RHOA: A Very CHILL Engagement


Watch what happens would like to think. It's premium sponsors. Just saying okay Christy. Wow where D dougherty Jamie. She has no last name he lets go. I WANNA better with Lords Funder Gypsum Scott With Jessica Trot Savona Noble Nonni. You don't touch the nicky. Morgan ladder are in McNicoll is she. Don't Miss Nutricula Meghan the slayer Taylor Kelly Barlow. When she goes barlow we go? Hi Lo Mecklenburg. You can't have a burger without the Bernie no thing like Alison King. Thank it's Jessica. Dang he makes US Queen Ritchie Dis. Eric Greenwood she only uses her power. For Good God I love that Banana Anderson Higher Than Hi Rez. It's Lauren Peres of Nikila Weber Lisa Wallet. Now that's what I call containment. The Bay Area BETCHA has ads and are super premium Patriot subscribers. Let's take off with Chamula plane. Miss Noel always ready for Nicole. Passer Ready Day Rachel's in the next day you're out mortis. The Lord of the rings were taken the gold with Brenda Silva. She ain't no shrinking violet. Kuchar let's go on a bender there with Lauren. Funder yes we can with Howley Carolinian. And yes we should. With Kerry Bridge would your the Wyndham beneath our wings. Joe Window Samantha. Season Desisto grant the grandmaster. Somebody Tennessee sees of Betsy. MD Let's get racy with Miss Stacy Sheridan out of a can in Anthony Incredible Edible Matthew Sisters and Meena Coochie Coochie. Coo Craft often have been so much sir. Let Your Babich. I been kicked. Hello and welcome to watch a crap in the podcast all that crap on Bravo that we'd just love to watch. I'm Ben Mandelson for the real housewives of kitchen island joining me. He is a hilarious man. It's run carom because of the rose bricks badge rose podcast. What's up Ronnie Binge Mooney? Well how are you doing. And this The countdown to Christmas Slash Hannukah already started. Oh my gosh went doing so great. I love Christmas Hannukah but just Santa Closet Lip elves just very excited for the whole thing I am too. I am making some applesauce ahead of a lot better situation. That's GonNa be happening tomorrow and I went to sprouts and I have never seen so many different types of apples. I mean the Apple Apple world has blown up there. I mean you have the standard Dander like Fujian gala and then get some of the things that are like a little fancier jazz is a jazz apple and then there's like snapdragon apples ause and sugar bees and there was one that was called Lady Alice Apple an there was juicy apple and all these crazy apples had never and I was like that was just the beginning. I'd never seen so many different types of apples and then it's annoying cause it's like well. which do you choose their different shapes and sizes? And I'm like I I WANNA try them all. I wanted to make all all sorts of apples altogether but you can only do so many so holidays. Am I right that that truth. Ain't that just live just so many apples. Apple's you just can't do it all you know what the for as many apples as there are in the world or at sprouts. They're even more watcher. Crap live shows start star Jesse APP alive. Yeah we are the Granny Smith or at least Liz Smith of live shows so we start up again on the seventeenth for the golden crappies which is sold out. So we're really excited. Everyone who is going to be coming to that. If you're looking for a ticket for that if you didn't get a ticket ticket definitely go onto our facebook watch crap ins live and loving it Because a lot of times people have last minute cancellations and stuff like that so go on. They're joined that group and then here are the other shows we have Detroit. We Got Columbus. We got We got one show left in Austin. That's not sold out. We got Houston. We Got Hoover Alabama which is the Birmingham area and Nola and Kansas City Aka Lawrence fucking Kansas. which is really not in Kansas City about You know the region Omaha Salt Lake City home of new housewives. Okay Vancouver British Columbia Orlando Florida Charleston South Carolina Oklahoma City Asbury Park and then three giant shows to end our first six months year de uc San Francisco and Boston. Well huge huge shows there so definitely get your tickets at watch or CRAP INS DOT COM beautiful job ban. Did you like that. The spirit of Lou. Ann took over as as reading the and I was like. I'm going to go with it. I think maybe I'll just always read them as Luan because the fun for me. Yes I loved it. I love doing those live shows. It's crazy having a little time off being just at home of been going to movies just I. I don't know lots of things I can't wait to catch up on movies I My number one movie to see as parasite I cannot wait to see it. So that's that's Oh yeah I I cannot wait until that comes out on. Video could be watching Harris site. I didn't know that somebody made a bio-pic about stop so I'm just like very excited to see it. The parasite is about an old worm. That won't leave the house gang like getting some older worm to pay for the house. You must live in Mutley. This whole I mean really like so. Many of the Oscar contenders could be about Bravo stars knives out. I mean speaks for itself. Alf Star Wars nineteen seventeen nineteen so little women per day so many of our stars nineteen seventy it you know I have to say I hate that preview for nineteen seventeen. Hate it outside of it. I don't even want to go to the movies because I know that they're going to make me watch goddamn preview again. What is it like World War One? Oh It's like Oh we have to save it. Only this troop can save the country and by the way your brothers over that to save two because God forbid you're GonNa Save the country has to be some is brother is over there and then it's a really long previous and then they just so this guy running but he looks like it's like if you asked me to start running and it's just awkward and fumbling and I'm like this poor guy and they made him suit at thirty times and he just has to run for twenty minutes and I just feel bad for the guy you know. I know he's probably at your body. Yeah just looks really. Yeah like talkie and I- i- mallards super allocate I on the flight back from From Seattle I started to I. I watched I started to watch this movie documentary by Peter Jackson of all people that came out last year called some like and they will not be forgotten or their stories will. It's something like that as basically the whole gist of it is that Peter Jackson found all this world war one footage and he used his magic to polarize it and like change the speed of it. So it didn't look like old herky-jerky newsreels looked more realistic. So people have said Oh. It's so amazing. So I turned it on and I'm watching for like fifteen minutes at. It's still like black and white newsreel stuff and all you hear are like they've found like archived voices so this is all like amazing in gray right like we're learning running back like these voices of the soldiers but this is what the entire thing was. It was like some days. We'll have beat jam all beat jam every day if you apple jam. Those your Dad's but other days you had the job. We didn't know adore. We were young young boys. I was fifteen and I said I was eighteen and they had me now so I was there I was in. I was in the war someday. Israel be raining out in the rain all days. It was not so really what it would rain on. Say That's Queen Mum Wrong over us. It was like that like nonstop and I was like I'm sorry fast-forwarded had fast forwarded to the colorized par I watched some of it was cool. I just like I switched over to the ARETHA. Franklin documentary which was much better. Oh my yeah better choice for sure. Are you sure that Peter Jackson direct this episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Because that's exactly how this episode headstarts like this is a great old newsreel footage. It's like bump on breach Jam Cynthia is jam her kitchen. My boss you're GONNA be there was shot on a good day. I imagine island but some days. I got to go over to the family room for a belly Q.. MINUTE BUSINESS SIP. Each hams sank. I think it was. Maybe it was obvious alley got sick of it was has checked Hashtag tag bb jam. We're going to revise history of the World War. One soldiers have jam. BJ This this episode was as an extra fifteen minutes longer for no good reason. I guess maybe they fit in some silly newsreel stuff like you said maybe even a an errant French bench narration. This little so crate this episode. Some of the last episode fucking Hilarious and I was cracking up at this beginning. Far this whole time he newsreel footage and well before that even starts. You just hear the French the French thing. It's like yes. Six High Housing House just off the shelf off of. I'll vouch for Madonna's croissants wrong on it's about up on Olson's Liza but I'm but I'm all shows and cards come up to tell us what's going on like an old time movie. There was once a couple in love. And then you see this old time movie. All the women wanted to get married without being called thirsty. Make us to Cynthia working on the ground orally and then and then and a man was okay with a show. There's all this time footage and then it's like Mike. Woodson deals his family asking for the blessing. He's like I just want to. I want to someday. I'M GONNA ask for hand marriage and I just WanNa make sure that that I want WanNa get everyone's blessing and the mom. Just go. Kay who does that. I would like your blessing right in front of her. She's asking he's asking right in for the Cynthia and then of course mouse like you have my blessing. You're up with the wind solar. It's really cool to their. Please help me please. In malls going to open up a mouse cellar where she just keeps versions of herself in a cellar smell multiplicity Mao while I'm out I'm even more lifeless than the first now I multiplied myself by accident saipem seven seller lots of people to Polish glasses. This is now. Money shrunk the male. Oh whoops themselves aims is oh well well. That's a big bowl of cereal. I mean it's irregular-sized but it's still too big bowl. I like to think that Mala believes that she was shrunken but those malfunction shrunken nurse and so she just the same size but she still says that she should. I've been shot him so they just didn't work whereas everyone so pig don't wear the same size male. Oh well look the aunt is normal sized Rick Moranis quits acting forever. He's like that was the most boring movie I've ever been the worst reboot advocates on the male. So then we go. We've got a lot of awkward time cuts to they're telling they're labeling every seen at this time it's like Wednesday now it's it's old timey music still your Yasha Tim. Tim Shut Down two days as before proposal. Yeah so Mike Brings Noel and his two daughters to Salomon brothers. Because I guess maybe Kay jewelers was closed. I personally would recommend jared but you know so he goes to Solomon Brothers to get a ring and so he just there with the girls. It's actually she kinda sweet. He actually like Mike I think he seems like a pretty good guy and his daughter seem sweet and everyone seems to like Mike. I mean I just I feel like when you start with Peter and then you get will. I think I'm just happy knowing can ever be Leon. Leon is obviously the gold standard. But I think Mike is a pretty strong contender. Yeah Mike's Pretty Hot. Not really sure about the whole marrying things you don't live in the same town to marrying. PM You don't live in the same town. But I think I like him okay. I don't know I don't trust eighty man on housewives swabs. I don't trust any new husband. That's fair that's fair and so The girls are like happy for my and Noel Goes. You guys have such a spark mark. That love just radiates off you. There's something about this show. Where like all the kids are barely able to have? You noticed that yes. They put every single child three shock therapy before they put them on Michelle. Did we discuss this or is this something I talked about with Tom. We've talked about it. A million times like how Riley it's Riley There's a scene with Kayla and Riley in the same thing to work for my money. I don't know what an ice two you don't even know where the tree is. I have a job. I don't want a job like Oh Jeez. Yeah like this show. I mean these kids they they are just bored. They're bored they allow thing they ever WanNa do is be on camera. Yeah So this pretty interesting. You seem so Caitlyn's like okay caitlyn is the Ring Lady. She's like okay. Let's get this wrapped up the ring. I mean the scene is totally great but rapid. So let's go over to baby. Talk my favorite. So maybe August polling get Porsche strapped and forces both sessions sufficiently out of control. This baby is going to be bald. Okay let's talk about edges on this show. Can we leave the baby Sam because poor baby. Nineteen Bose I didn't even know it best. But that's what she did say. She loved Bose last week. He's obsessed. This baby has so many bose well as much as porsche loves bows. It doesn't compare to how much dennis loves the tracks it because he has pulled up in his most apologetic tracts. You here's come over and like it. It's like it's more I think because there's more of a purple purple black this this week maybe purple and white. I don't know but he was in. He was in yet another tracksuit but he's not an attractive. I I know and it's it's weird because I thought porsches rings different on her ring machine thing. It's like the Buddhism Buddha assist just the music that follows the sky around wherever he is so. He's over a bunk AF hotdogs to apologize and it's like a personal chef talkable talkable arrangement edible hot dot edible by the way. I fully support the hotdog herbal arrangement. And if someone ever wants to send one I will send you up. Okay if I expand thank you thank you. Your birthday is now covered for next December fourth. Well it it is Hanukkah right now Romney. So you're not off the hook harling you've got eight days of Rondo days of hot dogs national with the matter. But I'm only going to send you seven buns because that's how hot dogs work gaining everybody so so so Dennis comes over and the thing is this. Is that last we all season. Long portions been angry at Dennis Mad and she's been working through it understandably and and she had therapy Dennis last week and you know Porsche has been like okay. I'M GONNA fight for my marriage which is fine but I kind of thought she she would go through a phase of like like reluctant acceptance or you know struggling to to let this man back into her life even though she said yes no. She's like back to normal now. She's like made a mistake. She made him a cake. I don't even know why she just may take a year for the baby and got all dressed all hot and everything for him to come over. Yeah porsches I just you know voice is going to be like that. You know the one who calls you talk to your head off for two and a half hours about how she's sick. I bet she's not gonNA take this anymore. He cheated. That's a last step and then they get back together and you're the asshole forever saying leave him in the first place exactly and even although the producer does ask ask Porsche like have you given Dennis Cookies. And she goes no no no no right. Yeah I think there's been some cookie cookie cookie taking So Dennis is ready for you. True I just think you'd like the the Monday night football team song ready for some football so porsche basically physically. She's going out of town with the other girls with the other girls you know and the baby. The this is the first time we've ever seen the baby's face move when Dennis Holzer. Then she starts kind of like spitting being coming to life which is interesting but then the only holds her for like two minutes and then goes back to eating his lovely steak dinner which every man should get after fucking cheating on you while you're pregnant mant exactly like the thing that he's like feeding the baby and then the baby's like taking the bottle for like a little bit and then he just like basically pulls the bottle out and the baby starts crying and You only gave her like this like a teaspoon of of like formula. What the fuck? Yeah so he's like well we're going to have to upgrade this ring situation By upgrade he needs to give you one back because didn't he take the other one back Monta. He's a monster. Yeah you're right you're right. Yeah but he knows how to keep he knows how to keep Porsche interested. That's for sure because she's like yeah another way back together he wants to put the ring on my finger. That's a big deal. That means we're a family emily. It means that there's drew trusted needs to be rebuilt. It was like okay. Pleased you're depressing me. Poor show like I love you but this is depressing. And we've already got up-market deal within this episode. I know seriously porsche well. At least at least Dennis these tries to act like he is in love with Porsche. You know so so then we go over to Cynthia who is a day before. The proposal and Cynthia's getting a tuna melt with iced coffee like so this way. I'm glad they documented documented this that way she can always remember. Last Day of being single girl with Avocado and Avocado in this. She goes to eat at a place. It's very representative of her story. Line it's called the grind so she's eating Glenn waiting forever so you know. Whoever she's meeting is always late? Who's always say marlow? Marlow is always late. Gave we know personally from this. PODCAST MOLA's Liz. When late ASS? Yeah Yeah people. People don't realize this but was it probably at this point like four or five years ago right but was that it was. It's a long time ago. It was close to when we first started doing it and She was gonna come on the show. I mean it was like not even twenty it was like can our half or so it was crazy friendly. We are like no thanks. What the hell? Yeah I mean listen we love us a marlow but we also so love our time. Sorry Ari our craze always welcome to come back on the show like that's fine but like you know we're not GonNa wait late ninety minutes. Okay tell her three hours earlier you know like you do with your friends your late friends. That's a brush Ashworth fame with Marlowe actually remembering this full circle. I actually want saw marlow in the wild as her. Joey cafe on Santa Monica and sweetser. She was in there and Joe's cafe one of my favorite things to get. There is a tuna melt. Wow that is full. Circle the full circle really boring when you're waiting for your food to come at a restaurant that is you. Draw your finger around a salt and pepper Shaker. It's that circle. That is definitely a Cynthia full circle. One walk around the kitchen island circle. Shoes right now. So she's talking to Yvonne the phone because that's the only place that you've is gonNA shoot now on facetime. I'm going to have a baby every season. Yeah and the other talking Cynthia's really trying to make this thing happen and it's not going to happen. It's not catchy enough. Okay Ashqar tag but snake gate the smart smart good enough not really care about it. So it's like it's barely even a gate eight. You know like you don't have to be a gate if something is like excessive controversy but this is just like a passing interest to Cynthia yes. We're I need clarification. Snake eight snake eight so she has marlow marlow finally gets there Marlowe marlins like. Oh Hey I haven't been to this area yet behind the zoo. There's nothing inherently wrong with being next to zero you but for some reason the way she says it and knowing that Cynthia invited her there it somehow feel soap appropriate. That of course. Let's meet behind the zoos because it's right by had the cellar wine cellar Hashtag Bailey So she's like okay. Well you're okay with sitting out here because it's kind of hot. I guess I'll sweat. They are so they start talking about Kenya coming in with their marching band. Tomorrow's Big Jim pig opening of her. Yes and Cynthia's like well okay. Congratulations umbrellas like well. Besides her interacting at your friend your friend interrupting and Cynthia's like yeah. Can you did make an entrance pat. You have added her so she came and and then Cynthia does this new thing with her new is I have to say also best surgery on Bravo. Not sure if it surgery if it's tape if it's just a a lot of both talks would ever Cynthia's doing. It's the Best Armed Bravo. She looks amazing but she does. This new thing with her is where she just squeeze her is like when she's like. I'm giving you attitude now. So Cynthia just gives her that squint and that was disrespectful me launching my business. Who would do such a thing it? I'm like you would you one hundred percent that Marlo. If you knew anybody with the drum you would have done that. Let's be honest. Yeah I mean it's like I feel. She has done something like that. I'm just trying to remember what it was but I'm pretty sure she has done some ridiculous antics like that before the Yes I am. Cynthia says well my relationship with Kenya's different than yours. And what are you lovers and the music stops and Cynthia just gives her about squint again. Baby squint yeah see this is this is what happens when you have Cynthia Bailey. I wears that you can learn how to squint behind behind the shades. I don't know what I'm saying. I know you would think she'd be squinting less but yeah so she has a new fillers. So they're very like squint went squint. Forward fillers yes. I'm MARLA says Will you said it was different so I thought maybe such well I mean it's different Just like I know that you have a different relationship with Ninian even though you're not telling her off in public doesn't mean that you're not giving you the business behind closed doors and marlins basically her whole thing is that she just were. She just wants to make sure that Kenya not running all over. Cynthia Cynthia's like listen. She knows what time it is child like. I can get it together no matter what you can lay on your end table every night and not worry about that honey. Yeah so Marla says well you know I just worry because we've we've come so far in our friendship she have really. That's why attitude lunch meaning till candy that she had a mutual friend who recorded me downtown's twin square squint. You just tell me. Just tell me first of all you'll know if meany ever releases this recording put. I'm still doubtful of but if she ever records it gets wet. You're going to hear the other person was shocking to so the answer is there. Ask for the evidence since Syria seriously also like it's just like truly the least consequential detective story story of all time trying to figure out who about this recording and then especially when I love talk about a recording when they're being recorded for a reality. TV Show on top of everything. Yes yes and then we get a break. Because it's a very very dramatic seem so we get a break and guess. Did you see this. I was Mesa. Gail Simmons doing a movie preview doing a Bravo movie preview for little women. It's like okay. How many little women's are we gonNA have? K- How many times are you going to remake that movie it's enough okay. Stop with the little women. Second Gail really like gale. Oh my God I love Gilson's but my dear friend Gayle image. How funny someone must have a sense of humor? Having Gail of all people promote little women I and I don't think so bless her. It is so gail like the warmth in this preview is so cal she's like wow they were so transporting. They had graphic Ravi ta I was like Okay and then she tries to cry. She's like I have a daughter so it's definitely something I felt in my heart really Gail L. Little women what was left. I'm anyone called you that poor gas. You only agreed to do the promotion because you thought it was called little pies. Sorry little chicken wings as a different movie Mary. Louise Alcott is the name of an ice cream the name the author of Ben and Jerry's Alcott Dale Louisa May Alcott Alcott. Sorry Mary Louise Mary Louise Parker Alcott. mary-louise Parker has nothing to do with the mary-louise Parker Bond Gale. Okay I'm not making anything. It's also very important scene. Did you record me according now and Marlins like me we now while I'm being recorded my bravo so so marlow starts to cry says okay. Cynthia definitely finally say something. I won't record it Marlins like that's that's awful. That's awful. I ah that you would have that tuna melt so close to my face. It really smells. That's awful awful. Why would you ask them to put tuna? What would you ask him to put Avocado Kado on the grill? Why it's bad enough? Reading Judah while speaking to my face but you also had a grill so it's just just that much more potent really Cynthia. How many bushy thinks you need in one sandwich? Cynthia Oh why would you melt something on top of tuna. Why so Cynthia's like Well I covet snake gate. 'cause because only a snake would do it. I'm like actually snakes. Don't have opposable thumbs so good luck. Were Recorder Yeah exactly. Last time I checked. They're no snakes on the press. Press Corps could literally be any other kind of AD. I'm Herman P snake and I'm here to interview you. I'm just GONNA turn this dictaphone on just one second. Oh God dammit. Another interview ruined. Well fortunately I can crawl my tail to hold this pencil. But but I can't hold a pat because I don't have hands. Can I get them out. High would could someone. Just please press this button Dan. I'm acting sort of like not just a little bit. But we know it's just it's very no one. No one's GonNa help me know Barbara Walters. Oh you're tired okay. I support youth dear but snakes shouldn't be reported by you'd Never Normal Jane Pauley God this is GonNa be today So Cynthia let seem so marlow. Who have we been together that I could even record you and second when if you even talked talked bad about Nina to me and since he was like well that's just it? I don't think I do Hashtag snake. Hashtag be jam. I like. I liked that. Cynthia didn't even consider that. The basic logic of it of lake. I think MARLA recorded me and didn't think oh wait. I haven't been alone with more for months and the Johns I haven't alone were there. I didn't talk about any like why didn't Cynthia dislike. Remember when she had conversations with people one on one like Giovanna Jonah where there was actual footage of her with Vonda needs biggest henchmen. Yes so Cynthia is now confused. And so she squinting and just nodding a lot like she's figured something out but she hasn't so Marla could have turned this into a big fight but she didn't. She was just like I would never do that. So Cynthia's it's like well. In the spirit of positivity you know I was thinking of not inviting you to my baby winds other Hashtag be jam Hash Segregate Gate Hash Wine Gate. I was thinking not inviting you. The HASHTAG wind gate. But I'll invite you. Will you know what speaking of positive energy. What about Anini? Maybe you should pose with needy. So yeah so anyway. So yeah. Of course Marlowe trying to reconcile you. Reconcile Ninian India ongoing and Cynthia's lighten. No Yeah and now canty and todd and they're tiny Venus struck. Oh God so this listen really triggered me so candian todd they show up at like a decrepit old house. Yes and there's like a broken window it's like in the middle of nowhere and we turns out. This is actually the future home of Ole tacos and Tequila. which is the the Mexican Mexican sequel? Too late Yes. So he's like a Taco place. So it's going to be a speakeasy Kinda setup cod got ya Ya exactly Tatas. Just like he's just becoming the worst. I can't stand. His ideas are so basic right there so oh like okay we're at a TACO rest so we're in a house in the middle of suburbia and then there's going to be it's GonNa be a Taco restaurant but then also speakeasy to come on now. Yeah and it has everything that's going to trigger you for sure. It has taught as trust spamming candies many then as todd. Not only spending our money but getting a place that needs five hundred thousands of remodeling and then it even has seen laying out why he does all of this because you know we talk about this all the time about him. Suspending olive candies money. And I'm like I think he's just trying to work but then here we get an explanation. Takes it yes. Yeah because we literally get like first of all candy is not happy about this because apparently they todd got the lease on this place or bought it like seven months ago and hasn't done anything he's like he keeps saying okay. This is what the Interior is going to be and candies like It's been sitting here for six months. Okay and he's like Oh but babe everything says it's going to happen comes through. I haven't had one fumble get like Are we sure about that because I feel like every month every year you have like new crazy ideas and it's like candies ideas that are not fumbles. Yes us and she's like. Yeah but you're kind of missing the point you know like I love working but you've keep you've had a sign another lease you have this. Then you've got an eighteen wheeler Taylor. Whatever the hell that is? He's like Cores Bay and she says well we can't just keep spending money. We don't finish projects he's like stoops. Oh ooh begging your mom for can't be in the store tone small. Yeah I can't. He basically says that todd has felt pressure to make make his own money to prove the world that he doesn't need candy money and that's why that's why he he does this every single season but the thing is that he like. I'm sure he makes money. Of course but so far. We haven't seen todd bead. Like much of an presidio about anything. So yeah I don't know. Alexei runs the restaurants. That does all that stuff. The thing is he's trying to prove that he doesn't need her money money but he's using her money to do all the stuff and not only that we see a clip of Mama Joy like giving you candy and Then he opens a restaurant but it's using the moms image again. Yes fame so you're trying to prove to her mother by using her mother at allow us. Just yeah I just I just kind of feel like. It'd be much more impressive todd. If he were wasn't always if you weren't always trying to kick off some other entrepreneurial thing like just if he was like okay. I'm here with the Candies Corporation and we overseeing this and that and whatever but you know it's like you know I just don't trust people on these shows every single season they've got like a new idea a new thing because always feels like they're just like throwing stuff at the wall and waiting for somebody to stick and doesn't really it doesn't speak to me of like ooh I'm really business savvy person. It's more like I've got a platform. I should capitalize on it. What do I like I like staplers? I'm coming out of my own type stapler. And it's like this is not like authentic to who you are and what your passions are. Yeah I like Stapler Tacos and you know Horn Jazz. But but you have to have a password to get in. Yeah that's why it's like things like Sonia Ed with her toaster oven or fe Dra who has like going to a funeral roll home and then was I had a donkey booty video but also a lawyer like it was like what are you. What what is it? Like I understand it's live it's probably mandated by the producers like. Can you start some things that we have sent me a shoot but it's like it's just like crazy when suddenly they uh-huh and this is what I like to do now. Also yeah so candies like come on. Just get it together like finish one thing and I've been through a recession. You haven't K.. And and he's like recession she's like That's what the world news thing says she goes and he's like he's like what I mean and he starts like shaming her for like preparing for the worst which is what a business person should do. You know it's like it's like he hasn't even heard heard of a recession before and he's like wow you're the one who's normally like. Oh do it could do it but now you got me scared. Almost like you're scared of success and she's like Ha Ha you can't play that with me. Yeah she's like I ab success. And that's let's not like overly you mentioned this before for but let's not overlook the fact that with renovations to oil. Gee I'm sorry well gee breakfast and some other place and Ole Gee that's all gonNa cost six hundred sixty thousand dollars. Yes and she keeps asking she she listens. She's like so what about this project is one hundred thousand and what about this project. Oh Oh better hundred thousand and what about this project just a few hundred thousand dollars. Oh my God go make some money. How about that? Yeah yes seriously Dr Hoover. Yeah so you'll you'll get that five hundred thousand dollars for remodelling note. Yeah but either way she's candy is like I've outlasted a recession and I know how it goes and I'm safer move so like take me out of date so now let's go to Cynthia at her Bailey Bailey's seller she's like last. You have found this a meeting space for the wine cellar and debated room which I guess as a party rental space. I don't know I feel like Cynthia. Every season does something with a large empty room. It's like every single season. There's some other large empty room that needs to be like debuted. Yes but this one's going to have lots of plastic vines in it. Whatever he wind person really needs to to see some plastic ivy vines staple exactly the thing says why like Plastic Ivy? Yeah Oh so. She's going over it with party planner and then Everyone starts to get ready for this party and to seek is now it is twelve oh seven. PM Yeah exactly and then it was like one forty eight PM porsches getting into trying out a yellow outfit but it like shows off too much of her post pregnancy Z.. Pooch and she's like why do we have times dams about like when she got into a tweety bird so then Mike comes in and and he's not dressed for the party at he's just regular cert- his regular t shirt but he hugs Cynthia I and he looks right directly in the camera which is another reason. I don't trust him why I don't know. Oh but it bugs me. He's like Hello Keira. Hello my I love. He's he's a sports caster. He's like used to looking directly into the camera. That's like that's like okay. Okay okay okay okay. I'll get off right now. But then he's wearing a t shirt that says Tequila helps Mike Nice thing to wine cellar. Yes seriously disley hello. Are you promoting the wine cellar or the nascent O.. L. Ole Gangs and candy and toddler. Arriving everybody's what he's basically just arriving and giving them shed like. Oh deletions. What you most expensive bottle? I'm totally by this with my own. Money ha ha ha. Of course. Todd Todd does that and so then candies like now Cynthia. I'm so she keeps coming up different ad and she sees it through and then we see a montage of all of Cynthia's businesses which I'm pretty sure have all disappeared right. We see like the modeling agents. Bailey daily agency. Let me see like the book bags we see the high wear we see. Like I don't know decorative Napkins Napkin. I don't know it's it's just like so many things I'm like what happened. Atkin rings the panic. The belly wind vines now available at the Bailey a seller on the wrong long. I don't know if any of these businesses are still around I would google them recap already and honestly. I don't care but I haven't seen Cynthia. Bailey eyewear because she loves a big aviator which is like the only classes I can wear. Yeah I thought it was funny. That candy was acting as Cynthia as the next judge on Shark tank and I'm like Quite damning now. I'm looking at Cynthia. Bailey eyewear let's see here home. Cynthia Bailey eyewear. Id there is a site for it. Cook Cynthia Bailey. I WEAR DOT COM on. But it doesn't show up under any of the Google shopping. You know when you Google something assist shopping so everyone shows up there. Yes I guess you can only get it from her website so anyway she's paying her hus- Monster. We know that match which. That's good. Little victories. Small Victories Cynthia is. She pays her server bills. Oh wait no I got A. I found the Cynthia Bailey on Cynthia. Bailey eyewear is it's on Google shopping specifically it's in Walmart. Oh Wow oh good for her. Look at us. We're shaming someone for being Walmart like we're Tamra Barney. Look No. She's in Walmart she's She has an aroma third. Wait a second. This is organic Cynthia Bailey. aromatherapy soy scented candles soy's scented has yeah sorry has India Bailey. It's the it's Cynthia or Cindy Bailey. Apparently he has toys scented candles with essential oils row. Soy Santos said that sounds delicious. So wait wait okay okay. This is really okay. I'm sorry I'm down this path here. If you go onto Google shopping you can get a Cynthia Bailey in readdress cardboard cutout life-size. Please oh my God a life size the alley that is only if it squinting no no. She's she's a wait. Wait one last thing. Someone on posh mark is apparently I guess reselling their Cynthia Bailey really glad reading glasses and they put them on a little fern. It's like Cynthia Bailey. Glasses made for ferns. Since I'm looking at Cynthia Bailey shopping to wow walmart. That's really cool Cynthia. Okay take everything back except that I go to the bottom of the website for for eyewear and it says we have amazing partnerships and as the Bill Bailey Agency at the bottom side clicked it and it says error looks like this domain isn't connected to a website site yet so she's paying service she's just you know keeping the businesses open PA- I wear some Walmart. Who the hell am I to say something? No I listen. I'm not. I'm not ashamed that that's like A. That's a huge deal. I mean our shirts are not in Moammar. Rub It in so I okay. Everyone's candle so yes so I said that Campbell so we know that this party at Hashtag Bailey. Wine cellar smells like soy based in plastic tuna and soy actually smoke delicious. At this point it's now turning into a meal also poor sick. Arise Marlowe arrives. avs Merlo sits out. They are out. She's wearing some weird like ice skating. She's kind of wearing designer. Who makes all the wedding dresses? What's what's his name Nub net? I forgot his name but he makes this year. We always tease him. Because he makes like the sheer wedding in cream colored wedding dresses. Oh yeah that guy. Oh God what's his name. He's a Persian dude because he was on. She's on houses sunset. He didn't Nina's thing. Yeah so it looks kind of like Anini wedding dress but anyway so everybody's kind of talking joking around and my kill whispers to Candy's Hey candy stick around. Okay stick around stick around candy stick around like oh pedrosa couture pedram couture had draw. Yes Patrick Yeah so yeah so Canada's like okay so So Cynthia is like a receiving gifts and everything and you need sends is over Some fresh Sushi to go with the soy and then on top of that. There's a card that says I've been a supportive friend today. Won't be any different Blah Blah Blah is basically saying like I I support other women and I'm getting credit right now for being a bigger person right now publicly. And congratulations on the opening of your new business new leaks yes Marleau. Hello makes sure she reads the card out loud read it Oh if you can share the worse you can you share the good too so do me a favor when you read it. Can you read it really closely to this flower. That's on my lapel. Thank you so the house to read it and then she asked her pretend to give a fuck you know 'cause he's reading it to a group of people so she's like an tear she's like the fact that Ni put pen to paper was beyond the aspect of the fact that she's not here because we're fighting over nothing basically well. It Sucks Mike. Okay and turn on Kenya in five four. Yeah so so Cynthia's all choked up and candies even blood on her and Porsche goes. y'All here crying from a car. She's so candy attacks Kenya. She's like hurry up because Mike Hills probably gonNA propose hurry up and get here so then more people come in Kenya comes in and pepped opaque which is fitting because she's a giant stomach ache so she's talking to Cynthia in Canby and she's like listen. We're married now so I wanted invite a real taken so I wanted to buy you dinner. Mike is GONNA be there. Mark is going to be there the suet triple day I. It doesn't issues. I love your Kenya lab so Cynthia shows can you the card from Ninian. She goes well. It takes a fake aac person to apologize but I don't see an apology in there. She has to apologize she she just thinks he'll just let bygones be bygones and Cynthia's already like I think it was from place to throw shade. Funny Be Hilarious spat. It's not the right place time for that. And then she screams at the camera. Here we go. Yeah and then Cynthia gets back to you. The the the real the real priority of the night which is trying to make sake eight of paying child. Who's naked is like what what's that snake? You did a snake come through your gate no snaky. It's you about the secret recording. Oh you mean recording gate no snaky it just keeps saying over and over. I think thank you thank you so the close up on Marlo Nevada. What's That sound effect one into so Kenya is your mom here and Cynthia's like his mom Thomas here in Kenya like Oh all the families here. Well I'm telling you Cynthia. I have a feeling. I think that Mike might propose. My stomach has butterflies replies hence the color of my dress and candy is giving her. This look like ooh candies getting out there. Seen frozen until I cannot stop doing my nieces you will one day. You're going to be alone at home. This she keeps CBS hearing the voice. And it just keeps going fucking thing over at everybody out. There with kids is probably beating the steering wheel right now. Like shut up. It sounds like that part of my one of my favorite eight songs by Howard Howard Jones. He's like your words because if you scared Oh in the New York no okay with everybody's GonNa have some Song Song. We'll go over it later. Yeah I'll play for you later. We could try to limit is but I'M GONNA make everybody car-crazy I've been able to that so anyway. Cynthia's like well. Well if he was going to propose he would've added my mom and she's not here and then we see the mom coming in the French. Walking in it is such a Dick move of Kenya do that like so so so dick and actually when she starts to say like well all of Mike Families here at Candy if I remember correctly candy is seems to realize okay. You're trying to do and candy tries to move the conversation in a different direction and Kenya's like like no. I am going to birth this balloon. I'm GonNa rain on this parade of right now. How so can use a gross person? I don't know how anybody is friends with Kenya. Yeah it was so obnoxious and candy like when Cynthia goes away. Candy is like furious furious. She's like why would you bring that up to her. That is so not cool like and then she tells us she was like. Why would she do that? So you're GonNa thank God you ve honest here too but for you to look Nina's but since Nina can't be here a little proxy so she comes comes over and say just wanted to make sure you got means gift. What a great gesture kick Outta here? Okay you like you have nothing to fucking do on your own. You're pathetic. This is so sad to watch. I know she really needs to just like stopping. Obviously you clearly recorded her like very very obvious so yeah so then. Candy is just like gritting her teeth Kanye and Kim as I should I say something to her. She don't Ju don't say other. She's so angry and and then people more people search arrive and candy is pacing around outside. Because she's just so angry you know and then and then it starts to. We start to. Mike is getting trying to get ready. And getting nervous I'm just saying like clip around the party. Like marlins me and Porsche talking about Dennis. Yes marlow. Yeah marlins talking about Dennis. And she's just is trying to get to get over. Just take take hotdog back just taking back. What's the big deal? And they're talking mission and she's like well we haven't gone to therapy like yeah. I think therapy would be good. Marlow foods thing is just porsche. Just communicate just communicate. He he was fucking someone while she was pregnant seriously asking funding next time. You're pregnant you know that way you'll know serve wrong. You know you know who should communicate. Indicate Marlow when she's running ninety minutes late for our podcast. How about that five years? Never forget I know where it's like suddenly like been over. We're like we haven't talked. And now we said it and now we said we didn't talk about Marlowe being late to our podcast. We didn't talk about how book to be guest when now we said it. Camille grammer Emmer so Cynthia and Mike They're giving their speech to thank everybody for coming and he's like Cynthia Bailey's time everybody so she's like I'm I'm not gonna say that and when say something Find on the wall Mouth just kidding mouth. Don't say anything. Oh I don't get to say anything because I'm so tiny ninety now. I'm trying to make my speech but apparently people can't hear me because I'm so small. Don't step on your your your human-sized this is this is GonNa last for the next five years on this podcast. That's ongoing mouth in Hunkin by Rick Moranis normal sized so I don't WanNa fall into a glass of wine by accident. It is this notion or glass of milk. So there's like Well I'm not going to say does anybody else want to say something. No sent the year event. Why what anybody else want to give a speech at your wife? You fucking weird out. Why would anyone have anything to say about being in a wine cellar like I wanNA thank My Mom My Dad for being such supportive parents that allowed me to get to a place in my life where I could take this afternoon off to Wants to take the MIC. But she's a Kenya. Do you have anything to say in Kenya like No. I'm good. I think that we've come to a silent agreement. And now she knows not to come for me. And that's I sent me a baby girl so even make some stupid toast and then she's like I know them that's been working on this for a long time so congrats even though it's above ground it's not really a seller but So then Mike. Mike gets up there to do it to like he goes. I would like to propose everyone's like Oh chose chose that's Karoo or is it. I don't know I don't know so. He's like sorry sorry okay. Here's the Cynthia's adventures you know. I have to admit when you said you were opening opening a wine bar. I said you don't know what thing about wine. I mean you drink it. Why the hell would you help people open a wine bar where you actually? I have knowledge of said subject the open with any G.'s. Nice toast host at the wine bar you day well. When's India said that? She was opening a wine bar. I said wow that's going to be three strikes and you're out bottom of the ninth. Cynthia loses the game. But guess what in this series she went up with game number two and here she is here Eh. Knock at home with a wine. Cellar are these sports analogies lost on this crowd or the wrong crowd I put dot. Oh daughter comes up. I was like who's Dot I I saw that and I was like Dwight Dwight's here So is your Arafat can't dot no relation to gene. Okay that's a lie gene and I are actually best friends so his daughter comes up. She's like secure doing it wrong. You have to post something like this. It is Champagne Cynthia Bailey Champagne. So it's like what you want me to prop this O.. M. Not a ring. Wow we you are just got a yes even WanNa pop this and the no but the bottle had a question mark on it. Pop the questions. Blassie wow I levels. He's really he's really going. Wow Wow wow. That's that is a top. Ten sportscenter highlight if I ever I saw one. You don't know what that is. No still laughing at this so He's like Cynthia. You're my I love my life my heartbeat. My emotions like You know nothing about wine. Will you accept me for my past. Even though you don't know the difference between a Cabernet Zinfandel you are here for me. And my present present that involves you not understanding the difference between ports and Beaujolais okay so he kneels and the kids are holding lean-to pieces of Amir like the little orphan. Annie Heart that's broken into but then put back together like the parents have one part and she has been part and it says family emily and gather font. No I love. Gather all over housewives and their names are like like a one-sided says Cynthia Noel and the other side says Mike and other Kayla Ella and then the other daughter and they the entire time I was just thinking where did they get that heart. Where did they get? Did they get that custom made. And how much they spend on it for this one moment. Gag I was just thinking. Well thank God that mere comes apart easily just gets a housewives marriage you now you can just take apart very easily. Both can go to the individual homes homes. That's a pre-nup part right there. That's a pre nup. That's that's something that mark would not appreciate. Ah So then everybody you know. So happy for her Blah Blah Blah Blah and my kill 'em the the proposal with. She doesn't have to be thirsty anymore. It's like you're kind of an asshole gay eh Also is happy and she. Then it's like the next day she's at Lake Bailey with Mike and they are are on day one of a very boring engagement and then we go over and was the eva and her children are running around and being kids even sitting there holding up a roll of paper towels which is so eva this season. Yeah Yeah I really am mad. That she's pregnant this season because I felt like I felt felt like her bitch flower blooming after the reunion. I thought we were. I thought we were like entering a great either era and instead of having either being exhausted pregnant said we get even with paper towels paper towel. Yeah probably not. It's probably not even select Desai's like come on and now the meat of the episode Kenyan Mark Together in the car This is kind of awkward and awful. Great a tesla. Fight what we've always been waiting for so Kenya. They're off to their triple eight with like Andy and todd and since the end Mike and mark just looks so bored and so miserable to even be in this car with his wife. I mean the guy really does have just asshole whole face. He has the face and vassal. He just looks like a total asshole and he's got like a great smile and you know he's Co hosted by them life on that smile. Yes yeah it's a good looking guy and probably coasted. Yes and I've been totally on Kenya side even though Kenya's a monster and I can't believe I've been on her side but this guy just seems like such a prick. Well thank you for evening out this playing fields because God she's such a Dick too but first we start. Yeah well. I'm starting to get early starting my Kenya no hatred again early. But she's not at this part. We're just seeing what an asshole. This guy is right. Yeah Yeah so Kenya's like talking about how how Mike proposed to Cynthia and Marcus like. Oh wow she surprised. And she's she's like well and like basically it comes out that she ruined the surprise and Kenya's insisting that she already knew and Marcus so you switch so you snitched. You sold out the guy. That's a big surprise Kenyans like well she knows coming. Ha Ha said it wasn't a surprise is changing the subject. Do you know what I do. I summoned the car. I can tell the car. Come get me and he goes. You can pray tell to come get me New York work. She's like well. It doesn't turn major corners or anything. He's like Oh doesn't turn great one a self driving car. They can't turn great car loser that becomes like his thing for the next five minutes really driving a self driving car. That doesn't turn. I mean look at this idiot does married with self driving car. That doesn't turn my right. Everyone everyone everyone look at this car turning. It's because someone's driving because it doesn't even jerk. Yeah so so evil. And she's like a sports car right and goes. Oh great so you got my child in a car. You're driving fast and yourself driving crate and you're probably speeding because as you said sports car. And she's like I don't speed. You gotTA speeding ticket the other day. Whatever back Yeah Oh? Did you get the speedy. Did you get speeding ticket or was it the self driving guard. They can't even turn around. Look order anyone high five someone high five. And he's like breathing hard. He looks like he's I don't know it's like something's wrong with us guys. This is not this is not a good guy well he he is not a good guy. He's a real Dick. I'm sorry so candy so now everyone's like arriving at the at this restaurant and Todd's being organized to candy because he's like realizing that like he might be running out of money money from her so he's like. Wow you look so beautiful tonight. Your makeup is just amazing. I love it when you do it yourself. Because that's when you're the prettiest you're pretty also you spend less US money so that I can spend more. Wow look at us in white chains and look for both were twins matching. We're twins. It was cute because he was wearing his affect. I can't do as like might be fun to match todd. Now he's annoyed but I think it's so cute. I can't wanted a match him so awesome awesome. I love a couple of it shows up in matching outfits. Bul Well No. It would have been more disgusting if they both chose to match but I like that she just kind of wanted the nagy in that way in a sort of affectionate thing in here. So it's like a so Michael now that it's official. Did you pull out your phone. Start hitting up your xs and being like sorry. And since he's like well someone got a lot of congrats texts from their XS. I did not hear for mine so that was fun. I think that Peter ear and will are both Still trying to repay their bill from cricket wireless they both on there on a family plan together the bar one plan census like yeah. I feel totally different today. I mean I've felt different in the bed. Oh okay so she's like you know what was is weird that Kennedy came in and she said have a feeling he's going to propel us. I mean that's just crazy and candies like before they can really commiserate over this. Can the COMSAT offers end so this swap around the seats for the women's that way they're not sitting across from her husband's Whoa and they're talking about Cynthia now having to plan their plan her wedding. Kenya's like I've already picked out had the privilege then you so they're like. Wow Okay yeah you know. It's not your wedding law. You know yes so so mark is like so Mike. How was the proposal? Were you nervous and Mike. Well I was nervous. You know I was it was really hard trying to not tell her what was happening. And all but I guess that worked out. Yeah I'm so glad that surprise wasn't ruined by anyone anyone specifically at this table. That's really nice. Glad that didn't happen. E Asa Kenya's like well. Why shouldn't I plan the wedding? I'm good at sticking to a budget. Ask Mark Mark. I'm not saying a word on that one loser news or yeah. Yeah so we're going to stick to a budget that she bought a car can't even drive on. Its own with her curves. Well I was just saying how it was so romantic tickets. Michael got on his knees and that was so thought out. How did you propose Marco Ed Callum because she said she wants to do over proposal and so basically leave? The story. Is that like I guess. She was in New York and he was up late working or something like that. She came back. She came to the apartment. I guess he wasn't ready for her her and she surprised him by shirt at the apartment and He ran into the other room. Got The ring and showed it to run said look who's official. Oh now and he what. She woke him up by the way he's like. Well you know she knew I was working and she woke me up so I had to run inside for the ring so romantic. Yeah he didn't even get on his knee or say would you be my wife. You just said look. WHO's official now? Yeah and Kim's like yeah what did you say. So he tells us and then candies like oh so so he didn't even ask you. He just told you and he's like well just ask her about the wedding. How Romantic was that this wedding and she's like best day of my life? Well Second Winning Miss Is USA Candy. Says I think what we all were thinking. Which is I'm pretty shocked at Brooklyn? Didn't make it into Kenya's top two days of her life uh-huh wow wow third place third place finish for Brooklyn. We have to only assume so he. She is just poking poking poking and yeah he's managed by the way well because because here's the thing. This is the way Kenya operates. Mark was coming for her for the the self driving in car that can't turn turn corners so her way of getting back is the lead lead him down in his passive aggressive confrontation about their wedding. Yes yes so. She just keeps going going going crafted like he's an asshole to. I'm not saying her. Being an asshole makes him less of an asshole. Kaci is an asshole. It's like why would you have all all of your friends together just to make your man look stupid. You know what's the fucking point like going after somebody so they're just both terrible and they're basically that couple who invite you out so they can fight in front of you then. Yeah it gets real awkward. I mean it gets real. They're terrible so what about this. I mean I don't know if you guys did premarital marital counseling Cynthia. Well we've both been divorced so I don't know that that would be the worst idea and brain up yeah. She says that that knowing that she's fully going to call out mark the pre-nup situation in like just a minute from that list here in the conversation. which is it's obnoxious? But I thought it was hilarious. I love watching passive aggression on TV. It's like my favorite thing. So candy starts talking about why she got a prenup. She was like look. You know I view it as as like insurance for the marriage. Okay you never wanna use it but things happen in life and so you just have it there and so it's not an issue romance. Whatever I look at as insurance for she has like actually really really great response and take on it and then Kenya immediately goes mark? Didn't WanNa pre-nup so we don't have one carina and he's like well we didn't even talk about a pre map. I mean you really have some revisionist history. They're sick We talked about it and you said you didn't want mine and he was like. Oh okay so we didn't talk about it because of me I mean listen. This is how I work. You even bring up a pre-nup and we're done okay. It's over. I didn't understand his logic in this. He's he's like. Oh well we didn't have a discussion about it but if you did bring it up our relationship would be over Mike. That's probably why you didn't have a discussion about it. You Dick Wad. 'cause she's saying they had a discussion discussion. He said he didn't want one and he saying no. We never even discussed it but if we had I would have dumped you right. But that's most she's saying that we didn't have a discussion. Oh she says she says say they did have a discussion and he didn't want a pre map and he's saying I will discuss that and if we had if we had discussed it we wouldn't even be in the situation because I wouldn't buried you in the first place because if you if you WanNa be with me you're either all the way with me or you're not with me at all and she's like well I. I started off in the industry. I was a corporation since I was seventeen. I'm a self made person. Nephew helped me build something. And he's like I did help you. You build Kenya Moore. It was a fucking mess. Fixed am allocate you. Now you're doing great and then they're like well let me ask you this. Would you give Kenya half of Soka or whatever the name of his restaurant is and he goes you and I told her I said you can have it. I'll build another one on and they're like. WHOA WHOA WHOA? You're on camera. You're on camera. Yeah he's like. Take everything from scratch to do it again. I just wanted to add here. When he says he fixed Kenya? More hair occur. It was a mass announced doing really well which now it is doing really well. I don't know how much he did for it but can use like. Oh he's a dirty player. He's the type to grab dirt off the grammar thrown throat in your face. I was like well. Did he help you or didn't he. You know 'cause he's laughing like way too hard. I think the reason why she said dirty players because I think that was his way of getting on the record that he like helped build Kenya. More hair counts. You can play this game. You met your match this time. I say who you saying that to through Kenyon Yuck to Kenya because now she's trying to do this to him and get all this stuff on camera and he's like okay. Well let's get it on camera that I totally helped you build that business exactly so candies asking mark where you know how like now that there are two years into the relationship. What is Marcie in Kenya? What's his take or whatever and he's like well we're different you know? Kenya likes a little flash. And she's like when you say a little flash though he goes. Let me finish. You're jumping you've got to respect the conversation at any any star saying I don't WANNA BE MR flash. The flash is not real and like I will not take that away from you because not everyone is like flash but I hate to break it to you sir your wife has been on TV for like several years. And if you don't like flash why did you marry a real housewife of Atlanta beauty beauty with hello. She's like well. I don't think it's flash. I'm a self made person and I'd proud of that. You know. Remember that conversation we had about me driving a Bentley before we were married. And he's like yeah. I said let's take care of the house before we get the Bentley. And she's like well. My House is paid for it. So why shouldn't didn't get at Bentley because you're talking about having a child and getting married to some like what the hell you're not built for this. I don't even know that she was ever I. I don't know if I if I take I should say I don't know if I take mark side on this because I I kind of feel like what we're seeing in this in this conversation. And Tesla was he is actually kind of the way she's been describing him like there's been like a little bit of skepticism about while this while it's Kanye. Yeah you never know. She's always doing an angle to make look good but he has been kind of a Dick and condescending and I don't know I think that if she did want to get had a bentley she's allowed to get a Bentley. I think is allowed to. It's just that you're in a marriage like if you're in a marriage with somebody I don't know it just it works I just. I'm not sure I'm not sure if from watching them. I'm not sure if it would go the other way around. I'm not sure if she would be able to tell him not to get a Bentley. Well I don't I think it's that you can tell somebody to do what they're gonNA do. It's just I'm not on anybody's side. I'm just saying she's obviously coming from Ahrq publicly glee and for her to be like. Why would I even have to discuss it with you? Why do you have to have this discussion in public? I guess just the whole thing is bizarre to me. Well Here's the thing is that he is is he. I feel like he really shows his hand. It does next part because he starts saying that he likes people who are real as opposed to people who are flashy he he likes people who are real including meany who is cool when he met her and then he goes. She showed me the ultimate respect. She said Hi mark. Let me introduce you to my husband. And I found that to be the ultimate respect. Ultra odd I'm like wow so like basic manners basic common courtesy. What's and also like knowing that Nina is like Like a he and his wife of that his wife Anini are totally at odds and Anini is so obnoxious to Kenya and that he would like like just like go out of his way to talk about how great Nina's I mean you know I mean like it an ideal world. He would have his wife's back right. But even if you have a situation where it's like look on my on in my own man. I can think what I WANNA think. I feel like out of respect for devoured mark shoes out of respect for my wife I might think okay. I don't think he knew that bad. I think this is between my wife Fanini but I wouldn't be like well means actually great and she show me the ultimate respect that to me is the ultimate disrespect to his own wife. Yes of course. Yeah he's coming back back in like go and get her now. It's like she got one on him and he's going to go back on her and I don't know who brought up meany but they cut out whatever per or maybe just came up right now but it seems so weird to pivot like straightened. Tamimi seems like such an odd turn but yeah maybe you know maybe he is just like fuck you then Menia acne the and so. She's like well. Let me remind you mark when meany said whether she pregnant with a buffalo you got extremely upset because that was your unborn child. She was talking. Yeah can you remember what I told you to be upset. So then by the way he also is like no Nina's nice to me so I'm not going to dog her like you will dog your own wife life. Why do you understand how ridiculous that sounds? So then he's like well you know yeah. I was upset when he called. You said you were going to have to give birth to a Buffalo Obayashi. Tried to apologize and she said you and you didn't text her back. She's like no she did an ha and he's like you said she didn't. She has now she did not and I would would like to remind you. You were highly offended and so was I gotta call my good. Yeah and so mark is like it's it's about respect to how people treat you you and then candy is just sitting there like. Why are you doing this to your wife like you see her face? You see how upset she is. This is Pablo like. Why are you doing this tour? Yeah and yeah candies. Mortified and hill jumps. And he's like well you know I will say always been kind to me but if it affects my girl it affects me you know for example. Cynthia doesn't know anything about wine and so I don't know anything I'm just kidding. It doesn't work in every aspect. Actually I know a lot about why What were we talking talking about it? So then Sanal Kenya's going to give a toast and she's like she stands up to give her toes. which is very extra? You're in a restaurant just like you can tell us from your C.. That's okay you're not at a party and she's like I just WanNa go ahead go ahead good job good job go ahead go ahead pitch up good job just stupid mark. I just want to congratulate this beautiful couple for just being you and it was candy for being that. Ride or Die Fran Wow rider I woulda concept hopefully all you men or ride or die too and by man I mean mainly these two men by these men just really mark that corner hope they ride or die your wife who's standing right here. Yeah she's basically like congratulations to the two couples who are doing it right into mark. WHO's doing incorrectly? But hopefully the he learns from this very passive aggressive speech on gaming gaming and she adds that she goes hopefully. You're doing the brighter. I think your cells gentleman as the women where the crowns. Yeah Oh God I knew it was bad but I didn't know it was this ban. Yup I wonder who else. I'm wondering if we're going to see if the separation the divorce if that happens During the season I'm sure it will because Kenya would not save that for off camera. That is totally Kenya on camera. And I'll watch what happens. Live Andy asked how is going and she's like well it's cordial we're speaking so I guess they separate it so far okay well. That's IT for speaking of cordial time to make a cordial goodbye for the episode. A We hope you guys all have a happy Hannukah today because it is Hannukah and we'll I'll be back tomorrow with some below deck and then on Wednesday on Christmas. We are going to have remarried to medicine on Christmas. I forget what we said emerged medicine or I don't know just go check it out. I think so works for me. Check it out everything. Later this week we have marriage medicine. Orange County reunions begins. They'll be super super fun below deck. Also were doing a bonus that is full of your mailbag questions for mailbag. That'll be for next week. Think because the sleep of top chef. Yeah they're still lot okay. Maybe holidays just chugging along. We're we're barely organized over here. But yeah you know what's coming on the horizon on some day sometime dismissed whenever shutting the hell out now never K. by everybody.

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