop yourself from eating a burger in full in full view of the paparazzi. I mean, these are paparazzi photos with long lens. These are like we're standing right in front of you taking. Right, right. Yeah. News, then euless meat fish rings. Listen, you engage it three minutes about me. We're talking about right. Well, I've been engaged gateway times Amari, Debbie one of them. My first thing was from Brian, which gave to my mom to put on a little finger. Sorry, mum sorry, mum on high DJ, by the way. And she was having a hard time and so on EBay for five hundred pound. And the second one I gave back to make speeches. I have still does because I thought it well. That you don't eat. Delicious burger. Why not have a nice little treat and stop for Benes? At Christina Milian years. This. This story like I love and entrepreneur old, Bobby like hates, the fact that she's selling Benes, Matric boy, don't understand just like the way that it's being presented as as in, like, of course, I don't, I don't know where it came from because she's an awesome. She's not from New Orleans, where as we're popularized. She turned fucking New Jersey. I never I don't know her to be like a fun salons isn't from New Orleans, but she's there all the time. Like I don't I don't know her to be like a New Orleans advocate New Orleans like time resident, but here, she is suddenly just like I don't even know where to be a sweets person. It's just everything about it came out of nowhere. And what do I know what you know about? He's like, well, I know one thing I know that love don't cost the thing, and I. Cost credible. What else do you now? That's it co K. So you, you who know one thing about Christina Milian says, I don't like that. She's selling benefits from a truck, because I do not know her to be a person to sell by news. From a truck. Kind of. Yeah. Okay. Yes. That's what I think. That's what I think I see her as a young entrepreneur, an I love a business. So I think it's great that she's selling Benny from a truck. The place is called a box truck is the titular box. She selling them in L A, I think mostly, yes. There's a truck, and she's in it. Sometimes she works with her daughter, her daughter looks miserable her daughter's like, oh my God. Mom. Why are you doing this? Sucks me a little sad. The daughter like hates being an aid truck. It seems but she's going all in this website. If you went this website, you just be like, wow. I've never seen anyone more excited about their business on Christina Milian is forbidden gay box L. Here's a great quote on the about page, that says that's just a photo of her arms crossed. And then that it says, quote, who doesn't love coffee and bananas, co-founder slash owner, Christina Milian, who doesn't co-founder, Sasha owner, Elizabeth Moores, who doesn't who doesn't love gluten intolerance, and maybe who are trying to cut out sugar because Benes are really just square doughnuts covert, and they're more closer to, like fried dough, which is don't have the right there. Asia's and from Trump, Kellyanne, give me a bene from a truck hell ya. I'm here for it made by Christina Milian dip it up low dip below. But you don't dip. You don't putt triggered of his cover them. That's the sequel that's the second song. To dip it low just been Yay boxes. Instagram has really great. Just another sweet Sunday full of as and there's Christina, Milian eating Ben yeas now I what been as I want been yet. They're fucking delicious. I love this. The blast did this great thing where they were. They reported a Tana Maggio the like youtuber that whatever who cares. She went out for a late night snack. And she ended up at Christina millions truck, and Christina Milian was like, hey Totta, and everyone's like, and then it was just Christina Milian on like, and Donna Maggio like hanging out, or whatever it was great. The sharks on Sharpton could be really proud of it because she's like this. She tweets that liquor fulltime job, will they also would be like they also would be like this is not a scalable business enterprise. You cannot be in every single truck, they'd be like I'll be a customer, but I won't be an investor without reason. I'm out the problem for me is, is a didn't really love the taste of it a really wanted to, but I'm a. And then one of them would be like I'm trying to I'm trying to cut out sugar, my diet for that reason, I'm out. I love everybody say, I don't like your product. I'm out like I tried it. And I think it's bad or like I like Barbara takes a sip of some disgusting protein drink, and she's like, I think it's disgusted that all live in New York. But the scent of summer New York is like getting on the subway and being like at the same time you're like relieved that the air conditioner is really on blast, but also like smelling, everybody's different sense. The sense of summer like poopie sweaty coffee. 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So I'll just surprise myself by having it available to me. I really enjoy the one that's called olmstead and vote, which sounds just as fancy as it is. There's one called gray lock which like kinda smells like pine, these, these are great sense that will just block out any of the like disgusting. Sweaty nece that just will exists in your day to day life in the summer as us the when I smelled that smell them and us think of, like good summaries as opposed to, like, smelling garbage and thinking of pads summer memories. So make new sent memories with or go to floor dot com today and use our promo code who to get twenty percents off your first custom flirt, sample set pick three cents to try and get credit towards a full-size bottle of your favorite scent. That's promo code who at flirt dot com. That is. P. H L U, R dot com, promo code, and you'll get twenty percent off your first three fragrance samples. And I'm out. But was she wary aware was she seen? She posted. Why Onondaga Graham, she's the who clean? Cavo onto. What's Rita ORA up to who is this woman? So what is read up to? She's up to so much to big things huge things she was photographed at a charity event. Hugging hairy prince or an old friend old friend all that go way back old friend, Harry to go so far back. If anyone knows read or is, it's fucking Prince Harry, I got Terry Prince Harry of whatever wail of Wales. They hugged, it was very sweet very, you know, very nice who's at a charity event. She was happy, but the true heads remember when Rita was on, was on Wendy, and said that she didn't see that Meghan Markle. She didn't think that Meghan Markle and Harry, we're gonna work out. Remember that? Are you wild about Harry I am? It wasn't you thing is over. Hey, I feel like like I just saw that picture. And for us, it's like we still get like flushing when we see the Royal family, but Harry any day of the week. Don't you think? Over william. Allowed back in the country after I say, how over William d think he'll marry the girl. I say, no, I don't know. I still don't know if I believe it, you know that they're in a relationship. Do I believe? I don't know. What did they stay in my prints? All right. Okay. I never my really well, okay. Okay. Any my dreams that just for me? Just no. I don't think he works out. I don't know if you can see you Wolfman around the bucket and pilot, so they won't get married. But I do believe it's real relationship, but they won't get married, although their head that was that was the big that sort of what the headlines from that meeting ended up being about, as opposed to them being like, wow, Wendy has on the woman that she shaded so many times. Because that was when Rita goes on Wendy, and read a nose and Wendy knows that every time we read, or as brought up on Wendy readers, like I don't Wendy is, like, I don't know who this woman is. Yes. As a reader shows up, she's like it's me. I'm the woman and what he's like I love you. Great. I've always been a fan and he's like you're amazing incredible. What do you think about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Rita, Licken idiot is like he's my prince? I love this. Great. He's the best. I really don't know Meghan, but I love Harry so cut two years, later Rita is hugging. Harry, she's in full support of Megan. Of course. Now we all are. Of course, everyone is you hate to be. You have to be on the right side of history, and the right side of history is Meghan side. New baby photos, just released babies born are but Archie theory is grabbing babies. Don't look anything. No, they don't. They look like aliens. They look like anything. They look like aliens. Yeah. The what we think aliens look like it's like first of all, don't even show it like don't chose baby photo until they're at least two years old. When they look like a person Rita also performed apparently the World Cup is happening right now. Did you know that I knew know I knew that I knew that and read it performed at one of the events. One of the games which game did she perform at soccer aid soccer eight? So soccer aid is a charity related to soccer but not a soccer game. You know what I couldn't tell you. But she performed there in a one legged gene and a shirt that was cut to shreds. She looks great. She looked great. Of course, the metro had a little fun with her hill, gag, little a little a little fun at our expense. They said poor Rita, or his top evidently, went through the shredder as she takes to soccer age stage, road and jealous. I will say, not as a funded by the top, I am by the bottoms. The top is kind of cool, the bottoms, look just strange because she's wearing a pair of jeans one, Gena short one gene is long kind of like the Eva max of jeans. Yes, they have Mexicans the right leg is probably cut just under the crotch. So it's maybe like a you know, like a six inch actual like pant leg and the other leg of the gene is full length. Crazy, actually the other dancers are wearing jeans with both legs, I she's read, our after where one leg. And also my other thing is if you're dancing, and running around one leg, gene is not going to be your best friend there. No just wear, no leg jeans wear short. Shorts short shorts. No, like genes. Yeah. Whoops. Where Jean shorts, I met where Jean shorts read it just wear jeans shorts. You know, I love in the summer getting up putting on my no leg sheets. I know like jeans my favorite pair of pants. I love my no leg. I could if if the right celebrity started calling them, no jeans. We'd also call them we would also read or called them Nola genes, we would all start calling them intellect jeans soccer night. Soccer eight nineteen what happened? Read Auras wardrobe choice to stretch track dang, it is distracting. But the performance was actually good. I watched the whole thing it's good. She sang ritual which I am which is growing on me. I didn't love it at first, and I don't like it more and more now the performances fun. She doesn't really do much. She's never been a huge dancer. But she does like she surrounds herself with dancers, which is good here. Here's some tweets, I hope you to orbits help soon so sad. She doesn't even have enough money to buy a full pair of jeans has to accelerate one joke. I will say read ores got so much money, do not have to worry about it. Read Auras trouser, an accurate presentation of British summer, the okay, I know, I'm all, but what happened to her jeans, a third pondered that was me. Why is read or wearing a full one trouser leg in one short? It's not like you're in bed, where you have one foot in and went out. Oh, wait. That one. That one, I can relate who can relate. I do that. I do that. You've one leg in one leg out. Just like right up, gene. If it's if it's the summer and it's like not super hold. I don't have have. I don't have the air conditioning. And yet, one when they got you got to do that got away. Gotta stay Kohl that really has nothing to do with the Rita ORA wearing one leg. Gene, one like, no, gene. Did read or do by one leg at the second half price? Offer one leg jeans. Is that the trend now hashtag soccer aid? Trend. It's, it's read or setting the trend is what it gives them something to talk about. Her fashioned is amazing because she somehow keeps wearing things that get people to say, like, what are you wearing which is incredible in good ways? I feel like when you're aesthetic is, is insane. You never look in saying, you and when I feel like when you're young fashion designer, and you want to, like make a statement or like do weird thing, read it, you'll know you know that Rita will wear it like call her up, she's down. Look at Jellicoe Houston wore this outfit. We'd be like wow, Angelica Huston. His dressed insanely. But I look at it Rita and I'm like this. You're like fashion fat, y chose Anjelica Huston. But, you know it is though, weird to be that she did. I guess she didn't do a lot of moving, but like to it's one thing to wear this out on the town, it's like fashion take a photo, but moving around and a one leg, gene, it does not seem like a fun thing for me. No, not at all. Oh my God without we're done with does seem like a fun thing. Ending the episode. Thank you for listening. Thank you. Most of all for coming to our live shows the tours over, and it was so successful, we had so much meeting, all of you. It was really a whirlwind ride, and it took months and months and months and months and months, totally weren't onto our the whole time. It was an accent or right? Worked very tired. Thank you so much shot out to everyone except Dulles airport. What a nightmare place everyone who came to our everyone who paid firm Ingraham and waited in line to meet us. That's insane. And you guys are wondering. Or whether they said crunch crunch, or they said, Bryce, Dallas Howard, whether they were Daily Mail headlines. I mean, we just like love you guys like you are genius your little genius, and the hooligan who made Patricia Clarkson shirt, last time my Patricia Clarkson, tote, and then the, the P fell off. And then it just like completely Tricia 's, he made me a new one. A new one don't have a new Patricia Clarkson, Patricia Clarkson, rich anyway, thank you so much. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram Facebook review us on apple podcasts money on dot com weekly new episode today. Yeah today, and we will see you on Friday with our call and show. Call in six nine who them to leave questions, comments concerns by have a great one. Pep by. You will. They wanna know. Pain. Sane it of a good day at work, Livio wild.

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