NFL Week 11, Matt Nagy Is A Doofus, Lamar Is Absurd And We Rank Weird Fans


On today's part in my take we have football. You know it. It's Monday we have a full recap of week. Eleven a mad about the bears. We have Lamar Jackson being the front runner for the MVP we have the Patriots winning the rematch. The super bowl the rubber match of the Super Bowl a lot of football to get football guy. The Week A. Monday reading. WHO's back a packed Monday? Show for you but before we do all that. Pardon teak is brought to you by the cash APP CASH APP as simple sway to send and save money and now the simplest way to try to grow your money introducing cash up investing unlike unlike investing tools that only lets you buy whole shares of a stock cash applets you purchase slices of shares. This way when your favorite company stock is just a little too expensive assist you can still own a piece with as little as one dollar and because the cash APP is directly connected to your bank account. There are no four to five day waiting period for inbound transfers. So you you can start investing today. Broker services are provided by cash APP investing a subsidiary of Square and member. SIPC also. It's Monday and you know what that means. Today's bad beats Monday. Cash up is hooking up eight of us. Who suffered over the weekend? So tweet your beats to at part of my taken at cash up with the cash tag bad beats Monday and don't forget your cash tag in order to get made partially whole again. Don't forget the whole Hashtag or you'll be curse for next weekend's games that's just science. Don't questioning download the cash APP from the APP store or Google play store today. Okay let's go in In new he led by the Cash Chap is bad beats Monday. Hashtag bad beats Monday tweet. That cash APP tweet that at us they will hook up. Some of. You got screwed this weekend. Today is Monday November. Eighteenth Week Eleven. Oh Oh what what is echoing here we start in Baltimore. As Jackson was Lamar Qabail facing off against his contemporary temporary deshaun Watson who looked like Zombie all Sunday afternoon. Daisy Duke Johnson got cut off and showed his ass as Texans. Offense couldn't and get moving on the other side the Ravens road the Gospels for one hundred twelve yards in score and Andre. The giant Hopkins came up small as Texans scored scored seven points or the amount of beers. One would drink and at twenty minute cab ride verbal gift Boom de- under the giant. No no no please. No No. No no not another quarterback no no ravens forty one Texan seven and four more quarterback. We're back Ryan played his first game of the season on natural surface. Kyle Woody Allen acted inappropriately and put out a film. That's only funny because it's so uncomfortable Kenyan. Can you and Barack Obama reach across. The aisle took it all the way to the House as panthers often stolen crash faster than healthcare dot. Gov As my good for Charlie Sheen would say quitting Dan. That is as Falcons coach. Earns himself talk of an extension focused. Twenty nine the Piper. Very route John where the Redskins who Oregon three point five scaramucci without scoring a touchdown matched up like that. So Red Hot jets Sam Darnold Palmer said when life hands you. Lemons turn it into to half lemonade half ICED tea. And tell everyone we're going to run the damn table Darius red beans and Rice Zadaran into the end zone. But it wasn't enough for the hapless was Redskins as Sam Darnold Swath on egg team common uncommon uncommon oncoming and. Dwayne Haskins Robbins was feeling thirty. One flavors a pressure with six sacks and ten. QB hits. Don't look now but the jets are on a winning streak. Thirty four seventeen so spread and Minnesota were cooked cousins completes a historic twenty point combat. You fight that Alvin. Cookie Monster got the fourth quarter going. I would buy second touchdown. Comeback and cow Mason. Rudolph avoided getting smashed on the head as he had the go ahead. Score after the broncos fourth loss of the season where were there lead in the fourth. QUARTER VIC Fangio. Lena Jolie said this is the Vikings twenty-seven broncos twenty four a word of warning morning. Some of the pictures in this story might be tough to look at. Police are offering up to thirty thousand dollars as a reward for help in finding the person responsible for stabbing a dolphin to death. No one circles the wagons like Buffalo Bills Bills Thirty seven twenty three for four three. Absolutely Right Bom Detroit where the Lions Cowboys met in a loose and as often happens in these movies as seen on Disney plus there will now and smart. TV's nationwide a lion named scarborough book was going to be King for a day. Tony Polar Greens and Randall. Corn on the COB were quality side dishes main course and extra large serving of baby doc ribs who's the best. QB In the NFC. Maybe maybe maybe maybe back and much like wildebeest who killed Fossa too soon boom streaming now on Disney plus did I mentioned Disney plus the cowboys. Have Michael galloped away back into the lead in the NFC face he's cowboys thirty five. Go Lives Party. Seven what what standing on the Corner James Wizard Tampa Florida. Such a fine side to see. It's an ugly scoreboard. Seventeen to thirty four. The box had a blanket. Who would you need some Safes go drew. BREES sates thirty four. I didn't write down all the scores. It separate Cisco where Christian Kirk herbstreet and the cardinals offense went flying high on their private the jets Sunday. The niners were without the pro bowl. Tight End Greg Kitto for the second straight game as they're practicing Jim Jimmy Garoppolo management but in his absence the niners were able to slide a couple balls into their backup very tight end. Ross Ky.. Wealthy I love the his and hers. Boom pray for anyone anyone who had the cardinals plus ten is the last play and walk and walk but cardinals fans. Don't worry be happy. Don't worry be happy now. Your future is in good hands with tyler. Murray even if you're fucked boy coach K.. When a game four thousand nine hundred? Thirty six Carl's twenty six. We finished in Philadelphia. Where an old widely vet from the bay area throws rose's first touchdown pass in the regular season that's right Julian? Augmon made the Eagles Defense look like they had popcorn lung with his third quarter. Touchdown Pass Benjamin Button. Watson looks younger the owner he gets and speaking of old young guys. Tom Brady still out there doing. I remember young swamp and even younger Tom by the catch your folks I was there looking all that hair. Ultimately the game went through through Nelson Months Galarza hands and the eagles fall in the rematch of that Super Bowl. Fifty two seventeen time there. There is week eleven in the books. okay what. Are we gonNA talk about well today. Always talked about the Sunday night game. I think there are a lot the people out there waiting to hear us. Talk about the jets Redskins I Charles Roussin sorrows so fucking done with Matt Nagy. As a football coach Matinee has done the impossible he has made. Mitch trubisky a sympathetic figure and that happened in L. A.. On Sunday night I would say the impossible would be winning a game with Mitch Trubisky. Well you know what he don't do that. Don't be overly member. He's a sympathetic figure. The bear season is over. I feel like a fool fool forever thinking they had in them to win this game. Even though the whole game was winnable until the last three minutes the bears were like you know one one big play and there was a fumble that could have picked up pick six. That was right there. There were so many chances for the bears like basically what does it snatched victory from the jaws of defeat or whatever the saying is but Matt Nagy you idiot. You're coward. He throws Mitch trubisky under the bus with the Phantom hip injury with the last possession of the game bringing chase Daniel and it is a joke. He's in over his head. He's a clown he's Bene- clown since he did the forty the three yard kicking competition in the spring basically using the moment. That was a horrendous moment with the double link and making sure that the team thought about it every single good day his play calling is joke and now he has done the last thing it is the death spiral. I mentioned it on twitter but mark trestman did the exact same thing. When he was in his death spiral he benched Jay Cutler for Matt Barkley to basically try to say it's not me? It's the quarterback and that is what matinee did tonight And now he looks even worse because he did it in a game. That Mitch wasn't even the like the biggest problem like it was. He's played worse. He was not good. And I fully admit the Mitch is not the guy so I'm not going to sit here and be like Oh Mitch cash it somewhere. And he doesn't but he. This was not the game debenture. It was like there were other games. That he's been way worse. This was the game where you know what guess what midst and call a fucking option. Play to the short yard short side of the field with your banged up running back on third and one you did Matt Nagy you did knows a bitch move. It was a bitch move by matinee to do that. The end of the game if it was it was a two possession game. Yeah the actually credit to Matt Nagy for learning from last Thursday night's game he didn't want to keep his starting quarterback in in a to score game and have them get hit over the head with a helmet that's it and the order order. So he's he's learned from the mistakes that the steelers made but yeah it was a bitch move keeping them in their excuse me taking him out there and putting Chase Daniel and to get the world saddest spark I wanNA spark then put literally anyone except for Chase Daniela's. It's also park assist quarterback in the history of the NFL. The game is over over your basically embarrassing Mitch. Trubisky who again. He's not the guy. No one is saying that everyone is everyone is watching this and we all know that. Something's going to have to change change and the bears are GonNa have to bring in quarterbacks but to embarrass him in a game that's basically loss and put in Chase Daniel who is not listen. I know there's some people who are like Chase Daniel's better than Mitch trubisky guess what. He's not he's fine backup. He's a perfect backup. I'm sure Chase Daniel Marx every single box when it comes to a backup. He's a great locker room guy. He's a great teammate. He's a great guy in the film room. He can probably get you one or two wins here and there. It's just you you you bench Mitch trubisky there. It better be for the future you can't and that's not what happened though. He's not the future. So did it so that you can push the blame off and and have everyone thinks that it's not your fault and the whole genius visor thing is not so funny anymore and I'm just so sick of it and I think he's in way over his head and he's he's dealt with the media poorly all year and it's just a joke. The whole thing is a joke to bear. Season's officially done. The thing is a joke and clue MAC whenever you want to show up. That's fine too. You don't benching quarterback Aalto then at that point though you don't you just don't do it like there's no like you said there's no greater purpose going to serve not gonNa build on anything by bringing chason you're breaking up with somebody on a plane at that point you you should wait until the plane lands. Yes because otherwise amazing the defensive every single night though they do like nine minutes they keep them in the game and then and then they run out of gas and that was probably an unfair shot. A clue Mac. I'm just frustrated because when Akiem Hicks gets hurt everyone looks worse and clue. Mac doesn't have the numbers and got all the now. The new. The new hotness like The verbal meam looking at the the new girl The old girl is to Shawn Watson and Patrick Mahomes Drafter Mitch. Trubisky the new one. Is this kid Max. Crosby who's from eastern Michigan who has more sacks for the raiders than Khalil. Mack Does A. She paid like thirty thousand dollars on the year. So that was a miss out. So Jon Gruden was actually smart to get rid of the new hotness that I got every that's just people people looking for like an opportunity to rub salt. No clue. Mac has not been the same guys last year. But also this one of those weird things where you never know like how much. He's impacting a game. Even without getting the embrace at the end of the game was not not great either. Where let's we're both crying and hugging each other? No he's it's like hey man and matinee was covering up his his mouth and his tears using the play card games has any you inside in Matinees whispering to Mitch and saying hey man just see you know Oh. I had to bench you to try to keep my job we're going to say was a hip injury So if you could just do me a solid and walk off the field with a little bit of a limp. which would be awesome awesome? Because I'm going to go to the press conference later and just say that you were hurt and we didn't want to get you further hurt. And you're still our quarterback. Okay sounds good. It was a huge event for comparing that embraced embrace to other movies and TV shows to like Hank compared it to Denarius and John Dick Reference. You could do it for the Godfather I know it was as you. Yeah you could do of mice and men When Lennon George shoots him in the head at the end of the old yeller probably old yeller moral yeller just like take him back and shoot them is it could be? It could be entourage. Hug it out. How big out bitch we do? It could be titanic when roses so Matt Nagy as rose and and she's on the on the door and there's definitely room for Mitch to get on there but he's going to stay in the water. Just stay in the water. That would mean matinees coach bears for like eighty more years. Yeah so it'll be around and get really old. And then he'll he'll throw his play card into the Atlantic who throws his super bowl ring. That wentz next to chase Daniel Man. I'm so sick at this shit so my question is what does Matt Nagy Dwell because we've established that he doesn't call home as well. We've established that he doesn't Handle the media will too when he well. He does the He he has the B- You card he has the the the visor and they're shiny head. NBC Did the which was just salt in the wound? Look at all these fun plays he ran dude. He had an unbelievable the best defense in the league last year and and he was hired to be an offense offensive guy. And it's just we're going to get other games where all blame guys who don't do well on their side of the ball so it's only fair to say Matt Nagy. It's your offense dude. It's your offense. You know what the funnest play call they had tonight was was when they ran. No well yes the arena the arena fake like they were going to run a play on fourth down and then they substitute institute pumped team out instead in the middle of the play. That was the funniest thing. When when the most creative your offense gets is running a fake fake punt? You've got some problems you know what I just realized the only thing that will save Matt Nagy actually know this won't save them but this is probably what he was thinking he probably did this at the end of the game so that no one would talk about the fact. Eddie Pinero's a joke because Matt Nagy cares way too much about his kicker psyche so much that it actually damages the kickers psyche but any Panero your joke to. Oh and Matt Nagy said. He's not going to bring a new kicker because why I mean why would he leaves in his guy. Why would you? The Guy can't fucking hit in a game. That could have been one if they fucking hit kit. I'm just trying to remember what happened exactly. Because he missed a forty seven yard and then right no but wait on their next drive. They decided to go for on four worth nine instead of kicking another forty eight yards and they show on the next drive. Yeah they tried a forty seven yarder and the miss that so. He essentially iced his own kicker for an entire drive correct. He is the same thing they did. Mitch he's like. I don't have confidence in you. Were going on fourth nine with the offense that I don't have confidence in and the next time around. Oh actually I'm gonNA bring the guy who I just shattered his confidence back on field to kick and neither offense look good tonight either the ramps and look great for the for the start of the game just like Pont. Pont fumbled Punt Pont Pot misfield goal. Pont it was like The two biggest hate follows on instagram quote. tweeting or quote instagram. Storing each other stories that each tagged in if you ever seen that word becomes a mirror inside of a mirror of the two worst people. Yeah it's bad okay have you what do you do. I mean it was exactly kind of how I thought it was GONNA go. I thought it was going to be an under where it was. Just shit just garbage. Both offensive line's Kinda stink. Both defense good was finished here. The bear season is officially over. The thanksgiving game is going to be the saddest game ever in Detroit Generous Verse Chase. Daniel possibly sorry in advanced to America that you have to actually like 'cause the Thanksgiving game is football and Thanksgiving is supposed to give you something to talk about. So you don't have to talk to your family when Chase Daniel Jeff Driscoll face off in Detroit you. You're you're GonNa have to talk about whether you're going to get pregnant in the next year or whether you thinking about going back to law school knows yeah right or oh that girl that you've been bringing around. Why haven't you popped the question? All those things are going to be on the table when Jeff Driscoll and Chase Daniel face off so I kind of disagree with you on that one because to me when I think Thanksgiving football apple I think just disaster lions teams that is like a nice familiar bit of nostalgia parking my ass on the couch and watching the Lion Ryan score six points. That's Thanksgiving but here's the thing when you when you're watching Thanksgiving football and family members come around. They if they can sense it's actually a meaningful game. They kind of leave you alone more. They'll try to get in on the game when they can see that it's just garbage. That's when it's like okay. Well there there's no point for you to be watching this. That's this case. Should talk to me so as an NFC north person. You probably Kinda dealt with more than I did what I in my mind. The lions game is background noise while while. I'm frying the Turkey on like helping with the mashed potatoes. Whatever it's nice to have football on Saturday the fat guy and the pilgrim suit fall asleep? I Detroit yes so. I know that it's about time time for me. Start focusing on football once they bring out the production. Yeah once that makes its appearance. Loyd yeah now I gotTa turn the volume up all right so we'll finish here. The bear air season is completely done. They need a new quarterback and I think they need a new coach and the whole thing is become a complete disaster basically the worst possible scenario but in a weird way ultimately the most bears thing possible because if you look at the bears history is marked by by little blips of success followed by back down onto the toilet like the Chicago. Bears are so I am not surprised even though it sucks and I can't believe this team is bottom out so fast but I'm not not surprised. Jeff Fisher why not GONNA be Vanderbilt. ooh Yeah Oh that's breaking news and what we're going to start that. Okay yeah okay. We'll considered started right now. Urban would you take urban. Urban Meyer No I have morals. Oh yeah yeah no absolutely take How so how do you think Ryan Pace was when he was up in that glass cage of emotion at the end of the game and he's just like staring down to see him Mitch's uncle why and he drives a camry nineteen ninety-seven I mean right? Do you ever wish that maybe Mitch like just wishy driven a slightly better car. Yes everything everything. Everything could have been different. If if you haven't avalon. If Mitch trubisky drove a Toyota Avalon the negative like that's the upscale model. That's pretty sweet. That's too flashy for me. Ryan Pace. Susan is in absolved here. Either because people forget Ryan paces whole solution before he drafted Mitch Trubisky the Guy He fell in love with was Mike Glennon and give a bunch of money. So let's not pretend that Ryan pace is like completely free of not want Ryan Pace. So he's looking down at his coach. benching Mitch Trubisky in the fourth. Quarter his love of his life to him. That's like Nagy is trying to be the last one live on that liferaft. Yeah like he's made the call to kill it survivor. Yeah he's alive with the call to kill pacing sleep in like and go ahead and take that competition out because that is like the biggest ruse going. Yes long as Mitch was still starting. There was still hope for Mitch. Then the draft pick was not a bus direct and pace could save his ass. This is what dysfunctional teams do. They have people who all have to go at each other to try to save each other's jobs save their own job instead of working together. They're trying to save their own job and it all just falls apart. But that's all right. I'm done with L.. Let's move on. Let's have some fun Von Week. Eleven was it sucks. This was a Sunday night game. Well we need to your fucking national televised disasters. Always worse I mean. Let's just give a shout out as bad as this was for the bears. This was a huge night for a Guy Blake Blake. Add probably the best reception. Uh of the night. No seriously he did. He got up in the air his that was on. I don't WanNa say taste good but yeah you got a camera on him. He looks good he looks really good hands for days Okay let's start. We'll go back in time. We'll we'll go to Detroit. We just talked about it. I actually had it written down. This is GonNa be the saddest Thanksgiving game cowboys. Thirty five lions twenty. I'm all I'm bad With my scores today I think the only had twenty seven The cowboys let's start with the cowboys. Still don't know who they are because they're five haven't won against losing teams as a team. They should have won. All I know is the Dak.. Prescott is very very good and silently getting himself into the. MVP Conversation he had four hundred forty four yards and afterwards. He said he's never had more time in the pocket. Which will talk about Matt Patricia? Defense in a second. But that's not the good son. He's made himself a Shitload of money this year so far and they kept cutting away to Jerry Jones. This is an all time Jerry Jones. Cut Away game where they'd show him. After every single time Dak made a good play and Jerry to his credit. I think Jerry wants to pay him very would be delighted to give back the biggest contract ever in fact. It's probably what he hopes happens. Even if that doesn't deserve the biggest quarterback contract volume jerry wants to say like with Dallas Cowboys. We have the most expensive quarterback in the history of the. NFL wants to pop out of a cake. A huge check. Yes yes he was like this is it. We have the number one guy. Yeah so he's just excited. That Dak is making him less and less and less insane looking where he does decide to cut them that show. We'll we'll do two hundred fifty million dollars. Speaking of quarterbacks we had on Sunday Jeff Driscoll signed himself to five more years in the NFL. He has done enough. There's a backup quarterback. He has done exactly what you hope. If you're backup quarterback and year number gets called you do just enough that forever for the next five six seven years the people will say Jeff Driscoll. He's a pretty good backup quarterback he's got the Moxie he absolutely has moxy. I forget what the spread was in this game. It was It was seven seventy and a half who support the the cowboys won by eight by eight. Okay I was going to say because when you're backup you're essentially playing against the spread. Yes that's your job is just cover and if you can cover then you are a qualified backup in this league. But he he did. Enough Darrell. BEVILL has enough going on offense that now. Should we talk about matters or can we say things about Matt Patricia Put scrappy. Yeah they were fighter. Defense gave up so many yards and one of the best new one again. Should I say Dak Prescott said he's never had more time. They agreed offensive line. They do. They've got a lot of big boys up front. Also Bo scarbrough the running back for the Lions I like him I think this. Is I start eastbound legal bit. He's built like a phone booth and he's just the guy that you don't want to try to tackle. He's got great in. Yeah Post Scarborough. That's is Michigan Guy. He sounds like he should be. I think he's going to declare that no he went to Michigan serves. Staffers scheming wines. Probably won't over Matt Stafford starts at getting the lines probably when he was Alabama okay. Three year starter. Michigan got yeah. He's from Tuscaloosa album as Alabama's against so I've staffy then Hank last twenty six games for Jim Caldwell Fifteen in eleven. I Twenty Six games for Matt Patricia. Nine sixteen in one. So what are you doing what are you doing is rebuilding. I probably am 'em I'm to trigger happy when it comes to coaches right now in the state I'm in and you probably shouldn't switch after two years but if feels like the defense should be better. That's all I'm going to say I'm I'm not saying that producers should lose his job I just think I'm speaking for lions fans right now and I know wines fans feel that way that their defense is not good and and you hired a guy to make the defense good and the offense has been good enough to win. Games I yeah. I would be frustrated our Patricia. Or if I were having to do with Patricia. But the fact is they didn't lose a game in heartbreaking fashion. It was just kind of a normal run-of-the-mill loss for the lions. Yeah which is as good as a win for their families. It's like okay. Yeah that sucks doc. We're used to this. At least they didn't get fucked by the wraps at least they didn't get sued by like a weird obscure rule rule at the very end of some weird chapter. That just got rid by Mike. Mike Pereira they didn't get fucked over by a Hail Mary. So it's like it's a normal loss for the lions. Just go home. Yeah Randall COBB. By the way has turned back. The clock eve four catches one hundred. Fifteen yards isn't that pisses me off the Randall. COBB is now good again And the cowboys. I don't know what to make of the cowboys. I think they have tough schedule down the stretch and I think even the eagles losing today the eagles probably have the inside track. Save a lot easier schedule in the last game last Cowboys Eagles game is in Philly. But the cowboys offense events like they have so many weapons are so good they are defenceless. Their defense can't hang is much. I'm glad that you brought up the eagles because everything that Dak does you have to compare to what Carson Carson Winston Right. They're always gonna be compared right now. I'd say Dak probably has The leg up on Carson. Yeah I would much rather have Dako my team than costs right now. It doesn't doesn't help curse. Moments like has no wide receivers can stay healthy but you catch the ball. Yeah we're catch. We'll get there okay. How about Jason Garrett he met with the team this week and basically apologized to him. So this is this goes back to the whole kirk cousins apology spreading thing. He got beat by Kirk cousins. And Primetime time and then he had a players only meeting with Jason Garrett where he just said to him. Hey guys I'm sorry. I ruined a lot of stuff for you guys. I'm taking responsibility. I ran the ball with Zeke Elliot. Even though Dak was having the best game ever so the key right now if you WanNa win in the NFL is find somebody to say. You're sorry too. I liked that I liked that. So Jason Garrett still probably probably going to get fired I I feel like unless they win the Super Bowl and even if they win the Super Bowl Jerry Mike Fire Yup and just like you know what it's time for chain. Yeah he likes he likes moving things in and out. It just feels like this is cherish getting itchy You know Okay next up. Jaguars Colts Let's start with a Trey Wingo tweet. That didn't happen but I know he wanted to. How could you bench Uncle Rico for Napoleon? Dynamite Yeah Trey wingo definitely. He thought about that thought about tweeting that but that was nick. FOLES comeback game there. There was basically one good drive and then it sucked Jacoby percent. It was his comeback into yes so he looks really did you know that his unofficial agent is bill parcells. I did yes I know. Best Friends in Florida. They they met yes so he jacoby percent doesn't have an agent because in his words he doesn't want anybody else bullshitting on his so. He negotiated his whole contract with the colts by himself with the aid and advise Mitt of bill parcells. Yeah which is such a funny conversation to imagine happening. Well a special because you. Kobe percent probably went to his meeting with a big cowboy hat and it was like. Let's do let's do some. Let's let's take our belts off unless Negoti. Let's do it. The the best play. This game was a play the count which is Quinton. Nelson's one yard touchdown run. They got taken off the board but the celebration stands forever. Yes he did it. Cakes took like five people to lift them up in the air. I think it's almost better that it didn't count because it's like it's it stands even more now it's more memorable right for sure and I was just I was looking at that and thinking dear God how many any beers you think Clinton also could drink and once it probably like probably seventy or eighty wade Boggs IAN amount of beer would be consumed that man he has like a he has is like a six pack. I've never seen someone who is big and strong as him and like has to put on weight to be an offensive lineman and still be as ripped so maybe I would see even just not drinking beer. Because he's just all he wants to do is pancake people. Yeah but that's easiest way to put on weight though. True is just making just drinking beer and eating literal guess the only only downside to having him run the ball is. He's not there to block for himself in front of himself. Right which is why didn't get into the end zone and in credit sue the colts for being like. Hey we're just going to run the ball. Aw and run the ball and run the Baltimore. I think they had was a two hundred fifty or two hundred sixty four rushing yards. Yeah insane is crazy in like today's NFL. I kinda love it. The culture throwback team where Jacoby said is is. I think they did that because Jacoby percents coming back from his injury. We don't want to put too much stress on them but it does feel like the colts can just go and like go hat on hat men up Footba when they want it. Yeah that makes me so happy. Yeah you're right. Yeah I saw so you tweet this out earlier today about how when you went to saint almost you ask them what Andrew Luck ordered. Hank was there. Remember that Hank and he orders the chicken in the peyton manning room downstairs in the basement. There's five years ago on a big deal and we not a big deal. I think Burger King had paid for us to be there and we we were sitting there and the waitress was like we asked. Ghosh's Peyton manning room so used to always come down here it's like Yep soon as Andrew Luck come here now. She's like Oh yeah he comes not as much as Peyton. What does he order he gets? It's the chicken. Yeah nervous. Little Bird Murmur he is. That's right hired. Harbaugh was one hundred percent correct. It is what do you think percents orders. He probably just gets only shrimp. Only only the cocktail I would say he gets or he does like Bonin. Bonan rib eye and then eats it with his hands. Yeah he's he's a man's man when the helmet brings his own Cowan. Yes he's like. I'M GONNA kill this at my table if that's fine. Cut this this house neck real quick and pleaded out. Yeah Yeah So. That's that's what the colts are now. They have whatever you are in the NFL. If you don't have the most talent which the colts don't as long as you have an identity you can wit the I like they have an identity. There's there's no what they WANNA do. Their identity is basically Quinton Nelson is going to act like. He's in a bar fight against the worst Frat at your school and just run around shoving five guys over and then Brandin. Baldy watches the tape on Monday and just keeps us nuts coming off coming. Yeah just get so excited Okay so now the culture so now I in the AFC south. And I think they're playing Thursday night against Houston right. Yeah Okay Lewistown definitely and the jags eggs. I don't know what to do. I I was all in favor of starting foles because you kind of have to. Because we'll you're paying him but he was bad. After the first touchdown I miss. I miss my Uncle Rico Man. Yeah Yeah I mean Trey Damn I really did. I Miss Gardner meant you say what you want about him. He he makes Sunday's a little more special around my house. It was also pretty weird. That the Jags I think they ran the ball like nine times. which is the opposite of felt felt? I don't know maybe they're like. Hey we have nick foles back. He can do everything. Let them air it out a little bit better. They realized that Leonard Fournette is just getting unlucky. Recently long runs. Was it Jamal Adams and Leonard. Fournette got in this league off. Yeah that was on Friday. I think it was a Leonard saying those it was because of the LSU Alabama fighters on Monday night. That's where it started. Oh I thought it was. I thought it was Thursday because of the myles Garrett thing it was and Leonard for Leonard Fournette said Jamal Adams faked and injury or the other way around. I think maybe Jamal Adams terrible job of retail. Yes but you get it bottom line guys has busted his boss. Yeah the bottom line is beautiful to watch the. NFL can do this. League to four nights at Jamal Adams was hiding during a party at Lsu. And then Jamal Adams said coming from the guy that quitting on our team and faked an injury And then Leonard Fournette was like well I still went fourth overall so just like it was all kind of fair. Yeah yeah all right before we. It's next one. chivas leading blended Scotch. Whiskey chivas Regal has launched a special new blend chivas thirteen thirteen Manchester United special edition. We actually got some some to our desk delicious. I had a glass on on Friday night for dinner so good and I'm not like a big drinker and Chivas is I might have to get back on the wagon because in honor of the team's not turn Monday nights. I hope that's not true. Yeah definitely not clean up night. In honor of teams thirteen premier premier league title wins under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson portions of the thirteen year. Old Scotch are selectively. Finished in American Ri- casts to magnify the sweet delicate delicate notes of the unrivaled Chivas House. Style resulting in an exceptionally smooth scotch with notes of sweet juicy Orange Citrus creamy milk chocolate and a dusting dusting of Cinnamon Shiva's thirteen Manchester United special editions. The first thirteen year old Scotch to be released by chivas exclusively in the US and is available on shelves. This fall chivas. Regal is re Gal I think is the world's first luxury whiskey renowned for its benchmark quality and taste style substance and exclusivity he sh- Chivas regale believes that blended is better in life and in Scotch just by it because guess what I struggle pronouncing it but I no. It's really good whiskey because I've had it and I'm giving you the big cat stamp approval. I'm giving you the PF stamp of approval and be the Hank stamp of approval. We love of it so you need to get it chivas regal thirteen do it now Okay let's do bills dolphins next bills. This guys you ready for this. This was the Josh Allen is huge. This was his best game as a pro and I want to take this moment to pat ourselves on on the back. We know that we nailed it. So quick pat hit it. Hit it. Hit Hidden Hills to draft Josh Allen. They listened and they're they're reaping the rewards awards right now in the form of a double digit victory. At the dolphins. He had three touchdowns and rushing touchdown after that game. Do you think Brian floors pulled. His son was like hey. If you ever do a fucking onside kick in a game that I'm trying to lose I will kill you. That was my say something nice about the Dolphin. It was nice it was an awesome onside kick and it was the second one that's been recovered all season. It was a very it was a great onsides kick but it really accomplish if I'm their coach or on the GM of the dolphins if they even have one. I'm mad that we're trying that hard to win a game. I think the the kicker recovering his own onside kick is one of the most electric plays in football. Because you don't know what to do ever happens right. It happens like you get to see at once. Every few years were just perfect and he did it perfectly the downside to record to recover your own onside onside kick as a kicker is in the immediate aftermath usually get like a hip bump or like a shoulder bumper something from one of your own players knocks you down onto the ground. Yeah because then you look like a worst recover cover internal. Yeah and then you get up and do like jump up and then get smoked and then you get smoked by her own. Yeah exactly just crawl off the field. If I was a kicker in that situation Josh Allen has five straight games with two touchdown and zero interceptions now also be rushing not just passenger. We'll kind of me ED. Zero touchdowns passing two rushing but either way I feel like this is the Josh Allen is like starting to show it And it feels exciting for the bills and I have a question for. UPS Two bills or now seven three best record since nine hundred ninety three this far in the nineteen ninety nine sorry. This far formed the season the team they have beaten. I don't I don't care talk legit. Yeah that's what you said. Seven wins seven in three okay so they beat seven. NFL teams that are combined. Fifty five agreed they beat seven. NFL Teams Fifteen. They're they're legit. The bills are legit aged. I looked at their schedule too. We do this every week with the bose. We look ahead but it doesn't matter like there's no way that they can keep playing this type schedule and they're not going to but I think they're going to win three more games. I if your bills fan. I think you're well within your rights to just say to openly admit it's all right here we haven't eaten anyone we don't care Seven entry entry is seventy three. You are sometimes. You're basically playing like the big ten west schedule You get to beat up on on like purdue and Well Nebraska. I don't WanNa be meeting a BRASSICA. I've been trying not to be meaning BRASSICA but You get beat up on some people and then you get to say look at us. We're awesome listen. You can only play who they schedule you so if you want to go back and talk you know ten years in the future we can talk about scheduling some more difficult out of conference opponents bills. We when we when we get when the bills scheduled Florida state they were still exactly. They didn't know they were going to hire Willie Taggart. It's not their fault. Exactly that's a brand name. That's a marquee program. The Miami Dolphins they are the only NFL team to go undefeated. True and the bills scheduled them for two games. They've got no fear no fear when it comes to this so so they can only play. They're going to play. I will say this about about the Dolphins Ryan. Fitzpatrick still looks like he's got some ZIP on the ball. Yeah Yeah Devante. Parker is not bad He's every time they say his name. I'm like Oh yeah he's good. The stadium looks like a great place to take a nap. Yeah it's going to host the Super Bowl. Yeah I can't wait. That's that'll be nice about the dolphin. Everything is about the dolphins say Hank the kick was great. Great great great to watch and I bet the dolphins is money line and I had a chance. Nah Nah not really no. Don't go to just never actually plugged up their blue holistic and said you're not breathing. They were never even close. But that's that's okay. You try to nice. I have noticed about Josh Allen. He scores a lot of touchdowns on Russia's where he sticks the ball out with his giant hand. You have everyone said. Oh He's got. It's not a big deal. He's got over ten in chance. Well guess what he's just like grazing the pylons so many times over the course of a season. He probably gets two touchdowns a year because because his hands are slightly bigger. Yeah when Derek Carr Josh Allen See each other in the Promo dare cards definitely going to be. I can use. Put Your hands right over mine for a second quick. Let's take this picture like always sunny all right right so the bills are seven. Three feeling good again. Doesn't matter who they know care. Who can also? John Brown's awesome. Yes that was a great great job by the bills. He's awesome. We didn't warn sharp. Say They went the opposite way they just got small fast wide receivers instead of big wide. Run Underneath Josh Allens Bolt Brilliant. It's very brilliant Okay next up. Let's do the historic game. I'm talking about the Broncos and Vikings because because we had the this is the game where when you sit and tell yourself there statistically do this is this is the game we're talking about Teams were Oh in ninety nine excuse me when trailing by twenty or more half and kirk cousins as a Viking was oh ten and one when trailing in the fourth quarter and the Vikings won they came back from twenty points at halftime. Won this game. Kirk cousins has his feel good game. Holy Shit our the vikings good. I'm starting to believe in the Vikings I know but I apologize straight. You did and then I asked if I should've if if the Vikings fans should apologize to me for asking me to apologize to him. Yeah well this is my other apology that making right now i. I am a believer in the Minnesota. Vikings I I I still have a lot of questions about kirk cousins. But I'm kinda believing in them now because this game right here. This is the exact game that Minnesota Vikings would be on the other other side of. Well this is the exact type heartbreak that the vikings franchise has dealt with consistently and the fact that maybe they've just seen it happen so many times to them that they finally learn how to win that game yet but a win like this. That's something that you can actually build on. That's a good point and it. Also if not a accumbens lost like the broncos suffered the vikings at least the old vikings would have just rolled over and died like they would have come out in the second half. It would have been more of the same I I think of that game. They lost last year to the bills when they're seventeen point favorites at home. They're tending a half point favorites today and whatever it is. I don't know what it is but this vikings team does feel a little bit different and kirk cousins. We're going to say some nice things about Kirk. He has been awesome. He's been really good. He has eighteen touchdowns and three interceptions exceptions He's one big game primetime game. He won today so I'm very excited to bet against him in the playoffs but everything else is nice. That's actually a really nice thing to say about somewhere implying that he's GonNa make the playoffs. Well my favorite thing is when when teams James Win that. I've maybe not been like nice to because we'll either. They're my rival. Whatever fans will always say like put a gun to my head and say something nice about about Kirk on the Vikings so I said that I said Kirk cousins has been phenomenal this year and I am so excited to bet against him in the playoffs? Curse oocyte Kirk. Cousins has played did exceptionally well after sneaking up on atom feeling and asleep and slicing his hamstring. Just a little bit with scalpels. After the Brouhaha they had together. Yeah Kirks Been Good I. I still don't think he's a great quarterback but the vikings are playing. Well Mike Zimmer laughed in the conference afterwards. Now there's A. There's certain things that head head coach Mike. Zimmer will laugh about in a press conference one is coaches laugh about their wives being mad at him. You're led to laugh about that. You're allowed to laugh at a reporter asking questions where they don't know what they're talking about it from a football stance yup and then you're allowed to laugh at the fact that that game just took years off your life and you're probably going to die sooner because yeah and that's what he went with this time. Don't forget the one the one darkhorse if like a fire alarm goes off Or someone walks in like opens a door that they shouldn't open and can laugh at that blooper that's a classic slapstick. When it comes they can? They can recognize that moment and be like oh I should laugh. This is unusual. Yeah yeah crazy Should we talk about the Broncos. Got A quote here. Okay my I have to. I have one question. Where's drew lock? Good good question because there was an interview I think it was. Von Miller said this after practice he said drew lock is GonNa kill it. He's going to kill it. He's got everything you need. The other day he ran out and did a little bootleg and kind of through it. It was an incomplete pass. But I've seen a lot of good ones play and that was probably the best incomplete. Pass that I've ever ever seen the throne. So lock. Sounds like he might be the answer in Denver. Okay so that's I. I love that quote and I was GonNa say John Elway. This is the worst case. Scenario for the broncos because the broncos have now had four losses of four points or less and four losses where they've been leading in the fourth quarter so John Elway can reasonably tell himself. They're right there. They're just so close like the pieces are there. They're going to be fine. Fine except for Vic Fangio who. I don't know if you saw there was an article this week. The Vic Fangio's maybe losing the locker room and the quote was he. He doesn't have great people skills and that is the biggest You think of all time that VIC VIC Fangio was never hired for his people. He's been a defensive coordinator for like basically eighty five years and he's only sixty and so he was hired to be grumpy and to not get along with anyone and hopefully coach the hell out of the defense so it's just interesting that they hired Vic Fangio and then in a matter of a half a season they're like hey this guy's this guy's not really like he doesn't really they say like hey what's up. How's your wife for Hey you know guy plans for the weekend. He's kind of grumpy about it. Shit it's Vic Fangio. Yeah you hired bill checks. Personality analogy out all the winning. That goes along if you hire grumpy guy. And you're winning football games. You're adorable grumpier. Like look how Mattie is even though he should be happy right now but if you're just grumpy and the teams bad then it becomes a shit storm but John Elway did give him a vote of confidence after the game. Oh Nice always got his back which might not have a vote of confidence. Let's just pass it around. He doesn't have vote of confidence to give. This is will know he might. He might be I. I'm pretty sure once the ownership situation can get figured out what Dan Bill Gates by giving his confidence too. Because that person doesn't have confidence in the fans don't have confidence in Elway but elway has used his confidence. I just being John Elway to then give it to Vic Fangio. That's the only vote that he has right. Vote of confidence. He's very confident man but no one has confidence in elway. So he's basically just passing around confidence that he doesn't ask so he's printing Fiat confidence direct and there's nothing in the Federal Reserve confident. Yes there's no actual gold all confidence backing that picture of like Germany right before the recession. When it's just like a little kid sitting with bundles of cash that ended well? So that's John elway right now. He's sitting in his office with bundles of fake confidence that he keeps printing pre World War Two Germany right now action in Denver Colorado. I wouldn't be shocked of John Elway. It was like said to his secretary who absolutely calls Hon. And he was like Hon. Can you go go to the printer real quick and more that confidence that I got and she's just printing off sheets it literally say John Elway's confidence and he's handing them out left and right is people come into the facility. Yeah he's got the real expensive ones the real pricey confidence he frames and then gives them people will be like hang this on your worth. It's weight in gold. So he's got Brandon Allen who he's doesn't have a vote of confidence and don't because Brunell is six foot two and too many Allen's too many Allen's going on on a minute but the islands are Josh. We have crashes good ashes Allen One and the other ones I I think it's I think it's enough is enough. Yes and then they've got flacco who you WanNa talk about a guy that it's getting old yeller and taking back right now. Flock goes at the end of his his leash. Maybe Chicago bears take that would fit in perfectly. It'd be just a reg quarterback for the next year his knock off a couple more years on my health and then you can laugh about about that too because you're a football guy like Mike said then forty. Then they've got drew lock and drew lock. I think is healthy now. But he's not playing and throw ingredient considering in- insanely insanely good incompletions. Okay so the broncos are mess so we figured out from all this is at the vikings are good and the broncos are a complete disaster. Yes okay next up. Let's go saints Box Saints thirty four bucks seventeen. PF seeking question for you by the way we're on a barstool gold bars gold dot com. I'm such pmt you can watch us. breakdown off week. Eleven on Barstool DOT COM slash. PMT OKAY PF the key question Promo code take ten dollars dollars off you can go watch an NFL game. Go to the Thanksgiving Game Promo Code. Take ten dollars off your seatgeek purchase. I bet you the game like the bears lines. It's GONNA be a nine dollar ticket. Yes so they'll pay you go if you put him Promo code take how many interceptions this Jameis Winston have this season seventeen eighteen eighteen eighteen or eighteen and he had another four today. Now the back interception I. That wasn't Jameson fault known. I think James Has Gotten to the point where he's like. You're unlucky friend who nothing's really his fault but he keeps like getting fired from his job and has girl problems in his car. Breaks down all the time and it's like his car breaks down. It takes an uber and finds the one Uber knbr driver. That doesn't want to be hit on by right. Exactly that kind of thing exactly. So he is that friend. WHO's like yeah? You know if things were different maybe reviewed workout but right now. You're just unlucky. There's a lot of stuff that adds up all be can't all be bad luck right. There's something else behind that back back. Interception where Z guy. Explain explain it. So if people didn't watch the game so he threw a pass who was it was OJ descartes might have been Oj our and then Oj like puts it behind his back as he's bobbling it and then it bounces off his back. Can he gets tackled. And and the saints recover their the Harlem Globetrotters of turning the ball over. Yeah they have the most spectacular fumbles interceptions of any team is. It's it's very entertaining. James was squinting again. He was big time screens squinting. Big Time doesn't help plays in Florida. People say like oh it's so cool. Woah Patrick Mahomes. Those are the new look past James Winston throws every past. No look because antsy the field Nazi so I was looking up because I was hoping the James Winston could get the record for interceptions in a season. What do you think the record for interceptions in a far right nope wall? So there's a pre super super bowl era and then a post similar. How could you do? The Pre Super Bowl. Era has got to be like four because they pass the ball. I found some Shit George Blanda. WHO's a hall of Famer March? Yeah in the year nineteen sixty two in a fourteen game season. How many interceptions did you have? Fourteen game six. It's got to be a lot then. Thirty forty two the Fuck Landa. Who'd Zaka shocked when I saw this and ready for the craziest as part the team went eleven and three and he threw forty two hundred? How many touchdowns twenty I don't know He? He finished his George Blanda all right so so here is my favorite of. Here's my favorite game week. Seven he went eight for eighteen hundred four yards zero touchdowns six interceptions he. He had forty two interceptions. George Blanda by the way our new guy for any hall of fame case. We WanNa make like James Winston Hall of Famer because George Blend is a hall of Famer because he went went four fifty three and fifty as a quarterback two hundred thirty six touchdowns two hundred and seventy seven interceptions at forty two interceptions in a fourteen game Schedule he had six interceptions in two games. So I'm looking on pro football reference right now they actually have a great it out by a fantasy points for him to Kinda like. We're talking about with Jerry Rice. So he had a number of games that were like negative one four points two points and they were fucking good team. That's crazy. Eleven three unbelievable. Yeah Jamie's must have been. Maybe that's what punts were back in the day. You just. We always say you learn more from a turnover than you do from touchdown Blanda learned a shitload and then he got good and became a whole family. James Store up all this knowledge that he's gaining thrown in these interception. Yeah so the Post Super Bowl or the the. The Subaru era is vinny testaverde. One thousand nine hundred eighty at thirty five interception sat out of any thirty five. So we're probably going to get there with James. I was hoping when I saw it. I was like man man. This would be great if James could just get us record like because imagine week sixteen and Seventeen watching James tried to get the record That would be thrilling. But I don't think he's so we have hoped maybe if he if he goes crazy here in the end he could maybe break Vinny Testaverde's Super Bowl era thirty five interceptions is but I don't know why is he on pace to break that no to eighteen interceptions in ten games. Okay cranked James. He's going to need some chances Francis James and it's actually like the only reason it could happen is I think Bruce Arians love Jesus Winston. We love the ball deep. Yeah he's never gonNA stop throwing the ball deep bruce Areas probably just looks at Jameis Winston like assisted suicide where he's like I got a c On my last physical that I took I thought that was really good. If James can just keep throwing interceptions exceptions then I'll achieve my lifelong goal of just passed away on the sidelines. Smile on my face. He's GonNa do it for me. Yeah thank you James. You the perfect quarterback for it He also threw a pass left-handed completed. Yes that was. That was a real. Shocker yeah so good job. And then as for the saints I feel like the saints. This is a big game just answering answering bell because everyone was like. What's going on with the saints? Why they lose the Falcons? They absolutely pasted the bucks here. And that's what they should have those little handshake deal from Bruce. Arians to Sean Payton saying hey thanks. For letting the Falcons and ensuring an extension for Dan Quinn. So we'll let you run roughshod on us today. Yeah the boxers. These were to read today. Yeah I don't like the the numbers yeah looks like it's like a digital yep. There are two things I that I will stand on the table. Ah and defend my death hating and that is the alarm clock numbers that remind me too much of waking up in the morning on the boxers and then the apple commercial where it has the sound of your alarm going off in I hear it and I it just makes my blood pressure rise fucking hate. That should should not be allowed to do a fake alarm in a commercial genius. It always gets your attention hate it. Always get your attention that orange milk remember that. Oh yeah that was the worst. Ah I wish that Michael Thomas would stand out a little bit for something that he does because he's so good. Yeah but he doesn't if you ask me. What is one thing that Michael Thomas does really? Well my answer to you is going to be route running. And that's my answer when I don't know what he does catching he's got good hands and illegal reception. Jesus Great Paul feels great route runner. But I can't ends the ball. I couldn't tell tell you off the top of my head. What he is the best league at but he he's he's he's got something to be the best catch ninety catches through ten games? She's the best catchers a ball hog easy Z.. Yeah he's he's just great catch is always open and always catches the ball. Yes so the sensor back on track back in the conversation for best team in the NFC. I don't and like all the NFC teams we talk about it at the end. But like they're all a little bit flawed saints. Vikings seahawks forty niners hackers hackers. They're all like I could look at them. Maybe I guess every every team though do the only team right now. That feels almost untouchable. Is the ravens who gets back. Jack agreed only. Just yeah I mean. The Patriots have offensive line issues. That's all say. Yeah okay. All right jets redskins off Sam darnold back back on the table needed to play a bad team. They did it. Run the table the do if they beat the raiders. This is similar to my if the bears beat the RAM. Yeah opens the portal. If they beat the raiders next week rays have to go to New York always tough time clock. They have the bengals and the dolphins they could quickly become six and seven. They don't know then. The table might get ran. I have a question for you cat. Yeah and I don't know the answer to this. Maybe you will has an interim head coach ever been fired bill. Bryant should should Callahan Callahan. Also should you really hate the mix not a fan of the pill. Brain should have been fired a long time. Yeah so I don't have a firing frenzy right now. I'm like I'm ready to fire every. Yeah you're lashing I really am. It's feels good to just like fire. That guy fire. I think it's it's really the only outlive fan hats. Like fire ship cannon fire. That Guy Callaghan is not going to get fired because it really wouldn't accomplish anything. Except maybe you elevate Rob Reiner Jim. Thome Solit- ahead co fun to interim interim head coach. Yeah that would be perfect job title for Jim Thompson. Considering the other jobs that he's had is one like cat salesman us Auto mechanic. Yeah I think it was a cat cat vomit cleaner power. Wrangler an interim interim head coach position for Jim thome would be pretty solid. I like that the redskins are just trash. Here's here's a bleak. Things are for this franchise reading. They tried to get a cell. The team chant going stadium but there weren't enough people in the stands to make it happen. So which is a great job by Dan side or like yeah. He's made himself immune to receiving criticism zone. Fan Base. Yes because it's three quarters filled with opposing team's fans every weekend genius so my in my I address this last week but I'm obsessed with teams. That are losing teams. That are bad having going to hop on twitter tweet something good that happened. Today's teams that are bad. That tweeted something. Good that happened came from the Redskins when they scored poured down thirty four to three in the fourth quarter and they just used a bunch of exclamation points and then got roasted online. Well I mean it's so awesome to be fair. I think we had gone fifteen quarters without a touchdown since October thirteen. Yeah it had been. It had been thirty five calendar days. Since the redskins skins last touchdown. Yes and you could take that in ad fourteen more onto it. If you don't count the Miami Dolphins touchdown because those are really asterix as well right But yeah it's it's been a tough season tough case of season so I have the fix for the Washington redskins that doesn't include. Dan Insider selling team but he's never as the redskins should draft to that would fix it. All here's here grevious real back out here me sing their lower. Hear me out very healthy. Who is probably not going to? I would imagine he's not GonNa be one hundred percent healthy for next year. You if you draft have to. You have now two shots at the franchise quarterback situation here because Dwayne Haskins is bad but I also like he's pretty much in the worst possible situation. Come Josh Rosen. Last year were can we accurately figure this out when he doesn't have a coach in. It's like it's a whole shit show if he doesn't get broken through this year. I will be shocked. I don't know I'm trying to give a pump up speech to the offensive line today. He's like come on guys. We're football players. We play for that sort of thing and the office lounges. Looked at him like dude. This Washington he had an awesome throw his best throws a promo and that it was immediately called back for holding. But if they draft Tua Woah and then too you can sit to a next year. Let him get one hundred percent healthy seeing if Dwayne Haskins the guy when you bring in a new coach and then if if he's not you now have you didn't just say Oh. Well Dwayne has is going to be fine. We'll just walk. We'll just let this high pick go when we have a guy who could be awesome but his hurt like it's perfect storm. They could put two on ice on. We're training staff. I know I know I know I know I know but I'm just saying this is a a smart team would do something like this. Hey we just drafted a guy but we can now get a guy. Maybe at a discount I don't I don't think you understand. Just how bad situation will be so an addition into the training staff thing though which is which has misdiagnosing cancer in their players. Five years ago and the field that he would have to play on. That would be like the Amsterdam. Admirals admirals drafting. Josh Gordon it's fine would be a bad situation on new though I would rather do if you're a redskins fan and rather take to let them sit for a year and and then draft a guy who's like you know what he's probably in three years going to be really good and then demanded it. I don't know I don't want to see that happen. Can we okay so so. I had a question for you as well for this game. Oh one other thing. Jamal Adams is like why you don't trade your awesome players. Even if they're pissed off fucking US yeah three sacks same sack say but he's awesome and that's why like if you're if your best player says oh I don't WanNa be here. Just do whatever you can to make sure that they're happy. That's what you do. Yes I saw. I took A. I took a picture. When Robbie Anderson scored a touchdown he basically went in the crowd and next to him was a guy wearing a jets helmet yet? Fully strapped up so my question is rank these fence helmet strapped up. Helmet Fan. Yeah face paint Fan Receiver Gloves Fan. Okay I'M GONNA go I'M GONNA go face paint fan number one okay on there because you can always take a helmet off. It takes you at least like thirty minutes to get your face cleaned off entirely. Yeah Yeah and and when you have the face paint on you probably really have to stop in a store or run some errands at some point in your day while you're still wearing the face paint and that's just like a laugh out loud funny situation for me. The guy running into his bank to drop drop-off his paycheck while he's all these like zoo Baz coloring on the face He's got like a little in his in his sideburns. got a little bit of paint still there on Tuesday. Yeah Yeah Justin Trudeau's given numerous say. The Union speech is with some Polish. So then I'm going number two helmet fan okay. I like helmet especially because you can put the FBI is on the side and make it a foam dome. That's real though it's real helmet. You gotta wear the real home. The team issued authentic one. Yeah yeah the way American Ninja Warriors on. That's the sign that we're about to get loopy. That's yeah that is literally the Sunday side that's like waking up and was charmed is still under TV. After turn week I just saw one of the producers for America war is named Kyle. We'd Calloway pretty say what a fucking name. Yeah Kyle we'd and he works on American he's definitely in. CBD Busy so number three you have receiver Garcia gloves. And I'm not I'm not Pooh poohing the receiver. I liked receiver gloves. I love receiver gloves guy because receiver gloves guy. I they do the thing where you're hand and acted in the end zone and then receiver gloves guy. You can always see the receiver gloves guy. Because he's the type of guy who wears like he doesn't go to the gym but he wears like under armor pro gear and then like Gortex and like the like. Hey man you know I got the fucking leggings on even though I have no ah leggings shorts. Yup the Kobe leggings and he just thinks that he's forever in this like Athletic Environment even though he doesn't play sports sports and he stands in the end zone and he's like I'm ready to go. I got my receiver gloves a dude. You're forty five years old and your kids are next to you and they're not even wearing receiver Goff's receiver receiver gloves. Guy Is the most delusional like the face paint guy. You have to have that moment with yourself or your face painting in the mirror and you have like that realization Mike Okay. This is who I am. Receiver gloves guy can live his life in this fantasy world without ever having to like come to Jesus about it so he still thinks that he's normal right face. Pink is accepted. The fact is a little bit out there and same with helmet guy because helmet guy. Everyone Kinda hits them on the head and he's constant reminder like you're a Weirdo receiver gloves guy. Thinks thinks everything he does is totally normal. And that's why I like. How much is a pair of gloves? CORREAL authentic ones are. They like box really that Mug I think so once. Yeah and they're only only used to be worn two games in the end zone and then making the signs that is delusional. And I think you hit the nail on the head. A receiver gloves guy is absolutely Salihi. Kobe Stan yes. He's a big Mario Rivera Fan and he's he he just doesn't he doesn't think anything he's doing is weird and I almost I. I love those people who live in this fantasy world whereas face paint guy and helmet guy they know at the heart of hearts like there's something off with them they understand the reality of how fucked up their fantasy world is their friends are all other super fans. Yeah where's where's receiver gloves guy. Is that a regular you know. He's got his his Ford pickup truck. Doc and he's doing the whole tailgate and being like I'm fine has a cooler that he spent way too much money on campus out shows everyone will come. 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Okay Falcons Panthers getting in extension big time. He's earned it the last couple of weeks. He's won two divisional games. Tough to do. He didn't lose the locker room as that's what the danger was when he didn't get fired on the bye week. He was very much danger being like well our owners given up on our team right. So what are we going to play for it. They're playing Dan Quinn. I think tank Lincoln actually walk into Arthur. Blank's thanks office and be like hey art or mister blank or whatever you call them Weirdo with the wispy moustache. We just had the bye week at the wrong time. Like if we had a bye week in week five we would be in the playoffs. Yeah he just came at the wrong time you got. We needed a rest. We got healthy. We're peaking we're still playing their best football right now. The Falcons haven't played their best game of two thousand nineteen walk them in. I have a fun stat. You ready for this game as so often happens around the NFL between a bird team and cat team there are several of each. Okay right I don't know if you're a big astrology. Guy Shoot I am you. Then you know that. Mercury has been in retrograde retrograde always so while mercury has been retrograde. The bird teams are ninety percent against the spread. So they've won nine nine out of ten games against the spread. The cats crunching these numbers. I did I did it myself. I did it myself. The big cat teams are are one and eight war against the spread. Well Mercury visit Mercury going retrograde all the time. Yeah so it's really valuable to know this information on okay. Okay Are the Falcons. I am now losing money on the Falcons. Because I think that they're not good and they they are good all of a sudden. They're going to probably win their next. Three Games seems like they're going to win on Thanksgiving night against saints at home. And everyone's going to think so I don't know why. Not What Dan Quinn somehow has them like now their defense just started playing they have like eleven sacks the last two weeks out of nowhere. I wouldn't be surprised if I looked up in week. Seventeen and Matt Ryan had the most passing yards of any quarterback in the NFL. Yeah it's it's just like one of those weird season's going to do it right. It's just a weird thing where the falcons will end up like eight and eight somehow and everyone's like. Oh well they next year they will make the leap so now we need to ask if Ron Rivera's in danger of losing his locker room well Ron Rivera and Kyle and more importantly kyle and he is in dangerous dangerous level here where he can lose his status of guy who can do something. Yeah well the problem is if if you throw four interceptions and game you better already have the reputation of of a gunslinger right and we haven't put the name gunslinger the term gunslinger on. Kyle Alan yet. So you're not allowed to get away with it I feel like he's gotten worse too since Warren sharp tolls about about a small hands. Yeah I my job formation. Yeah right exactly. But he. Since the Kyle and hype reached its absolute peak. He's throwing three touchdowns and nine interceptions interceptions. And since did you Damien Woody. I don't know if we ever talked about this. He said defenses are more afraid of Kylie and Cam. Newton is that a in fact. He said that I said that right. Now Yeah maybe I guess 'cause Cam Newton's is physically unable can't play. How crazy is it that people actually said we should trade Cam Newton like every time someone asks me? Do you want Cam Newton on the bears. Mike why would the Panthers Trade Kamin Kyle Algebris Kyle Allen look serviceable for a few weeks. Okay Cologne had Moxie when he's playing. Well I'm Chrissie. He does but he's he is dangerously close to being not even a backup like he is you we we talked about it with with Jeff Driscoll when you get called upon. You WanNa do just enough. That people can say ooh he was. He was okay okay. We want them in the room. Cologne had done that. He almost got starter now. He's going all the way backwards. where it's like Yo- you stink? Yeah what about will greer here. We haven't seen anything about talked about him. I don't know where he is. I think you might as well. Just kick the tires on him. He might be thrown incompletely. Holy Shit Yeah you never know now until you get them out there. Yeah you're right cal out. He's got a great name Creek quarterback name Sounds like Texas kid. Seems like a guy threw out there and have some fun throwing around the yard with but but I think it's time to bring him back to his rightful own and that's as a backup. Yeah just chilling out be the back good visor name. Okay Texans Texans Ravens. The much anticipated game of the weekend. That really just socked because the Ravens steamrolled Texans. Lamar Jackson does something ridiculous. Every single week and their defense is awesome now which wasn't start at that pass interference call got called the Different Game thank you I I am so sick of the. NFL's pass interference calls because that was blatant pass interference and then they challenged it and they didn't change it. And the Texans had had I and golden raisins still would have won but they would at first and goal would have went up seven nothing. And here's the test. Here's what they should start doing instead of challenging the pass interference. They should just look and if the cornerback looks for flag more than twice. That's a flag. Yeah if the quarterback POPs up and does the immediate incomplete signed then that's not passenger Byron Humphrey. Literally his is. That's why we're F- like I literally mugged De'andre Hopkins on the goal. Line the odds for overturning a pass interference call as a coach when you challenged or roughly the same as when we do the MJ verse Lebron simulated yes and getting Kobe. The answer. Yes that's about it. It's like one out of every twenty any times they'll just decide to turn over and there's no rhyme or reason to when it happened and then they turned it over in San Francisco when it wasn't as egregious as this one. That's because they don't like Richard Sherman. It was maddening. It's so so frustrating. How inconsistent it is and how stupid the rule is like they? Just don't use it correctly and I'm so oh man it's like I shouldn't waste my energy being mad at being bad about it but we are and look. We are kind of fun to be mad about it and read gift. I don't I know you had Milton is look at us. Thought about a rule. Not Me Yeah we are. Yeah I don't know how they decide to have it overturned like what sort sort of evidence they need. If they need to eye witnesses they need like you need to fill in one of those captured things like. You're entering a password online. I don't know what sets it off and makes visit pass interference and makes it over terminable. But it's very frustrating. Very fresh I agree with you and I also agree that the fact that it happened so early in the game does make a difference. Yeah about like the old saying if you're launching a rocket and your two degrees off on on takeoff then you miss the moon entirely but if you didn't know two inches off on landing on the moon yeah some basketball of Mighty ducks inches two inches to the right and he and he makes it and then the guy's like two inches left. You missed the whole thing. Yeah you wouldn't have jointed at all. Yeah but no. It's you know like when you're launching a rocket two inches on which direction yep there. It was like some coach basketball coach trying to be funny. But if you fuck up at the start of the game yet haven't points makes a big difference. Yes it's I mean. Well it made a difference for the over dead. Let's just say that I would say that. I also want to say that I respect the hell out of the people that are dying on. The Lamar Jackson Stinks Hill. Oh No it's not. There's not many people left. There's not many people left on it. Put the ones that have chosen to stay and just ride out the storm of been really wrong but but but going down with his ship. God bless you I need to. I think I need to like every single week because I still have the stray ravens fans who are like still think they're frauds I. I haven't thought they're frauds for like a month now. They're really really good. Yeah and Lamar. Jackson is electric and their defense is their defense is feels like it's completely different different than it was to start the year. 'cause I that was my biggest thing was their defense. I didn't think could stop people. And now they made Shawn Watson look stupid look real bad the the front seven look very good now the offensive line of the Houston Texans another story. Yeah altogether I want to throw another fan into your your hypothetical ranking lists. Yeah and this one is more specific to the Baltimore area. The team Color Cammo Cargo Pants Baltimore has I would say like fifteen eighteen thousand fans that go to every game on Sunday wearing those black white silver and grey and a little bit per Cammo Pan. Yeah I like those. Those are really nice. Yeah Baltimore has an underrated dress up. Fan Base they definitely are up there. I I did a when the happened. There was a Ravens Evans Fan. who had like a raven it was like half oils Ravens Avatar and he just replied that wasn't Pi? And I it's so mean but just re tweet those people because then they he had like a hundred response. Yeah right I don't. It's such a passive way to do it but it's so funny to me. I learned something about the Ravens logo today. Yeah how we learned. The Louisville Bird doesn't have teeth or birds don't have teeth. But to Louisville Cardinal. Does the Raven has a Redeye the ravens stone. All the time or has pink eye Bob cousy or it's uneaten some asshole been sleeping on a farted pill. Yeah we're not sure which one but yeah the. The Raven definitely has conduct device or has been smoking some loud so the Shawn Watson since stack going around that everyone's like oh I lost by more than one score since high school are not counting. The he lost twenty one to seven into the colts last year in the playoffs and looked really bad game regular season. Yeah I know but I think that shit I that's that's on Scott Hanson and. I'm don't don't don't now I know what you're going to say and don't do it you you're going to hate on. The Red Zone became so rick. As you think it's it's schizophrenic. And it's not like sitting down watching an actual harrap. What's all but let me tell you as a redskins fan? That is the perfect distraction. I can't sit down and watch. I'm always been like I know. But here's the difference difference Hank with I was starting to get annoyed with red zone but with the fact that we have direct TV here and you can come in and watch all all the Games. And they're like telecast Red Zone Fox your brain we all have like there's going to be a study in fifty years how really the Mike Greenberg death of football. No it wasn't concussions. It was the fact that whenever they switched to another game you automatically expected touchdown and whoops. It's only like a five yard. Run runwell for my brain. It is tougher fall along all the games like when I go to when when it cuts like the Patriots scammer. That's probably bad exam because afternoon. But when it it cuts to the Panthers Falcons game. And it shows a touchdown there. I immediately forget what was just happening in the Ravens Texans game. It's harder to fall on him but these are. Here's why I called Red Zone. It's called rational but Scott. Hanson will do a fucking middle of the field zone where it's like a five yard pass wheat. This this guy didn't break a touchdown and he'll be like we don't show punts and he'll get off the punch but the thing is the setup you're describing is better but not everyone can be so lucky not to have six big-screen televisions where they can watch at home. Hate those two. You can do that anyone could do. That are actually one of my. TV's went out. It's been what happened. I don't know which is is it. Okay I don't know it's just not turned on are you GONNA won't turn on. I pressed the button. Have you tried unplugging and plugging back in command. Yeah I know I would have been a lot nicer today. Talk that should have been your fire fest. Future Fire Fest. It happened this when did happen. Friday got home Friday. God go ready for three. TV's only at night that's saw. That's a nightmare. Awful at is an aunt nightmare. He had US only two. TV's all weekend thoughts purse. I CAN'T I. I shudder thinking about what I would do if I only was down to two. TV's that's fucking horrible red zone. It's just too much and say your brain. Just your brain is melting out of your ears when you watch red zone and you expect things to happen and on every single play made. It doesn't because that's not. How football works? Well I I. I'm not I treasure. I treasure my Sundays with red. It's on channel big CAT MY CV says. Do you want to Ashman in it or you know watching the game you weeks ago. You like to watch. I like to watch actual games over football purists of anything I like to feel the flow of the game I like to I. Don't I think they're fucking get in bed within lay down with I'm ready fucking boss is going to see the two yard runs in their raw state. Want to and feel like it'd be a touch the red zone football porn and then watching five games at the same time it's like football tantric sex with five different different people thank you. So that's red zone will make you not intense. Yes and that's great and that's bad when you get addicted to porn oh fuck. There's time in a stiff wind in will make me fucking time and a place for that and then and then tuning in and randomly coming across the I.. Neagle Dan fouts game and it's already that's like putting Roman urban swaps on and you're not gonNA cut. I just wish I could have it all in one box every game in that feed. Just feel it whatever all right. I digress. Cardinals Forty niners. Do you think the forty niners fruits. Yeah why I think they're overrated. I don't think they're frauds and think they're overrated. I think we're going to have some troubles in the playoffs. Jimmy G. has yet to prove himself to me. I think he proved himself today against the cardinals. The APP because the cardinals were like. Hey you have well short week at cardinals basically said you have to beat us with the past and he did. He didn't have his best player. Here's what I'll say about forty niners will determine whether or not they're frauds. They remind me very very much like the Texans to Shawn Watson last year where they have all the hype. First round of the playoffs have ugly loss. I see that happening with the forty niners. Defense is pretty good on the forty niners though you you have to admit that their front four they can get after basically any quarterback. I thought that happened at the end of the seahawks game. I see that happening in a playoff game see. I thought that today's game was actually pretty impressive. Even though it was a close game shout out that last play where that should be illegal pat everyone went to a push the fucking offensive lineman on the ball and threw it through it backwards thoughts and prayers by the way to Caesar sportsbook. They took a bath. On that second touchdown they lost lost millions of dollars on that. So everyone think about the book makers in Las Vegas. Thank time that was tough but I thought this win for the forty niners. It was very impressive because it's short week off a very you know like emotional loss. They got a bunch of guys injured and they had to come back and they like. They won the game in in impressive fashion. I don't know I think those this is one of those weeks where bad team or a fraud team stumbles in this game And they kind of like got up off the Mat and the bell rang and they were ready to go Richard Sherman Pass interference against him because the NFL doesn't like him really he's active on on the NFL Players Association board. So they're saying that's why I Richard Sherman undefeated at finding a reason for it to be on a shoulder. Yeah that's what I I kind of like I I mean the whole like. I'M GONNA make up a phantom handshake. That didn't happen with Baker Mayfield. Tracy it's insane. It's the behavior of an insane person but you need players like that. Yes the other thing I wrote down was. Do Samuel who was greeted at South Carolina. Best name in the NFL in terms of wide receivers for Depot Abo- Samuel like every time he gets Hollywood Brown Brown but depots actually lean depot would be a good like fullback or deebo please aggressive. I Dunno depot same whenever catches on like. Oh there's that guy he's a dude. I had something else in this game. Oh yeah they keep cutting up to George piddle in the booth. Yeah like they just show his these Jerry Jones. Yes the San Francisco Forty niners whenever the offense does something good. Just show him. And he's like up there just totally zoot it out of his brain on Bang Energy Grizzly and just like banging on the wall. Like fuck yeah. I thought it's great. I mean he's just ready to go. Do you think his dad writes his letter to him from when he doesn't play. No okay definitely. You don't play you. 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Max Ax Dosa Dosa keys. Always good draft pick No free ads. But that's a free. Add Fantasy Ryan Finley quarterback quarterback of the bengals. Not The guy not the guy but he is a guy who loves getting on the phone on the sidelines so like you he loves doing something so egregious just fucking up as bad as you can fuck up and sitting on the bench and then getting on the phone. They're like yeah. We're looking at the satellite image of the last. Play right now you fucked up again. Ah Fuck that went up. I actually think the Bengals could've won this game with any dome. You're you're probably not wrong. I mean the Bengals have admitted that any Dalton as a better quarterback. But they're like we're just it's not gonNA plan right now. I'm so sick of the bengals. Oh because they're just they just won't figure out whether they want to be truly awful or not like there's some games where they get blown out and then there's games like today where they keep a close and I need you to be consistent so I can consistently bet on it. You won't do it for me. you WanNa have you WanNa have fun stat here. Yeah Joe Mixon had the first bengals rushing. Td By someone not named Andy Dalton this year. Yeah it's crazy it's nuts. They didn't have a running back score touchdowns that's it's not that isn't saying I thought Joe Mixon had been that bad this year. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe he has been that bad My other stat is there's a guy that's been living on his roof until the Bengals win a game like September. Yeah she's just roof guy. I think that that was. He made that bet because he secretly wanted to live on his roof. Yeah because it's pretty cool. Live on your roof Yes for all the action happens. Yeah so he's like yeah. I'M GONNA stay up here until we win a game little clubhouse into my own. Yeah there was like a local news story about him. It says man's still on roof there. You go buddy. He the Bengals fans it was nice. It felt like raiders fans embraced Bengals fans that showed up and put on their paper for bags and just felt shitty and I was like. I Love Raiders Games in Oakland. The shots of the crowd and the people people like dressed up. And then you just had through in like there was some bengals fan drinking with a paper bag drinking through the paper Bag It was just so sad but so good at the same time like it felt like readers fans probably showed him a good time. Yeah no that's definitely stealing valor from every homeless person. That's ever lived chugging through the paper. Yeah I I like Bengals fans for the most part. They're very colorful. Maybe it's just the uniforms and the stripes literally at it. Looks Pretty Cool. That's all angels fans are non-threatening. I've never been intimidated by Bengals Fan. Yeah or their team. The least threatening Apex Predator is a Bengal yes drugged your drug Tiger Tiger on quayle that speeding away from his wife after she's busted up towards Buick. Yeah exact- declawed. Yes declawed Okay last game patriots. Eagles Hank give us first of all Goodwin for the Patriots. Their defense was awesome in the second. Half give us your worry level though of the Patriots Offensive Offensive Line and Tom Brady basically having to run for his life constantly. There was actually a code after he said that he was tired. LEGIT tired because he basically has no time jess not great. I mean they are running the Mitch Trubisky. They have no time. They couldn't throw the ball more than like five yards all screens. Quick quick routes wasn't great. Great looked ugly disgusting game based off of the loss of the Ravens and obviously how the Ravens have been playing since that game. They look clearly like the superior team But it was a good win and they're still in the lead for home field advantage for the playoffs. Oh might be your quarterback of the future. Yeah you got a new Probably the two best non quarterback quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Yes Through what about your defense. He's still happy with the Turnover luck how you feel about that that on your side I never really understood turnover. We had some. We had a good down to some bad bases said that to fifty. Were laughing when you you love to pick has favorite joke. No attorney Hank that means. That's turnover luck. Well the ball and you're well no because I still. It wasn't a turnover turnover. Happen so right but that's would turn over lucky is like bats a ball that you turn we don't a turnover doesn't again. I would have turnover happening but it didn't because you're lucky it doesn't have to be a turnover turnover locked when the ball doesn't bounce your way and win. It's good good so like hang when your team. You still don't understand it. You still think I'm saying that the Patriots are lucky. No Yeah you do. You're pointing attornal. Definitely weren't weren't you can't predict which way the ball's going to bounce some time just because it doesn't bounce your way doesn't mean you weren't lucky it's hard to predict you can't like Kosei this game. We're always going to get this many turnovers because there's very said you could. Okay hang talking turnover. Hank starts talking more and more like bill the track. Yeah as as we can dig it on them but he does reach a breaking point every time we start to dig in where he he snaps out of his was a good game. We're lucky to escape with whereas like just shut the fuck up. Shut up shut up. Here's a quote. Oh can you give us the bill belichick quote again. The We said they're having fun. Yeah we're we're having fun all they ask them. Eagles news like Having Fun out there which is a shoutout to Lane Johnson quote on our show saying that. It's more fun to play for the Eagles than it is to play that. So what exactly. What two years ago? Yeah and he doesn't forget why but he also misquoted him. He has the quote. Wasn't that at-bat holding just noting that the eagles look like they're having fun. Tom Is using. Yeah I noticed that the weird of the combination of close at Bill Belichick. Where's the more likely they are to win that game so today ninety percent coming off a bye yeah ninety? Yeah I think we ran through that on a Friday so we took the number Bella check was wearing the sweatshirt that was like cut off but also had a cut small cut down the middle. Like he was he's GonNa tear it off at any given time during the game like Hulk Hogan Yeah. I don't know what the meaning of that little cut at. The front of the collar was on him today. Just give yourself a little air. Yeah just let the neck breathe for a little there Stefan Gilmore after the game. said that he knew he could get rattled because he had seen the eagle tight. End Crying on film. Uh That's tough. Yeah that's tough so tougher Julie husband adulation has been. Yeah but yeah so and then the only other thing from this game ms do you think. How many times do you think fuck Nelson? Al Gore is going to be said tomorrow in the city of Philadelphia. That was a tough. It was very tough. But he's also the guy who everyone everyone blames and it went viral when the other guy said it and I feel like you always need someone to blame. And he's the guy there's going to be. Somebody like a diehard eagles fan that starts his own house fire yeah just that he can get interviewed by somebody on the news. Take say something about Nelson Agla. Run it back quick. I did notice says that. He's got a big announcement to make this. Oh yeah thank you see that. Oh Yeah what do you think that news is going to be probably some type of sponsorship. Probably probably like CBD. Maybe a gambling company groggy brock. Be the First Person Actually Take Cam soda up on an offer to be like hey drunk we've made made you a PR stunt offered a Jack off in front of a camera. Twenty four hours non stop ended the day on. The pre-game show on Fox is also electric. Oh trainwreck city city. So end of the day patriots are still probably the probably the team you're most confident in the AFC. Besides the Ravens. And then I would say just knowing who they are at their the team. You're most confident period. There is awesome but their offensive line's got problems. Yeah anytime I think figure it out. We'll see they'll figure it out. It sells itself when they don't have it feels like they're missing. Roy Marshall Newhouse you gotta get it together I know is it's tough when you were watching the game and like Julian Edelman is running All the way down the field and like if like genomes fantastic but if he's your deep threat it feels like the it's like not bound Nikki though Mikulas plane today Yup such a great name. Nick Kilo Neil the Keel. Neil Yeah we we actors you have three catches. You'll Harry someone great last name to would you know I don't know oh I don't know why you're saying that killed nearly killing it got it nickname. That's what we do on the show. Nickname nicknames. All right let's do who's back and and then we will finish up with the Monday reading. Do you have a couple ads. Real quick yes I wanNA talk to you guys about our good friends over mugs jeans. I wore my mugs jeans all weekend. They are the absolute best. They are without a doubt the most comfortable men's jeans that have ever been made big cat. You're wearing years right now right. Oh Yeah Yeah. 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And we're going to have You can read about who we have nominated on twitter and I think jake will blog it so check that out. Pardon my take Let's do who's back back in our Monday reading by the way we should just quickly say I. I also WANNA rule run a poll of anti football guys this week and that includes Peter King for saying everyone write in. And Tell me how myles Garrett is GonNa Affect whether you'll let your son play football and Adam Schefter who who assaults. That's how I figured he. He said that assault and Peter King by the way just saying that as an act not seen in decades decades requires discipline not seen in decades particularly in these times Shut up Peter. Have you seen the last boy scout. There was a guy bleeding from his ear. Shut up Peter Peter King stupid. It's not as bad as as going into hotel shower and realizing that the drain is still plugged. And you have to lean over and flip it up. But it's pretty bad. The people who like unimaginable unimaginable incomprehension unsinkable unthinkable and unimaginable. That's what that's what chef said. People are just losers. I've also I've seen like five guys get home. It swung at them this year. Yes it happens. Seen way worse things it wasn't in prime time and it wasn't to someone with such a giant gravitational target as Mason Ramsey. Add Mason Rudolph have. Okay don't don't hit Mason Ramsey no snohomish birthday happy birthday mason but yeah it was. It was ridiculous to see all the takes coast crazy. All right. WHO's back Hank? You start my whose back is the Motorola Razor. Yeah so I saw a commercial for this this weekend. I personally had. It was like the first phone I had even when my friends. We're starting to iphones. I had a Motorola Razor. It was like sorry about time I had it was old. I had like three years punches in style. Jura they're bringing it back but it's like apparently going to be a smartphone so it's going to be like the new hipster. I don't even know I don't know if it's GonNa work out or not the Motorola Motorola razors back. Wait so it's going to have everything like iphone has. It's GonNa be Nia flip bone but yeah but you can flip it up and basically turns into like a one screen iphone. That sounds to me like it's GonNa get broken. A mutual it can be a flip phone or touchscreen like the iphone should make a flip phone Because the I would buy one but then you'd be the green dot. You can't do that. Well the cool thing about a flip phone is you can rock it on your belt. Yeah I let you know or that you work in it. That's pretty sweet. Hey without if it's a new Motorola Razor snake on it then I have not hatteras. No snaking there's a little brick. Yeah Yeah Gnocchi no blackberry had BRIC brick was awesome. I was so so much time at a job that I was getting paid for to play brickmaker if you bring back a phone that has snake breaker drug wars on it. I am so far and snakes sneakers so good. It's Tetris Tetris. On the razor was yeah the best brisk. Is someone make game boys again. My who's back in the week is shorts. ooh ooh yeah. Because the Wisconsin not the Winnipeg blue bombers they one they're going to the CFL Grey Cup final and if they win that dude get to put on his first pair of pants in nineteen years. That's crazy promises buddies. He's not wearing pants until they win. The Big One the Grey Cup up and they are one week away from doing that. We're trying to get him on. Yeah we I. If you know the short sky possibly the big Schwarzkopf in the world. I drunk idea this weekend. Yeah shorts shorts. That are warm shorts. You can wear during cold. Weather would warmers. I haven't figured it all out yet but just I want to be able would wear shorts when it's cold outside and not be cold. There's a way to do that. There is get fat and also you get shorts but make him a little bit longer. Okay so your earring. What point do they become? No all state of mind is sell your shorts if there's no at the bottom giant shorts giant. Hi It's short shorts. The shorts for giant a huge short. So you get to wear them. Yeah Yeah Okay now. Works are just like if you if you could make our NASA figured out you some sort of heat retention yeah fabric and keep keep my legs warm from the kneecap up. Yeah figured out. It's not that hard I'm all right. My whose back is Christmas lights or holiday lights in bars. I love that. Yeah there's something about going into a bar and having holiday lights in there it just feels better feels more like nicer to drink even better when it's August. Yeah but this is like the time where you go into a bar you want by everyone else drink. It's it's the spirit warm Edward Don. It reminds me of that. Seen goodfellas where they walk in a heist and everyone's because they're warm in there come in from the cold they come in and there's lights it's all over the place and everyone's happy to see each other. I mean December is like the ultimate drinking month where you can just socially drink all the time And so we're about to get there with Thanksgiving and then my other. Whose back is Jim Harbaugh? Jim goes all the way back. He is big time fucking stepped on Michigan State's throat and did you see the game ball off. No Oh my God so harbaugh after before the last play before Shape Patterson Cochet Patterns Patterson who was his best game as Michigan quarterback before four. He kneeled the ball to end the game. Harbor told him make sure you don't give that ball back the refs because I want to give it to you as the game ball. And then when they went into into locker room she patterson keep it horrifies game ball and then harbaugh put it in cheap Patterson's backpack before he left without him realizing Susan Game Ball always snuck they just kept on giving it back and forth to each other. That's going to end up being one of those lifelong friendship things about where to friends prank. Each other over the course of their lives. That's by like sneaking one little trip back. Yup Harbor is going to be eighty years old and like roll out of bed go to to type in his shopping list and Excel and unlike underneath his desk is going to be that damn football like shit show you got you got me. I must say something that's probably going to Elicit some people being mad at me. I think Michigan beat Ohio State. Really I do I think Michigan can beat Ohio. Say I'm not going to say they are going to be whilst not gonNA guarantee it. I think it's going to be a more competitive game than people thought a month ago. That's going to be the northern equivalent of coach. Oh beating Alabama. I mean it would be. Do you think harbaugh cries. If he wins the game probably. Yes yeah horrible. Would I mean it would. Then he would immediately parade Adamson because then he would go through. We've gone three no against his rivals. Michigan State Notre Dame and Ohio state. I again I don't I'M NOT GONNA I'll we'll have to wait to see the line and I'm not saying like oh I'm guaranteeing I just think it's going to be a lot tougher of a game for Ohio State. Then people thought like after Wisconsin Johnson or or anytime before Michigan Played Penn State. They turned a corner in that. Second half when Harbaugh Tolan. This'll be your finest hour even though second half for like two and a half hours but ever since that moment they've been different football team. Yeah I I would love to see that I would love to see the look on her face kronos. It'd be incredible all right. Let's finish up. We have A Monday reading. We haven't done one in a while this one comes From read it and it says my boyfriend of two years will not stop speaking in a fake Italian American accent and keeps making up foreign words. All right here we go okay two prefaces. I love my boyfriend and he is super sweet. Nice Smart Guy that I feel lucky to have put his behavior lately is freaking out and makes me worried for the future. I love how they always start with. This I love him. I love him. But there's something so wrong regardless relationship that I'm asking millions of anonymous strangers on read it. Yeah I love my boyfriend friend but He keeps insisting I have to go to Dave and buster's so what do I do all right so my boyfriend loves movies especially mob movies. He has has all the soprano. DVD's place and I'm pretty sure he still watches them that way. That's fine obviously. You can watch and enjoy whatever you want but last week. He saw saw the Irishman with some friends and since then he will not stop talking in like a fake stereotypical mobster accent we. We're in an UBER. The night after going out to dinner and admittedly the driver was going a little fast put. My boyfriend kept muttering things like. WHO's this fucking guy Dale Dillard junior over here and shouting. Oh as we took corners. He would not shut up and even gave the driver. Ever a one-star reviews saying it was about respect. I fucking love that. This guy sounds like he's a smart guy cocoa. Yeah I'm right in here. Hey Hey in respect you honey not in front of you. I'm from Ghouma. Everyone has their quirks. I get it and they can be what makes makes someone special at first. It was even Kinda cute funny but I just can't really understand this shift all of a sudden it's been a week and he continues to make asides in his voice and when he gets drunk he speaks in made up Italian like we were having dessert at my sister's and he came up to me and said hey ma I gotta get at home and hit the genie with okay. I'm the D D. I don't drink so I asked him why he wants to leave. And what did your Pena's his response. was you know like a shower. That's a great term for Japan's. I'm going to start calling the shower. Japino quick guy getting the you've got to take these fucking guys funny. I like to drop e is not a word. Well it is now In any language he also never called me Ma before ever and now. He doesn't almost all the time. I feel crazy like this is going to be a permanent feature of his personality analogy now. I know that sounds incredibly stupid. Compared to some of the other issues on here. But I'm just really nervous about what this means about his personality slash mental health. He he really is a sweet loving guy with a wonderful family and have a lot in common but just like I don't even know how to begin to approach this. I WanNa tell them off and be like why. Why do you keep doing this voice? Always can you please stop. We don't live together so thankfully it's not constant thing but like what if we did and it was shocked. Come on I need to know fray come on. Hey Hey we're just having a laugh. I I need to know what this guy's actual heritage. Okay so here we go Is this the kind of thing you deal with. When it's someone you love at it I just WanNa ad that he's not Italian at all either so I'm also worried? People get offended when we're out or something the Pini. Hey come on oh okay. Hey good clean fun. This is having a laugh. Listen if you haven't done this at some point in your life I don't like you're not a human being like you watch sopranos you watch goodfellas. Would fellows talk with your hands a little bit. You kind of think your life's a movie. It happens for a couple of weeks. And then it passes. Hank started wearing tracksuits. When you watch spanos House of Milwaukee P blinders lately to gala cap? Not a scale. It's more the accent with peaky blinders for me. I wanted whiskey. I WANNA I wanNA drink whiskey and I want to smoke cigarettes nonstop so hard not to yeah and do induce some like Chopped up heroin from Asia or no. No Arthur has cocaine offer shelby. Yeah don't even fucking start. It's devastating but it's he gets. He gets married to that that like Christian goal. That won't let them go and do anything and he's like. Oh I WANNA on the record or am I doing it okay. I wanted to knock knock knock into further. But yes you do get into modes when you watch shows when you watch TV. When you watch movies you WANNA emulate your heroes? The good thing is hank. Can I tell you. There's some real quick. No it's too late in the morning for this for these jokes. No it's not joke. peaky blinders the seasons. Come out so infrequently like I haven't and watch the most recent season yet. I can't remember a thing that's happened in the past. Yeah even one thing. I need a refresher course But Yeah you get in these modes and you emulate relate you know. Hey Jamie and it's also fun. If you don't have an accent you grow up speaking without any noticeable colder Roka. Yeah if you have like a newscaster voice. It's fun to put. Its like put on a Halloween costume for your voice right. It's cool right. So let us let repainting is. He's trying to bring a little class last. It'll Shaimaa why don't you repeating repeating a little this little about a bomb so we have some fun. I don't know maybe nine months later. We got a little little response. Respond running all right. We'll see everyone Wednesday. Enjoy Monday football and fire. Every coach in America. Love you guys a fucking love. Gotcha right so bullshit. He's the whole new. I see what's up but right just a buck won't black. Oh Oh the casualties children now.

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