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britain's greatest wars podcast jerk. You're listening to storrow session with math. Hudson and luke fly. This is fun of against good morning afternoon or evening. Wherever you are in the galaxy and welcome to star wars sessions. Come for the star wars. Stay for the sessions. My name is matt. Hudson aka japanese joining me once again in the essex. Falcon is the greatest star. Wars man found somebody out there. He is a man who charge. I wanna why angle wiscon- boys cayenne on. I thought you were so over excited. You accidentally pressed onto the sound effects. Those charge you. Not not boy is another episode. It's another week and therefore it is a another bligh pawn. Whoa done my boy. Non six episodes in we got to one hundred complete. Those bligh pounds. How you feel on that might get in there. I think i might have one or two more getting over. The line is going to be a very struggle but anything to hear the sound of the seismic charge though We love. We love a cheeky. Bligh's me charged way. One more people in the back. Stunning stunning stunning. If i don't hear wedding ceremony this shit that doesn't include that gonna got mental. We listen any get married and twenty twenty one. Yeah yeah let's not record it and send in get in touch. Yeah my new year. Lots of new things in the pipeline for us for the podcast for star wars for lots of things my and i'm buzzing on buzzing to share what we got planned but just just general was chitchat. My enough mr of mr and i. I'm ready to get back into chechnya and shoot the galactic brains. Oh yeah y- man. I show of twenty twenty one. So that's hope. Caesar's ritual bit more positive but given the star wars content. We've got to look forward to. We should be emphasis street since surprises. I'm sure we've got more coming. But i i haven't actually asked you want thought you might know him good. I am very very good dots really just award is filled with escapism and trying to stay positive. Release so yeah. That's it to be honest why you might now say bound together. As i've mentioned to you feeling a bit ropey but nothing like a dose of star wars to make you feel a lot better so on here for that and i can hear some good news coming in the background. Reject gardens of patrons o. Yeah we got some good news. In fact we want to thank some of our latest patrons. We got spicy squadron of patrons come in in the last few weeks and here. Are some shout outs to those guys pull mulholland. Who joined at the. This is where the fun begins to command. Laura mallow ron who joined other highground tier bigshot. Andrea's the tratos who joined the i am the senate to tenet. And lastly big shower and big love to steve myth rhonda who joined the i ab de senate is night big. Shout those absolute gangsters sorry if of mispronounced. Any of those but there we go. Welcome to the spicy family a hub. You enjoy the content on neo patriot dot com for slash starrewards sessions. Ch- thank you so much for joining up those taste. We appreciate each and every one of you and those wonderful names commander myler ron. As soon as i saw that i saw stars rebels. Good on the sankey into content to put out. We've got some coast. We're gonna be as well as some stuff towards this month. Footwear for assault to drop view. Go so yeah thank you. We really appreciate you jumping aboard despised trademark that and Thank you enough. We hope you enjoy Speaking of noises in in the background. I'm sure can hear the. The bail was a big ben kenobi. Which can only mean one thing. Oh my boy it does. It means news. round mark. Hamill has called his cameo in the mandalorian. The greatest gift ross. Bateman the master skywalker young link in revenge of the has revealed hayden. Christensen simply shouted boo in order to frighten the child actor in a poll conducted by radio times dos. Vida was voted the greatest movie villain of all time and director. Patty jenkins has confirmed that the story treatment for star wars rogue squadron has been completed hi. I'm ken knapsack. Author of why we love star wars. And you're listening to star wars sessions probably britain's greatest star wars podcast. Now we've wave goodbye to twenty twenty in our last episode with our favorite moments off that year in star wars and the highs and lows and the memories from the skull could premieres. Well we want to kick off twenty twenty one similar fashion. We're gonna look forward to what is coming out in twenty twenty one in the galaxy far far away. We've just mentioned that. There's some coke stuff to look forward to and undoubtedly stuff that hasn't been announced yet but what better way to kick off the year old look forward absolutely. My mandalorian was a big deal last year. More season seven was a huge deal. Those loads of canada got released not long before that you know it was the rise of skywalker as as we would like summarizing last week it felt so fresh and now we got. It really feels la. We're entering into a new era of star wars. You know where nez not any source cinematic releases coming any time. Soon or sun feels like that But we have other stuff. We have and nevada star wars. Tv show In fact we've got a few on top of books comics further cannon material. Surreally really. we're just having a deep dive into that miami boy. Gino won't might. Let's let's get out the way us because there's no pump stories. There's no stories. Ma sneak into the less square. The scar will premiere running around hotels this week calling onto the roofs. Well my all wish. I wish imagine that i was sing about that the other day. Actually li- thinking back on our last week's episode man margin if we go up there. We'd be there like two minutes. Matt would his his beloved dicey and then a security guard would upon. Ibm it worked. Buying new laws could have had it would have been counted. Yeah we would have had to have without to dunloy some proper. Cassie i league. Not winky winky Might right not you boy boy our the cannon in the stalls releases for twenty twenty one You kind of is there anything that you kind of dreading. Because i ask you that question because you do like to hike in all of two canon or most. The cannon writes comics books and and cartoons and films. It's starting to thin where you like john. I won't really cannot speak to read that or do what you reckon pepsi pepsi under wherever leader sugar hit a good question. Just standard pepsi. Actually i usually opt for a pepsi. Max for picked up a pepsi today. Because in my audience pick it up but hooper's annetta shook sought me out but i'm not sure actually short will not we will get you through the rest of the potty. I'm telling i'm telling you yes. So what would you recommend no. It's not usually how we start our mind. Discussions we like to be quite positive. Is sorta senior really dreaded. Nothing i'd say actually treating if i was going to if i was going to rank what we've got in front of us now probably put the throne book at the bottom. Because i i've mentioned on a couple of the shows i've done recently. I love throwing books. Not do but i don't get excited for them running me that also will not is quite good. chaos rising. I'm looking now tournament and this new one coming out. Great to talk a bit. Naff if i had to pick anything up if over like sacrifice do make the sacrifice it would be that one. Because it's good stuff coming out this everything like you said quite rightly. Now everything's gonna be great. I think it'd be even. Are we love star. Wars even even accomplish so now. If everything's gonna be great oversee. We hope. As but i would if i had to put my money down at the table and say well haven't got enough for one thing. It would probably be through ascendancy great good because it's a prequel today to the new trinity anyway so the stakes aren't quite as high as for me on against scientists on oversee dive into the books montana. You like the comics more and obviously what we've got coming live action animated one wizard anything on this list which was thinking man cave type matt. Won't you've already mentioned it. Thrown ascendancy greater good thought. Chaos risings fine. Okay if not a bit cheaper greater good. They love things books. And i i love the books do past gas. Good her pathetic. As li- it's like they've just had a couple biz and have watched hot fuzz and guns. What s good slogan. Nick that on a boom tight. Bosh is just not that good. It's not is not a great title. I'll be honest with you. I kind of historically speaking. I loved the comic books for for new listeners. I grew up reading the stall was dock costs comex in fact we quiz last week. and A lot of people thought the shadows of the empire is going to be my thoughts. Cummock series ira. It wasn't it was. It was a random issue from stall was empire. And i know the cover to this day. I got the title. But it's one way of Lots back playing cards on solos on it. She was on it and it's like a green table it looking for that at mcm loss day whenever it was the before. Maybe i always look for a copy of it. Always look for a copy of I do actually have my original copy of cabinet. I have kept unlike to alight to look it. Because i love the our work and i thought. The artwork adult costs comments with great the stories grinding. Maybe i've just changed. But whenever i start series my a- comic book series. I don't seem to be sold by them. I was however really entrusted in the initial run of the marvel. Stalwarts stuff you know. You don't fight a staff Star wars just taught to marvel star wars ones a pretty good but as time has gone by kombi authored with i. Just don't ask the time a ton of time. Because i don't find that as much of a payoff a at bounty hunters for example couldn't gain might lucht fantastic looks gorgeous very. It's super over the top. I was like the are just so now. This isn't really about anything is it. It's eason doesn't really have any meat on it. That was my opinion. Maybe i'm wrong. So i look at the comic books emma. I'm looking for something different. What excites me. The most is the high republic because it's different it's different it's new and i think that's what i loved about. The dot costs comics. When i was a kid it was owner. Whereas when i'm reading dogfight economic of red adults fight a coming of red somac- dogfight stuff star wars stuff done that. Dr afra- it's okay. Don't trafford's pretty good bounty hunters charts get into didn't hire public. That sounds that sounds pretty. Spicy may sounds pretty spicy. And it's funny time in really because own all day of recording. We got news on the high republic. Then we might well we. We've got the livestream on youtube star. Wars youtube channel and all of the authors and creators together to catherine kenny introduced it which was nice to see And i basically just kind of announced the hard republic was hit. The the first run of books the characters we get used to and there was a one and a half minute a trailer with inverted commas. More concept taught me to look a lot prettier with voiceover which also is pretty good and they come. The livestream didn't give too much away which i didn't expect it so you did notice was that For the most pop- mono people allowing seems to be pretty stoked for the republic. And i know of our listeners who we've interacted with on social. Was this code other looking forward to it. But i wanted to kind of gauge. What the the greater the greater good the greater feeling of star wars by the what people actually excited about this. Because we've speaking. And i have on my patriot. Show a paper where you're gonna take this because abc's publishing initiative to start with people really good ball into it but it seems like people are which which which i like. The sound of people seem to be excited by what they're seeing my. Yeah i mean a no by the time this show is out. Your review of the book would already have been released. Can you give us a A very show in a couple words review without any spoilers. It's one of the best canon of rate shot the outside honestly and i'll give you a reason. Why if those who've heard the review is similar to gray moses diluting to pollute was alluding to the reason why i is really where written show where the child so would be able to translate comics folks but he did. It was very cinematic. Feeling felt bake the bad guys by. They felt like they were a threat. They really did. But it was the s. word which could stakes. They were stake. Say when i read bloodline are know. That generally is not going to die. And i throw going to die resistance report on a rose. Fien ri- injuries and po. They're not gonna die. But when i was really read to republic books you know everything's on disciple and the book gets not green as in all rights book you know. Stop factors in the book there twists and turns and all my other and expect also ever so it kept me on my toes and that's one of the best new canon rate because i didn't know what to expect you would. Nobody really seemed to have palma particularly apart from one or two people So i felt like. I was on a beaver royd for the whole time. That's amazing is amazing table. You've still got my copy of new so get back around. We'll have to figure that out at some point and all available rita that fiction is fiction isn't really my thing i will. I'll give it a go unless and hopefully Really enjoy because yeah like you said my. It's really nice to have something again. Install was the is winning over fans of people seem to be really enjoying. And what will say. It's a sock it all up. If you're a star wars fan success of mando season two batches come in close season. Seven killed it. We've got high republic here a lot people seem to be you know. Really praising that okay lopping everett cyber in izzo address and socal just on that point. My did not take telling but it feels new as well. It doesn't feel like the same old stuff harvard before it feels like a new era so people getting into read it. You feel like you're at a different time in the galaxy which was great. My that is quality stuff like that essentially got me really excited. Because i'll be honest. My i have not heard this kind of response to stalls book in a while in a long time there was some people really like the soaker stuff start. Yeah on a again even when someone says. Ask some really good book. You listen to the soaker book even like a the oj. Book ashley stain writes it. Salt foot for every person that says that. There's someone saying yeah as boren. Stoked to hear some positivity around the high republic. The jed ibook dude. I am you know it really spot. Trust and for me my adult knife this supplies to you personally for me that kind of summarizes my whole feelings will books and comics. Install wars of the moment. Twenty twenty one. I should say you know. I'm i'm really bought. A high republic on may dive in with some other stuff. Nine may pick up a few comex at some point but you never know if this republic thing. If i'm really get stuck into a get the bug might you never know. Stranger things have happened. And hopefully you get if you don't it's just goes isn't it so the first comic actually comes out the day. This episode drops over thomas drops republic episode issue. One has would have dropped the marvel republic ground. Sorry were that's excited as well and Yeah i'm looking forward to the republic mouse cause lot of good stuff there. The comics look good from what i've read so far the jet good. I've got a test of courage. And into the doc beat up to read again. Thank you to offer ends there right. So hopefully control for review of they've very shortly To throw a book. That's coming out. Alphabet squadron. victories. Prices coming out which is the third installment of alexander freight's alphabet squadron trilogy of endured the first two again stikes nu is a non running thing with me. The africa squadron book new characters introduces My love for the. I've comes for the original crew and cost because strike. Going to happen on heightened using that word again stakes you diagnose. What's going to happen is filled in everything menacing because the arm of knowing that they're in the precursor to sequels of the ot so victims product info and there is a mandatory novel coming out in november adam christopher's wrought as a novelist. It's untidy talked about yet. But that's been pushed back a year to this member so would amanda lauren novel interest. You might maybe. Maybe i'll draw the region original story if you're gonna if i'm gonna if i'm going to read a novel to be honest so i'll draw the get the all of the mandalorian but to be on. That looks absolutely incredible. Big shouts who have managed to get a hands on it. Because i was very soft up or things with the mandalorian logo slapped on it Dude always even look the other damon. I was looking on our boys over another based coda. Uk onslaught man offense avenue. Look at what they got for. Star wars stuff mandalorian stuff s premature sold out every like amazon ebay charging ridiculous prices or sold out. People love mandalorian much man and also speaking to a boy dan sexton albouy dexter no household rapa Speaking to this morning actually and he was walking his dog with his. Mrs down south and say front the other day and just walking by. And there's a little lot with his baby. Yoda toy just walking along. He's like token to his mom. All about the mandalorian and stuff like that. Let you really say such stuff around. Just people went. East shuts kids picking up toys. The pulp vinyl. The the the grogan of the child putnam most soul pop von. Ovo tyne mad isn't it. It's ridiculous me is ridiculous. The mandalorian has measurable amount of soft power and asya measurable. But that's because disney cape sta fax from us chroma but you can gauge from like analytics google analytics and stuff like that for two to see how successful a show in the mand lawrence killing to media trade stuff roy riot mando is ease killing it. And that's really really nice to say and to be honest my we're getting more. Tv action this year. And it feels quite surreal. Doesn't it really you know a bad batch stall was visions and of course a another. Show them show. We'll get to the now probably have heard of Thing would you recommend stalwarts visions on i. We've we've mentioned this on our announcement steps oj. Were you thinking. Only announcements episode. I was are mentioned that you know i'm actually intrigued. By star was vision because referred recruiting for something different. Lots of people are crying out for something different aiden star wars and now mccain was a ten ten enemy short films from the best. Japanese automate isn't studios. They're all telling these different stories with different diverse cultural. Look star wars intrigued by that might because your loved Anytime they can give star wars to different people or people haven't usually doubled with the before who come from a rich storytelling background on more for my again. I don't know the animators are here and nine them because they've been released yet but i've heard my sounds interesting. They were only going to be short. On how could be ten minutes. Fifteen twenty minutes could be fighting for. We know but. I think it's exciting. Because the little watched animated one of my big gaps filmography. But i'm aware of the impact on pop culture and how deep their stories can go. It excites me. My it really does excite me again. I'm not expect. I'm not sitting. They're expecting anything. Necessarily earth shattering quake if it just for something a little bit different might yem. I think that's a really good shell. That is a really good show on looking forward to to seeing what comes out of it. I am not a super anime fan. I'm surrounded by a of anime fan. So it's it's rubbed off or garoppolo of anime too. So were i. Don't count myself. As i began my fan. I have seen a lot of household under my films. Because of my brother my frank callum one of one of our patrons actually callum stage shall Absolute gangsta he. He's well his alibi and he showed me some marvellous modern anime films one of my favorites in your name real. That might really crazy. Really really crazy film but gorgeous and just so original. That's why loved by these japanese stories that they're original an sometimes a bit far fetched. But you the garage. Same boy the execution of them. Ease that the number price it was spot on is spun so yom looking forward to seeing what happens for me. I did say this on a previous pods for me. It seems like something that youtube channel. Yeah kinda adventures of the galaxy. Riot is this series is up the nine events. The start was advantages. Donna between what you may galaxy of. I'm that's the name of adventures on youtube stalwarts. Kids don't yet know all there's a lot of very good really fun. That's aci great on. I'm sure there are some kids absolutely door them. And i'm sure there's some people that are instructions star wars but for me. Yeah i'm not really. I'm not staying out with excitement thinking about this once again. Let's go back to what we were just talking about. Regarding the books it's not original. You know we're not really learning anything new here would just kind of looking at the same story may be from a different perspective and in a different ought style. That's my understanding of a think they new story. I think news stories. I really choice original story so it's not like we've x. Ventures acadia tycoon. the galactic events. Believe these are all new original stories might which is what which is what gets me kind of trillions to do when we original stories right war. Are we talking about what we do. It's things. yeah you're kidding me. i read about it. My understanding is that there's ten. It reached new story. So it's not based upon and it's been any other film will book or does say here right. It says here presenting own new creative types on the galaxy fall far away. Stoves visions will be a series of animated short film celebrating stalwarts through the lens of the world's best anime creators. I just took the is celebrating. Because i've got these. They've got the best antibiotics to come on. And give their take on. Star wars Fairly positive stories. Economists nebi too many docs theresa as far as my way They then new New stories out there not existing tax which prefer not see another looker. The yeah the awful. How luke han rescued liable voice versa of seen that before galaxy eventers did that so far away all new and if it is fully on board if it is then i'll check it out awesome having a cup of tea and biscuit brian I won't be quite as intrigued. It's the same of what we've seen before brian. I'm pretty much the Copper and biscuit watch install was visions. Anyway i'm leaning toward anyway but i'll still watch it and you never know my might watch just flaming may. Did you see that. Star wars visions. Yes to try to we. This is yeah. I really is recap all my imagine not be filth to might do recap of every single one of those shows that the That they stopped at that investor day thing last year worst english. Because i'm so excited the net. What about the bad batch. Because we've both been. It's funny because this time last year we were talking about more seasons. Safer than we're saying it will probably be okay. If you've heard this the oj of the show would have heard this before we will be fine. You know it'd be good fun. I'm sure probably put it at the bottom of our list for this and we probably already duck season seven for the most part the komo's and we've both commented that the bad batch whilst it sounds pretty choline I'm not as excited as we are for other things. And when the try to drop the okay more and more sort of interest the idea of that is because we have no. We're not gonna come down on the hangover now. We've had the mando. We're in that kind of period now where i want more content as possible because we have such a great time of the mandate we go to this new stock. So i'm looking forward to it just for something to watch but you know seeing people who come are phoenix going to be in there and who oh smile might not turn up and the time period is set other. I bump gain more and more where he goes boy. What about you. Though is your excitement grown and die. I eight tac. Tac tech is going to. Because he's the most annoying records guard the big boy. I'm joking i could. Of course want my miami intrigue of the old bad batch is going up a little bit. You now i am. I am a big cane. On the bad batch. now. I'm not gianola trailer. An icon out but feel like the platform announcement so we go a few weeks ago. As kind of overshadowed the fact that we got a new stall was trailer only a few weeks for a new show. Looks good my I'm glad that retained the clone wars animation. For this to me again. I may have already said this to me. It looks like eight over Should say it feels like a successor to decline was a roof success. I'm not just talking about. oh yeah. They can't climate and that doing rebels. A different animated show. Not this actually feels like not this. Continuation of the climate is what happens to clones off. Revenge the sixth that could peer to time whether clones us day-by-day getting older and older is is a clone day or clone year in human years natural year's nominees accelerate growing. Throw a really interest in my really interesting off think we could see some excellent storytelling here. Some really interesting story talent That is as much as i can. Sign thing right now because again. It is just i am. I show no disrespect right. Because i love deanna. It shows but neither that of course might about saying you. I loved the resistance. Figures a wherever the action figures are so cole and i rarely see them again. All guys i renewed by stike. Sam ashley did they look really good are like the look of them. I'm why wouldn't it be funny if our collection allows you must love. You must love resistance my rewatch whenever that may be you never know you might be our need. These figures now all of them all of them. I'm like i wa walk-in with a basket full of resistance figures hourly mrs. She'll be live local. you doing. Why why are we live is look look at captain haya right par. Kasim go out and tell me. This isn't for the greater good anymore. Puns into that look into kazoo. Ono's always you never know we. When we watched a mulligan. Mcconnell is to watch that show again in full not week by week. I want to binge watch it and hopefully get into. I'm glad to hear that. The for the bad batches. Monica will just because he's coming. He's coming soon to release this. I thought i heard somebody say february. It was coming. But i think that might be wishful thinking but are i wouldn't. It's just been an animated series. Hasn't been code a mini series or an event series so is potentially going for more than one season be interested if they used a bad batch. Another way to bridge the gap between episode three and episode folks. We've got food. In order to enact we've soda comics and stuff like that as well books. We don't have to see the bad batch take up. Some of that time is where keeps it especially when the clones are in force goes to close on around in the accelerated growth. So at what point did they really become redundant. So there's questions that i could answer tallish order. They're going to butt up interested to see how far down that rob. I would absolutely my absolutely. I'm looking forward to and you know you've already Mentioned finnick shan vanik now in the mandalorian season finale. We did get a little welcome surprise. You know we heard from multiple paypal. Sources news obstacles. They were saying there's going to be above that show after kathy kennedy does the announcements you know. Avoid a stall was stuff. Is there a boba fett. Show on there now. No way to know it been shocked off the ship in the nobody fat. Yes that's all we love it. we love it. Listen the book of boba fett. I just wanna say one more time. How good is that name. The my how coupe was the review win. Big boy sit on that throne shad naked sportscar and i say again. She needs your own throne. You can't sit in on the on your own. Might be gentlemen. Do you know what my law i have. The thing is right. She's not queen because she's she's indebted to to. That's right now it's for roy. He doesn't put you in a chain. They hire the slave labor caney slave shannon. I'm sure some members of the fan would like that might really looking forward to it because it's funny because we did our by buffet episode in may be october like will we get more bobber boba and this was when the rumors were going around now that there was going to be this perfect show and with iraq would do. We need one. Is it going to be any good blah. We seem in the mandate robert rodriguez and bringing back yet. This is this is a now. I caught one which So many people have done this one eighty. It seems that they thought like me released is fine. This guy in a cooler in suit who gets off very comically in return to the gentleman you know it didn't dive into the odu the now cooled legends. So i wasn't interested in you know. The fat from that side of are just moved from the films as a vivid goon really a now of seeing him in the on. What yes now. I get it this is this is faye as quality and a lot of people who pay said he already him now getting his own show is like potentially ru- running the criminal underworld. That's exciting magna awareness. Shani's great character of other people seem to really lock character plus a lot. Jimmy adamson roundtable. She's into bad batch. So we're gonna see more character going forward. Yes so they were gonna invest and apparently she was mentioned appeared in one of the latest bounty hunter comics well so so that vara headline so that comedy was now something like Bosco something was chosen ahead of phoenix shan for mission. Something of that so but now. I'm excited my where on earth what's going to happen. We see him on his throne. So he's got him in shannon. What is missing ten episodes or can i do the now. We know we've got it. What what they're going to do right. So it is a limited series his nap and so really. If we try to deconstruct this a wee bit you know. And i'm sure we're not going to get to the point here on on this low segment really above fat has literally bolted into was jobless palace. And now bibs palace boda in earning join a variety. Wash act out don laser. Drink so a spouse. There's gonna be some people who want to have a slice of that cake. He want of the action here on is something. Might you know the hots right. You'd you'd assume not beebees now the how right before chain with a hot miami. You'd think so. It's an anti autocracy right right. I was thinking that because it doesn't make a bit complicated right because we're actually species rice on the species and now hotter. Yeah and that dead very good. That's very good being gang overlords to being the athletic that nouri threatening to people emend if talk weeds. One from the komo's zero. The his name was. Yeah the dow virginian. He can't be called did accident but Blasted by choice news for the hot summation in the republic is well. They mentioned that. I've been around for a long time ryan anyway so yeah bibs been killed so baba's that on on gonna guess the there's gonna be some power struggles a great to see what tattooing is doing. I guess what would ask the thing. Seeing more tattooing. I guess katharina from sao done. Mind it now because we know the that stop. That's the home base of baba and senate. Now right it's when with mando is kind of different because he has free rein go literally anywhere in the galaxy yet and he's been to tattoo in quite a few times. It feels like that right so it's a bit different a bit different bu- recipe. Yeah i suppose. Cats swing not as as lively as it once was right. Not that i think that point was was consciously made when they're going through the straits of Moss is leo. All wherever masa did they got. Moss aspe- i think do Anyway so it looks like it's more down and it looks like a lot of people just opt in left onto the core systems for a walk. That's the impression i got. So yeah it'll be it'll be interesting but the truth is my boy. One hundred percent shore. What the show is all about. And in fact on. Who's the bad guy who's protagonist. Who's who heroin this. Who who should we be point. Well it's obviously boba. But i'm not walk sense. Maybe maybe maybe is playing this whole big plan you know where mando boba a soka. They will want their own greater. Good to save hanging on through coats house here. They want to be part of the great i. I think you might be right in. Terms of people wanted to have a slice of that pie because anything can think of and again giant determine. Dave forty some grand plan about about what is the only thing i can think overlaps with the mandalorian time period which also overlaps with a soaker and ranges at higher republic. And of course they're going to be out off to after some expecting too much. We might get some for that as well Terms of the story. I can only think of it being. Buffet is having to fight off potential on gangsters but at the same time. That doesn't exactly sound very good. I think we'll see him. Five is wild the salt lake. Y'all yeah i do But yea geno my. I'm really interested in what they've got to tell you know he's kind of like a mystery and the thing is might we've the mandalorian season two and it was delivered to us. I'm so intrigued to see what happens next. I just really want to see what happens next. Including what happens if boba unfinished lovelock's war so he's now the boss now. What what does that mean. What the implications like who who who. Who else is going to die. Will we see cobham's guy to riot. Try to like bring justice to assign area or a peace and security to sutton area. Imbaba's no that's against moyer entrust and while i'm trying to hear. His voice bubbles goal because at the beginning of mando he just wanted his alma he just wanted his alma bike and we good right so now what now he's got. He's got fanatic. Now messed maybe for another show. But it's and i don't i don't want to come across i. I'm excited. I am so now you come across excited. My is obviously just the ways of sora gonna go. is it going to be surprised boardwalk. Empire type thing. We've got warren of factions or. Will it be that way we get called. Because also we're gonna find out why fiber gonna be cut off to take his arm about way. Slate one poconos ace. Said i'm sure they're going to go into that but the way they handled back in the mando though it was quite quick so i'm not expecting too much to a on how out saw while he did go off to call barak and it could be very. Quick flashback or very couple of dialogue. Because john does anti-theft. See my talk really want to spend too much time With the backstory. When that's not a bad thing. We don't need an episode biography. Got out of the solid pit episode to see how why didn't go and for drink cover. Crimes hate that semi well. We didn't really see an episode of. How cub got the armagh by bizarre. You know we just flash binatli. It did work quite well. Even know called was on a spada guy not fifty miles an hour talking lot. He was just next to him in a coffee shop on. how are they. salma was head off. Rapidly had on at night yeah. That's my biggest criticism of the flippin. Season really annoys me. That saying i've seen that cnn. In your roy cop fans perfectly coiffured. Hair doesn't move in the winds room equally. Y'all missile talks status. He's a. I'm excited for it. I go that isn't that isn't a to the detriment of our excitement. We just we just don't know. And if and if you guys know where the by show marco we'd absolutely love to hear but i'm i'm looking forward to seeing on. That list really was through in the senate say the marvel star wars. Line a yeah. I preferred twenty-fifth day. One how that started. This one started off a bit. Some of the story posted this debate like doing this falls appoint reservoir fighter. I mentioned new last week week before that. Has that's carrying places that's tying things into the sequel trilogy nicely but not like not stupidly. They feel vital. Not let you must read rosie miss now but in terms of the side cannon dogfight cbs's student an awful lot to tie it so after having been hopefully enamored with this new round at the africa mix and bounty hunters haven't really been following. I've read them. But i'm cocky overly overly bothered by them but i think there's a lot of potential them to have this other side of star wars the underworld which we might be getting in bugger failure to have fiscal darker underbelly and how the how the saw work. It's a lot of potential for bringing in great characters and great plot points but just don't really seem to want to do that in a minute but they might do and another again that comic books as mccafferty devoted leading fans. But yeah i think was one thing that might you on. You mentioned the higher republic. But what's the one thing then. Which if you could only watch or read or Undertaken any of these. What would it be come. My car boy is it matt. Great good surely again. My book by buffet goes iraq is just no question. No question is kebob. That probably followed by bad backs. We high republic in a strong third. That is i would go for the. I'm tight now because the brooklyn buffet is up there simply because how could the mandatory. No this is going to be in the same style basically so it's kind of a manned lights Looking forward to that posted a public my so excited to see that where it is gonna gotten the first offering the first time. I was excellent. So that's now might be thinking well if it's going to be closer released least near this right. It's going to be boss my so. It's a toy between the republic and the book of bob fit for me so The rest is up. I'm looking forward to it. With those two specially fine okay. Juno all my if i'm going to take away from this is the greater good. You're listening to the star wars session outcast probably britain's greatest star wars podcast 2021 preview is over and now i think for the ikuta we should head into the pantene a- and see what you guys have been saying shall we my to it a couple of points of calf aka the the great good good mind for cheeky english point for those new to the show each week. We we sit down here in the team with the greatest listeners in the galaxy which is you guys we have a couple of the aforementioned cafes and we want to get your thoughts on our mind discussion which of course this week is the twenty twenty one offerings. Here's what you had to say. Yes absolutely and to start us off in this. Very spicy segment of the show is our boy vic cash raw less hero. I'm luke because she's happy twenty twenty one to birth. I'm quite lucky. At the moment. Because i'm catching up on the last three seasons of the kleinwort's shortage installs installs content for made for now. However i have seen the trailer for the bad batch which i'm really looking forward to because it will fill the void perfectly after i've finished with the colonels. Also it looks like to see a cheeky. Bit of shannon the ban batch side looking forward to see how her character develops too cheeky. bit of offensive. Shan't indeed the cash. Thank you so much for that. Awesome voicemail may my boy. The cash mentioned clone was right. I got message today from a friend could fill and fill is clone was on disney plus worth watching the his very casual stall was fine as he is just odd watching mandalorian this week and he thoroughly enjoyed it he likes some of the star wars a hard one because i feel i would feel bad saying yet jump in inmate you can love it and then i four episodes is going to be like what is this is a feel wants to feel the thrill then thing to do is to google anna science proper city but the kind was best arc's cause some of the oxygen and the am barak them maybe not the mortis but the embar rock the move staff for the mangalore a really costly start wars and he always need to know everything that's going on this long as you've got an understanding that they were clones out there you can pretty much go straight in so you could probably start with some of the better ox because i say come the first ones i've gone back and rewatch for the patriot and with all of the knowledge that we've talked over the last few years from the books games films comics movies video games all those films suddenly me those crime wars episodes serie suddenly made a lot more now because there's more white attributed to them for everything else spur for newcomers won't be rookie stars but she's the first two seasons which aren't as bad as i remember but they do get best you might be worth google asking for some of the better ocsar start with a fill like anita leave him a voice mile explaining that you know might even just send him this yes politics sections what life fifty five minutes to xyz but yeah thank you the cash for sending in that spicy message you save the cash the cash what would you site to fill last night. I said you know it. Boiler snow through us from written responses. Of course social media handles which will give it the end of the show. Johnny alif king said one hundred percent. Har- republic is what he's looking for to excited to get something new are known new characters not so tied down. I was come before this episode of the cost comes out. Ob reading the jeddah on certainly hope you enjoy as much as welsh. Wookey said currently awaiting my republic. but i'm loving. This is hopefully going to fill the void of mando and distract me from january but makes most excited to sfu's a long way off for the moment and act. Good moon says most excited about the claudia gray novel into the dark and the mandate seasons three for sure i think mind is season. Three's now coming out with twenty twenty two. But he's starring production they see so we'll give you that one might. Yeah yeah oh very very good comments up next brooke bellenger said the book of boba fett has me thoroughly excited accommodate. See what's in store for boba and finish and i'm also looking forward to the bad batch. The high republic and thrown ascendancy see greater. Good loss leah. Nor how kwela said anything with fenick shan't on she rolls. Thank you very much for. Oh those spicy comments guys equate. No throughout the comex has been a lot of excitement for the booker and the republic as well which is pretty handy plus there has also been a fair. You mentioned for throwing the sentencing good so looking forward to it again. The last one carol sorority will surprise any decent onuma pink good but none of them really risen. Above the level of good for me characterized the past four so far so great. Good my end up. Being a lot of excitement will work by in our public for luke said. Thank you for sending in your message. If you didn't get to this week we will certainly look to feature you on one of the upcoming episodes of the band senior extra contents patriotdepot dot com forward slash starrewards sessions. You know it's going to be good best. Podcast podcast Ed danny boy asks. That's why we are in the spiciest parts of the band. Tina where patrons gets. Ask us a patriot. Question that's ryan kick us off. Is our boy luke. Summer field with a new eel number. He's asking us map he asks us. What are both of your theories on. Why grogan is during the sequel. Trilogy mine is he could be a soaker or ezra or he could be on manda law. Whoa thinking that mattie boy hudson any of those could be true. I don't think he's luke skywalker still during the sequel trilogy because the not in the last jedi false awakens because looks on the orland and i think i hope he's with dean i some point night Get back together. Said we'll see each other again. He promised him you never from a child something. Because i don't forget so. I think he's going to be we've within. Hopefully he's retired. Maybe retired to salkin. And he's going back to that village to get together with the widower so once they are think he's with the mando. Hopefully not with Luke when the temple gets destroyed as it did in the ross of i rent so i think i think he's within jar and he could be of a soaker or as but couldn't seem overly keen on taking him for the very good regency guy. You so i think it'd be awfully suddenly tehran. Luke stadium okay. I'll have them now. So i think he's going to be with dean. But what about you might right. Unfortunately a half to hijack on because because that was actually. My answer are cont. I account see there being any other options. A really con- has to be grew with dench. Surely right surely. I think that is actually going to play into the whole story of the mandalorian series. I'm still convinced on yet to see. Another compelling argument the grow goo be alive during the sequel trilogy. And he's gonna end up with with right and finn. English rose right right. That's that's where he's going to end up and dinh's just back and locking giza on a rocking chair with his helmet off watching them train and stuff and he's gonna. That's my bar. That's why over at mando. Listen matt jon. Favreau and dave loney on sitting in office right now thinking. How are we going to kill off. Grow gu how can kill off these money making machine in the most absurd way. And they're going to do they are they. They're not going to do. I do think the soka thing could be accurate about but leuke boy. Let me a seizure. Question a seizure but let me razia soka as fra. Do you think they're going to be alive. During the sequel trilogy shooting and they're going to be alive. I reckon they're gonna get killed him this some last year and before assign. We're going to see matt luke skywalker at some point in the mandalorian. It's given me more. Spor- is giving me more confidence breaks. Yeah right hang on what our sources given us this stuff here. I actually occurred. Honestly see ohka dying in at the end of shallow something at the end of the like that. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah the cyber dying to save ryo something from au. Bon is based otari basically. Yeah i've been before. A lot of certain parts of canada. Mando are putting story first the time so no. They're not necessarily prioritize. One thing i've ever and that's why. I hope that alkhanov off the pipe sounds awful. If they all gonna kill grew then it if it makes sense for the story then do it do it. We just because those toys who cares if it's much swat star was had levelled it for forty years. Let's not put merchant toys and lunchboxes ahead of telling good story. And then there's me preaching to one of the one of the richest companies in the world. Who likes making a bit. But if they could prioritize story and it means that baba has to go then it will obviously be for the greater good intended interested. I think he'll be a life jump through a few holes to say where he is or they could to say he the gone by this time. Nobody luca dissipate. He just went into a normal command. There was no jet. I cough to follow so for. There is an easy way out of it. And then after the sequel trilogy. The of her live luke sacrificing bay latino eighteen our whatever. Beat picking up the reigns. Now kind of thought gonna find this reiko and starting again who knows tons up for the battle of exco gets blown. Yeah he turns out for the celebration in tell you what did i miss. Yeah gets drink over. Said beats the big human. Uk's forgotten his name. Now it's really bad. Pay gone probably freak and i can hang out grow and bobby. Yes good question. Nikola reverse question soaker. Ezra they still going to be around the sequel trilogy interested in those new patriots. Steve miss reindeer. He asks one which. I can only assume it's absolutely directed at loup blah. Here he asked. What's your favorite item at fast food place. That was only around for a limited time. Mainly mcdonald's so luke right on now. Suddenly the house expert of fast food right hang on the thing is the crazy thing is i do get a lovable. The all limit run stuff. I'm all over it. Glisten steve mcdonnell. I kind of have a love hate. It's not even love. Hey it's not even accion. I have a like dislike relationship with mcdonald's to be honest. Stave a format donalds. He's like consistently okay. Mcdonald's are made absolute filth loved that light la other curry the other day from minto buzzer delivered twenty percent off justin stay. Let's say jazzed. Ed mission that the snoop goeke song as well banging absolutely banging. It was crazy. I never do that. Women donald now listen stave if you tell and if you really if you really push me for an answer the double pounder. Krieger air. mind behrmann stave. The our exclusives over here are different to once get america because i think oh stevie boys over in massachusetts usa so maybe the double compound listen. I don't get all like mad on mcdonald's you something else die. May i have brought the heat on something else. Google easy i go. I started going absolutely mental when tanko bell. 'cause i'm going for something similar right. I'm assuming you want something similar. So forget mcdonald's let's go to taco bell when taco bell bring out the naked chicken taco. I go mental boy you know like taco shell right yes. Imagine but it's it's instead of shell it's actually like fried chicken right and in the middle there's just the salad and veg and cheese right so that show meet. The me is an echo. The toco is the me now. Now hang on wall there. Whoa their own stop now. Don't stop now. We spice it up a little bit i tell them i'll have a naked chicken taco blaze that anger on before you finish that. Let me add. Something on there are work. I spit different on that. Yes is different i want. I want something a bit different place. Can you per the shredded mexican. Chicken inside of the naked chicken toco plays. They're like what like how you would renault. Yes like of a normal taco so the chicken shell more mexican shaking and then salad on top. Yes please thank you very much done judge me. That is absolute filth. Cool it whatever you want. Cool the blow special. I don't care it's delicious. Go to taco bill ambassador nasser to blow special and they'll take a step back and put a hand to their chase. It's only when they're on. It's only when they're doing the naked tacos dunaway's do them but then we go mayb. Go well you meant to sleeps in massachusetts. Every time i think massachusetts i think boston boston cream donut and get excited about that. Even though that originated in new england. So how does that work boston's in new england. I write rasa -chusetts. Your new england isn't estate. New england is a group of a few states riot gray. Go then i've been schooled. It's like ham newham massachusetts new york on the old colonies. I think most of them that northeast again. Let steve last night for wrong be raising wrong. Every word of what. I've just said was wrong for that is a quality answer for me. I'm not a massive. Used to have mcdonalds when i was young garnered much anymore. I don't know the states have managed to keep them mcdonagh's tasting noise. Because the ones over here i used to be will be wrote a rape bicyc- but have a group process mosh posh lovett companies. They did new york bagel stack burger. Which are actually quite enjoyed. It was a bagel to bogus cheese. Bacon this pepper mayonnaise quite nurses who does not happily classified rome atkin but keep in terms of Would bring back if i could use a magical dream. Stone allow wonder woman i four. Who would bring back. Dunkin donuts in terms would be used to keep that place running. I basically and then when they won that it closed up over french open stores around the uk and go on instagram. And i send him a message. Please bring back the show withdrawn so. I've ignored my request. So i want dunkin donuts backing chelmsford as soon as possible. Because that's my favorite brand of doughnuts. And i'll meet them. I need them either. Dunkin donuts in new york. One time and i was actually a wee bit disappointed but take that back by dancing at the donut made a had like it was like a brownie. Donut and it was a lot. It was like not not lie monetarily. Cheap as chips may tapie bows at night. This is a law lie in the cream which originate in california. I believe i should have gone to those with my j. h. cooperate with he has a. Here's a dunkin donut around the corner. And he's a teacher so when he goes to inform. You doesn't get doughnut but usually get a coffee but just the words just telling him story but just hearing the word dunkin donuts once a week. Greeley makes my blood boil on one around here anymore. You know what though it'll right when my friends from california have come to the uk there are there are things that law merican products we have in the uk that they don't have in california dunkin donuts is in california smiling or it's not super popular is just not really thing just like how you can get in and out in california but not in the east northeast. East coast love him. I love their false food. Culture doughnut king around the corner from or live now. Thirteen australian branch of doughnut. French one of the biggest in australia. And it just come to essex places. They love it didn't they. They do not knocking now. Qua qua went off tangent there. But yeah that's what we think he's loving it but to be honest. Maybe a few question asked us about british. Snacks will blow down. We'll give you the lowdown. Maybe one day we might now. You're some you never know up next last but not least ato is our boy from down under is duff dildo who asks what would be your ideal real life. Conversations interrupts by randomly asking. What about the droid attack on the keys. It's a symbol my boy but can you handle it. Can you handle this question. My going to obviously one of them would have been is out of loved way was being born if they if they are asking. You know we need to do this. Commitment midwives rushing around. We need to do this. Can you check this and just to say what about. The george tackled just to have a room full of angry midwives. They wanted to string me up just out of the end of alienating any meeting when when the question is asked to any other business or can we wrap up hand up. What about the joy to on the keys to the end of the mating is the moment where everyone's like please please. Nobody asked a question. We just want to get a please. Please please just to ask that question. Just to see their action. Everybody's swin horror of you put in your hand through that meetings and then have in that nine question aspect. If i had the kony's i would absolutely love to question at the end of end of a business meeting. What about you boy. Right okay So around man's here. And i'm having a cup of coffee. She's not a few biscuits. Get phone call. Luke beckham home. This is this is twenty seven. Sixteen now wisconsin. Now mom luke despair come on all right then drive. I'm dr i'm reich. I was going to be about mom sitting there. She's crying her eyes out. Mom's friends there. As well suzy's they're trying arise out what's going on luke. Purdie has had to be put down now. Purdy was a princess map. Forget about lia- yes demand. Princess cat cap james. My brother he knows all about. Yeah just mum's discounting details man. Yeah start walking funny. It was just it was. You know who's just the right time but also needed to stand up show so compassionate. Yeah and sit down that dolphin. Look my mom in the is he has big brown eyes. My mom and well by the droid attack. What the joint attack on keith. You could cut that tension with a knife. And he's got about lake more about the join. It's kind of a case because shakes before musty odor. Gone out by himself. And then and then i started our mental start losing their mill. How dare you. How dare you be upset about. Heard your princess when they help were case. Yeah oh being sent to mindanao dinner. Why don't know why was he there. Why loads of rookies imprisoning mim ban. I don't know but they are that. Say either that or may be on a no lie. Gerna mortgage me in or something. What yeah something. That is a good one night. Maybe we could film ourselves out of it like a prank. We'll put it on put online or something. Yeah let's do it issue issue the challenge to everyone. Now send us. We'll give you the links at the end. Send us your video or audio. that's what you can do of you interrupting dropping. What about the joy to tackle the work. He's into a conversation disclaimer. Trying to do anything to morbid though. But we love to hear you can get in and people's reaction we'd love to hear it. Yeah no no dead. Cats people don story here. Yeah we're all for the greater. Good ascendancy my alarm going to troy. I'm going to try and get if you count as well. I'm gonna feel myself doing it. Anybody out there please do join in. And we have the the door to tackle the rookie challenge a dylan boyfriend down under original. So you've may have started something. Look what you have made dylan. So everybody out. There would love to hear to those questions. Grow goo favorite fast food places only limited time item. And how would you interrupt a conversation by the door to. He's one step further. We want to we want you. We want to visually see or hear. Do is senator leagues. We're going to give him a million barr. Thank you so much for sending in those patriot questions one and we look forward to answer enough load in next week's show bartender says it for this week. Sorry about the mess. We'll be back again next week for the band. Tina chow does stall sessions day. That's right ladies and gentlemen of the stalwart sessions game. Every week there is a game at the end of our podcast and this week is my turn to host. It might be boy. Aw you ready. I was ready as i'm ever going to pay more for first game at twenty twenty one the first game of twenty twenty one. It's it's spicy. One is an original is the first time we're playing this game. It's stallworth. Sessions x factor. Have you got the egg. My boy dan dan. Dan know. maybe we'll find out. Maybe well what you just doing is pretty much what you're going to be doing. My i'm i'm your judge. An and maybe some other judges in the room to and you have to sing to us all hama whatever. Just you have to display your your talents. Sessions got talent. Maybe we actually ever as my boy. I challenge tonight george. Do you wanna say what you wanna do. Our short Okay matt so we really need to. We really need to hear you say saying yup now place. I don't know the words. But i'll give it a good go two yup now to yup yup up about dead high anyway. Might get your fruit to the next round boy. You'd go into a villa in candy. Yes yes like chippy. Down there have my. They love it right. You're next song is we. We're going to change it up. I need daniels. What was he doing. Yes in the next round you have to do across the stars. Go black Ooh wow djelic. Rain is angelic. It was like those a mix of boss nass and everything it was. It was all their niagara for ten points in this imaginary game. Can you do for us. Jabba flow goes one. Boom boom boom herber. Dude type type. Own alabama's guns. I want be done by alec. I was thinking that's going to be a hall to but now you smash that what you. Let's make no he. He did really good next time. Maybe faster more intense. That's it so for the greater good. I sit flying colors. I'm going to give you a record label deal. We're gonna ship you to an apartment in hosting prime excellent. Excellent offered nothing bad ever happens there. That's right that's right there. That's it my boy. It's a symbol game in a symbol universe. It was a wonderful game. I'm now going to be going in front of the galactic. Go compare adverts with park that so That was a good team. I he seeing. I can't sing. But i think i think i've the hudson nine proud without might absolutely my absolutely i. Of course you are. The hudson's r cain on video music. Cal's so big shout big. Love roy are not to that kind of level so and match. My brother's probably listening now and he's probably just giving up. He's threatens burton's guitarist you get to those unite from shared work happened. We don't might be permanent. Maybe blaine whatever as is that for this episode of star wars sessions episode ninety six but the fund doesn't end there. No no no. I was already gone. Where can about multiply walker you can find us was sessions dot co dot. Uk search for us on social twitter. Instagram tiktok the lot. Just such stalwart sessions won't be on their fill fridge. Dresen email to hello there at stalwart sessions dot co dot uk employees. If you want to consider supporting the show checkup high trump patron dot com slash star wars sessions for two dollars a month. You can get loads of extra content and secure the future of this podcast yet. When we want to hear your toured attack on the world so i send you send your entries to that To those email addresses or social hindus. Or what if you want to You were an anchor. Fm spotify stitcher tune. In if you were in the galaxy you can find a cost and if you love our show. Please consider leaving us. A good review poco provider of choice head on over to pro-choice comb depot costs. Swear on the thus foist awesome. Please join us review there. You have thirty seconds well because it helps to show grow more or listeners. In to speak to you guys each and every week because of asia. Thank you again apple. Podcasts guys get those reviews in you spicy. Filthy lot employees. All your stall was friends us. Tell your mom tell you that. Tell you might tell you cats. Tomas canal ta tell you walk. Tell you cousin. The more the merrier. Their castle spicier. So the japa- flow band as well. This is the podcast you looking for next time for me. And for luke may the force be with you always lou fabra gelo be safe it out but i'll exit space podcast heroes. I'm industrial in disney. Because that's my retirement fund club.

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