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Men in Blazers 05/07/20: John Oliver Throwback Special


This is Rebecca Lowe. Will Rebecca if you listen to sub optimal radio and you on this thing to men in. Blazers on the NBC Sports Network Trudge. It's Thursday that day of days when we plum the OWL's in mind some lumps of coal. It have been stuck up that most beverages not precious to the minted diamonds. I'm going to tell you about today's human one the river show in a second. But first please give yesterday's Larry Nance junior show. Listen if you have already walk a human being a football fan. Proper Chelsea wore an insight into an elite athletes. Experience of this chaos. This tongue of pours an uncertain tape for Sports Leagues. Who else can get you for Mason? Mount to Theodore Roosevelt in the cost of one conversation and the Kobe story told us. Oh is beautiful. Dunk everything in life. Kobe's words words to live by Baxter today. Two words John Oliver. Oh Jen to is well. How national treasure is work on last week tonight on Hba well known as is his lifelong love of Liverpool Football Club? What's perhaps less? Well known is a link between them a one sauce. John how we stay saying the word that he does delving into a wolves current predicaments and attempting to make rational arguments out of the madness and he sent shouting at the Premier League on these television is quite the release. Football is a light in his dog. Now so this man and blue is presented the Dalai Lama with a digital watch. You spend hours in the company of Japanese mascots and construction entire Supreme Court our dogs. He loves little more than Jordan Henderson. Urine club and Mosala. I'd say most Saleh above all the length. It's one of the joys of all year when Joan comes into to talk about the football to Kim and took about Liverpool makes they because well on this show plenty good at it. I work in football crap very hard. If I'm being on this but Johm he just strolls into the studio and drops aligns foams really white knuckle. Hugs your club and James Milner the Bass player each flea from the Red Hot Chili peppers and I'm constantly blown away by how quickly is mowing works. He swears that the secret lies in athletic listening. Which is something. I'm GONNA work on all the bloody time to be on this but the other reason I love spending time with John is that with now them on. So many times stretching back to Liverpool and the Roy Hodgson and then on to broach those magnificent days when winning the possession was more important than the result all the way through Steve E. G. Slip and the arrival of European cloth. The rise. The Roy's to the heavens almost so to charge Jones appearances to chart the transformation of Liverpool football club and Eva Lucien born again the transformation of a year then into a reality on and on to the brink of the promise land. So sit down. Get ready to revel in everyone of Jones appearances on the show as a single poll. These appearances there in a variety of formats does interviews larger pod. That was the old days digital extras. And now yes. He's a new. Tv Show Special Extravaganza. We had no idea anyone would let us on television when all this crap began so here it is the complete journal of a box. Set A journey. That goes back to two thousand thirty it unless he goes back to two thousand and they'll let them but we've lost that podcast. So Harry is the best Oliver since. Michael John Oliver Comedian Roach a national. I'd say transatlantic treasure. The daily shows official British correspondent since two thousand and six. He's a Liverpool Fan Raj. He's been nominated for multiple writers guild and Emmy nominations. The two are not related and he won the writing award in two thousand nine. Don't ever leave these shores. John Oliver. Welcome back to the eighties. Good to be back on the Paul. How you do it really well. So last time we spoke we just learned that Qaddafi was a Liverpool supporter. You helped us clear that up. What do you make of another Middle Eastern dictator Brendan Rodgers? What do you make these rain so far? Can I walk as the thing I? I'm accustomed to disappointments. I'm absolutely housing and for salaries and I'm a believer in just a really helps. I give him years and years and years because I feel given up expecting or needing to win the League so now I think Paul of you maturity as a football fan is one thing you'll team to if they can lose at least lose we've style. Ross's Van Know Scrape. How ugly wins which is really interesting anymore. As you on this earth becomes your old rather see them played majestically and lose so I feel the same way about the England. Same I remember. I think I think it was the World Cup. Two thousand six. When Beckham School without it was kicking. Gangs Ecuadoran Angulo applying terribly and that was the first time ago win felt nothing and feel the same England would rather buy. Just lose all the World Cups in the future but play with some style and cough rather than do these them scraping groups form. Can we pray this down a fascinating? You call the religion back in the eighties right when Liverpool were was still arguably the best team in the world. You know cheering for the weekend. We cow when the decidedly knock. I mean how does that. How does that fail? It just feels natural really. You know he's like the British empire the once Great Liverpool beaching the entire world's everywhere that the sun sets on. And now you just have these echoes of qualities from great once rights time but and instead that and those are the challenges to win the League Cup once seventy four or five years but I would much oh just genuinely rav as they played with a bigger style pasta around him play Liverpool football and lost rather than playing whatever they thought it was to the front of them. Tell me you watched every frame of being livable with a much with as much as we did of course I did. I think the greatest television program never made. Do you not think. Well I stuck to my dad's about it I say. Can you see any of that? Went home to Britain Christmas. Essentially save big. I almost all of it and it didn't go down too well over here. I think I think it was clear that it was made for an American audience with the amount of descriptions all roles were. It was clear that this was I on a global package to sell Liverpool football club as a brand but I still found it interesting to watch Ryan stunning go from being just a teenager to playing every single week it was it was it was interesting but always your big takeaway was it. The football no longer do coke and banging hookers but monopoly new drug nice of having a really great behind the scenes view into died with George Best. That was that would have been sensational. The George Best might just did to drinking a during off on that that would definitely have big was watching. The show was a product of this Americanization. As you say F S J Tom Werner John Henry American who knows coming overlay. Gi's oversexed David David. They knew baseball. They knew corn futures. They knew the rational world of American Sports Business. Not so sure. They knew the inaugural world of soccer as SL slap that. Learn the plates on your club. Join Your Precious Club. Does that feel and how would you assess the learning curve behind the wheel? Four from from the thing that there was no. I'm not sure it's ever been a more awkward moment captured on TV counters. Valentine looking to a bunch of Liverpool civil pliers. The coach event manager of the Red Sox Charleston. Talk about football. I'm still bullish trying to talk about baseball. Both shooting novus clauses on the camera. And it's like if this conversation over yes please. Can we go back to never see each other ever again? I would say well well. The yogurt loss might have be moral. Could all any interaction between Brendan Rodgers and Jonjo Selfie? He loves Jonjo. He likes him along. I don't know if there's any evidence to back up worry about as he likes Hillary. Go Score Lodge. Really walk goes behind closed doors behind closed doors. Apparently John Chevy is amazing. You've cheered the great I'm sorry to keep harping on on this about the clean and full but I I'm fascinated by your just your emotional willingness to get into the luke warm bath Kevin Keegan. Kenny Dalglish Joe Bonds. In Rush Peter. Say do you ever catch yourself getting a woody when Jonjo. Chevy's about to enter the game as an eighty. Five minutes substitute Brendan. How did it get to this? How did it get into this Chevy on letting Mike something clear clearance from Chelsea off and then could we also talk about my favorite scene in the whole of being Liverpool? The envelope seen the envelope. Sima Brendan Rogers says there are. We have these envelopes. You don't WanNa be the names of these influence. At the end of the season you know like a magic trick but they were already sealed and the names of the envelopes but people have to do stuff to prevent the names already having been put in them through time travel audit three names in Brendon. This is what we need to know. Oh it was absolutely phenomenal. I've seen some weird. No Management Book would suggest that that is a good dad. Blue Down Three nights all probably Flanagan as well. I've written Flanagan three times. Basically how fast number of our listeners wants to know if it's possible to retrospectively stuffed Daniel Sturridge's name into one of these. You'll have to cross out Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson. I think every fan has surprised favorites. I mean evidence found. I've got a massive soft spot for Tony Hibbert. Buddha-like unlivable the score. You got a lot of pretty boys. The the Sahin sues funding can cry. He does. He's I made in Britain. Wizard chips tight. Who's your who's your favorite favorite favorite players. Ye Kinda guilty pleasure on that Liverpool squad. Ou is good question Guilty pleasure I mean I can see Jamie categories always going to be guilty pleasure because he colorady play football anymore which is still his job. Even come on for fifteen minutes. I'm basically professional liability. Say at the end of every guy I was people cheese every heavy touch is I know. He's no good for the tape. No we'll probably cost some points but I just got put him up front render towards the end of the Dublin stone used to they probably on defense. He's playing center back. I think now just allowing Jamie Carragher. The Lost Five minutes is essential to see how many goals even school before the end of his career. I think would be sensational trouble the other day. 'cause I tweeted out the I believe that regime sterling is the only genuinely world class potential player playing in England like young players. Coming up in England he is just gets better and better yeah. He looks phenomenal. Absolutely sensational even I think it was yesterday sounded. I still let it bounce one too many times before we loved The Cape. But Yeah he looks. He looks really calm. He seems to be head screwed on. He doesn't seem to. I'm always winning solid when I On Jimmy pennant but it turned out but he was tall and holding back over talent but it was negated by. He's a General Hillary whereas team studying seems thanks go traffic wing And it also seems like you can place in the middle as well so yeah. He's also full children children. Yes yes several. It's always had some sort of young maturity and he doesn't use the word steady anymore does take thanks to Britain. Actually my favorite guy. Martin Skurdal the Manu. Toby's couldn't loophole left sees website. Include stamp collecting and ethnic cleansing. A little about Luis. Suarez is a cannibal cheese racist. He looks like an hathaway. He's a nasty nasty manner. He scoring for fun. We're interested. There's a debate brewing. Dave and I are having whatever gentle. Social Skills can rival Pol. Pot's really she'll be playing with the. Can you weigh in on this? How'd you feel about him or eight? Here's a very awkward thing. Everyone thinks him looking in themselves because he is challenging. The Muslim tolerance for racism is there is no argument for keeping him that club off what he did. But if I don't WANNA come. Everyone wants them to dates. It would just I. You know flying anymore. You'd you definitely leaving and it's just the the kind of Gauzy story but if you just have to qualify Evan he does something sublime with a football. You have to jump up. So yes Walter go and then you must make sure the vocalized. He is a racist. Well they should do that in the stadium. Announcer goal scored on thirty six minutes Suarez. Who is also racist? Let's not forget. How do you personally square the circle? You Calling Sclerotic 'cause you cannot possibly justify it. He shouldn't be playing Liverpool as I think. About what you care more about. They're probably not going to win the League really he should have gone. It's just also a sublime football you know lots of racists in off of hides dry talents you know. Investing enough is enough for rice. Used to be able to do one thing really. Well now Hitless Sing. I don't know great denser. Apparently I also disagree about Daniel Storage. I think it's genius signing for Liverpool because I think he chace his combination shot passes chace perfect because Raheem Sterling and Suarez. Going to be imperfect position to take that shies and put it into the goal. And you hope we still have always had a couple of Moose clubs district. He's last chance you know to really kick on a Nike career from self. But I felt this way about Joe not moved thinking law. This is Joe Kells lost jobs. They see they WANNA tough signing. We'll get the best out of him. 'cause the ship is about to leave the poor now of his career and he thinks to produce and look what happened so. I hope I definitely hope. That storage is the author. I think Rogers is known him since he was taking so he knows what he's getting. Set this morning that he's GonNa play him. He's only spoken to Luis. Suarez about it that he's GonNa play storage up. The Middle Suarez might have come from the wing for positive positive. I say paint when you have limited budget as Liverpool. Obviously paying that much money for a plan that is already shown. He's not team I it today. Brendan Rodgers I love. The embraced the mountainous. Remind only reminds me more. And more of Colonel Kurtz too much money too much equipment little by little. We went in say I want WANNA ask Before we wrap up face the future and talk about the scenarios for Liverpool Football Club not just the season but beyond what you tell yourself about the the the the positive scenario. Who's the the down scenarios? How you kind of handicapped the future? I just I just want. I just want them to pass the ball. Well that's why I mean I guess that's one. I don't even need spectacular goals. I just want like h game. That could be a sequence of fifteen politics where you go on. That was lovely. That's fine but the the achievable goal that lived Liverpool. Have some happiness now has so much smaller. Who for years? I don't need trophies I don't need finishes. I just need some nice politics sequences. It's not too much to ask. Yes probably especially with especially with. Daniel starts coming in storage to my multiple runs off the ball for us to look at him and then keep the bullets. Have you converted any other Americans to the great sport of soccer? I have thought he'd Rob Riggle Never Well he was never I suppose enthusiast over the guy of real football and we shed office for years and so explain to him that this was the greatest spoiling the wells. He took a kind of national objection to that but has become a Liverpool supporter and Even even when by For the fog. He was watching that guy one. Jackie Louis I sub par performance and h looking really good. I take back saying I appreciate this but not the opposite of what you're looking at live looking worryingly. But you're right states marine right. They don't come much more American than that. He was well He. I mean he only just stopped. He was telling January the first twenty three years in the Marines. So yeah he's he's always been a present tense Murray and he's just finished school of the future today. It is since nineteen seventy two. John Oliver. Thanks for joining us again. On the it's been a pleasure Thanksgiving's your time good luck the rest of the season with Liverpool Your Voice. I'm a Chelsea Fan. I'm laughing my team to listen to the weekend. I mean football is really when you who knows. It's a funny okay. I know about winning winning surviving. That's that's what it's like a ballots. Thanks thanks guys guest. Today Roach is a writer comedian television host. He good on. Hbo last week tonight he single handedly makes up for the damage that you and I are doing. Research to the reputation of British TV personalities in America almost we welcome Hanoch Room the one and only John Oliver. Welcome John Pleasure. Gentlemen but we love you share. We tell ourselves it's like balancing Downton Abbey in the present only one character which is why it's must see television. Was the one line. Pitcher had for him down. Abby one character all the attention in one human attornal civil having ISIS. The dog it studio that killing slowly all. I'll tell you when we left. How'd you won't like yesterday on the port? It was actually a year and a half ago. I'd say the Brendan Rodgers Revolution. Quite taken hold yet there's been ebbs and flows without very much Russia. You said the following. I've given up expecting all needing to win the League. As my days on this earth become shorter trophies. This is John Berryman. Tom Among the top. Four finishes at just need some. Nice passing sequences. Fifteen minutes coveting the ball. Is that too much to ask in this Jordan deep? Know it wrong early Daniel Sturridge EVA era. How you feel how. Peyton happy because I still don't need trophies which is just as well. We gave that one away last year. But I'm happy I wanted a wanted. I midfield the complaint together and got it. Yeah I think the retirement of Jamie Carragher help keep the ball coin and no one could throw himself in front of fast. Moving round thing better than Clint Eastwood. In the line of Gregoire sporting bodyguards. Take one to the face for the team. The problem was eight. That was the problem. He had Achilles fate fool's game generally overrated but Brendan writes himself has been through some ebbs and flows lost weight. His teeth dumb teeth. You Kill Friend Tat looking better you knew on movement. Yeah He. He's very stiff now. He's very robotic but in from day one or how we have in for twenty years. I hope he retires in Liverpool. And why did we don't need to win anything at all we need to win the FA Cup on Stevie Gerard's birthday so I've said I didn't trophies on the Dow one trophy on his birthday. That's the way to go out before we put them out to start in Los. Wow Breaking News Steve Jones. Going AFTER BUDDY. Is Gary out this more? Likely Forty Yeah. He's from County Antrim. He's like one Palma. Cellini one Paul recording once I was gonna say it's mostly an another partner. Cellini talks leaning Copperfield David Copperfield magic trick. The three envelopes the oh I was thinking more Copperfield. You feel slightly settled. Pick around him. What's the whole story here Phil from Dickens of to Literary Roach for me? You really should know by now. I need you to explain one more thing. We touched you in the entertainment industry. You killing the entertainment industry. Hollywood is down here. John Oliver Johnny a Hyundai Boots Stevie J to arrive in Hollywood. Stevie J you know his type one advice. Would you have cassava watches show? What advice would you have Steve before he takes? Hollywood try and get out of that deal. I don't know why you're song putting this so this is not the white like this. Find someone to put a pillow over your face. Because he's taking out I don't I don't mind seeing Frank Lampard. Do Whatever Franklin pods going to do out here a really do it yet? But the galaxy overplayed so sad. Yeah well it is a little bit. T- Beckham it might send the always going to throw in Hollywood. Not GonNa. He's GonNa go same. She midfield take. I don't know about this place. Sushi so Liverpool you want an FA Cup victory on DVD's ally deserves. It deserves to go out that way. Yeah Lifting the Cup over his head. I would cross. Let let me ask you this. Tim You back in the George Michael Sports Machine. Could you shout to this weekend? Katina humbling Pastel whalen. She's a goal to wizard. He says it he says I'M GONNA go. I'M GONNA throw this ball forward. Where my summon Cannon Restaurant? I'm GonNa hit this hard as one. Noise came out of your mouth when he thrusts the ball with some in Canada. I'll tell you what noise game out a love. I've got a little Katina autodesk. Yeah I've got a big little body gets in you know. Probably thank you when you do is biggest journalism madame. Toussaud's give you a life size team. I would love luxury. We'll see what we can do fail. I posted to the theory today on the part that that perhaps if you rush said that when Harry Kane scored that a last second penalty rebound Roy for Tottenham a not so much be worth half ago rebound off a penalty. I think that if you hit the crossbar before it goes into the back of the net. You should get an extra half go. Oh One and a half goals for the absolute. It's always all of always felt coach. Football always hit the cross bullet scoring given crossbar. And it bounces down and outs look so. This is the birth of talk of his political award when the bullheads scores. I on let me ask you this. Yeah didn't begin. Well this season for you pick cocky. Now John Live at the beginning of the season. Tragedy turns of comedy and who arrived as a symbol of that tragicomedy. Mariela telly gigs on the podcast. That's all you wanted to about. The Guy was constipated in front of goal at the beginning. His body is ninety. Seven percent May Vigo which is commonly known as fact and even when he scores a penalty for Liverpool is under scrutiny patches. Fallen off again. If he had enough to shave that would be called. It would be probably called control controversy. Be About him. Yeah as a Liverpool Fan. How did you feel when he arrived? And how'd you feel well you know because I have hope in my heart Brendan Police? Only Hill work. Obviously that was never going to happen. Aballah best but so far. This year was fooling over. Went through on comedy Central Choices. But then he was. He pounded look like a three year. Old Toddler hounded his fist into the ground and played a good move. It was the perfect Tantrum. Full grown grown adult mine pounding his fists into the garage his way. Is that what you're saying respect? Well I'm saying if you if you if you win a game at least lose with some flair volatility will get you that was the physical manifestation though of. Why always me? I just think if you're three nil down yet. The game's gone you've got fifteen minutes left. Get Mario on the founder of I to see something. You don't know what you're GONNA get. Well you're not going to get a goal picks around cake Harlem globetrotters when bet a lot. Eleven goes bucket of water. And it's the confetti hard having stuff. Let me say to the other big polemic fans yet stevie j pillow on the face. You need a new captain. Finding the treatment of Jordan Henderson children trying desperately to be kept in Brendon with the Old Carrot. And they lash. I think Jordan's a great captain might not be Jordan. Jordan's the next captain. There's many other candidate be amazing skill. Definitely I think deep down roaches still wants Jonjo shelby two loves. He loves him. See something that men love each other more. I think he might make a swansea player living but keep them at Swansea Swansea on your because he loves the loves him deeply. I'll tell you motivate European squad. Just play it outcompeted today and in the country. He's he's going to skype talking. Okay hot having serious stuff now. You play Manchester City. This can look into the journal. Crystal Ball unlivable took the game. What predictions hot heading of against evil because Liverpool is play football the right way which is spending fractionally less money than much actually writing. This huge. The Southampton game was massive classic. Six point this is another six point. Which means you? That's back to back. Twelve pointers biting my basic math worth thirty six points. I think it's an exponential one hundred and forty four. What about doing really die? It would be sensational for the team. If they pull this off couldn't evil wet the Burnley Fan they carry rights of the world religion. I guess that's tax a profound question to burn to good and evil. Guess on that plane they even in cold ninety to play Dr Spot like three dimensional chess do and I think Burnley there are floating. There are floats are online so hopefully the way this is foreshadowing. The doesn't mention of flutie's in a minute old for enhancer. Alerts Four for me again. Yeah how'd you feel Liverpool at seasons end? You get dream scenario the talks and well. I think I think it's going to end pretty well. Things were a little worrying for awhile that but some of these young players are really starting to look good 'em Richon emory dot. Might he might be a player. Emory John more than a player fantastic defender fantastic. And he's not bad to look out on the bull in terms of handsome is solid man is like an owning this John Flanagan yeah Jordan. He's the opposite he's physical opposite John. Flanagan's missed I missed his mall. We need we need is good for the game and his mouth. He's been fantastic. Obviously Jordan Darby fans of being signed. He's the he's the future for months. He's been very exciting. Raheem Sterling just decide to have application time. That's not that's not easy to planning year. Sit Down with the caliber professional. So you need to do your job. Yeah look these months in the middle come to a beach then yeah exactly. Don't turn the whole team again. Just take the one starting in J. Let's US do those ones. That's the go to go do that question for one of all this Adam. Fullerton left and SPACEX GECKOS are both projected into space. We know how you feel about both. Who would you save Liberal of CEO SPACEX Geckos. Livable left see Liverpool F. FC okay. He's a controversial. Always going against the gray okay. Talking about controversial we change subject now. Can we talk about big news today? I for executive committee recommended. Fever for executive committee is one of the worst phrases in the English language. A fee for executive committee is how many people died immediately see for executive committee. Made just a recommendation today. It was only recommendation. It's not like carry any weight to just these executive committee that the two thousand and two Qatar woke up be moved to November December correct. What are your feelings about way? Which is when right having this very saw is on a timeshare until they used. I love it? It's to talk you now. Well it's faith and never lose their capacity disappoints. They've managed to give the World Cup to Qatar. Then they've found ways to make it worse after the fact because normally you just swallow an appalling decision and then you processes yeah. They had the American worker doubled down on that. We can have seven years of pain in the water mess. I mean you deal in skulduggery. You're dealing lack of transparency corruption at your your trade. You did a beautiful piece on fief anyone on fever. You called fee comically grotesque. Yeah you can pet two girls one cup. Yeah you I mean how would you explain or understand set like someone with taking drugs at least intellectual honesty? We think? There's a tangible skill at work. Here you have to take something into legal. Just international racketeer's selling nothing. We'll titular takes removed. He is a flutie a word that he's a fluidity. You can't get rid of the moral highland would take us. What would it take for us to get rid of this play once and for all I want like conversation now to get rid of set Plateau? I think it cannot be done. I don't do because I don't think death can take you wouldn't steak wouldn't no. There's no way I'm not one hundred percents that he didn't die written at this turbulent I think would dealing with the specter specter of don't handle is a human robin Williams during in the drool for the nine hundred ninety four World Cup yet was on stage was set plaza and kept referring to him through. Sepp Blatter get to the point. Where is crap on stage film of this and I put in a request to interview Williams just before? He passed away tragically to capture the new film of it. But he kept saying set. Blood here was set blood. Wonderful finally blood that went. It's not BLERTA. It's this is no comedy. I think that is the way you take this guy down. Which just complete parody parody demented that the the the best one of the best things on Youtube video of him falling over especially. It's a kind of full. We think you hurt yourself out of. Always gotTA grace that was. You're dealing with that days later. Now Fall but Raj but almost the tragedy of your own piece on last week tonight. Was that you said that how the badly felt about how awful you still going to watch the World Cup because you love it. I can't wait for the twenty twenty World Cup in November non-existent rotting stern wait. It's morally background. Where the call? Wait for the twenty. Six one which is going to be an oasis controlled. Syria. I can guarantee set bladder. If the money was Roy controlled area guarantee David. Tv question though for you so we were looking today at the number of us. You get on Youtube to the peace. Do you start. But it's not a specifically made for Youtube very often. It's a clip taking show. Does that get into your head a little bit about when you're making a TV show about doing it for Youtube. No I don't know doesn't get into my hands at all because that's the youtube is a ripple effect. We're making the show in a very real sense. Hbo Daily People Will Watch it. They're not many people have. Hbo With for Peace. The beauty with putting stories online is that can get incredible audience. That don't have access to the story so there are so many times in New York. Okay someone coming up be doesn't speak English Portuguese. Then all of a sudden you'll hear fever fever and your your watch that yeah it gets. It gets passed around. That's one of the. That's one of the exciting things about it. We can reach people. We wouldn't reach otherwise Jerome Champagne. Just show less question from me on this. What surprised 'cause you're bowl man in many ways coming onto American television making your name I mean you pick net neutrality. You pick complex issues but to take fever before the American public and then getting twelve million hits on Youtube or wherever what was fascinating to hear about the reactions of the fee for peace with the noise any everywhere else in the world now fever we've grown up with them as being the cartoon villains so it's it was interesting to be able to present fever to Americans for the first time to say this. This group is absolutely horrific. And here's why and it was the one time you have their attention that week. Run up to the World Cup. We this thing that is great this World Cup's Great. It's not it isn't in fact. I'm studying the opposite up saying it's wonderful but the group behind it is absolutely appalling and so it was nice to be able to present people with something that look delicious meal but was made of the horrific ingredients. We just love the fact that during the World Cup they would cut whenever I was in the stadium and they would cut from Christ. The redeemer immediately a soft dissolve into set latter. Now one step away from just put that'd be Brenton role just talking about. We are overjoyed. We hope your Golden Dreams of Liverpool Football Club. Don't come to we golden dreams for your show and your trajectory and your educating and opening the eyes of America to issues. Which frankly we have to Google. If we didn't want your shake to fully understand comprehend and share your will you making look great you wrapping up. America to all of these issues to see Steve E. G. when the FA Cup. I'll just stay on. It would hurt you. But there's a fairytale gene in Saudi which screaming out for what is finally on the there is in other words. See that's and there's other roads other roads is fantastic. He wants him to Roach. Even not even as an effort in fact on his birthday only special day the only stevie like Stevie Naismith with asylum. J what can I tell you? I wish she got speed and say Semi Nice to Excel. Thank you in the same sentence. The same English Language Sentence Shaima. God is good. Welcome back to men in Blazers up. Okay Ross someone here we've come through the season's biggest storylines the biggest teams but most of them save one Roach Liverpool football club. And we've enlisted the story legal finke expert. Raj To help you simply put one of the biggest names newsman's time he's HBO show these Smart Savvy socially relevant. Don't tell us to write this discharge loving it. Moyer Syndrome hundred thankful of last week tonight returns in February until then what on Dot Com Youtube and facebook? We welcome back to the panic room. The one and only missed John on all the Le Eon is it used to be with you get right down to it was doing little club fascinating story the season so good to watch it and then so slapstick. Benny Hill comedic good for the always dangerous on the heart that's Liverpool. We're going to break them down piece by piece starring with. How'd you feel about this man? I love it. Look what's not to love. It described what he's not. Love everything you just saw that. He's punching the Ad Luck in his prime classes playoff. It's paying the clan. Lamaze moves from you and your underpants living room in New York schools ago. What's a surely even as a neutral even the opposite of a neutral? You have someone who was once a little boy have to say. I have had a hug from Yogi KLOPP. Close I think pope back into the womb aggressive things so when he goes around the Gamini hugs players. Every time it comes back to the studio. Whoever the pundit expire the general conclusion is always on one of those one of those about him loved to hug like that. I wish he was a slightly larger man. I carry off the larger freight. That's a different kinds of hug each each site. Let me wrap you up. And it's fine if you want to call me your name. That's fine. He's like he's like you. Tony Jim Harbor or less Jewish. We go we've always tired of you can claw you tired of life a little full season outside of implement number. We'll get with a good six sixties calling more than six when Mike Myers Chairman. Said we have many guns various artillery. All GonNa look at this between the lines there. So that's all I mean radical when you watch football like this. What do you think it's not as liquid football? I believe the phrase knock that there is a flawed player adding across these look at this silence spouts. No mom look at do not give him a yellow card that he's doing the right thing yellow. Look at these teams. It looks at Ross from friends. Nothing like Ross. For friend of visually that falls upon Rawson those goals at the equivalent of being able to tie a cherry stem initiative. With you telling. What did you think Brenton Rojas watches and thinks insulted when he watches going? Thanks I if he if he thinks that he is He's mistaken he probably. That probably does cross his mind although although he was as you would know he would be looking at that site yet but Jonjo shows put Jones Jones Jones. You complete me. You complete me. They are certainly the best front line. That is not on. Pbs Joe Bag for that. Well we're GONNA talk talk for when you have a from fifteen when you see them doing this not retallack not sick communication excellent even better in from from from Tactical Front Croatian for Jones students. You've got you've gone up front six. That is yeah -solutely joyful. This is not ideal. How last time good pulse that easily? You outside of the BOOT or is he. Just ask outside of the boots charity. For Jamie fell corridor of uncertainty. It's on the back. How experience this you've got the joy of the front sakes called the opposite of glass. Juror that back four is it life. You've got joy and pain mixed again. I think so. I think that's why I live for the full human experience and also I don't really have a problem with too much of a leaky defence. Always born in the era of global over such exactly. I get I get that. We're not probably going to have clean sheets in which we need our many guns basically topic bomb your team. We're GONNA TALK TO. We're GONNA get to the global off to that. Do The nation unliveable funds. Just twenty. You give us the full range of human sick mention GROBBELAAR. Garoppolo was really a retro through. Because when it comes to keep you just say lowest cameras. Yes becoming one of my favorite. Liverpool players. Look at it. Oh yeah well. Now you can entertain the pitch deceptively flats. Yeah he's not GONNA KEEP A. He's a charity one. Eight seven seven curious for kids. Yeah I wouldn't put that on him. I think that's a defensive error. Any slightly gulp stuck in two minds. Looks good though he looks to the hook you take you. I'll tell you the question when it comes to catch coke is all about. How do you make you back? Full field one hand. He's going to destabilize them on the ground to go. It's nice to have you. There isn't it. Looks like the pollen described up. That's what Putin's done to Ukraine stabilized. Carry us as the goalkeeping trump university lecturers to academics not technically a goalkeeper in the legal. Not Cloudy Up call himself. Cloudier Bro. A rational solution hands. Yeah can call watching rational solution. Have James Mill in the plane? Go Yeah illy give you an honest give you an honest job loss. More miles of cooks running. The lump reluctant was yeah. Took a couple of penalties off for the dressing room. We've got lost. Can you put a salvo misery? How does this all end? Because we've looked at the different pieces them together. Yeah spoiler alert handicap. This we had you on our part. Jerry 2030 Brendan right behind you. Is Peter Brendan Rojas? Days the dark day before Luis Suarez season and this is a reminder. This is what you said about Liverpool Football Club in January two thousand thirty year. The achievable goal but lived. Have some happiness now got so much smaller hopefully years. I don't need trophies. Only hopeful finished. I just need some Nice Palestinian sequences. It's not too much to ask. Yes probably nice had policy. I'm only thing is there's more I just WANNA. I just WanNa talk full finish if you want to win the league like Chelsea you're GonNa win the League Conti Italian style. Good luck to you. But that's off feast for the eyes. That's all that's that's just a protein meal whereas you desire. It's a little bit better. It's a little bit tasty that it's been in previously. You want a top four finish. What did you think you're going to get realistic? I think we I think we might and that we should get taught for violent delights. Have violent and okay. We've done the teams. We've done a lot of the players that have actors characters we love surrounds US found. That's why they're primarily is so amazing the characters of the season the mammal. Who is your. Here's your mammal of the character of the Season Journal. I think we're in a manager. Era Roy Conti who a Italian to an almost offensive degree offensive. Racial stereotypes Italian Jose. Maria who are file in every aspect is bad. Things happen to bad people. I think you've got to go. Don't realize you're getting some brand works a baby love. He does not love him from John. Stewart I guessed demanded acted D'Amato project manager really relevant at that point. If you ever get hold of you destroy the thesis of building. I'm saying if copies. He's oop character for manages. He's a charismatic German in the non terrifying sense of the word. He's a human muppet in some way. He's he's tough it carries. Here's a German cab. An awful okay. You're much about your little. Ross your chain inside your heart narrowed road runner kind of now John Kelsey. Who's through the most from your league stuff stars? Kubiak where Alexis Sanchez. Joe Flanigan? Yeah true perpetual belong in his imagination it's warmer Mormon only this guy like Alec Baldwin. He always be closing still said like I said look at this lovely stone football. I love the way when he's giving a card. He waits for the camera to clues. Improperly claims I'm ready. Oh May ISO May. How on Earth legacies my game? I want to people magazine. Dwayne Johnson is the most beautiful person who wrote a bull crap. Should've been clouds. Russian hacking things. That game is about him. Well it's not a life it that's a little taste early in the season. I don't know if you know this John. The Prime League had a slightly jarring mild. Caesar inducing transition graphic which often transitioned out of nothing into nothing except Roman Abramovich Nipple. So we created our own version of the premier league transition graph area new and improved. Look at this. Oh Woe People. Step back from your. Tv's transition graphic which we built known simply as crap cat very technologically check Steve jointly. It's less jarring the primarily. Ten countered with their own full screen transition to keep up with CRAP CAT. The big old white to which we said not so fast. My friends we see you and we raise you meet full screen. Purple Cow Party loved it crap. Cat Any doubt crap cat was Nov. Early hope you can become move on road. Yeah before we blow up two thousand and sixteen in a sports field and walkaway Moodley Burns pies going to ask you about pies. I know you love them. You said on a recent show pies are Helen. Ram of a nation's Colt jumped. What does a meat pie about the British? Well I think what effectively shows is. We're a mess. Gastronomic an emotionally thin layer crust over an incomprehensible disaster not predict brexit. That we should have been the giveaway literally just played into brexit worst brexit. I always I always thought that pies. Just represented future members. Nobody's GonNa Miss Pie. The top four inverse order as it's going to end high. Tell you John the top four in reversal to emulate the season. I'm probably going to go. Arsenal four oh would go liverpool man city and then Everton F westbound job if trump presidency. Maybe it'll be written. Maybe you'll win with less point went. Okay Roach your top four. What do you think Spurs Liverpool? Yeah just like you know football club and chose Chelsea before the season. I'm going to stay with Chelsea contact if he can do that. With his hairline Chelsea into a winner. I had one thing. But my pie has told me something else in fourth place Spurs third-place liberal. Thank you again in Second Place Chelsea Football Club. What once again in first place. It's astles title to lose. That's what the PIE says. He's said manager. Search Charlize said. It's well at the pilot in places thank you for watching many blazes. Dot Com Avenue Blazers. John Oliver is still there traffic facebook for crap. Podcast many blades g mail DOT com. Only one more thing for you to do well. Almost everyone knows out there. Russia's turn off the lights episode of cheers bye way. Let's welcome to the men. In Blazes Boxing Day crap Takkula which joined by a special guest off. Celebrate a man who originally auditioned to be the third Robbie on NBC ESPN but had to settle for hosting an Emmy Award winning series on HBO. That simply bears his name. Come back to the men in Blazers show hosts of last week tonight with John Oliver Massive Liberal Fan the one and only Mr Oliver thank you arm. The very poor man's Rubio we'll turn the first segment of the roads. We want to do a deep dive on. You'll beloved Liverpool jobs and the season thus far. We're going to go back and retrace every most solid goal some beauty but also John Love Rim powerless and your hugs of the red season. Thus far find out how it gotten to this point. We start by helping in the George Michael Sports machine for Takao and going back to opening day Saturday August. Twelve WOFFORD tricky on their way. True three to win win in the nineteen minutes. Miguel pre-test a crap goal for the ages. It ends ninety. Three precious points slips away right out of the outdrew felt like a loss that it was accompanied by the season long necking storyline. That wouldn't go away like a beautiful piece of flapping skin Katina to Barcelona. I need to know every. Football fan has a strategy when a player Star at my club. Kind of once away. I had one LUKAC. Yeah lassie's is the w-we repression or you anger fresh. I don't feel I get to be angry. Because he's given us a lot. I get to be confused because I don't see why he wants to go to. Barcelona city seems absolutely delightful though politically. Spain's going through a lot. I'm not sure Philip is fully fully aware about at the moment. Someone needs to say to him. This is a very tricky situation. And you understand that unless you can explain it to me you might be better off. Continue still trying to process the INS and outs of brexit very transfer window slash Liverpool. Turn in one of their Muslim performances of the season today we go back to August twenty seven at Anfield the reds battered behind Golden North Amino all. Apparently then you'll start all he didn't mean not humane shepherd. I into the crowd that was bludgeoning four goals for different goalscorers. Manet CIMINI would say man. I Murder Fund Liverpool. Many guns emotions does it stood deep within you and everything just clicked. So it's confusing. Isn't it because the world is a mess? It's depressing hellhole. So when good things happen which is the Liverpool midfielder attack running like a five line poem to host the goal you think what is this feeling of joy and happiness that good things are about to happen because I'm selfishness or gave up its gold more beautiful on the Bausch and it goes it's fantastic discombobulating not accustomed as a human being to good things in the world right now. Last time you're on this show you called it liquid football yup like four legged monster energy drink liquids technically liquid things coming back to the missing guest. He's like a Greek tragedy. It's a matter of time. His Achilles knee can't talking of Greek tragedy. Victory over Arsenal came just before the international break and when Liverpool Return? They faced a top-four clash with Manchester City. At the EPA. Had after a first red card not gonNA show it. Reducing supply side absolutely battered by the puzzle. That is pets bald head ECON. Send someone off. If he's not going to play in the rule it's jump like some back down to Earth reality check. I find it hard to get angry because of the I find it hard to get annoyed when they play such beautiful people. It's easier to be angry with. Marina IS A bad human being Manchester City. Eight remarkable realty. Where they how petrodollar fueled. But it's almost impossible to when you do such beautiful things with that money it's like the Berge Khalifa has been built on human blood. But it's very tall right very tall arrest of September John. The beginning of October less manic an October twenty second eighth in the table livable. To Tottenham Hotspur Things Laura Love Rene absolutely shocking mistakes to go some hurricane and son in the first fifteen minutes or the Croatian subbed off. A half hour into the game unlivable lost four goals to one. Listen I swear dejean listen. What's he thinking that I was Gonna say he's Housekeeping Asians? Mind that wouldn't well. He's a man who never makes the same mistake twice. John Likes to make it seven or eight times just to be on the safe side fast. Becoming my favorite Liverpool PLA- Since the hell Haji Juif when you tell me. Likeable Man Warm House. You're stubborn refusal to buy the sentiment. Is he just under the influence of our current pastry pace reality? You explain it. I don't know other. I mean he clearly loved Van. Dyke you think that's smart guy. If found Colin nobody will play ten people. Oh play a human vacuum ask Ragnar. Klavan is sometimes like that's how I didn't realize that was the named year. Yes America. I believe me. Dear that results sparked and I'm beating run during which Liverpool for sixteen of a possible eighteen pounds fourth-place off to the I love the pain of the main reasons. Wonderful Addiction. Manzo just could not stop scoring including one against his former club Chelsea Mohammed. Salah makes my heart sing. I've never felt so like a football player as much is a like him. They're not likeable bunch often but when he gets substituted he looked sad because he thought I was going to try and score enough speak I love him arguably the greatest dejection since Bob Bradley. You can take solace in during that. You'll always have Roberto for me now. He'll never read 'em how Aniston's moves. He's an automatic again. That's what you don't get. Many genuinely ought footballers or when they are Auden unlikable way. Mario Bala- tally. He's we used human being. I think it's all that you celebrate anything that way. Can you clear? We'LL MYSTERY FOR US. Is Does he clean them? With embalming fluid varnish all Shafi gotTA GO WITH OPTION B. They're GONNA go the dunks entire everything other than his T. It's a complicated way to do that. Reform setup at December tenth to be against Everton and newly hired the rudge. Big Sal clear is full. Belly can't lose. No not sound as intend to tightening. You just silo one. They'll in the forty second minute posting up. Come up ninety. That's more into the corner. Looking Seventy eight Smith brings down the double barrelled name dominant inside the penalty and who is to step up and tie the game forever. Young upstart Wayne Watson. Close Your eyes and Conway this time. Straight down the middle if that's a penalty. This is a penalty gentler. Email be penalty cannot be everything is otherwise. It's a yellow card shaking hands. Okay strength she put a new rule often say about penalties. Have seen it given. I have seen it given. I think it was soft but I've seen I haven't seen I haven't seen that given I haven't seen that. No one wants that penalty given yes wrong it's wrong sometimes dominate Calvin living each feels gravity more than normal human beings. I don't blame him. Play him a little bit. What are you making a seventeen minute segment on next series? Where you're in an okay. We should say one man who some might say acted less than rationally after the match Liverpool Manager Yogi plum who gave all time all world interview tunnel. It's all melted in the tunnel. Shortly after the final problem can change anything so far. It's a penalty on it soft. I think is announcing the interview because to talk to people have little bit understanding Really there are people who played a lot of football matches in our studio who also thinks penalty. That's great that's a great post. My God that's a that's a manager rating of nine a post-match interviews and that's underrated. That's another thing that big summer Marino can do. He knows what the camera is. It's like a good. I know this is a classic cameras. You love this utility. She's you've said is endless. Well of credit from Liverpool who always give him the benefit the Dow anything could ever date to disappoint fairly journalism. Guys solid question. I guess just a firm handshake his place. Everyone expects a hug now if he was just to go around. Good Game Steph. Handshake tap on the box penalty raunch again. I guess he'd be didn't huggies. Plays that something absolutely awesome. But since he have to not argue neutrality the other stuff all the way. Can we get prediction on how this season is going to end for a little put aside misery? I would love. I'd love top four and so would take the fourth position that because it's all about how to win win the League so for the rest of us. It's just about how to lose the league with the most panache. Yeah I mean. That's really what conclusion of you lost week tonight. Show two thousand seventeen series current political reality. You said quote. It's all very bleak. It's important we take pleasure in small victories. Same be said felicity. Yeah I mean I don't know things very bleak though the the building blocks of something amazing and it's fun. It's fun to watch now. Are we going to win the League? No they season definitely not ever. Who knows who knows. But we're playing some lovely football unlike on neighbors from across Stanley Park. Who claim something else. I don't know if it's football in the Champions League if we're having a lot of think you're going to get into the Champions League final journal of Kiev EU Happy Boxing Day Boxing Day to wall happy box and the Queen and a purse of coins. In some way. It's where you're upstairs type. Give gifts to us down. I'll tell you we're going to give you some gifts right now. Seniority except a heart semester abroad in Italy. An anchoring one of the premier league's leakiest defenses Joe Hall a Broken Man. Shell of his former Self Syriac clearly giving him. Ptsd he's barely pretending to dive. In general Joe I've never seen on a goalkeeper spice found this week's ball any pool shot directly as person this level of break. This level of being defeated isn't that one of the greatest characteristics and Martin Inglis basically a walking political cartoon watched the Brexit vote. Just flypast him and he's not stopped the summer one job. No He's a calamitous decision tate's inevitably makes the World Cup squad signs forever Joe is brexit personified confusion. Thea and then schaeuble belief that travel between open borders. He he's not the goalkeeper the England needs. Now he's the goalkeeper. We do very true okay. West time talking about what we deserve West Ham struggles on the field to some amazing performances on their fancy channel. What vein. I'll check head and shoulders above the rest. We give you get by fifty underground awake daily. Convulsions Connie can give us a show they give you. Don't pay for their shows. Don't give us and they say oh next time I come here and I go. Gabe because I'm telling you don't anyway. Takeout guy will be will be javelin mill. Cocoa Undergrad Way. The sealy money. They won't see we love it. I won't shoe indict do. I'm not sure always entirely on the. There's some light and frustrations and he's using west a lightning just below the surface. Sometimes Promo even when football looks like it's coming. Yes for example. When let's say you favor clubs signs Wayne Unique? We think well at least aw. Showing men in places will benefit in your job. When awful things are happening you take a modicum of solace in the fact that it make for good television a little bit. I also fan TV. After evanger implosion those zero Modicum. I'll take zero Baltimore. It's it's just as a human being and as a comedian I would like things to be better in life because then I think as a human being on a comedian can perform better. Because I won't have this anchor. Soro just dragging my soul into the ground Liverpool new full grown to get stop by the way. We need this so much. Don't leave Mo can channel offense business card human being and comedian okay. You'll season is the premier league in term of its length. John Lawsuits went from February of this year. All the way up to November all the way. How'd you operate at such a high level? All season long weekend we count well When footballers get that Horse Placenta injected into their legs but into my head coach Croatia once a year and those placenta injected for the Hams Diego Costa handle strings loose not technically illegal in so not doing anything wrong. You get to that spot. That's right that's good one. Exactly what a special diego cost. All the scarf went down. Did you see that that I didn't talk? There's no context offering could not. But you have to give it to you when you number your cops right. And they'll be people in the studio signed doesn't have to look at the replay is complaining. He didn't touch him. He tries to get his body and is a soft penalty not penalty at all. When you on hiatus how much news. You're watching you just trying to complete it. I tried to my regular amount is a fire hose of news. It's me opening my mouth on the ACHIM. Is The dentist chair of News? So now I try to try to just drink. The recommended daily amount of news which is more than again is ideal Jawa scaling back and then I'll ramp up the fire hose next is the Journal of a Hobie which leads you just block it. All and everything Liverpool Football Club. Don't believe I'm taking this year I've got I'm on a cliff edge. You Could Thelma and Louise me off that I can't handle. It appears to have product product made for this. We need a plot. We need an official. Don't leave club last year on your show. You Two thousand sixteen not a great year we should say saying Fu two thousand six few two thousand seventeen hasn't been much better now. In fact given the Big Sam Hi it may be not much better so we want to blow up two thousand seventeen to ultimately. We don't have much of a budget. Okay so we're GONNA have to settle for simply blowing out these candles as we say. Fu Two thousand seventeen. Can we keep them alive? This amazing I can't believe in a pie. Two Thousand Seventeen Michael. Wish everyone okay now. We've kissed it all say we WANNA look into the future we do. We WanNA look into future with the help of are primarily pies. You've done this young guys. Have Predictive Pass. Take it by. May One big bold prediction football more otherwise about what you think. Two thousand eighteen contains Raj. Do you want to go first bolt? It's going to be bold yet. I still think this pintails Brace yourself the United States are going to win the two thousand Eighteen World Cup. I'm thinking I'm thinking that an English team. Yeah look the or of Yup. I think this team is GonNa win. The Champions League team might be named Bacelona. Although we'RE GONNA SAY LESS. That's the real fairytale they would never in it. That would be amazing. Still want to run the air. He was good. You still far. It's amazing okay. The Royal Weddings Not GonNa Happen. It's GONNA happen to my post slow roll wedding album. Oh my word she's going GonNa get to find out she takes that goes my knighthood demanded. This is how you get in touch with this. Many places DOT com places on the twitter. Facebook four suspended resilience. Graham Blazes G. Multi amazing stick. What Raj until some really really good stuff thanks for watching amendment laser? Show his His this is called off the lights site have you John. Always a pleasure. This was fouled life controversial journal. The best all of us. It's mytalk welcome to the men in Blazers. Show the man joining us coast of every hold winning last week tonight on. Hbo Massive Livable Fan. The one and only missed a John Oliver. Thank you for having me gentleman and honor a pleasure annual a man who combines the accents of all the white put look. Romeo giant brain in a bottle is Robert. Must've you all the perfect specimens journal the brain of Robbie Mustang. What a Frankenstein. His misery fringe full head. Less time. You're with US. You jokes about level being good for the is bad for the heart. Yes is your Gorman Heart Rate Monitor watchers assessment. Well it now. Do you know what what they're bad. Four is the innate pessimism that is in the British soul econ happened shortly Man City when the leak obviously win the league. We do what we do. Best which is loose amount city with panache. There's no shame in that. We mauchly shame. The killing of failure is the poultry that produces British. Could they win it? Could they win it? Could they could it? Could it be could it? Could it could happen. It could go. That's enough about it. Looking cussing England to the World Cup this year. Hold on we could win the World Cup. That's enough that's enough now. Never tune a live. Could last about every season is a hero's journey. John we want to travel back to the source of the river to the Halcyon days of August. Liverpool kicked off the season against West Time Anfield comprehensively dismantled them polston solid school. Orderly score often approves no one-season wonder how happy sentence job. This is changing the smiles rarer. He celebrates his goals with more of a smirk. Their season post is run in with Sergio Ramos. Dark Arts to the Champions League final niche used to say battle monsters less she become a monster and if you gauge into the abyss the abyss also looks into you. Think he's come back harder like an innocent child has been exposed to the tree a lament. John. It's possible and we'll be honest was worried about that until the selfless gesture of him. Giving his man-of-the-match award over to James Milner him for his amazing Kareem. He deserved today. Single account take you do not give it to me. Five Hundred Games of whatever he does. I think it's a different than I play. But I'm happy to be tying it together. So Do James Melville Alive I. Everybody needs a bass player. Yeah he might be the best bass player in the world. He might be flee from the radio he also has. An older gentleman has kind of body. Fat percentage want suspicious flea? Okay with that win. Against West Ham Liverpool shot off the line run of wonder John a pristine start to the campaign that left. Jurgen KLOPP MIMING. The use of hals on the sideline different livable. You went out and you go. Allison resilient Mr Darcy. Eighty four million dollars well-spent Joel every single. It makes you feel safer just having a round. Even the fact called Allie shows that he's been taken to the heart of skeletons. Listen that's why it took gayle young. How could save alley? But Elvis Costello's Muse and John is not the lone debonair lockdown member of Liverpool's new-look Look Regard Arise Virgil Van Dyke. Who like an adult securities namesake's on chronicles has Loris Asli won battle after battle? Heart of Liverpool's back line. How much joy do you get watching him with a crunching tackle and then be able to find a midfield feet with bullets so even so much joy as you would admire a statue? Because there's a statuesque quality today botticelli physically. Is that what you're telling me off? It's all marble you just remove everything from a block of marble that is not Virgil. Dini summed up virgils. Power said I hate given up against Van Dyke Fat Drake Said said. He's super quick. Too good on the bull loves fighting has got a good head of hair plus I get not point. He's name sounds spectacular smile. Okay Age age. Vege- There was a song quality of that age and Ali. Beefing up. Backline has come at some cost a remarkable season but often grinding out results kind of campaign in a way heavy metal. Football didn't require larger little much more proficient. But is it less fun to watch the optimist in new says you have to build the foundations of Sistine Chapel before you let Michelangelo so what you've got here is you have poured the concrete. Let Mickey don't Walk Shutout. Select Mukalla clete. So I think the foundations of there now so now you can let your painters up in the ceiling and start waggling their brushes around Russia's bully a love it. I love it. She locks another John has picked. Look with a pocket-sized Sledge Hammer talking. Swiss Albanian Kosovan. Snooky Dan Chicanery. That's right look that bowling bowl. He's perfectly square isn't an audience. He'd be a nightmare in a bar. Squabble it's GonNa Stop Squabble. Often stepped in to play. Devil's triangle that sell Amana infamy from one of the surprises of the season when he arrived did you John. Oliver Think HE GEL Liverpool's first team culture. I didn't until I don't know if you saw again if you spend too much time on the gray area isn't it? I wouldn't make the city's very hard to spend so much time when you arrive. And he's doing really silly little points at the camera I saw. Can you think. Yeah Oh you might. Just be a little scully. You might just be a rock solid scully and there was a cheeky team which I think in terms of weaning yourself off. Mosiuoa this year it has helped to have that kind of enticing Illuminating Smile Danske Colin like Jit shaved. They call him Shaq Shaq show. It's all good look. This is not an exact science but doug little unusual the way that klopp signings have jailed so instantly think they all sound good in a liverpudlian. Halley veg shots. It's all there could be a secret. Okay the some of those one syllable parts on that we've been discussing can lead to thirteen games. Unbeaten to begin the season as with the Darby against Everton looming And with that game heading for a certain nil. Nil Draw in the ninety-six from y'all don't you blow the Whistle. The penalties go look look look look at bounces bounce. After tiny Jordan Pickford deteriorate keeps at just to charge. Derail the Loris carriers playbook when the pain can anymore? Tracy Chapman a club charges onto the live failed to play a shout and Freedom Faucets White Tif. Ywca very legal and very cool. Absolutely no problem with that Roach. Absolutely no problem. I know there was a lot of controversy of his in terms of year. But if marina we had done it instead of different reaction of course because Marino isn't hostility to different routes. It was an expression of joy. And we'RE GONNA outlaw. Fa please FA L. Lord. Wherever it tells us that concept of joy if I if you know anything about road she doesn't enjoy -joy his role in life is if I have no one else should okay club. Did BEING LITTLE. Outta line when he reynolds from the. But how can anyone be mad at a man is used to justice when he's capable of these type of news conference dancing the greatest? So it's a very important game you're going to play against Peres tomorrow. Very erotic voiced by the way read slave. Congratulations again please. He gets run on the field. He does individually us. He's raised the whole game. That could sound in someone else's mouth yet. Sound slightly creepy. He's sexualizing a press conference. But there was a boyish quality to him. The slow reveal of the suspiciously smile. It's almost in slow. Motion look at perceive arch. The curtains parts. And you realize workers. We Don by set designer. We gotta pull this all together. We're going to go big picture when you first came on the show. Liverpool popular my mind. Because they're in the Brendan Rojas Air. How would you describe? Brendan two children watching you. Fortunate enough not to a witnessed him. He's an important early in the narrative without Brenton. You can't have Uragan and therefore we should value. What Brendan Autism? Which was eventually. He's so big on the alternative facts before we even knew we were living in a place. Jesus Liverpool without by Batman. You said all I want for Liverpool to play five good passes a game and that would make you happy. That's true klopp comes in school goals for fun. You believe again. The summit suddenly feels within reach the clouds apologizing but then Manchester City come along. Move the targets fee to be good anymore NEPHEW TO BE UNBEATEN CLUBS. Best Star Now. Twenty six year history. You almost have to be perfect now. They've changed the rules on you a bit like an election in Georgia. How much does that Piss you? Off Journal of Canada Greyhound be angry. Furry rabbit that's making it run faster. Man Cities the Furry Rabbit Man City is that ferry rabbit. Okay got a like a greyhound. From a thousand years when society is destroyed itself Oke eulogised only find this video and then used piece of wisdom that job hate assessor Liverpool Greyhound Rabbit Everton and Joel Everton. A hamster in a class of troubled children on a wheel on living rows round will again and again and again desperately not wanting the everyone gets the hamster home for a week pretty much. Now we WANNA hit some of the other big story lines of the Premier League this season them with pep Guardiola's Bouma's droid like Manchester City cities problems. They'LL J political tax avoidance Finance Ping just reactive ethical issues from being owned by a dictatorship. Does that ruin things for you? A little bit. Of course it puts an asterisk on everything but at least an example of something wonderful being done with blood money so got like the Coliseum in Rome in the most appalling circumstances undeniably nice to look at very very tricky state breach-of-contract descent. Were okay. We had to my love. Chelsea an almost almost likable. Were envisioning a logo amiss. Abramovich shots on an island. That's right that's right. That's right yeah. It would be nice to have like a little camera of him. Wherever without sense of you make a mistake. Yeah kill that kind of Caesar like speed at the May still be darkened depending but it was a lightness and joy back at Chelsea. The surprise package of the season a new friend. Who's towards to split simple things in life like a game of Botchy a six pack of Marooning? Ut Free full over reds those are the things that really are. Actually I let him smoke about the topic section. Sorry I just think sorry sorry alone as an old Italian man. He's allowed to watch him this piece of influence children. I want to be an old Italian match Chelsea. You might not make the top four. You'll always make it to flavor country at this point of the season country. Myra style they release the sideline hospital scrubs. Excuse me so why you out of your room. If you would not be surprised if you turn around and the back without was completely open the gown facing foods he's basically attract just talked together with one piece of string back just got easier access Florida. Welcome back to the men in Blazers with special guests. The Felipe Cotino cool back. It's a cool by tonight on. Hbo John Oliver Barely. Steve McMahon of Political Co pay his mortgage but say intelligent human after. It did not take away your ice cream. I agree that is a two footsie challenge. Go Red Card said. Football is the most important least important thing in the world. Our world is not in the greatest shape football on the other hand looking pretty good. We had a great world costs primarily title Race Champions League onto the playoff stages soloist. Football provides lost beyond the nineteen minutes view. Or only while. You're watching the Games. Football has always been an emotional anesthetic and when you apply it you cannot feel. The pain is present. And yet probably Wayne's after a wonderful moment like very funny goal destroying the awesome so then it tapers off slower so you get the benefit yet longer. Plays or other people's misery best kind of pleasure. Dave is really saying it's does anything we see on the field because ultimately we're all GonNa die view as we let you think about how to you've come on our show. For the past four years you dropped opinions on Brendan Roaches in his ten regiment. Bobby Felino teeth. We'd never ventured into as Joola Emmy Award winning broadcast alike as football. What were you like is Joe? Well let me tell you what it was was predominantly and solely left-footed now. It was a very good thing. What that meant was that got me into teams or would not exist in did not provide the left side strength. I the England national team. I remember there was one time manager. Came or manage more data. Show what on kids that off time. And he said that was disgusting. Why can't you be more like Oliver and I was thinking this is great. This is fantastic. He's about to do a speech extolling virtues as a left sided. Powerhouse says he knows but he runs around more than any of you. Yeah wow you James Milne of before exactly now Joan Oliva. Because she knew a few people who've played against you in the media to on this. You are sneaky. Good your aspects schoolmates. Really take that. What I like to do is not exceed mile limitations pretty quickly so I'll be MOLUCCA. Jan molby pocket passer spring. Some balls around. I'll try and make people around better Gregg Berhalter a US. Cool Week of many places DOT COM on the Internet at manipulates twitter facebook. Four such men in Blazers on instagram megabytes jimoh DOT COM. We wrote a book Roach unreadable. But don't all we want to thank you for all you do. You are the sword in the dog. That's the watcher on. The walls of fire burns gates cold the light that brings a door and the whole in the wake sleepers and the shield that godse realms of man. We're all better off because of the Canary in the coal mine and I got a cough. Yes only one more Russia outta lights most important thing to remember in two thousand nineteen kids. Welcome to the men in Blazers Boxing Day special featuring who else host of. Hbo's last week tonight. Comedian writer massive Liverpool. That's again with his annual appearance on our show missed a pleasure to mock time once again as we the death okay. Having over the holidays it's become a tradition. Unlike any other you ought to ask Alec Baldwin is to Elgin horrible thing to say on the law and you also have four brothers. All of whom named Billy always a joy to see you and talk about liberal portfolio. We'll say John. The Better Liverpool game the lesser joy it fails January two thousand thirteen Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers for me. One of the greatest Liverpool managers of all time behind only Roy Hudson might technically objective ranking and John. You said she go but Liverpool have my happiness. Now has so much smaller over the years. I don't need trophies I don't need full finishes. I just need some nice positive sequences. It's not too much to ask. Yes probably we sit here at a historic moment your team. Liverpool running away at the top of the table. The secret works will this to happen. We're going to break down. Every element of the Liverpool season so far with you on all of bring every storyline that starts at the beginning back on August ninth liberals opened up the season by thumping a star-struck Norris For one they lost allison in the process. Allison cure you. Would they would. Of course you would on an appropriate time. Whatever he likes but even without permanent consent given barely missed a step because Trent Alexander on all Chen lab an Andy Robinson although Putin creative attacking forces to ever tend to be poor the bat line. Have you ever seen that before? Credible I remember. There was one time in the World Cup years ago where all three Brazilian Senate actual offside. These team has my mice decisions about how it's GonNa play. They just wiping on. Aren't they pin around? A James Mill is basically. He's heads going basis. They flypast him but for the Liverpool haters. Let's name them. Roger that was reason for Schadenfreude August thirty first during a routine three win at Burnley off the most solid cute. You tried to create place in the box. Rezone Shaw rather than pass to the wide open. Senegalese money went. Atypically ballistic failed and on the bench after being substituted seeing the lovely Surrey. Manet get angry. Is it a bit like seeing you meet the Dalai Lama goal? Hulk how'd you explain? This momentary always worried thinking there's trouble in paradise but there is apparently they were all laughing about it in the dressing room after the fact whether that's a wheel spun narrative beyond cool eight pesos faction thread. I'm trying to pull on us. I don't think it's GonNa work but my favorite off the whole thing for me peacemaker. Yeah Okay and the bench patting me on the shoulder Brazilian Dr Phil Listen. Tell me how you tell me how you feel. It's GONNA be okay. We'll go to the special recovery room. Bobby could do a daytime television juicy goodness. Those are daytime. Tv All clubs team of one of the ugly always lay an occasionally Var assisted but no matter much state. Navarre occasionally things. I'm occasionally virus for never walk selling who just say insane. What do you think of? How serious problems with ball? Either they're going to fix it or we're going to look back on this time. Remember we tried that and it was terrible and then we stopped it and win the title that season have but they do not have the threats against the nation's organized. Sheffield united needed poor young goalkeeper Dean Henderson to lead to his five whole bill. Buckner style then lake penalties against Spurs an eighty fifth minute against Crystal Palace. Eighty seven minute equaliser and Saturday Matinee stoppage-time win against Aston Villa. You get points for what makes you say. Never say die. Can't stop won't stop this mentality. Months Mentality. Monsters were not born. They were created by this German. Frankenstein begins and ends with klopp easing credible. Motivator met salad this year on my birthday. In fact tone one hundred ten. He was being honored written thing for Jones Birthday Time Shovel and I sat with him very very very nervous. He was turned up a little bit late. The season was going on. I wasn't thrilled that he was because we had a game on Saturday. I said to him. The first thing I said was covered you fish so no one touched is a Weirdo to someone. You don't know. And he took as well as probably should've been that mogens but I said to him. What does it feel like when call hugs you? He said sometimes he hugged me too hard. That is not a criticism low. That's a compliment. Hugs you to has too much love to get a coach. Someone that has been in your years the recipient hug when you in those homes. It feels like anything is possible. Minute one of the Games you'll livable left until a match that looks even bigger in hindsight there October. Fifth Two one win against Leicester City. Yes greenwhich Markle Brighton. Tinkle the injury climb doing livable. A penalty that was coolly turn did by Westworld host James Mill. Now doesn't Miss Economists. Well a game. A clash between Brendan Rogers and his. It Lost Time. You came on this show. You describe brought jazz. One POMA Cellini. I'm one part Mussolini. Mussolini approach the way He sees either is Liverpool whip. Won The win win. If you think about the world through his head and you only do that sparingly then yeah. He can't lose you`ll. Liverpool marched into November when they defeated defending champions Man City. Three one at Anfield Biblical pointing the Left Pet Guardiola going on Christian Bale and the term yes livable carried on going from strength to strength into December when they dispatched a five to obliteration of Everton. Football Club Dhabi. Talk us through your experience of this game. I'm guessing it was exactly the same as your experience affiliates. I mean watching surgery well enacted great if you're the person who is being accepted. I don't know how does that feel. I didn't even feel my lungs being home. Fledge Injury Liverpool manager. Bill shankly used to say there's only two teams matter Merseyside Pool at Liverpool reserves. In this game Everton right now are worse than the Peleton by Christmas. It all started with Alex for me was the peak. Ramadan's right now if Alex is the answer. You're asking the wrong questions and I think that has been proven since appreciate what you've got till it's gone so true clock for me because I am a horrible human being. I think we've evidence even. I have to the gold standard of your clock as a motivator Amazon. Man was his reaction to the three nil loss in Barcelona the poetry of his press conference afterwards saying if he can do it wonderful and if not then fade into most beautiful way. That is the most wonderful thing I've ever heard coming from a football coach it transcends for me the most beautiful way possible. That hates me where I live. The of my heart. Is He the empathized leader. The free world needs right now. He is sadly Liverpool. Need him more than just us one. More Time you've got it all perspective. John A won't cook to win a title because I want to see what he's faced us on see white knuckle hugs. WanNa see the hug. And then realized that he's pulling into him if Liverpool do win and the way you put it you search big-hearted gracious remarkable human being like even by macy's I'm becoming mildly. Nice Win Promise. You won't be unbearable. You're GONNA be embarrassed. I would be happy with one and done. I would just love that one of coverage of fish so no one else will. No one else has ever had the first words said to them for another human being. That is the first time in human history. That is just amazing isn't it? You want to run through some of the other top story lines of this incredible season so far as the and now this of men in Blazers or and now this stop Jamie. Richard Vardi thirty two year old striker. Who was reborn. Thanks to broaches touch of to lover. The thing I love about Jamie Vardon is have come to believe. He only schools as a means to an end. An is to get in the grills of opposing fans. This season opposing fans chanted Jamie Volley. Your bird is gross American translation. Jamie fill your wife. Rebecca is alleged by Coleen Rooney to of leaks stories to dread tabloid the Sun. Four Times fans of Sung that and each time. He scored a goal. I mean the fact is competitive. Juices get so fired. Up to you to your. You're people to tell them choline on this team team. Killing all the way Khalid was the best known football football story of the year by a mile. That's the way we came out. When Britain needed them ever seen in the league competitor. More issue by spy. The and football is always say they. Don't John Beckham we had just the absolute gels. Shawneetown even taking Kona. Honestly don't even what did they say? Okay so they always say they hear it but to actually go. You're going to talk about how macy's not boring they got enough. That was for you. Get Bang our relying on the fall and rise of Christian Pulisic struggle to find a place. Among Frank Lampard's babies early in the season then returned with a vengeance scoring a hat-trick and showing he belonged. What do you make of the Lord and Savior of the American Game Lord and say you cannot be hyperbolic in this segment us? The Real Freddy do thought he was the real deal. He started badly looks primarily takes a while. He seems excellent. What do you think I think? He showed a lot of mental strength to get back from the bad stuff. Chelsea. I think he's playing to the right manager. I think Frank Lampard manage the situation. Very very well. I think he's got prove it against the big team. I think that's right. You've got to be able to score and big gains and Chelsea. This season can't seem to play against the big boys can't even seem to like beat. Everton at Goodison they need they need is a big say. Doctor diagnoses his sound that perfect hat-trick though against Burnley yes a mix of relief joy and wonder in equal measure one of the greatest days and I don't like to be hyperbolic in American British relations since Cornwallis surrendered at your town. Seventeen eighteen and Alex more so piers Morgan in eighteen thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Pulisic scores more than ten goals. This season does it. Automatically mean that it becomes prime minister rules right. I mean that's the problem with having an unwritten constitution possibly yes simplistic to nations the okay. Now to news that wrought the footballing world when it was announced the fourth coming of the Chelsea become Mr Man United has become a self-described Mr Club how surreal has it. Been to watch Marino John. Donne the white and purple and occasional. -Til of Tottenham Hotspur Done Not Utah. No you Chelsea Shaw Minute Short. No Yes Hilton. No really is a Hilton. You can have them as a second team. Toltar- now that's gone. He's going to wreck. He's terrible human. Being injecting poison into your veins told them just like tied. Paul Marino is like eating at toy party wants. I can kind of understand. Maybe you don't know how it's going to Delhi's just like someone eating report you see them. He's not the say Eric during you on new Joe Fan. You feel a tremor in the fall. When he's football always person the person who won Jamaica. This new job say reboot the jokes the warmth the hugs the Ballboy Romance. Is it for Real John. He no longer in egotistical self serve or we who we are in life and people can't change every serial killer is charming when he moved into neighborhood. Burn you realize that by goblins freshly paved? What's under that? He's a terrible person. So Co host these thing the whole thing to me readings have some late in life. Saint Marino hunting medical marijuana. It's all like kind of a weed spin off for up. He is used to a genuine fault and nothing nothing to say nothing to say. Have nothing to say. I have nothing to say. I'm so sorry I have nothing to say. The fence outlet soupy. Thank you okay. We've talked about your beloved livable. John talked about the chasing pack up the entire rest of the league. But in this the final men in Blazers show wolf the decade. Maybe all time who knows I mean crossed the done. Ten years have given us so many indelible memories so Joe Guerra's ninety four. Th Minute winner handed Manchester City the title in two thousand twelve less to cities Pacelli scored Cinderella season one. Two Thousand and sixteen spoke since retirement in two thousand and thirteen approved at l'empire full. Johm new a new manager. You WanNa talk about the true moments of the decade. The ones that peeled back the outer layers of the human condition. Let's begin by throwing it back to February two thousand sixteen and Louis Van GAAL's sideline. It's three thrill ex law protesting a decision in the three two win over us. Lbj gave us so much. Joy thing Japanese mascot and the giant Oughta a turtle as a hat but with Jackson asks right. What you gotTa do is commit to the bit. And he's well. Lbj Did very well there. It wasn't going to fight falling down but I won't do. It was bang. Hit the deck. Alex Ferguson. You may have one but you think you go half as many vine leaps in. Correa as LBJ. Even close okay. I've long made the claim that the whole world L. Football can be reduced to a battle between small and and our next moment reflects that from another United Arsenal match. Okay this one from the all. Pursuit Thousand Wilshire squaring up tomorrow and Philippe. This is absolutely if a life headbutting in the chest with so many balls have gone to die. Fellini was Paul Confused. Paul around with my little my memory gland credit for death really helping out moment along. We'll see it seems like he's doing all the work for that place. What is he still do? The man who mediated that will deflate. Anybody is the star of our next moment of the decade John. And it's really nice surprise because let's be honest. The primarily really global full in general. It's all about all about in his mind where he resides as John. The Gang Ladies and gentlemen we give you men in Blazers football man of the decade referee. Mike it's all about. It's the arm is a little bit of risk that the from thing that's what you don't always get. He practices this. He loves him. He practices in the shower in front of the mirror. He's probably sent to play grounds. Yeah this well. When he sends when he sends dinners back to the kitchen in restaurants. Yeah ever the he gave is hundreds red card to watch the young April two thousand nine hundred credible vista really young. He's a conduct of negativity out for what you know. That's very good catch off me looking swift shaking off. So good is a quintessential English able to finagle himself into any situation. But there's very American thinking everything about him. Yes the Tyler. Perry of the premium and finally a moment actually Mathurin at and give a not just in the global. Football comes from April twenty two thousand fourteen three games to go in the Premier League season legally just Opole Eireann and eleven game winning streak that lying Chelsea at Anfield nil nil in the third minute of injury time slits. What am I but Denboba against Scott Steven Rogers sees a routine bull but he slips allows Denver to pounce. Oh Liverpool's title drought goes on. I don't take any pleasure from this. In the Premier League's get right to this. Moment stands head and shoulders above the rest as possibly the most. Arthur Miller tragic orpheus. Icarus Stephen Gerald Amancio booking airing so loyal so committees. My Dad wrote to Stephen Gerald. My Dad's never wrote me a letter. These life he wrote to Stephen Girard essentially thanking him for being the sunny never had on this. Let me just say I said just a Rotor Steven Jack. To say he's done a great job person. It shouldn't be ashamed of himself what he did. What to penfolds? Okay we're GONNA rock this decade. The only way we know how pie these pies John Oliver like all good pies coming in from producer. Joe Powell of prophecy tight one. Tell something that's going to happen in the decade to come on the football field or off it John. Thank by Tell us what you see. What your Pisces. Cornell's Jose Moreno is going to destroy multiple teams going to all the top sites Liverpool. My telling me evident will finally win twinkle Title Two Thousand Twenty Seven. I'm the manager. Savior Bass Fisherman. Tony Hibbert we will win the League one title and Gain Automatic Promotion to the championship. Play out the rest of the decade inglorious midtable obscure. It's GonNa be fun lucky to get the play off. For the American flag Christian Pulisic will win the Premier League. But not necessarily at Chelsea. Thank you to you John. Oliver Savor every second leisure history-making hawks. Come it's going to have thank you to all great friends of the port watching who may football continue to empower you to make great collective memories? Which is why we watch. Okay Rod for the last time this decade. Please turn out the lights all John. Please tell me two thousand twenty. He's going to be better than twenty nine. I cannot promise you that because I think in your heart you know.

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