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Dan Ziprecruiter the smartest way dire. Hey it's too if you like. This podcast asked him. Why wouldn't you like this? PODCAST is the biggest podcast in the world. We're bigger than Oprah. Then please subscribe rate five stars only leave four or checked it is that right standing. That's right rejected. Five stars only leave a review and most importantly tell your friends everyone subscribe rate. Review UNSUBSCRIBE resubscribe rerate review before we get to today's episode. I WanNa tell you about another phenomenal. ESPN podcast Marty. Smith's Smith's America. This week find out of Mardi survived New Orleans and Bourbon Street. You can download and subscribe to Marty. Smith's America wherever you get your podcast. Maybe one day he'll invite me on that guest stupidity all right. Let's take a minute here for upstart between hitting the gym eating cleaner or learning a new skill. 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There is no Mike Greenberg today without these sensational stugatz providing the inspiration to chase my dream and challenge myself to be just half as brilliant as he is. Allow me Mike Greenberg RMAN. Who would probably today doing traffic in Sioux Falls? Without Stu got says influence to welcome you to truly transcendent sonic experienced. This is stupidity. Welcome into another episode of Stupidity. Biggest PODCASTS in the world. BIGGER THAN OPRAH. Thanks to you please. Subscribe rate and review subscribe resubscribe rewrite review. Do all that good stuff for me because you have made us the biggest podcast in the world. Big sportsweek national championship game controversy and baseball. NFL Playoffs Batas talk with the NFL playoffs. But we are going to talk about the other two Stanford never do this. You never do this go. Oh Joe was readily available to us. He does a podcast with us once a month with the weekend observation guys Mike. You see Mikey all the on this podcast I can get them whatever I want but you rarely really do. This stands where you're like. We have to go joe on this week. What happened with Goja? What's going on with goes so I'm just sitting at work today? And I see on social media. There is a picture of Michael Junior in your in it's one of those like caption contest situations or someone posted the picture and go. Joe Looks Ridiculous but he is in the midst of a banana eating contest. The only other person you can see in the picture right next to him also in the competition Joey Chestnut. Of course I had to get to this picture. Do you want me to see this picture. Yes yes you need to see this picture. I think golick junior himself was interacting with it. which would help you find it because I'm not exactly sure who sent it? I'm pulling it up now myself. I am to hold on. We'd center applause so I just WanNa tell you something as we're looking at this up. I texted go. Jona come on the PODCAST. Today you started a group taxed and I knew what you were doing shorts chum in the water and I knew I knew a case of stairs accent that that little peek behind the curtain. Here's do body. He sent out a tax to me and golic junior at around one fifteen today. Today is Tuesday the day after the National Championship. BEECHAM's game that was played in New Orleans last night and he sends out go. Joe Is tired like he is. I'm not certain he has slept at all. You said that attack saying Joey Chestnut as eating contests. That's the story I need to hear and any of that was my cue to go Joe. I sent out the bat signal and you better go joe. We need you to. He knew what I was doing too. There's no way I would send a group tax of the three of us just to hear this story if I didn't want it on the podcast cast okay and so what I'm telling you. This is the state I've been there. Lord knows like early on this business. You do whatever the hell it is you have to. You know that stands in Crowley. Junior did Meena's daily early podcast this morning at like five thirty. Am Oh my God. I was watching him on. ESPN two this morning. And I texted it. I could see right three ghost. I mean he looks like something in this picture to if you pulled it up yet. But here's what what I was telling you go. Joe knows he needs to do anything and everything early on in radio and he is taken that advice and he is run with it and I am proud. Uh of Michael Junior. Because these are the stretches you go through where at Stanford by larger points. I texted go joe to come on his his response was what day is it are getting a good time at your or something right then and there a picture here right he said Yeah. It's on Kgo Joe's twitter feed at 'em golic junior fifty seven. It's too wordy the whole twitter name the handle and it's just go jail. There's too many letters combinations of letters numbers capitalized not capitalized. Very confusing. At 'em golic junior fifty seven. That's terrible picture. It's an awesome picture. It is by Daryl. I mean it's terrifying. If you look at jobs is yes. Yes looks like like he's on correct which is funny because my favorite caption is by Ryan. McGee coast of Marty and McGee can find him regularly on Marty. Smith's America's podcast who writes writes in all caps for this caption contest. Look at my eyes. Are we sure this powdered sugar. Get on the bucket so you you would have Goja want just to revisit the been. Yeah unique contest have with Joey Chestnut. I WanNa hear everything. I don't know how it happened. My larger point is how it it happened. I listen I can tell you how it happened. PUT MONEY AND GO JOE's pocket to do that and they read. My point would be rarely in life. Do you get to go Camano Amano. Against the greatest of all time bright England went literate. He's sitting right next to chestnut and they're eating. That's pretty incredible. What would be like a media example? It's like they had an open seat on. I take and you had to come in and debate with Stephen a Smith caress. You're not inuit no shot but you live to tell the story and that's what we want from Gojko right or you get paid to tell the story but we're not paying them. Yeah but you don't go. Joe Is getting paid. That had to be one of the you know what with him I. I could see him thinking that the bananas were payment enough. Maybe I'm telling you got money Super Bowl's coming down to Miami and people ask me left or right moderate. This does this. Does this party. We'll pay you this way. That and it's absurd and I would say yes the most of them if Adam schefter after has undercut the entire market body all right we have go joe. Who's just left eating more bananas? You've got here I do not. I'm walking out of Cafe du Monde right now stu gods my life is incredible. What's the matter with you though? How do you keep eating as I don't understand? I woke up this morning and I teach you not I was exchanging Texas. Someone and I go. I have a problem right because I woke up for the first thing I thought was. Yeah it could use more those better for my dad. I gotTa tell you man it is rare because you appear appear on the podcast. Once a month with the weekend observations crew with Mikey Mikey C.. And all the guys and your readily available to us we appreciate that but it is rare that stands. It says we have to get go joon. I had no idea what had happened. I didn't you know that you were part of a been. Yeah eating got us with Joey. Yeah we just not. We'll explain yourself because I'm telling you go Joe. He's never done this before where he said. Hey we have to get my goal junior on like it like like he wouldn't he'd rather have you on the podcast this week. Then Patrick Mahomes am I wrong stands you are. This is my kind of content and I don't think it needs much explanation. I saw a picture with golden looking like a crazy person eating. You've been Yay in next to him. Was Joey Chestnut and I needed details. I need them right now. It's understandable it was one of those things that I always say like. Luck is just preparation meeting opportunity end so I prepared my whole life. Is that verse in for the last thirty years for the opportunity retuning to meet my hero and so actually. I got to link up with Joey last year at the college. Football playoff got take pictures with the mustard belt that he obviously one for consuming a hotdog all that stuff and so I get an ask and someone at ESPN is helping put this together. It was like the ESPN VIP tailgate. And they asked me they were like nervous to ask me like. Hey I need uh-huh saver. Would you be willing to do an eating contest against Joey Chestnut. It's been as they had just given me the greatest gift my life has ever known. The problem is this is it. Sounds good until you get up there and like I. This is the equivalent of like dropping stugatz in the middle of NFL. Football game. And asked you to go out there and block Lawrence Taylor right like I. I sat there was a deer in headlights. To God's like we can we can up to this thing and it was like ninety days in front of all but me joey going in some local competitive eater around here and all of a sudden I just see both of them start. We have like full water bottles and they just start unscrewing tops and I have no idea what I'm doing so I started following following their lead. It's literally monkey see. Monkey do of me petrified watching Joey like stretching and moving his mouth around and I realized Oh my God. I'm about to get railroaded by athlete. Kid Goat Right. We were saying we were saying it's like having you don't like an open seat beat at stake and you have to walk it off the street and debate with Stephen a Smith. There's no chance of winning. Go Joe no and you realize like it's like drowning because as I'm going on simultaneously trying not to throw up realizing but I'm just shoveling more of them in my mouth swallowing time gawking. Talking Joey Fall three up at a time. Greece them with a little bit of water. 'cause we all agreed beforehand. The water isn't play if you wanted to pay them down. 'cause the one bit of advice I got not from the local guy who had obviously done this a little more joe he had not eaten them professionally in competition and wanted to make that clear before he baptized us in his unholy fire. The Guy said whatever you do. Don't inhale when you eat this because if you take a bunch of powdered sugar down the wrong pipe you're gonNA puke and you're going to get disqualified and so so now. I'm nervous about doing that. And then again I'm just sitting there watching the best in the world do his thing like it was sitting next to Cosso. It was unreal so I was proud. Listen I somehow managed to eat fourteen in the four minutes that we were doing while Joey seventy eight and I honestly think they shortchanged by like ten seventy seventy eight to fourteen and. Did you just compare Joey. Chaz not the Picasso it was I listen. I honestly think he's better than what he does. I think you're right. Ah I mean who's WHO's Gaza's fiercest competitor flood brain they. They made eight of Thirty for thirty for Picasso yet. I will wait but I did make one for college cowards tat. NFL playoffs inexplicably. Leave if that is the podcast poverty poverty so wait a second. We'll get you out of your day. The week is it you yeah had any idea like why does God's calling me on a Sunday morning I realize Tuesday I I have no idea I got here and went out the first night we got here on Bourbon Street instinctively. You know I had had to be here a day early so I could not do you any work on Sunday and just however reason to wander around Bourbon Street and I told someone together I got here. I was like Mike that was four hours ago at five. Am you just went to bed. We're talking about where did by the way those are the the four most commonly used words at ESPN. I need a favor. Hey listen guys and I'm not GonNa do you know what you got paid like to think. They paid me in food for my soul. Because now I went for whatever the scariest part about it. All STU GODS I win again wanted to do this was a willing participant. I did all of this and then because I failed the plan and only only thought about like what they told me that I was blind. Everything else I forgot to ask about any sort of transportation. I walked thirty minutes to stadium God over there fully kickoff. I had to throw away the shirt I had on going over there. But Ho cheese win over and put on a suit and then gas bag about college sports on the Internet only the Ellen provided not even transportation. But you've been as you're happy. Don't like students. I was on cloud nine. I'm still literally buzzing because the amount of sugar it my sister would kill mortals standard. Might have one or two questions. I have a few more. We establish what day of the week it is great. How many hours of sleep? If you logged. Let's say the last three nights combined I would say the last three nights combined were like a solid six and a half seven six six and a half seven total hours over the last three nights. Is that what you're saying. Yeah I think that sounds fair. The Night of the game Monday night. How many hours Monday night? And like this one San I didn't even get to go Out after the game Monday night I was doing a hit for the daily for Meena after the game. He's back in my hotel room and still managed to get like I think two and a half hours after that. 'cause that'd be Jason v had to wake up. Did you dad and trays job for them. Since we'd actually stayed watched the game and flown home right and I felt terrible for you this morning. You look like a ghost. It was. I was definitely more dead than alive. Right Marcus Spears breath. I was that like He. He seemed like he was having a good time. Whereas let it smells like all if you put all of the slushy machines at one of those dachary bars on burglary into one cop he goes? I'm running off period rental and I said Marcus I know they serve adrenaline right. Next to the hand-grenades thing does that stands you interested in adding that transpired during the game after the game anything that happened last night. Yeah goes you. I heard you with me this morning. You gotta explain these indoor fireworks to me. It would seriously serious thing I've ever seen. We were in the superdome. LSU Wins and. I already have a little bit of like post-championship Ptsd from getting covered loser. Steady Back Alabama kicked. RT's in two thousand twelve. And so I already liked to avoid that and so I'm looking into taking it in happy and I just start to hear these POPs and I look a couple of like this like this has to be a fire hazard by the way just to let you guys know there is a guy that is loosely. My Dot will anger right now. Four here wearing a dress singing on the street next to me. All right He's in the middle of a song. What you got All right basically show big knowledge. Yeah that was big Mama guys standing next week Mama on the PODCAST. I got a picture of me and big Mama who is singing black Sabbath habits free you guys that I will send along my God. I love you Did you just give them money. No of course not okay say they strip is costing you money. No I can't eat it. I'm not paying for it at this point in me about big Mama. Don't know each other like that. All right Did you see Booger McFarland or Ryan Clark. Any of the guys the Lsu Lsu alarm did you see any of them at last night I didn't see them out. But I thought Ryan Clark at the game so I don't know how you guys are with this but the Lsu van. Dan has a bit of a reputation for playing this song. Call Neck that the student section rebates is and says you know Heo Suck that Tiger Dick. WHOA man Yeah No? It's it's it's a lot so the so the whole LSU students section is chanting this in the arena. And I look over the band's going crazy like this is the point of the game we're LSU started to separate so we it's seventy thirty LSU in the crowd. And I look over and everyone. What else looking on the jumbotrons? 'cause Joe Borough was on the bench and he was you know vibrant along to the song people were loving it. I looked over in front of the band and I see Ryan Clark with some random up championship belt. But he's acquired just absolutely losing his mind and that was when I was probably the most jealous anyone yesterday. God stands you. Were right this is. This is the get if you presented me with Patrick. Any of the four quarterbacks starting this weekend or go go mama the next week big Mama and I want the PR person who did not provide transportation for Gojko or money. Get him on or whoever G. is who was it. Go Jodi. My name's not naming names sue. I was Provided provided with the opportunity lifetime they say don't beat your heroes. I got my hero. I have either way I mean Alabama. It has nothing on you compared to Joey Chestnut. What was the scores Standard? I think Alabama beats you guys like forty two fourteen just eight the fourteen chest out with one one of the more. I said it was the most athletic communist Senate thing I saw the entire weekend maybe the entire season. It's amazing I I I love you thank you get some rest Stanford was right. You were the sweet man and I love you both. I'll see you when I get back and Big Momma's House Stupidity Stu gods here. It's a new year. The perfect opportunity to take your business to the next level by hiring the right people but finding qualified all five candidates can be challenging ziprecruiter dot com slash. Stu pod makes it easy ziprecruiter send your job over one hundred of the Web's leading job boards but they don't stop there air with their powerful matching technology ziprecruiter skins thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job as applications come in ziprecruiter analyzes each one at spotlight the top candidates. So you never miss a great match. Ziprecruiter is so affected that four to five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality auty candidate through the site within the first day and right now my listeners can try ziprecruiter for free. You hear me. It's free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash STU pod. That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM SLASH STU pod S. T. U. P. O. D. ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash. Stu Pods Ziprecruiter. The the smartest way to hire STU body standing. I've been telling you for a while now that I want to get Derek Dietrich on the on the podcast here so I am not doing. This is because there is baseball controversy. I'm doing this because Derek Dietrich is a guy. The last time I saw him he was in our studio shirtless. Oh Yes yes that guy like baseball's version of Gronk I think the yeah but but he's not like there's some substance underneath that beautiful Tan. And so I think he'll be good in the baseball stuff south but I also think people will find him to be a really good dude. He's a free agent right. Damn these only thirty. He looks like he's twenty But I think people will find him to be a very interesting guy he. Juggling is a hobby. That's a place we can go. He's a car enthusiast. So there are many places Ed he is dating so what he's not the best athletes. There's no relationship. He is dating someone who's willing to go medals. Wow Yeah I know so. Are you giving dietrich you because you think upbringing on meet had you bringing on bringing out someone much smarter smarter than okay. That's not what I'm doing here. I mean what's the worst that can happen this podcast. It's called Stupidity. Okay Eddie listen. And he wants to give tanning tips still body. Stu Dietrich is there your shirt Lewis. I am actually shirtless Believe it or not I'm putting in a sub woofer thirty year old friends jeep grand Cherokee like eighteen again. That's doing my days off DJ The last time. I saw you standing last last time I saw Derek Dietrich was in our studio shirtless percentage of your day are you. Do you have assured. Let's see no not when I wake up not usually when I'm in the gym. I'm out on my bike. I don't have it on probably when I go to dinner or plain out in my apartment I would say like an hour a day. Yeah I'd say about an hour day two hours. We go for a long dinner right and those two hours of the worst two hours of your day right dietrich. Yeah but that's why I gotta get something good to take my mind standing if you had a body like dietrich detail like Dietrich we'll get to that in just a second you would not wear sure either trust me you know. I believe it in Iran shirtless ones and felt uncomfortable. Right how important like if I had to write the top five most important things to Derek Dietrich Where does a good Tan us? Where does that come in on the West well behind baseball and behind signs cars cars Tan and the beach gotta the off definitely in the in the top five? And so you you you said that because I was just talking to my agent the other day and he's like You know how how you doing. I haven't seen him in a bit and now training. Of course he said. How's the Tan and I said Oh it's excellent just like okay because people are asking me you know you have these expectations now and you they when you come to campus you know you gotta be Jackson Fan? I'm like you don't have to worry about that. That's that's caged aged your free agent right now though. Did you tell your agent. Hey how's the job search going course. Yeah we We talk often my agent. David David Lapa out in California California we. We've been negotiating and communicating with a bunch of teams. But you know it's just We're we're in no rush. Obviously we we want to get get the best opportunity. That's really what's number one on my list You know I wanNA play for a winning team and I want to have an opportunity to to play in to help. So you know we're we're definitely absolutely covering our basis and You know we'll see See where we end up. I know you guys will know soon as I do Yes we will And I'm looking forward go to To finding out where it is that you end up. We'll get all the baseball stuff that's going on here just a second here Derek Dietrich free-agent former Marlin former red a good thing. The Astros drafted Ya. Yeah the Astros drafted me and my first my first go around out of standing nation in Cleveland when I was seventeen and No I turned it down and I thought going to Georgia tech with the you know the best for me and it turned out it was and but yeah I know where this question is probably going with the with the it was. I'm saying drafted him as a good thing. You got the hell out of there. I mean it's a good job. Yeah I mean well listen they when they drafted me they were they were in turmoil. There and that organization so much right. Yes yeah well they have. They were bad right. Yeah yeah they were really bad but they've had good teams and they have a world series title and You know they still have that. That title as right now and We played them three times this year. It's kind of funny. I mean you know we we. We had coal very lander and Miley and we beat all three and Cincinnati. And so we were feeling like on top of the world there with the reds for a bit but It's been a wild Donald Story. Definitely crazy to follow. You know the you know if you've played about home you've got slaughtered right. I mean Yeah See I. I wouldn't even been a a fair game no pun intended if we play them in minute maid as somebody that faces these crazy pitchers. How helpful would it be for you as a hater knowing your either getting a fastball? auspey tastes like how beneficial is that. Okay well let me if you went into a test and there were ten questions on the test and they give view you have fifty answers to study and I was like hey here that ten answers that are going to be on the test with ten questions you walked into the test you'd be like I think I should get ten Tannan ACIS thing so I'm not saying you're going to get a hit every time or hit the ball every time. Listen to it makes it a lot easier if you know what's coming it's already hard enough to hit. But you know it's coming it's GonNa it'd be much easier so digital. Try this way if you knew you get six hundred at bats and you know every single pitch that's coming. What do you think you? What's what's your batting average? I mean I'd hope the hit somewhere close to four hundred but even that would be pushing it with the way these guys are these days the fastballs and everything else but you know you definitely would hit a hundred points hundred fifty maybe two hundred higher. I mean it's going to be different for everybody. But after the battle is being able to prepare and eliminate pitches and be ready for certain pitches and certain counts. And all of that. So I can't give you you know exactly but you know definitely GonNa it'd be better off. No no no doubt. That's pretty jarring though Derek when you consider think about this and I'm not saying this because listen to the game is just evolved batting average not as important but you're to forty six career hitter. You got a lot of power but you're telling me hey a season full of knowing what's coming at me I can get somewhere for two forty six somewhere near four hundred. That's that's a pretty big advantage Derek. You know I don't know I guess you gotTa look at like the look at some of the top hitters for the Astros and they're batting averages I don't know they. They they definitely led the league and a lot of categories now. I don't. I'm sure you know they've got great talent there and great hitters and but I know it's GonNa it's helping them. Otherwise why would they. Why would they'd be doing it? Or why are these the queues of doing it. So you know. There's no question that it's GonNa make you a more successful and You know it's just a IT'S A. It's a shame the way that I guess they were doing it. You know there's there's ways of doing to my grandfather was in it for Baseball Major League Baseball for over fifty years being guys. Would you know steal signs. First base coaches steal signs today guys still find second face. We rely Stein's with body movements hand this and that but when you take it to the next level of using cameras using TV's you know using signals from outside the dugout all these kinds of things. I think you're kind of you know crossing the line and and You know that's not good for the game you keep it within the field on the field in between the white lines not outside the stadium not out over the fence in the dugout. Keep it within the white lines. That's the game. That's that's the competitive advantage. That's being smart and and being a team and a unit but anything outside of that I think I don't think it's right and then I think you should be punished. I'm glad you went there because I'm wondering like you haven't heard much from many of the players. See Saffi has spoken out and I feel like Major League Baseball -ASEBALL to be honest with you. There they should have before they put these these harsh penalties on these teams that you have managers being fired general managers being fired and who knows if ever get jobs again. I think they should investigate this league league wide. Because it's my feel. Baseball might have put themselves in a difficult spot where they've set a precedent here and they have to keep firing people. Because I believe this is like a League wide thing. I'm not saying everyone's using electronics. That do it but I think stealing signals stealing signs. It's something that going on a major league baseball forever and just about every team right now like today last year every team in some way shape form or fashion they are trying to steal sides trying to get competitive edge. Yeah no question I mean I I believe that one hundred percent and I think it goes now this is a little but different topic but still unofficial and helpful and and illegal is using performance enhancing drugs and. I'm sure there are people out there and players out there that that are still using it and the way that you you combat this as you have to make the penalties so harsh whether you're you're you're using technology to gain in a competitive advantage that illegal or PD's which we obviously know is our band. You have to make the penalty so harsh that they're not going to risk you know the risk versus award. It's it's it's not there but you know eighty games I unfortunately I see too many guys that get caught and still be rewarded sometime down the the road whether it's a bigger contract next year they get contract. They're still at the teams you know. Eighty Games out of a twenty million dollar. Salary is still fifteen million dollars more than I. I'M GONNA make next year and they've got years and years and years after that Gordon or what are you doing it. Sounds like an amazing. No no I'M I. I'm not ever mentioning any names. NOT WORTH IT I. I don't think I don't think there's enough because like in in in that case right there yeah right like I think. There's the risk is worth the reward. You don't know if you're GONNA get busted if you do get Boston. It's an eighty game suspension. But you've already got your money. And it's guaranteed a hearing teed guaranteed money and then you're not giving any of that back so you you lose what you're gonNA make for half the season that year you're not giving anything back from last year or the year before forever. How long you could have been using or you know in the future so i? It's not guys aren't scared. I don't think they're scared enough. I think they're going to still try to take the risk and I think that's what's going on. You know with with the sign stealing too. I mean obviously the monetary fine and and losing. Your job is is one thing but you know we'll see how far baseball ball goes with the punishments. Here you know from what punishment be though. Derek I been saying on the radio in the last couple of days they gotta take over the World Series to me if you really wanted to make a statement if you really want to prevent teams from doing this again that take away the world series or take a guy like L. Tubay and suspend him for year here something like that. It's gotTa be horse. Teams will never ever attempt to do this again. I mean I don't think it's going to their. You know you take the the boss you know. I guess the manager obviously he. He's the one that you know. Had the most severe punishment and no players were punished. But then it Kinda gets Harry I mean I mean if I was on a team that was using the technology I I don't know I I. It would be hard to say twenty four other guys use it. I I'M NOT GONNA use it or or you know I don't know how that would work. It's such a brotherhood and guys depend on each other and and count on each other that it would be tough. But then you'd be you know basically we firing or suspending thirty guys or twenty five guys and I don't think baseball can can withstand that and so I think at at least starting at the top you know where they had to. But I don't know I don't know where it goes. I knew that your players union so damn strong. So it's it's it's hard to suspend the players. Mike fires the he he broke a code right. I mean Derek Broken Code did he not. That was tough I mean I. Don't you know that was his call. Aw to do that and to be outspoken. Like that you know I. I don't know I've never been on a team where I've knowingly new guys that were cheating and so i. I don't know what I would do in that situation. It would be that would be tossing and that's a gray area and you know I mean he should get the world series ring back. He's GonNa rat everyone out. You should give the If you feel badly about is you give ring back right. I mean I don't know that's how do you feel about what if all the astros all the players they were forced to play for the Miami Marlins won't you you'd have a championship. Probably Miami sooner than later then we would figure out a way to blow it. JEETER would well my fires to me. That's the most fascinating thing this story. I'm not even certain. Major League Baseball wants. This story needed this story though. We're talking baseball during the NFL. Blake which is I guess publicity listening. But that righty not that is interesting. Does not surface not come to life if Mike Fires Desert rat out a team that you want world series would and he did it because he agreed to sign at play in their division and he had to face. Those pitchers Golvin out. Yeah I mean you know I guys changed teams. All the time coaches changed changed teams all the time. When you're playing against guys or you play against coaches you know Perry Hill my first base coach and Infield coach in Miami me for five years and then he went to Seattle? And you know it's like we he had a whole system for us it's not just positioning and science and everything and you know. He knew the whole all defensive schemes. So when you go play that team you gotta change everything. Because he's the mastermind and he knows you know everything about our defense you know we're not doing doing anything illegal. We're just being creative and where we put guys or how you signs to relay you know first and third coverages and bunk coverages simple stuff. But you know it's and we're not getting into the nitty gritty of you know what pitch is coming and all of that. Obviously but that's common in baseball. You have so much turnover and change that you're constantly having in disguise signs and signals and whatnot. So you know it's part of the game you know I was just I was kind of blown away to you know. Last night I saw I was sitting down for dinner and saw that. No Alex Cora. They agreed to part ways. I don't know what that means Very Liar Liar. Derek Yeah I that's the nice way of putting We asked them to leave and he said I do. I have a choice so you know how the hell out of here yeah base. Baseball really didn't didn't need that in any way shape or form but you know if it was going on. I'm not got mad that the you know that they were that they were caught and it was brought to light. Because this game is so hard at least All I WANNA do. I WANNA get on a winning team by the time I career is over. I WANNA that'd be on a team that competes and has a chance to win the world series like I want to walk around and have a world series ring and be able to say that I wanNA world series and so when you're already behind the eight ball so to speak against some teams that maybe you know doing things illegally. Then it makes it that much harder. Yeah it makes the game that much harder already a tough game have any players or pitchers or players you've ever played with. Have they suspected have they thought to themselves themselves. Hey like pitchers specifically and that guy knew exactly what was coming. Has Anyone ever expressed that to you. Oh yeah yeah yeah guys would be like. Hey they got our side alphabet they have to have our signs you know. It happens all the time but our pitchers are always kind of paranoid at some point or another. They're like gotta change the signs up or they know what's coming you know it's just just like they're all over that you know how you tell the most is not by like the hits or not the swings but by the takes you'll see a guy take a nasty slider lider like boom nice and easy quiet like didn't jump at it had didn't move and you're like wait a minute like bar. Something's going on you know and that's when you really really start to realize that you know you gotta make a change or they've got something on the pitcher or the t a tipping or signs and you know so that's kind us you know what we look for. It's pretty interesting stuff there dietrich Gambling steroid stealing signs which is worse for the game. Put them in order of which is worse. I'm like there's another pete. Rose conversations come up again and whether or not he's deserving to like what. Pete rose did gambling on his own team. That seems to Pailin comparison to steroids. Royds at stealing science world series. Derek steroids are no doubt Number one in my eyes signs feeling now it depends on what how we're we're talking about this technology way this way that you know. They're they're saying the ice shows us. That's that's a no no but traditional thanksgiving. I won't even and put that up there so I would say gambling is probably second and then signed stealing and those two could be interchangeable depending on you know what kind of science dealing are we talking about but PD's he's there's no room for that that's a no now number one numero now We got a few things to get to. Then we'll get here. We appreciate it. You want to do this for a living after you're done playing playing baseball. This is what you WANNA do right. Yeah Well Han Hans Down I just I love you know talking baseball. I let talking life. I like you know being there and just communicating indicating with all. They're sitting. That's my favorite thing to do on and off the field fans family friends doesn't matter then and I just I love it. I love to You know and a half on off the field and and You know do great things in the community. You're you're great at it. You're a great you're a great speaker. Great communicator at static. You know where I'm headed here like. I feel like Dietrich perhaps maybe once a month year co hosting with me we get yellow job. We have a little conversation and good right. Yeah no doubt I mean I met some. I'm good friends in baseball and I could easily we. Can you know we can bring a new guy on once a month once a couple of weeks. Whatever you WanNa do we can we can have? MVP's phony only guys. We can have whoever you want ause on there like I said big G Stanton. y'All it's all the guys that are you know all over I trevor bowers who talked to along. Trevor Bauer. He's a he he's funny man he's he looks at the game a whole nother way. I you know what we should get him on. And I'd love to hear what he says about the Houston Astros Feeling is You know I know. He's got some some beef with with those boys show you know what and I haven't talked to him about it That would be that would be a good one to get him on his opinion on it because I'm sure it would be interesting. I mean forget the monthly standing. I'll do what every week next week next week. You went bauer what do you think. Yeah Yeah let me let me. I'll reach out to him outside. Do do a little something with God and I'm sure he would be happy. To and That's awesome 'cause you meet so many guys we can play over. Of course it's seven eight years you know ten years professionally rationally and You know everyone's got different perspectives. Everyone's got different experiences. And you know every year is different. Every season is different. So you know you're GONNA have a lot of cool all stories a lot of crazy stories a lot of cool stories and you know. And that's how people can relate or just get the guys and get to know the game more Stanford you just just texted me. Something I don't know what it means. What happened there stands? It was your girlfriend She WanNa go metal. Is that where you wanted to go. Yeah I'm blown away. How jealous are you of your girlfriend? Hey My my girlfriend's a rock star and Monica puig she's Two Thousand Sixteen gold medal winner in the Real Olympics in women's tennis or the beautiful country of Puerto Rico. She's the first gold medal winner in the country's history and Actually the Marlins Park about a week after she won the gold medal. They invite her to throw out the first pitch. It's kind of a cool little story and We just we met that day. Okay I had asked to take a quick photo with her. I Yeah I was impressed. Usually you get someone throws out first pitch. You're like I'm getting ready for the game stretching and you really you don't pay any attention and then they're like you know Olympic gold medalist so you know being an athlete and I would have loved to have been able to compete in the Olympics. You know you have that respect for just that accomplishment so then you know I looked over and I was like Whoa wait a minute. Wait a minute the first the person normally throw throwing up. I is a guy like me. Local radio has a five year old. Ask tough it's tough in Miami but so I looked over and I was like wait a minute so I I call our photographer targeted Dennis over and said Hey. Here's the plan off the field. I'M GONNA ask to take a photo with her so I need you to be right waiting right here. So sure enough. She comes off the field I said. Hey Hi my name's Derek. Would you take a photo with me. Nice to meet you and So we just exchange. We had the photo. We've changed the photo via instagram. We talked briefly a few messages here and there for about three months and then I don't know I don't know where one day we just kind of texted and then from that day on We kind of built a relationship. She was out playing in Dubai and and overseas for about a month and we hadn't even seen each other for four months answer so and Basically started dating over facetime and texting calls and then been dating since February of two thousand. What is it eight eighteen so almost three years now? Dietrich I gotTa tell you man the photograph. How do you play unbelievable by you? Yeah I mean you probably should have the thinking about the baseball but listen I would do the same thing. Yeah Yeah that was one of my better moves. I've I've made on the baseball field. That one. You know having my Jersey Randolph. Three run home run game up their best things I've done on the baseball field to forty forty six hitter but in terms of landing dates on the baseball field atmosphere. I I have not gotten out the only thing is i. Don't know if I'll have another other chance I might just stay at a thousand. We'll see wow. It's getting that serious. A just teasing guys. I hope she's not listening. I'll just but No it's all good. It's all good funny one. Just gotTa get you a new contract at a rang mega happen. Let's go exactly get a world series ring unite of course during work on one preferably the ring. I'm looking for the world series ring. What's the key that will get to give us three three keys to a good tan? The perfect and you the perfect end. Give us a keys all right well. Depending on how how easily you burn or not burn. I would probably say start with with the the number. Eight panning oil. You want the oil the spray oil. No you know sunscreen. It's you don't need that not here. Ah I told you. I'm half Irish. Yeah well then you stay out of the Sun. You've got no chance screwed you got no you better have a good personality. 'CAUSE you're not getting the man Dan here. Yeah but start with the eight tanning oil and then work yourself in the four and then if you you really feel dangerous I'm I go straight to the red top. We call it the red top around town euro. That's the zero. There's no no protection whatsoever. And that its straight burn your skin oil becoming up popcorn op corn. No I know exactly. I know exactly what you're talking about Stanford it's like sitting on the sun off man redtop redtop when when we're out on the beach you know everyone of the band on South beach like who's at the red top and then that's when you know you're coming home with a nice nice bronze ten Juggling Ogling Juggling how you love juggling. It's a hobby. He juggles. It stands at about how he he's a juggler like like. How did that come about? That was about ten years old I had a there was a a kid. A couple of houses down in my neighborhood in Parma Ohio. Just outside of Cleveland on and Two years older than me and used to skateboard. And be a Max and all these things and I used to always be interested in pick up different stuff and You know one day I saw him juggling alling and I was like very intrigued and so I was like ten. I started practicing juggling and you know my my parents like Saami practicing and and you know they're like well. This is good for your hand eye coordination there so that Kinda like encouraged it and so it's always juggled for a couple of years. You got pretty good. And then when I got the High School at Saint Ignatius I had a circus company and it was you know it was a group you know you would go and practice juggling and magic and then you would perform volunteer shows that you know like children's hospitals goals nursing homes community events and you know I just really enjoyed it and just kept doing it. Throughout high school had a chance to do it when I was sixteen or seventeen athletic. All American game at one of the biggest children's hospitals in San Diego and I was kind of troubled. All over started at double a all star Games and done it on major league baseball fields. you know something. I've always done a crazy crazy. Props we call them props the things that you juggling align obviously baseball's or beanbags but you know before I was a major leaguer and and it was making a lot of money I I was Joel in machetes. He's juggled torches flaming balls You name it. I juggled it but I'm a little smarter now and that got too much to lose. I still have all ten singer so I gotta be honest. I wouldn't believe Gigolo before Juggler Stubai Sukhbaatar the last thing you mentioned at the start of this interview that you love cars the dream car for Derek. Dietrich is I have it right now. Oh I think I have a fully done up. Audie are eight and It's ban I love this thing It's my first supercar ever I ever bought and so it's dear to me I mean you know Came from a very you know humble background and So when I was able to purchase something like that for myself Something always keep in something. I'll always cherish. So you know. I'm sure they'll come cars that I want to. You know drive and by own but this audie are eight. It's it's special to me. Because it's my first my first ever. You know real sports car. Well we're grateful We're grateful to you for carving out time for Matt it's been it's been In Great Great Dietrich. You're going to be good at this and we're going to find out more about how you're gonNA be next week when we get together beautiful. Yeah I'll reach out to him now. Linda let's get. Let's get it rolling for next week stands like I told you I told you there is more than meets the eye with Derek. Dj what meet your. I is his incredible looks his shirtless body credible to an but there is some stuff underneath era. Yeah I thought I was getting total jock meathead and who knew way smarter than expected. Why did you think that you look at a guy? He walks around Miami shirt he went into your radio. Studio shirtless fairness Dami was hanging out with the Cleveland. Their pool well. He didn't bring his shirt because he brings his shirt Cleveland there and we dragged him into our studio. He didn't have it shared the banana. That's the beauty. Yeah you told us he. He wears a shirt for like an hour a day right. But I didn't think there'd be that much beyond that surface. Yeah but you could hear it right. He's thoughtful he's interesting and he certainly does a lot in the way of charity. He spent a lot the time trying to make kids feel better. And I think that's that's awesome. You know you should make me feel better during the Blue Jays. Help really ask why not lose it. I know we praise them. But the guys at two forty six hitter match stands. And we're said we're GONNA now you don't want wolf finishing fourth place on our own. We'll be fun and he listened and he said he wanted to win a world stories ringing. Stay away listen Yankee. That was fun. Says that was a fun episode. Mike Golic Ola Junior. I cannot believe we tape that on Tuesday. I heard on the radio the next day in the morning show and he looked terrible. I saw Oh my God again and he needs a week off he really does he does he needs a week off. You're right I need a week off. Go to Mexico. Play San denic up at stories next week when I got back static we may never hear from you again. What I won't have is George R R Martin but maybe we'll still body?

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