Week's Best ('The Last Dance', Jordan + Pippen, Durant + Warriors, Belichick + Gronk)


Welcome to the weekend edition of the undisputed podcast on your host Johnny Taft. Today's podcast features all the best segments from this week sleet of undisputed with end up interviews and discussions. We have a lot to talk about heading into next week. Skip Shannon. Let's get to your trae young. Who has previously previously called Lebron? The goat and keep in mind wasn't even born when Michael Jordan hit that game winning shot in the one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Nba Finals tweeted this out yesterday. He said I feel like this documentary. GonNa make me put. Mj number one instead of number two. So Shihan how much will young people who did not really get a chance to watch Michael Jordan? Play live be swayed but what they saw last night and what. They will see from this documentary. I think some young people will be swayed. And that's what happens when we see documentary skipping for me. I happen to be a situation where I'm old enough to remember. Michael Jordan taking shot taking that shot at Carolina. Nine hundred eighty two and I remember him hitting a game winning shot and I remember him going to the wizards in the early two thousands. But if you didn't know about a player is going to sway you. If you didn't know just how good Michael Jordan was is probably gonNA sway scared. You know what being quarantined. I've had an opportunity and I watched a lot of documentaries in some of these documentaries I knew I knew about Sam. Cook and I knew about Miles Davis and I knew about some of these other guys but some of the guys like Lee Morgan. I'd never heard of and then you see the document and you're like what why we didn't talk about hill so you learn things that you didn't already know about Sam Cook. I knew Cook Insane but skip. I didn't know how he was into civil rights and I didn't know what made him taking how he felt about certain things about how he could perform and he was proud and he would stand up in the face of wide authority so for me skill. It doesn't change me for the simple fact is that I know what Michael Jordan was but I get an opportunity to see behind the scenes but I think also skill is that guys. Jillian gravitate towards guys in the era that they played against. And I think that's for me. I think Aaron Donald J. J. Watt and Khalil Mack in Bonn Miller. I think they're tremendous but there's no way Haley. Put them in front of not or Reggie White or bruce. I think some of these beat currently play. But they don't go in from the time they don't go in front of war. That's just because I played against those guys now these guys placed and they're hell the players not to take anything away from but I think for the young guys like a guy like trade skill. You don't remember one shot that might to that one. So He's getting an opportunity to see skill there. Been a Lotta guys. They could glide through the air a eligibility dumped the ball tops. Dr J. There's a lot of guys that had trick shots off the Glass Pete. Marriage of a lot of guys but nobody possessed the acrobatics. The Creativity Lacombe Jordan and the ability to score the basketball. That's what made him so unique he could score like will he had the acrobatics elevation of Dr J. But the creativity appeals to pete marriage. We never we had never seen a guy that had all that one package. And then you get the or. That's around him the Beatles or the Jackson's at their high. We've never seen anything like it before skipping. I think that's what some people in plus what's he got the logo the jump man you got. Nba NFL players wherein jump may include. We've never seen a guy that had that kind of crossover we've never. We've we've never seen that in here. Are David Bong till the store that he what Michael One decide what? Adidas where they want to give us about what you call it. A lie scare. Daddy WanNA call George like we'll give them a glow the land but we call it what they want to call it. Jordan Era George. Whatever it was because he played. He looked like he was. Elevate me like gravity. Didn't define him defied gravity so I think that's what's going to be everything that's around him and he was a damn great great great fifteen times generational great player. But it's all the things that went around. Jorde everything that we see scale because the table that they're eating from right now Michael Jordan said it you got it. Which is why soon after this doc ended last night. I tweeted say goodnight. Lebron and I meant to say good night to the goat debate because trae young call this even before he watched the dock. Yeah today he's GonNa be swept up in what? He saw the emotions that that got pulled from people last night as they saw what. Michael actually went through with that Little Scoundrel Jerry Krause and it made you feel for Michael and even elevated him to a higher pedestal that he was having to deal with that in that owner Jerry. Reinsdorf and I do think this is going to have supreme impact on younger people who like trae were not even born before nineteen ninety eight and I do think there is also supreme timing because Jordan has always been right place right time and obviously they moved up the release date of this doc. Because we're all stuck at home for the right reason but everybody was on fire last night to watch this almost like it was the equivalent of alive playoff event. Nfl NBA whatever. You want it to be. It's like a new lives thing. We could all react to win. We're all so starved. So Ravenous for anything live in the world realm of sports so I do think the kids are going to get caught up in this. And they're gonNA say wow. Because Steve Kerr said if you saw the footage from ninety eight he was asking France. What's unique about this team? And he says well we're unique because of Michael. Yeah that's why you gotTa Larry Bird in an updated interview Larry. Bird said Yeah after. He scored sixty three on us in game to the playoffs. They won in overtime. The Celtics a bird did perish. Mikhail India Bird said that was God disguised as Michael Jordan. Wow that's impactful. You could actually see the acrobatic athleticism the mid range jumper is on display. And you could see them in sequence and in context to the point that that I do believe kids will sit back and say man Lebron I. I don't know we're always prisoners of the moment. And I think this is prisoners of a time Nell that we all got to see from inside out the way I lived. It is the columnist for the Chicago Tribune and ninety eight and now the world got to see it. And I think it's GonNa make it harder on Lebron to make his goat case. I'm very intrigued. Lebron Response Nail. If he comes forward with his own I g live about. I don't know. Yep Yeah he might know we we. We got a documentary. Me And mad. We don't sit down and we don't discuss Later today we got some Brunette right now. Now Right now. We got a couple more championships. We don't win and put a lot of footage that we know that we're going to roll out. It probably won't be a ten part series is probably going to be like five or six but who knows you know we got to put brainstorm? You get all these heads in the room. Something they'll come together can't look in that era you know. That's magic and Kareem. Larry does a Lotta great guys. If give I believe they're gonNA tend to lean towards those guys it's Kinda like like if you're talking about a magician's now. People that grew up watching hair. Houdini goes to Harry. Houdini is the greatest magician ever. But these new as we're probably say Copperfield David Blaine look. I didn't see hair Houdini so but some of the things that I heard he was able to do as I say defies what someone should be able to do especially with you in a straight jacket handcuffed and all that other things but skill Michael with the shoot exactly skill Michael Michael with the endorsements everything you see what these players are doing. Currently Michael Built that foundation. So what they're standing on it because of the platform that that gap so skip even even if you don't believe it skipped that Man Thad me. He's the reason I'm getting two hundred million. He's the reason I got a shoe contract. He's the reason I can be moving to start. These are the platforms. He gave everybody the blueprint and everybody is beholden to that in. So skip it. I believe he's going to sway. Probably thirty percent of this younger generation. Like Yeah Yeah. We'll get in the first two episodes of Michael Jordan's the last dance. Documentary was just how Underpaid Scottie. Pippen really was heading into that. Nineteen Ninety seven ninety eight season. Even though pippen led the Bulls in several stat categories and. Michael Jordan said himself. They can't mention my name without mentioning Scottie. Pippen so Shannon. I WanNa ask you in your opinion how valuable was to Michael Jordan. We mentally valuable because you have to remember that. Join gas whipped and eighty seven by the Celtics which was Scottish quickey year. He got swept in eighty six. Which was Jordan said? The year and he lost three one two bucks in his first year in the playoffs. What Scottie Pippen allows Michael Jordan to do skill was focused on what he was great at argument? The greatest ever do it. Which score the basketball? Because PIP could assist the ball. Ega also because he was so long because he did it so effortlessly he could take the best scoring option B. A. Point Guard to guard three or four Scottie. Pippen with probably better defended than Michael Jordan. Scale for the simple fact he could guard more position he was taller. That wingspan was a problem for a lot of people. So He allowed Michael Jordan to be Michael Jordan. Michael didn't have to worry about the offense. Because Scottie Pippen was what we call the first one offered skill. He was unbelievable unbelievable at that he was buried. Well I would say he's the first lady bird with really burst point forward skill. He did it before. Scottie Pippen Scotty gets a lot of credit for I think he was very important to Michael. Michael said that can be Michael Jordan without mentioning Scottie. Pippen skipped he was not the elite score but he did all the other things so extremely well. Which allowed Michael to focus on score the basketball and Michael Deal so Donald Michael Jordan was asleep intervene because he was anything but that nine time first team all depends defensive player of the year. I think eight hundred eighty nine so that let's you know but skill pillow with as good a wing defender if that will ever have a will ever have and he'll allow Michael Jordan to escape to be free to just worry about score the basketball and not have so much only plate so I don't believe we could have had distorted the last dance with Scotty pippin because I don't believe ninety one to ninety three and ninety six through ninety eight half with Scottie. Pippen is not on that team. I'm just glad you corrected yourself. Trust me on this Scottie. Pippen was not a better defender than Michael. Jeffrey Jordan. Michael Jordan was the defensive player of the year and nine times as you point out first team all defense. He was extraordinarily. He was a game changer. On defense he was a disruptor. We saw him steal the ball from Carl Malone and that fateful game six of his final run in the last dance finals against Utah at Utah in. I WanNa make the point that Michael never campaigned. Go Get Scotty. Go Acquire Scotty. He just didn't care. It's not like Lebron campaigning. I need Anthony Davis or Lebron joining forces with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh erlabrunn saying Duan's knees are shot. I gotta go back. I got a join forces with Korean. Kevin Love Back in Cleveland for my second time around. It wasn't like that they did draft Scottie. Pippen and I was hard on Jerry Krause yesterday. I give him credit. He did draft him. I give him that and yet. Micheal wasn't clamoring for help he just sort of came up with Scotty and they grew up together in a way. Michael was a little bit older but but again Michael was the baby in those times. You bring up early on. And once he grew up he grew up and he had to put some pounds on some muscle on to be able to defeat the Pistons. Thanks to Tim Grover his trainer and yet once he grew up he grew completely up and win. In the end you could see Shannon. I was there in ninety. Eight Scotty was a very good player. But he wasn't an all time great player and yes. Michael said all the right things the other night in the documentary about how much Scotty meant to him because he did mean a lot to him he was his robin and he was an excellent. Robin but Scotty had no Batman in him whatsoever. Case in point remember the one year the one complete year that Michael was gone back in ninety three ninety four Scotty at a very good year he averaged twenty two nine and six and made the all star team and because there was no Jordan he got a number of votes for. Mvp finished third. That you're an MVP. But once they got to the second round of the playoffs you'll remember against the Knicks series. They lost in seven games in game three in Chicago. You remember what happened at the end of the Game Scottie Blunder where he was waving Kucova to set a screen and he let the shot clock get too deep and he shot it too late and the Buzzer went off and they had a clock violation and then once ewing scored the tied the score. Fill call timeout Phil Jackson and called the last play for Tony. Coup coach because coup coach was the closer for that team. It made four buzzer-beaters that year to win games would jump shots Scotty. Wasn't the Jordan replacement actually coach was and so when Phil called the last play with. Scotty inbounding Taku coach Scotty just waved out. He just couldn't take it anymore and went sat on the bench and wouldn't even go in the game. So Phil said okay. And he sent Pete Myers in to throw the ball and bounce Taku coach. Who then made the shot to win the game and then to cap this off. Look what happened after the last dance? Scott he was only thirty three years of age and he went to Houston and join mckean. Embar Charles Barkley. And they were pretty good but they lost in. Four Games to the Lakers in a best of five in the first round and Charles was Scotty was the third wheel on that team in points scored behind Akeem and behind Charles Barkley. Scottie goes to Portland for four more years than he. Averages eleven five and five in that first go round at Portland remember. They played the Lakers and played them. Great all the way to game seven and they were up seventy one to fifty eight wounded the fourth quarter a game seven or what happened. Scottie didn't happen. They wanted him to be Jordan. And in the fourth quarter played almost the whole fourth quarter and scored no points over three and they blew the whole lead and blew the game to the obviously wanted. A shocker Lakers at that so so to me. He got exposed. Burmese Scott was never Michael. He never had that that capacity skill but I think it took Scotty growing up too because remember he had a tough and also because the knock on him. Would you punish him? You Kim down you look at some of the bad boy Pistons Documentary and see how they treat this guy to pippin. They treated him just like they treated Jordan. You come into the Lane Gortat beside Joe. Hagan and he had he had to. He had to grow up also skill. You keep saying Michael Dean campaign because he had competent people in the front office. They drafted Scottie Pippen. They drafted guess what they did. They traded you want to join the best friends. Charles Oakley and got winning Bill Cartwright because they needed size in order to compete with the Knicks in order to compete with the bad boy pistons so Lebron would have to ask. People in the front office would do their job. Three the problem with I would use the Houston. We call George did add. Lebron would ask either if he had I rape people that go to the hall of fame if he had a pat riley if he had AJ with if he had competent people in the front office doing the job he would leave. Ask but they won't do his job. I got to leave the team. Imports rebound and I gotTA do job. Meghan get some hail if Michael Jordan in nineteen ninety eight had Kuzma in Bi and Lonzo in jail and Rondo. He would have said I'm good. Watch what we can do with this. He was a greater leader. And it had greater aura and mystique and the ability to lift a whole franchise than Lebron. Lebron was like can't win with this bad body language. Everybody quitting you wanted to trade. The whole team he needed another superstar and Michael did not need another superstar. So what was what was Robin. This is rob was to have defensive player of the year he led from the time he got he led the League in rebounding every year he was with the bull his first year with the Bulls. He Scott it and might with first team all defense so did is Robin. Led the League rebound percents years. But he's above. Let's Scottie Pippen. Just made the All star team. As a matter of fact after they won the final they want fifty three gave the ninety three the next year Jordan. Leave Ninety Four. He missed the whole season. They win fifty five Scottie. Pippen All Star Game Mvp. He plays Bert so skip. This notion that he was a bomb is not true was he. Jordan level no absolutely. Not but I do not believe the I repeat or the second three peat happens without Scottie. Pippen without Scottie. Pippen Being Scottie. Pippen and sometimes. Dr Grant. Look at him. He was never the same player. Was Tom Brady in that system. He got eleven twelve may not go to Seattle and had to come back so that doesn't take away from who we. Yeah maybe he's not an all time great receiver but in that system where Michael Jordan he will. The Celtics ought to be skilled head. Casey Jones and Sam Jones Tommy is an in their prime played elsewhere but because they play Russell and they play with cousy they have a check so it happens like that sometimes but I believe Michael Jordan in order to be who he was. Scotty pippin help allowed him to be that chanted Michael Jordan one with Luc Longley and Bill Wennington at center enough said Case Blows Draymond. Green sounded off on how? Kevin durant handled his last season in Golden State. Draymond said Katie. Should've let the team know that it would be his last season? Instead of leaving the elephant in the room so Shannon. Gio agree with Draymond here. No teams don't have players a this your last season. We don't trade you at the train deadline. This your last season here. I get it. The draymond said he wanted to be there. Klay Thompson said he wanted to be there. Katie said that by all indications by him citing only one year deals that gave you an indication that there's a great chance that K. D. was not going to spend his entire career in Golden State. Give everybody now. My thing is okay I get it. Let me I'M GONNA SIGN OF ONE YEAR. Almost two year deal basically. It's one one win. If Ben go according to plan see how I like it okay. Skip HE GOES. They win the title. He's finally MVP. He resides again. One year he's bottles. Mvp HOLD ON SKIP EITHER. Not Going to get much better there. You can't do any better then. Winning finals and winning finals. Mvp. It doesn't get any better than that. What Katie when? Katie got there. It wasn't what he had hoped. Because remember it's like. Oh this is what I get this. This is it so he never really really got really of feels like he got the prayed adulation that he thought would come along with a tidal scale. Katie responsibility tell anybody they kept asking yes. I'm sure it called a lot of anxious. Night Bob. Meyer Joe. Lacombe Steve Kerr and the rest of them because they know that was the one guy all can be going to Helena handbasket. Katie gives a bucket and he could do that so he was. He was the guy that made unbeatable skill. They became beatable without Katie. They were buried beatable and they knew that. That's why the erupted that man vacation on the Hampton. GotTa Big O. J. Edgar flew out the interrupted. That man he was good people have a good old time and here they come rigby bad sleepers who this time burning them out doing their dry a drain on hands dot crying. Since the final I blush. I read K. K. K. A. R. Baby. We need you so I tell you what I decided to do. I'm going to decide at the end of the year. What you did do if the process. I'll know what dream on won't take responsibility for speeding up the process by calling that name that what he did. Katie Katie does not only to a team or his teammate. To tell what his future plans are win at become in Bogue when winless? I tell you what I'm GonNa do because guess what organizations and corporations don't tell you what their future plans are they just make playing. Oh you trade it so can you say you know what I'm GonNa do at the end of the season I'm GonNa sit down with my team will sit down with my family and I'm GonNa make a decision that's best interests Kevin Durant in. That's what he did. He made a decision that was in the best interest. Okay D- Dream on. You got to title that. You probably wouldn't got if you didn't have got Katie. Enjoyed it. Keep it moving and I agree with everything he said. Shannon on top of that draymond green has not stopped crying since the day Kevin Kevin did sign with the Brooklyn Nets and right now it feels like he's just crying over spilled milk milk that to your point he helped spill and right now. It's hard to respect draymond points because he's crying from a position of weakness because this year what's left of his Golden State Warriors. Have a record of fifteen and sixty that is the worst record in the NBA as we speak. We have no idea if this season is going to get to end but those in dubbed Nation Right. Now hope that there's no more basketball because they would like to go on to the next season with no more into this one because draymond green basically got exposed this year for a bad basketball team. He averaged eight points. Six rebounds and six assists not bad on the six assists but eight. Six six yeah great drain on so it feels like to me. Draymond got swept up in the terrific documentary that dropped on Sunday night. Episodes one and two and he began to fantasize that his warriors somehow deserved a documentary word. The final season of the last dance Kevin Durant left and now to your biggest and best point Shannon Sharpe. That's last season actually ended before it even really got off to start because early in the year as you know sitting on the bench against the clippers. That's when Katie and dream on got into it they got into it on. Who's going to bring the ball up the court and as you point out dream on called Kevin Durant that b word that you just can't call another man without burning that bridge completely to the ground. We both agreed at that day. That next day man. That relationship is basically over that there can be no more than real. Love more teammate. To teammate love between those two and I get a little offended when current players compare what they're going through to what Jordan and those bulls ninety eight. Of course I was there covering for the Chicago Tribune. What they went through because remember Shannon. That team was united. It was completely together completely one for all all for one against the to Jerry's it was Michael and still and Scotty in the Bulls versus Jerry Krause and the owner Jerry Reinsdorf. So so again. We're talking about a Golden State Team. That was actually split from internally where you had draymond getting mad at Kevin and calling him a word that you can't take back you can't you can't walk that back or make that up or apologized and they were damaged from the inside out and doing it. They they blew themselves up. It was internally so my point is that yeah you're right. Kevin never would commit publicly to what he was going to do and the truth is I don't think he knew. I by the fact from Winston Week as he gassed by the media's he went from city to city he'd be like the truth is I don't know I'm not sure we got to see how all this plays out and Shannon my final point is did Kevin quit on the Golden State Warriors that year now no Kevin Durant thought his way back from a pulled calf Kevin durant risked his career for draymond and the other teammates to come back a little bit prematurely in the playoffs so that that he could try to help pull them out of a whole any tore his Achilles tendon and it cost him this whole season. Will you can't fault that you can't condemn him for for biting all the way back in risking a whole year for Draymond and company right so so again I find no fault in what Kevin Did Kevin. Being Kevin and I find it feels like draymond is trying to remind everybody of the good old days. How great they could have been. When in fact Golden State as we speak is fifteen and fifty if you listen to draymond tall when reporters would ask him. Yeah I want to be here. You know I was here. I'm a foundation piece. I was here where it started. I want to continue this thing. They ask clay. Yes I want to be here you know. I was here when we were down building a foundation piece. Kevin Durant wasn't a foundation piece. Kevin Durant well this late room. He made the House vote does what he was and Kevin like. Oh wait. Y'All realize what y'all have here and Kevin and where he gave the media's but the kids Kevin Durant book I don't know I don't really know Katie watching from a distance but when I listen AK VETO. Katie is about hooping Katie. Can y'all can keep the press conferences. Yawkey keep all that other stuff. All I want to do is just let me who if kept guild of Cabinet. Rank could literally just go play basketball and not have to do post game not have to do pre game. That's what he would do. That's what he he didn't want to do anything else. But I understand that part of that is selling. That Katy shoe is a part of being showing people. You'll personnel. Join the side. That they can't get an opportunity to witness all the core but you gotTa let this go. Bra. The girl left you now. Got Her new man now. You can tell. She could've told me she was going to leave me. Go with Joe that it happened. That have been all finding good. Has she told you? Leave your but but you should have known you kept asking the dish. She loves you she. You're crazy we do together now. And that will Katie give. He said he loved him. He's saying but now we'll see. After three years he was he was done. It's Okay Draymond you got to rings which in Three Years Katie had Katie. Not got injured. You probably would've had a bird but you can't be upset that the man left like you said you step in clay. Y'All on the foundation piece K. D. came in enjoy that it was great but he wanted to do something else. That's okay too. You can't hold that man to get. You can't be mad at him because he was killed. I told you my grandma and say boy key is drugs of angry. People were generally tell you the truth when draymond got mad and he called Katie he thought Katie was that all alone because he joined the seventy three win team. He always thought dedicated. He suppressed. But Boris get. When you get mad you will say a lot of things that you say if you novel keep the P. But the moment you get mad you have so you know you know what and Data Katie just say. Did that manager call were. Oh my goodness this what you think. Katie I wanted to two or three best players and all the basketball and you think I'm GonNa be OK okay. I'm of the season but it's never going to be the same and I'm GonNa give it all you know. People say noted arguments with a lot of teammates. You know what line that. Cross your lucky. Probably the Football Locker. Rooms kill you. GotTa you've got a new age. You gotTA knuckle up. You have a wall as simple as that. Now I'll say at basketball. They probably got a little different culture. I've never been on a basketball locker room but call eight colleague and see what happened calling out on the street that you will have to fight him. Katie show great restraint in not in not going to get a draymond but look here. It was over from that point being a beverly being a proper man. Katie when coming back from that they would have called the Golden State documentary of the last year. The last B word. Because that's what it was. That was the last word it was the B word and it was basically over right there and yet looking back it it seems to me. Draymond should actually be thankful to Kevin because he did leave Russell Westbrook for them after Russell and Kevin had them down three to one in the conference finals. And help me out here. It feels like Kevin One dream on to rings because Kevin was backed back silence. Mvp and I don't know if they would've won without it. So Okay so we feel unto rings more than he probably deserve to inherit the things he got he. Katie leaving with the Riemann dre. Got The MAX deal. Have you will occur. Contract KLAY AMAX CONTRACT K. Deal Matt Contract Andrew Mollenbeck. Dre As you will do that do care. So he'll leave. Do get more money. I agree documentary documentary just yet. Welcome back undisputed. Well the Patriots have agreed to Trade Rob Gronkowski and a seventh round draft. Pick to the buccaneers for only fourth round. Pick in return. So Shannon did Bill Fella. Check get fleeced in this trade. I don't believe so skip. I think like I said remembers give. He tried to trade him earlier. Now he's trying to trade him. He traded him now after knowing that Gronk had been out of the year and saying that the only way I'm playing I'm playing with Tom Brady. You can't put him on the open market because he's already made that public. I'm not playing quarterback. So what are you GONNA get bored? It's give you remember the situation where Mike Shanahan. My former coach tried to trae jake plumber to the Tampa. Bay buccaneers in Jon. Gruden and J new trade me. I'm going to retire. Were Mike and traded it in Jake. Plumber retire so scale. I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not going to give a trays trae for someone that's GonNa Retire your draft pick and then and then I'm out of a draft pick no could check didn't have a whole lot of leverage. He got what he could you. Please remember scale coach. Bela check did not anticipate grunt giving him anything he retired. So if I don't anticipate anything about Paul something outlets I'm not calling bra trade but I'm saying if I said something to curb somebody said like a throwing this away. I'm like yeah how about I give you fifty bucks for it okay. I'm in no position to argue because I didn't want it anyway. I didn't anticipate having it. I living at go skill. If you and I both know had rock had a great season let's just say he plays Lesher. Forget the see that had he plays last year. He has some tape. And let's say grow seventy eight touchdown. It's hard for me to believe that coach. Belichick can't get it leave at bare minimum. Third Rounder without having to give up giving up that seventh round but because he took that Europe because his numbers were uncustomary along the year before. I think that had a lot to do with it. Plus like I said could only have a dollar fifty cent and cap space. What Ellie going to hit me. So adult picky got pleased. I coach coach coach doings. Give you see this. He wants guys that want to be there. I think those other two gathered visit kind of Warren Bills. And when you're young you can tolerate a lot of things with as I got older manures starting to free and all that yellow and rose over gay to repeat it gets only nerves. Go Mike Shanahan. My former coach Brad. Billy was nothing like Bill Belichick. I can imagine but I remember when Laine Johnson said they're not having phone over there. They're all still bathing. Everybody craned it and Lord behold just two years later the whole thing with the shambles. You have not heard me condemn coach bill checks culture just because Brady gronk finally burned out on it and said that's enough. Obviously Tom lasted twenty years. And I can't argue obviously with nine super bowls in six rings so it was working in large part because Tom Brady helped make it work because he was always the buffer. The mediator in the locker room telling all the younger players. It's okay just swallow it. Bite your tongue do your job like he asked you to do. And we're going to win rings. And because he set that tone example it continued to work but again to your point bell check did want to trade before his final season which was two seasons ago and he had a deal in place. Detroit for a first round pick okay. Fair is fair first. Rounder for Rob Gronkowski greatest tied endeavor. At that point he was still twenty eight years of age and yet raw said No. I ONLY WANNA play with Tom. Brady so to me back to Jimmy's question the harder I look at this the more it feels like bill. Bill did get fleeced and maybe wanted to get fleeced. Maybe he wants to say to the world. Hey I don't need Tom Brady. I'll let him go for nothing. I don't even need Rob Gronkowski. I'll just basically give him away for a fourth and also give them a seven so it sort of is we talked about it actually mitigates to this so so I basically he's saying I I give him away and I'll show you. I'll take all these spare parts these faceless nameless cogs and I'll rebuild on the fly here and I'll win without them and I think that's what he's trying to do because Shannon I get it that Rob Gronkowski was not going to play for Bill Belichick. That was a done deal that were given but the other half of that equation was he only was going to play for one man one team. Now Tom Brady's buccaneers so velvet. Had too no wait a second. I do have leverage here. Because that's the only place he's going to go and they desperately would love to have him. They don't need him. They still got quality tight ends but they don't have rob Gronkowski and obviously behind the scenes. Tom Brady was pushing like crazy psycho. Tom was going psycho over. You GotTa get this done. Well if you gotta get it done been either a you give up. Oj Howard tight in for tied in. And I would have been fine with that swap as much as I believe in the future of Oj. Howard I still think that would have been a fair deal for both sides a good deal for both sides and that didn't happen so then as a fallback you'd say to Tampa will give us give us a two gives a second round or for Rob Gronkowski. Because I still believe Tampa would've done that. Tampa has a second rounder in this upcoming Thursday night draft bill. Belichick gave up his second. Rounder for Mohamed Sanu. Even you said Bust Swing Admits Jack in seriously Shannon. When I when I step back from this I say well. Obviously bill is an all time. Great Defensive Football coach. There's no doubt about that and you can certainly make the case as you often do that. He's the greatest football coach ever. I still think is Bill Walsh but we could fight about that another day but when we talk about team building we talk about trader bill. He's looking all time bad because just in recent memory he just gave away. Jimmy G. I don't know what it was. Was that a spite move. Because he was forced to trading by Robert Kraft he just he calls up John Lynch and call Shannon and says hey I gotta deal for you. Would you give me a two for Jimmy Garoppolo? And they're like seriously they thought it was like an April fools joke. Yeah Yeah we'll do that. We'll give you a two Jimmy G. And they got their starting quarterback. And we're GonNa talk about them later because they had a chance to get Tom Brady and decided to even stick with Jimmy G. that they stole for two. So was that a spike trade by bill check. I have no idea but then we go to remember he did. I thought pretty much gave away. Jacoby were set another quarterback he developed. Who's been a starting quarterback in a decent starting quarterback? In this league. He gave them away for Philip door set. Who's now gone to Seattle? I don't know that wasn't you? Don't trade a potential starting quarterback for kind of a bust of a first round pick wide receiver in indy. Who did some nice moments for Tom? Brady? But but not like what percent is done. We talked about the deal. That was just a swing and a miss and then I don't know Doron harm. And he just traded away to Detroit for a fifth round pick and drum was a starter for this team last year for New England so Shannon I. I don't know it looks like trader. Bill is looking worse and worse. We'LL SKIP I. WanNa I WANNA stick to this trade but you have to understand that. But if I'm not mistaken skip they were gonNA Trade Gras and either second or third for Detroit's first round pick and I think the thing is what you have to understand. Grant was the first all pro tidiest and he went to the pro bowl. So that's what you have. So that's what you bargained with right there and like you said he was under the age of thirty so I can go to like look. This is the best tight end in football. He's under the age of thirty. He just had an all pro pro bowl type of pro bowl season. Yeah if you want this. What is going to take now? Take that away. The negative skip. He have his worst season since his rookie season tie or career low in touchdowns with three and the year after that he says the entire season skilled a fourth round pick is more than what the Patriots thought they would get from Rob Gronkowski this season. Because they did not anticipate him playing at all so at least military says look. If he don't play for me he wants to play there. I got a problem with that skill. That just goes to show you come out because our care. I would not be surprised IF JULIAN ELEMENT BY GAY TRADED. Their he released but the thing is if we mentioned too in all of his injury history. Should we bring that up with GROP? Would injure history our the other side of thirty. Because he's going to be thirty one next month. You keep talking about thirty. He's one month away now. We know what he can be but if injury history inexpensive and he's been injured more time we care that he wished that he had been so. That's they're all so I GIVE. I think coach Belichick Guy. Would he can get given the circumstances given that. Gronk had let it be known publicly. I mean the player Brady or not play so you don't have the leverage that you have. That's why you won't. Tiv Won't plans to keep trae request hush because once that become public you lose a lot of the be ability to get fair compensation not that. You're going to get better coverage spatial looking at basketball because they trump lengthy right what you WANNA keep that demand down so it just comes out of blue. Oh really okay. Yeah we'll give you that like in God quit Jacksonville's he's letting it be known. Well get compensation if he's doing he's argued with older son on twitter and let known he wants out. How are they ever GonNa get fair? Compensation Okay back to one quick point that you made the proposed. Detroit deal before this is going back. Two years ago before his final season in New England rocks the proposed deal was New England was going to get a first round pick. They were just going to trade places with Detroit in the second round. So that was the big deal on the table that GRBIC YEP ROC successfully vetoed it. Because he said. I ONLY WANNA play with Tom. Brady I don't WanNa go to Detroit now back to OJ Howard again. I have read this. I've heard this. I don't know this for a dead solid fact but I think belichick has talked to Tampa about trading four. Oj Howard in the past so there was already interest there. That never come to fruition so I still don't right understand how he couldn't have pushed for and finally one OJ Howard. The only plausible theory here is because Oj did wind up some in Bruce Arians doghouse last year. Because he's still hadn't quite grown up yet. Is it possible that bell check called Nick Sabin and obviously they're very close? There was a documentary on the two of them are sort of a sit down with the to them did he calls. Sabin and save warned him off. Oj. I I don't know but I'm pretty sure 'cause I've heard and read this so many times. I'm pretty sure Bella. Check at least kick the tires of trading for OJ Howard before so how Tampa wound up with Gronk and kept OJ. Howard is beyond beyond belief to me because Tampa can use. Oj Howard is. We talked about earlier to take some of the REPS OFF. Gronk and try to keep him fresher for a playoff run so to me man. Bill bill turns out looking so bad because he winds up he gives away a seven winds up with a four and and he's still has thirteen million in dead money on his cap from Tom. Brady so in New England. I'm sure Patriot. Nation is sitting back saying coach. Wait a second you just let two goats go to Tampa and all you have to show for. It is a fourth. That's actually more like a fifth and wait a second you still. You had to eat thirteen million dollars. A Brady's dead cap money. I mean. That's just horrible on top a horrible and then Shannon. Obviously I looked down at what just happened in free. Agency and New England did next to nothing in free agency and there was pretty much. This mass exodus. You can say they're all just call. They're all just no-name sort of pieces but but they lost. Kyle vanoy endorse it and Ted Care. Starting Center last year. And Danny Shelton and a land and Roberts and Jamie Collins and they cut gusts Caskey and they traded as I just mentioned Doron harmon and all they added was helped me out. If you know these people bow Alan demere bird. I know him a little bit from Arizona. Adrian Phillips a good specialties player and they brought back Brian Hoyer for the third time and they kept Devin mccourty obviously and they tag Joe Tuni and that's it I just gave you their off-season and it looks like they're going forward with stood as in. Jared stood him the next. Tom Brady seriously. So so Shannon. Are you sure about the Patriots? Having a better record next year than the Tampa. Bay buccaneers is. That's our bet was. It is what it is now and I wouldn't be surprised if traded Joe Chew Tunde because fourteen million dollars for a guard that didn't make the pro bowl. It's not an all pro. That's a lot of various guilty for not Zack. Martin that's not the kid. That's not the kid opening that those are the two guards and all the football so i. That's a lot of money for guy this guy. And I don't get why he franchise I really don't I guess they were to lose them in so they like look come draft time. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA move in and I guess you know in phrases people being on things and they will not going to be able to get into a beating with anybody because they were cash strapped strapped as you mentioned and as you say thirteen million dollars cap space is being eaten up for by. God does not even on your roster and. That's Tom Brady. So that's thirteen million dollars in couchbase that you could have if you probably a way to somehow do greatest deal years it goes get with all they did was kept kicking the can down the road and they kept coming and it was gonNA come to this and they just had to make that balloon payment. When you look at it I just think with grunts injury history. I think gronk retired in coming off a season which was not the GRONK that we're used to. I think that aided in the fact and coach check simply looked at it they gotta grow. At least I can get a draft pick draft pick might turn out to be a special teams player or contribute on offense or defense is so so what do I do. Hold onto a guy out of spite. That's not gonNA play for me. And not getting compensation or let him go and get some compensation and I think that's what he did back to the Oj. How was killed? You Know Co saving love guys from Alabama because their coach coach Saban defensive coordinator in Cleveland. And they talk extensively so I'm I'm surprised that they haven't pulled the trigger. So maybe but that when I look at it I don't think cold. Save because you see you've seen him. We've seen him come to bat for tour. We see them go to bed for other players that come out of Alabama. So let's give out on. Thank you would say anything negative about O J Howard but like I said you you never know But two million dollars is not a lot of money but when you only got a dollar fifty and cabinet space. Two dollars twenty million. Okay so I'm going to give you an out right here right now. On live national television. We made a bet that I said Tampa would have a better record next year. The New England and you took it for five cases of Diet Mountain Dew. God's breakfast champions and right now I will let you out of the bet for just one case if you just give me one case right now just because I feel sorry for you. And I'm so happy for Tampa today I'll let you out of the bad for five cases. Would you like out of the Bat right now? Can I can I think about it? Can I sleep voted? Yeah Yeah you can sleep on it okay or drink on are you gonNA think on it. Shannon. You got a little bit of time.

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