Stand Down, Soldier


there's that catchy fi music music chuck. Stir things about coming out with which means you have entered the steam room the podcast that of taking over the world the last time on my check. Do you know how many people had downloaded how many fifty three trillion. Oh my goodness and six fifty three trillion and six and this and people say we would never make this. This is episode four. Yes it is and it promises to be glad. You're able to work us into your schedule. Because I know it's been a very busy week and we'll continue to. Are you busy with a really busy week. Getting to work with Degrade Sam Jackson Spike Lee the great spike Lee a great spike Lee. Just call one one of the Great Sam Texans greets spike spike But then also today I got to work with gymnast. Great gymnast and Larry and neglect. Great Gymnasts Larry Bird and so it's been a busy day but I I was told a guy take I can only work X.. Amount of I was on Thursday because we gotta tape steam room get to capital one. I love working with you guys. We'll be seeing those spots during March madness as we do every every march madness all right first of of all first of all you know you have a lot of money. You get Huntington's Cheerios. I've had two regular Cheerio for a ride a motorcycle. Who makes millions of dollars and eighty first of all zero plus zero zero home? Well I'm GonNa do some special today. I'm on due to do a second of all. See Most of the time you say first of all and then make another point and then say first of all again. Yeah so it's actually to I first of all old male Beckham Junior Mhm I WANNA look right into that camera. You'll man eating about you. You knew when you start giving those kids money it was going to become about you to NC Double Eidos idiots and just taken away from the shine or was arguably the greatest football all season ever heal mastan down. Your team stinks. We team stinks. You have to stand down when you break and rather than winning you can can do whatever you want to but don't make this. Lsu Champions about you taking away to shine from those kids those kids busted there but and all everybody on TV is talking about out is illegal and now the players got to talk about it. Now we gotta talk about his stand down soldier Ciccio as down somewhere US first of all all second of all you know earning Antonio Brown just feel sad man you know marshawn. Lynch is one of my favorite players and just talking about his speech out to the game. Now the daytime. About Ma'am number. One thing is take care of your money and take care of your mind. I loved him saying that. An employee. Because you WanNa make sure when you go out. Dan Play football admired respect. Anybody who played football. You need to make sure you say your mind because this is a very difficult violence sport but he also talked about in Kailua mind watching that Antonio Brown video one of the most disturbing things and you know we we. We had Kevin Love the Marta rose and came out and said I have some issues. I need to seal psychologists and I'll give a shout out out to the NBA. Adam seven those guys been hooking. Anybody who wants to help can go and KIP and not be ashamed that Oh you shouldn't be ashamed of it. Got To this guy who plan for the eagles a offensive and defensive linemen I his name escapes me. He started having panic attack and he. He didn't tell anybody and he finally came out. I've been seen as a cartridge because I've been having panic attack. And that's the same thing happened to Kevin Evan. So man you out there who got some issues man go see us catch and the thing knows really sad about my day. We used to joke about players who had issues but we we want smart enough to know that they had something wrong. We like oh he just different he got oh oh he just liked. That retrospect if I could go back in life in somebody's guys and say you'll man what you doing is is not normal way you acting as not normal. Maybe you need some help. And don't you think too in that and you would speak to this obviously much better than I would but the whole well locker room mentality on the professional level And for a long long time you wouldn't come out and say something because it would be g so mad on his as A. We wish I can't do that. I can't say that I'm dealing with this man. They'll think I'm weak. But Ernie I'm I'M V. That happened is one hundred percent guys. Because there's such a macho thing that goes on in the locker room but I regret now looking back in life and I'm not gonNA put anybody a business on the street. There's so many guys that now you're old enough to understand like 'cause you see how to move in you see how they live turn out. Ah I wish that we had been smart enough. Say the sad thing about our new. We used to joke behind the guys back. Do got some issues but we want smart enough. The noted he realized so. You regret that now. I regret that that you had maybe teammates or guys that you knew in the League that you said that guy's got some issues and now all I'm doing this in kind of joking about and talking to this guy man what's up but and like 'cause we want smart enough to think oh it's all right to see the congress and I regret not because maybe their life would turn out like it did if we had got his when he was playing but to get back to my original point. Man Somebody somebody close to Antonio Brown needs a Yeoman acting is not normal and I just feel sadness sadness because when you play sports like I love Nascar. I love football. I Love Baseball cheaters. We're talking we'll be talking about short but the thing is scary. Is I feel like with some Ham to somebody in another sport. We're in a greatest fraternity in the world and fantasy. Somebody just implode and I just feel sadness but that kid you know what I what the way I see that Chuck Stir I think sometimes James even those who are closest to to a player are afraid the player a wanted to say that he's GonNa cut me off and I'm not going to be part of this. The hardest thing about being famous is to people around. You see you buy all the drinks. You're paying for automobiles. They're flying around on your private. They're never gonNA tell your own and if you surround yourself yourself with crazy people it all like I say we. We know hundreds of examples over the last thirty years that I've been in this business. The people around you they never gone. Tell you know because you've got all the purse strings. The reason Eighty percent of professional athletes go broke and people. Don't say I gambling gambling sometimes but most of the time it's not gambling. It's all the people you've got on your payroll and when you're acting like an idiot and your people like while take him to stop acting like that. No I need my bills paid. I WanNa live his life so is to harvesting try to surround. I'm not gonNa tell them you tell them. Yeah no no no no yeah and Because you know. I'm so glad you bought a point up. Because when I was watching Antonio Brown screaming at the cops in front of the mother of his kids there was another dude here in that dude just sitting there listening to Antonio Brown not saying you man. Maybe you shouldn't be acting like this and I don't know anything about that situation but I'll bet you do on the payroll because there's no way if you're not on the payroll you're going to sit fair and say dude. You're acting rational and sad though back real quickly to the Odell Beckham thing. Look I know that we all have our allegiances. I know look when you see Auburn. Oh making a run whether it's SEC. Football or whether it's SEC basketball the the NCAA tournament yeah you get excited about this and certainly can understand Odell Beckham being fired up about Lsu and and now you win a national championship but but it just seems like why why hijacked the moment you know why because I could never see you. If Auburn cut down the nets I could never see you. I could see you on the floor given Bruce Pearl a hug and high five kids but I could never see you say well let me let me Take some Some paper out here. Hey give you take this. It makes you the center of attention and it and it takes away as you said from all the things that this team had to do to get to where it it's like when you and gymnasts given away trophies at two in in Mba or in college if if Auburn won a national championship Y'all say chuck. You WanNa give him a trophy. I'm like no I was at this time this time. It Ain't me like would it'd be cool for me to give Bruce Pearl Championship. Of course it would be. But if I if you ask me I I. One hundred percent was a nano this our time these guys accomplished is and what Lsu this year Like I say we're having a conversation talking to some friends Vince. Young Tim Tibo Cam Newton. Joe Burro I was trying to think what college player the hat to greatest quarterback season an NCWA history. I mean because I think I still tell people that. USC Texas game to Best College football a game ever seen Tim Tibo arguably in wanted two or three best college football players ever Cam Newton a year. He led Auburn won and a half until the championship was was great. But what Joe Borough. Da Tissue here uh-huh greenest season. A college quarterback has ever had and this'll so legitimate debris and kept national championship. Yes convincing fashion All right so that's That's the first order business. The next order of business is was talking baseball baseball. What a mess? These days And and breaking news on this day that we around the steam broom with another manager of feeling the effects of this whole What do you want to call it? This whole sign steel. It's crazy. Yeah so we need to talk to a baseball guy. Let's do it and we will do that in the next segment point. We welcome Jimmy Rollins. Two Zero mm-hmm back around the steam room everybody's favorite podcast or at least mine. Chuck take matters what a week it has been in major league baseball so AJ hinch the Astros manager. Yes Jeff Jeff Luneau or Jeff Liu now they're GM. Both out. Alex Cora out as manager of the Red Sox he had been the bench coach with the Astros in seventeen and Carlos Beltran just a short time ago. The new mets manager. Now out as mets manager all of this over the sign stealing thing and also don't forget now because losing a first and a second two years in a row. NFL million dollar fine dozo serious penalties. I mean those so I'm glad yeah. We got a legend on here to talk about it. Yeah Jimmy rollins joining us on the steam room Jimmy Nice Nice Towel and And let me let me ask you now. Obviously you see the penalties that have been imposed on individuals and teams How about the damage to the game? mm-hmm of baseball itself. How big is this? I think it's huge You know baseball as we look at the numbers and Viewership is it has been on the decline Showing less interest. And you know they. They juiced the ball is the last couple of years and trying to bring it back and entice people with with a long ball and maybe was working. Maybe it wasn't you were trying to grieve yet the game and make some changes and then this happens and you know a scandal is never never good it brings a Lotta is with these. These are the wrong type of is I I don't know how to Comprehend it all yet. I mean baseball fall and stealing signs has been going on since. We're getting up time and you know you get out there and you get a runner on base and you find a way to pick the system and you beat them at the wrong happens in every sport. Look if you're calling the play or you're calling out a player I see a screen or something and I know what's going to happen then. Yeah I'm GonNa let my teammates no because I want to give us the advantage but using and technology. That's that's where they've drawn a line obviously. Jimmy's is look. It's as old as the game itself. I mean when you were were you knew when you were coming up in your career and you were shoot. You were an MVP. An all-star multiple times a world champion. How much focus was there on trying legitimately to steal signs or say? Hey I know what's coming I know when they're gonNA hit and run. Hey I know one but hey you know you pick these things up from the dugout from the field so so how much how much of that was going on. And how much focus was was there on your part of your teammates part. Oh all the time That was that was one thing that I mean. We got accused other but I mean it is not an accusation. We beat you about the game. We're looking at the DUGOUT signs coming from a manager to the third base coach hit and run Jeff Science them in front of manager to the catcher about whether the whole pick overthrow. So I'm watching everything and if and if I pick it up then that's the my advantage this up to you to make adjustment. I don't have to do anything different. That's up to you so when I got on Second Base I learned the battery. AH The sign. They'll let me know if they wanted or not. That's up to them. Not Everybody wants it but like I said the way was you actually have a livestream from Centerfield Angle Pick the signs and then have a guy in the dugout. You know alert in a battle with no one on base. That's just way too far. I mean that that's really knowing everything that's coming. That's like spring training when pitcher saying. Here's a slider. Here's a change up and of course as a better you're going to take advantage of that once you trust the system. You're you're at a huge advantage managed to question for you. We keep talking about Electron IX technology at dinner. It still comes down to somebody. beat known can that's gotTa like gotTa make you laugh. That's my that's my first question. And secondly do you think these guys should get another opportunity to manage okay I just a second one. I that's tough because of what comes with it You know everybody you know in his life as deserves second third fourth chances Cheating in baseball. You know you go back to the black socks and then you know gambling on baseball and you look at Pete Rose and what happened to him and is is this really any different. You're cheating the game I think if they do get a second chance where they deserve. I think that's up to each individual team. The guy's GONNA survey year Alex won a championship Boston that my host and wait for somebody looking for manager and a couple of years they'll try never got off the ground around. Aj obviously one world series also I think after after a little while once everything calms down I think they will get another chance to manage managed. But if they do I think you know going even deeper you know. How does that affect you know? Pete rose because cheating cheating. Let me ask you this Jamaica Jimmy case so the gloss of trash cans part of the world. That is intriguing. You know here we have. This is high tech way to do this. And this is tech way and it's not like then look into the look into the right field pavilion because there will be a blinking light. Knows I'm going to bang on a trash can live once or twice exactly exactly that you see. But that's a creative genius of it all because you can't walk with the Buzzer in your pocket because it catch will pick up one. But who banging on Trashcans trashcans. Maybe somebody's interrupts. That that made it out rhythmically. Okay so let me ask you this. So so all of this is focused kind of on the Astros and the Red Sox and now the mets because of Carlos Beltran relationship with the astros and seventeen are we to think that these are the only teams doing it or they the only ones gotten co getting caught I think they're the only ones that have been caught. I mean there have been rumors and you know saying that have been said about numerous teams around the league. You know they they have a light system out there. They have a Guy Centerfield that he takes his hat off. He puts it on for certain pitches. All these things as you look certain teams that when runners get on base while the sudden you know the two seventy hitter becomes a four hundred hitter. Then when nobody's on he you know he he's. He's he's a one thirty hitter like how. How does that all make sense? So we've always felt that way about The other chain because things happen in such a fashion that it's like that's just not natural but if you don't get caught if you can't prove it is this is not what you what you can prove if you can't prove it then all it is is a rumor and unless you're on that the home side you don't really know what's going on. Let me ask you this question. This is an interesting point when I'm trying to decipher everything. Okay you got the general general manager who got banned you gotta manager. There's no players been mentioned and like I say Aclu you don't know all the answers but how how many people involved in cheating is my question. Lake did to general manager. I mean he clearly he got fired. But if you chained to you ted a general manager the manager doing it by itself and the players. How does that whole thing work? That's a good question and looking at it from the players view. Okay you get drafted to a team gets. It's ready to what team. Whatever waves on his agent and you get there? There's a system already in place whether you agree with it or not. You're part of it and at some point you're struggling at the place Guess what you know. What I we need a little help? You're going to benefit from from that system So I think the weight at owners should be on the people who created it and allowed it and as a player you might say you know. This isn't this isn't right. We know it's not right but damn we're winning one hundred games now. We won a championship. Happy ship look how much better I'm doing at home than when i WanNa road and then you factor in well if I stay here for my whole career. That's a lot of money to me because I'll be take advantage of this the whole time so I mean the the players is common like they're married into it whether they WANNA be. They're not there but the people created the system Definitely should you know take take the weight of it and who everybody and anyone else who knew what was going on. And you don't want this to get throughout the whole organization so it has to be tight lipped about to be kept in the clubhouse and you know within a couple of people if anyone asks like I don't know what you're talking about because you know I mean things are GonNa things are gonNA leak. Sometimes people are gonNA tell but if too many people know then it's going to leak and then it would've been a firestorm that's at some point But here we are now another storm because somebody decided. Hey you know what we were doing was not right or they cheat over there. I got another technology question for you. Jimmy and I don't know if you know your numbers off the top. You heard him you know how. How many bases you steal? Because I know your top top twenty one in the national the National League history awards. What thirty five or something around there if they had replay the way they have it for your entire career? How many stolen bases would you half F. O.? Product cut that in half. I mean it's crazy isn't it. I mean that's one thing it's one thing Jimmy that drives me crazy because I don't think that's done in the spirit of of replay to expect an umpire to have this superman x Ray Vision to be able to slow everything down and see if for for a a nanosecond. Your arm came off that bag while a guy kept the tag egg on you and so you were out even though you clearly beat the throw. That drives me crazy. Because I don't think it's the spirit of thing but on the other other hand if if you were a shortstop and you're in a tag on somebody you're probably like a net. So so how do you fall on that man. I just I just wish and again I'm GonNa let you talk talk but you know what I wish they would do on a stolen base. Call like that. You can look at it again you can replay it in regular speed it just the way the empire was looking at it and if you can reverse a call from from regular speed okay go ahead and reverse it. What do you think I hear you As a base dealer is happened to me My last year in two thousand sixteen. Exactly as you said. I'm I mean I'm I'm full. You know fingertips my elbow safe but as you're sliding your momentum take you across the bag. I do everything I can keep my body on a bag. I'm literally smothering him back back. But when you slow it down by frame by frame by frame I'm off the back by half an inch clearly safe then I'm ruled out and it's like that's that's like that that's not what it's used for. I am clearly safe at my momentum is taking me clearly off the bag and I'm trying to hang on in shortstop or second base. Third Baseman is is keeping a tag on me okay. I can agree with that because I overslept the back. But I'm literally smothering a bag and when you slide that you hit the ground you're gonNA bounce up so now you're penalizing me for something that's going to naturally happen. There wasn't a mistake me. It was just as you hit the bag. Your Body. Your body's lifts off unless you're slide into to a corner of the bag. Now you're trying to hold on with your fingertip now on the other side on the defensive side. I like it because it gives us the benefit This guy was out and it was Chris Situation. He was say but he came off the bag in his messed up. But man that really helps us. You know in this situation so get it both sides but in the spirit of being a base stealer and what replay was four. I agree with you one hundred percent. It was not meant to see the guy pop off the back for millisecond that okay just momentum took them off the back he came off the back. Let's see if he made it back to the bag before the tag was reapplied since one hundred the percentage of the guy literally pop off the bag and then a natural flowers. Clearly say I agree with you last thing. This is just a quick answer as we say as we say goodbye to your Jimmy is your niner fan. Give me the score is Sir niners packers. Give me a final score. A final score of Mac. I give you win a loss okay. We we plan plan in the bay. I say it is twenty seven twenty twenty four nine or gang. Wow that'd be great to watch Ron at that many points. You know riders man. That's bad boy. The bad boy Jimmy Rollins. Great talking to you man. We really appreciate you taking the time with your insights on what's going on a major league baseball and seasonal. Be here before you know it. Thanks a lot Jay royal awesome. You know obviously I live in Philadelphia during the summer. And I've been a big PHILLY's fan and I've got to know Jimmy Ryan Howard our really really well. The last waiver some glory days winning the World Series and then we lost again to the Yankees which was so also just going up Bona train back and forth from New York to Philly. The city was on fire with all. Those Yankee fans came down on that on that a little hour and fifteen minute train it would just crazy. It was great in a man. But I tell people those two of the nicest guys you ever GonNa meet Jay Role Ron Howard. No doubt more coming up on the steam room. Our buddy going to stop by to but is an over exaggeration. All our our beloved love. It friend Tim Kylie. Now he's beloved. Yeah well that music can only mean one thing. You are so white. The man with the central Catholic Catholic Vikings hat and the and the creamy white thighs. Tim Kylie's that's your high school. That is my high school a it's slightly different colors honor of shack. And all I wanNA know tonight before we start the local news. Ernie is the national news. which you guys? Are you going to be gracious the shack. Yes because wait wait. Hold on because we do you. Are you actually let him speak AAC. Yes well seconds not like earning. What do you mean you the most obnoxious Georgia fan in the world? I am not put the helmet on a desk. We were ranked number one in everything the last few years. Yeah just. I'm not sure what's wrong with that. You you start out talking about Georgia checked anything like I don't even know if he knew unless you want to play on a Monday. I didn't know that anyway was a you in the mood for for local news local news. Yes the music now. That's much better live and local news breaks we've fixed action new at eleven chuck Dateline Orlando You did not graduate from Arbor correct. I did not. I have a school for you to re enroll students at one Florida. University may have new trouble avoiding the freshman fifteen. The University we have North Florida in. Jacksonville has installed Pizza ATM. It's a vending machine that serves up pizza with just the push of a button pizza basis precooked and when someone orders there's one it's heated up dispensed in just a few minutes kids. Today machine is located at one of the residence halls on campus. What a great idea? Well well I'm okay. That's great. I'm not wait. We don't know that yet. I know that it's a great idea. So it will ask you a question. Is this not similar to ordering takeout from McDonald's. No no art impeach. It's not the same as audience takeout from McDonald's and Wendy's on one of those stupid asks that's when you just really lazy and just for the record you don't Wanna I know you don't know what's the problem with ordering and then going and picking it up no living they bring it to you. Oh really they'll bring McDonald's Wendy's auto stores. I thought you could just get on the APP. And then you it'd be ready for they. Have they deliver it to more music kid. DETERMINE DEPENDABLE LABEL DATELINE NEW JERSEY. Chuck you actually do use home shopping. Channels deny never. I thought you said did you shopped at these things. No no okay no I. I've had things delivered to your house you well. Maybe maybe it's those Those commercials that stuff but I always go and get it. I've never ordered anyone all. Let me tell you something. It's a good thing you didn't go and get this one New Jersey. Mom says she got a very gross Amazon delivery. have to check this one out. She ordered two boxes of diapers from Amazon She does every month for her two daughters when the package arrived this week. She was horrified. There was a little bit heavy. I was half asleep. The lights were off at that point. I turn on the light. And that's when I notice these diapers are neatly folded. And they are soiled soiled diapers attack okay so so the story is. She bought diapers on Amazon on Amazon. They were delivered and two all of them had been used. No the whole package was full of neatly folded soiled diapers you got to admit the person's a pig but that it is for funny. I mean they took the time you said they would immediately fold it. Fold so that tells me the person got a good sense of humor and I guarantee you this is somebody probably knows to you. Did you actually change Cristiana diaper at any point in your life. No I've never have a change a diaper in my life. Check you get faint hearted when there's any kind of a chrome anywhere near your desk. I don't apologize for being clean. It's not my fault y'all animals. I want my boy Jeff. Foxworthy likes to say he's talks about diapers and he said look when it says on the on the package ten to twelve pounds. They don't hold much more than that. There you go bathroom stall It's always good music. Boys always good to see. You always trying to try to keep up appearances here. Check thoroughbred legs thoroughbreds like Lofa breads. What else we have coming up on the show one of your favorites? shucks answering machine back inside the steam room Ernie Johnson. Along with Charles Barkley Lian in this age of technology and great advancements. It's always nice to have a final segment that revolves around the old answering machine. In this case. Chuck's answering machine you resolve Barclay leave a methods America. Hey Chuck Man I just WanNa know. Can you grow hair. Well I can grow hair. I got a big doughnut in my ahead. Though I was one of those guys you know some guy's recede from the front I just had a big hole in the top of my head so like you're talking about me going you know. Yeah I got one of the Nano Lega C I. I can actually grow hair on the outskirts of town up in downtown. I got a big hole in my head and let me tell you some Ernie. I don't know when you notice you started going ball. Well I haven't really noticed. No no no. But I'm saying I'm thinking I was twenty four twenty five it's a traumatic attic experience like I say I don't know when you first notice it but like when I I noticed I was going ball I was like. Oh something's going on on here. What was the last time you actually had like a head of hair? I had an Afro in Highschool. Yeah he's had some here at Auburn. I I started a craze when people start shave not saving ahead going down to waves when you just burst a hole in your head to make it wavy so I think right out the high school wasn't that crazy started when people also going to show it hair But man it's dramatic when you I think you should until now till the NBA playoffs start just consciously honestly grow hair and to see what that looks like opening night in the playoffs. Not Attractive is not I mean. I know it's hard to mess up the money maker but I am much better looking bald and I'm not saying I'm great looking but I'm much better. Look look in ball than would have. Let's go to caller number two. Hey Ernie and Charles. My Name is staff and I'm from Sydney Australia. I watched it inside the NBA every week and now. I'm loyal steamer steam a- As a fan as you this may know a strategy is currently being ravaged by bushfires so I don't have a question for you have a special request. Could you please ask all your fans to dig deep in their pockets. They can send help to our volunteer firefighters who are helping. Keep US safe in our beautiful country. Sadly we're losing so much each day in terms of that native wildlife US Bushland hunts and even people your words support would mean sign match sending love from down onto staff. Well you know and A and B that was a that was amazing call number one. Thank you for being a law steamer but please everybody out there Reach in your pocket. we need to find a place to send some and that's why I was gonNA say look online to and just see Because I need to do the same thing. Just find out what what what is the relief agency then yeah of preference to to help over there because yeah it's you know we should talk to do our favorite. NBA Player winkle. Joe ingles he will know at least give us a proper context but everybody watching a steam room a WHO watch internally the inside please donate something I mean because a little suffered ass up to a lot and I will promise you man. I'm all send you some money. Man Ernie GonNa send you some money. We just got to find out the right agency to send it to But that's just terrible story and we encourage everybody everybody to to get on board with that too whether you have you know. We've been to Australia before. And it's a magnificent I times and and and I know you've been to news is just frightening and in the and then you see and now that the castle in the tournament's lead into the Australian Open one because the air quality is so bad. I saw this one young girl got so sick. The other day they had to stop her match But man we and and I I wish the American press would cover it more because I think more people see that they will start giving more the money and we need to know where to get money to make sure it actually gets there but I wish the American press as much as we're wasting time. This impeachment stupidity Pity and stuff like that. We need to help Australia. Final at Lincoln County Jail if you would like to continue this call up to twenty minutes by accepting a charge to your credit or debit card. Please press one if if you would like to set up or add funds to a prepaid advanced connect account in order to pay for future calls. Please press to the week. Party disconnected goodbye. We got a call from jail. Lincoln County jail. What whichever Lincoln County? There's a lot of Lincoln's Yes yes and probably I mean was that was that somebody. You're allowed one phone. Call none on somebody who who who seen gene. We're incarcerate because I will tell you some. I've had to unexpected. Pledge Making that phone call you have to call collect the the unexpected affected the way that the right way to phrase that no not at all but unfortunately it's not like operators are standing by at Chuck's looks answering machine. No because earn. No because you know this how long ago it was remember somebody on the other end has accept the charge. Right because I remember Early Eighties I had to call my mom and my mom taught. It was a joke. Did she accept the charge. She did and did she let you. You have it not that time to which she had to bear me out of the way to get home to get yelled at but it is. It is kind of funny because you do the American. I'm not joking you have to call collect and like I say I don't know how it works today but back then commitment we've gotten collect calls before you have to say you're going to collect call from Seattle the the charges charges but man. I hope I hope you get out of jail. Bless you we need all the steamers. Even those does the Lincoln County Lincoln County Lincoln County jail. We should do that. Survey would underdog. We need to find out. How many Lincoln County are? I mean if if you can't find it can't be foul. Yeah and we'll find who was trying to call us in the steam room That's it for this episode of the Steam Room. The Charles Barkley Ernie Johnson. Thanks a lot for for tuning in and we will see you again. Next time as the door closes

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