CBS3 News AM News Update 11/28/2020


I'm jan carabeo here. Today's headlines from cbs. Three eyewitness news. A federal appeals court in philadelphia rejects president trump's latest effort to challenge the election results third circuit court of appeals found. The trump campaign offered no evidence of election. Fraud saying quote. The campaigns claims have no merit end quote. The fda could authorize a coronavirus vaccine in a few weeks to companies pfizer. Emma dirna are seeking emergency youth authorization for their vaccines. The fda will rule on pfizer's request on december tenth. It's small business saturday. Shoppers across the us are encouraged to buy local today. Mom and pop shops are hoping today can help them recover from what has been a very challenging year to the cbs. Three eyewitness weather forecast now today. Partly cloudy with a high of fifty six degrees tonight clear skies with a low of thirty four degrees. I'm jan carabeo. Be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. At cbs philly.

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