Thank you for listening to this. podcast one production available on Apple podcasts. And podcast one in Los Angeles whose bravery in the one and only famous Iraq says Perez. Hilton be hey guys. Welcome to the. PHP on Booker. That's Perez a big show. How you doing? Oh my God you know. I like to end the year strong and we are going out with a Bang Bang. Let me tell you not just today. I have a feeling our Thursday show. You know when you're done stuffing your face if you live in the United States listen into our Thursday podcast. I have too much to talk about today so much so that I'm saving some really good stuff for our second show. I will be talking about Justin Timberlake Lake. Of course we will be getting to the American music awards definite leave but first SIS my king show I need to uh-huh everybody know my new song is oh right. There's a reason never to listen to it but I'm I am so excited about it. The song I will not play right now. I WANNA save for Thursday. Booker has not heard it so I want to get his honest true. Who Initial reaction to my song will do that later in the week? But I'll tell you a little bit about it first of all. I've actually released legitimate songs before you're I was on a song with the Bengals Boys. Remember them We like to party relied departed. I wasn't a song that they did called rocket to. Uranus silly had fun. I did a I did a song with this guy named Larry t he he and I did a song together called my penis. I I did a song with. Dj Scribble Remember. Dj Scribble I do from MTV. Yeah exactly I did a song with him. That was a remake of money. Success Famed Glamour. I remember that song from the Party. Monsters Sean track. I've done a couple of Chris actually like three or four Christmas songs on compilation recordings with Broadway people. So you know. Oh I've I've released music that's available and I'm not taking this as a joke. The song's called Okay boomer. This is not something that I'm just putting up on Youtube to. This is a real release with a company that has helped me get this song everywhere so you guys can enjoy it or hate. Listen listen to it. Wherever you stream music I will be happy with either response if people either genuinely like it or love to hate it? I'm good I just want people listening sending to it and talking about it. I'm sure you've heard the expression. Okay boomer right never let me explain it to you. I really want to bet you that because I don't want people to think of it to go on a thing about it. I'm not I literally just going to mention it in context one of the things that many people started telling me when I joined tick talk. DOC was okay boomer. And it's basically a dismissive way for young people kids to shut up older folks. Yeah I'm forty one almost forty two. I get it like baby boomer. But you don't even have to be a baby boomer like literally anybody above the age of thirty basically is a boomer humor and there is so whatever I posted video that they did it like or if I left a comment on somebody else's tick tock or in any way if I did something that they did not approve of they would say okay boomer. So there's this catchphrase now obviously it's not gone supermassive. Because you didn't know about it but it's it's popular enough that you you you experienced it. People called you okay boomer. Yeah so the song is my response to those people like. Yeah maybe old but I still go boom every every day. Okay Bitch. I'm still Perez Hilton. I'm still fabulous and I love it because I came up with the concept. I Co wrote the song I worked with real songwriters songwriters and producers. In fact one of the guys worked with an A.. List superstar this year and I'm very proud of it and I'm having fun creating content to promote it and I hope that everybody listening at least check out booker. We'll check it out. Live on our show later this week and I will not talk anything else about my personal life even though other things are good because I wanna get to the good stuff. Do you have anything you want to share in sixty seconds or less happy birthday. Hey to my girlfriend. Oh Tamar oh happy birthday. How old is she thirty? Five three thirty three. That's around the time like. She's starting to think about kids if she wants to have kids. We start the show now. Yeah because you know there's an actual biological clock. We can start the show. Something think just happens when you turn thirty three thirty three thirty one hundred thirty two anymore. Bochy said there were a lot of stories we needed to get to the. I said I wasn't going to talk about my thyself thyself anymore. I didn't say I was thinking about. Nobody cares all right. Okay fire your product as a segue a segue to to getting to Justin Timberlake. I just want to address because some people I think are expecting me to. I had had you. It got into some controversy over our statements that we but mainly I made last week about Harry Styles wiles and I stand behind everything I said. I don't think I said anything incorrect. He doesn't have a lot of hits. His I ever song that was released sign of the Times. That song did chart well but it came and went it evaporated as soon as it debuted beauty on the billboard. Hot One hundred because It just didn't have legs. It wasn't a radio song. It wasn't a song that resonated with the masses his fans fans may have loved it and continue to love it. But all I was saying was it's wild that he's selling out arenas without hits it's and I doubt that that would be the case if he wasn't in one direction at his fans. I think this shows all about Our opinion They are this is not even think I know this is the fact his fans are I would say ninety the percents female most of whom fancy him most of whom think he's ridiculously good looking which he is and many of them imagine themselves dating him or sleeping with him or marrying him. Well the wrong one fans. That's all that but that that that kind of grip that kind of control that kind of allure over women is very powerful and let me tell you these fans are hard. Core Harry styles fans are almost host is hard core as like fans they came out pretty. Good Yeah I laughed it off. Well it got to the point now share a little of this just a little bit but it went beyond the fans it went to the business side of things where it got back to me. And let's just say I had to. Can you know. Provide some proof. You know what I'm saying so it. Yeah we got in trouble for that one but I you're dead I I didn't really I had to. The facts were being collected and I could have gotten in trouble but I didn't say anything. All I did was say that I hadn't heard the song the name sounds silly. It does watermelons schober. Look musically. I like the song I do. I think the lyrics are kind of silly but come at me. What do I I thank them? Though I love attention we know this positive or two. I told you that I liked it as well. I thought it was kind of funny because I didn't say anything and yet people were still coming at me too so whatever all right. Let's get to what many people want to hear from us about. And what I really. You really really want to talk about especially because you know what now that I did this. Actually the great thing that I put Harry the styles. I because had I not done that. I would not have had a lightbulb moment. Go off which is we're talking about Justin Timberlake. I'll give you a five-second context and then I'll really get into the second. Basically he was seen in New Orleans on a allegedly boozy night out holding hands underneath the table with a co star of his. Okay okay. That's the synopsis. I'll get more into it in a second. But what's fascinating is. Now that I put that after Harry and having seen the response by so many people on social media it makes more sense. I for sure thought that the overwhelming main majority of women were going to be very against what Justin Timberlake did and shockingly. I don't think I think that's the case I would say it's maybe evenly split with like fifty percents thinking it's bad fifty percent thinking it's not so bad and I think the reason why is because those fifty percent that think it's not so bad are probably women of a certain age who've loved Justin Timberlake Lake since he wasn't in sync just like Harry styles fans love him and I am seeing so many women on social media justify his behavior review and come up with all sorts of excuses and conspiracy theories like oh they were filming nowhere okay. They were not filming for the movie with that. That all went down. He was covertly caught by the Paparazzi. And I'll just backtrack now. Okay now give you the full context as we we know Justin Timberlake is married. Man He has been for many years to Jessica Biel they have a child together. What many of our listeners may not know and what you may not know booker is that Justin Timberlake has a reputation in Hollywood Hollywood? Well I did know that. Okay your look with you. Knew Ladies and gentlemen he has a reputation of being a cheater and and and getting heated. Already this is the reputation that has persisted into his marriage approach. I don't know if y'all remember but I can remember. I'm Perez Hilton Bitch. I think it was like two or three years ago. There were even rumors of him and a backup dancer. A backup dancer whom I should mother. SKIING AD looks a lot like his new film Co Star. Let's it's just say he has a type or basically he's just a Horny Guy Okay anyways. He's this new movie in New Orleans and going back to what I said like my brain is racing going back to what I said a second ago. I've even seen some Justin Timberlake fans coming up with conspiracy spiracy theories that it's all fake to promote this movie People that would make sense if we were getting soon and close to the film's film's Premiere. But they're currently filming it. It's not coming out for a long as time. This is not some stunt to promote the movie. That's coming out in twenty twenty or twenty twenty one all right so they're currently filming on a night out after they were done filming or maybe they were off that day he and a bunch of his colleagues. It wasn't a solo one on one date went to this bar. He was seen on video. Oh drinking I've analyzed watched poured over that footage. I don't WanNa say for sure 'cause I don't WanNa get sued but it. It seems to me in my expert analysis that he his appearance came across to me as being shit faced drunk later think like like what a revelation though but I don't I don't WanNa say he was because that would that that's a fact that we don't know for sure. I don't think anyone's going to sue you over that when I think he's hoping that more people say how should house he was. That's what he wants people. At this point I would imagine. Imagine a little pause in our story before we get back to it. I think you might get a chuckle out of this because this is so me I got so pissed hissed because one of my British sources told me about this but I thought it was gonNA break on Sunday and not Saturday and and Saturday as soon as I found out about it like I was literally heading out the door. It took my kids to a hockey game so I got the scoop and I sat on it because I wanted to do video because I wanted to be able to monetize my scoop thinking it was going to break on Sunday and not super late Saturday night. That doesn't happen by the way huge stories. Like this like that's based on photo or video. It's not somebody getting arrested. It won't break on a Saturday night like it'll break maybe Sunday morning or even Monday or Tuesday. Whatever so I came back and I saw had broken and I was a little deflated? Whatever ever I got my video up anyways and then somebody from New York tried calling me and I never answer my phone if I don't know the number and then I got a text message message? Justin Timberlake's publicist. Oh my I should read you verbatim. Let me read you verbatim exchange. Hi Hi is this Perez. This is blank from blank blank trying to reach you but not sure if this is the correct number me hi what's what's up can you call me about jt. They said tried to call you just now that I said don't really care to don't I don't really care to all right. Then they said really then I said but happy to include any statement you have really. The sinus is reporting us. Weekly is reporting. There are photos there was video. Don't know what spin you can possibly try. Seems like a call would be a waste of my time but very happy to to include any statement on the record or off. I always want to do everything by the law and I do the laws on my side here and the photos and evidence and reporting help. That didn't come across the wrong way. Just trying to be time efficient here. I'm with my kids and then they said okay got it. You know. We're jumping ahead all over the place and you barely even spoken. But I feel like there's just so much to say you haven't asked any questions yet. You haven't even asked for an opinion. You know what I think's going on but let's get to their. Everybody knows all this. We'll get to it so I don't WanNa say for sure but basically what. I'm pretty sure she was going to tell me is what ah or he. Whomever was probably told people that entertainment tonight by the same line was used and by the way? This is an instance where maybe his team Justin Timberlake's team should have taken a beat and waited till the morning to reach out to people because what they told old all these outlets literally the scene quote that I'm certain the publicist gave was that it's innocent. You can think whatever you want it. Okay I'm not even accusing him or staying cheating or anything but using the word. Ns sent to describe what happened dimmed. That's just dumb okay. It was many things but it was not innocent. If just for the pure fact of him getting way more for drunk than he should have it was not innocent. So I'll start to ask your opinion. Let me give you mine before you even say a damn word. I'm going to stay too bold statements. Okay and the first statement. His actions were very inappropriate disrespectful respectful to his wife and child and tied into that the woman's actions I think his co star early showing right. Were also inappropriate and the second thing is it was cheating. I'm not saying they've ever made out. I'm not saying they've however however emotional cheating too which I think holding hands inappropriately covertly having hands on on thighs and knees holding onto wastes all that touching it crosses the line breaks trusted. It's it is ah a kind of cheating. There are different kinds of cheating to me. That was that what do you think you said I think doc and that is your opinion guess to them it may not be there to actors. He's somewhat of an actor there to actors within into them. Do you mean to them like Timberlake Jessica deal or Timberlake and address all around all around. But LET'S GO TO JESSICA I. There's a kinship between gene actors on set and I Jessica Biel probably as aware of that ship. That's putting it mildly. Okay okay look I also looked at the film like it was the damage ziprecruiter myself. I saw a guy that was seemingly. I'll just say that because I don't know like you said I. I don't know if he was wrecked. I'm just assuming that he was the guy couldn't stand up. He was holding that damn doorway up. He wasn't into her. He's not into her. I never saw where. Oh he was leaning in my target by trying by. I don't see any moment where I even thought that there was a spark between between them. I think the girls a little too Hansie and he's Justin Timberlake and he probably is probably created some sort of openness because he is a kind of the big star. She's kind of a nobody so I think he's playing it cool but he was bomb now. They're the girl just touches leg that he just put his hand there for a second because he was bombed armed. Maybe I don't know I'M NOT GONNA call it cheating. There is some sort of a emotional thing that him and his wife May WanNa look into but I think it's maybe kind of normal for actors to behave that way now. They shouldn't be doing it all. I have to stop it. I was right now. I have to stop you there. Because that's just not an accurate assessment. That is not normal for married actors. It happens I'm not saying it's an anomaly. Hey what's not normal. The two people are sitting close together. He's not giving her any time of day. He's really not other than to live and rocking back and forth and holding up that Doorway Norway. He wasn't did the hand touches leg for a minute when she was leaning over. I can't tell I can't really tell that now where the hands are locked where they word see that I did see the photo hands were interlock. You can stop for anything for one second and say whatever I I have no idea what they were talking about. I have no idea what the scenario was. Everything's out of context. Because I wasn't there and he was out in the open. I don't think I think that he thought at any point that he was cheating. I don't I don't think that he thought it was a photo and video. I saw it all right. I think he's going to play with his his wife like look. I got way too drunk and I'm sorry I embarrassed. You certainly didn't have any intention on being with that girl and there's nothing in that video that says to me that there's anything else but there may be a little bit of an inappropriate relationship. They're not kissing. They're not canoed rolling. You can tell tell when someone's into a girl I just didn't see guy that's into a girl I didn't. I saw a guy that was wrecked. That's what I was like. I said three or four or five minutes ago. He's into any any walking female that well. That is your opinion of him. That's that's okay. That's your opinion opinion opinion. I don't know him well enough to say that fine. Let me though just to be accurate. Try and rephrase rephrase or surmise. Two things you said okay. Would you say it's fair that you think a Justin Timberlake owes his wife an apology. Absolutely okay and be. Would you say that that what happened was not innocent or they use a different word. Would you say what happened was appropriate. I don't know their relationship friendship there. I don't know where they are as friends and actors as people that hang out together. I don't know I can't answer that question without more or context from them. I should remind everybody. If you didn't pour over the photos and videos like I did. He was not wearing his wedding ring. Just saying some people pull. Don't maybe we're we. We shouldn't even read into that but that was just. He's on the set. He was not onset. Say They shot that day and they went straight from the thing. That could have been the hotel room. If you're shooting a movie you're not GonNa have your wedding ring on. It's probably going to be in a box in your hotel room. Maybe they came right from the set and started drinking. That's my guess what's also interesting is seeing so many women saying well. He was my husband. He can do whatever he wanted. I actually saw that and a lot. Does that surprise as you know. No I'm going to predict. Were like flashing forward to December predictions. Show guy odd gonNA predict nothing. Nothing will come of this meaning. JESSICA BILL IS NOT GONNA make a big to do of it. She won't leave him over this even if he cheated on her sexually which we don't know we don't know that I also predict timberlake. We'll address at all. He'll probably appear on Ellen. His good friends show and make jokes and laughs and it's a safe space for him. There in. This is why I love you by the way I should also remind everybody. If you're not aware of his age he's thirty the eight years old. Do you get do you. WHO LOVES TO DRINK BOOKER? do you allow yourself or do you accidentally ever get at your advanced age as drunk as Justin timberlake seemingly got. No no I think of maybe a couple of times but I'm I'm not a when I'm drunk. Most people don't even know I'm drunk. I'm just loud. That's all that I am. I'm not a I'm not a passer outer guy. Looked like he was going down. You know what I mean like. He looked like like he was circling the drain. I don't get that way now and it was wild to. Maybe he's got some issues like maybe he does this to regularly now. I'm not saying I'm not saying he does. I'm actually kind of agree with you. Oh it's not issues it's fame. He's been famous since he was a child. Hi Old and there's an entitlement that comes to that and there's this nonstop need for attention. I believe that he has to get. And there's I think a little of that plays plays into it. Sure I don't think it's out of the question to bring that up but looking at that video of everybody else like how awkward and uncomfortable like everybody was like trying not to stare at him but they were staring at him and they were like that was funny. Because I was I was looking at the other. Oh yeah watching him like somebody should to step in and say we're trying to that other woman was trying to everybody was trying. The Guy was like Patti him on the back and everything like people were like. They're his colleagues so they also have to be careful of what they say especially when dealing with allistair when they're drunk and you could say could trigger them so like you saw a lot of them also like padding this is also just goes to show you like how you should handle them the guy patting him on the back to me that's appropriate appropriate touching the girl holding his hand touching his thigh and me under the table. That's not appropriate touchy well. She didn't look as house does he. Did he looked to be out of it. And I don't know what was going through his mind. I just think that he was wrecked. He's probably embarrassed. Alcohol is not an excuse. That's nine I know but I'm not giving them an excuse. I'm saying that he should have the next day. Got Out in front of this himself. Not as publicist. Even if he went on instagram and said look. This is what happened last night. He probably knows there were photos and video. That's the thing. Well of course he had no idea. I'm just saying when the story story broke this story when the story broke. He should've been on Allen this morning. You know what I'm saying. Like he should have flown back and said I have to do damage control here because I love my wife and I love my a kid and I love my career because I think this movie this is a really really bad. Look this is Leeann. rhymes got with her husband. I don't know what the movie was. Does anybody anybody know what the movie was the lifetime movie. Nobody cared whatever. Same thing. There's gotta be a level of professionalism with your co Star specially nationally out in public that you need to adhere to. I would think right or would anybody even if you're with your bros.. I would be so constantly questioning. You have to be careful. I would have someone on guard and he had security and it looks like he had people around him but they should have taken better care or said to her. Hey back off. Someone should have said that the hurt and Oh. That's a good point. I'm not I'm not making an excuse for him. I'm just saying that in this situation back. It was probably the fact that he wasn't wasn't his regular security. GonNa Guess just totally a guess like he was probably with people that the film crew hired like. When he's on tour he's got his just like tight crew that knows what to do if he gets too? Sloppy tours securities probably different than film security. But if I'm Jessica Biel like I said had an I predicted. I'm going to stay with him but I'm going to have another private detective following him around all the time. I don't think he's ever GonNa leave her site again if she's serious about the relationship which she seems to be. I don't think he's ever getting out there alone again because all trust is now flushed and they seemingly were happy together. I mean they were just in Paris Paris fashion week a few weeks or a month or so ago now a fleeting moment. I wouldn't look too much into into it. I think it's embarrassing. I think he should deal with it but I don't think it's anything. It should also be noted though that according to reports Jessica deal was aware of this reputation that Justin Timberlake had and granted. We don't know for sure. But reports this claim that there is an infidelity clause in their pre-nup. Wow cool so like she gets more money if they break up and it's because his cheating I don't know this has been great. I feel like I need a cigarette and I even smoke honestly honestly honestly there the things everyone can do to help protect sexual health talk to a healthcare provider and find out about all your HIV prevention options. Because honestly our health is worth protecting find out more more honest about HIV DOT com. Let's Talk Ama's but before we do that. Oh my God it's Thanksgiving Week. I'm going to indulge I'm going to Eat what I want. And then afterwards I'm going to use some Genesis L.. Because I'm going to need it. 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You only have the bags wrinkles and the Double Chin to lose call now while a three free shipping is in effect COULDA genucel dot com and select my name at checkout for instant savings. THAT'S JENNA SELL DOT COM Jenna Sal L. dot com American music awards. You go to bed real early now did you watch. I watch these coast feed so I saw. How the hell did he watch the East Coast? Fade I use my friends sling box. I have a sling box as well so I used his cable box to my house. I wish I could have watched the east coast feed guy. I was up till eleven seven PM. I could have watched some crappy feed on the Internet. But because I knew that we were going to talk about it in depth on the PODCASTS US I kind of wanted to watch it on. TV and pay attention and watch it. Well so I took down notes lessons. Go who cares about the awards right. Nobody nobody let's just talk performances. Selena Gomez opened the show and she did two songs I love. Selena Gomez as a person. I love these two new songs. She sounded compared to everybody else. Who Sang Vocally? She was the weakest vocal. However you know listen I like to be positive and I applaud her for at least for the first song the second son not so much for the first song lose you to love me? She sang that live. And I think without auto tune for the most part without audited for certain yes. Yeah I was surprised. She didn't use auto tune because a lot of artists. Do US live auto tune now singing. So I gotta give it credit well in a lot of track back to there was a lot of track on that show and he didn't use very much and she should have so I give her credit for that. I sort of agree with you. I think should maybe should how route but she looked good and she seemed confident and honestly as a fan. I was just happy to see her and have her experience. That opened the show and be done with it and not be defeated because the last time we saw Selena Gomez on the American music awards. She performed that Song Woods Awards and she looked so broken and hurt and just unhappy and miserable and it was. I don't think it was a positive experience for her. Nor for me as a viewer so at least I think and hope that this was a positive experience for her even if maybe she didn't sound that great but you know what Hello Selena Gomez. We don't expect great vocals former from her after that was Sierra. who also hosted the show? I thought she did a great job hosting after. That was Liz. Oh who surprised me. He by doing a song that was without big production. It was the the polar opposite of what she did on the MTV video. Amusing awards where it was a bunch of dancers and that big old by and even though she didn't have production fucking loved it. It was amazing like I knew she could sing as well as rap but I did not know she could thing that power house vocals I would say mhm. She's just a star after Lissouba was Thomas. Rhett whom I think is adorable and I like his music in offensive. Kinda like Sam Hunt. They're like birds of a feather. His performance was very by the books. Nothing bad nothing exceptional about it but sounded good sang alive. I'll buy that after. That was shot and Gumilla and at this point I'm just pissed. Okay unless unless they know and they've already gotten the offer to perform this song at the grammys which I think they should because it's one of the biggest songs of two thousand nineteen and maybe they're saving the kiss for the grammys but if these two I perform at the grammys and if they don't give me a kiss on camera I am understanding. Both of them had over then they need to give at least one performance or they kiss and not that stupid ass knows ought to calm down. That knows it does though is so oh annoying at this point. I don't WanNa see you with this note with your nose Thomas Rhett. They were both really good. They were both trying. They both sounded amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance after that was cash shut and I love her new song raising hell. I loved her performance. She also really looked looked. Great looked healthy. I like the Brunette hair but I'm not applying it to unhealthy before basically. It seems to me that she's that she's gotten fitter work. Is it a bad thing. Is that a bad thing to observe. Oh she's gotten fitter since. When do you care anyways? She looks she looks fitter than before and I love the new song and other performance and I love it. She also did a little bit of tick tock to it was great. I love it. I'm proud of her good for her after that was toni. Braxton axh-`Ted which I'm GonNa make prediction. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened already. Why I'm all of why cursing so much today? You're like at five hundred F. Bombs you got. I don't know what's going on. I don't know why Toni Braxton was performing because she doesn't have anything to promote which is why it doesn't take a genius to make this prediction. I think I guess I wouldn't be surprised in a vegas residency. Announcement comes from Toni. Braxton sometime this week or next week that would explain why she performed at the American music awards and Frankly Klay Amazing. She sounded so good which is nice. You expect a great singer to sound good but sometimes artists that that are twenty thirty years into their career. Their voice isn't there. Maybe they drank too much. They did too many drugs. They didn't take care of their instrument but she still sounds amazing and I had locked. Sim okayed looked amazing. I love that performance of I'm breaking my heart. Good on you toni. Braxton agreed wholeheartedly after that was billy Bush at actually I think well maybe because I know but other people don't know billy I don't know if you know this but she's a trained anes dancer she she's yet to do a performance where she really incorporates. That part of her pass like I'm not saying I disliked to perform. Actually I'm just going to get to. I loved billy eyelashes performance. And I know that she's capable of other sides of her artistry. I don't know if maybe she thinks thinks that doing a dancing uncall- lame whatever it may be but I think eventually we'll get that from her. I'm not mad that we haven't gotten it yet. I loved the billy performance. Four minutes I loved the scale of it was big. You know they even like lifted her up the honest. Lift thingy contraption my favorite thing about the billy early Irish performance. I would stay with the last thirty seconds which she was just staring into the camera. That was cool in the crane was taken her up. That was cool. Like Eliza like she's a star Star to and it was a star performance and I loved it. She's a beautiful kit. Yeah and she does a Lotta. She's got the green hair and it's up ponytails and she got the big clothes on. I don't think she wants to be judged for beauty but she is a beautiful girl. She's really pretty in person. It's pretty wild and also this is just speculation people. I'm all over the place today. We're withing I'm giving okay while I'm about to go there. Another is the bad thing. It's natural it happens. I think I've seen she's seventeen. Okay now I I'm gay man by the way also. I don't want to have sex with her. She's he's got boobs. which is one of the reasons may be why she's covering the M- up? And maybe who knows the Mustang she should or has to but she might want to get her she. Maybe you still got reduction the future who knows but that could be one of the many reasons why she does. where the baggy clothes? Yeah I think she's spoke on this before I think it's it's just she doesn't want to be sexualize because she is has the understanding that she has a kid and she's underage and I just think that she's uncomfortable hearing things like that and so well Brittany Spears had no issue with that. Well ready spears belly. She's not after billy was. You may not remember the order of the performance but after Billy Islas came my favorite performance of the night Halsey Halsey Holy. I was gonNA catch cursing today. What do all of these out? I'm just bleeping them. Because you're out of could I. Oh I don't know what's wrong with me. Sorry this is very unlike me I think. Just the tip relate just triggered something and I can't recover a did I. Traumatized holds the gave the performance of the night. There is nobody that was better. It was so inventive. She was a hundred and ten percent live sounded phenomenal. Gave US dancing. Davis artistry part of Me a judge's halls e by the company that she has kept by the things that she's done and maybe accurate or knob in the past. She's he's had a bit of a party girl image to her and partying images well but what I love about that performance is you could tell the like the weeks weeks. Not even just days. The weeks of rehearsal that took that was choreographed and learned and studied studied and analyzed and perfected and it went off flawlessly. I could have loved it and been more proud of it for her. Her there was nobody better. Not even there's nobody even came close it was exceptional out of everyone. That was there that night. And I'm talking to the Christina Gilera's the Taylor Swift's I think Halsey in her being has more talent than anybody there. Her artistry is beyond and it's just next level she can sing she can draw. She's a chameleon every time she does something it's different she really is a special actual talent. I enjoy everything she does. I mean I wouldn't go so far as to say that. I also think Lizardo and billy Taylor very talented too. I didn't say they they weren't telling you said she's more talented I did. Yeah I don't know if I would agree with that I would say she's just as talented those people after that was Green Day Day. And you know what I had not heard that new green day song before but I thoroughly enjoyed it and basket case one of the best songs of all time like I. I could hear that on a loop for hours so they rocked if they were awesome after that was comey like who performed a new song. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the song. I didn't jot it down. Well the Summers Manila but I actually loved her performance. I thought she sounded great. I thought she looked amazing. I loved the production. I love that. She had guy dancers dressed in a feminine way. The performance was great. I just wish the the song was better in the song was ahead. It just goes back to what we set a couple last week or the week before they. She's releasing an album with very little heat and with songs that haven't event connected with people in a major way and it's unfortunate because she's so talented and kills it live after that was the Jonas Jonas brothers who were live allegedly via satellite they did. They did a remote from their concert in Boston. You know they're kind of like Thomas Rhett nothing bad. Actually you know what it was a little bit. It was it was better than Thomas Rhett. It was fun because they were also elementary. was there show with their fans. It was totally fun. Actually I love that. I heard I've been listening to your radio show in the morning and Oh yeah you guys played their new single a lot so I love that. Their new song has or is catching on radio. Only humid which was great. 'cause you know after the successive sucker. They released another song which it didn't even have a chance to thrive because sucker was such a huge hit. That song cool came and went but only human I think is is on track or may already be bigger than cool was oh much picker yes cool. I do not believe was a single. They released it at the same time is soccer. But they didn't want it to be the single. They just wanted to give the fans more than one thing. Everyone's doing that. I don't really like it that much but I don't think it was supposed to be. I see okay well. They were great after. That was Taylor. Swift God bless her. I love her she is an angel she is is she is Taylor Swift. And that's what I love about her like. She doesn't try to be any other artists when she performs and everything everything that she did is everything. That Taylor swift does so well there was a little bit of storytelling to her performance medley. She was awarded artists of the decade. There was dancing as Taylor Swift Kellyanne which she's done more and more of the last few years the beginning of her career she didn't know oh dancing because that was not her forte but she's grown immature to become more confident in that there were lives thinking. Yeah there was some track. I wasn't too bothered by it but but honestly it was like ten minutes or something. The most special thing Taylor Swift did during her performance was her new single the last song lover the arrangement they did a new arrangement of lover that was exquisite. Treat pain or Hermanas. Who Ever heard anybody? Anybody affiliated with Taylor Swift please I beg of you. The Arrangements Smith they did was so different than the original version and exquisite was so damn good I need that up on streaming platforms arms. I want to hear that version as well. And she had misty Copeland and another dancer dancing to it. It was beautiful gorgeous exquisite. I could could not have loved it more. Yeah good performance. I thought there's really nothing negative that you could say about it. Yeah she's just Taylor Swift. She does Taylor swift very well and she did a very good performance. We've seen you and I have seen her do a couple of live. I think one four baby Amazon or something and maybe another one I iheart. They weren't that good vocally but last night she was really good like she showed up to sing. And yes there was a ton of track. I wouldn't say a little track. There was a ton of track last night but she still hit all of the places that she hadn't hit prior to this run and I thought she was great lights out performance. Well done after. That was a great big world Christina. Aguilera you know. They're trying to repeat history and have success again by teaming up again but the song is just okay. Not a bad song. It's just not a smash in my opinion after Christina and a great big world was post Malone hear me out on in this people okay I think and I can acknowledge an I. I'm part of his crew. I am post Malone Fan I I would even go so far as to say and correct me if you think this assessment is wrong I think post Malone is beloved people have a not just like him. They are rooting for him. They have a real affinity for him. Would you say that you're one hundred percent. Okay and I am those people as well having said that the amount of auto tune that he used. I mean it was almost like lip thinking it wasn't lip synching but like auto tune was that a hundred But that much auto tune I could sound great to having said that that once I just accepted that was the choice that he was making because maybe he can't sing that well live. I got into it and I liked the performance orbits and Ozzy Travis. Scott like had his auto tune. It's seventy post. One hundred and Ozzy was at zero and kind of was just just as good as Christina. Aguilera I mean that guy can still sing God damn face off. It's unbelievable that's Ozzy Osbourne from black sabbath and his voice sounds exactly exactly the same still all of those drugs. All of the rehabs all of the smoking all of the ant snorting everything that he's done his vocals Are Still Amazing. It just blows me away. He was great. Did you like the post performance loved it. I am so in fraud by him. I love just watching and what he does because I think he's so special that he just doesn't care you know he's like I'm me. This is what I do. It's cool man. He seems to love. Everybody just seems like a lover you know like a fun drunk does what he said I want. I don't want to drink with him. You know he just seems fun he also seems drunk all the time I by the way he probably is drunk but whatever he just seems like a party to me. Yeah after that was do I leap at love. Her love the performance. I love the song. Love everything about it. I was a little bummed. They put her towards the end. I think they should have like a bay on that spot. Because COMMUNICA performed org three times I have heard that Selena was supposed to be up there with Taylor and I think Camille of filled in. Oh Yeah I heard that too. Actually why have Camilo on Stage three separate times come on something happened. Something went down and I'm buying that rumor. She's probably they were just too nervous or whatever. Yeah finally Shania Twain closed out the night and I love her first minute and a half. I was watching very confused right where we going here. Yeah her and the bedazzled Pink Guitar doing doing covers of other artists songs and it was supposed to be promoting her new vegas residency. It almost had the opposite effect like is is that what you can do to Vegas. Vegas was in the I. Don't WanNa Watch that. Yeah she turned it around though. Thank God you turned it around and then gave a great performance to close at the night and we have so much more show laughed. We'll just do it on Thursday. Okay all right. Let's take some calls for Landau Flipping burgers hooker talk about how away. There's always a line out the door for to play and you know it's not that the victim. La Everywhere I live in Orlando and not even the part by the carton thought in there is all a line triple rock around the building. Every time I go in I won't waiting in line forever and ever and it'd be guy fell it. Did you go yet. What's the thing that people get the most? What are they love the most? I just get the chick-fil-a sandwich in which it's just a chicken sandwich with the pickle on it and So people get it with lettuce tomatoes. But I don't recommend that and then you gotta get the fries. And then they're like six different sauces assist to choose from so get a couple of those cool people love those here. We go booker series from northern Virginia. I'm who question but it's more of a comment I just wanted to say that I I just wanted to point out that I really like how I'm feeling over time. You guys have growing engagement a lot and I've noticed that with the phone calls I know I I. Don't you support women going win there. Anybody going anybody but I also think it's so just hilarious when callers is going Other callers because it's just absolutely ridiculous but yeah I just think it's really funny and that everybody also knows that poker cooker doesn't like rambling. Which is what I'm doing now? Yes you are. Jesus Christ thank you but thank you for the calls this week. This is Jackie from Ogden. Utah I just listened to Europe. So today's you guys mentioned the real housewives of Salt Lake City and from Utah Nine. Where I'm pretty excited and a lot of my friends are excited to? I just wanted to tell you guys hopefully don't ramble. Don't hang up on me but lake city is not a dry vice city. There are people who are not. LVS Who do drink. Actually it's more The majority of the People in Utah. It's Kinda some people people in Utah are LVS but the numbers are starting to change up a little bit. So there's more people who are non Elia but people are excited about poly city. Because we'RE NOT DOC DR. We do like to Party and have fun on so they drink all right all right. Eight hundred seven two one eight five. We've got a F- load of show left for. Are you on Thursday. So we'll get back at. It have have a happy Thanksgiving if we don't hear from you until then how good when you guys.

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