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Welcome back to learn English with Cullen and today I wanted to explain to you how classes work so classes come out on the audiobook file thirst. So that's the Impe three. You can listen to that. You can download onto your phone or you can push play. And you can listen to it. So that it's actually playing on your phone and those listens come out on the website at MAG dot com. MAG dot com with listens. Come first. Then you can go inside our app step to and get the notes, listen that appositely on ice agents on Android, and gives you more detail. Inside the listens inside the audio. Listen, so you getting more detail from that listen in there that stint to and then lastly step three the listens come out on video. So the video listen on YouTube. It will always be the last listen that's with the listen Aden's. So please by all means stop with the audio files. This into the audio thirst Dame second Goto app and get you will note, and then certainly come to YouTube and to get an update of listen he had on YouTube. So please, I o means though to the process step was audio out audio at ease. Mag dot com. Stick to is posting app the notes inside the app, which really help you can download that app. It's completely free. And then step number three is listen comes out here on YouTube. So we'll catch you in the next lesson.

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