Bobby Greenlease Jr. Pt. 1: A Trusting Boy


This episode features discussion of kidnapping alcoholism, domestic violence and child abuse that some people may find offensive listener discretion is advised especially for children under thirteen. Bobby Greenlees waited patiently in the back of the car. It had been a long drive longer than usual. Anyway, he didn't understand why this strange woman had taken him from school. But pope pious said that above all else children's should obey their elders. Without either parent present Bobby felt it was his duty to listen to whatever adults were in charge in this woman and her husband in the front seat said they were bobby's aunt and uncle even though he had never met them before the man got out of the car, but stopped in front of bobby's door, Bobby waited for him to open it. But he just stood there. Bobby turned to look at his aunt. She looked away quickly opening her own door has he watched the woman walked mournfully into the woods. Bobby perhaps for the first time in his life. Began to worry. He didn't know it. But just thirty minutes prior Bobby Greenlees had been taken hostage. This is hostage. The new park cast podcast telling the stories behind the most captivating hostage situations, and the people inside them. We'll also cover the psychological tactics used in hostage negotiations, and what the human brain does when held captive. I'm irma. Blanco Carter, ROY. You can listen to all of par cast podcasts on your favorite podcast directory. New episodes come out every Thursday. We're also on Facebook and Instagram at par cast in Twitter at par cast network. This is our first episode on the kidnapping of Bobby Greenlees by Carl hall in Bonnie Hetty and the attempts by his parents and the FBI to get him home safely at about ten fifty five AM on September twenty eighth nineteen fifty three. Bobby was taken from his school by a woman claiming to be his aunt within. Hours school realized its mistake in the green leases contacted the police soon after they received a ransom note demanding six hundred thousand dollars in exchange for bobby's safe return this week. We'll look at the motivations of the kidnappers the legacy of the Greenlees family and the day of the kidnapping itself. Though, not much is known of Carl hall and Bonnie head early years will attempt to understand their transition from troubled misfits to child abductors next week in part two will learn of the bizarre negotiations process in which the kidnappers gave confusing instructions we'll explore the FBI investigation into the kidnapping and the media frenzy that resulted from the crime. In order to understand the motivations of Bobby green, Lisa's kidnappers. Carl hall and Bonnie Hetty it's important to travel back in time and explore their formative years. Born in nineteen nineteen Carl Austin hall was the son of John Austin hall and zealous e hall Carl grew up in the small town of Pleasanton, Kansas where his father was a well known attorney in nineteen thirty two Carl hall was thirteen year old boy about to begin high school. This was the year of the infamous Lindbergh kidnapping in which the infant son of the famed aviator was taken from his home and later killed the one Bruno Richard help men would later be arrested for the crime speculation persists to this day as to the true culprit, it's a crime that young Carl hall would have almost certainly been aware of and that would perhaps remain in his subconscious for years. Years to come John Hall Carl's father passed away that same year leading to Carl's mother zella enrolling him at the Kemper military school in September nineteen thirty three located in Boone Ville, Missouri. It was a regional fixture training. Young men for service in the armed forces since the late eighteen hundreds Kemper also hosted problem students who had blown their chances at previous institutions by nineteen thirty three Paul Greenlees was one such student the adopted son of Robert C Greenlees the wealthiest auto dealer west of the Mississippi he had rebelled throughout his youth. Paul green lease and Carl hall were at Kemper together for at least a year when Carl was fourteen and Paul was sixteen. Neither could have predicted that in twenty years time Carl would kidnap Paul's younger half, brother. Bobby Carl hall was by most. Counts a strong student. He performed his duties with vigor and excelled in his coursework. It's hard to imagine that Carl didn't feel some resentment toward Paul Greenlees. Carl didn't come from nothing. His father had been a successful. And well known lawyer in Pleasanton, but that was a small town, especially when compared to Kansas City, Missouri. Where Paul grew up in. Well, Carl's family was well off Paul's family was endlessly wealthy Paul's parents visited in a dark blue Cadillac Coral's mother showed up in a Buick Paul had Christmas at Union Station with all the cutest gals. Carl just went home to his mom and so Carl the good student from good family paled in comparison to Paul the problem student from the exceptional family. Kemper students would sneak out whenever they could finding a local bar or a good spot in the woods. It was normal to see who could drink the most some of the country. Boys would bring up some moonshine from their family homes in the Ozarks. Some of the boys could drink this much. And still excel in school. Carl hall wasn't one of them. His mother zella had never allowed any alcohol around the house and it hit him like a deer kick to the face. But when he was drunk. He forgot about school forgot about his strict parents at home forgot about Paul Greenlees by nineteen thirty six seventeen year old Carl hall got to wear a needed a drink to get through the day. Just a few years ago. He had been a small town boy who only drank alcohol when he could find it Carl school records shows a history of positive and complimentary comments in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and nineteen thirty. Four but by nineteen thirty six instructors began to refer to Carl in their reports as untrustworthy and rebellious in that same year school records show that Karl hall had taken ill an attempted to acquire alcohol while in the infirmary reading between the lines. It would seem that Carl had at the very least developed an alcohol problem something school faculty were ill equipped to diagnose entreat. It's difficult to know the exact origin of Carl halls intense alcoholism, the final F B I file on the kidnapping makes no mention of any kind of psychiatric evaluation of the suspect and genetic makeup is of course, unavailable considering the timeframe of the crime and general obscurity of the culprit, but it's clear that alcoholism dogged him for the rest of his life in nineteen forty two. He was actually sentenced to time in the stockade at Quantico Virginia for being absent without leave. He was found to be sneaking away from the barracks and getting drunk addiction expert and author William L white notes in his history of addiction treatment in the United States that real research into the disease didn't begin until nineteen thirty five any research gains in these years were unlikely to be of any use to Carl hall at military school in Kansas or. Later on the Pacific front of World War, Two fundamental resources. For alcoholics such as alcoholics anonymous didn't become widespread until the nineteen forties. Even if Carl had access to help there is no evidence or record of him receiving any. He was on a downward spiral. By nineteen forty four twenty five year old Carla hall was fighting on the beaches of the Solomon Islands Peleliu and eventually Okinawa. These battles were among the bloodiest of a war. That was already the deadliest in history. It was hardly an environment conducive to recovering from a drinking problem and indeed Carl was frequently punished for disappearing on drinking binges despite this. He was kept on until the war's end in nineteen forty six perhaps the marines needed everybody. They could get even an alcoholic one. Or perhaps they were sympathetic to Carl given the horrors he was witnessing in battle. But of course, Carl had likely already been an alcoholic for years before the war again, it's difficult to pinpoint the exact route of his illness. But the next chapters in his life reveal him to be long suffering. By september. Nineteen fifty one in Kansas City, Missouri. Carl was penniless now thirty two years old. He had seen combat in World War Two ran a few businesses into the ground had a failed marriage that resulted in no children and lost. Both his parents in the five years since leaving the marines. He gambled. And drank away the money. His parents left him one night under the influence. He walked along the river as he passed the western auto building its giant glowing sign made him think of Paul green lease and his father's Cadillac empire. The lights swelled in corals vision. In addition to his alcohol addiction Carl had also recently developed a morphine habit. The drug made everything slower more significant somehow Carl felt that perhaps this light shining down on him was a figurative sign in addition to being a. Literal won a taxi pulled up to the curb dropping off a wealthy. Couple. Some strange compulsion lead Carl to reach in his pocket, whereas hand gripped his Smith and Wesson revolver. He stocked not towards the wealthy couple. But the cab tapping on the driver's side window the man just motion for him to get in the back awkward Carl just knocked on the glass again the cabbie finally rolled down the window. That's when Carl lifted the gun the cabbie actually, scoffed Carl wanted his cash, okay? He reached down emptying the box on the dashboard and revealing that contained less than two dollars in barest. Carl just swipe the money Carl actually thought that maybe his boldness would pay off. So he went after another cab. It had a similarly low amount in the till he never made it to third. The police were called. And it didn't take them long to find Carl seated on a bar stool already having spent the stolen cash his cab robbing spree perhaps foreshadowed his lack of discipline. Why risk so much for so little gain? Carl was sentenced to the Missouri state penitentiary serving from September nineteen fifty one to April nineteen fifty three Carl spent long hours with his cellmates. A check forger discussing the perfect financial crime. How could an individual make the most money in the shortest amount of time and get away without being identified by the cops. In September nineteen fifty two while Carl hall lay daydreaming in his cell about the perfect crime. Bonnie Emily Hettie of Saint Joseph Missouri was finally divorcing her abusive husband. Her husband Vernon Ellis Hetty was alive stock salesman. They had lived well for twenty years participating in square dances and dog shows. But Vernon's dislike of children led him to force Bonnie into eleven abortions over the course of their marriage. These were illegal at the time and even more dangerous in potentially psychologically, damaging for Bonnie as the years progressed, friends and acquaintances of Bonnie's began to notice she was frequently intoxicated even showing up drunk to some of the affirmation dog shows. It would seem that she had begun to cope with life's hardships by turning to alcohol soon. She like hall. Couldn't make it an hour without a drink. It said she drank as much as a fifth of whiskey a day. Fairly quickly after the divorce in September nineteen fifty two friends of Bonnie heady began to notice strange music coming from her home men called at all hours, and it became clear that she had turned to sex work to support herself and well sex work in of itself is not indicative of any kind of illness or malfeasance most of Bonnie's prophets were going toward fueling her alcohol addiction, and this is perhaps the best indication of how serious her alcohol abuse had become not only was she dependent on the substance, but she now had to mold her life around the pursuit of it. She had long since crossed the threshold from drinking problem to full blown alcoholic the National Institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism known as an I a reports that there are five types of alcoholics both Bonnie. Carl fit into the rarest and most dangerous category chronic severe people in this subtype begin drinking at a young age, though, they may not become truly addicted until middle age. They have a high rate of divorce and in all likelihood use other drugs beyond alcohol. We know for certain Caro began drinking at Kemper military school Fonteyn Caro were both coming off of bad. Marriages in Carl at least was also known to have a drug habit. Another characteristic of this subtype is that the alcoholic also potentially suffers from depression, bipolar disorder or other personality disorders, and in some cases, they are more prone to acts of criminality. Well, we don't know for certain that either Bonnie heady or Carl hall suffered from mental illness. They were absolutely both drawn to a life of crime there in the ferris partnership began. Almost as soon as they met. Bonnie regularly picked up sex work clients at the pony express bar in the ruby del hotel in Saint Joseph one night in April nineteen fifty three Bonnie met a potential client who for a change was charming and kind almost immediately. She fell for him. He introduced himself as Carl hall of Kansas City, Missouri. He was recently paroled from jail having served time for insurance fraud. He claimed he thought she was beautiful, of course, whether he was actually attracted to Bonnie or not Carl had seen potential in Bonney potential from the nip Yele Shen, they moved into gather almost immediately after meeting in April nineteen fifty three and by June nineteen Fifty-three Carl began to speak about the green lease family. How wealthy they were their fleet of Cadillacs. How they had their names on various Catholic institutions throughout the city when Bonnie was halfway sober. She would try to steer the conversation towards something more normal who cared about some rich family. It wasn't until he began to drive them by the green Lisa state in Mission Hills that she started to worry, but she ignored her doubts car loved her and he put up with her addiction. They were to societal misfits living in a world skewed by constant intoxication. What Bonnie didn't know was that Carl had been planning to abduct one of the young Greenlees children for some time. He remembered Paul Greenlees from Kemper military school in when he read in prison that Paul's father Robert now had two young children from a second marriage Carl's perfect crime suddenly came into focus, and he would use the lonely and pliable Bonnie Hetty to help him pull it off in just six months time. The two lovers would commit one of the highest profile kidnappings in the history of the United States. Up next. We'll look at the green leaves family in the planning of the kidnapping. Hi, it's Irma in Carter. And we have some fairy exciting news to share with you. So many of you asked for it, and we listened. That's right. We finally have merch you can now buy shirts for select park cash shows and general park brand t shirts and coffee, mugs. Once we sell some of those will expand the store to include even more items. So send us your suggestions. All sales help us create more episodes and more shows here at par cast so go to park cast dot com slash merch to check out all of our podcast gear. Don't forget to follow par cast on social where you can see all your favorite par- cast host decked out in the new merch, including me feel free to take park cast. When you're wearing your park ask gear, so we can share head over to park cast dot com slash merge. Now. Now back to the story. Nineteen fifties. Kansas City was in many ways, the quintessential American city embodying the fifties virtues of hard work, faith, and family and no family in body. Those virtues more than the Greenlees clan. Robert C Greenlees the family patriarch came from a Missouri farming family born in eighteen eighty two he was not a well known name in town at the beginning of his life. But by nineteen eighteen he hit built his own Cadillac dealership in downtown Kansas City, the business found huge success in Robert grew it over the years to include dealerships throughout the mid west. He eventually became a major investor in General Motors, and by the nineteen fifties was estimated to be worth twenty four million dollars accounting for inflation. That would be roughly two hundred and fifty million in modern currency, his wealth was. Legendary even outside of Kansas City, and in the naievety of an innocent town in a more innocent time, the green leaves family never considered the degree to which their wealth might make them a target for criminals. Robert and his first wife Betty had no biological children. But they adopted Paul green. Lease who was born in nineteen seventeen. Robert's marriage to Betty ended in divorce and in nineteen thirty nine Robert married. Again, this time to Virginia Pollock green. Lease their first child Virginia sue was born in nineteen forty one six years later in nineteen forty seven Bobby Greenlees was born he was raised in total luxury the family had servants went on European vacations and gave Bobby anything he wanted. This included a pet parrot two dogs and his own mini Cadillac to drive around the block. It was an upbringing that led Bobby to never question the world and gave him no reason not to trust the people in it by nineteen fifty three. It had never crossed the families mind that the sweet. Heat six year old boy who played in the yard with his dogs and said all of his prayers every day could ever be in danger. Bobby had been playing in the backyard by the stream all afternoon having gotten home from school early. He liked to lift up the large white slabs of stone on the riverbank and look at the insects underneath he really wanted to take off his shoes. And Wade in the stream he knew there were some small fish in maybe crawdads, but mama wouldn't be happy. And Bobby knew God was watching Bobby jumped up from the riverbank. He looked over toward the house where a Birch tree was shedding bark and feathers skipping over the river Bank toward the house. He found what had happened at the foot of the tree a bird had flown into the tree falling into the grass below its head was turned at an odd angle. And it called out sadly repeatedly finally it stopped moving its eyes glazed over it was dead. Bobby? Stomach turned, but his heart hurt to his eyes welled up. He quickly got to his knees. Clasps his hands and began to pray. Lord. Let me not seek as much to be consoled as to console for. It is in giving that one receives it is in pardoning that one is pardon, and it is in dying that one is raised to turn a life. Bobby opened his eyes wincing as he looked up at the overcast, but bright sky his father appeared above him. Frowning Robert lean down next to Bobby about to place his hand on the six year old shoulder. He pulled back at the last moment apparently unsure of himself, but Bobby wasn't. And he threw himself at his father hugging him Robert relented returning the hug. The green leases were a close knit family, and as mentioned previously they were devout Catholics. Indeed. Even today their name, still adorns various Catholic institutions throughout Kansas City such as the green lease library at Rockhurst university. This belief system largely informed the family's world view. The pope was Christ's Representative on earth, the priests who served in the church carry out his and therefore God's will. And for Bobby the nuns at his school Notre Dame deci on, we're also representatives of the Lord. And thus commanded his obedience. This was nineteen fifty three before the second. Vatican Council of nineteen sixty two that forbade corporal punishment in Catholic schools. So not only did Bobby fear the nuns on religious grounds. He also knew they might just pose a physical threat if he misbehave. Saved. All of this helps to explain why Bobby went along with what came next. On the morning of September twenty eighth nineteen fifty three. Robert trove Bobby to school in his pale blue Cadillac, the six year old set quietly and respectfully as always his feet dangling off the leather cushion his hands clasped in his lap. The car came to a stop in front of the school Robert leaned over helping Bobby collectives bag in his coat a nun opened the door greeting them. Bobby hopped out slung his leather backpack over his shoulder. Goodbye, dad. He waved Roberts smiled and nodded the non closed the door and waved as well. She took the boy's hand. And let him inside Robert allowed himself a few moments to watch he was proud of his son. He was a little softer. Maybe then Robert had been growing up on the farm or his other son Paul had been as a little boy, but his heart and his enthusiasm for the world was infectious. Robert forced himself to drive on. He had a full day ahead as always the dealership didn't run itself. Bobby had a normal morning. He dutifully prayed and chapel paid attention in class. He was getting better at reading in between lessons. He showed off his Jerusalem metal to the other students. He liked telling them about how it was supposed to remind them about the holy land. But then late in the morning, something not so normal. Happened sister wrong arrived in class, interrupting she said bobby's onto come to see him. He didn't know we had an aunt, but he followed. It was an innocent mistake, but one that would cost Bobby and his family dearly. Up next. We'll examine just how Carl hall in Bonney Hetty plotted and executed the kidnapping now back to the story. In the early weeks of September nineteen fifty three Bonnie heady found her life engulfed in preparation for the kidnapping at practically every meal. Coral lectured, her about the plan, making her repeat her role in it out loud. She wanted to please him. She thought they could just get through this. And then he'd be the man he'd been the night they first met. She even tried to show enthusiasm helping him with the wording on the first ransom note, he wanted to sign it m not for any particular reason. But because he thought it sounded suitably mysterious funny how he could be so meticulous about some details and so cavalier with others. In fact, he had become downright obsessive about the crime some days. Bonnie hardly recognized him. He practically oozed with greed when he discussed Robert C green, Lisa's money. It was as if Greenlees had wronged him somehow as if Carl thought the money was rightfully his Bonnie's alcohol consumption had increased to two fifths of whiskey a day. And she knew Carl was barely any better. They were both planning this crime through the prism of constant in abbreviation. In fact, it's this state of drunkenness that might explain how to previously small time criminals might have been capable and motivated enough to commit such a significant crime. According to a two thousand ten study at the university of Kentucky, alcohol leads to an increase in human intention -ality bias, which refers to the human tendency to view, the actions of others as deliberate. In other words, we forget to consider the internal lives of others. And just assume their actions are purposely aimed at us. If someone cuts us off in traffic, we think it's because they are deliberately trying to be rude rather than considering the more likely explanation that they just weren't paying attention in bars. Where many are feeling the influence of alcohol? This affect can have dramatic consequences one drunk individual might knock over a drink of another accidentally. But because the second drunk individual can't put aside their intention -ality bias, they assume this was a deliberate act. They start a brawl overreacting to the extreme. For coral. This may have manifested in the form of his obsession with the green leases while Paul Greenlees was completely unaware of Carl during their time at school together and likely meant him, no ill will Carl may have seen him as a privileged adversary or he may have seen the disparity between his loss of wealth. And the green leases continued success and in his drunk in mind. Imagine that the world was conspiring against him. Now, imagine Bonnie Hetty in Carl hall, both always under the influence their perception of the world warped. They would have fuelled when another neither with a clear enough. Head to point out the insanity of what they were planning couple this outlook with the potential influence of drugs or mental illness, and it becomes clear as to how the pair could go from planning a kidnapping to planning something much worse. At first Bonnie went along with Carl's preparations for the kidnapping. They traveled to Kansas City to Union Station where they picked up a copy of the Oklahoman cutting Greenlees ad from it in applying it to the ransom note on vh lope, Carl hope this would make investigators think they were from Oklahoma Carl rented a green Ford and began to drive by the Greenlees home as well as follow Robert Greenlees as he took Bobby to school while the green leases were on vacation. They repeatedly called the housemaid posing as school officials and asking for details on Bobby on or about September fourteenth. Nineteen fifty three Bonnie sat with Carl at her breakfast table, downing a whiskey Carl was making her go over the plan. Again, she squinted her is her eardrums pounding. It was more than she could take she decided to scratch the itch that had been bothering. Her since the beginning of all of this to ask about the elephant in the room, Bonnie, interrupted Carl from his usual ramblings. She asked him what they were going to do with Bobby once they had him tied him up in the basement, keep them out on the farm somewhere. He couldn't just roam around the house while they waited for the ransom to be paid. He rubbed the back of his neck looking away ashamed. There was something. He wasn't telling her. He never gave a clear answer the pounding. In her ears grew louder. She reached back out for her drink finishing it in one gulp. She thought again of the man she had first met, and how charming he was and how he made her feel cared for like her husband never had. And she thought for the thousands time. If she just indulged Carl this once she would never hear the name green lease again. It was the morning of September twenty eighth. Nineteen Fifty-three Bonnie heady and Carl hall got up earlier than usual, six AM Bonnie's hand immediately went for a bottle of whiskey, but Carl appeared suddenly stopping her. He shook his head and took the bottle the previous twenty four hours came crashing back down onto her. She remembered what they had to do today. Each action took on a different tone than normal washing her face applying her makeup putting on her earrings. It all seems so ominous a weird ceremony in preparation for a sacrifice. It was about ten AM. They sat together in the front. Seat of Bonnie station. Wagon in silence Bonnie began to sweat her hand trembled. She didn't normally make it this far into the morning without a drink Carl. I'd her with annoyance he reached out to stop her hand, then a concession. They would stop for one drink even though she was completely sober Bonnie later told police that she had no memory of the bar, they stopped at she just waited while Carl ordered her a drink, and she downed it as if it contained lifesaving juices Carl downing whiskey of his own through some cash on the bar and grabbed her by the arm dragging our back out the door before long. They were back in the car after a time they arrived at their destination and Carl pulled over the whiskey must have been a double. Because it hit Bonnie hard. She stumbled out of the station wagon and into the parking lot of cats. Drugstore Carl Saab Bonnie stumble and came up from behind steadying her. He swore and moved past her into the store coral returned with some nausea medication in breath, mints, he was always thinking of her. She was reminded of why they had started this relationship those few months ago, but no sooner had she down the items than he was grabbing her by the shoulders looking her in the eye and reminding her of the first step she gave one last sideways glance to the pavement. Then turned from Carl pounding the pavement toward the taxi service down the street. As Bonnie pulled up to Notre Dame deci on school in the cab. The Virgin Mary herself sat above the doorway of the school quietly. Judging Bonnie brushed off the look from the statue Mary wasn't there. When her husband had abused her. She wasn't there at the bottom of endless liquor bottles. Bonnie owed her nothing all she had was Carl all that mattered was Carl. It was ten fifty five AM Bonnie ordered the cab to wait moving to the front door. A nun sister Moran answered. She looked young naive. Bonnie put on her best panicked face. I'm here for Bobby Greenlees. She said, I'm his aunt his mother collapsed this morning, I need to take him to see her in the hospital. Sister moran. Looked at her confused. Bonnie news that many of the nuns at the school came from France. Perhaps there was. A language barrier. That was all Bonnie needed though. She didn't know it Bonnie had in fact lucked out in this encounter, the mother superior. Irene was away the next none in the hierarchy mother. Martha was busy teaching a class Bonnie, thus encountered a young sister maral left in charge of visitors Moran had only recently joined the order, and so was unsure of procedure. And she was indeed French fluent in English. But with a strong accent, Bonnie feign confidence like Carl had told her to it's rather urgent. She's not well, she gestured at the none to hurry. The other woman finally relented ushering her inside inside. All was quiet as Bonnie waited in the foyer system, Ron disappear down the hallway across the room a slightly older nun watched with concern. Bonn. Smiled and nodded at her. Is Mrs Green lease at Saint Mary's. The none asked the woman also had a French accent in so Bonnie missed what she was saying the hospital Saint Mary's is your sister staying there. The none tried again. Oh, yes. Of course, replied, Bonnie, Bonnie cursed herself inside the none was now asking if she wanted to call and check on her sister while she waited the sisters knew some of the doctors there. No, no, Bonnie said she and Bobby would see for themselves soon enough. Both the non seem determined to make yourself useful. And so then she asked Bonnie if she wanted to step into the chapel for a moment and pray together for Mrs Green lease. It would take another few minutes to get Bobby checked out of class. Bonnie sat there beginning to sweat. She'd already engaged this woman too much as Carl had warned her not to the nun was complicating the whole thing. She knew. Carl would want her to just say, no. But how could she tell none? She didn't want to pray wouldn't that look suspicious? Did she not already seem suspicious standing here right now, her answers, Kurt and slow to come? All right. She finally muttered. The non letter tune empty pew in the chapel. Jesus looked down on them both from the cross. Well, candles flickered below him. There light carrying prayers up to God Bonnie was unsure if she was meant to say the prayer or if the nun would begin. Luckily after a beat the sister lead them both in asking God for Mrs Green leases safe recovery. Almighty and ternal God, you are the everlasting health of those who believe in you hear us for your six servant for Jinya. For whom we implore the aid of your tender mercy through Christ our Lord. Amen. The none finished her prayer, Bonnie said, nothing, she contemplated. The irony of praying for Virginia Greenlees, she was about to ruin the woman's life. Both Bondi in the none turn to see the sister who had originally answered the door had returned. And at her side, Bobby Bonnie had seen him at a distance before and in pictures, but never up close. He had such a wide smile. She never remembered being that happy as a little girl in school when the nun next to him told him his aunt was here to take him to see his mother. He didn't object. He simply walked forward, and he took Bonnie's hand. She almost recoiled at the touch the exited the building walking across the front drive and getting into the cab. She asked him about his dogs excitable. He ignored this. And instead answered that he now had a parrot who eight crackers in could talk. But never once did he question who she was the whole thing lasted only a few minutes. It was just past eleven. Back at the drugstore. Carl was still waiting in the station wagon his face practically lit up at the site of Bobby Bonnie felt a rush knowing she had pleased her man it was almost over. They drove silently on the road west into the Kansas countryside, eventually buildings gave way to trees and before long. They arrived at the end of a long road behind a farm Carl pulled the car over stopping the ignition. He looked at Bonnie the look almost crumpled Bonnie right then in their images of the boy playing in his yard being driven to school by his father him telling her about his bird just a few minutes earlier. They all flash through her head. She looked in the rear view and saw his little face as it gazed with curiosity out the window. She rushed from the car taking several steps towards a nearby pasture. She found a fence posts in gripped. It has if bracing herself for a wave or a gust of wind her ears pounded she had to pee. She needed a drink in her head. She continued to repeat that it would all be over soon. It would all be over soon. Of course, it had only just begun. Next week on hostage. We'll follow the ransom process between Carl hall, Bonnie heady in the green leaves family. The plot thickens is the criminal couple attempt to make their escape and the FBI gets involved Bonnie and Carl are forced to take responsibility for their actions. The green leases must cope with bobby's abduction and law enforcement cracks the biggest kidnapping case in United States history. Only two mysteriously lose half of the ransom money. You can listen to hostage and all of park. Ests other podcasts on apple podcasts Stitcher, Google play cast box. Tune in or your favorite podcast directory will be back next week. In the meantime, don't take your freedom. For granted hostage was created. By max Cutler is a production of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network. It is produced by Maxon Ron Cutler sound design by Ron Shapiro with production assistance by Paul Muller. Additional production assistance by Maggie admire and carlee Madden hostage is written by Greg Castro and stars Irma Blanco and Carter, ROY.

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