Stop Asian Hate | Episode 46


Wilkinson american conversation podcast. A podcast about a comedian and to feminists having discussions every week. About what the hell's happening in america today each week we invite fascinating people and provide interesting news to be hashed out with the understanding that as americans. We can agree to disagree. We can laugh hysterically and behave politically incorrect. And still be friends for the next round of debate. Revelation leland and rose are not experts but alona is and that makes rose unhappy. Listen in every week. Be that fly on the wall. Welcome back today. We have our special guests jimmy. Shanna comedian alone. Is shaw our lawyer. Brown sugar have to say it. My god leland south park rose medina leland heflin we are going to be talking about what is going on with his asian tate so we have to korean and the rest of us are not okay. Let me read something. I go ahead. Racism against asian-americans immunities is deeply entrenched in american history. We stand with the victims and survivors of the atlantic and with all victims of hey and racial by stands with all our others insiders. Who feel unsafe today all right. I'm done preaching udub. We said okay pat being said in today's society. We have a lot of anger. Going on towards asian people. I'm not saying that it's towards korea. I would believe that. Were feeling more towards the chinese because of wonderful fucking trump in what he was saying about kung flu. And all that crap. That was funny. Cons flow lewis. Funny yeah no virus. Not so much. Yeah exactly. Have you guys had anything happened to either one of you. Have you experienced anything to your. Family's gio you jimmy. Go to tell me what's going on just the other night. I did a show or stoppage. Hey and i've posted a flyer on instagram and someone would go back home. I'll get mad. And i looked down but it was my mom not man. She must be close to white. Guys weren't even skinheads plumbing. I'm starting off with a job but seriously this is serious matter and what they do is they basically lump all asians together so half the time. It's not even chinese people that i know of a tie guy that that was killed. Yeah there's learn america yeah. Those are the old tiger. They're targeting these pussies are targeting. Old people which i think is the lowest of the low people that can't defend themselves. Yeah women and old people. That's just to me pathetic but grandma hit that guy. White guy his ass those then. You're all the money from the goes on me as well. I think it's over a million dollars. She needed to infamy. I actually had an incident. I live in a pretty gentrified area in lower manhattan and nine four or music. Ten forty five in the morning on a main street where i stopped in the middle of locked. Adjust my stuff. As asha my way to chinatown which. I don't usually go to during the week. But i just happened to be on the way there and this guy. That part of the story was really narrow. This guy coming towards me and he looked really angry and then he tried to sit on me. Dodged my jess me. And then he. I saw him to keep walking and at one point he turned around. He just had like. It's kind of euphoric kind of adrenaline rush kind of thing so i felt obligated especially obligated to go report this just because it was so look on him. I just felt especially after then. I went to chinatown. You're seeing all these people that are really vulnerable. And who don't report these things. They're not a positions recorded at at you. It's so difficult. Report hate crimes. I think it's gotten a little bit better in the last couple weeks. They're actually doing things you're starting in. Nypd now has somewhere you can tweet email and they're having more referendum. They're trying to get more people involved. Everson especially essence. Atlanta happens but even here a couple. I think it was early last week. I asked you an atlanta last week. Visiting my mother Last week here. He's heard that about the older woman who's filipino. When a church that homeless earn up horrible. Yeah it was a homeless guy. He attacked her. And the norman closed the door on her and do anything and they were trying to defend themselves saying that they didn't see that the beginning and then they showed the footage from the building. And then you see that they let this woman who's on the phone walk out the building right into it if they were so worried. Why don't they stop the woman from going out such like. Open the door for her to go out and she goes walks right into it looking down on her. That was shocking. When the guy closed the door they day just watched and they just close the door on and then a person who lives in the building walkout into that without saying anything china. Stop our ex president. That sort of egged this on any. I think definitely he definitely normalized races. Emitted okay to say racist things in the whole kung fu thing and a lot of people can't tell asians are so it affects everybody in la people. I can't tell them apart. No hanna understand about the local. Though rosettes different hard i actually my husband or soon to be ex is chinese japanese korean and my children are part asian but we would go to the korean spa and we could not even figure out which one was my husband when they were all in the same outfit and i understand bigger out your own husband. Nothing like ursel problem. Attention to the wrong parts leland. They all dressed the same. Because you have to wear the same outfit in the spa. But when they're all laying down all. The men looked the same. And i couldn't figure out which one was my husband. Something happened to a friend of mine in la where she was eating outside of a thai restaurant and i think the difference there was that she was their son. This man comes to start screaming at them. Sexual things your son's geisha boys harassing them. The difference there is at least in early do anything they were late getting there. They didn't really help them. They didn't take that seriously where it's at least here in new york. I feel even though nothing really came. Yes announce chuck came of it. I put stuff on my social media. I know a lot of people in the neighborhoods. So it's people and the police were responsive this Gentrified neighborhood what if it wasn't a gentrified you're in chinatown. They're not going to try to help you although it's really cute. I was in chinatown a couple of weeks ago. They have these now. They always policemen around every corner. And but they're super bowls jordan. You're there. you're chinatown here last week and it was dead there was it was empty. There was nobody around no body. Nobody really eating. There's one of the problems. I think that a lot of people don't want to be police officers anymore. And i don't know about the rest of the country but here in la they don't want to get involved a lot of times. They're afraid to get involved because so many people because of black lives matter and all the big news stories these days turn it on right now and find one that. They're just afraid to respond that they're going to do something wrong or somebody's going to attack and or spit on them. Though in silver lake there was an arson incident where this homeless person set fire to four vehicles where an and the lady who lived in the building was telling us that the police came and were afraid to get out of their vehicles and the homeless person was. They're setting fire and it just didn't know what to do and it goes back to a lack of training and it goes back to the lack of all fide individuals. That really want to do that job anymore. And that's the shame the most recent story. I'm sure you guys have heard. Is that story. Where the lady police officer miss took her real gun for her as her in shot a young black gentle. It just horrible. Because that's a mistake. That should not happen when you have people out what he. What are you going to expect them to come to help you out. No they're not being trained in mental health there now. That's the people that are causing the issues. The people that are not getting the correct mental health. Care disagree with you. I think the number one issue is bias. I think there's a fear of african. Americans were bringing it back to african americans where you automatically get scare and i have this problem too. I do if. I'm walking down the street and i see a big black guy. I get more scared. Than if i see a white guy or an asian guy and i think i if i see a hotline really does but i think i think this bias needs to be corrected because i have seen videos where a white guy just shot his wife to france and a man. The house housing. He's running. This is in ohio and saying hilmi and the cops de-escalated took the guy in the guard was rushing the cop if he was black. The communist shot. I'm right out the door coming right out the door. I was afraid for my life. I was afraid. I missed to this for that. Although i agree with you jimmy in terms of the confidence and the training and competence because she's a trainer this woman twenty six years on the force who shot this poor guy train younger officers and she can't. She doesn't know the difference. Wouldn't go you're talking about something that's really important. Which is the difference between over policing lack communities and under policing asian people are coming in and saying look. We need your help in this way x. y. or z. And they're know that's not what happened in new york with the doorman closed the door. That was a horrible thing to see and it was. it was pretty calculated. It wasn't a moment it wasn't that split second it was. You saw him take his time walking to the door and closing it and he made a decision which is not at all to excuse the woman in brooklyn center minnesota where she grabbed the wrong device. Which still is a hard thing for me. That's a hard pill to swallow for me. No people are saying cops do that all the time. I don't accept that. Because if i wrongly i dunno my job is not life or death but if it were and i had to make a decision between two things and they chose be instead of a and somebody died for it. That's i can't just say i made a mistake. That's not an option but there it seems. There's a missing piece. Which is why are you reacting properly in in other communities. You're over policing are under police. What hana tell me this. Why is it every time. I see an image of an asia person getting attacked. Why is it a black guy. That's why do black people not understand what it feels to be a victim of racial profiling and it just doesn't make sense but art of it could be people that are bullied ended up becoming a bully. A lot of the times down from the perpetrate. The only explanation i can think of. I certainly can't speak for lack man. But what i can say it. It's a lot what you're saying. Jimmy which is fully bullied people become bullies but also communities have been pitted against each other for a million years especially in the united states irrespective of race in the same boat. And that's that's the ideal asian. People have been discriminated against in a very particular way black people african american people have been discriminated against in a very particular way and instead of going out and saying okay. Let's organiz because it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. We do organize in a lot of these organizations work together but instead of organizing were pitted against each other and it's yeah control the rich white people at the top. I think in my case the person who did attack when they tried to spin on me he was a black person has multiple layers to it too as well because he was probably homeless person. He didn't look lots. Jimmy initially because he was pretty clean cut and i just didn't think he was homeless. But then it's interesting. Because then a week later i heard another incident. I still haven't gotten confirmation even freeze. The same guy him. Attacking another woman was also asian. But i saw video footage of majestic look so. I think it's also a mental health thing a lot in new york. At least his a lot of these people are somehow a mental health issue. There that's not being fully addressed that. Yeah we really need to get maybe a couple of weeks ago. We started having some kind of not. What's not protests rallies. We had a black and it was called the black and gold rally here which is really cool. And i think we religious need to work on solidiarity and i i heard someone. I think it's the guy that's ahead of the n. double acp and he. It's basically we need more people. I feel for asians to be aware what's going on and also the fact that we don't even you don't even see our history very much in history books in america girl. A little bit about japanese interment very vaguely. But most people don't know when asia. I came to the us and it's been centuries. I learned about asians in howard. Zinn class at bu. Tell alley that. I had no idea. I just agent chinatown. Said y'all chinatown on the asians the I didn't even know the ignorant i wasn't. He's read this book. Read that up. And i'm a racist i didn't realize it but i clean my act up one of the things. I knew that i say asians are the new mexicans because people are mad at us because we're taking their jobs that they don't want they want mexicans to build walls. They want asians to build firewalls. But at the core of that joke is a truism which is that. I think a lot of particularly black people think that we just come over here from asia and then all of a sudden we have a business or were taking something away from their communities. Because a lot of times you'll even go to content or something and the corner stores owned by an asian person. And so i think that's the core of all the problems that they had in the nineties and least for sure. And i thought we were past and we got to just becoming more of sort of a socio economic and who's the sort of the haves and the have-nots type of thing but then we moved back into just racism by with this virus systemic racism. The problem with that too is that it's very difficult for black entrepreneurs to get a loan to open up a store so then you live in a predominantly black neighborhood and you look up in. The first thing is nation star. How big money for that. It has nothing to do with the asian family whose here wants to succeed in america. But who else they're gonna take it out. And that's what i was thinking about the bidding against each other and i'm glad that the guy had held them goldman sachs. He is putting a lot of money into detroit and investing in detroit in african american communities and stores. And everything you need to do that. You need to invest in the original sin in the original people here. Never mind the native americans. That's another Asia people come here and do well and it's because of the stereotype you guys. I'll tell you get their money. I know i'm cat and relate to this one is you're korean is when i was a kid. My mom you with some over trusted friends would pull together. Their money in korean called gabon and they made their own little banking system. They pulled together their money but people that need it the most get it first but they end up paying a little more interest or a couple more payments at the end but everybody gets ten thousand dollars is not a policies game if you were the wrong person. It's it could be a ponzi because if even one person on that link is corn schemer than you might not have any money at the but most of the people she dealt with just her close friends all wanted to start businesses and so they'd have this ten thousand dollars star and so i think black people need to come together and help each other. But that's an an. And i learned about that when roseanne and i were working together at legal aid thirty years ago. I learned about it from really though who is Puerto rican new yorker and. They did something called the su. Is that sound familiar roles. And everybody kicks in every paycheck. You kick in two hundred dollars and if you've got eight people do the math sixteen hundred you get a chunk of money. i know. Carry the one dollars that would be my whole paycheck but you kick in you get in and when it comes up on your time you get that chunk of money. But we rosen. I had a coworker who was drian and she told us about her family doing now. Drunk we love it on his home. We have to find her but she their families came from korea and they did something similar but it was ten granted a half and so times eight or ten families. You're talking about eighty thousand nine hundred dollars. Eighty thousand one hundred thousand dollars when when it's your turn when it comes around. And it's an organizational scheme that not excuse this image or scheme that works but lack americans. It's just not part of arc culture. It's just not ever been introduced. I think you just mentioned immigrants though. See i don't know if americans do that once. A white person does it added. His name is jail now. what's his new diet. Anybody did he. Die the jewish guy when the how is his name wild yes bernie made all my mother that she would give money back because we never had any money we never had. But i think i don't know catherine are leland de cologne has point. The i agree with her. It's not part of the culture. Yeah it's now part of the american culture for the white people. I know that you wish thousand is a lot of money. Yeah yeah you guys are just the better minority than we are. Sure in quotes. Are catherine getting pissed. Anyone is i think we see the same thing even in your as a parent here in new york just in terms of education. Diplomacy is doing here. Where basically now. He is sent to asian the whole public school system. The specialized schools obvious these schools. And they're trying to physically make it look more diverse. So it's an issue that again we're being pitted against each other that they're blaming get resolved. It's not getting rid. it depends. I guess our next mayor. Maybe because this mayor wanted to make it superficially look. The schools are diverse. Meanwhile he's not putting in the infrastructure to help these kids actually the better way to do. It is to help kids from kindergarten up and their families exactly impeach when we get ties auckland's versus just making it look let given pigeon and then her certain kids out then it'll look supposed to liquid. Meanwhile you haven't prepare these kids to be able to do the scoring that's required for this stuff. When when i was in new york i applied to stuyvesant. It was mainly asian. Mainly i i would say maybe one or two puerto ricans. I was at one of the. I didn't get it. But i got into bronchitis group science and that was asia so to me. The stereotype. asians are just smart. And now i see discrimination against asians. I agree with you. They have to not discriminate against asian people. But help the other people elevate them. But i don't wanna do that. You don't want to do that. They just wanna bandied the situation. Joe with what the issue really is that our grade schools are not a lot of them are not great or even. I've tried to do little things as others. Universal pre-k we're now there's little there wasn't a universal pre k we have to send our kids to private nursery me out of the pocket piano pocket and now you have universal pre k bit. It's to support. I feel all the families in different situations and you need a middle class in york. You're basically pushing out the middle class from racist against asians. Because i white people don't want asians taking over sorry weakland they don't do. That's why i married one. And i had i prefer asian liam. Yeah it wasn't the white man but they don't say that don't say it's not fair. Let's keep asians down. Let's black style. Let's you puerto ricans. Now it's to not be white america. This is america. They don't want to change from talked about it. Let's keep america in the nineteen fifties which pretty much leland's even though leland's family is pretty poor right from generations. i don't know how many generations and i'll say trash you know together. White trash needs combined with lack. Sworn for ages. We all need to unite. The fuck is this is not your lead. You stole it from native. Americans are i hate when i say that they are the bering straits they say are. What's your name hated. When i said your engine location she goes then beneath Nobody thought she was one hundred percent of american are half and then like twenty thousand. You guys came from japan-china growing up. You could say which. I all this land. Get your ass back to ireland. Scotland england germany italy spain. But anyway go ahead. I was lucky. Enough to grow up in tacoma washington. Where a lot of people were military families sleep tacoma washington state washington state back and basically. I grew up such a melting pot with so much diversity even as diverse worst still segregated. Here you still have k- town. You have chinatown yup japan town. You have tied down and people are separated. Where in tacoma everyone went to the same school were literally thirty percent. Black people thirty percent. Asian and thirty percent white and then latins. Were probably the minorities where i was from long story short. I think one of the things that made me less racist towards people in general is that had exposure to all these people and at certain points. I had a best friend that was block. I had a best friend that was asian. Had a best friend that was white. You know what i mean and so you just realize we're all the same and i think a lot of this. Racism is coming from areas. That are super and you and lots of ignorance going on and lack of exposure to the other racist to know that. Wait a minute to try to escape. Go this korean guy for for something. That china did is just complete. Ridiculousness it trying to attack order rico for something that venezuela did open slow as either share. The chinese didn't do anything to move in the united states. But that's the thing there are two things one is. Americans are incredibly lazy. And if they look at every asian or asian american person and see one thing it's it's super super duper lazy. it's just lazy. so that's one thing. The other thing. Is it possible for people to open their minds and their hearts not to be just virtual to two other people that they don't understand deblasio and i'm not a huge fan one way or the other. He hasn't turned me on in any way. But can he can these leaders. These political leaders make changes that are meaningful if it's not from a place that's authentic and organic. Can they look at a community and say we have an issue here. We have an issue here and make changes or do they have to understand that. The the jimmy's talking about. I had a black friend and so i understood the black humidity better. I had whatever whoever the people are that your friends or are you doing something. That's never going to sink in what you do. I say it's not going to be real because not authentic. That's a good question. Hafren from i think that here at new york city superficially we are amounts melting pot. I grew up in miami so there weren't very many agents in miami every only families that were there at the time. Because this is miami in the seventies and eighties. They were family friends and we all went to the same private school. We all go to. There was a korean church. And that's essentially blocks had that too. Where you have a church we can congregate. But i guess the difference with asians. What i think one of the difference would be is that it becomes your even. Though we were catholic. We went to press the cherian catholic korean church and go to a catholic service and then my dad was part of the korean chamber of commerce. And we'd have to go to the church and then a lot of koreans each other. I think there's a lot more in miami now and getting people. I don't think people even heard of korea. Most people that i knew until they thought soul was just part of china. Did you suffer any. Hey during the time for a little unusual as and that. I grew up in the middle class. Area i went to a private school because everyone at the time in my ami must he go into private schools so anything i can and i'm a woman so i think a lot of it. Were maybe microaggressions as probably one of the few asian friends. A lot of my friends have had an even now by live in new york city. But i also live in a gentrified area worship somewhat diverse right. Rose you remember the neighborhood. But it's a lotta quarter regan emporer and then i went back and now it's gentrified is code for white. It's it's just what's the need to be was more artists is right now. We have a targeted neighborhood now. A design starbucks target will. Everyone was off target here. But i love target here. It's great target on your loved oregon bed bath and beyond the whole foods. All this stuff that this neighborhood was not known for before we'd have these artsy things here. So i don't know i just thank here. It's easier to have experience of having different kinds of friends and i feel. I hope that when. I need someone like me for me and i would hope that a lot of meet friends my friends he for me and not necessarily because and just senior asian friends but as someone that they want to be friends. That's how i picked my friends. I don't really care about the color that they are. Edge is just that there's something about them that inches near the I have a quota. So i'm one and run your wife friend. I need another one alone. I got two black friends halloween. I because i a couple of other. Puerto ricans wait. We trouble black is friend. Rose not really and your mother doesn't count leland the oppressor of the group know what do you think. Because you also didn't grow up with diversity. No the tower like grew up in. I actually met somebody a few years ago. Who said oh no. My cousin grew up in in cabin. John where i'm from and i looked at her. No your cousin did not grow up in cabin john because this woman asian and i said there's no fucking way and she said no she did you did and as you need to call your cousin up figure this out. Because that's not and she did call her cousin her cousins from the next town over in cabin john. There was one asian person and it was a little girl who was adopted from china from my neighbors and there was no other asians. Those other person was grew up in. Cabin john adjacent. Yeah not cabin john. It would like maryland. Glory legally different. We are talking rednecks. The boys drove the trucks. And i all drank beer and liking asian people. I don't know. I've just never really been attracted to so i've done everything. But the white man. Bruce lee is why was so hot. I had a big poster of him. Are they hard on your big hard. On a bruce lee on my might hours a nice body though. I'd have body of his. Yeah yeah at didn't know the difference between asians. He's just asia. i didn't know what i think. That's really bad that somebody saint. I grew up in the neighborhood. That catherine lives in. Now which is gentrified. I can't. I cannot afford to back to the neighborhood. I grew up when which had three projects independence bauza were projects. And everybody was ricans for blacks. Were jews italians and portuguese and i. It was a lot. I did not know when i went to be. You is when i. Oh my god. My my world opened up. Exactly how you were talking about tacoma and by the way my daughter applied to gonzaga. That's in spokane. But it's tacoma. But i just. The ignorance is only two areas leland. I grew up ignorant. I grew up not knowing. Stop thank god. I had an attitude. Problem where i fought with the real racist. Epi you the people with money the people that would say. Remember this guy sink to me. Can you hold his bag of drugs for me looking back. What are you nuts. every remember. He's an fucking random street with he didn't ask me wonder why the puerto rican and i am holding back view and he never spoke to me again number. And that's to me the ac- jimmy question for the group. How much do you think yet. How much do you think ethnocentric propaganda. That is a lot of the conspiracy theories and stuff where heard one where china release the virus purposefully and they released it to destroy america to take over the world. There's one of them. How much do you think that type of propaganda is playing a part in all. I think trump is put it out there and people jumped on it and they ran with it. It is so ingrained right now that my father called me and suggested that i switch my children's last name because of it being chinese and said that perhaps it might help them if not now in the future. Heflin is a chinese now. That's not their last name. I take china. he's all. I'm a title guy. I'm a hyphen. Because i needed. Keep my last name for act staying white some areas. I have to say i think it's a huge part of it and calling it anti asian propaganda. I feel. it's been very specific over this last whatever for twelve months fourteen months sixteen months sixteen months in nf and the worst of it in my opinion was that when called out on it there was nobody who said you have to stop saying he didn't stop saying it and nobody said you have to stop saying it. It's having deadly consequences and you're still doing it. It's because the things that is is based on a year. That are the races and agree. I agree he does centric in. I make america great again at all cost. He's speaking their language. But it's an excuse in my opinion because this was not they can decide to do whatever they're going to do based on whatever they think. It was an excuse. They don't care if you're chinese korean thai japanese. That's not really what's happening. It's that's the agoraphobia. It's ethnocentric and as a gora phobic at the same time. There's you have to are people who are just choosing to guam onto this thing to be violent and take their disappointments out on other people. That's horrible as just. I'm sorry this happened in the sixties and seventies. It's continuous one. Is it going to end when anybody have any ideas. When i think it's gonna end when right now we're already melting into each other. There's going to be less. just chinese. less whitey's less puerto ricans left. What the white supremacist. People are afraid. Anxiety we are becoming so much of a melting pot. That people aren't gonna exist. That's the theory. And so with that. Said i don't know i think that we're at a pivotal moment in history here in america But the forefront is black lives matter and they're realizing that there's real consequences to being racist nowadays. You can't get away with it as much as you used to call almost all those people that have committed. Those hate crimes are in jail. You know what mean the rotting in jail and even police officers which were was unheard of in the eighties nineties early two thousands for them to really get in trouble and we're witnessing historical court case right now with the floyd case and show this show in case the show. Can i get about that. Because people say the george floyd case and it's nothing personal but it's he's not on trial he's dead. This is the person is on trial. Yes oh yeah. With that said. I just think that gets worse before it gets better and so we're just seeing the bubbling up of final bobbling of racism. And then pretty soon. I think people are going to realize how stupid I think katharine next feelings. About this. Because i feel in some ways to get worse just the kansas. There's more time to the us. China continued to develop the way they do and then the us flaming china or china. What's gonna go on economically in the future. There's that but then also it. Now you're seeing these crazy copycat crimes against these elderly miss when we all just hated arabs. I'm kidding i'm kidding. I don't wanna hate anyone. You know what i mean. I think honestly the is gonna get worse before it gets better. Just the pandemic add to get worse and it's an interesting time because you have like a really beautiful film eaten. It was great right. Which fell am i n. a. r. i. americans call it minority manar. Yeah the norwich which is basically lended. Basically it's a. It's an immigrant story of a korean family. That moves from arkansas. What the hell is wrong with them. Arkansas coming from california. They want she. They're making they're going to farm this land but it's a beautiful film. It's a beautiful story. I feel it's relatable on different levels immigrants as a family or just someone trying to make your suffering. That are part of it but then you to the that film i thought in february two basically when we were trying to see racism towards asians at that point so the whole time. I'm watching it on tensing giger. Something really raises to this family. Because they don't as baptists town sweet heart of it was that it was just sedated. Understand they were probably the only asian day of her match but they were people. Were i think i want to believe that people integral January and they just a lot of its ignorance and people disagree the basic behind. And i think that we are taught to be ignorant and races and belittling of others. It's something that's ingrained in us by the elder his thinking. It's not only that it's also family dynamics you can live in a family where you're being abused and then you're going to go and abuse the weakest link or whatever of that group so if you can take it out on them to bullying. It's a lot it's multifaceted. It's not one thing. Because when i grew up it was mainly italians and they literally beat up every black person. I mean to the brink of death. Nobody said a word. I didn't know what to do and they were just angry. And these poor italians. it wasn't italians with money. It's ending that. It was horrible in the eighties on sixth avenue in howson. Yeah that's a testament to how far we've come so we know that we have a ways to go but how far have we come. You know what i mean you. Could you know literally call someone chink normal. You could literally call someone at n word and it was just commonplace. You know what i mean. At least now. You have to be secretive about it. At least two reasons i am. You don't have come a long ways where people gotta do this shit and secret and run away. You know what i have to say. I'm getting tight and it's not because of you're saying it's because of what you're saying. I hope they're i hope there's a distinction because i feel how long do we have to wait till we get you a place where it's better safer more more equal or whatever. Hear what you're saying. We've come a long way. But then it's whoever the oppressor is. Let's just pretend we don't know who the oppressor is. Let's just pretend i'm not here. Let's just become leland is not here and we don't know who the oppressor is. Do they get to take baby steps in improving equity relations. Whatever we have to wait until the oppressor is comfortable. We have to do it. They warming are warming up the water before we dive in. Are we just listen. We've been dealing with this ship for fucking centuries and it's not nineteen sixteen nine hundred ninety nine hundred and auburn for and so exactly. So how long do we have to accept scraps crumbs breadcrumbs or can we say hell with it. I'm not dealing with this for another second. There's there's going to be a war because china is doing way better than america. It's going to be a leading power. And america is just gonna be acting out and being racist anti-asian i that's what i think but a And all here's china. They're doing better. They're smarter they work harder. That's what i hear. I think it's gonna get worse. I think it's saying china now. He's what i forget what i said. I think we can all agree. It's gonna get worse it's gonna get worse and worse for asians because finding trump is gone. It doesn't matter it doesn't he wasn't the problem senator. I don't know that they're gonna do that much better. Because right now they sign that infrastructure deal that they're talking about and everyone employed and equal. Get back on their feet. Because i think we're going to see a rise. Never before remember when they decimated japan in world war two and they became the biggest power in the world after that. So i think there is something to the flow of an economy and society. This it made with the right decision right leadership. It could help us to become even better. I know we're also like the worst thing that have happened to me. Ashleigh out to become better. Because i learned from and because i got lessons that i would have never learned had shit just went my wet. I don't think american lawrence. Though see that i think america doesn't learn. I think america wants to be russia whites. I think trump might get elected again. We might allow somebody. He got more votes at guys. I am reading it. I'm glad i'm getting old. Because i got more than rows and each part he got more votes than what no. He got the moselle hotel. Yeah oh i got you. That's a problem. That's a problem that dead. Take me a little bit to digest. That many people still supported him after all voted for him. Jimmy my people voted for him. And what is your people are stupid on you rose. I'm getting receive ordinary. That's comedy one. Asian guy who voted for him. I'm not asian. i'm talking about. But i know a dad voted for him once. You're in a certain income bracket. I think a lot of people think of their pocket books in taxes. And that's all they give a fuck about abortion and there's people that wanna keep their money and open businesses despite the pandemic. They're all trump because they'd rather open up and save their livelihood than have someone in office that's actually has morals. Another person is going to run again and you guys better be prepared because biden is going to be too rolled homologue is gonna be before karma ally malone smetana. I got that kamla is all from grace. He was america's of buchan mayor and then all of a sudden he was with black coming down from his fucking had not in new york. He was needed in new york music. Nine eleven. fifteen minutes bef- yours. I was no longer mayor. Yeah he was from the start. He's a white catherine. Marie tried to stay there after what he tried to stage. He wanted to be he won. I'm going to try to make it a three term thing. yep easy. fdr hafren what do you think about. You know what i wanted to say something to. That hasn't been before. I go back to catherine the sexism and misogyny towards the atlanta women that were murdered. They never brought that up. They always said it was asian. Hey but as feminist. And i'm a feminist hers. I think there were targeted. Because they were women and asia women. Do you know what i mean. I really and we need to put that out there. That misogyny is rampant and that we have these horrible stereotypes. These women lost their lives because the guy was getting a. Isn't that what i'm saying. He was frustrated. But that's massage you're not entitled to sex you've gotta work at it. Every other man get it just keeps me up and i just wanted that out there but i wanted to ask you catherwood. You think about what's happening with andrew cuomo and the sandal the scandal and your off the i feel that kind of situation where it's he has genton grates he actually got issue covert With trump being the way that he was we. Everyone was in love with permits to covid this. He wrote a book before it was even over handling the having to link. Oh that's me didn't even an emmy. Everyone's has come out as a bullet and he ended at these crazy things. He's done like with his wife office expert in here that it thinks. He was abused really abusive. His ex white part of sickly uses. Something had i. I had heard about this seventy but anyway bit here everyone. I'm hearing a lot about that right now. It's just more everyone getting their vaccine. Everyone's focused on getting the vaccine in new york right now. I got my second one on thursday. How about you know about you cap and we out debris in any side effects anything besides a couple folks. i'm fine. no clocking knows great. I didn't really have any side effects. But i'm really healthy and ride take vitamins and get sunshine all the things you should be doing if you wanna be l. Akron unhealthy do anything. You're just going to be more unhealthy j. or any other any other. You're talking about one or one point. Point zero zero one percent of the people that got that shot had blood clots. it was publicized. Out of seven million. Yeah really really minute. I'm today at the x. Ray place in there was a guy who came in. Who had his shot and he had a blood clot in his tone. They were going to be Some sort of not an x-ray but as something to check it out and he had just got that from the shot so there's another one bites the dust up oaten seven million. I hate to stay. This brings me to one idea that have also is. It could have been just against women in that massage parlor case it it could have been. You're there vulnerable with your handbag. Al and somebody grabs her handbag and beat. Tried to beat you up. It didn't matter if you're asian black white or anything so just everything gets commingled together to where everything becomes this hate crime. I don't know that's the case. You know what i mean. I don't know that even if that person who the untrained person or the stupid person mistook took her her. Watch as you. Yeah yeah but what. I'm saying is that it could have been his preference versus any racist against asian. Women disagree with you. Because i think that is massage ruled. That is massaging it. Could have been progeny instead of. Racism is what i'm saying. But it gets lumped in the media as its racism. It really is hey of women. Not i agree with you. Access was that massage far drive because he hated asian people in what i mean. Yeah i agree with relying green places he could get. Some was those massage for its face. It that's why he went there. I agree with that. I think it's a combination of all of it. And i think is interesting that you said that rose because to me when i was hearing a lot in the news where people trying to defend him and saying that it was not a racist incident and that it was more about women in his addiction to porn. Not about it being something racist. Even though there were six eight women that were murdered. Know and in these places were not also the jokes that people were making about happy endings and all this stuff to these places. Were not twenty four hour. Happy ending massage parlours mitzvahs atlanta. It's actually my mother moved to atlanta right before covid for miami and worship the last two where he murdered. These women sponsor actual ten minutes from where my mother just recently moved to but these are nice neighborhoods. They're not without some shady. Its those places. Are there buildings couple of thank in there by the car dealerships in the fancy part of town but they're part of a judge who fight area and i think with this guy to use excuse that it was just that he had a porn addiction. When i think it was that he is misogyny. It's racism and the hyper sexualization vision. One minute it's all of that combined so it just averaged remember when i was first news. It's really making me mad that they were saying it's not an asian. I heard just a racist out of work. Sorry i was here so this is an interesting point. Because i remember hearing specifically the next morning or two days later and they were saying prosecutors had not decided whether or not it would be prosecuted as a hate crime because they weren't sure whether race was involved and so of course. I'm not immersed in this. But i am and i turn to ted my husband. Who's a civil rights lawyer. And i was wait. A crime against women is hate is hate crime that falls into all the hate crime criteria threes. And so you can't say that just because if in fact race was not a factor this is still you targeted women. He didn't go into a spa. Were all the massage. Therapists are men. This is a or aged men for that matter. If that's the thing but that's not you can't say that it's not a hate crime because race wasn involved. As far as i know there's no hate crime law against he will kill women and say i fucking women or i love women so much i gotta fucking them every serial killer that ever came about in this country. I don't think there is a hate crime. Law am i wrong. It's part of the issue. I think they're trying to develop it right now so even in my incident new york they were saying that it's hard to prove that it's bias crime or a hate crime because he the guy and i did not exchange words. It was just my feeling that he was a racist incident. He targeted comedy was spitting on you. For a reason. I spit on me. And the way he's looking at me. He saw my face. We made eye contact. He does asian. there were other people on. It was just a really narrow street. everything happened with i think. And that's the issue in new york too and this is why i think they're starting to re look at what is a high hate crime. And whether you can prosecute this when were exchange is a lot of the hate crimes that are happening in new york or around the country. The words are not exchanged. its vicious attack in chinatown. I think it was. Is it in queens. Where the guy attack warm each like shoved her and punched her few weeks ago. That was in the news a lot. They didn't exchange words can recruit. That's a hate crime. But i think they're really trying to do stuff about that now because there are so many incidents get agents that i'm scared for you. Being nine thousand koreatown. Last night or a couple months ago having dinner with my kids it was a rainy night. It's too quiet. we just got my daughter's vaccine at the javits and we're in one of those shelters that are in la or wherever mpr. They've rebuilt the outdoor seating twenty different times since the beginning of event so some of them are really elaborate. Now that we were the only ones there which is. I'm glad because everyone's going inside the restaurants again. I saw this guy that looks sketchy and you can come in here and we're stuck in this place you can punch us half time. I'm walking around. I have my fist ready to punch someone. If they come near me. I think definitely half wits about you these days not. I'm not gonna walk around by myself at night in a dark alley committed just a woman. This is the way we have to walk around. La is no usual but you still have to even be even more on your toes. If you're a asian these days a woman in asia which always looking over my shoulder these days and my daughter walking outside. I don't even want her to walk the dog half the time my son because they've been attacking queens thirteen year old boy with a bunch of kids playing basketball so obvious think an an an an area. That's heavily asia. Who never thought. I'd say this gupta. La honestly. There's not that many cases here. I don many cases. It's just a lot of times here. People not reporting an. That's the other issue. That i never heard of it happening in. La in new york and san francisco house my son in la in studio city last week. Really i live in the city. So i don't maybe i'm not gonna say right. They await stop rewarding. Yeah but the to sorry. I was just gonna say two points. One is under reporting and the other is folks attacking and not knowing who they're attacking and it doesn't seem to matter to them. But i have a good friend who's japanese and lives in bethesda maryland and a year ago easily to months into the pandemic probably when the attacks were starting to be reported. She was walking across the the parking lot at whole foods in bethesda which is right outside. Dc whatever crossing. She's crossing their shopping cart and a woman tried to run her over and she ran out of the way. And the woman. Just hearst a blue streak about your chinese and go back all this go back. Nonsense about the virus. Nobody cares the pin bethesda maryland in bethesda maryland. Don't they don't really know who they're attacking it not that it matters because it really doesn't matter to me if you are going to attack somebody. I don't particularly care if you've got it right. If they're japanese chinese i wouldn't feel better at least. The person was chinese. But that doesn't fix anything at all. But now i think that there's i had to talk to her several times over about reporting it and she didn't want to report it she was. She knew that if she went and reported it she might not be believed and she was concerned about that hind of the stressor of not being believed by law enforcement. Which did she not reported. i don't think she did. Didn't you go with her. Bronze sugar brian. She lives in washington. He's in bethesda. I have long talks with her announced. Listen you ha. that's why you have to report it. But any other crime women being with general being targeted for anything. We don't wanna go because we don't want to go through the trauma of not being believed and all that intel honestly for me in my situation. I didn't get physically injured. So i could have said. Just forget this just a crazy person. I don't want to deal with it but for me. I guess maybe his own to chinatown right after it and looking at every understood sneaking sick to my stomach how hard it is to report it. It's you have to go on a mission to report this and the police rachet really nice. They were perfectly fine. I wasn't scared to speak with them. They were as responsive as could be but they couldn't be that responsive because to them at or and they were saying that legally it's not a hip the pathetic but there was a hard thing to prosecute and just even trying to get to the right channels. Even us think that you would know what to do but when it comes down to it e when it's happening john it's complicated to report the stuff and you really have to make the effort to do it. Which is part of the problem. They don't make it easy. I think they're trying to make it easier now as since atlanta in the last few weeks of meetings of happened here in new york. It's really hard to report anything now. They're actually making absence steph. Where you can report things in not say who's reporting it but at least get it out there. I know they're doing that with the kids at school. that's saying. Yeah because there's a lot of bullying going on in school until you can go onto. This happened say roses kids bullying me. She's evil and and then they could do something about it without you getting in trouble and i. I think that's a good thing. I'm pretty sure that that's what they're going to be doing with the lease to and asian things going on with the people who are afraid to admit them as a woman. I've never gone to the police and reported being a harass i. It's just something that you assume will happen to you and you just fuck and deal with it. Yeah have you guys ever catherine or miss brown sugar. Have you ever gone to. The police reported even at work. When you get harassed by the guy who slips his hand on your ass you you just turn you mother fucker but you don't go to your boss and talent that these days you can't get away with that shit or not with by have you will be fired so fast now even almost it's almost it's too much yes too much. It's swung the other way so far that even the accusation or even an assumption of guilt. You're already guilt guilty. I am i. Polygon cancelled they never even got their dame or thumb. I reported professors. i've reported employers. I reported co-workers. Nobody likes me awesome. What made you do that in my world. I was raised. That should just happens it. Just uh so fucking loves. She's a liar. You don't yeah. I'm bringing mother seriously when it happened in school and it was in social work school and we had a professor amount per visit. Nyu it was nyu professor. Who was he would use these examples. That were so inappropriate where he would talk about the things that his client said to him about schizophrenic patients who would talk about how a rouse they got when they talk to him and he pulled the entire class about when everybody started to men straight and we were nineteen women and one man and so he was holding the class and we were all doing it. What the fuck are we doing but it was. It was a crazy experience. And so when i looked at the one male classmate who is one of my best friends and had the same look on our faces i was. Oh this is really fucked up because women girls and women often world testing the water. We don't even know because what you said. Linda's it happens all the time and so sometimes we're not even sure how outrageous it is until you lock eyes with somebody else near okay. This is outrageous. Okay i'm just checking so that was something that happened there and then i had a collie mata colleague somebody who worked in my office who was just super inappropriate dating or engaged to my bosses best friend but he used to comment and stand in the doorway because he would do. These gross things about watching was happy. Pugh what if that's what it was. That's exactly what it was stand in the doorway of drool at me in a very in a caricature way friday or whatever but he's gonna thump his chest while he stands in the doorway literally used to just be. Oh a rose. I'm working and i don't need a distraction and i'm not interested and you're my bosses best friend's wife or whatever he was go away husband. Whatever you him. I did and what happened. Did anything happen. My boss called me. And i me out and was how could you. He's engaged. he's my this whole thing. About how all the reasons why he couldn't be interested in me because higher. Yeah i'm a lighter yet has that's what was. That's what was important that he was interested in me or not she was. You must know that he's not interested in you because of all of these things but it's sort of crazy making that's the crazy making house lighting. We you wish it happen to you. Exactly yeah yeah exactly but reporting. This stuff is hard because based on race based on gender the whole world is convinced us that it's not what we think is happening. I think we need to raise our daughters to be vocal. Because i in one thousand nine hundred ninety worked at shop time and again the worked for five was administrative assistant. He would put his hands on my shoulders and say you tired. I just started to run on. Get your hands off my shoulders now. I would love him to put his hand my shoulders. So he's like oh. I would love that right now. He did it again. He did it again. And i don't fucking take your hands off. And he was the director of marketing at showtime. I'm going to record you. And he goes. Oh my god. You're so uptight. I don't want you touch me but i was raised in new york city by a very tough mother. A father who says always defend yourself. And i had to accept all the negative feedback that i get. When you're not girly enough. You hundred girly. But i always defended myself. I never feel not that. I haven't been a victim. But i never felt the big because i have a mouth and girls. Don't being that rank they just don't because it's not feminine enough. It's not girly enough. I don't give shit. You know what i mean. It's when i want to be a woman. Examine this time and a place for that. an old man massaging my. I'm twenty-three my shoulders. Don't get the fuck away from me. I don't care if my boss and it was never heard of again. This was never heard of again but all the other secretaries will talk that you talk to you might get from. I don't care. I will make a big thing and that's it nothing happened. You never say never again. I remember his name. And i wanna say it because i think he was a there was something wrong with them. Big should i say it should. He said you'll have to elevate out lingers on the chat could you have you ever been sexually harassed. Yeah watch your back. And we're gonna have actually and i think there's a double standard. I think there are some women that are predators and they think it's okay to for instance grab my penis or around jokingly but flirting lee but that's still not appropriate in actual whatever and i've had that happen especially when i was partying or whatever. You say don't do that. You laugh at a off because as a man. You think that you can't be offended by that. You're fat that when a woman grabs you or something. I'll never forget when. I saw one incident of a teacher sleeping with a boy. One of them were students and the dad just went. You know what that saw. My son needs to get laid at some point. So just because you're jude. You'd think that people think society thinks that it's okay to for them to have sexual abuse if you're a minor it's people say oh i lost boys or men whatever men will say. I lost my virginity at eight or ten or twelve or fourteen. I've heard that so many times and it's so disturbing because they think it's still part of the thought process that it's that's losing virginity at eight with an adult woman. when may where would second along. Grab jimmy's he. She doesn't guide without being said none of that has to do with the asian. Hey yes let's bring it all back to this and if you could do something to how other people understand what you're going through or what asian people go through nowadays after mr trump has put the seed of hate into our brains. What is it that you could say or would say jimmy to change people's minds. I don't know that. I can say anything to change people's minds that are already ignorant. I think that people need to start speaking up and we need to start prosecuting. These cases to the highest degree to where people are afraid to do it. I it's going to be fear before it's just accepted amongst the ignorant people. A lot of people don't commit crimes because they don't want to go to jail and ida deterrent. And i mean without that. I think we'd be dysfunctional as a society. Great okay and katherine. Do you have anything that you to that. I agree with jimmy. And i think as well. We can't expect everyone to come from a place where they know not. Everyone has an asian friend. I think it's just in general just to be a helper. If you see someone that needs help. John just the vice chancellor speak up in whatever way you can i hear you on that and i always feel i would too and i feel that in some situations i have but as a woman. You're absolutely terrified to jump in on situations that i mean. I don't think he needs to get yourself a group call hall back where they were doing bystander. Training online man. It's it's you can do things you could distract. you can. what are you should put yourself in danger. I don't think that whatever we can or if you haven't asian for and check in with their asian there's things you can do. You can donate to organizations a boston out your camera phone normal these days because people are getting busted left and right and that's what him reminded of that one. A lady at the park lost your job and everything member. She tony cooper. Yeah this whole mess. That started was instrumental in the beginning of the all the protests that happened recently but the other part of it is yeah we just got to speak up for each other but i don't think there's anything that we can say to convince a racist not to be racist. It's almost kind of debate with your trump supporter friend. Have you ever done that. I have very far anybody. Yeah you don't know one person that i've convinced to come the up to the other side you there. You're ignorant and you believe that that stuff is appropriate or you don't i can do is with the people that you have any sphere of influence with or at our kids the next generation of kids that come up or help support asian businesses. Go to chinatown good created tango wherever and just five stuff help. These people were suffering in their businesses because of covid and now this one as time yesterday day there were not very many people around. And i think you were saying you were in chinatown. The other day and there aren't that many people around people are now scared. 'cause they don't wanna be music areas to do what you can support your friends. Businesses johnny to organizations that can go out and buy some bats by sweat. No the bat. Oh bat rose. I thought you're talking about get a weapon and be trying to go buy a bat support. They don't eat. That chinatown tire was a job even stat. And i know you don't mean it offensively but i just. It's kind of thing that i feel. Rose fueling this fire right now. I'm not love you. I love you and i know that were doing it 'til whatever i'll take it out the bad thing i'll take it outdoor and may have sex with the nation man. How's that no that trump is married already. Found do that rose. That's a great idea catherine. I think you're doing a lot though. I saw something on. You'll let china's physicians in new york. And i just know that people stuff in the media. I would say just spread the word if you hear anything say something but report it but who own out At the things you can do if you don't know what to do or you don't have any friends. You can support asian businesses if you can donate to organization. That's what you can learn. You can read stuff online. You don't have to take a history class on asian american history but there's things you can. I think trevor no has been great. He's has some great stuff. Goes amber ruffin. They've been amazing. I think you definitely need a lot of solidarity with other minorities. His were all in this together and were uplifting each other by helping each other out. This is it affects all of us. Tampa passing yeah empathizing. Yeah definitely. I completely agree. We have boost coming on jimmy. Heidi awesome. Yeah coming on when she coming on the twenty six. How continue this discussion with comedians. I think we can make light of it to draw light to the truism of racism a lot of jokes about it and it just shows the ridiculousness of racism and when people can laugh about it and they say man. That is stupid to think that. I think that does a lot to so us as artists can do a lot in using our platform. We with a joke. Yeah i used to say people think there is a conspiracy theory. That china is gonna take over america. My friends china's takeover over america man. And i was good. Because then i'll finally bit in click motherfucker to i'll turn from koreans chinese though puck and vows get her off. You go rose. And i want everybody to go ahead make yourself in. Asia friend doesn't matter if the chinese japanese or korean but go out and get ran or others. There's more than three but yeah go ahead and you more than one. Yeah it could be signal heaven. You can iran's asian fran and that'll be good set just one. So just one done catherine. I'm done with you. Just one new alley. I can't be her friends. Now that i lost my husband. I guess i'll have to go find myself another asian Catherine now capital the your for katherine. Can you be my one asian friend. You're you're all the token and just go wait outside of any casino. All right guys. This has been so much love law. And and how can you give us a little. Come sahni dr something you say all not right. We're saying how do you say grand design. Vines spanish one more. That reminds me when i went to go eat sushi. Someone greeted me at the door. And there were at least gets a breitling. Join us every week for an entertaining informational time. And if you want a suggested topic for our show or just want to know more about us go to our website. Www dot an american conversation caught cast dot com and comment way. We will try to respond as soon as possible. And don't forget to follow us on twitter facebook and instagram. And subscribe to our podcast.

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