Alejandra Jimenez Beats Crews-Dezurn For WBC & WBO I Want Claressa Shields, at Middleweight


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At Harry's our approach is simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them limit. Honest prices for as low as two dollars. Each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class German blade factory obsessing over every detail means. We're confident in an offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. Millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with this special offer get a Harry starter. Set with a five Blade Razor waited handle shave gel and a travel cover all for just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter five thousand checkout. That's Harrys Dot com code. Five thousand. Enjoy my heart doesn't lie in numbers. Don't lie any both said I WANNA fight was horrified part. Yeah made made it hard but anything worth having is worth working hard for so it needs to happen. Rematch pepper. Golden boy his own. Cancun boxin mega happen. I gave you a shot. Come back over less through around to Like I said you ain't take a ship for me and she wasn't taken from me. You know you could take my belt sway you you take all the way on the People's chant and the fans solidified that shadow to the fans here in San Antonio show to the fan on social media even even was joking my hair at the end of the day they said. Do you want the hair or do you want the belt and I say I want the bells so fuck that hair. Let that be. You're listening to you. If there's something you really want in life make the sacrifice in fuck that Shit and get it done too little Marla nine year old fan. Now here you are truly Mahar Inspiration tonight too key. I N not appreciate you. I WANNA thank golden boy and dissolve for Sama Vision. Allow me to be creative as a woman. Investment her own business in her own Craft designed design Dancers uniform germs uniform putting together the music my uniform production and allow me to create freely and let the World See my vision. It was so it was a dream. Come true only ice known. Kate would have been to get the correct decision tonight. But Hey sometimes tom you gotta lose to win. Last time I lost a bounceback can became a unified world champion. Who knows will happen this time? I don't WanNa bet bigger better because there's a lot of fight left in me as a shadow my husband Junior may you've been with me every step away every tear. Pick me up in arms so grateful for you Cornerman be book. Agnes thank you for pulling me due tonight and just you know rocking with me. The whole team. That was their support me in the ring in the back. Whatever it means the world to me and then I'll just keep moving forward? I hope you guys enjoy the ride. Tonight was a knife women's boxing. So we gotta get the rematch because this is what the game aim needs in Akron from the bottom to get to this position from the mud. Light on the muscle me Glen. You know a couple of people won't away so I think it's only right especially as champ. I deserve Mashhad again in. Put the same passion Shen and I'm GonNa make sure you get the right answer this time so enjoy why you got it but you have to see me again and Snow Ansa bus about it. The blessing thank you. Ask the Tunisian. I'll see you against him. A new you know to saying stay hungry stay indefens- remain three. This is it right in your production. I just wanted to go on a great boxing. Also of nine. WHO estimates appraised I love what touching tame different vitamin B.? Crazy of me as settlers Sushi. Good Morning. TBB YOU and Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen to another edition of the box invoice radio. I'm your host. NESTED ESTA gives formula instagram at Nez. GTO and we are back with another one. Damn what a fight. What a fight what? What a moment? For Women's boxing shout out to French on cruise deserve shoutout to Alejandra Jimenez for May go what a fight I no. I don't think I've ever been this excited for women's boxing match ever. I don't think I was as anxious for women's boxing. Fight ever this fight. I mean I knew of physical appearance of Alejandra Jiminez Jiminez Latigo. I knew that there was going to be some issues. I knew that this was going to be one of those fights that we got to. You know watch and we would be talking about for years to comment. I think it may be years. I know that clever shields was looking for a super fight with Amanda Nunez and and you know what honestly maybe that could still happen giving Alejandra Jiminez time to build some sort of American fan base. Maybe we have her go ahead and unified versus the girl that dethroned the at least you Napoleon this weekend that is the same division. So Oh maybe an. I'm speaking for Chris. I did reach out. I don't know if we're GONNA be able to get around. Obviously I reached out like three in the morning and and you know she seen a message just seeing if she'll be bothered to answer it on a Sunday morning who we will have. What is the trainer of freshmen? Crews design. which is none other than Barry Hunter shutouts berry true? Gee I know. He hasn't jumped on the show. Oh just yet but just answering my texts at three thirty in the morning to come on the show shows the type of champion he is reached out to Joe L. D. as Eric Gomez Fuck Ivan reached out to pepper Gomez. You know what I'm saying because this fight needs to happen again. This is to happen but I'm being honest. You know I'm being honest. And if we're thinking for the betterment of women's boxing fresh on crucial not go into the immediate rematch. which she should probably face the loser in Napoleon's let Jiminez face so the rules and then let shields face noon years Shields Beats Nunez becomes a global star? Alejandra beets Set of rules if she can because on one hundred beatable Jiminez is beatable. I mean look my girl hd fought the wrong fight. She had to use more lateral movement. She had to move to the sides. I told you guys this girl's leg was no fucking good and the knee was no good if she would have just moved to the sign and look it's easier said than done and that's why we created Boorda was right. We see here and we talk about what fighter could do and they should do more other and that's why we created border wall so you don't just talk about it you'd be about it. You get in a ring and you do it yourself now from the outside looking doc in any did look like French. Sean just had to move laterally. She just had to move side to side. It seem like Alejandra just could not cut the distance and Thomas seem like you know friendship crews always had enough time to back out but never wanted to backout instead fought the Mexicans fight fought tooth and nail in the in the Bro in the pain. That's not the fight. This girl was a heavyweight came down. She lost thirty kilos. Bros she waiting. One sixty four one sixty four four. She didn't weighing one sixty eight at the limit she went under and her call out was Clarisa at one sixty. She knows she can make one sixty. Now I'm telling you right now. I don't know of Columbus to take this fight. It's a super fight. It can be built into that but this girl didn't just nothing phased nothing phased she took the ultimate uppercut from French Sean crews discern and eighty like it was fucking breakfast eight it like it was is nothing I don't know Clarisa has the boxing skill. She's got the footwork and the speed Alejandro hundred definitely slower. Miss Gemma's was getting caught with three pieces from cruise but crew stood in that frigging pocket. No we need to be there if she would have just one to roll out one-two-three pivot to the left and I know again. It's easier said than done umbrellas so easy to say so difficult to do. But Damn you'll I thought I was heartbroken honestly. I don't even have a personal relationship. This ship Befriends Sean crews She's not one of my favorite fighters but damn what a fight that drew me in her will to win was insane the fact that the came off. She's like I know and they like that Shit. Oh you want to fuck it only want the bell. I'm telling you we've been getting the best corner audio in years. The other day was like tell you. Take them to the penitentiary. You'll stick them in from coach Calvin and now this time Barry Hunter same area. DMV Shit all when they tried to put that shit back on the city. Bre I love me some Barry Hunting man. We're going to get him in about fifteen minutes. If you haven't already asked him a question you can do so by heading over which were Patriot on page and looking for the pulse acts Barry Hunter a question so many things to act. Oh my I don't want to cross the line but I got so many questions so many theories just scrolling through my head. I don't I don't know I don't know I I mean I. I feel heartbroken for for discern She fought her hired out I see tons of people saying that she did enough and maybe she did. I did not score round by round. I'm sorry I ah I should have known it was going to be this type of five but I know and it really depends pens which you like man. If you're into that Margarito style will then you probably thought that Alejandro Jiminez One. But if you're aw into you know clean effective punches even higher punch connect will then Utah French Sean. Sean crews deserve one because discern landed more punches. She was cleaner with her shots. And I think her blows were more telling right. There were cleaner more effective where Alejandra was more activity. Impounding are really. I don't remember an uppercut like I remember. Fresh on cruises uppercut a unit. I mean like I don't again. I'm not taking anything away from Alejandro. That is a tough style. Even Clarisa may have some issues news. But I am so excited to see what's GonNa happen is Clarisa going to answer this call because Clarisa Orissa went down to fifty four. This girl is sixty eight coming from heavy. Weight is Chris's team going to say no. Are they gonNA play the fucking Apollo creed of cool it off for you. You don't need that in your life. This is a big as girl. She was already taller. and You got imagine on. Fight night. She we don't got no unofficial scale and I told John Man when I see pepper like I don't know is it me or was ninety eight ninety two out of this fucking world. I'm like all the design earn like ninety two nine ninety two ninety eight but it's hard to say. The Dow was a cheat when the other two scorecard was ninety. Seven ninety three. It was just is a fantastic fight. One of those guys. That women's boxing is going to remember for a long time. And I think it's a FI. You're that deserves a rematch. But not immediately I mean I know for for for dessert. She probably he wants the rematch immediately. But I think she needs to regroup I think she needs to get in there with some big dudes. I mean I heard Barry. Hunter say you'll your spawn was tougher than this and and we gotta ask them that we got who brought him for small. 'CAUSE 'cause I think Lewis had Andrew Durrell for small and that's one hundred and seventy five pound man. There isn't one hundred and seventy five pounds during training camp so who who deserve bring in to mimic this woman that is built like a fucking house the the listen to you gotta give credit man. I knew that this was like something that we had to do. Something that we had to talk about because you just don't see she just unified and and she gave this girl a shot. I don't even think this was a mandatory. This was a shot she gave A. And if you can hear from the clip that I played blade. She doesn't even sound confident or secure that there was a rematch. She's accent for the rematch. So Damn Man. How did he put a rematch? Then I'll tell Ya Thursday. The Pepper Gomez in golden boy probably was was fucking well out of hand. Learn more at told you once I seen I say oh we gotta be careful. 'cause pepper Gomez not. He's a crook but like he got crazy ties with the WBZ he's that do with the WBZ. So when I see he was involved Dan no wonder she got her shot with the WBZ A. B. C.. I just can't believe desert ended in have a rematch. I've reached out to discern. She reached back. You know what I mean. She told me she's going to be on a plane At the time of this interview so she won't be able to come on. But Damn I wanted to. I restarted peppy. He still sleet listening. They was out party Joel. Da's was out at two thirty in the morning drinking bids with Alejandra. So I was on my job China. Get anybody I could. But you even seen Oscar social media. He reposted proudly of Alexandra's win a picture with one hundred says Latigo so I think golden boy is happy. What I don't understand is I think France Sean crews did a good job being a female fighter? Four golden boy maybe she. She wasn't the right ethnicity. Maybe she wasn't Latino and couldn't bring in a big market but I think she did a damn good job the way she carried herself. All the extras you know. Oh you seeing all her B roll footage for the promotion despite you seen her Dances She made this into a big event and I hope that she gets the second opportunity man. Her first fight was versus Clarisa Shields. I mean think about her schedule. She's got like six eight fights and and her first light is Clarisa and now. This is other fight. I browse the Terminator. I'm just keeping all the way I'm just keeping all the way she fought a terminator mopping is my thing is Bro WH- what is shields going to do. And what do you think ness is gonNA do. Oh Wow people say her career is over. No way no way. I think she was just emotional man. She was trying her best not to cross and I can I can I can imagine how emotional it was at one. Point in the Ring Bernard Hopkins comes up. So he's like Yo-yo L. Walk through the Milwaukee. It'll be prized. You think I lost Damn you think I lost. She said it like that to be hop so you know she already knew she didn't do enough man which is crazy. 'cause she landed more punches and was more accurate but that pressure of Gemini says man. I mean anybody on the outside looking in you're gonNA think she's the one making the fight the she's the one bringing the pain man so I don't know man. It was a good fight. The question now is could Clarisa beat her is Clarisa going to be. Are you able to keep this huge girl offer. Especially after she moved down to fifty four loss weight is she still going to have the same speed as she. He moved back to sixty eight or sixty. Because let's be clear one hundred definitely says she wants to move down to one six to fight Clarisa. She'll she'll only has to move one division. The only problem I see with that is at one. Sixty shiels doesn't have any titles and neither does Lativa hundred minutes have any titles so I don't know what they'll do at sixty 'cause I know pretty B.'s has a title at Sixty Racquel Miller a rest- Mac. I'm with you man. I WanNa believe that Shield schools or our classes but at the same time I feel like can she handle that pressure. She's never really gotten stoppages like that. Does she have to knock out power to keep keep this Mexican terminate offer. This didn't stop coming forward. She didn't come to stop coming forward. She didn't stop doing punches. And they will hard punches. This is a big fight. This is a big F- I just WanNa say I'm really cool. Let me let me let me go to a quicken emission. Turn on this this AC in office. Because I'm heating up in here talking all this talk. I'm getting warm. I WanNa see this fight again. I'm telling you man I. It deserves that buzzwords DOT com. What broken down at the flying? I win the Yes. Yes yes yes we're back we're about five minutes away from Mr Barry Hunter let me go ahead and put into Turkestan. Put Out Text Mr Barry Straight silenced. As does there's radio failure. Pardon me pardon me all right so so I just text Barry. Let's see what happens and let me double. CHECK MY WHATSAPP sex Marie. CEO He actually answer me back but it was for something else that I really don't know what I can act on this. You know. I mean I'm sure he'll it'd be willing to give France on a rematch or at least say that he would But I don't know that there's much we can get the one I want to answer me. Back as Arigoma says I want Era Gomez on this show I want to ask Gomez was deal. I know that Oscar. I said they'd be willing to do the rematch in Cancun now. Cancun this Alejandre's from man. I first of all design gave the first fight in Texas in San Antonio as baby Mexico man and that was one of the things that they actually like. Do you think that that the crowd at anything to do with it. 'cause it was a pro Mexican crowder pro lartigue a crowd and deserve mantra chant. Man she said Yeah no man she said no she didn't care but that's a great question. Allah is Jiminez part of the WBZ clean box and program. That's fucking right. Br Br I don't I don't know how the telecast didn't even mention I was the only one that said anything and then I hope that it doesn't get back to him and as in all of a sudden Jiminez in and all of a sudden she's got an issue with me. I'm just going off a physical you know attribution and I said what I said. You know what I mean but but I think I was right and what I said like you heard her post by saying that Shit was even like Whoa unit domain. So you know man I was just excited you know. Don't take my enthusiasm as disrespect. Don't take my excitement As disrespect you know if you're Alejandro Hernandez team got absolutely nothing. Nothing against you. You think you did a wonderful job in there. You fought hard Yemen and and the fact that you called out Clarisa has me excited. It has me wondering I know Clarisa senior fight a noted Clarisa You know sent her love and support to discern dad could be seen on on designs. Instagram Post clitorises in in the comments. Sex and she says she's team design. So she she she must have picked deserve a win. Barry seems to be ready. So let's just get him on and get this thing started man. I mean just a great fight man. Great fight great night of Action Definitely lived up to the height. I I told you guys it would be a great fight and I and I'll be honest. I wasn't one hundred percents. Sure not knowing much of Latino but the more and more research I did the more and more are felt like this was going to be a bomb burner. The minute I found out. She came down from heavyweight. It was it was it was two things one or two things I'm like. She's GonNa gas 'cause she lost so much weight or she's going to be a fucking bulldozer Asia and pretty much. That's what it was. She was a bulldozer and everything but we do have world renowned trainer coach. Barry Hunter coach. Barry met first and foremost thank you so much for answering the tech Texas such a late night and coming on the show After such a tough grueling fight Happy New Oh yes first and foremost and thank you for your time. How are you? I'm fine thanks. Thanks for having me go proud. Thank you man. I I gotta take you back to this fantastic fight. I have so many mixed feelings about it. I don't even know. Do I want deserve to get an immediate rematch. Do Do I want her to get a couple of fights to get back as a trainer. Do you want to go into the immediate or do you think she needs maybe one or two before going back in there with this terminator. Nah I want to go back but I wanNA take my time going back. I like to you know 'cause it was a grueling fight that was that was one of the toughest spouse To that seen in a long time I would like you know I saw some things that I want. Orders Critique with her and gold. I saw some things that I would like to do. Different with her So therefore maybe three to four months. Now we have Oscar de la Hoya you know. Obviously that was tongue in cheek. He was asked the question he said. Yeah we can do it again. In Cancun man-keun now I felt like San Antonio was already a baby. Cancun discern was fighting against the crowd. Would you be willing or at this point Lina. Because you're you guys are no longer champion. You would have to take it in Cancun. If that was the option I think turnabout should be fair. Play you know Gore's Frenchtown was champ and we had to come to San Antonio we didn't do it in Baltimore we did DC. We didn't even do it in New York me so you know I would like to have neither hometown but on the ground I agree with you. Man but if you take because if it takes us to go in her back garden and then that's what it is but I definitely think it should be on neutral ground says we four in San Antonio now fresh on came out on her social media with three minute speech sore or just letting fans know exactly the council felt in that three minute speech. She was kind of accent for the rematch. Did she not have a rematch clause. Was this a mandatory. It was voluntary. Defense well I wasn't a part of the the contract Signing so I really didn't know And one of the things that I had I xe where she'd go she ate was was there a rematch disclosed and so going back and forth about that and They just Basically told her from what she told me that if she didn't take the fight to relinquish the belt now that we're going to have to dig into that. Obviously we can't dig into it with you. I'll get Mr Suleyman Suleyman on the phone because if it's not a mandatory. How do you relinquish bell? How could you be forced into a fight Disneyland and I think that you know when you talk to him? You need to speak French also because you can really tell ya detail does. That was one of her issues That in location I new beauty champ and immediately we go back now all of a sudden we have to fight and can't do you know why wasn't the same thing off the French. He's young. I totally agree but we know the business boxing. They're looking at a lot Alejandro Jimenez as what she she is. She's a Mexican. WHO's definitely going to draw? We heard the crowds for both but we knew that they were proved pro. skews me I- Alejandro now. I don't want to change. Change the focus of design Alejandra to shields but a hundred did call out shields as a trainer. I want to get your thoughts on Ken. Ken Shields WHO's a smaller fighter. We just seen a Friday night. Move down to fifty four and conquer that division. But we'll see able to deal with a former heavyweight that looks like a living breathing. Terminator Alexandra is very strong. And if you go back to the fight last night the first round. She rushed French on which we bring pressure and French. Quarter coming in and had her out I thought she got a little bit too progressive with it you know and had that adrenaline rush came crashing down from about two to anywhere to five and then she started picking it backup. Especially if we've got on it It's going to be if if she'll sake that fight the upside. Her is their ability to box skill. Can you tell us is in the brain if she if she does. Does she have to be disciplined to stick the box. Now make the mistake. Let Alejandra mistake now for shields last fight. We her if any. I'm sorry code other than that I was saying I'm sorry other than that If if anybody any standing in front of her if you don't have a chance or if you can't take a punch and she relentless if you notice she kept coming but she was walking into to a Lotta shots which you know I do eventually can't nobody take that type of punishment. Just keep coming like that But for the most part she healed up up until about the round. I believe what he does your cracking album. So I seen the shields was training in with Andrea Durell. Form One hundred seventy five pounds of so you know. When he's out of camp he weighs more? What sort of sparring did you bring in for fresh on cruise deserved to get ready? Ready for you know basically a heavyweight because we know she made one sixty four at the way in but we don't have an unofficial way in and what she weighed on fight night. Can you give us your guestimation wishy might await on finite and obviously tell us What sort of sparring partners the design us for this gouzer earned? Hey you know she has a lot of guys that will of course. You've got children a lot of pros all the time. And most of her spine Is Male athletes She had had one young lady Dan that we work with but for the most part most. TV She spa professional or top amateurs. with heightened size on we we got one kid. That's about I believe about six to Hundred Eighty pounds hundred ninety pounds and that was one. What are the people that she responded with down the stretch? We had a lighter a person that she was in front of. Maybe a middleweight. Coachmen and I seen you telling a friend Sean. You know to box to box in enact. Tom's it seemed like I was telling my listeners. Look it's easier to say it from the outside the naturally do it but at times you would see French. Sean told a one two three with that level and then with the left hook pivot and being a safe zone as seat like you know I've been. I haven't been following Alejandra too long but obviously I did a lot of stock in one's desert announced this why and I noticed that Alejandra had a left knee brace for at least a year and she had been still taking pictures with it up until fight week and I I figured it was GonNa make her lateral movement difficult and I did I. She could come forward and backwards but not really to the side and you would tell us lateral movement. Because she wouldn't what do you think. It is not specifically about December any fighter. Why why can't trainer get through to them door in that moment in the fight in a lot of times fighters and trainers are like they train for the physical? But they don't train for the meant and most of what you see is mentioned. You can tell them. Do you teach them same thing. Like the Jab Jab is the best parts and all the boxes the first punchy once you learn and boxing and it's the easiest punch the throwing boxing but you a train is screaming. They're on a time and fight struggle within themselves in order to do it I told her going into the fight. We need to be more disciplined. Never before. Because we knew he was gonNA bring pressure and the job is the key movement movement was a key. You correct when you say coming for where she came forward and we stay. We set our feet. She was able to do what she did but narrow backing then she was dead in the water and going back into the you know the next time we hopefully Sold it there later. We face her again. It'll be a different ballgame. Guaranteed now coach. You you wanted the job and you were calling for but this girl seemed like it didn't matter what French Sean hit. She kept walking through it. So how does the jab work if the if the opponent doesn't doesn't feel like it's not you know snapping ahead back it's not stopping them from coming forward. If you noticed some of the time. Yes yes she kept coming but it was time and disrupted. Every time she goes trying to set a three departs when the dad hit her she had to reset against the thing. Thing is once that hitter in two or three come behind. Don't stay on the line step around and that will play into someone we're like who visits available because years slicks you can buy. She do have upper body movement as long as she don't stand in front of her and keep Dolphin with her and turned into a war early smart boxer. She could do coach. How much time did you have to prepare for her? And I don't mean physically with France Sean I I mean mentally get tape. Did they provide you with tape. What did you know of this woman? 'cause I knew nothing again until France Sean posted it and said this is the girl and then I clicked on the girl social media. I'm like what in the world I was already. I'm like I'm not trying to be funny for and I was afraid for her and I got on the show immediately. You're not at all nervous and the only thing she says she's I don't care what she identified where I'm going to beat as I said okay but I was nervous so I wanNA know. How did you feel when this came on your desk? And you've seen the opponent when I saw her. I recognize this All the fights that I saw in just all pressured again like you said going back to the ladder that was An only time that She would be able to do the damage she does is when she says he came. Pay For it so I took a fan. SEAN WANNA take it back to the AMS were boxing on the computer and things get George step around and you'd be as soon as they turn around and beat it with something else and you go there so I really didn't because I spent so many years in the hamsters and before before I like a lot of eastern European fighters that you know Kinda Mimic. That style wasn't really a threat to me as long as French. Way To stay disciplined you. You do what you expose it done. I didn't have a problem but beyond now you spoke about wanting to give France Sean. Four months would you take a fighting in between those four months or those just four months training and healing hormones a training. I actually this time we hit to grow. Ah I have a real good friend That works with killer plan. And by the jags inshallah importer. Larry Wait so we will go down to vegas a little bit with him and Kenny and If you read Iraq again more than confident in a rematch so so you are giving me the slight inclination. You felt maybe French on needed to have a little bit more in a tank because when you call Utah coach Larry Wade. I know you know what he brings to the table. We see Shawn Porter never short for gas right and see. I WANNA get her out of Com- comfort zone you know and give her into More so than physical because mentally. You know you're going to fight a lot of fighting going to fight. Say if her case she had never been dazed before like that and When she got to that place I saw down there is as I started talking to a where I did? And then she responded to it and down the stretch. You deal with you. I needed to do but nevertheless I wanNA see Moore in. It's more energy. I don't WanNa see that type of body language. She scored big shots her franchise Inter School. Bills you could see clear clear. The other Alejandro Orange was working with France on through the cleaner punches. I had scored By two six four all right coach. I got a few questions from the people. And then we'll be all done we got Christopher Riley. This says Is Twenty twenty. When Anthony Peterson finally gets a title shot? God well definitely been working on. I don't know you know in case every fight that had the off off to us from gamble and down we took you know in It wasn't US turned down. You know we don't discriminate. You Know I. I figured you in the gym every day. Doing what you're supposed to do. I don't kill right Hopefully easy right in that. That is the mission. It's funny that you ask that question. The perfect beautiful. You know we always followed Anthony here for quite some time. We went for him to get his shot. We got mad bent. Who says what do you need to work on with the hard hitting diva? What do you think of women's boxing? Today I think thank you has evolved and I think he's got a lot better. You know when you look at Franchise you look at Some of the young ladies trying to bring the ball fine skill set to the table At taking French case what you need to work on board is hurting. Because we're your mind. Start telling you buy that you tie your body stopped listening. Started such we got jemmy and Delaware sources. What's the difference in training when training a woman as opposed to a man and how much conditioning was done for this friend? Sean looked like she was gassed out early in the fight in our okay you know We try to go deal course. You have have to be cautious when you're putting them in there with Il Belt Pros things is that they still win it But nevertheless try to treat them almost almost the same as I. Do you know the guys we push you as far as we. Can we back up where we need to know. We definitely watch you during the course. There's far the next one is from Brandon more recent Cincinnati. He says if the Crawford versus poor defy comes to fruition. We'll game plan would you. You can come up with to secure the win over the pound for pound king. Well 'cause we won't you know talk about what we want to do. It would do in the fight but nevertheless sean is one of the athletes. Data's burglary difficult to prepare for. You know The people are looking at him and you know think well he's going to be you know your turn around in box. Well he's GonNa box you turn around and Bro. You know even fight inside siding outside they gotta stay alone long amateur. Could you know both domestic and international so shaw and his toughest nails. So Sean would've read athletes. That is good for difficult to prepare for. You think about every fight any sport that he asked for everybody has trouble with him and once again these questions and views are not my own so Maurizio sue them on love you Tracy says was there testing for him. Nez Or Jiminez I. I commend the opportunity and the challenge but It's obvious she has high testosterone levels us. Yeah was testing. I can't say Yay or nay whether they tested or not Prachanda definitely get tested I bear witness to that Hopefully it was fair. All around the board. You know I I would hate to. Do you know. Put out something like that. You know But you know you. People have their own opinions Like I said I hope that dad was filled with the ball but definitely Accurate idea then. We'll just to Franson get tested throughout the whole. Follow up to that. What she can't speak on other hundreds behalf? Alexandra follow up is a was. She tested by vodka or was she tested by the Texas Texas Commission. It was it was That the testing could they would definitely your show up. You know jam and hotels or beautiful vodka's the one we trust We got Jordan. Baker in Fort Myers Florida. Says will you let whoever however did her hair. Meaning friend Sean. Before this fight ever do it again and we got that set it out there you go home you know. We have a young lady that does AF stars at home and 'cause I don't want that to ever be a distraction again again but you know I I I realized how went Agility show me the video and I do. I said something all that doors. I threw it in. Ah That's it because you don't want any distractions like nerve football. Listen you spin in had no chill. You husband Dan. They're held off bad. Like Oh my God now. Let's do the call. I do recall saying to her. You weren't that Damn Hell you want. Yes yes so you know you you you. You don't need no distractions and then that's it you know and you can't let your hair or or or lack there define who you are what you are you without without so damn here go bashing more. I think that's why you know I love what I do and I love the sport because the core of the sport comes from the inner city right and there's so many gems I mean just last week a trainer from the same the area you know he said when I tell you doing like the penitentiary. I'm telling you stick them in his side. Now trainer from the same area says. Do you want the fucking head or these titles and it's just a testament man to where we come from and what we are willing to give up to get to where we got to get to men in you know I love you and coach Kabore Man. You guys are just truth tellers man. You could've sugar coated in that moment. But that's GonNa be that's GonNa be your moment forever man especially with the Internet is Barry Hundred got famous man but listen and I got about two more before we let you go. We Got Alvarado. Who Acts going into the French Sean and Latigo rematch? What do you plan on changing and cancel ensure shaw the win like I said I wanna be better condition and And I definitely want to be better condition mentally SELENA. That's key mental the mental part of what we cheat because again once your mind tell you and tell tell you about that you know. I'm tired or I can't do. I can't come Do you by Goldstein. This stop breaking it down and then after the fight title directly after the fight over if you went back to glue they could do without so. That's the pot more anything that I WANNA shoot up. We got rail in New Mexico with the last one. The says Lamont Peterson has always been like a son to you when he retired. Did you question yourself about leaving the sport art legend. Thanks Mr Hunter. I appreciate that This thing is bigger than me in the biggest remind you we got an old Jim Put a little months now. An antifreeze in Asia is all other ones that I became the gym. You know oh I get tired just like anybody else doing it. I get frustrated sometimes just like I love the game but I hate the politics of the game and as of recently I went to Wanted the tournament that young young kids and an Olympic trial. And when I was there there wasn't about money it wasn't about contractors. What boat? TV networks. It was just a pocket. The love of the game and it reminded me Din in What at the why? That is so long. Actually rejuvenator me so now sometime I fade gets show but I the SEO thing. I got a few years coach manner. I WanNa thank you obviously for come in on and I appreciate it if you want to stick around just to listen and looks like Clarisa. Seals answered me and she is ready to come on. So we're GONNA make this show even hotter 'cause we needed I didn't know about the rematch and we know about the call but coachman once again man thank you so much. You don't even know man haven't even so my girl. Yeah but last night was one of those great moment because I was fearful Texan you damn near for the morning East Coast but at the same time wanted to have you on the show so badly it's also a Sunday. I just it's like I said man. You are a true champion. Thank you for what you do for Your Community Out Dan Baltimore and thank you what you do for boxing genuine. Just thank you for you know showing knowing that you you you know. You're the type of person that you are to me for me someone that you don't have to so I just appreciate you and your time and thank you so much. Thank you for your kind words and anytime I'm accessible. Thank you all right coach. Barry Hunter thank you so much there you have it ladies and gentlemen. It's time to kick seals shields on. Yes I can't believe she's available. I can't believe these people are available on a Sunday. Thank you so much God is good. We're GONNA WANNA get her own and we're going to see and you go into the studio. I'm so happy is a Sunday and we've got to get this thing. I mean because this is a fight you know what I mean. This is a fight now like I said I do or would rather clarisa versus still fighting. Maybe I should just leave that until she comes on. So I don't have to repeat it like three times because I think that Latina does need some you know what when a champ says you call her. I think you just call her right so let me call myself into the studio and then call it. A chip and stop playing games. Gains have called me like I'm somebody right. So let's do that. And so yeah I think that Alejandra he just bust on a scene. You know what I mean. We don't know her so I think we gotta give a that fight if she could go in unify with aline Sudiro I think it is leaned sedaris unknown pronounced last name Ron but she just be deletion leashes Polian on Friday night if she goes in unifies with her. That's another American Sullivan. Because this was an American debut. Oh man she went straight to voicemail all right. I mean I just called. And it went to voicemail so okay this was a Alejandra debut do in America so I think she's still needs. You know one or two more fights hold you went to to this she goes. Hello Michelle's all right. We got us. She's ready all right. Ladies and gentlemen we have Clarisa seals the grote unified in so many divisions making her story and just did did that on Friday women's boxing so high I mean look this is a Sunday and I'm just so happy and grateful that you took the time out like like I said it's Sunday you're a champion multiple division you. You're taking out the time to come on the show. I WanNa thank you and Barry Hunter once again but women put on a show this weekend again and it really got the ball. I mean my my juices are flowing right now. Just possibility of what can come and what we saw this weekend with what you did What Miss Ellen Cer- dread Silverados did and now what this new player to the to the women's boxing division or or ecosystem in Alejandro Jimenez? In her calling you out and I had to just I have to hear what your thoughts because I know you you. You went in the Post and you said I'm team design and you pick and deserve a win. And she's a friend of yours or my got so much to say happy New Year. Congratulations on the win. You are the Guatemala's thank you so much for coming on the show that was a mouthful how are you. I'm good. I can definitely say I am so happy with winners boxing this weekend Do not see some decisions being the other way we have. We have some really close fights with at least you the her bills to The darrow's girl and a French on Losing her both two minutes but out of say. This women's boxing has never had this much. Clout this many champions. This much respect ever in history of boxing. This is a new generation and I mean we have wrecked a dead sport and just me and myself taking on all these big challenges. I've never felt like it was all about me. I've always wanted to bring other women Whitney. I've always tried to have an extra hand so when you see women and finding them undercard they're on TV. When you see women getting exposure me even saying a woman's name definitely building them up so they can become even bigger and better? So will you have other other women doing the same thing and taking on best challenges mean. We're GONNA have a hell of a knicks twenty years of boxing because of women's boxing. It just because right now we got some girls who are coming up who are going to continue to keep the sport but just the right now yet gonNA see some extremely great feis. I'm I'm now in a perfect world for me because I want the best for boxing and women's boxing and yourself I would right. I WOULD WANNA see you get that super fight would Amanda Nunez a crossover thing to have you become bigger at the same time allowing Alejandra Jimenez the opportunity to get a unification with sideroad in America further growing her name before you took that challenge if you take the challenge because that would mean you moving back up and this is a former heavyweight I mean what did you think of that fight with with design and what did you think of the Callao afternoon fight about yourself. You know I think Frenchtown wouldn't and I think her French. I kind of went there and try to show her that She had power and actually stand there fighter. I don't think frank time She didn't have to do that for the win. Branch out has phenomenal boxing skills and hold a lot of power. And I'm quite sure that him and it's GonNa agree to that. I think that a franchise around when she came I really hard and maybe in the middle round he may have slowed down but once he realized that he was getting touched. A little bit French I went to boxing thing started turning her using the debt and I think it even show that she landed more Atlanta at the higher percentage. I think that I think that the fire was closed. But I didn't think that can minutes deserved the win because we find against the world champ. You GotTa Take Bill. You can't come in and have a close fighting win win a few close rounding when Bill. You know like I feel like anybody who's coming to take her world title. You take a world title like how you you know Tarlo took it back from Tony here. You know you. Don't go in there and you know Kinda keep it close. You know so so for me. I thought that friend John One killed on tour built and just for the call out after The mentors don't WanNa smoke with me and She needs needs to. She can handle that one fifty eight if she wants to. But I'm the cash cow think she rematch French on and the winner of that. I can't find a scenario to become the undisputed champion at once. A he ate and Really it's not a problem for me to go back up to sixty eight because good I walk around one. Sixty one seventy so If she wanted if she wants smoke I'll bring fire and then is oh probably like a boxer shoes off and here too so hard to the body going up sixty eight from last week so you see nothing there that worries you last night you were watching that and automatically new you can pick her apart. Come on man I use my I use my job. Ibaka she out here. I don't even have to go power with her because once you come down with three hundred thousand pound. You know what I'm saying so I'm not GonNa say oh I see who stronger already know that I punched her and I plan to combinations and everything I walked in use my dad and can stabilize. She comes straightforward Bear the moves ahead and she's smother a lot of plenty. I keep going outside and I can. I'm beat on the inside with the body shot so not she. Don't WanNa smoke with me and I think that like I say John Kept our bill but they definitely need rematch. The running back then wherever win that fight against So that may be the next big challenge for me. You know. Just just because she's strong and everything but I love the fighter fighter in Mexico equity from not GonNa make a smoker. Yes yes sir. I was just talking to bear on backyard. The Beatles I was just talking Barry Because Oscars already saying yeah we could do the rematch in Cancun. And it's like Oh it wasn't even fair. The champion didn't get to defend her belts at her home home she went to quote unquote neutral territory. Which is San Antonio you know Mexico friendly fairly Honda and now they want to do it in Cancun Mexico I don't know what's your thoughts on the rematch. If it gets offered being in Alejandra Hometown Hey That's different but hey that's what you gotta do. I would. I would advise us to keep vouching aging you know that we fight on a neutral territory steel. You know 'cause I gave her a chance on notice territory but Like I said when there's smoke there's fire so the French I gotta go to hometown in make the fight happening either built back. I feel like John is one of those their doubles that like that will give give her more drive. You know I feel like me and French. On how many girls in the backyard and we beat them so I definitely play over there for the chipper franchise and Basically get their bills back. Because I know that she can but you don't matter about where where a fight takes place judging and a reference there now. Is it a more of a thing where you don't WanNa step on French on toes in and you WANNA WANNA see. Does she want to exercise a rematch. Try to get a rematch before you take the call out of a hemingway seriously. No I look I look I take the call seriously and not with him in that but fringe on me and her are intertwined. You know what I mean. And I'm I'm Serena Venus you know so that respect has been there since we were young. You know since I was young because I'm super young but I I mean for me like Nah I'm not GonNa just act like French I don't exist and just try to like like I said it's not all about me I want. I want them to fight again again. It was a close fight and the rematch. And then I'll you know go from there but are always French. I'm not ever going to disrespect. Disrespect her Unless me hurt you gotta fight again. But I won't even say disrespect. I'm GonNa Trash Talk. I checked off there. We gotTA fight but TYRIAN team Cruise a cruise darn. You know for sure for sure. So what what's next for you because you obviously you know just Made Her story on Friday night and fife ends we. We want to get you back in the ring. So what what's is your plans. What what's next? So it's like I'm kind of letting these you girls work out their stuff because The plan was to come out and won't be deformed become undisputed champ but Henny geared toward shoulder her out for another. I believe six five months and the other chance read to care. the IBS. That won't be for only four in Canada and we've tried to make matches with her in the past but haven't really got like we got like smart responses but nothing then Showing that she really wanted to fight you know and all of that fifty eight and sixty non-ethnic before maybe interest but I don't I don't think I wanNA WANNA wait. You know Maybe another year to claim undisputed before having to him and gave birth to. You know he'll you didn't have a tuneup fight or two Indian near her rematch for the undisputed title at won't be before so I wanted to spend my third I want sixty and and I'll put my mandatory or whoever like I say make dollars make sense I'm there but Definitely probably go back up to one fifty but I gotTa talk to my manager and stuff actually tomorrow and we have ten days to exercise. Either we want to go backup one sixty and stay under three chant. What you want to give up the one before that we just weren't and Focused on one fifty so we got got we gotTa Talk Tomorrow and see what the challenges what makes sense. We'll make dollars and we'll talk tomorrow. Well so obviously you know you are the champion and your decisions are not based off your opponents but keep in mind that a outta hand someone as is coal out was at one sixty where you are undisputed. So she'll be coming down another four pounds because she actually weighed in at one sixty four but she'll be coming down a whole nother division to face you and if you give up those titles who's going to have them right or is she going to be able to have a mall when you face her you know Oh. I don't know just something to keep in mind. Lacing Jimenez can say she'll come down to one sixty all she want to. But it's a different ballgame actually coming down just because he way less than French on doesn't mean that she's a one sixty five. She used to weigh three hundred pounds. Four pounds may not sound like a lot but after this fight is going to get back up to maybe at least one eighty one seventy something and they have to come down to fixing and it's not that easy you haven't been senate sixty before so if now hold on if you WanNa come if you WANNA come to one sixty five for my belt I will progress but anybody. Nobody getting a free shot. Then you better find somebody who is like I tell them about Miller any of those other girls on a lower scale coming up. I had to earn my title. You have to fight against himself as girl my one sixty so no disrespect to them. But you Kinda 169 is going to get a free shot and get paid. You gotTA fight at least one person who I Lee and you can pick wherever you want you want but you gotta work your way up to areas no free ride so as great as you know her being one sixty eight by somebody. I wanted to see who will be the I mean you can talk is asking but you gotta irony. Because I didn't get no free shots. I had to fight against some girls and wait and work my way up the ranks. You not fought against Hammer. Twenty four hundred eleven. I ain't no have any of the girls. WanNa find me fight against Hammer Nikki. Atler Tori or Nelson. You gotTA fight somebody in after that. Come at me. What do you think is tougher for these these females for a pretty bee's Raquel Miller for a design cruise or even Alejandra to fight is is hammer the tougher fighters Jiminez the tougher fight for these females on the styles. Make thing that Jimenez it brings that power but hammer will boxes shit out of a lot of girls you know. And that's why these girls don't like I'm surprised nobody has been calling around since I beat it. Because if they can beat hammer they can possibly get me but I don't really hear nobody calling on him and I hear everybody calling me out. But he's like that's the cash cow but they gotta fight somebody because at the end of the day they can say what they want. I make the decisions decisions microwave like if they if my teams like. Hey We found your great opponent and this was years and I look her up. I'll let my team know. Look Hey record is good but she. She's not going to be a challenge. We need to find somebody harder so for me. It's like US grow. GotTa fight somebody where they gotta be accomplished and Miller having accomplished nothing. I'm just keeping it real. Who actually fought who actually fought to even having in her name and same thing to me? That doesn't even make sense. But I think that Frenchtown would give any girl. The problem in a rain just gave him in competent rink last night now. This isn't me starring pop but I follow a lease Napoleon pretty well and I mean in. Don't her in Brocail pretty much. The same resume Carmelite just rock hill. Did it faster yeah. Well she's now the WB chant regular right. You're you're the Super Chan. She's the WBZ champion one sixty now. She just one on that bill. I play yeah I mean I'll look I'm GONNA look it up into She should be the regular thinking. Thank you Lou inaccurate. My her she was in a BF Chambas. Sixty but I believe she's told you find against Gabor's for I believe Hannah gave because the WB interim answer on interim WBZ HMO alright so not regular regular title different definitely. You're right a lot of different come on now. Is the one before four regulars next. Obviously you think yeah No because I don't have the WBA at before before APP WBZ. Oh Oh all right. Well There did we lose you. I'm here okay I'm here you're GONNA ask them. No no no no go ahead and just tell me then no in Already saying like I know that like that I was close to happen because I would love to any girl you know and like the best the challenge and I'm not saying that Kilmer can't fight but I beat it four times in amherst already and I know that That this is the pros now. Whatever ever but I've only gotten a lot better? She's been pro longer than me in feel having accomplished nothing near that accomplish but Do I wish I look not really because I only like it like that but whatever she accomplish it on her own she does. She works that way up through the ranks and You know when some built and and fight somebody. I'm more than happy to to make a fight happen and getting rumbled. What city in the Class C fighter? So obviously you broke down. The landscaper said WHO's busy and tied up in things. So so. How realistic is that? Amanda Nunez Fi in if thet isn't realistic what well you said that the the mandatory right so. How realistic is the Nunez fight? You know I thought it was real realistic when I went down there and I talked again away and He told me that you know man. The comes to my fight because I came to hers. it was some issues. I guess kind of interested in he interested in me also find her in the May in. I'd like to be a really thin line. Look outfight anybody. But when you talk about in mid-may he's like if you want me to go to her. She has to do with me and boxing. I was all for it but I want to make contains Boston. Boston doesn't contain you get through and wrestling and all that stuff right right so for me. I'm like let me go over there and innovating get my feet wet. Learning some stuff started training before going there blind without knowing how to wrestle without knowing how to get out and do just moving now let me learn stuffing. He comfortable with it before I'd be like on going with the two-way Division. Champion champion beat her boxing easy. I feel but also. She's a gray boxes so I was like we should boxing first and then switch it around. Undo may maybe a year or two later but I don't know if she's interested in either fight with me. I don't think he wants me In the cage now and. I don't think she wants me and Boston either. I would like to see you like floyd. You know we consider you our you know superstar so I feel like she would need to come into the boxing ring with you first and then and you decide. Do you want to go in the cage with her. I mean you know. You're our chat but I want to thank you again for being the people's champ coming on his show on a Sunday given your thoughts and we just coach. Barry is still listening. I let them know you were going to be on so I see him still on a matter of fact coach any any word. where'd you got for Clarisa Champ? How you how you fine? Thanks income would show that again. Thanks for your time for friends. She really preach all the time. I don't John we grabbing my girl hair. He's not gonNA carry. What have brains? We don't wear down here pieces those. What do you want to build that you want that? Damn where you. Yeah you can't you can't buy no real continues to do this. My court very unreal even come in and help franchise barking wherever you mentioned. We got my number so just so you hit me up and I come and make sure like he could team 'cause he didn't have the she had her game plan French so stronger out of her and that grew boxer Esau I saw. You wasn't sad with DAB yesterday that I know that she has a photo plenty of time he wasn't using. I think y'all say Do he wasn't telephone right. That's right that's right and if you say you sort of Pfizer your be safe to a jab put into circling over two degrees step around. You don't have to be there for four smart boxing when we started using it and that she saw the Jad enter totally go back to the absence when she did that. Trying to fight or yeah sure so let me know because I'm team we'll look I'm team crew. We gotTA fight to take your and and we team shields and I'm GonNa take up on that and you're you got by two young gentlemen. W when you the kid in the Junior Olympics in Fort Bragg you remember that I've been a fan since that they can't believe June. I believe it was can't login. Hi Yeah in the North Carolina North Carolina Lamont Peterson with his Look Look Son Patrick was there John. Davies there You have kids nowadays on TV doing things. So we've been a fan since that day so I'm definitely GonNa take you up on You gotTA Open it by you Jim so anytime okay all right let me know a donkey head coach. Thank you so much Clarisa. Thank you so much I mean I I if you want give out any social media. I know everybody listening to has has to be following you. But if there's anyone crazy enough that isn't please give out your social media. So they can do. Oh before I go let me tell you. It wasn't just women that appreciated that beyond say ring walk. I loved it. Okay I did. It was really. I wasn't expecting that. No I really what I was watching it with my God. I'm like Oh shit and I look at my girl and you know all women love my girl. She's not even by all of a sudden she's glued to the TV so that was intelligent intelligent. I love it. It was dull next time. We gotta ask some more dances we need. We need at least two more. You know behind you doing the same thing but you you are. Listen and you got this game on your back. I can't wait for the day for people to start realizing and saying that you know you are bigger than everyone. That was out there. They came before you. You don't have to. I'd say I'm saying it for you and I know there's dozens others which are doing you've elevated the sport. You put this board on television. Let's just be real like Christie and did back in the day but not to this level and you've brought a witnessed women's boxing. You've made me a fan of women's boxing and I wish soon and nothing but the best and we just want to thank you once again for being a true champion. The People's champion coming on a show on a Sunday when you should be the case in thank thank you. I appreciate that in. Just want to say Yes I did come in. You know rhetoric rhetoric sport a women's boxing but candle by myself show to Toronto. Mary mcghie French on Cruise Katie Taylor okay A couple of other champions they name I coming through right now but I just don't let them know like we doing this together and I appreciate everybody you know. Taking taking biggest challenge glass and making these fights happen And my social media. My name is clarice. It's a shoot. I got audubon tax. OC L. A. R. E. S. A. TO AS H. I.. Everybody going beyond say post. Ah For me thank you very much thank you. I'm going to do that. A. Seeing you said that and I actually just commented on it but I'm definitely Tag Beyond say on both counts my personal antibiotics voice. I appreciate you so much. Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you there you have it. Ladies and Gentlemen Aparicio's what a show. Barry Hunter fields all on one program. I can't believe it fantastic. I mean this is a super fi in my opinion and look I know look man. She's being humble but I can't. I wish Mike was on because you know he's great with the facts but I feel like I don't remember any other female getting a network deal right like I know. Katie Taylor fights on a lot of Aga on because she headlining her own like Scott Spores pay-per-view Scott sports main event. I don't think so and I'm not kicking dirt just off the top of the head. I don't you know French. Sean was just the coal. Mainly I feel like Larissa's Bro Women's boxing back to television The minute they signed her all her fights on TV. I accept I think for the pro debut right. I want to believe the pro debut wasn't televised. I maybe it was. I don't know but man she's doing big things and wow right she's she's not even she doesn't uneven care. I thought that maybe because she went down She probably didn't want to move back up and and she doesn't care she said one sixty eight. Hey even though this girl said one sixty I again as the team shields would rather her do the one sixty make Alejandra come down. Make it a little rougher if a bullet we're going to go out to the callers man I see so many of you guys. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on fresh on cruise versus Alejandra 's fight. I mean everything. Barry Hunter said Clarisa Clarisa Damned God is good. Sunday is a great day. You know we're GonNa get to our masterminds boomerangs Ringo's I but Yes let's let's let's get out to the sponsors in this this thing going man. Oh Wow what a great Sunday morning after is Becoming one of those shows I mean again I just I wanNA thank Larussa and Barry Hunter Sunday. I mean while they were able to make time. These calls are brought to you by El Camino Lena. Electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services services dot com. Remember to write his five stars on. itunes alright alright. Alright let's go out to. No in New Orleans was going on. Good morning how are you. How are you talk to a it was go was good Nascar? Monica Fall on act save. You can sit out the this morning. Ah Shot out the The quote the Queen. I call that a queen Cells in the Odyssey that did got through to visit changing the game by storm. Yeah but that's what I'm talking about man. That's the fight is we gotta get by. You know say AH. She'll louder you know saying everybody has down. Mass out of the Barron had a mad man. Say but it'll be semi-chaotic ship right up to the rank nest man. We were golic deadly China. We've got to stop this lands round. Let's get it. It won't get pretty added a fight me go liberal right now. Where could cut a man? That's going to be one UNOM. Boxing moments for years to come in. That was crazy. This fight was crazy man. Despite was crazy this fire it was it was good. It was good. I WANNA see Alejandra again but everyone keeps saying you know I don't even you just said it in. I can't repeat it. I don't remember what the Hell it was. But basically we're giving a lot of credit to Clarisa and she deserves it but but French I sean is taking a tough test to like. She fought Clarisa her first fight. They debuted against each other just as tough because then she turned around down in Fort. This heavyweight this girl made her name now off a French Sean but it looks like Clarisa. been watching she knew she was three hundred pounds. L. She's just to focus man she's to focus But Yeah we're GONNA keep going down the lines man. Cyp La Yo the gold up good morning. Good Morning Good Morning Let me let me run to back to back for one. I know Yala Chat. y'All going mad. Yoga be mad but my grill. It clears the offense. They met at the Pan Am Games years ago way before for seconds before she wanted a second gold medal. She came home telling me about this boxer. She met how she was doing. A documentary owner. We sat down watch the documentary. I've been a fan ever saints. y'All go ahead and hate some more I we do big things over here motherfucker. Anyway when he came down to fight I'm be route you when when a person steroids. There's there's there's one way that they fight they come forward. They throw a lot of punches. And when you hit them they they continue to throw a lot of punches. A normal motherfucker get hit got by the recruit resurfaced. A Muslim steroids would just keep coming at your ass throwing punches as if you have no ability to hurt them kinda remember. It's a major pet care for that one and a half to two year. Run that yet. Just walking through sheets like didn't fucking matter But sports if you don't fail the drug test you ain't no steroids but let's stop playing games like if we didn't see that I get franchise crew the whole lot of credit for taking the material as always athletes in everybody. The only thing that elite talent is steroids. Steroids will be elite talent. Eight to nine times on out of ten. That's just facts. Just facts now On being a great she definitely definitely is at the same time. I wouldn't want her to fight. Nobody lady who ain't under stringent blood testing before they get their rings similar to what Floyd did in King Nilo. Gt to whatever you. Do you change your name all the time every time. It's a black fighter mentioned. You got something to say. Hey for that channel boy and I'm telling you if I ever see you we're GonNa have to address that because you keep trying to run from it but it's true and even people that are check notice that if cut cut cut a striped gray call. Mambro. I Wa. I need to know what's going on next. I need to know what's going on next x would is going to go to But I mean I guess we know man Colossus given given Dessert time to try to get these belt bat. We got to see what golden boys going to do. Are they going to be witted. An where should the next one be this to be a main event. This is what I'm saying. And this is what I'm saying. And this was Coleman Ila Hymie main event and I get it high me in you know the other dude are obviously more popular than than France Sean and in Alexandra but this should be a main event. Now especially if they're talking about taking motherfucking Cancun where she's from 'cause she yo she had things that we can't act like she gene. How fast they was cheering by whether they knew her? Before or date became her fan dormant they was chairman for her but We have Boomerang in Detroit talk to a stain. That's what to do on glass where sustain this told you. Well what do you squeeze at that. Aim Talking Juanita speaking my language. Shut the fuck up enthralled folks conversation Nass was good. Good Morning I may love any Sunday shows. May Eh issue started about on. I ain't gonNA miss one less. We end the argument. I guess I'll be on that bitch Thanks for the interviews. Man Barry Hunter Yeah he just he just got the main weather of the year war with whole last night. Shit with that WIG man. I'm being honest man. Some was watching our shit together. Cracking up man. We laugh about ten minutes. Have was added rewind shit man behind West G on that Shit to the McQueen Clean Flint. You know saying keep doing what you doing man you that that rang interest with some. You know what I'm saying and dance. She went in there. Whoop that again? Last May and I liked the way she talked before went out the Feis man. She she come white half these mailboxes won't even come back so shout out to mark Wayne from from Flint. T. Rex clearer. Shield the greatest woman our time. That's all a golfer night if I ain't overrun my time to bring me back. If so let me just say cleese make sure you push that cut cut cut we got Boomerang in Detroit in Troy. What's going on the morning? Everything's good man appeal interviews very p all man right. I like that you know you spoke to people that basically represent boxing and they own Make any they don't need any chasers they don't you need to make any excuses. They tell you straight up up far as franchise coming back. I think you read into chat that some fool said that her career is over definitely. Don't oh she'll be back she'll be back she she's she's tough and she comes from a tough background she will be back in Barre Barre Hunter is going to have her right and I just think some. I just think she wasn't focused. You know 'cause that's worried about the hair and everything else. Nah Aw fight fight because what you saw from. Her last night wasn't her bet when she was She was at the gym in Baltimore. I've I've seen her SPA dude. I was six heavyweight. I seen her for SPA cruiserweight. That was to two hundred pounds. He's about six foot tall and she was putting it it on on on both of them and this is this is years ago. So she'll be back there she is she going to handle that. All Right Kevin is Chicago. Yes Kevin Scott yes us. Yeah you hear me. Yeah I hope you so. I watched the place yesterday. And what it reminded me of people. Focus on the You know own needs to do in Philly show the dishes and that hooks hooks separate crimes face in rough them up. I'M GONNA walk through down and I'm GonNa Break His will and that's what His name I do from New York. What was his name? New York's name I don't know Knbr you're talking about Joe Smith man from Long Island but we talking about the woman's fight man catches Sunday today at seven PM. All Right Kevin Josh North Carolina. What a marriage of you take a brother? If you're doing your thing number and you don't want to answer the question about clueless man. I notice my be a little fall. It's a good question as he sees the Queen won't ever been you fight. I mean if you smoke former fighters rolling out ever put on. I mean she not our claiming fighter. So it ain't going to be out but I tell you one thing if I don't WanNa pay but I would pay for her to fight this fucking girl from last night I'm just keeping it real. That's a fucking fight. And if she if she roy made her as I mean listen. This is only legacy building building. So it's up to her this. I mean she already says she'll do it and look man. I just hope that they seen this fight. You know what I'm saying. So the data demanded mandate and make it big for her. This was on dissolved. So who the fuck knows how many people watch this shit man. I hope People Watch this suit. We we got to say this on social media and stuff like that man go surplus fans mobile. Keep doing what you're doing. You got great content. Broke you appreciate if you look at you man. Thank you for calling in on a Sunday man. Rail New Mexico Nafta the Great Interview Gray interview. I appreciate this so much. You Bury Hunter Priscilla's on that's just fucking amazing. Best podcast ever. I WANNA thank Barry Hunter for Adam I patriarch question. Thank you sorry about. My Peterson Also I think as far as the releasing the podium Espinosa in Salem roofs I feel like they should rematch in a two women fighters from design. Today they should rematch as well. And then the winter does go at it. You know so that's how I feel that but other than that I also I wanna say Kristy she's going to Mexico to defend the title. Just like the most honorable shit I have ever see go to Mexico and see the ten see a side are still beat Mexico so I just think is amazing man I i. I was shocked by that Bra. I was shocked by that and I love I love it I love it. I mean because it might be bigger for her in Cancun you know they might offer more money and all that stuff and listen. I'm going going if they're going. I'm in there in there. I went to feary wider one. I'm GonNa Talk Show water to Vegas so like if he actually to Mexico me and my legs going to actually I was. I was also GonNa say right as far as the drop in ended. You only get a minute and we definitely that and say Dafur Sunday may tonight seven. PM Eastern time. We're going to boomerang in Seattle Mister Connecticut on why you believe shot horse you got. I don't care what Mr C and that's crazy and and Now I'd be with you all talk about. I never really looked up. Alon Ge- Low key she do like a little tiny a bit. I just think she took a lot of tests. Just ostro boosters or something but Or she takes a you know type of drugs or you know of enhanced yourself but That was cold blooded with the referee. Did wherever took the week off of Franchise Cruise Bruce. I don't know why she wanted a wig in the ring but That was crazy. Fighting the franchise cruises on the You know come a little bit more smoke but now I WANNA see All the hundred versus of course the shields one hundred percent owned the. Why Chris thing talking would you going? I mean all Utah my youtube interviews. I may cause this. This girl just made a name for herself. She just be somebody that we know but Clarisa just came on his show and says she'll be the ass in Cancun. The more you want damn again. God is good. Oh let's go out to the fucking. Oh Gee man male gee this is not in portion of the do we call the young Info Joe. What man the morning S.? Man you start your year off tight in right man is most definitely yo shout shields. Man She had my wife manage up and up and down man. We Watch and wilder man. You see a big fan man. I'm a big fan man. Saddam out to seal she taking women's boxing to the next level. A man sat out to berry hundred. Ma'am at their brother in Vegas Man. Cool it in the fan. We need a thousand more. Aw Barre hunters man. He's a man amongst men All that he does for the youth in DC man that do shout out to him man he the best One of the best individuals man to ever come out of DC man solid individual. Hope you listening. Appreciate all the work you did. I hope I wish we we had people like you in every city. That's all I got family piece. Gentlemen thank you for calling in your. Ira No Donald. California would the richmond that that was a crazy fight. Man That chick she man they need to put her also street drug testing. Do there's no doubt in my mind. She's on steroids. She's taking coach coach. Barry Hunter said they did vodka he said the desert got tested. So that means that I got tested to be that don't mean that right That doesn't mean he dissolved Did you hear her voice Bro. Like I'm mean. She had more testosterone her voice avenue like when she started talking I started to question in the back of my mind like was she born a woman. I tried to tell Ya Fuck Eze. I listened to me Bra hardware when you were saying that I was. I was listening. This fight man. This crazy brought. His fight was a May need that. They need to do some background check to see if she was even born born as a woman because I questioned she was even born as a woman. That one box. Sir Listen. Listen that's before you cut rope at that one boxer. I forgot her name but she was a woman and then she converted over to a man. I can't think of the name. But she fought for Goldenvoice. Yeah one fight like last year year and she yea Utah She's that first transgender. Bison know exactly how she sponsored by every last I know exactly. What's on my man? I would hope that what you're saying is true when and I would hope that someone did they background on her and you know made sure but like she's she a threat I hope golden boy did a co-promotion signing so we could see her more and I hope people see this fucking fiber in enemy dissolve talking my numbers and all that I hope. They've seen as fight. Hope they seen as fight man Who we go onto we Stone boombox in Colorado. What else without without? Yeah Man. That was a great little weekend. That was a big Mama Cycle. The wrist Massey stepped up so washy is I did put up a man. She not just the spotlight. She put the Sun on Women Women's boxing. I mean that's how that's how much luminated I'll just like how now when you was talking to her about him and his is sounded just like he was talking. Barry Hunter her mom thinks like trainers she telling you. Look this is what I do at Bam Eh. Bill clinical say our focus is none other. She told you was due into that report. WHO's talking about seeing? Never make a million dollars seeing. I'll never the Oscar where that million dollar check at Cancun him Shield is she knocked. She GonNa beat her in the stomach and make it throw up just like you say. What's up Oscar? You got to put up money. That's the big. I can't go to be so loud. You probably have held a news like me ness and I'm bringing Wi fi. WE'RE GONNA be out there. Have you so going to make that happen. Oscar catchall tonight show. Yeah I I'm definitely going to Cancun. I'm putting it it out right now. No we got people in Mexico Listening 'cause the last time I went to Mexico. I got lucky. I don't like getting lucky if you know what I mean so when I get there make sure I'm right on my Mexican listeners. 'cause you know I'm I'm you know I'm indulgent that that being said I would love this fight in Cancun. I'm doing the same thing. Stone said I'm bringing the wife issues going to be a vacation shit is going to be a vacation. I'm telling you right now I would love this fight in Cancun I hope they can make it. I hope they can make it. Remember stick to the script I see a few non script. Stickers out there you MM culprits so stick to scripts Who We got next? We got trae talk to us Yeah good yes I listening. China's a girl for auto listeners. trae is gay trays from the gay community. Dude Trey got transgender Fred. That is a man. I think that's a man who was turned into a woman. After I heard our post interview. Clarisa she'll stay away from do Alejandro. If you WANNA be a man go fight. Spent get yo ass out of here with that bullshit. French on cruises. Tough she fall she lasted trae. You went to a despot because I definitely mutual and you not mute it or you got another call trae. Hello Oh my God. I was telling and listeners. That trey is a girl. Trey is gay Alejandro a fucking boy. Okay God damn y'all airplanes Orlando Clarisa Shield stay away from do Alejandro go fight Aero Spins. That's my call all right right right thank you for calling in and You know we we knew for some time now. TRAE was girl. So she's got her opinion. You know But I listened in. Oh I just saw I was trying to make everybody aware this was going to be a crazy for real but I I just hope Clarisa even desire. I think I'm going to this. Desire has to do it in Cancun. I think I'm going and I think everybody that was going to go for folklorist. I I think we need to go for dessert. Because Yo- man she really I'll hairbrush. She fought conversa- her debut. And now she this fucking heavyweight and her and her super middle away debuted. This heavy wages may history to. She's the first super middleweight Mexican champion. Like she's just made history. The say no inhumane. I mean like I think I'm going. I think I'm going if not in big in the way I think I'm GonNa go don't even she better fight the right fight though the tonight Roy. That's not gonNA work. I hear you format down basketball turning green abuses morning that Great fights that France off wrought thought a whole. Oh Dude in the phrase the thing she could easily won that fight to man but she wanted to stay in the pocket with the bigger the bigger guy and and But Yeah I'm excited for risks because like you say this all of a sudden we got I was just saying like the last couple of weeks is almost like Larussa has nothing left to do and women's boxing. She's done so much it's just short time and now the sudden this Mexican man monster comes out of nowhere so it's it looks like it could be a big Orissa Shitsus shitsus minds do so smashed easy. He's too good of a boxer but yeah that's it matters tournament watching the game appreciate show appreciate you man. You had the tournament. I know you're thinking kids tournament. You still listen to TV this on Sam and he's still listening TBB. God is good man. Thank you guys. I appreciate everyone man. I'm telling you Justin would it. Do you know I see how you guys read clearances shields because I remember that before her and like her big fight. It was a bro. I tagged or saying congrats on on the win against Kristina. Hamm and she saw the message. So I'm trying to sit You guys know interview flares. I'm trying to set up a a fight. I mean not got it like an interview with clearance shields. I you know. She's seen the messages but not responded but the fight pretty much played out how I thought it would You know clearly shields doesn't have knock out power just thought that maybe Clarence Shield. Who's GonNa give away the first round? Like like she tries to Christina to you know just just get comparable in their. What their timing and style but She pretty much dominated the whole who'll in terrifying won by unanimous decision. How I predicted it to go the avenues fight and simple? Boxing Clearances Shields Web sir her at a night Nunez Malter. I couldn't go call. Justin would have. I love to hear your opinion on the topic of French on Cruz and Alejandro was great. Fight Man Like like I said mass stick to the script I guess the clearest shows talk as all good because she was on the show and anything connected to that but I definitely really want to hear your thoughts on the you know hundred if I felt like this could just get brushed over with with all the box and took place. This was the morning after. Show you you know we will be talking in this and Joe Smith and the Adorno all ash it all tonight and then this will be overshadowed when when this should not the overshadowed this should be you know fucking like Stainless said man. This should be Sean upon the sun not stainless this dammit fucking hell I meant to say stone boombox and Gentle Ching Hey yeah. TV in the morning. Nah On death. Fight last hey listen. I'm all excited man because First of all great show and I think that this fight it got so much witted this You know. Isn't she married. I I don't WanNa mess up the name of the song on Cruise Dessert Dessert. Is She married to a fighter. Yes I'm seeing her even working yes so I got a lot of appreciation watched a lot of a fight like you said she took on a cruise. I mean excuse me. She took on shields. Now I'M GONNA go conspiracy theory. I'm going all the way out and I ain't GonNa waste no time doing so. Oscar de la. Hoya has his issues. TRAE is my Nigga. We'd be on a joint with staying with after the show. I La Hoya has his issues. Alejandra Hander Yo ness. She like almost as big as you damn near brushing to join border wars. You're so with de la Hoya Issues News. I wouldn't be surprised sometimes. It's the truth is stranger than fiction when you talk about people using you know transgender and shit cut it able able to cut it. I'll tell you one day man on Delahoya. INSTAGRAM got a picture with a and then on his story he got a picture Sherwood and she's bigger than him Height wise and weight wise Did we go to brand in Cincinnati. Did we skip. You somehow skipped. Now you're gonNA give me a mainly from the Nova good nuts. What up? Yeah as far as the fight. I just watched it as I was listening to interviews and Shit this morning I scored or to draw. I gave Franchise Rounds One four eight nine and ten. I had her losing five to seven round but I think he is the last three rounds out to get the drums. I WanNa get rammed that you I thought it was a cold spikes all around pretty close. She fought the wrong fight like a coach station following the positive when she could have bought and moved. So you know some adjustments conditioning. I think he can win. That fight but On another note I'm calling the Noaa Info Joe L.. I want to smoke. I think I got the Goddamn the best. And then the pancakes. y'All earl spent and book called the Banana pancakes. I'm Giran Shit and I'm coming from both y'all I won't smoke. Oh I'm telling Y'all I got the best pancakes. That's my comment about the did you have you have a Tan. I thought I thought I'd take a semi mangone. Jim on a Sunday Day. My girl just came back from a war on a Sunday so I guess on the same mindset you guys out there. We're not on Sundays man. I mean I'm working on on Sunday. Just ain't working out but we don't do boomerangs going back out to dominate against Seattle action. Yup Yup Yup Yup Dominic in Seattle. You only got among call talk to us. Yeah Yeah I watched All hundreds fights back the bay and That's why you take girl. Did you find them on Youtube. Yeah yeah she was in Mexico back back in the day she was heavy saved back in the day a heavyweight. She was three hundred times but she was heavy. Set to she she. She's a woman Bro. I look back at her refine she she just said Hell this awesome boosters or you know lost the way and also she she does like lesbian. Let's keep it real. So she pie Daikin No. She's she's married to a woman. She has two children to you know I just like I said when I talked about I said I don't mean any disrespect you. You know what I mean. I don't know I just look at myself because I you know 'cause I looked at her and the face I'm like damn she'd do look like a man you know like a little tiny bit. I gotTa Look and Youtube Masih. Wish you look way back in the day but she she's she's a woman French aren't you cruise does a rematch. I'm GonNa go for her again I think that she did have points in a fight cut. It Cut Yemen Thanks for calling in dom killer Ranga Sweden. He'll just woke up some kind of groggy but What are we talking about The ALEJANDRA Jimenez versus friend. Sean Crucified on zone. Wig flew off right. She got explicit. I mean her trainer. That should should look crazy. Sheila crazy man. That's good were you. Just go back and listen to the show. We had her trainer on so we talked about the WIG. And we also had Kalisz on because you know Outta hand that I called Clarisa after the after the fight so we had Cologne to on a Sunday. You know what I mean. I'M GONNA listen to it but just the odd needs to retire by the way you have to fight anymore anymore. I'm a lead ever Saturday night. Baby I'll be honest with you. I ain't even watched a hard fight and I hate eight when I don't watch the fight live because I really know he got knocked out or he was he laws have he lost. I know I see it. I tried not watch shit on instagram either. But that's the fucking issue with these. You know what they call it a double booking in other double booking mass. So it's like you gotta fight on. ESPN and you gotTA fight on dissolve. And I'm trying to watch these up and coming kids you know what in a mean these adorno brothers man and you know then you simultaneously got the zone on. It's just like come on man you pulling me in too many fucking and directions man and I don't even watch other sports. Imagine people that watch other sports like you don't got no time you didn't see why P with the lies one on the triple triple rain yet at. That was the reason why Dana White with skeptical of bringing cyborg to a UFC. He took his time. He didn't want to didn't talk about it. He did it for a reason and when he did bring her put her on. Small fights small fights he wouldn't just though as big as champion in order to get tickets mess. They're reading for this. In the interview I have ever seen a little male male translates into a woman or a big woman into a male half of them. Don't look as good as she do stig about that. They don't look as good as she do when they transition and they used steroids like they tell you we use steroids secondly senator all other UK call after showing voiced opinion. Some Sun get ran off. Some of them don't but at least eight men have to put a voice to and honestly all arrest on the chat they clown Yup they do not like your. They pretend to win chassis morning. They think you'll according to think clowns. I'm telling you the truth. They don't really fuck with nobody. Nobody on the show for solving the check. y'All weird you're losing. I make a show in the country. All Right C.. Iwo Damn her my audio boosted my back off right. Cyp thanks for calling in and continued support. I would like to see you ask more questions C. P. Notifications you. You probably don't have the APP on or you probably didn't download the ATMAN now. I would like to get you to ask more questions. Even if it's the same anthony. Josh was alleging question. Yeah you need to remind me though. It has to be in their But honest speaking more than just that though but you know if just then at least I'm reminded to acts every fighter about that shit just for Shits Jason giggles right Ano- Boomerang. What up? Yeah you girl showing them home. It's heavy though showing them home on this is another thing will grow a lot of women they go they go but how they beat up some of the men in that. They didn't give it to you now. You gotta you gotTa Man and now he says out nine heard before matt so you ain't never like really been so cassie Outta I heard a couple of it'd be somebody who is really like like with Which for Baltimore? The girl how to handle two hundred pound a day there you go that is you got to. She gotta get better saved to decide fresh out crew guy that she she. I see the puts in center scale. She gotta get better shape. Bill Rescue Todd and like what like the third around. She likes language. She timberland to Land Rover plead to get better shape to do the terrible listen man. Let's not build this bill B- break this girl down man. Stop calling do Disa- big fight and and we all going to be in Cancun together. That's that's GonNa be the Shit Right. They're saying that being said man. That's not Oh oh shit almost left to people to Mandela. Never leave a man down. My gene talked to me. What up chat much went so pretty much my take was she looked she? He looked in better shape physically. This fight that her last fight French arm but she gets she guys the I. I don't know what happened. Sometimes she was coming in with no JAB. Just Kinda like I dunno lunging in face I at times I definitely if they want to see the rematch. I I don't like the fact that Clarisa said that Ladder has to fight somebody at at one sixty to get a match. Go Watch beat Frenchman. Who Will you be? But I don't think about it because he does not saying come. Fight me at sixty eight for for the two belts. I just one she saying. I'll go down and fight you for your undisputed remember she got all the belt one sixty minus the WNBA. So she's a unified. She got more belts at one sixty again. I think from a negotiation standpoint. If I'M CLARISA I make a big as down one sixty and struggle so exactly. That's what I'm saying. It's a super fight. So why does she have to go down to one sixty five somebody to get that shields by because he lana because she understands that the girl is got one fight. No one knows us. She got one fight. This is we got her buzzing now we got her buzzer and she got one fight and got on the map and now once the super fight you know what I mean like. It's kind of bullshit. I get what she's saying. Do Son the way I had to do. Certain she got enough fights and look at everything that she for and Latino got like thirteen fights and look she just got one name or I get what Clarisa San I get it. You gotta think about it like that like I gotta fight everybody and you mother fuckers. I just WanNa fight me that one. That one window is not about win. It's a it's a great with the women's Universe it's it's it's a great win but it's only one win and it took thirteen fights what I'm saying I got several unification's I got everything going on. I got you know what I mean. Come on you she got the right to dictate she she got the right to dictate because you know what she can hold out and not give us this motherfucking fight. You know what I mean. But but maybe the maybe the weights this fight is through the rematch with friends Shawn. Maybe maybe let the has to earn it by beating. France Sean Twice Clarisa now being encamped with with with with with France Sean what she just offered with. Barry Hunter Gist accepted right. And then it's just like the rocky and Apollo fucking movie man you know it's like he deserved loses again. Rocky comes to fucking avenge Apollo Bro. And Look Mike. It gets mad and people get mad the rockies in the hall of fame. You Seem Crawford. The other day tweeted out Some Shit Abou- throwing right looks left left hooks like like Like misty I in Nonni. y'All know what he said. I am a stone bond. What did he say? I know you the Croff Fan. You know what he said about Mr T. right or wrong. You Ain't it on twitter now now now stone bone jangle. It'll help me staying quiet. This terrible stainless talk to me on a boomerang yell man again I I agree with you on a on a double book man that it made a real difficult to watch the fight. Anchors are watch. ESPN ON APPLE TV. I watched his on Apple. My TV. So you know what. I'm saying that Boston back and forth got real little frustrating to be honest and I know any I suppose stunt withing the other fights in. I'm not really talk a bottle with those preliminary under cars for the for the two fights yesterday were both garbage as fucker so they really need to work on that on. PBC and his own against out the Clarisa Shields and berry hunt for calling in great interviews with a man. Thanks all the hard work. 'cause you always going to heart man you go harder than anybody else off scene on youtube up all night or day no You know France. Oh facebook against the grandma. I always say you work in Bresso. Shout out to you for that if you listen to it and you ain't push thumbs up for some reason. There's only like forty fifty percent of the focus who listeners who actually took two seconds to push the thumbs up the Bush signage. Stop playing so I always say please make sure you push that thumbs up every episode so into blocks voice podcast 'cause TB for life in the view ain't on pager on and you ain't get to ask questions and discussing Stupi Shot Camino to stay in this man as always thank you for the kind words and I found the tweet. It wasn't even too long ago January seventh so I'm screen sharing a here on Youtube. And he says Mr T. had the best hooks ever with no jabs or straight punches and obviously Mr T. is played club Elena Iraqi. And you know I'm just saying when you that rockies iconic man rocky is like Michael Jordan to basketball man that you can't take that away and Don't hate on movies that make us believe and rockies one of them fucking movies you know what. I'm saying But looks like we got a late addition late addition. We're going to Davidian on a late addition to do dividian. Just gotTA speak already. A mute a champion. They're gone on once Dividian Davidian Davidian Buehler Buehler all right G.. She was a J.. T. U. You on your after show you talking. J just got only on. You know what happened fantastic fight go watch. That man deserve fresh on cruise. Deserve Verses Alejandro Jiminez Indefinitely. Go back can listen to the show man. We had a clever seals and coach Barry Hunter on. Who is the trainer a French designer? I spoke to Design but obviously she was going to be on a flight man. She was going to be on a flight. So that's why she cut in Come on you know but Division try and you want more time Davidian Dividian vide- yeah I don't know what's up which 'cause you muted Chan but I don't know oh no that being said I'm out man. Ut Oh instagram and twitter catches on the next one at seven P M eastern eastern time. Today which is four. PM West Coast time six PM Central. And I believe it's midnight in the UK. Hey these days at seven PM perks.

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