Epilogue: The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You, by Jessica Alba


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Podcasts contains barnyard language and some adult content so maybe listen headphones if you're at work or around small children now. Here's a shout hagia. Linda yes kristin. It has been week since we lived by the honest life. And you know what that means honestly. It is time for another by the book. Minneapolis news. that's right. It's time for another by the epilogue this week. We're looking at the aftermath of living by the honest life. Living naturally and true to you by jessica alba so shall we start off with some feedback from folks who've read the honest. Yes i think that is a very good place to start with the source material. Yes ama- has this to say. I read the honest a few years ago. When i was first dabbling with efforts to be more eco friendly. I liked that jessica alba was very non-judgmental in admitted that she also wasn't perfect. I think if. I've read a more hardcore echo guide. I would have felt it was impossible but thanks to her. I made some changes. Not big shattering ones. But i do try to use more earth friendly cleaners and consume less plastic than i used to. Oh that makes me happy to hear. I mean the way. I feel about it. Anything that makes us cut down on plastic usage and be a little kinder to the earth. You know that that is a good verdict. So am i really glad it worked for you. But not everyone that the advice jessica alba makes that much sense kristen. Yeah marley had this to say. I try to live with as little environmental impact as i can. However i have some issues with instructions like those given by jessica alba and the clean living movement. I hate the tactic of. Don't use products with ingredients. You can't pronounce if you break down anything into basic chemical ingredients because see it with me. Everything is a chemical most people can't pronounce them and it's absolutely a fear mongering technique when common named ingredients are put on ingredient lists it leaves room for ambiguity and it doesn't mean that it's actually cleaner than an ingredient listed by the chemical name. I find that the clean living movement has caused a mistrust of science in an incredibly dangerous way in an attempt to be natural and stay away from chemicals. People are doing things that are actually dangerous like ingesting essential oils instead of seeing a doctor or taking actual medicine or getting backseat. That pronunciation as a hard and fast rule is not a good one. Because i always thought like more of the chemical name was listed on the back of bottles like four specificity so you could see like which way this natural plant product was. Broken down. And then put into your. You know thing you're eating are putting on your face so yeah it gets messy. Yeah there's this thing. I'm ingesting right now. Jolanta called hydrogen hydrogen oxygen h two o. Well below that is off. Water is yeah yeah. That's that's what it is right or is that an element. whatever it is. It sounds like it might not be pronounced. If you're not used to those words right right right and also yes to the suspicion of science like i agree with that anything that leads people to be overly suspicious of science folks. Don't be suspicious of science joelinton arab. So happy were vaccinated and we're so happy. We have access to medicine agreed k. Rights into say. I have an issue with cruelty free branding. It is a gimmick. I have done animal research and have worked in lab. Animal care and i can say confidently that is so hypocritical to demand product safety and then turn around and also demand products not be tested on animals. How do you think products are tested for safety products. That aren't tested on animals directly use ingredients known to be safe from. You guessed it previous animal testing personally. I think this is a huge dishonour to the animals. That did contribute to our knowledge of the safety of these ingredients. I have to say. I have a dear friend who works in medical research and she very much shares this opinion that it sort of sweeping Like the service under the rug and like blissful ignorance about like. Ed scroll free because like other people are cruel. Yeah so yeah. It is a chicken egg situation not to make light of animals. But like it's a tough one. It's a fucking tough one because we all want animals to be treated well but we all wanna make sure doing safe things and we don't wanna test on us. I don't want to. you're absolutely right. I don't think any of us want animals to be treated with cruelty in any way. But we've all benefited from animal testing and it. It sucks. the animals have been tested on but it also is like a racing. It like kay said and then putting a label on your package that implies no animals wherever tested on for your product. It's it's not true because animals were previously whether it was two years ago or ten years ago years ago they were tested on so that we know that that chemical can go on your eyelid or whatnot. Yeah we rely on it more than we think. Now you take issue. Not just with jessica alba's philosophy but her company itself for example jury says i just eat the name ernest company. When i hear name like that it makes me wonder what kinds of heinous they are hiding. I have to agree all we just when when a company has like a hard strong name. I always just start wondering about the opposite. You know what i mean. It's just what what a lot of our minds do. Krista says i used to use on us products with my first baby because of my concern about the chemicals. I like jessica alba enough but in the end. I realize. She's just the face of a giant corporation hawking their products just like any other company. They even started suing other companies to use the name honest claiming that the word was trademarked. For example they sued the honest toddler. Blog and the blog is from the point of view of a very sarcastic child. The woman who ran the blog had to go to court to defend her livelihood against a huge corporation. I stopped using the honest companies products. At that point it is strange. Sometimes what words get trademarked. And what should be trademark. I mean years ago. I had a friend who worked for emma's on books. The first lesbian bookstore in america right in my hometown of minneapolis minnesota ray small indie bookstore. That had been there for my entire life and there was this other company. Also named amazon. That you may have heard of this tiny little bookstore got sued. So i yeah. Yeah it's it's crazy. What words can be trademarked and I can't help but wonder people who live in the amazon. How they feel about the speaking trademark. Yes seem with honest. Yeah i'm guessing. There are a lot of things that might have the word honest in the title. Yeah i'm sure and you know at risk of being sued. Kristen are there are more listeners. Who wrote in about trying to live in an honest way. We could read their mail. But i'm afraid like our use of the word honest to spend so liberal it anyway. let's do it anyway. Yes let's do because a lot of you guys are trying to live more honestly. Yes kira says for me trying to reduce my dependency on consumerism. Single use fast. Fashion is a big home goal. I try to thrift anything. I absolutely need to buy and make as many homemade things as i can like all purpose spray and hand sanitizer when i do buy something new. I look for high quality products from companies that are transparent about their materials and their sustainability goals. This is all aspirational. I'm not perfect. I just do my best. I have to say cara. I have just started getting into making more of my own Like cleaners and such. And i really have tried to look at it from our crafting lens. And it really sort of helps motivate me. That's neither here nor there but it's what helps me sort of push myself selfishly. Be like i'm crafty. Cow craft some like windex. some clean wind windex. I love that you do that joel. Unfortunately some of you wish you could do that and feel bad that you don't do more it's true. Karen wrote in to say. I try but don't have a lot of oaths to give between caring disabled spouse working job that hasn't given the raise in five years dreaming of the day when i'll have the emotional energy to apply for other jobs and doing at least the bare minimum to keep the house habitable. I can't afford a lot of time or money on things that may or may not work. I try cheap homemade option. Here are there. When i'm feeling spunky but if it doesn't work i buy something i know will work and get on with it. Karen feel like that's what we have to do. And i definitely think brad Either identifies with you deeply. Because he's caring for disabled spouse or he went under cover and wrote this letter because there are times where he'll be doing something from me you're not gonna do it like this five extra stoplights and maybe be a little cleaner. And he's like. I can't i have worked calling me and that is real. Let alone if we had kids and some of you wanted to point out something that both you and i are aware of but we failed to mention in our episode specifically alley. Says like the two of you. I'm also trying to use more eco friendly organic and local products. Something that wasn't mentioned in the episode was how expensive these products can be. I live in. New york's hudson valley or have access to local and organic farms bakeries breweries wineries dairy farms and yes kristin even pasta makers however buying these products can get very expensive. Also buying more eco. Friendly products may save money in the long term but requires a high investment. This lifestyle is not feasible for everyone. I'm sure you're both well aware of this. But is the author right. That's very true and we definitely didn't talk about that this much in this episode but there are times when i'm like i'm going to start making all these cleaners and it does mean i have to buy a few jars or bottles or whatnot and link those add up and i always think like wow good thing i have some disposable income a smidge of it to throw at this because it isn't cheap even when you have a wealth of resources or things to purchase you still have to have money for those resources and they aren't cheap yes One last thing we want to mention before we get to our first break all lot of you. Lots and lots and lots of you wrote in to say you. Just find the whole book. Suspicious because if jessica alba is telling us to live honestly and has a company that schilling products that she wants us to buy should. We really trust her right. Is that just a book. Length add it just might be thinking about that while we take a break by the book. 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So many people have thoughts about me going. No poo Darcy road into say. Oh kristen. I sincerely hope that jessica alba didn't tell you to issue all hair cleaners and your efforts to be no poo cleansers are totally fine. When you're no pooing as long as they don't have sulfates sulfites parabens etc. I personally use a co wash. Which is a conditioning hair. Cleanser and it works like a dream. But not all of you agree with darcy. Jane says i'm a w ono poop jurist that means water only and i'm so impressed. That kristen tried to go all in with her. Nope who experiment no judgment here but most people i know who claim to be no poo still use cleansers of some sort like shampoo bars dry shampoos. Nonsense zing hair washes all of which come with packaging. Waste as someone who i pursued the no poo path to be more eco friendly. I didn't wanna swap one kind of waste for another and so the water only method was what i went with but unlike kristen i massage my scalp and hair underwater way more than once a week and many of you wrote in to say you use home remedies to be low. Who are no poo. Debbie says i've found that it takes a little tweaking to find what works best for your hair and scalp. I have thin straight hair and an oily scalp. So i add a little bit of whole milk to baking soda and wash my hair with that about every four days or so renting with lemon juice and water acts like my conditioner. Diluted vinegar works the same way but you might smell like a pickle. I love pickles with that. One could total aphrodisiac for the way she just said. I love pickles like ooh. I love the goals like it was deep. Yes pickles. I love you and i have to say a lot of you wrote in to say you hate the idea of no pooing outright. Mary said the new trend reminds me. Of what i hate about self help. In general some people naturally take the advice because it jibes with what they wanted to do. Anyway the rest of us are miserable trying to follow it and feel like we're doing it wrong because we feel awful honestly. I can't believe there's a trend out there that tells women it's always women that by cleaning our hair. Where doing it wrong on the hair type. Yeah but everybody's type is different even if it looks the same. I mean one thing. I wanna point out because a lot of people wrote to me and said kristen. You're asian of course it's not gonna work on you well. It's a very popular thing to be no poo in korea and my friend paul. Who's also asian. American is water. Only no poo. And i was trying to follow his guidance when i did that. His hair is perfect looking mine. Not so much even though we have the same hair texture and everything. I have many korean friends. So don't have harris hurley as you kristen eck or like that are way thicker. It doesn't matter we're all different. Yes and i also have different skin and my sculptures made out of skin so maybe like my hair textures in the whole thing. Maybe it's also like the you know oil production or the seditious glands on my scope to that are contributing to whether or not it works for me right. Don't get me started on those lands. As is a lot of scar tissue right now. I have my own battles but let's shut forever about hair wash. Everybody just do what works for you. Okay we love you. We love your hair. We love your hair regimen. We kristen took it too far. I agree other people. Said i didn't take it far enough seriously. We talk. they wanna do though right. You're right you enough about hair washing. Can we please talk about food washing. Yes yes. I just want to remind everybody in this episode. Jolanta was quite unhappy to find out. That brad does not wash the prude. Produce before serving it to joe wente. And i try to say teen doesn't do it either. Jesse wrote into say. My male partner is very serious about washing produce so not washing pro. Seems like brad and dean issue. Not a more general dudes issue. Thank you jesse and jenny. I'm just going to say it. Sounds like a lady name. I could be wrong but jenny is pretty much backing up. Jesse here by saying. I never wash my produce. But i'm in the u. k. and the e. u.'s. Regulations on what chemicals can be used on. Food are quite djamil. Says i wash my produce every time because i picture the guy who is in the produce section five minutes before me who didn't wash his hands after using the bathroom touching every apple i mean. How many times have i had to stop my own eager. Children from touching every apple. That's why i'm coming from. I don't trust us in the near vicinity. I don't even. I can't even get my brain wrapped around the chemicals that probably touched my produce leg. I also just don't trust like the bag brad. Put it in. That is ben in our closet for how long that who knows what's going. Yeah also remember when we were first starting to mask at the beginning of cove and those stats came out about like the average person touches. Their face like fifty times an hour. It's like how many gooey things that my touching on my face and then touching produce or somebody else's touching you know Wiping my eyes or scratching my nose or god knows what's going for my face to the stuff that i'm touching in the grocery store. I want everyone else out there to wash their produce. Because i might be touching it. Not just as the grossest thing down there touched. I touched gross. Yes how gross i am. I can only assume you're half as gross and we should all just rinse a fucking ample us please. I let's move on something a little bit. Sunnier yeah oh joe. Linda listen to. This is one of those moments when brad if we were in private would say you've been hanging out with kristen too long to that is your way of saying though that we talk about sun production. A lot of you wanted to share your own tips on eco-friendly sun. Production for example. Maya says this is where masks have been so great for me. I can run around looking like a covert celebrity in my hooded jacket. Sunglasses and mask and be completely covered with no lotion or potion. Which i mostly allergic to anyway. Yeah the masks are great. I second that maya masks. I i was actually thinking over the weekend. I'm like i wonder how the next generation of kids is gonna look no sun damage because they've been wearing masks for so long a my. Gosh you're right. Yeah they're going to look beautiful. There's going to have no damage. They're gonna age they're going to be ageless. Yes let's see. Times says when i got married years ago i didn't wanna bouquets so i bought a fancy parasol instead. I've started to use it on regular walks when the sun is too hot for even the highest spf to protect my nearly transparent white skin. It actually feels a bit cooler under there too. Oh i love the mirasol against the sun. When i lived in india years and years and years ago long time ago. We all carried parasols. When i lived in japan for a bet that was like a big way to protect against the sun in the summer. Yeah it was great. I loved my parasol. Also when i lived in india was monsoon season. Was there at just the right four months so when it wasn't raining down. Uv rays like ten degrees. It was raining down actual rain so those umbrellas were great loved. I feel like that would work very well in the springtime here in new york when we get those sort of rolling storms. Yes and all about pretty umbrellas. Oh my god. Dan got me one very recently. That has a pattern designed by a new zealand artist. It's floral it's beautiful. It's got birds on it. Yeah have have a pretty umbrella. Carry it around. I love leopard print. One that my mom recently installed. Oh my gosh. does it match kane das. Oh my gosh. it's a different. They're they're like they are not the same kind of print but like honestly if i wore them together they'd work nice. You need to do that. Went to sport that look Says it might sound dorky. But i bring a sheet with me to the beach and lay under it. I like the sound of the waves but the sun or i also use sensitive skin formula sunscreen and hats especially when hiking so you bring a sheet instead of just like fashioning a layer of whatever close people have left around you over you off but some of you are more worried about the sun than sunscreen. Jessica says we know the sun will give us game cancer. We wonder suspect of sunscreen. Well i'll take my chances and deal with the chemicals and my sunscreen. I will to. Except when i am swimming in coral reefs and other areas with endangered species and animals and i think most coral reefs nowadays actually do have signed saying no sunscreen allowed because chemical sunscreens do tend to kill the coral reefs. But yeah for my own body. Ooh i'm gonna use a mix between the two going forward. Yeah that's a good car now. A few of you had this question you wanted to ask. Joe lente sarah. Jane says i just finished listening to the honest life episode. And i have to say. I'm a bit confused by your verdict. Jolanta you say that doctors and your own research have shown that a lot of what jessica alba advises is true. But you wouldn't believe it just from the book. Is there a reason is jessica. Alba's writing style really childish or something or is it because we know her as a pretty actress. Can you please explain jolanta. i would say Mainly my my initial thought is because the book doesn't give that many resources as to where she got the information and i'm fine with someone like collecting information and presenting it to me but i wanna know like the source material and i you know in reading like medical research and talking to my doctors have found a lot of her advice does work for me but i would say the way she lays it out as often just like book camels right leg my friend. Who's a doctor says. Like avoid the ones you can and like. That's it's very vague. And you know. I know we give a hard time to people who over right their books with like too much supporting evidence but this one had not enough for me and i would say that is why when you're talking about ingredients chemicals. It helps to get like a hint more specific for me to trust you so even though she was saying the same things. Your doctors have told you you trust your doctors because you know that they've done their research And i know like if i can say why they can be like well if you see in these like studies that like really interest like this thing keeps coming up more and more. We're just gal by like when the book lake once she goes into a why. It's more just like i heard this. They're like my research did that. And it's like i need a hint more than my research. Especially because you're coming to me from a non research background and as someone who went to the same school as this pretty actress. I can saying i know. Her background is not in chemical research. And you know i guess. I'm not giving her any harder. Time than i would give myself so or someone i went to acting school with and i would be like. Where can i have a few more sources. Maybe i'm being bech. i dunno. I don't think you're being a badge. I do think that there is a risk taking scientific advice from an actress. Anne unless the actress or actor for that matter. Is ken jeong who was already a doctor. I write more. They're going into medicine now. I'd be like did you hear that in your in your class and you're talking about medic medicine digging myself into more and more of a whole probably so can we take another break christa. Let's take another break and when we come back we'll talk about further. I wrapped in dough. And of course we'll announce next week's book if you're around in the nineties jolanta and i were you remember hooked on phonics commercials. It's a brand you grew up with or maybe even used to learn to read thirty five years later. Hooked on phonics is still the leader in teaching children to read. I gotta say as an anti and an honorary auntie. I know and love many children who are hooked on hooked on phonics hooked on phonics the learn to read curriculum. 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That dean made while revolting against his all vegetable all local honest life. Meal plan Dean called them. Weiner roll-ups if you'd recall in christians audio diary. Most of us myself included had never heard that term. We put survey to ask all of you. What you would call a hotdog wrapped in some type of crescent perhaps a pillsbury crescent here where some of the contenders crescent dogs sausage rolls kalash dogs moses in a blanket sausage and addressing and mummy dogs of the nearly one thousand respondents over eighty percent said they called this delicacy pigs in a blanket. I mean come on no dogs. What is this halloween year round. I'm sorry to whoever has grown up with mommy dogs. I'm probably just jealous. I and you know what. I understand why people call it pigs in a blanket but i guess i have an aversion to that partly because for the same reason when i walk by a restaurant and the animal that i'm supposed to be eating dressed in a cute costume so like there's this chicken restaurant in our neighborhood and it's this picture of a chicken wearing acute chef's hat and holding skillet and i'm like you're so cute i don't wanna think about you and i may remind the follow animal. Yeah sure babe in a blanket right you know. So maybe we nee- roll up sir. I don't know i'm eating vegetarian ones for that matter. We usually we usually use budget. -tarian weenies in our house. Also i don't know maybe at some point maybe i'm over thinking it. I think you're over thinking it. But i feel like we also didn't get to the part. Where only two percent of the people who voted said weenie roll. Ups is what they call them. So dean i'm going to start calling him jean-yves roll up hats off by the way to those two percent because they were also minnesotans and that's what they call them on our school lunch menu whenever they. I'll have to ask my mom what she calls them and report back at a later date. Oh yes yes. Because your mom's minnesotan as well. yeah. I'll be curious me. I've got served some similar lunches to you. Yes i'm guessing Huge thank you to everyone who wrote in everyone who shared their thoughts on facebook reminder to those of you who wanna call in but for god you can leave us a voicemail at three zero two four nine books. That's three zero. Two four nine two six six five seven and if you want to hop onto our facebook community and you're not already there you can find it at facebook dot com slash groups slash bt pod and now jolanta. It's that time it's the time when we announced next week's hook and our next book is but how to be a bad bitch by amber rose. What if i want to be a good bitch. Will this book be offensive to female dogs. I love female dogs. I love them. Listen next week to hear more. And that's it for this many episodes of my the huge thanks to our amazing production team at stitcher brandon knicks. Rin wallace and this week. Marcus home thanks. Also to nate. Wider composed our theme song. And to the risi's we perform it. Please stay in touch. Keep the condo. Going on the honest live on facebook at facebook dot com slash group slash. Btv pod you can hit us up via email act. Preston enchilada at gmail.com. Don't forget you can also find us on. Twitter asked by the book. Pod ashland aji and at kristen minder and if you have not yet done so already pleased rate us and review us and apple podcasts or stitcher give us five. Stars fills hurts with love and it helps other people to find the show. And if you haven't already. How a friend about the show until next time i'm jill integrion berg in. I'm kristen minder. Thank you for. 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